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Vadim Black/Luke Hiles

I don't get why this "straight" guy does porn. Everyone from Fairborn Ohio knows he had it made. His dad , Dave Hiles has been a cop in town for more than 20 years! His family also owns a lawn care business that does so well. I played soccer against him in high school and he called everyone a fag. I don't get it, Fairborn is pretty poor and his family has it all, good house and cars. Shit, his family is so conservative, it puts the rest of Fairborn to shame. I had to move to the west coast to escape all that shit and then BAM! who do I see sucking more dick than I ever have ? Luke Hiles! How does this homophobe, gun wielding nut job have 50 + videos of him fucking a guys ass like it's what he was meant to do?

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by confusedfromfairbornreply 31409/24/2017


Fug. Fug. Fug.

by confusedfromfairbornreply 101/01/2016

He's likely really gay

by confusedfromfairbornreply 201/01/2016

Of course he's homosexual. Why do folks believe otherwise.

by confusedfromfairbornreply 301/01/2016

He is in a hella lot of movies these days OP. Amazing eyes. Actually has pubic hair. Barebacks.

Wasn't he one of the guys on the MTV gay-for-pay show?

What do your friends back home think-- why does he do porn? Drugs? A way to work out being gay? Srsly, if he were gay and didn't have money troubles you'd wonder why he was doing porn too.

by confusedfromfairbornreply 401/01/2016

Thanks for the 411 OP. I always love to read about the background of porn stars.

by confusedfromfairbornreply 501/01/2016

OP, why does he say on his facebook page that is hometown is Moscow russia?

by confusedfromfairbornreply 601/01/2016

Sounds like your typical self-loathing repressed closet case to me.

by confusedfromfairbornreply 701/01/2016

He's adopted, so is his brother. They were brought over from Russia around the same time back in 04 or 05 , cant remember. I know the private school they went to made a whole deal about it and our family a few towns over ,heard about it because their family was "buying a couple of kids" and not adopting "American" kids. The talk in middle America is very vile, his brother passes for generic white but Luke looks ethnically Kurdish and it was a sore spot to him when people called him shit like that. Ironic that his tattoo in in arabic @-@

by confusedfromfairbornreply 801/01/2016

Well, he sounds like a massive douchebag, but with a background like that, it's easy to see why he might have some issues. Russian orphanages are pretty nightmarish.

by confusedfromfairbornreply 901/01/2016

[quote]How does this homophobe, gun wielding nut job have 50 + videos of him fucking a guys ass like it's what he was meant to do?

Don't forget the ones where guys fuck ME in the ass! Bareback, too!

by confusedfromfairbornreply 1001/01/2016

OP sounds a little jealous. "How does he get to be in 50+ movies fucking ass...." ... and the logical end of the sentence is ... "...and Chi Chi LaTue wouldn't look at me sideways to park his car!" So you kick and scream when you throw your tantrums, OP, or does mommy calm you down with a nice lollipop?

by confusedfromfairbornreply 1101/01/2016

Obviously another catfish FB page.


by confusedfromfairbornreply 1201/01/2016

R11 I think you're missing OPs point that this guy was - and seemingly still is - a homophobic douche and yet still have made so many porn vids.

OP - back then did you ever get the feeling he was closeted? Perhaps his family cut him off when he tried to come out, hence the porn?

by confusedfromfairbornreply 1301/01/2016

R11, you're the worst. You know that right? You're a total asshole.

by confusedfromfairbornreply 1401/01/2016

r14 - do you need me to pass you a kleenex? Or do you just sob silently onto your sleeve?

by confusedfromfairbornreply 1501/01/2016

He was pretty adamant about not being gay and not being turned on or liking men in that MTV show.

Yeah, I don't get it either. "I hate guys and having sex with them... so I'm going to get a job where I have to fuck and get fucked by, suck and get sucked by, and make out with, guys on a weekly basis... and have videos made of it to show the entire world on the internet".

Clearly he's a narcissist, who just love being worshiped. And will do anything for the adulation.

by confusedfromfairbornreply 1601/01/2016

R15, you make a lot of bizarre, completely unwarranted, completely wrong assumptions. It says a lot more about you than anyone here.

We're not crying, we're laughing at you.

by confusedfromfairbornreply 1701/01/2016

r13 - I am able to watch many actors in mainstream films -- actors whose political, social or religious beliefs differ from mine -- and still enjoy their work because they are ACTING. I never understand why it ruffles so many feathers when G4P performers have followers who actually enjoy their performances. They are hot, they ACT like they are enjoying it -- that's the fantasy, and that's enough. Do I need Henry Cavill to REALLY fly, or is it all right for me to believe for 90 minutes that he's Superman and enjoy his performance without muttering under my breath like a basement-dwelling misfit "harumph -- he's not REALLY a superhero! How dare he pretend to be one. And how dare anyone ENJOY seeing him pretend to be one when we all KNOW he isn't!"

by confusedfromfairbornreply 1801/01/2016

r17 - I like your use of the royal "we". Were you born into the aristocracy or did you buy your title like Zsa-Zsa Gabor's ex-husband? Here's your kleenex.

Offsite Link
by confusedfromfairbornreply 1901/01/2016

R16 and then on top of that, agree to appear in a documentary on MTV about it. I could almost believe the idea of G4P if a guy is truly desperate, but not that they'd then be willing to make that mass-public knowledge to a non-porn audience.

R18 - first, I don't grant your premise that you can compare porn and acting, not at all. Second, there was nothing in my post that said I don't believe G4P exists, as I just said above in this post. However, I don't think someone who is as homophobic as OP says Vadim is, and judging by other info he currently acts like, would do G4P under any circumstances if he was actually straight.

by confusedfromfairbornreply 2001/01/2016

That's his page. My mom is still friends with his mom and thats how I found his page. I don't know if he was ever closeted, I was too afraid to use grindr and jackd till i moved away. His relationship with his family was on point, they even got him a new car for his senior year. The talk around the town was that it was that awkward transition between high school and adulthood where parents kinda cut you off to see if you can test the waters of being 18+, i.e pay your own cellphone bill, hold down a job for 10 hours a week, take a class or two. I knew he was working a movie theatre and then BAM ! gay porn out of a sudden because he was "broke". Fairborn and many places in Ohio are dangerously conservative, I'm just confused a to why he would go this route, given his background.

by confusedfromfairbornreply 2101/01/2016

Give it up, R21. You're a baby catfish who's in it way over your head.

Offsite Link
by confusedfromfairbornreply 2201/01/2016

Give it up op. Why bring his real name and possible real social media into it? There was no reason for that.

by confusedfromfairbornreply 2301/01/2016

Why not? He works in porn -- fair game. Don't like it, ignore the thread.

by confusedfromfairbornreply 2401/01/2016

It's a job. Lots of people have jobs they don't like.

by confusedfromfairbornreply 2501/01/2016

It's not a job. He's there because he wants to be. If he's heterosexual, he would be working in straight porn. If he wanted more money, he'd bang more pussy. This is what a heterosexual male would do.

by confusedfromfairbornreply 2601/01/2016

Hahaha , wow. I found his beard online.

Offsite Link
by confusedfromfairbornreply 2701/19/2016

Vadim Black fucks his best friend in real life Devon Felix

Offsite Link
by confusedfromfairbornreply 2801/19/2016

Vadim IS BEING FUCKED by best friend!

and yes stunning bright eyes. maybe it reminds him of the orphanage.

by confusedfromfairbornreply 2901/19/2016

A porn set reminds him of his orphanage?

by confusedfromfairbornreply 3001/19/2016

@OP You haven't been the area for a while. Your behind on all the news. It also sounds like you had a soccer rivalry that you can't let go . I understand that , but you're somewhere else so let it go.

He is a relationship with the girl on TV. They were in town together for xgiving and Xmas. The town is none the wiser. The gossip was that he did 3 videos, quit and moved away because of the shame. Also , for the record , his family life isn't the best. I can only imagine the shit he's had to put up through his father , both he and his brother weren't that well adjusted when they came over from Russia and they still aren't. He may be nice to look at but that's all he is , a face. What many of you haven't scene is some one who is narcissistic , a liar, a self loathing homophobe ( believe me ,he likes them white and gem) and extremely paranoid. Take a look at the tattoo of the clown on his shoulder and that will make you wonder a lot of things. Go onto Twitter and he's huffing and puffing at some invisible account that pissed him off. He's a ticking time bomb. He'll go off soon.

by confusedfromfairbornreply 3101/25/2016

The Arabic tattoo right above his cock is what makes ME raise an eye-brow. What does that say?

by confusedfromfairbornreply 3201/25/2016

"If you're a guy and can read this, you're too close."

by confusedfromfairbornreply 3301/25/2016

Arabic tattoo= I'm going to hate crime you if you keep looking at my crotch. That the jist from google translate.

by confusedfromfairbornreply 3401/25/2016

Here you go, you nosy nellies.

Offsite Link
by confusedfromfairbornreply 3501/25/2016

Thanks for translation Vadim! How's the girlfriend beating going with Sebastian Young ?

by confusedfromfairbornreply 3601/25/2016

Try to suck my dick R36, and I'll show you first hand.

by confusedfromfairbornreply 3701/25/2016

You'd have to get on your hands and knees to suck that 5'5 psycho off. Doubt his manlett hands could do much damage either.

by confusedfromfairbornreply 3801/25/2016

Ladies , this is data lounge. Have some class.

by confusedfromfairbornreply 3901/25/2016

R38, these manlett hands will squeeze your head out of your anal ring and make a turtleneck sweater for it out of your prepubescent scrote.

by confusedfromfairbornreply 4001/25/2016

There's no evidence he is homophobic. he called a few people derogatory names but he loves his gay fans.

by confusedfromfairbornreply 4101/25/2016

As always , new funny comments about vb at str8upgayporn's website.

by confusedfromfairbornreply 4201/25/2016

He sure fakes liking sucking dick and kidding on dudes with full tongue really well.

by confusedfromfairbornreply 4301/25/2016

He's not gay ! Just ask his fish Miss Valliere.

