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And The Worst Halloween Candy Of All Time Is . . .

Let's go back in time, eldergays, babygays, straights, bis, gays-for-pay, fraus, Paltrows, and everything and anything in-between.

What is the absolute, hands-down, worst piece of rhymes-with-spit, pathetic excuse for candy you got in your bag on Halloween whilst trick-or-treating? Explain if you like.

The CORRECT answer is, of course, Mary Janes. Like eating Scrabble tiles. I was a complete goody-goody as a kid, and even I threw eggs at houses that handed out THAT crap.

by Mr. Bill reply 39110/17/2020

Raisins. Not Raisinets, mind you. Raisins. Worse than apples IMO.

by Mr. Bill reply 110/24/2015

Some dentist in my neighborhood gave out toothbrushes.


by Mr. Bill reply 210/24/2015

Candy Corn

by Mr. Bill reply 310/24/2015

R3 Always hated it and can't believe it still exists.

Did anyone ever like this crap?

Didn't like Mary Janes either but I can get why some people might have liked them.

But they should have stopped making candy corn in 1948.

by Mr. Bill reply 410/24/2015

The old people who would give out leftover Christmas ribbon candy from last year and other old people candy like starlight mints and sometimes butterscotch discs.

by Mr. Bill reply 510/24/2015

candy corn is ok. I can eat about 10 of them, if its a "good" brand and fresh.

by Mr. Bill reply 610/24/2015

Circus Peanuts

by Mr. Bill reply 710/24/2015

Another vote for candy corn and all other shapes this sugary crappy stuff takes - witches, pumpkin, etc. Mary Jane suck too and no kid wants fruit !

by Mr. Bill reply 810/24/2015

Hated Mary Jane's, always preferred chocolate.

by Mr. Bill reply 910/24/2015

It's a tie between candy corn and Tootsie Rolls.

by Mr. Bill reply 1010/24/2015

It's all good. I loved the variety.

by Mr. Bill reply 1110/24/2015

Those crappy miniature boxes of raisins. Always threw those in the trash.

by Mr. Bill reply 1210/24/2015

I did not like Tootsie Rolls or circus peanuts but like candy corn.

by Mr. Bill reply 1310/24/2015

I'm weird, I always liked Mary Janes. I hated little bags of peanuts. We're trick or treating, not flying the friendly skies.

by Mr. Bill reply 1410/24/2015

Circus Peanuts are awful. When I was a kid, I liked Tootsie Rolls. Most kids liked them.

I didn't like sweet tarts, at all. I never liked acid candies.

by Mr. Bill reply 1510/24/2015

R5 is correct. Butterscotch hard candies were among the worst and I always threw them out or gave them to my folks along with black licorice. That is part of the reason I only give out candy kids actually enjoy. And circus peanuts were foul too.

by Mr. Bill reply 1610/24/2015

Caramel on a stick. I forgot what they were called, but when you sucked on them they turned sharp and would cut your tongue.

by Mr. Bill reply 1710/24/2015

Some stupid old lady on our neighborhood actually made sticky popcorn balls to give to trick-or-treaters.

I think most of 'em were found the next day in her bushes.

by Mr. Bill reply 1810/24/2015


Offsite Link
by Mr. Bill reply 1910/24/2015

popcorn balls done right were great

by Mr. Bill reply 2010/24/2015

Bit O Honey looked and tasted like an unhealthy bowel movement.

by Mr. Bill reply 2110/24/2015

I don't remember this but my grandmother says they took me to one house where some old neighborhood lady lived alone. Known to be cranky but she had her porch lights on.

She said, "I don't have any candy. But wait right there and I'll go fix you an onion sandwich."

by Mr. Bill reply 2210/24/2015

I think R17 is referring to Sugar Daddies. Mary Janes were the first thing I thought of when I saw this thread. I also hated candy corn,circus peanuts and rock hard lumps of Bazooka gum.

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by Mr. Bill reply 2310/24/2015

You can't throw a sticky popcorn ball in your sack with all the other candy without making a sticky mess.

by Mr. Bill reply 2410/24/2015

The balls should have been wrapped in colored (probably toxic) cellophane.

by Mr. Bill reply 2510/24/2015

Necco Wafers

by Mr. Bill reply 2610/24/2015

Yeah hated Sugar Daddy but Sugar Babies are the bomb.

