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Did You Bang A Professor?


Only university stories, please. I don't want to hear about your pervy HS experiences which were illegal.

Had to be professor at your college/university. Male of female or lord knows why not tranny.

You were an undergraduate.

Does not have to be your professor but you both had to know you were on the same campus.

T.A.'s don't quality.

OK - Spill the details please.

by Hot for Teachreply 5605/22/2020

I was engaged to one of my profs. We didn't date when I was at university but I ran into him at a halloween party and we started dating. We were together for almost three years and engaged for about six months before I realised just how much of an arsehole he really is.

by Hot for Teachreply 111/18/2015

[quote]I don't want to hear about your pervy HS experiences which were illegal.

But I do!

by Hot for Teachreply 211/18/2015

Boys, I need my soft kitty banged.

by Hot for Teachreply 311/18/2015

That's nice dear R1. But must have been a shitty school as you can't follow instructions.

by Hot for Teachreply 411/18/2015

Is this topic from unrequited love, OP?

by Hot for Teachreply 511/18/2015

A female professor of mine made overtures towards me so many times. I fooled around with women now and then so it wasn't a problem. The thing was it that she looked like Jabba The Hut! Unfortunately all of my male professors were straight. Though there was a professor(I never had him) who got caught sucking a date's cock in his car.

by Hot for Teachreply 611/18/2015

So your input here R6 is that you did not bang a professor. :)

by Hot for Teachreply 711/18/2015

No I did not bang a professor, but he sure banged me!

by Hot for Teachreply 811/18/2015

I am the OP. I banged or got banged about a dozen times this professor/doctor in the med school, He was a sleaze ball married, deluded that "no one knew" type, but fun and horse hung and would bang me in his medical practice office on an examining table. We met the first time in the cruisy bathroom and when I saw his meat I had to have him.

by Hot for Teachreply 911/18/2015

I had sex with a trick I met on the street. We had some adventures (5 times that night) as well as some less than acceptable Nazi-Jew roleplay. A year later he was graduate teaching assistant in my class. He pretended not to remember me.

by Hot for Teachreply 1011/18/2015

OP has serious control issues.

by Hot for Teachreply 1111/18/2015

Well, your story doesn't meet the criteria, technically, but we thank you for it due to the "less than acceptable Nazi-Jew roleplay." Brilliant! Was it an especially Jewy or WASPy university? Or better, a uni in Germany or Austria?

by Hot for Teachreply 1211/18/2015

I also met an R.A. cruising the bathrooms at school. He was into bondage and discipline, but he became very rough and frightening, actually pouring amyl nitrate in my nose. So I started screaming (we were still in the dorm) and he let me go. A very famous gay was a student in that dorm and I wonder today if he had engaged in these games with the R.A., who was a beastly individual.

by Hot for Teachreply 1311/18/2015

I also slept with an architect and a child psychologist affiliated with my university, but again, not a direct professor.

by Hot for Teachreply 1411/18/2015

R7 If she looked like Raquel Welch then fine. The woman looked like a human blob! She looked like The Nazi Commandant in Seven Beauties and man she was a mean fat thing too.

by Hot for Teachreply 1511/18/2015

Uni was a frustrating time. My gay writing teacher hugged me in front of the class but wouldn't go any further; and my one on one tutor spent all my sessions with his thigh pressed against me rubbing his junk but wouldn't go any further. And the bastard downgraded me as well, and this after I went to dinner at his house with his wife.

by Hot for Teachreply 1611/18/2015

He was really rubbing his junk?! Sweetie, I that put the ball in your court to move.

by Hot for Teachreply 1711/18/2015

I attended college during the 70s, when student-professor relationships were not uncommon and no one seemed perturbed by them. In 1977, I was picked up by a professor and spent the night with him. He was very much out and proud, which was unusual for that era. Years later, he wrote a memoir in which he described many of his sexual encounters. I guess I was a lousy f**k because our encounter wasn't mentioned in the book.

by Hot for Teachreply 1811/18/2015

Well, was it a memorable fuck or not?

by Hot for Teachreply 1911/18/2015

Don't get involved with professors. It will ultimately affect the quality of your working relationship. If it means so much to you, wait until graduation. Don't jeapordize things for both of you, it's not worth it. You can take pleasure in each other's company without having to blow everything up for yourself.

by Hot for Teachreply 2011/18/2015

My story not only meets the criteria, but is also practically a cliche: I banged my theater professor. He cast me in the first play of the season, plus I had a work study job working in his office. He was getting a divorce from his wife at the time, and all those long conversations led to you know what. More than once. Still have a soft spot for him, even though we are both ancient now.

by Hot for Teachreply 2111/18/2015

cool, what play, what part?

by Hot for Teachreply 2211/18/2015

Harvey the rabbit, Rose.

by Hot for Teachreply 2311/18/2015

I would never associate with the help. Professors, you are the help.

by Hot for Teachreply 2411/18/2015

The law students are keeping mum here.

by Hot for Teachreply 2511/18/2015

Good one, r24. My professor was the younger son of an ennobled line. His portfolio (managed by the family office) would be the envy of you and your friends. The riches were spectacular. But do carry on.

by Hot for Teachreply 2611/18/2015


We don't have nobility in the US.

by Hot for Teachreply 2711/18/2015

Doubtful, r26, I've never found myself in a spot where I envied anyone.

by Hot for Teachreply 2811/18/2015

Kokkinakis banged your girlfriend. Sorry to tell you that mate.

by Hot for Teachreply 2911/18/2015

OP = Bossy Bottom.

by Hot for Teachreply 3011/18/2015

R13 an RA does NOT meet the requirements of my thread. GO AWAY!!!!