Someone called him short and Vadim came pouncing onto this thread. I'm sure if someone makes a bird call his girlfriend will also log on to protect Ms. Black's honor.

by confusedfromfairbornreply 4401/25/2016

Ew. Just ew.

by confusedfromfairbornreply 4501/25/2016

He will give ANY interview in order to make it clear how much he hates sucking dick and getting fucked.

The one thing he WON'T do to prove that is stop sucking dick, and stop getting fucked.

by confusedfromfairbornreply 4601/25/2016

It got hella meta today on his Twitter page. It was Vadim Black vs. a racist Vadim Black twitter page. All these bully humping queens came to his "rescue".

by confusedfromfairbornreply 4701/25/2016

You fucking cock suckers will NEVER get any of this. No offence.

Offsite Link
by confusedfromfairbornreply 4801/25/2016

Do you "promice" Vadim ?

by confusedfromfairbornreply 4901/25/2016

Gay face for days, another self loathing asshole & not good looking either

by confusedfromfairbornreply 5001/25/2016

Self loathing bitch. sad to say but he's what sells right now. Look at the state of gay porn , Dennis west is child molestor, Sebastian young has beaten half of Florida up, Johnny rapid wanted to bang a 14 year old and when that went south he threatened to shoot his girlfriend and some dude on Lucas entertainment killed his family. I wonder how Vadim/ Luke is going to one up them all ? Pocket ruski sure loves guns. I'm afraid for Florida.

by confusedfromfairbornreply 5101/25/2016

[quote]There's no evidence he is homophobic. he called a few people derogatory names but he loves his gay fans.

There's no evidence he is homophobic. he called a few people derogatory names but he loves his idiotic gay fans' money.

Fixed that for you. You're welcome. Anytime.

by confusedfromfairbornreply 5201/26/2016

Leave Vadim Black alone ! Just leave him alone ! *sobs*

by confusedfromfairbornreply 5301/26/2016

Hey R51, what is this about Dennis West? Detail, please

by confusedfromfairbornreply 5401/26/2016

Concerning Dennis west

Offsite Link
by confusedfromfairbornreply 5501/26/2016

Luke is a lunatic. Vadim is actually part of his given ( and by given I mean 2 Americans in they're 40's stripped him of his Russian name and gave him a new one) name. He's danced around being called Vadim for years and used it interchangeably with Luke. Vadim is finally able to be the pint sized Russian queen that Putin never her be.

by confusedfromfairbornreply 5601/26/2016

Check out his Twitter , his inner jugallo is coming out

by confusedfromfairbornreply 5701/26/2016

I went to grammar and junior high with a guy who was always calling other guys "fag", "queer" , or some girl's name that sounded close to their own. He later became a marine, and after his discharge somehow ended becoming a gay porn actor, not a star, in LA. I've seen his porn films, know his true identity, and would love to out this bastard for the closeted jerk I know he is. The only thing that's stopping me is his mother and father still live in the small town we grew up in, and I know it would ruin their lives.

by confusedfromfairbornreply 5801/26/2016

That's always the tough choice. Do you out the asshole and possibly ruins other people's lives ?

Luke outed himself. He signed autographs of pictures from his first couple of bsb shoots. He even brought souvineers for some people back in Fairborn. He dug his own hole. Don't believe the story of him being run off by family and friends. She did that all by herself.

by confusedfromfairbornreply 5901/26/2016

Don't mind her ,she'll be gone soon.

by confusedfromfairbornreply 6001/26/2016

Anyone of you wretched queens have any dirt on that mixed race hottie best friend of his ?

by confusedfromfairbornreply 6101/26/2016

He's begging for money on Twitter again. And of course the g4p fans are going crazy.

by confusedfromfairbornreply 6201/26/2016

[quote]Anyone of you wretched queens have any dirt on that mixed race hottie best friend of his ?

You mean Devon Felix? He's gorgeous.

by confusedfromfairbornreply 6301/26/2016

He has a go fund me up ... He needs 11k ... For equipment and stuff. He's making his own studio , and clothing line ... And cam site ... Oy vey.

by confusedfromfairbornreply 6401/26/2016

Dudes gone full retard the past couple of days. He's started a crowd fund thing , took it down and then said he could sell you phone cases , pillow cases and blankets . His fan girls are screaming in excitement.

by confusedfromfairbornreply 6501/27/2016

I'm probably just a sucker, but I saw that MTV "true" life thing and ended up feeling sorry for the guy. Or at least pity for him. I can't say what's in the guy's heart or whether he is, as some say, a classic closet case or if he's genuinely G4P. I can't say how accurate the backstory he presented was, but whatever the details, it did seem like the guy had experienced rejection throughout his childhood and at that time he DID genuinely seem incredibly worried about losing his gf - his only real family left.

I know you'll say I'm being overly generous, but I got the impression that this was a guy who'd experienced so much rejection from childhood to the present that he'd learned to close himself down emotionally. It's probably what made doing G4P (assuming that's legitimately what he's been doing) somewhat bearable. He does seem like someone who - if he doesn't process all of this pent up anger and resentment and sorrow in a healthy way - is going to explode, violently perhaps, in the near future.

by confusedfromfairbornreply 6601/27/2016

You are being generous and you put a very different face than the rest of the thread. Perhaps you're right, perhaps the OP or another one of Ohio natives is right , perhaps Luke is right. We won't know until whatever happens happens. What I do agree with you is that he might explode eventually and hurt himself or that girl, or strangers. Doing porn looking for validation from random Twitter accounts that rush to like and share his body shots but won't lift a finger or a dime to "help" him in what might actually be something valid , or the only thing that he might consider a way out, will eventually catch up with him. He'll look at his life and situation and try to rebuild ( if he has the tools and help, which he doesn't at this point ) or hell lash out and it won't be pretty.

by confusedfromfairbornreply 6701/27/2016

It must tiring , having that sort of life. But than again , what ever floats your boat. My only question from this whole thing is if he's stopped filming? I know all his recent releases where shot months ago. After the whole mtv thing he's uped his advertising of Skype shows online and is pushing for this unamed project online really hard. Didn't he say he was making a fortune doing porn ? Was that a fib or did Katelin out her foot down for the sex and is looking the other way for camming ?

by confusedfromfairbornreply 6801/27/2016

Shots fired! Vadim has seen the thread !

Vadim call Rhonda , she's worried sick about you. So is Heather and the kids.

They all say hi to Katelin.

by confusedfromfairbornreply 6901/27/2016

Idk who's worse at the moment, Sebastian Young with his constant video pan handling or Vadim pimping out his Skype shows. Both are pathetic . Sebby needs to pay child support and Blackie needs to make that car payment and his gf happy.

by confusedfromfairbornreply 7001/27/2016

The only thing Vadim WON'T do to prove he's actually straight is stop sucking dick.

by confusedfromfairbornreply 7101/27/2016

My man don't have to prove anything. He can suck all the dick he wants and still be straight ! - Miss Valliere

by confusedfromfairbornreply 7201/27/2016

All his social media ( apparently all three of him were actually his ... That's kinda insane but ok) and that of his girlfriend have disappeared. In their place is this " the Vadim black project" page.

by confusedfromfairbornreply 7301/28/2016

Wow. This thing was real. Look around you Luke everyone hates you. You are are violent douchebag that is getting what he deserves.

You've fooled most people into believing that you weren't doing gay porn for 18 months. For 18 months your mom ( and not your foster mom, like you call her on YouTube) loved you and texted you . She showed all the church ladies the photos of the trip she took to Florida when she went there. Did you even buy her dinner? If you did , did you pay with it with the money studios paid you?Why the fuck would she gloat about you to other parents , mine included that you were doing good for yourself in Florida. Did you stay with her when you came over and visted? Or did you stay with your dad. Whom we all know how that went the last time you lived with him. You brought that girl over and introduced her to people. What is she ? Your agent ? Beard ? Business partner ? That gun is probably your dads, we know he has plenty. Does your brother know what you do ? He's 18 now so I fucking hope he doesn't follow in your footsteps. We all know Julien looked familiar, didn't he live in town for a quick minute 6 years ago or so ? Did you fucking seek him out to make him a prostitute too? Is that what you do now ? Look for people to prey on? We all knew you two were really "close " back then. You made that closeness a fact when you filmed a video with him. Do yourself a favor and stop dropping hints on what you do to people round here. We don't care . You might've brought cheap souvineers from films here and give them away . That lesbian girl still has that flag with your signature and Johnny Forzas on it. You put Ohio on the internet map with your ass. You are a local celebrity as you say . Your a local joke ? Did you pawn your car and motorcycle from years ago? Did your dad take it away ? Your mom barely makes ends meet feeding your sisters and here you are sucking dick for money. You could've been happy and have worked in a lot of your families business. Gavin mows lawns and he's damn proud of the work he does . Was working at. A movie theatre below you ? Soon enough everyone will turn away from you. You are a stain on face of the earth. Now you want money for free ? Get a real job like the rest of us.

by confusedfromfairbornreply 7401/28/2016

Something is totally off about what happening/ happened. He's online selling shows and weird merchandise with his mug on them. He's started this weird Facebook page and his "gf" has disappeared from FB. However , her modeling profiles are still up. Also looks like she made a Twitter around the time of truelife ( used it like twice ). She's following mtv and is also advertising herself for photo shoots. Something says the past two months have been orchestrated by someone ( not those two, they look too dumb to plan a dogs birthday party). Two years ago he would've fought people on Twitter , now he's ignoring posts directed at him. He has someone going over his tweets if he hasn't exploded yet. This whole thing is fishy. Is Men doing this ? Bsb are too basic to do anything right and bromo... Is pretty lame lol

Offsite Link
by confusedfromfairbornreply 7501/29/2016

Nik Ritchie is after Vadim black now. Lol. Why won't he go away ? His Facebook says he's a porn star and an actor that refuses to choose . What a joke.

Offsite Link
by confusedfromfairbornreply 7601/29/2016

I just saw an ad on another site with this guy in it. The ad was for Bromo.

by confusedfromfairbornreply 7701/29/2016

This is Vadim Blacks most recent shot at bromo

Offsite Link
by confusedfromfairbornreply 7801/29/2016

R78 is baffling in its lack of context and amusement.

by confusedfromfairbornreply 7901/29/2016

[quote] Smh in little town ohio

Can you tell us what he did to you? You seem wonderfully bitter. Spill!

by confusedfromfairbornreply 8001/29/2016

Somebody wrote a bunch of crap about him on "Dating Psychos" website. Apparently this little Russian is an asshole.