Offsite Link
by Mr. Bill reply 2710/24/2015

Kraft Handi Snacks - that cracker and cheese spread pack.

by Mr. Bill reply 2810/24/2015

Love necco wafers and also valentine hearts. Necco does however produce mary janes

by Mr. Bill reply 2910/24/2015

Tiny wax bottles of pop. Did they have a brand name?

by Mr. Bill reply 3010/24/2015

Mounds full size - holy fuck, they were the dare you made in late November.

by Mr. Bill reply 3110/24/2015

I hated Whoppers. My sister called them chocolate covered mothballs.

by Mr. Bill reply 3210/24/2015

candy necklaces tasted like sweet cardboard.

by Mr. Bill reply 3310/24/2015

LOL ugh R30 .....

Offsite Link
by Mr. Bill reply 3410/24/2015

Fucking dots. Who the hell thought this shit up. You ended up eating more paper than candy.

Offsite Link
by Mr. Bill reply 3510/24/2015

also - pennies. yes some people used to throw pennies into the sac.

by Mr. Bill reply 3610/24/2015

Marshmallow Circus Peanuts

Offsite Link
by Mr. Bill reply 3710/24/2015

dots appeal to all borderline ocd children. My parents always gave us dots on car trips.

by Mr. Bill reply 3810/24/2015

the gummy "Dots" were horrible, though.

by Mr. Bill reply 3910/24/2015

[quote]Tiny wax bottles of pop. Did they have a brand name?

Loved these!

I recall a brand called "Nik-L-Nips"

by Mr. Bill reply 4010/24/2015

Cheap, plain lollipops

Offsite Link
by Mr. Bill reply 4110/24/2015

Malted milk balls are truly disgusting

by Mr. Bill reply 4210/24/2015

Jujubes always stuck to my teeth.

by Mr. Bill reply 4310/24/2015

Circus Peanuts are like the worst, tough, stale marshmallows you've ever broke a tooth on.

by Mr. Bill reply 4410/24/2015

I !iked malted milk balls.

by Mr. Bill reply 4510/24/2015

I still eat malted milk balls sometimes. Delicious.

by Mr. Bill reply 4610/24/2015


by Mr. Bill reply 4710/24/2015

I hate those waxy, artificially-flavored orange slices coated with sugar. Gag me.

by Mr. Bill reply 4810/24/2015

Good & Plenty

Charleston Chew

by Mr. Bill reply 4910/24/2015

Charleston Chew is bad indeed.

by Mr. Bill reply 5010/24/2015

I blame Charleston Chew and Sugar Daddies for most of my orthodontic issues

by Mr. Bill reply 5110/24/2015

I don't remember getting circus peanuts for Halloween. I only remember them from Grandma's house - she kept a big bag by her chair and would let us have some when we were little. I guess we liked them then. Why are they banana flavored?

by Mr. Bill reply 5210/24/2015

Animal Crackers

by Mr. Bill reply 5310/24/2015

Smith Brothers menthol cough drops.

by Mr. Bill reply 5410/24/2015

I don't know if they even had a name - but lumps of beige taffy-ish stuff that came wrapped in orange or black pieces of wax paper twisted at each end. NOBODY I knew liked those.

by Mr. Bill reply 5510/24/2015

Candy paper

Offsite Link
by Mr. Bill reply 5610/24/2015

Dots win the Internet. I'd eat a few of them and then have the urge to cry, the one thought in my young mind -- WHY?

[quote]tasted like an unhealthy bowel movement.

We'll trust your expertise on that, dear.

by Mr. Bill reply 5710/24/2015

Anything licorice flavored. Root beer flavored Dum Dums sucked, too.

by Mr. Bill reply 5810/24/2015

Mary Janes, r55. I actually liked them.

by Mr. Bill reply 5910/24/2015

[quote]Mounds full size - holy fuck, they were [bold]the dare you made in late November[/bold].

What does this mean?