by Hot for Teachreply 3111/18/2015

Mid-1980's; head of the Art Department at my university. Went to a dinner hosted at his house with several students, but "somehow" ended up being the last one there. Had my first-ever bj on a purple-quilted antique/brass bed. A mixture of excitement and creepiness -- and I recall being really worried I would get HIV. Weird times [and memory] that thankfully turned out okay...

by Hot for Teachreply 3211/18/2015

Yes. English. Princeton.1979.

by Hot for Teachreply 3311/18/2015

My Spanish teacher (who was white) ... Sparks all semester we waited until term was over to hook up. Over 2 years we had sex quite often in his office or at his house. When I graduated and moved away all ended. Was hot while it lasted.

by Hot for Teachreply 3411/18/2015

I had the president's special assistant in a campus tea room a couple times.

by Hot for Teachreply 3511/18/2015

It was THE THREEPENNY OPERA. He was (is) only ten years my senior, and a very interesting guy. We had a strong intellectual bond from the jump as well. There was a large pool of talent at the time and the other students were aware of it and cool with it. We were not public about sleeping together, but it was obvious we spent a lot of time together and were close. I saw him a few years ago at a reunion party and the minute we saw each other sparks flew. We both remember our brief run with fondness and no regrets. Like I said...soft spot.

by Hot for Teachreply 3611/18/2015

I am the OP. R31 is an imposture! I am performing this thread as a "bossy bottom" but I would have a lighter touch. :)

Now R31 stop your nonsense! Did you bang a professor or didn't you?

by Hot for Teachreply 3711/19/2015

I met a previous professor of mine at a bathhouse in Washington DC. It was a large class so he had no idea who I was, and I didn't tell him.

I'd always had a crush on him so it was a fun encounter.

by Hot for Teachreply 3811/19/2015

You can smell this OP's cunt all the way to the Student Union. She just HATES that pervy stuff and can't write English and hates the DL and LOVES to try to control threads her way, because she's just so fucking special.


by Hot for Teachreply 3911/19/2015


by Hot for Teachreply 4011/19/2015

What if I was the professor and I banged a student (or six)? Does that make me eligible?

by Hot for Teachreply 4111/19/2015

Our high school track team had a college student assistant coach when I was a junior; Ken H., a hot lanky muscled ginger!

I got injured at a meet and he helped me into the locker room for a cramped-muscle massage that basically became the intro to an 80s porn flick. We hooked up later; then he freaked out because I was only 17.

by Hot for Teachreply 4211/19/2015

R41 sure! spill!

by Hot for Teachreply 4311/19/2015

I'm about to spill thanks to R42!

by Hot for Teachreply 4411/20/2015


Offsite Link
by Hot for Teachreply 4511/20/2015

Added visual to my track coach sex:

He was a leaner short-haired version of 70s Playgirl model Bill Douglas, whose pics I fapped to for years afterward while thinking about him.

Offsite Link
by Hot for Teachreply 4611/20/2015

No, but I banged a gong.

by Hot for Teachreply 4711/20/2015

R6 Nimrod, is that you?

by Hot for Teachreply 4802/17/2020

I let my professor eat my ass after he begged me.

by Hot for Teachreply 4902/17/2020

He was an instructor in my math class. I was very inexperienced and he was very nice, about 10 years older than me, a little bit of a hippy. I remember his name was Harlan. He never came on to me at school but invited me to a party at his apartment at the end of the semester. I was a strait-laced frat boy so it was pretty wild for me to see all these guys, obviously gay, smoking pot. He came over and hugged me and we talked for quite some time. People started leaving so I figured I should head out too but he said I should stay. We went back to his room and started kissing and then our clothes came off. He started sucking my cock and it felt so good I came very quickly. I was a little embarrassed so I moved down his body so I could start blowing him. I just remember he was really patient with me and told me how he liked it and how I was making him feel really good. Just a super nice guy. I was skittish about doing anything else, so I took off after he came. When I came back in the fall, he was no longer teaching there so that was the only time we got together.

by Hot for Teachreply 5002/17/2020

I blew two professors - neither taught one of my classes, though.

One was kind of an odd looking dude with permed 80s style hair, a married guy, but we hooked up because I saw him in the science building men's room and he had a huge, truly huge cock. I sucked him off a few times in my freshman and sophomore years, always either in an empty office in the science building and once, right at the urinals. He told me his TA wanted to watch or have me suck him at the same time once, but it never happened.

The next year when I was a junior, I was back in town about a week early. I hooked up with a hot guy that I met while I was walking around the lake in town. He was short and hairy, and also had a really nice cock. I almost passed out when I was walking into the English building and saw him, in shirt/tie. He froze too, and then smiled. We hooked up a few more times that semester, and I learned he was a temp/adjunct (hired to fill a class b/c the old fossil that had been teaching it had the audacity to die). He tried to fuck me but his cock was just way too fat and I hadn't lost my anal virginity at that point, so it was a no go on that front.

I went back to college years later and lusted after a few professors. Nothing happened, though one professor was such a horndog/affection whore and so easily flattered that I probably could have made it happen if my heart or hard-on had been determined enough to make it so.

by Hot for Teachreply 5102/17/2020

Hot, R51.

by Hot for Teachreply 5205/22/2020

But did you add the lurid details about dick & skills to hi Rate My Professor page?

by Hot for Teachreply 5305/22/2020

"his" not "hi" ^^^

by Hot for Teachreply 5405/22/2020

I banged three different professors.

But I was in the music school and it was the '70s.

by Hot for Teachreply 5505/22/2020

Sort of the reverse here, I was an associate professor at UT Austin when the student population was around 55,000. You cannot believe the number of male students who have professor/daddy issues. I went out with many of them, but I NEVER initiated the contact, and I NEVER went out with a student who was enrolled in one of my classes.

by Hot for Teachreply 5605/22/2020
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