Offsite Link
by confusedfromfairbornreply 8101/29/2016

Wow. Dude, you are so gonna swell up this kid's head if he finds this thread. Your malevolent envy of this guy is extremely flattering. If I were this guy Luke, your envy and bitterness would fuel my high for a lifetime. Stratospheric, I'd be.

Nice try with the pseudo dig of his parents "bought him", followed with small towns talk is mean, cruel. Yeah, the poor kid. His parents only went way out of their way,all the way to Russia and spent oodles of money to get him. I'd say he was really wanted, non? He hit the jackpot is what he did. Unlike you who just happened. Your parents didn't really ever prove that you were wanted. In fact, I'd surmise they were disappointed in you. Typical, predictable envy on your part. Being that you're probably not a looker and nobody would pay to see you in anything..well, that's just a kick in the teeth for you, isn't it? So right out of the gate, this guy is doubly blessed. He has and is everything you crave for yourself. Aren't you mortified by your intentions and actions? That's one sad thing about the envious. They seethe and try to detract from the very person they desire to be instead of investing that energy into improving themselves. You're sick to the soul.

by confusedfromfairbornreply 8201/30/2016

R80, this is what he's done to him^

by confusedfromfairbornreply 8301/30/2016

Calm down ladies. Why are their people still willing to go to bat for this guy ? He said on tape that he hated his job and was only in it for the money. Online blogs have his Twitter exchanges that are homophobic . He's scammed a few people with his Skype show schtick and is in the process of scamming people with that Facebook page. Are the Ohions bitter ? Yeah the kinda are but when you've seen the air this guy does, I sit back and watch the train wreck happen, not worship him. Sure he's pretty but I'm over the phase in my life where straight men were once worshipped. No one is envious of taking it in the ass over 40 times, unless you're Kanye West. Just ask Amber Rose.

by confusedfromfairbornreply 8401/30/2016

Obviously the guy isn't totally straight; I've seen him sexing and seen him acting and he couldn't be "acting" during sex. Some dudes have a harder time coming to terms with it than other guys, so while everyone has him on blast for making dumb, homophobic twits every bitchy queen takes to forums to talk shit about him. Almost all gay porn stars look at porn as a job, regardless of sexuality, and most don't like some rando dude online stating because they do porn they should have their ass hole open for anyone to come along and fuck it. Let this dude figure his shit out in his own life.

by confusedfromfairbornreply 8501/30/2016

R85, try laying off the meth for a week or so you cracked out mess.

by confusedfromfairbornreply 8601/30/2016

The best way to prove to someone you're really straight is to stop sucking so many dicks and kissing so many dudes with full tongue, and stop taking so many cocks up your ass.

by confusedfromfairbornreply 8701/30/2016

Just sit back and watch everything unfold op, Ohio folks and Internet queens. No need to spill any tea or throw any shade. VB is good for a good laugh, watching him throw around his top secret project that going to change and dare I say , change the world. He'll film a few more videos , get made fun of some more , say some more stupid shit on Twitter and then burn out. He may very well go the way of rusty Stevens and Pat Bateman who claimed and yelled that they were straight and later began to live very gay and bisexual lives. Some of us will beat of to him , others will bitch and moan about him taking advantage of us( tbh you have to be pretty stupid to give anyone money for a project with no details) and others will sit back with Michael Jackson and eat some popcorn at both sites like this and the shit that will come out of VB mouth.

by confusedfromfairbornreply 8801/30/2016

Wow. Love this thread. Ever since the cancelled Revenge my life has been empty.

by confusedfromfairbornreply 8901/30/2016

Ladies and gents, the new and improved Miss. Julien Leon!

I will not lie, he's really good looking. Let's hope he doesn't end up like Luke 😘

Offsite Link
by confusedfromfairbornreply 9001/30/2016

A tad too Oompa Loompish for my taste.

by confusedfromfairbornreply 9101/30/2016

Wait, so he had a scene with brokestraightboys and geminimen released on the same day , Christmas ? Wow, Julian is quite the slut. I love it.

by confusedfromfairbornreply 9201/30/2016

Yuck. Julian and Vadim have to learn about anal bleaching.

by confusedfromfairbornreply 9301/30/2016

I LLLOVE Vadim's moist hairy hole.

by confusedfromfairbornreply 9401/30/2016

Speak for yourself. Looks like it'll give you a stomach bug. 😷💩😖

by confusedfromfairbornreply 9501/30/2016

Do any of you have any word on the Skype shows he's selling? People on other blogs said he charged people and blocked them before they got their show. If it even got to that point , he's out begging every couple of hours , I doubt anyone has taken him up on his offer.

by confusedfromfairbornreply 9601/30/2016

Maybe he does shows with Katelin... Ugh ... Two midgets going at it.

by confusedfromfairbornreply 9701/30/2016

His show scam is correct. He'll have you pay , and queue you up in some imaginary line. Some people who have paid a lot ( couple bills) do get their show. If you pay anything else , he'll block and mute you on Twitter.

by confusedfromfairbornreply 9801/30/2016

Isn't that Julien person also called Devon Felix?

by confusedfromfairbornreply 9901/30/2016

Vadim can use me like a holed-out watermelon and throw me away.

by confusedfromfairbornreply 10001/30/2016

I'm not defending this guy, but it appears that thedirty and datingpsycho posts were both written by the poster in this thread. That in itself is creepy.

by confusedfromfairbornreply 10101/30/2016

Dear OP,

High school is not the real world -- teenagers have a LOT more education and waking up to do. Their parents and high schools won't teach them/don't know how the real world works.

That means homophobic bullies eventually face that gay people are respectable and guys like Vadim soon realize that screwing dudes beats real work by a longshot.

Love him or hate him, Vadim Black/Luke Hiles is hot, his aggression is part of what makes him hot and he's willing to put out for homos, which means he'll have a better life for you — at least until his forties.

Forgive him if he's changed and learned to respect gays. Putting out for homos is kind and a LOT better deal than you get from most straight guys.

by confusedfromfairbornreply 10201/30/2016

R102....he's gay.

by confusedfromfairbornreply 10301/30/2016

He doesn't ping in the slightest to me. He's bi now, however :)

by confusedfromfairbornreply 10401/30/2016

R104? Enough.

by confusedfromfairbornreply 10501/30/2016

[quote]Something is totally off about what happening/ happened.

Yeah, that usually happens when meth is involved.

by confusedfromfairbornreply 10601/31/2016

Fug Fag

by confusedfromfairbornreply 10701/31/2016

Leave Vadim Black alone ! Leaver her alone ! You're killing her!!!

by confusedfromfairbornreply 10801/31/2016

I hope all this shit coming out about him is a sign that his 15 minutes of fame are almost over. This dude is fucking gross and possibly a psychopath. The Skype show scam shit is true, by the way, all you have to do is look at his twitter and you'll see people he's scammed have called him out on it....

by confusedfromfairbornreply 10901/31/2016

R58, what's the actor's stage name?

by confusedfromfairbornreply 11001/31/2016

Vadim is INSANELY beautiful. If I could buy his cum by the gallon, I'd be chugging at least four every day.

Offsite Link
by confusedfromfairbornreply 11101/31/2016

I think he's one of the hottest guys to come along in a while but we have to remember he's barely 20 -- lots of us didn't figure out who we were or what we wanted to do at that age. As long as he's not hurting anyone, let him live his own life. So much venom in here.

by confusedfromfairbornreply 11201/31/2016

[quote]Vadim is INSANELY beautiful. If I could buy his cum by the gallon, I'd be chugging at least four every day.

Did someone tell you that eating a good-looking person's ejaculate would make you handsome, too?

by confusedfromfairbornreply 11301/31/2016

At twenty the most some of us did was cheat on university exams and take a shit on company time. He is nice to look at but he actively scamming people. Sure , have a gofundme to finance a surf board or something, that's fine , plenty of dumb 20 year olds do that. He's conning people out of money. How do con-men and women become so good in their 40's? By starting in their teens and twenties.

He can be g4p all he wants. Yes! He is hot but all he needs to do is just be quiet and ride out his time in porn like so many other straight models that come onlong , film and don't do anything to scam people. Landon Mycles started at 18 and didn't do any of the crazy stuff Black is doing ( to my knowledge lol)

by confusedfromfairbornreply 11401/31/2016

If he really does hate gay people and hates people thinking he's gay, he should probably stop sucking so much dick so enthusiastically on video for everyone to see.

by confusedfromfairbornreply 11501/31/2016

So that tells you, R115, that he really DOESN'T hate gay people and doesn't really mind people thinking he's gay.

by confusedfromfairbornreply 11601/31/2016

R115 and R116, can you please take my IQ poll? I'm measuring the IQ of gay men who believe straight men work in gay porn. Thanks!

Offsite Link
by confusedfromfairbornreply 11701/31/2016

There are plenty of gay porn actors who hate gay people and would like that people not call them gay. Brody Sinclair Porter from Sean Cody Spencer Fox Tyler Torro Owen Michaels List goes on...

Offsite Link
by confusedfromfairbornreply 11801/31/2016

Vadim/Luke is just another litttle two kopek russkie hustler. I'm keeping his bunk warm.

by confusedfromfairbornreply 11901/31/2016

I'm dating Luke , Katelin and Julien while you're away. I miss you Teofil! Call me when you're out !

by confusedfromfairbornreply 12001/31/2016

If Vadim "hated" gay people, he wouldn't be in an industry surrounded by them constantly. If he were deathly afraid of people thinking he's gay, he would absolutely not be having sex with other men for the entire world to see. It's common sense.

It's a persona that many porn actors put forth. The sad fact is that the public finds a "straight" guy having sex with other men much more appealing than two out-and-proud gay men doing it. This is the porn character that finds the widest audience, both among gay and bi men, and among straight and bi women (and don't bring up that "bisexuality doesn't exit" bullshit; it's simply retarded if you still think that in this day and age).