Mounds were one of the things I'd go back for more of. I didn't eat them any other time of year, but they were one of my H'ween favorites. I hated those marshmallow peanuts that tasted like banana, which I learned today are called "circus peanuts." I never heard that before, and don't get it.

by Mr. Bill reply 6010/24/2015

I hated candy corn, as well as these things called Goldberg's Peanut Chews. Didn't like Baby Ruth or Almond Joy, either. Nuts were something I did NOT want in my chocolate, other than peanut butter in peanut butter cups.

by Mr. Bill reply 6110/24/2015

R60, it means you had nothing else left from Halloween but root beer barrels, sugar straws, and Mounds. You'd dare others to eat it.

by Mr. Bill reply 6210/24/2015

Thanks, R62. I never heard that usage before. I got rid of the dregs rather than holding on.

by Mr. Bill reply 6310/24/2015

There was something worse than Jujubes that was similar but harder and cheaper. I know I lost a tooth to that. And red hot cinammon balls. WTF!

by Mr. Bill reply 6410/24/2015

those rolled-up caramels that had a white layer

by Mr. Bill reply 6510/24/2015


by Mr. Bill reply 6610/24/2015

yes R65, truly vile

by Mr. Bill reply 6710/24/2015

Bullseyes were those caramels, R66?

by Mr. Bill reply 6810/24/2015 was a small town they could get away with that...

by Mr. Bill reply 6910/24/2015

Those neapolitan coconut candies that Brachs makes. I hated those things.

by Mr. Bill reply 7010/24/2015

Abba Zabba bars. Absolutely flavorless, and were known to pull out fillings.

by Mr. Bill reply 7110/24/2015

No, R59, I know what R55 is talking about. They were this generic chewy candy, I think it was taffy, that came in an orange or black wrappers.

by Mr. Bill reply 7210/24/2015

I lived down the street from Sam Giancana. his housekeeper passed out full-boxes of Cracker Jack! but you had to have the couRage to ring the bell. they had a doormat that said Scramble!

by Mr. Bill reply 7310/24/2015

I hope that's true, R73, because it's a great story.

by Mr. Bill reply 7410/24/2015

I remember at my school they gave us those little orange UNICEF boxes to collect change in while we went trick or treating. You know what candies I find gross nowadays are candies that are MADE IN CHINA. I seen them at Walmart. I won't eat food made in China ick. God knows whats in there.

by Mr. Bill reply 7510/24/2015

What are these Mary Janes you speak of?

by Mr. Bill reply 7610/24/2015

whats the big deal about "full boxes of Cracker Jack". You could hardly give out half a box.

by Mr. Bill reply 7710/24/2015

The taffy wrapped in orange and black (mentioned upthread) was the worst. The house that gave bars of Nestle's Crunch and the lady who gave out silver dollars to the first trick or treaters earned a special place in Heaven.

by Mr. Bill reply 7810/24/2015

Dum Dums — worst lollipops

Banana Laffy Taffy — worst chewy candy

Boston Baked Beans — worst nutty candy

Sixlets — worst chocolate candy

Offsite Link
by Mr. Bill reply 7910/24/2015

My favorite were those pastel sweet tarts that came in rolls. Does anybody know what I'm talking about?

by Mr. Bill reply 8010/24/2015


Or Spree, which is made by the Sweetarts company

by Mr. Bill reply 8110/24/2015

When I was growing up, one of our cats was crazy about the Sugar Daddies on a stick. She'd meow and beg until you gave her a little piece.

by Mr. Bill reply 8210/24/2015

Trust me, R76 - even YOU will NEVER be THAT hungry!

by Mr. Bill reply 8310/24/2015

Licorice -- not the cherry kind! Blech!

by Mr. Bill reply 8410/24/2015

Cheap hard candies, hard candy mints. orange peanuts, anything licorice, lollipops, rock hard bubble gum, minty gum. Good and plenty licorice, Whoppers (those chocolate covered malt milk balls), those flavorless Dots that look way better than they taste, Junior mints, plain Herseys chocolate, Boston Baked Beans, Jaw Breakers.

by Mr. Bill reply 8510/24/2015

Nothing on this thread can touch Haribo sugar-free gummy bears.

Too bad they aren't sold now. Then the little monsters in my neighborhood might get a treat from me!

by Mr. Bill reply 8610/24/2015

individual cellophane packet with 1 small rock crystal candy on a toothpick.

by Mr. Bill reply 8710/24/2015

THey say sugar free York peppermint patties have a similar effect.

by Mr. Bill reply 8810/24/2015

I used to love malted milk balls before Whoppers were the only ones you could get. They were good, not the little rotted centers covered in brown goo known as Whoppers.

by Mr. Bill reply 8910/24/2015

My vaginal discharge sticks to my public hair and hardens into little rice like crispy chunks. I pick out my crusty pussy crispies and melt chocolate over them and pour the mixture in little chocolate bar molds. I take old Nestle Crunch wrappers and wrap my delightful chocolatly crispy cunty treats in them and I hand them out to the kiddies trick or treating. The children just love my chocolate cunt crispies.