If Henry Cavill were to admit he's gay and then after a few months he's discovered to be dating Luke Evans, the world would be interested for about five minutes. But if Henry *INSISTS* to the public that he's straight and [italic]then[/italic] he's caught dating Luke, then the Internet would break within five minutes.

by confusedfromfairbornreply 12101/31/2016

R119 Leavenworth is a FEDERAL prison.

by confusedfromfairbornreply 12201/31/2016

R122 Thanks for the CORRECTION .Since you are so knowledgeable about clinks. Do you know if they have conjugal vists. ?

by confusedfromfairbornreply 12301/31/2016

Donald ? What did you do to Tanner from SC? You made him disapear from the internet faster than than Vadim Black's girlfriend.

by confusedfromfairbornreply 12401/31/2016

Tanner along with McKinzie have vanished from the internet as my service animals do not require web access.

by confusedfromfairbornreply 12501/31/2016

Dammit Teofil, you got all these boys running away at top speed. Had to be greedy didn't ya?

by confusedfromfairbornreply 12601/31/2016

Chugging Vadim black's cum? That sounds about as appetizing as eating cat shit. Fucking disgusting. Imagine if he sees that post, you're REALLY gonna boost his over inflated ego...😵😵

by confusedfromfairbornreply 12702/01/2016

Landon's a former fattie so maybe that's why he's better behaved than Vadim. He's just happy to be told he's pretty.

by confusedfromfairbornreply 12802/01/2016

Not only would I chug Vadim Black's cum, I'd brush my teeth and gargle with it, I'd bathe in it, I'd make my tea and coffee with it, I'd eat my corn flakes with it, I'd shower in it, and I'd douche myself constantly with it.

Vadim my love, give me your cum and I'll gladly DROWN in it.

by confusedfromfairbornreply 12902/01/2016

R129 please do that!!

by confusedfromfairbornreply 13002/01/2016

Aw! I think I fell more in lust with Landon Mycles :)

by confusedfromfairbornreply 13102/01/2016

In Soviet Rrrussia, gay porn does you!

by confusedfromfairbornreply 13202/01/2016

R130, gladly! If I don't drown in Vadim's beautiful eyes first...

by confusedfromfairbornreply 13302/01/2016

You'd have to look down to meet the eyes of that midget.

by confusedfromfairbornreply 13402/01/2016

Nonsense. I'd be underneath him as he fucks me bareback, first sweetly, like gentleman he is, then roughly, like the whore I am when it comes to him.

Or else I'd be on my knees, ready to submit to his every whim.

Ready to lick every inch of his beautiful body with my tongue,

and willing to drain him of every drop of cum.

by confusedfromfairbornreply 13502/01/2016

Is that you Miss Katelin Valliere?

by confusedfromfairbornreply 13602/01/2016

Oh how I wish!

by confusedfromfairbornreply 13702/01/2016

Oh me too! I want to ask her how in the hell is he able to do Skype shows all day if they live with her mom and share a room ?!

He's also tweeting all the time so I'd ask her is she's lonely, bitch seemed lonely on the show.

by confusedfromfairbornreply 13802/01/2016

FYI. Every gay person who follows this douche bag is being taken for all their worth. Mr. VB and his lovely lady friend planned all of this. This was their breakthrough into "acting.", as they like to tell people. She is very supportive of what he does and so are her friends. On his page when he mentions a team it's a few of her friends and possibly also Devon Felix. They think they're going to get rich creating the next big thing. Sweety, your lady pimps your ass almost as hard as Kris Kardashian. They're are not the next big thing. VB is going to film with Nica Noelle who pays her models in rat feces and Devon Felix filmed with Geminimen that pay their models 10 bucks and a six pack.

millienials in a nutshell.

by confusedfromfairbornreply 13902/01/2016

Can anybody who believes this guy is straight please take my IQ poll?


Offsite Link
by confusedfromfairbornreply 14002/01/2016

Does Devon Felix escort? He's hot.

by confusedfromfairbornreply 14102/01/2016

Not yet ! Hopefully soon. If Black's girlfriend is the pimp I will gladly pay to Ray-J Devon Felix's hole.

by confusedfromfairbornreply 14202/01/2016

Did you guys take my IQ poll?!

by confusedfromfairbornreply 14302/01/2016

Such hatred. Is it because this fellow is black?

by confusedfromfairbornreply 14402/01/2016

Devon Felix is Latino... Or something. All I know is that I wouldn't kick him out of bed. VB, yes , because he would rob and hate crime me ;)

by confusedfromfairbornreply 14502/01/2016

R101, so true. Ugly people suck.

by confusedfromfairbornreply 14602/01/2016

And THIS is why assholes like Vadim find some level of success in this industry, because people are so damn shallow that all they care about is looks. Swallow his cum? Good luck getting close enough to the homophobic little twat without getting attacked. His looks are the only reason he even has fans!! Think with your fucking head. Anyone with sense can see Vadim ain't shit, nor will he ever be. I'm just saying, you look thirsty and stupid as hell for supporting someone who doesn't give a shit about you...

by confusedfromfairbornreply 14702/01/2016

All this stuff about VB and his lady friend is true... It's a big scam between him, her, her family members and a couple friends. 😉They have been together for years and she always wanted to be a model/actress. That FAILED!! YOUR FAMILY MEMBERS OWNED 40 BUISNESS WITH EVERONES ELSES MONEY ,THEN EVERYTHING ENDED UP IN PAWN SHOPS!! LMAO.When she didn't get anywhere with her ESPN they CONJURED up this little sceme , with obviously no self respect for themselves or others. Including VB & KTV fans, families, friends, etc. It's really sad to know 2 great looking kids have gone to these extremes selling there mind, body & soul for money. Hey KT does it sound familiar? Maybe the apple didn't fall far from its tree. ;-) . Seriously people. It's really sad for Luke's family & also his lady friends. ;-) keep your money! Make them work for a living! Shame on you guys for ever starting up something so piggish!!

by confusedfromfairbornreply 14802/01/2016

Here you have it. Have its and people familiar with have its will recognize the envy from have nots

Those sad nots, havenots, won't.

I feel for ANYONE having the misfortune of being on the receiving end of envious have-nots the world over.

by confusedfromfairbornreply 14902/01/2016

This guy slamming this Russian guy needs to off himself. People like this hate themselves, bring suffering and should never have been born.

Die already!

by confusedfromfairbornreply 15002/01/2016

Go kill yourself you princing genetic Chernobyl. Just die.

by confusedfromfairbornreply 15102/01/2016

But.. but.. my parents didn't give me up! How come this ADOPTED kid is better than me?

ANSWER: genetics is a crap shoot. Hundreds of years in the making. Get over it. He's better than you genetically, even if his parent's generation hit a snag. He's still the product of more superior genes than yours, fatty.

Just face the roll of the dice. He won, you didn't.

by confusedfromfairbornreply 15202/01/2016

I only heard rumors about the Vallieres. I'm a few towns away and knew of ESPN and the TV event she walked as model for. She seemed out of place with weirdos like Bill and Stuart and the rest of that cracked out clan. Feels like a reverse Texas chainsaw thing happening here. All I knew was that people are militant when you bring her or Luke up. Her friends are quick to her defense , this being a year before the mtv show. People in Florida have known about those two for sometime. I didn't think that it would be a whole scam involving family members. I don't know what they're planning but this seems a little sick . Once a friend , are they trying to get Katelin on TV or something ?

by confusedfromfairbornreply 15302/01/2016

I was friends with them until i started seeing these changes.. I didnt want any part in what might or might not happen. Good or bad. I have never seen the Valliere's not in a cracked out drunking state arguing over pawn shops and stolen goods.The Valliere's as stated don't know what its like to work. I wouldnt want them supporting me at any event. Everything that is important to them they let go relationships, friends, jobs, family. Not really a great support system for Luke or Katelin. Luke does have a great family in Ohio its very unfortunate he got involved with the wrong one.

by confusedfromfairbornreply 15402/01/2016

Yes, they want Katelin to be the star! They don't give a shit lmao literally about what happens to Luke!

by confusedfromfairbornreply 15502/01/2016

Besides getting sodomized on camera what other "talent" does this midget grifter have?

by confusedfromfairbornreply 15602/01/2016

Honestly it looks like his lady friend trained him well. You take it up the ass for me to get my name out there and we both make out! How do you go from a athlete picking on gay men to doing them? Am I missing something? Luke weren't you just a model for pic here and there? Now your a straight guy that takes it up the ass then sleeps with your girlfriend who has been working a professional career in a law office? How does her job like that?Wow someone is playing someone here. Can you figure it out?

by confusedfromfairbornreply 15702/01/2016

You're so transparent, you freak.

by confusedfromfairbornreply 15802/01/2016

[quote]Besides getting sodomized

This is what homophobes say to me. Lol--what's happening to this site?

by confusedfromfairbornreply 15902/01/2016

[quote]Besides getting sodomized on camera what other "talent" does this midget grifter have?

Getting sodomized off camera.

by confusedfromfairbornreply 16002/01/2016

Dad is an asshole. This might come as a surprise to the OP and the other Ohio bitter bunch but his parents are separated, they have been for years, getting a divorce in the Mormon church isn't allowed. Mom is the definition of an angel, she made some drastic changes in her life and income to get Luke out of his dad's house. What really hurts her is the fact that she asked him to find a job to help out around the house, there are younger siblings involved so I understand her position. She blames herself for what happened. He actually lied to her and told her he wasn't doing it anymore. He went on and on how it was a sin, soul damaginge etc. this is what he told people the past holidays. Doesn't line up with his recent Twitter love. people love her ! And so everyone kept their mouths shut for her. Unlike you OP, I have an idea who you might be. Shouldn't have said you moved to the west coast. Senior class was 130 people bro! Sounds like you and your mom are two gossiping ladies.

The thing is that I like his mom more than I hate him. What ever gets him right with her is alright with me.

by confusedfromfairbornreply 16102/01/2016

Tip: whenever someone starts a phrase with "honestly" prepare for deception. Envious fag is uneducated and daft besides being so ugly and pudgy

by confusedfromfairbornreply 16202/01/2016

Honestly= deception. Huh? Now that's a good one! Look up all the names involved. ;-) yes honestly.

by confusedfromfairbornreply 16302/01/2016

Welcome to a thread of ENVY. Watch how a genetic Chernobyl attempts to take down his obsession...

by confusedfromfairbornreply 16402/01/2016

R139, you hillbilly, it's all "they're worth". Envy got even more low rent. True colors, shining. Genetic Chernobyl, you.

by confusedfromfairbornreply 16502/01/2016

Hey TIP person:: read some of his posts from his fans that paid for a Skype shows, tweets, etc and got screwed.. We don't have to do anything to these two we will watch it unfold and crash from the media point of view. :-) if you are going to stick up for these thieves. I have one question. How much money have you gave them? Smh

by confusedfromfairbornreply 16602/01/2016

OP, I don't have a problem with you naming and gossiping about Black on a GOSSIP board. To believe that someone who does porn AND who appeared on a nationally televised show talking about doing porn should remain anonymous in order to "protect" his mother, or for whatever reasons, is ludicrous. SHE KNOWS! Put your stuff out there as a public person and you may be treated like one: the good, the bad, AND the ugly. Public persons and those who are so concerned about them: deal with it.

by confusedfromfairbornreply 16702/01/2016

Okay, Vadim's a douchebag. We get that. He plays people and cheats them out of their money. It's ALL OVER twitter. What remains to be seen is how his pimp (Katelin) is instigating all of this. Is she behind this project of his? What the hell do they intend to do with the money they do scam from people? What is the end goal? It just seems like 2 lazy, uneducated assholes who THOUGHT they were slick. Hopefully word will get around to other porn sites about Vadim and he won't be able to find work and thus have to find another way to fund this scheme of theirs....

by confusedfromfairbornreply 16802/02/2016


by confusedfromfairbornreply 16902/02/2016

Did this dumb bitch just hash tag Vadimblacklivesmatter? It's cute or whatever if it's in jest, if not, then you tried it. Let me guess, are you a fan?

by confusedfromfairbornreply 17002/02/2016

You should tweet that to Vadim, R169!

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by confusedfromfairbornreply 17102/02/2016

When i'm feeling blue, all i have to do

Is take a look at you, then i'm not so blue

When you're close to me, i can feel your heart beat

I can hear you breathing near my ear

Wouldn't you agree, baby you and me got a groovy kind of love

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by confusedfromfairbornreply 17202/02/2016

Anytime you want to you can turn me onto

Anything you want to, anytime at all

When i kiss your lips, ooh i start to shiver

Can't control the quivering inside

Wouldn't you agree, baby you and me got a groovy kind of love

When i'm feeling blue, all i have to do

Is take a look at you, then i'm not so blue

When i'm in your arms, nothing seems to matter

My whole world could shatter, i don't care

Wouldn't you agree, baby you and me got a groovy kind of love

We got a groovy kind of love

We got a groovy kind of love, oh

We got a groovy kind of love

Offsite Link
by confusedfromfairbornreply 17302/02/2016

r105? Enough of yourself.

You lost your authority long ago.

by confusedfromfairbornreply 17402/02/2016

[quote]The sad fact is that the public finds a "straight" guy having sex with other men much more appealing than two out-and-proud gay men doing it.

Bullshit, r121. I'll take Landon Conrad, Trenton Ducati or Diego Sans over Vadim Black any day.

The inconvenient truth is that gay men are attracted to HOT MEN PERIOD. Whether gay or straight, it's NOT their orientation that arouses you the most.

So quit hating, quit deluding yourself and denying human nature. Go sell your political agenda to like-minded liars.

If preferring women is a deal breaker for you, then you're a bigot and a chauvinist. Definitely NOT an equal-opportunity employer. And other women-oriented, bisexual hustlers are just going to tell you what you want to hear and take what they want from you, anyway.


by confusedfromfairbornreply 17502/02/2016

You care way too much, r148.

Vadim Black obviously dominates your life. How sad.

by confusedfromfairbornreply 17602/02/2016

I am a Russian. All Russians are liars.

by confusedfromfairbornreply 17702/02/2016

I have half a mind to hire Vadim for a Skype show, just to find out if Vadim rips Skypers off and to spite r166.

by confusedfromfairbornreply 17802/02/2016

The question though, how many duckets?

by confusedfromfairbornreply 17902/02/2016

Can't believe this average looking midget Russkie hustler has gotten 179 posts. Half of which are obviously from some fat chick who is obsessed with his G4P stretched out ass. Give it a rest honey Vadim is a grifter sociopath.

by confusedfromfairbornreply 18002/02/2016

[quote]how many duckets?

Oh, dear!

by confusedfromfairbornreply 18102/02/2016

For My Beautiful Beloved, Vadim...

Offsite Link
by confusedfromfairbornreply 18202/02/2016


Something always seemed fishy with the pictures he took. Some of them were clearly selfies while others had to be taken by someone. Julien moved away some while back so it couldn't have been him taking the photos the past few months. The two of them ( VB and KTV) have been around lake worth for sometime and I know some of their friends. They made a push for her on Facebook when the mtv show was going to air( about 4 months before I believe) , Julien and a whole bunch of crazy broads kept saying "mtv" this and "mtv" that without going into details.

When the show did air , no body wanted to talk about what was on tv, people shut you down quick and some became violent. Once a friend , did he go by Luke or Vadim ? A lot of people were introduced to him as Vadim. They said he and KT were trying to get some tv show and clothing/ cologne line off the ground. I didn't know anything about her family other than them being an eyesore. ( they had that meth/crack face going on. Talking about Stuart, Gillian, Charles and the rest of that line )ever since the show , str8upgayporn and other gossip lines all their friends have gone dead silent. I knew it was a collective effort on their part but I had no idea how many people were involved. It's crazy that to get their little project going they have to pimp Luke out like crazy. Are they doing the same to Julien?or did he move away to get as far as he could from them?

by confusedfromfairbornreply 18302/02/2016

Pimping to what end? To fund for a tv show? Meh. Vadim's still a grifter, so if he is being pimped, then I can look the other way. Sleep with dogs and you get fleas...

by confusedfromfairbornreply 18402/02/2016

Wow. That vid at R182 is beautiful! It really shows how handsome Luke/Vadim really is. And I love Phil Collins.

by confusedfromfairbornreply 18502/02/2016

We knew them as Luke & Katelin. We also watched Katelin act undercover on FB using a short name KT then when MTV was about to air (poof) she had her full name on FB like a celebrity! Then when there community found out & the negativity started pouring in again ( poof ) Ms. katelin Valliere is gone off FB again. Coincidence??? Anyone know who the masters around this might be? As far as her family members.. Where the hell have they been these past 2 & 3 yrs? Hahaha. Billy, Charles, Stuart, Gillian? Didn't even think they all knew but yup it makes even more sense now. Lol. GREAT LOOKING BUNCH RIGHT THERE! We got pushed away around the time of the MTV publicity stunt ( I believe ) You are right! All we kept hearing also was about the MTV show. Which i also was shunned by people when i asked about the show & if it was real. I thought it was some kind of joke at first but when it aired. It all made sense. YOU GUYS BRAGGED ABOUT MTV then WANT IT TO BE HUSH HUSH... You can't have people in your life that will expose you so they get rid of them at any costs. Which is now making sense because of the crack out people that came out of the wood work to be involved. VB & KV would have never been able to make it this far without there help. Very sick group of individuals!

by confusedfromfairbornreply 18602/02/2016

Who's taking the pictures Vadim? Since we all know Julien is and has been gone & Katelin works full time? You might get somewhere when truth starts coming out. Who's your accomplice? Can you really afford to pay all the people involved in helping out?

by confusedfromfairbornreply 18702/02/2016

[quote]If Vadim "hated" gay people, he wouldn't be in an industry surrounded by them constantly. If he were deathly afraid of people thinking he's gay, he would absolutely not be having sex with other men for the entire world to see. It's common sense.

Oh, R121. Please tell us that you're having your high school prom this year.

by confusedfromfairbornreply 18802/03/2016


That is very interesting. What's funny is that some people called or began to refer to him as Vadim black in public. When someone spoke to one of KT's friends about Luke , the friend had a melt down and said that "you don't know who Vadim black is!". People around you knew what he did way before the mtv right ? Why are they falling back on their once openness about his gay porn career? They referred to it as acting but let's be honest , you're not going to put that on imbd and land a gig on Gotham lol

You were friends with them. Was their couple dynamic odd ? I can't imagine what that even looked like somewhat uncensored to friends.

by confusedfromfairbornreply 18902/03/2016

Wow, Luke is beautiful and exotic. Understandable why some would suffer from irrational envy.

by confusedfromfairbornreply 19002/03/2016

He has the rare, coveted true green eye. His haters have another kind of "green eye" though. I picture his haters as the Grinch. Stink stank stunk.

by confusedfromfairbornreply 19102/03/2016

VadiM bLaCk owns your ass. You sold it to him with your OTP envy and pining to be him.

by confusedfromfairbornreply 19202/03/2016

New version of Vadim Black homage vid (updated song). I think this fits better!

Offsite Link
by confusedfromfairbornreply 19302/03/2016

Exactly what does one of his Skype shows consist of?

by confusedfromfairbornreply 19402/04/2016

You'd have to ask him, r194.

But typically, Skype shows consist of an interactive jack-off and/or dildo session with the client. You may show yourself on cam or just voyeur on the model.

Like escorting, it's basically hiring a prostitute to do whatever you're both comfortable with. Only safer, cheaper and more convenient. You can just chat about the weather, if you like, or watch him flex.

by confusedfromfairbornreply 19502/04/2016

I've heard he sticks green beans up his asshole then uses them to make 3 bean salad.

by confusedfromfairbornreply 19602/04/2016

I heard the lil midget will suck off a donkey for an EBT card.

by confusedfromfairbornreply 19702/05/2016

For around 500$ is him jacking it , anything less and it looks like he'll take your money and run. Looks like he's done it to a few people on Twitter.

Rumor has it for around 1000$ Katelin will make an appearance. In what capacity we do not know.

by confusedfromfairbornreply 19802/05/2016

So for $500 we get to see him jerking off. For a $1000 we might get a appearance of Katelin.. She better be bending over, blowing, fucking and sucking, orgy too. Do the math vadim sucks all the cock, she waves hi and gets equal amount? Vadim go be a gay porn star all by yourself. Your name has already been dragged through the mud. You would get further if you ditch the bitch Katelin & family. ;-) & do your scam yourself. You will become old news real quick & maybe soon if a younger, sexier, taller man comes by and has his shit together...

by confusedfromfairbornreply 19902/05/2016

For $500 I expect full service, full contact, full orgasm on BOTH our parts.