I call them Cheryl's Chocolate cunt crunch bars. My friend who is a shut in who weighs 600lbs has crusty cunt crispies the size of popcorn balls in her pubic hair. She dips them in chocolate and makes crispy cunt balls. That selfish bitch doesn't share her cunt crusty crispies she eats them herself.

by Mr. Bill reply 9010/24/2015

A couple folks upthread mentioned these. They're called peanut butter kisses, apparently.

Offsite Link
by Mr. Bill reply 9110/24/2015

Thank you, kind soul. Those are nasty unless they're the peanut variety. The others taste like nasty, sweet nothing.

by Mr. Bill reply 9210/24/2015


by Mr. Bill reply 9310/24/2015

This year I'm making my children Christina and Christopher select the worst Halloween candy that they received Trick or Treating. Then after the children select the worst candies I shall put them in a separate pile. I will then put the rest of their candy in a bag and donate it to the local food bank. That way the children will learn the gift of giving! I feel giving away the candies that they enjoy the most really teaches them what it's like to truly give.

But noo my friends ahhhhh. You see the children will not get the worst candies all at once ohhhhh no. The will have to eeearn their candy back. Piece by piece. If they are on their best behavior at the end of the day they shall receive one piece. Isn't that lovely my daaarrrrliing children.

Christina and Christopher---Yesssss Mommy Dearest!!

Now children lets get started on writing thank you letters to allll the generous people who gave you candy. Every house you received candy from will receive a hand written thank you letter.I feel children need to be taught manners. Isn't that right children?

Christina and Christopher---Yesssss Mommy Dearest!!

by Mr. Bill reply 9410/24/2015

For real, R94?

by Mr. Bill reply 9510/24/2015

R58, I'll take your root beer Dum Dums, but you can add me to the Sweet Tart haters.

R79 wins the thread with Boston Baked Beans.

Offsite Link
by Mr. Bill reply 9610/24/2015

Were there really razor blades and needles found in Halloween candy and fruit back in the 70s, or was it just mass hysteria?

by Mr. Bill reply 9710/24/2015

Did anyone else have a crazy parent who had their candy x-rayed? Even though we only went to the houses of people my mother knew, she was never quite certain that they hadn't bought candy that had been tampered with at the store or that they hadn't been harboring a secret desire to kill me, so every Halloween ended at the ER. The apple cider donuts at the hospital were better than most of the candy.

by Mr. Bill reply 9810/24/2015

Do apple cider donuts actually taste like apple cider? Doesn't the cinnamon overpower the cider?

by Mr. Bill reply 9910/24/2015

They taste like a cidery cake donut coated in cinnamon sugar. The cinnamon isn't overwhelming at all.

by Mr. Bill reply 10010/24/2015

One of the best donuts I've had was a vegan apple cider. I still can't believe its vegan.

by Mr. Bill reply 10110/24/2015

Vegan apple cider? What the fuck kind of meat do you have to take out of an apple? Vegans are fucking nuts.

by Mr. Bill reply 10210/24/2015

Saving the world one apple at a time

by Mr. Bill reply 10310/24/2015

I had to laugh that someone actually gave out COUGH DROPS at Halloween! Just turn off the porch light if you're going to be that chintzy.

I love all the hate for circus peanuts! The WORST! Never got them at Halloween though, thank heavens. Lynda Barry did a comic featuring a costume made from horrible candy (fake boobs from bowls of petrified hard Xmas candy, a hula skirt made of strung together circus peanuts).

by Mr. Bill reply 10410/24/2015

Shit, now I have a craving for apple cider donuts. I'm going to buy some this morning and a jug of cider while i'm at it. I might eat them with a starbucks pumpkin spice latte. I'm loving all that fall food. Might buy a bag of Halloween candy too. This thread made me hungry.

by Mr. Bill reply 10510/24/2015

Cherry sucrets as Halloween candy...

by Mr. Bill reply 10610/24/2015

[quote]Did anyone else have a crazy parent who had their candy x-rayed?

We were just told not to eat anything that wasn't sealed, so things like fruit and lovingly made baked goods all had to be tossed.

by Mr. Bill reply 10710/24/2015

There were these nasty little nougat candies with little chunks of red and green matter--cherries?--stuck randomly through them. Disgusting. One fruit we did like was pomegranates which a nursery owner used to give out.

by Mr. Bill reply 10810/24/2015

By "dots" do you folks mean those little items glued to cash register/adding machine tape? I only remembered that from penny candy stores, so can't see anyone giving it out as Halloween candy. This thread is giving me a flashbacks to those colored fruit flavored slices with thick cut sugar sprinkled on top of them.

by Mr. Bill reply 10910/24/2015

Brach's jelly nougat?

Offsite Link
by Mr. Bill reply 11010/24/2015

Bleagh -- maryjames.

For the win -- another vote for Boston Baked Beans, even whose name was unappetizing.

by Mr. Bill reply 11110/24/2015

Shudder---yes, jelly nougats.

by Mr. Bill reply 11210/24/2015

My late pop, a dentist, would not give out conventional candy. So he decided to stock up on [italic]wax lips[/italic], which, in spite of having some sugar content, are...well...made of wax. They are inedible.

Most kids hated them, and I'd get massively razzed after this stunt, repeated year after year. They do resemble Frank 'n Furter lips, though.

Offsite Link
by Mr. Bill reply 11310/24/2015

[quote]They were this generic chewy candy, I think it was taffy, that came in an orange or black wrappers.

They are usually what are called Peanut Butter Kisses. They are too hard to chew. You have to suck them slowly to get the peanut butter flavor.

[quote]By "dots" do you folks mean those little items glued to cash register/adding machine tape?

No, that is button candy and it can be quite good. Dots are smooth and chewy mini-gumdrops.

by Mr. Bill reply 11410/24/2015

Do any of the elder gays remember this? In our neighborhood, people would buy little white paper bags with a Halloween theme printed on them, then they would fill them with four or five different candies-snickers, etc. Everything was prepacked, and they'd hand you a little bag. A couple of houses in our neighborhood would wan to invite you in for hot cider and cookies, but we didn't want to waste time with that when there was candy to be found at other houses. We would use pillow cases for our haul, and by the end of the night, they would be half full of candy.

by Mr. Bill reply 11510/24/2015

I remember it being almost EXACTLY like that, R115!

Any chance you're from south-southwest suburban Chicago?

by Mr. Bill reply 11610/24/2015

[quote]They're called peanut butter kisses, apparently.

And count me among those who loved them!

We do Halloween huge. We give out bags of candy and have done so for years. We always have between 400-500 trick-or-treaters. Word gets around. Of course, it also helps that we serve adult beverages to Moms and Dads too. We have a portable fire pit and set it up in the driveway. It always turns into kind of a block party.

by Mr. Bill reply 11710/24/2015

Dude, I freaking love those jelly nougats!

Also love malted milk balls, yum!

Never had or seen Boston Baked Beans, they must be an American thing.

Worst are candy corn, circus peanuts, and cinnamon red hots, bleah!

by Mr. Bill reply 11810/24/2015

The red licorice seems to be only cherry flavored these days, at least in my neck of the woods. Moms with candy corn and coconut anything need to go back to the store and try again if they want my little ass to beg on their porch.

Offsite Link
by Mr. Bill reply 11910/24/2015

Anything licorice, cinnamon/hot, or peppermint flavored. You deserved a slow, very painful death for handing that kind of shit out! On the other side--I love wax lips! Especially the ones with the attached fangs.

by Mr. Bill reply 12010/25/2015

You rang?

Offsite Link
by Mr. Bill reply 12110/25/2015

inedible wax whistle

Offsite Link
by Mr. Bill reply 12210/25/2015

Those wax lips taste good. They have a nice cherry flavor. I used to chew the wax like bubble gum to get the flavor out then I would spit out the ball of wax.

by Mr. Bill reply 12310/25/2015

My three siblings and i would sit in a circle and dump all our goods out in front of us.We'd trade and barter for at least an hour. We all added to the pile we truly detested and gave that to our mother.She loved Mary Jane's ,so it worked out well.I hated the hard, stale Tootsie Rolls the most.

by Mr. Bill reply 12410/25/2015

What Snopes has to say about poisoned Halloween candies. Of course, they could be tools of the Halloween industry!

Offsite Link
by Mr. Bill reply 12510/25/2015

R119 Here in Fl. I can only seem to find strawberry licorice. I love the cherry.I like those layered licorice candies with the white cream.delicious.

by Mr. Bill reply 12610/25/2015

Layered licorice.