Who the fuck would pay $500 to watch some guy jack off on a webcam? You can get that for FREE.

by confusedfromfairbornreply 20002/06/2016

He's charging $500 for cam shows? THEN TO HELL WITH HIM.

That's the max he should charge for sex in-person as a whore who wraps his live lips around your dick.

Do not pay Mr. Sky High Ego a dime — he needs to get over himself, come down to fair market value or get out of the sex industry. Most top-of-the-line porn stars will give you an interactive Skype show for about $100.00 for an hour or less.

It's much less work than live prostitution, much cheaper and far less risky.

by confusedfromfairbornreply 20102/06/2016

Hey, where'd the insider go? I'm missing the inside scoops you were giving us about Luke. Come back!

by confusedfromfairbornreply 20202/06/2016

Well if your so curious Luke, vadim, katelin, Stuart, Gillian, Charles why dont you give us the inside scoop. ;-) . fill in your fans. The truth!

by confusedfromfairbornreply 20302/07/2016

Billy, kt, bill, whatever you guys want to be called. Fill us in. Are you getting your modeling /acting going? How is your get rich quick sceme working out? Its really sad to think that you katelin, you went to these extremes just to make a quick buck. We will sit back and watch life fuck you over. ;-) no gossiping just karma. :-)

by confusedfromfairbornreply 20402/07/2016

R204 I think they're too dumb to figure gossiping sites out

Little fact. Around the time Vadim started pushing this Skype shows like crazy ( every few hours he would make a push and he was starting to make the push on his photo posts on Twitter) was the same time his failed gofundme , his call for investors and Facebook page went up. Another little interesting thing was that around the same time the Valliere matriarch fell ill. The family has been collecting their pennies , doing yard sales and hitting up pawns real hard.

Vadim hasn't been booked since November and was hurting for cash so it might be a coincidence but he recently signed to do a shoot with ms rat feces Nica noelle. Soon he'll be tranny porn for icon male. Can't he be quoted as making a "fortune" from porn ? Did he miss a payment on his 2015 dodge with a shitty rate ?

Ex-friend , if you're out there. Does Katelin have a fish that not stink or is she the best actress ever ? Because her family is pawning other people's goods and her man is about to take up the ass from a tranny. And all for the sake of her. Her vocal fry needs some work and being 5'2 will only get her as an extra on superstore.

by confusedfromfairbornreply 20502/07/2016

Porn can't be making them that much money if he has to to beg on gfm and on twitter for "investors". There's a guy being vocal about his run-in with VB and has screenshots of him ripping him off. Is it normal for cam boys to charge over 100$? just to continue the conversation with no details? Doesn't Miss Katelin work minimum wage mon- fri? What fortune is he referring to in his mtv segment?

by confusedfromfairbornreply 20602/07/2016

Talk about a drama filled thread! Yikes. Imo he looks likes he enjoys dick up the ass too much, not to be at least bi.

by confusedfromfairbornreply 20702/07/2016

Oooooh someone share the screenshots!!! This is getting messy!!!!

by confusedfromfairbornreply 20802/07/2016

This is the guy whos openly challenging VB over the theft of his fee. Others are turned off by being asked for fees in excess of 200-300 bucks. Um, chaterbate is free, I've seen the voyeurboys and helixstudies twinks on there for free.

Offsite Link
by confusedfromfairbornreply 20902/07/2016

Thank you anonymous! Point proven! Scam!

by confusedfromfairbornreply 21002/07/2016

Con artists in their 40's and 50's begin young. There are too many people saying let it go, he's young , she's young and other shit like that for people to look the other way. The guy on twitter is calling him out and unafraid to do so. Others have deleted their tweets or have not reported him at all, if you complain to skype, PayPal or twitter about transactions that involved sex, you'll have your account banned and isp recorded. Others just say fuck it, its just 100 $, while others don't want their name ( Who PayPals for sex shows with their real name btw?) out in the open.

These two are made for one another. r186 , how soon till these two reveal their big project? Who else is miss katelin pimping?

r197, Nica Noelle pays with her EBT card, so yes, he will most likely be sucking off a donkey and receiving an ebt card soon.

by confusedfromfairbornreply 21102/07/2016

Meanwhile, miss black's Facebook page is stagnant. AND people are calling him out on his shit there, too....

by confusedfromfairbornreply 21202/07/2016

Wow , shit's coming out fast.

Fl. Friend , when did he show up in town ?

I think these two have had a scam on their mind for years. I think you know the guy Valliere was dating before Luke , the fisherman boy? They broke up up in late 2014, around the same time he moved in with her. That escalated quick, no? I heard that she was actually talking to someone online way before she and the fisherman boy broke up. If you look at other gossip and blog sites this lines up when he got "kicked out " from his house, which he told others he saved up and left because there was nothing to do in a small town. This coincides with what he told bsb to get them to fly him out to their studio to shoot more scenes and kick it until Dallas Reeves had his ticket ready to come to Florida. Almost as soon as he's in Florida and filming for Dallas Reeves , Valliere had broken up with her boyfriend and Hiles starts to live with her.

Another intriguing point is that she is clearly taking the full body shots of him nude and semi nude for his Twitter but she was also in photos in the same location as he was filming. I think she went to San Diego with him when he filmed the bromo scenes in November. The two were gone for a chunk of the month. I knew she was the pimp , but how many 20 year old , 5'1 pimps go barter their client/man's hole for 750$ a throw ?

If they want to be rich , they should try harder ;)

by confusedfromfairbornreply 21302/08/2016

Wow Anonymous! You had me in suspense the whole time! I am laughing so hard! That was great! Thank you! Finally someone speaking knowledge of what's going on! :-)

by confusedfromfairbornreply 21402/08/2016

I wonder why he hasn't been booked since November. Maybe other companies see he's full of shit? Lol, he's just a fucking liar through and through. Does he have no other skills? How long did he think this was going to work before someone said something? I thought he was a poster boy for both men and broke straight boys. I just want to know how he managed to fuck that up too....

by confusedfromfairbornreply 21502/08/2016

OK, cyberstalkers, you shouldn't care this much.

Where are your lives?

by confusedfromfairbornreply 21602/08/2016

Men will hire him again. Mind geek makes a lot of money on the tube sites they own and Johnny rapid and vb have a number of videos on there. Bsb might have been turned off by him after the shift to men. I mean , why take a downgrade back to bsb. They probably caught wind of the way he manipulated them but are riding his popularity and 40+videos.

Brandon Wilde is a straight boy chaser and was begging in the open to do a video with him to Nica Noelle. That's realy sad because Herero people expect us to chase straight men to the ends of the earth. If anything he'll be back at bromo or men, soon and if not than that fraternity house site or something.

by confusedfromfairbornreply 21702/08/2016

Lol we have no lives and YOU do? You're on here commenting like the rest of us. We get it, you're a fan boy for this tool, come to his rescue if you must..

by confusedfromfairbornreply 21802/08/2016

Oh dear. These two. You may have known them as Luke and Katelin, but in Salt Lake City they went by Han and Chloe. We met them at the 24 Hour Fitness and became fast friends. Before you know it, we're double dating at the Olive Garden and Han is trying to sell us on his "big idea". A new dating app called Promice. Kind of the opposite of Grindr in that you don't want a fuck right now, you're looking to wait for the wedding night. We gave them 3k for the project and expected updates. That's when he stops returning calls. One day I spot him leaving the gym and decide to follow him. It turns out the hot little fucker is living in a BOUNCY HOUSE near Glendale. Chloe is nowhere to be found but after he changed clothes and left, I sneaked around back and encountered his roommate, a 6 foot 5 Hawaiian clown named Jiggles. He tells me Chloe left a few days ago to visit Estelle, Phoebe, Adam and Ryan (I'm guessing our versions of Billy, Charles, Stuart and Gillian) and Han would be joining her in a week. I tried to call the police when I got home, but apparently Jiggles tipped him off and by the time they arrived at Kiddie Kastle, Vadim/Luke/Han was long gone. I don't watch gay porn and the last time I turned the dial to MTV was the finale of Laguna Beach, so I had no idea he was "famous" until now. Unreal.

by confusedfromfairbornreply 21902/08/2016

slc_ Are you kidding me? These people went as far as different names in a different area for cash? Really sorry to hear that you invested in them. The Sam's the have been doing should be reported. Regardless they are all in a ring of fraud, prostitution, etc. Community needs to come together and pit these losers behind bars before they can scam anyone else.

by confusedfromfairbornreply 22002/09/2016


by confusedfromfairbornreply 22102/09/2016

It must be envy! Your girlfriend takes a smelly shitty dirty cock up her pu**y and in her mouth that's been up 50+ guys asses! And you think that is about envy! Try its maybe exploiting you pieces of shits for what you are! Crack heads, fags, and ms. Katelin & FAM being the pimps. Your pu**y must stank kV. ;-) JUST NASTY!

by confusedfromfairbornreply 22202/09/2016

Heterosexuals are sick.

by confusedfromfairbornreply 22302/09/2016

People that pretend to be straight when they are clearly gay is sick! And girlfriends that set it all up for you are psychopaths! Family tree shows the types you are dealing with! ;-)

by confusedfromfairbornreply 22402/09/2016

So this is the munckin grifter all the fuss is about?

Offsite Link
by confusedfromfairbornreply 22502/09/2016

Haha lmao. He's perfect height for sucking cock!

by confusedfromfairbornreply 22602/09/2016

Nice try butt munch

Offsite Link
by confusedfromfairbornreply 22702/09/2016

OK so that's suppose to be sexier? A 5'2 broad with a 5'4 one? Bahaha thanks luke-vadim

by confusedfromfairbornreply 22802/09/2016

Luke don't talk with your mouth full.