Offsite Link
by Mr. Bill reply 12710/25/2015

[R116] No, I was raised in the Pacific Northwest. Interesting that we remember exactly the same thing from different parts of the country. Remember the anticipation? The waiting to get into your costume and then waiting for it to get dark? It was excruciating looking out the window, costume on, waiting for it to be dark outside.

by Mr. Bill reply 12810/25/2015

I hated candy corn, wax bottles (liked the lips -go figure), licorice, circus peanuts, and dum dums. I loved malted milk balls, Sugar Daddy, Sugar Babies, and for awhile I loved Milk Duds.

Offsite Link
by Mr. Bill reply 12910/25/2015

My mother gave out cough drops one year. A parent actually called her out on it after she tossed it in the kids' bags. She was so embarrassed and that was the last year she ever gave away candy on Halloween.

by Mr. Bill reply 13010/25/2015

[R117] That sounds like so much fun. I wish our neighborhood did that. You sound like a great neighbor.

by Mr. Bill reply 13110/25/2015

One year, my little brother came home crying because the neighborhood terror put dogshit in his Halloween bag.

by Mr. Bill reply 13210/25/2015

There were a few cases of things like pins being found in a kid's Halloween candy but it was always traced to their parents.

by Mr. Bill reply 13310/25/2015


Offsite Link
by Mr. Bill reply 13410/25/2015

[quote]Those neapolitan coconut candies that Brachs makes. I hated those things.

That was the worst candy ever. You had to brush your teeth forever to get rid of all of those nasty little shreds of fake-tasting coconut.

Those horrible weird flavored Necco wafers were also bad. I'm shivering at the memory of the clove-flavored ones.

I never liked any kind of fruit-flavored jellies because they didn't taste anything like fruit and the texture was usually gummy and bad.

I actually like some of the candy mentioned earlier in the thread, like candy corn. Nougat like that has to be really fresh or it's awful. Circus peanuts seemed to be stale right out of the factory.

by Mr. Bill reply 13510/25/2015

R129, I didn't like the wax bottles either. The unflavored wax was pretty gross and the liquid inside didn't taste good. Wax lips had such a nice flavor that we chewed them until the flavor was gone and then spit out the wax. Wax mustaches were the same kind of wax, as I recall.

by Mr. Bill reply 13610/25/2015

any unwrapped candy

by Mr. Bill reply 13710/25/2015

Nobody has mentioned "Nigger Babies"? Yup, that what they were called. Not only offensive, but tasted vile.

by Mr. Bill reply 13810/25/2015

This trip down memory lane makes me realize how far I have come. I wouldn't dream of eating any of this now and haven't in decades. My porcelain crowns are trembling at the very thought.

by Mr. Bill reply 13910/25/2015

Being from Southern California, we would get these vile Mexican candies. I am sure they were loaded with lead, mercury and other poisons.

by Mr. Bill reply 14010/25/2015

Pixie sticks. Toxic powder in paper tubes that stained your tongue in every unnatural color.

Offsite Link
by Mr. Bill reply 14110/25/2015

The absolute worst is when someone hands out apples. I grew up in Upstate New York and everyone had a crate of apples. That's not a treat!! We used to take the apples we got trick or treating and put them in our family's crate of apples.

The second worst is Mary Janes.

by Mr. Bill reply 14210/25/2015

I liked chocolate babies. That's what we called them. Chocolate as in chocolate and they were delicious.

I think they lasted into the 70s until the racist connotations were too strong.

Miss Good and Fruity as well.

by Mr. Bill reply 14310/25/2015

Chuckles, especially the purple one.

by Mr. Bill reply 14410/25/2015

R143, The ones we had did not have a chocolate taste. It was more of a bad imitation of a Tootsie Roll- basically sweet and chemical tasting, not like any natural flavor. I am also R140; so, we may have a had a Mexican knock-off.

by Mr. Bill reply 14510/25/2015

Towards the end, my dad in his dementia HAD to have the orange and black kisses. I'd stockpile those fucking bags each Halloween and hunt down Maryjanes when we'd run out. When Amazon offered, I bought in bulk.

Sickest part: I'd count wrappers to make sure he hadn't exceeded his ration by raiding the stash. Diabetics are sneaky as fuck.

by Mr. Bill reply 14610/25/2015

Pixie Sticks spiked with poison.

by Mr. Bill reply 14710/25/2015

This year I will be giving out these (see pic). I know they will be a sensation.

Offsite Link
by Mr. Bill reply 14810/25/2015

What would be the most politically incorrect candy to hand out these days?

by Mr. Bill reply 14910/25/2015


Offsite Link
by Mr. Bill reply 15010/25/2015

I hated anything that wasn't chocolate. My mom always had my candy x-rayed at the local hospital before i could eat it.

by Mr. Bill reply 15110/25/2015

doesn't it cost money to X-ray a bag of candy? a lot of money?

by Mr. Bill reply 15210/25/2015

The crazy religious lady two houses over would take a stick of gum and STAPLE it to a church tract that talked about the Horrors of Halloween. But I was a JW kid at the time so I never got to go trick or treating anyway.

by Mr. Bill reply 15310/25/2015

Barbie Candy Lipstick? It's probably pricey.

Offsite Link
by Mr. Bill reply 15410/25/2015

An urgent care center near me advertises that people can bring in candy to be x-rayed. No idea what they charge, but I'm sure they do. It seems to me it would be easier to poison candy than to add razor blades or straight pins or whatever they're looking for with x-rays.

by Mr. Bill reply 15510/25/2015

Nobody lokes candy corn. Its just tradition.

by Mr. Bill reply 15610/25/2015

Cinnamon hearts. I threw them away

by Mr. Bill reply 15710/25/2015

R156, I like it if it's fresh and better quality than can usually be found in stores. I know someone who makes it and it's actually quite good.

by Mr. Bill reply 15810/25/2015

There was a lady in our neighborhood who gave out slices of pumpkin pie.

by Mr. Bill reply 15910/25/2015

R159 -- That sounds like the Popcorn Ball Giver-Outer in my neighborhood.

Did y'all throw her pie in her bushes like we did our popcorn balls?

by Mr. Bill reply 16010/25/2015

i always hated those houses you'd go to where some bitch would say shit like "oh i forgot to buy candy". Then she'd rummage through her purse for a breath mint. like that was consolation for not being prepared.

by Mr. Bill reply 16110/25/2015

I don't mind the greedy fat ghetto mamas herding their horded tots down my lovely street from their beat-up Caddies to take advantage of white largesse at Halloween. That's one of the facts of life in city living.

But I do hand those out-of-the-neighborhood children - wearing a slash of mascara and a black trash bag as a costume - Little Debbie oatmeal cookies. Individually wrapped.

They HATE them.

by Mr. Bill reply 16210/25/2015

Last Halloween I overheard my little neighbor girl talking about "doing a line of Smarties".

by Mr. Bill reply 16310/25/2015

You just couldn't go wrong with the miniature almond joys.

by Mr. Bill reply 16410/25/2015

Thanks for that inspiring story of generous giving to those who have less than yourself, R162. I'm sure those kids whose parents can't afford store-bought costumes and a new car every year but want to do something nice for their kids on Halloween leave your doorstep with gratitude for their oatmeal cookie, because it comes straight from the heart.

by Mr. Bill reply 16510/25/2015

Molasses candies.

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by Mr. Bill reply 16610/25/2015


Offsite Link
by Mr. Bill reply 16710/25/2015

We gave out Liv-a-Snaps one year. Little bastards.

by Mr. Bill reply 16810/25/2015

My mother knew had to stretch a dollar. When we came back from trick-or-treating at 7:30 or 8, because we were younger, she would empty our bags, take out the unwrapped candy, and give it to the later arrivals. God knows how many times that unwrapped candy was re-gifted.

by Mr. Bill reply 16910/25/2015

Many years ago, my oldest brother and his friends climbed on our roof with our garden hose.

Kids would be standing on our front steps expectantly and all of a sudden a deluge would rain down on them, soaking them.

Good times .... ah.

by Mr. Bill reply 17010/25/2015

Would you eat a candy apple? Or were you afraid there would be razor blades inside?

Or was that a suburban myth like another poster asked?

by Mr. Bill reply 17110/25/2015

The State of Maine Spruce Gum.

by Mr. Bill reply 17210/25/2015

I hate anything non-chocolate.

by Mr. Bill reply 17310/25/2015

[quote]My mother gave out cough drops one year. A parent actually called her out on it after she tossed it in the kids' bags. She was so embarrassed and that was the last year she ever gave away candy on Halloween.