Offsite Link
by confusedfromfairbornreply 22902/09/2016

Gross!! If I was straight and enjoyed a vagina, I wouldn't have a mouth full of fecies smell all over my face & cock . Then supposedly have this skinny, titless girlfriend who thinks she's a model all over my junk. Oh because she is like fucking one of your boys... A 2x4. Lmao. Does she really treat you like a boyfriend now? I think not! Whos's the bitch in the relationship? It could be either one of them.

by confusedfromfairbornreply 23002/09/2016

r225 hahaha, that was needed! That's possibly the best reply.

by confusedfromfairbornreply 23102/09/2016

I get why people are going after Black, I also get why they defend him. He's a public mess, airing all his lies to any willing camera. I dont think it helped that his first studio, BSB, shoved a camera in his face to tell his story upon arrival. It fell into what Katelin and luke both wanted.

I can only wonder what other porn actors think/ say about us. Maybe the quiet ones are the same as Luke and Katelin, maybe they have to grow into it?

Here are just a few g4p couples that might have strange relationship that is mutually beneficial while taking advantage of the gay community (IMHO)

CF'S Connor and Olivia

SC's Tanner and his lady ( Also from florida, something about floridians lol)

Andrew Fitch and his Wife

Any others?

by confusedfromfairbornreply 23202/09/2016

Cole Money comes to mind.But the poor guy is about to have his arm amputated so we need to cut him some slack.

by confusedfromfairbornreply 23302/09/2016

That is a great post! The problem with Luke & Katelin, ( and kt's family members ) is they took advantage of there families, children, bosses, TV world, communities, media, etc and it was built on 1 big STRAIGHT lie. If the other straight/gay couples scammed people out of money , etc they would be hearing the same wrath as these two. The fact, that Katelin's modeling career plunged in the toilet for more reasons then one. NOT REALLY PRETTY, FLAT CHESTED 5'2 tall mess.Then this so called " I am a straight guy doing gay porn " behind my innocent KATELINS back. When in fact she was in on it for the past two years she has been with him. Coincental??? No! Luke, Katelin, Billy, Stuart , Gillian, Charles or whomever put into these clueless 2 that get likes name out there and your beauty katelin will take over. People will call for modeling, actressing, shows, etc. What people are doing is stopping the scam of these 2 and there family going any further... Can't handle the heat don't suck cock! Obviously it isn't envy or jealousy following these stories. It is people that know truth behind the scenes. :-)

by confusedfromfairbornreply 23402/09/2016

I saw the Cole money situation. I don't think he's with his girl anymore but he's going some really terrible stuff. He keeps saying in Twitter that he's depressed , lonely and all by himself in the hospital.

R234 the ship is sinking for those two. Karma is occasionly a kind lady , and she'll be kind to these two.

I've seen Tanner at a few clubs. He even danced ( which was not really dancing but we forgave it cuz his body was on point) at a few. He'll deny who he is if you ask him. Austin Wilde approached him and he freaked the fuck out. You do gay porn and go to a gay club and get mad when people come to say hi?

by confusedfromfairbornreply 23502/09/2016

Only if they say Hi without a major credit card.

by confusedfromfairbornreply 23602/09/2016

These poor individuals don't understand the consequences of there actions.. They will be recognized, questioned, approached etc. You can not hide forever.

by confusedfromfairbornreply 23702/09/2016

r234. I'm sure these two are already pitching the script for their gay porn version of "Catch me if you Can"

by confusedfromfairbornreply 23802/09/2016

They will run out of places that will have respect for them. They walk around Fl and no one is suppose to speak about what they are doing? They can't go back to Ohio? Lmao. Where's next guys? The scam is to make as much money as they can. So they can pay off car loans, pawn shops & drug dealers, maybe even purchase a house not home. A home is not where orgies happen and your family benefits from it. Then Luke's career will crumble and Katie's star modeling would take over & pay the bills for everyone. While Luke is left selfless, degraded, probably homeless & car less! You also was a pawn Luke in the Vallieres eyes... Ask your self Luke... What does your girlfriends family do for work? What jobs have they had? Have they been able to file taxes? Answers are all Noooooo! Katelins mom supported her loser father. And her father is back to make your ass pay for him. Sound familiar?

by confusedfromfairbornreply 23902/09/2016

R217 through r239 = proof that the cyberstalkers here are mentally ill.

And illiterate. It sounds like the same troll talking to itself.

Get your own life, hunty. Only assholes expect gold star professionalism from whores and hustlers. Ripping off and flaking out is what they do --Vadim Black is hardly the only one. Only an asswipe would be surprised or outraged.

I will leave your maniac ass to yourself now. You are your own worst punishment.

by confusedfromfairbornreply 24002/09/2016

Truth hurts???

by confusedfromfairbornreply 24102/09/2016

OK.OK. Give your everyday hard earned money to these guys! If you feel like throwing your money out the window and getting scammed on Skype, streaming, PayPal , whatever else you do to scam there money.. Please donate to the Hiles & Vallieres now cause your money could keep there car, home, vacation, drugs etc. Just remember when you enter your personal information and credit card number and get no video, or show. You might join in with the rest of the crowd on exposing them. Its not that you gay Luke its your talk ng money even if its 20$ - 1000$ and blowing ( lmao) your fans/ customers off. So if it is as you called it a cyber stalker illiterate troll. Maybe they are one you stole there money from & want you to be recognized. Its not stalking. Its awareness!

by confusedfromfairbornreply 24202/09/2016

Luke, very funny. You picked on their grammar, but you want the cyber bullying to stop. Grammar over a dick in your ass,mouth, hands, balls ears , etc. I will take bad grammar any day over a penis going in the wrong hole

by confusedfromfairbornreply 24302/09/2016

Miss Hiles is headed to Tampa bay to to film , possibly for geminimen. Must be desperate for the funds.

by confusedfromfairbornreply 24402/09/2016

Wow Luke you go from doing shows on-line charging your fans a mint to see you. Then you take a local job for probably the same amount or less and that one makes you play with cock. Hmmmm??? Which one would I be loyal too?

by confusedfromfairbornreply 24502/09/2016

The mods need to shut this thread down as it has become an exercise in one persons pathological obsession with a scumbag.

by confusedfromfairbornreply 24602/09/2016

You must be a loyal fan!! This site is no different then Facebook, Skype, Instagram, Snapchat etc. If you find it offensive. STAY OFF! :-)

by confusedfromfairbornreply 24702/09/2016

Meh, like every other thread isn't. If it wasn't cliched, I'd attach the Jackson popcorn comment meme. Like Cobain said "Entertain us", that's what DL is for, no?

Just look at the active duty cole thread or the Corbin fisher's Aiden thread.

by confusedfromfairbornreply 24802/09/2016

Did Cole's fiancée dump him because he couldn't get enough people to fund their wedding?

by confusedfromfairbornreply 24902/09/2016

I agree that some of the comments are gross, e.g. that post talking about this guy having shit on his dick from fucking a bunch of guys. How fucked up is that, to post such a thing on a gay site.

by confusedfromfairbornreply 25002/09/2016

I hope not, that'd be a terrible reason to dip. I hope the infection wasn't why she left. Some people on are speculating that it was steroids, drugs or that krokodil thing. I looked up krokodil and the photos looked like they came from a zombie film.

Poor Cole. I hope he doesn't lose his arm.

by confusedfromfairbornreply 25102/09/2016

Wait...what's going on with Cole?!? What did I miss?

by confusedfromfairbornreply 25202/09/2016


He has a massive infection in his left arm. He's had a huge portion removed and has been in the hospital for over a week. I don't know his twitter handle but a few blogs are covering the story. If you have a sensitive stomach, don't look at the photos. It's terrible!

by confusedfromfairbornreply 25302/09/2016


Offsite Link
by confusedfromfairbornreply 25402/09/2016

Tanner from SC isn't gay4pay. No way.

by confusedfromfairbornreply 25502/09/2016

So, does this dwarf have a flat head so I can set my beer on it while getting blown?

I was wondering why everyone was so worked up by this life support system for a 4 ½ inch cock, and then I realized it is perfectly proportioned to his height. Does anyone know if his feet are hairy? He'd make a great hobbit.

by confusedfromfairbornreply 25602/09/2016

R254 God that looks like a fucking shark attack. Cole Money was complaining of a sore arm on Chaturbate a week ago. People were telling him to see a doctor and he responded it was just over training lifting too much on his tricep. How the hell does that turn into that horror? He has not set up a GoFundMe but if ever there was a legit reason for one this is it. BTW his TWITTER is below if you ever jo'd to him send the poor guy a shout out of encouragement he seems pretty alone.



by confusedfromfairbornreply 25702/09/2016

I hope he has family or friends who are visiting him in the hospital.

by confusedfromfairbornreply 25802/09/2016

Cole Money is not mentioning his wife. He supposedly quit porn because he was getting married and his bride would only permit him to do solo JO on Chaturbate. On his twitter she is not mentioned. Does anyone know Cole's real name?

by confusedfromfairbornreply 25902/09/2016

His real name is Gimme Euro.

by confusedfromfairbornreply 26002/09/2016

This has to be devastating for Cole... I mean, it would be for anyone, but for him, his entire income (and likely self-worth) came from his looks. And now those looks have been suddenly and irreparably taken away from him. Man that sucks for him. He seemed like a pretty nice guy, all things considered... he sure as hell doesn't deserve this.

by confusedfromfairbornreply 26102/09/2016

r261 I agree with what you wrote. We find issues with porn actors. From little things like tattoos and builds to more problematic topics like G4P, homophobia, criminal records, among others things.

Look at this thread, people are spilling tea on Vadim, others defending, him, some trolling and others just going along with it for laughs, but I don't think there was a post that (legitimately) wished him a flesh eating virus or a death.

by confusedfromfairbornreply 26202/09/2016

In the case of Vadim the guy who was ripped off for 3K may not be so charitable. In the case of Cole I truly wish him all the best and a speedy recovery.

by confusedfromfairbornreply 26302/09/2016

r263 I concede to that point. A friend owes me like $600 and I'm not going to lie, I'd hit them with my car(Just to scare them though) if I saw them on the street. I fall back on my comment about someone not wishing Vadim a flesh eating virus.

I'm holding out for Cole and wishing him the best. I hope someone is with him though, his tweets are so lonely. I hope he' still with his partner. I couldn't imagine going through it alone.

by confusedfromfairbornreply 26402/09/2016

Tanner is smart about the girl he keeps around. Take a page from his book Vadim , she's loaded!

Cole is from Florida too?

What is it about Florida? If I yell "Hey g4p muscle queens where are you?" How many porn stars will come running?

by confusedfromfairbornreply 26502/10/2016

If Texas is the Hell Mouth , Florida is the Hell Anus

by confusedfromfairbornreply 26602/10/2016

Shhhhhh r255 straight-worshipping queens might hear you

by confusedfromfairbornreply 26702/10/2016

Oh Lord, VB has dropped his "project". Invasionmediagroup, inspired by his Russian roots.

It'll be like red dawn but shorter and gay. Lots of red in the design, looks like Putin has activated all the adopted children sleeper agents.

by confusedfromfairbornreply 26802/12/2016

How many cocks has your girlfriend Luke now taking up the ass Katelin?? You should be ashamed of what you guys really conjured up. How convenient you try to wait a month or two for the heat to slow down about your sceme. Poof there is Katelin with actor/modeling pictures everywhere. Get a education or stay working with your mommy if you want to have some self respect in life. Who am I kidding. Your family tree has zero respect for themselves or others... Hope your goal of funding a nasty gross buisness to get rich quick doesnt come back and bite you in the ass.. Sorry Luke you are gay not straight after all you have had more cocks in you then a average everyday REAL woman. That's makes you a *******......

by confusedfromfairbornreply 26902/19/2016

In glorious black and white

Offsite Link
by confusedfromfairbornreply 27002/22/2016

What the fuck is wrong with his torso ^? Was he malnourished as an infant. You can't beef up your arms like that with a little boy's body. Nice eyes, though.

by confusedfromfairbornreply 27102/22/2016

he's a beautiful man but looks so sad sometimes

by confusedfromfairbornreply 27202/22/2016

The closet is depressing R272 and so is denial.

by confusedfromfairbornreply 27302/22/2016

Uh oh , miss Valliere must be furious

Offsite Link
by confusedfromfairbornreply 27402/22/2016

Go Katelin!! Your daddy & uncles taught you well. You can never make enough money for the losers in your life. REMEMBER THAT! Really nice name your getting for being once a beautiful, smart girl! Now you are way over your head... Your name will be tarnish forever! Should have kept your job & made your girlfriend Luke get one too. WISHING YOU GUYS THE BEST! EXPECIALLY WHEN THE LAW COMES FOR YOU... :-) Hope out of the $26 raised you have some put aside to get you all out of jail.

by confusedfromfairbornreply 27502/23/2016

[R274] Thank you so much for the updates on these scumbags!!! I really hope someone turns them into paypal.. Get a job you 5ft midgets Luke & Katelin! Don't you know the IRS wants there fucking share! Are you paying taxes on all 6 of your supposedly fucked up buisnesses.. You fucking losers!

by confusedfromfairbornreply 27602/23/2016

Hey Luke & KT!!! So what happened to one of your supporters! Good Ole Uncle Stuart sitting in the slammer since the 16th on assault chargers. Where is Kt, Luke, Bill, gillian, & Charles not stuart? Wow last year ESPN & mtv. Now the crack heads are getting arrested one by one. So did he assault you girlfriend Luke or maybe your great father Billy, Bill, William, or maybe his sister Gillian. Whatever the story is I am sure this crew was involved.

by confusedfromfairbornreply 27702/24/2016

Yeah, tell me he's not enjoying his job here:

Offsite Link
by confusedfromfairbornreply 27803/09/2016

Gross! Nasty! Slam pig... I really hope people don't makes this jerk famous. Let him take a whole bunch of cock in his mouth and end up penniless. Get a job you fucking slob.

by confusedfromfairbornreply 27903/10/2016

Hey scumbag @ R277. I'm really enjoying Europe. How's life in you mom's basement?

Why don't you send me $200, and I just might let you jack off to me on a private show?


by confusedfromfairbornreply 28003/10/2016

Omg. It's still going on. Creepy video porn patrons complaining on a society website. Get lives.

by confusedfromfairbornreply 28103/10/2016

R 280 I had respect for your fag ass until you scammed your own family and your fans. You wish your sorry ass was in Europe & if it was your profit by the end 5 cocks more and $200 in your pocket. Luke get a fucking life you caca smelling chunk swallowing piece of shit! :-)

by confusedfromfairbornreply 28203/13/2016

Him str8? LMAO.

by confusedfromfairbornreply 28303/13/2016

I know lmao.

by confusedfromfairbornreply 28403/13/2016

And p.s. Luke I can't write your name too. Are you in jail? The real you, not Russian queer. Fuck you luke hiles. You are and add lays was gay, you just needed a best friend shame on you string bean kt he's getting more noticed then you. You will be a thing of the past. :-) bahah ax. Katelin valliere's,loser boyfriends turns gay during mtv reward. Now since it aired katelin are you getting as much publicity as him. He's a fucking fudge packinv. And you ate now tainted as a thief. Con artist loser pig. Hmmmmm where's your future when he leaves you? Good luck losers talk about it in 5 years lol. NOT

by confusedfromfairbornreply 28503/13/2016

Wow, comments got out of control. I'll give you guys an update since you're all so inclined lol.

A blogger actually did get the paypal scam shut down. That cut into a large portion of their monthly income. Banks were involved as some of the people scammed did actually send the two large sums of money. No idea what the banks or the individuals will do but the two have moved onto a google wallet scam. That too will eventually come to light and eventually get shut down. It's also well known that Katelin and he go around Green Acres and Palm Beach county for "dates". Just ask some of the local closeted businessmen from the area. He has recently filmed transensual as not many studios will hire him. Katelin is aware of this and actually went with him to Boston to his shoot to "learn" photography from Ty Roderick. Their relationship is more transparent now and they continuing whatever arrangement/facade they might have. He is flirting openly with transexuals on twitter. Just like Alexander Gustavo and Jaxton Wheeler, ICONMALE shoots+ tranny porn = last leg of career. While some of you love him, the two have sent out emails and fb messages asking friends and relatives (that don't "know" about the porn) that he and Katelin need help for "rent" money. A few people have sent them over good amounts on google wallet. This is untrue as the house they live in is section 8 and neither of them pay rent.

by confusedfromfairbornreply 28603/14/2016

So how is Google wallet? Is it better than Paypal? ANYONE?

by confusedfromfairbornreply 28703/14/2016

Great update on these 2 losers!

by confusedfromfairbornreply 28803/16/2016

He says he is pansexual not straight now if you check his twitter.

by confusedfromfairbornreply 28904/11/2016


You wish you were remotely this "Fug." You bat.

by confusedfromfairbornreply 29004/11/2016

Is there any new info on these two scammers?

by confusedfromfairbornreply 29104/11/2016

I'm not pansexual; I'm sexually fluid. I'll make love to whoever I feel like fucking at the moment. Get it right.

I've matured.

by confusedfromfairbornreply 29204/11/2016

That's not love. You are right "it's fucking"... Fucking in a hole that's for exit only. Then going to a vagina. Gross!

by confusedfromfairbornreply 29304/11/2016
Offsite Link
by confusedfromfairbornreply 29405/08/2016

Are they still trying to make this Ruskie midget grifter happen?

by confusedfromfairbornreply 29505/08/2016

I guess so! They hope to be famous one day and not have to work again

by confusedfromfairbornreply 29605/10/2016

Is the Vadim Black cyberstalker still beating this dead horse to herself?

Get help, honey. Get medicated, professional help.

by confusedfromfairbornreply 29705/10/2016

He's hot and he loves to show off his cock:

Offsite Link
by confusedfromfairbornreply 29810/14/2016

Love his scene with Billie Ramos. He's super affectionate... more affectionate than he's been in any of his vids.

Offsite Link
by confusedfromfairbornreply 29910/23/2016

He really is convincing that he LOVES sucking dick, rimming ass, kissing, fucking, and getting fucked.

by confusedfromfairbornreply 30011/05/2016

[quote]a self loathing homophobe ( believe me ,he likes them white and gem)


by confusedfromfairbornreply 30112/01/2016

r8 Russians make the worst adopted children. I know two families who adopted children from Russia and gave them loving, stable homes. In return, these kids grew up to be thieves, hookers, and other undesirables while draining their adopted American parents dry both emotionally and financially.

by confusedfromfairbornreply 30212/01/2016

R302 Be very careful, Trump is watching you.

by confusedfromfairbornreply 30301/18/2017

Russians eat their own children

by confusedfromfairbornreply 30401/18/2017

Is the OP sanfv?

by confusedfromfairbornreply 30501/18/2017

R305 Let's hope not. He's one of the three fan gurls who dominate Str8upgayporn. They have helped Mr Sire turn the site into total SJW preachy treacle.

by confusedfromfairbornreply 30601/18/2017

R306 I agree, the comment section is tedious because of people like sanfv and his ilk

by confusedfromfairbornreply 30701/23/2017

So Vadim Black has been real chummy chummy with a nascar official lately...

by confusedfromfairbornreply 30802/18/2017

r302, it's fetal alcohol syndrome.

by confusedfromfairbornreply 30902/18/2017

R308 ???

by confusedfromfairbornreply 31002/18/2017


by confusedfromfairbornreply 31102/22/2017

How about we "bump" the Vadim Black Cyberstalker off the planet?

It's a homophobic troll, it can't speak or spell English and it thinks a GAY website full of GAY men is the place to disparage anal sex.

The only "wrong hole" is the one in your head!

If you want to use Datalounge for defamation against gays and lesbians, then YOU are the one using "the wrong hole."

by confusedfromfairbornreply 31202/22/2017

[quote]a self loathing homophobe ( believe me ,he likes them white and gem)

What does that mean -- he's into twinks/trannies/etc.?

by confusedfromfairbornreply 31302/22/2017

I say that our Army , Marines , Air Force , Navy , Police , and Firefighters should kneel too and basically say Fuck You to our country , Since that is the respect their getting from these Garbage NFL , NBA , MLB , and any other person who kneels during our Anthem , that’s basically them sticking the middle finger to the people that put their lives on the line to keep this nation what it is . ---Luke Hiles

I wonder if Luke has been down to the recruiting station.

by confusedfromfairbornreply 31409/24/2017
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