Actually, the year before she gave out cough drops was the last year your mother ever gave away candy on Halloween.

by Mr. Bill reply 17410/25/2015

Someone upthread mentioned it, but I can't stop giggling at the thought of some old white-gloved frau daintily distributing individual SUCRETS to kids. (Or any of you old Nellies, truth-be-told...)

(ASIDE: what is that foil on Sucrets? I've never seen anything else with that foil.)

by Mr. Bill reply 17510/25/2015

I remember a neighbor gave out raisins and colorful pencils 2 years in a row and couldn't understand why all the kids ( other than babies with their mothers) skipped her house after that.

by Mr. Bill reply 17610/25/2015

Is it still common to give out makeup instead of candy?

by Mr. Bill reply 17710/25/2015

We had two spots we had to hit every year. One was the guy behind the choir and band candy sales because he always had full-size candy bars. The other was the nice lady who gave out cookies from her porch every Friday and on Halloween did up her garage (around back) with a cauldron and spooky sounds and gave out full-size boxes of Cracker Jacks.

And all you haters can give me your Boston Baked Beans and candy corn!

by Mr. Bill reply 17810/25/2015

Not to derail the thread, but anyone still give out candy? I stopped a couple years ago. Was getting less than 20 come out, and of the ones that did, I was tired of hearing, "I can't have this" or "I can't have that." One little boy said he can't have anything with nuts, and his brother goes, "just take it, stupid, you're not even allergic to nuts." That was the final year.

by Mr. Bill reply 17910/25/2015

I live in a 125 unit apartment building where those who want to receive Trick or Treaters have to sign-up. So far, only three apartments have signed, R179. So to answer your question, at least in a city setting, not many are giving out candy.

by Mr. Bill reply 18010/25/2015

Every year we went to Mother's uncle, who was ANCIENT, but was always so effing excited to see us. And every year we got the same thing: a can of Coke and a dime. We loved it! (No, not during the depression, during the late '70s...and a dime was the equivalent of a dime today, kidz...)

Looking around me now, all these possessions and objects and textbooks for reselling, I'd fucking give them all up just to knock on his door to retrieve that haul one more time.

by Mr. Bill reply 18110/25/2015

Cool story, R181.

by Mr. Bill reply 18210/25/2015

Popcorn balls

by Mr. Bill reply 18310/25/2015

What is up with all you popcorn balls people? We only did popcorn balls at Christmas. And you wrapped them in foil.

by Mr. Bill reply 18410/25/2015

Not only is candy corn still eaten, google image "candy corn recipes." There are about 10 different recipes for candy corn cocktails. One person used whipped cream flavored vodka; another person infused vodka with candy corn for several days.

There are candy corn cupcakes, candy corn pumpkin tarts, candy corn cornbread, candy corn bark, candy corn cookies, candy corn peanut butter bars, candy corn parfaits, candy corn brownies and candy corn pizza. Seriously, do a google image search and you'll be amazed and wonder, "Do people actually make and eat these things or is it just copy filler for food magazines/websites?"

I'm betting people actually make these things and foist them off at Halloween school parties. Except the cocktails.

by Mr. Bill reply 18510/25/2015

I never really cared for "circus peanuts." They can't make up their mind about what they are. They look like peanuts, but they don't have the consistency of them. They're chewy, but not in a good way, and the flavor is generically sweet but not really distinctive or peanut-like.

by Mr. Bill reply 18610/25/2015

Popcorn balls are sold in stories in orange wax paper and in black wax paper, r184.

Not everyone does things the way your mommy does it

by Mr. Bill reply 18710/25/2015

Maybe not popcorn balls, R184, but there was always a messy treat that gummed up the works. In our neighborhood there was a rice-krispie-treat-with-embedded-m&ms lady.

by Mr. Bill reply 18810/25/2015

[quote] Not to derail the thread, but anyone still give out candy? I

Why wouldn't we? I get more than a hundred trick or treaters every year. Not everyone huddles in a dark house, praying the door doesn't ring because ugh, you know, [italic] people. [/italic]

by Mr. Bill reply 18910/25/2015

Popcorn balls? When did I eat popcorn balls?

by Mr. Bill reply 19010/25/2015

I give out full sized candy. Hershey bars, Kit Kats, Resses's peanut butter cups, Nestles Crunch, butterfingers, Mars bars, Snickers, Three Musketeers. I buy the boxes of 18 bars. I hold out a bowlful and tell kids to pick one.

I remember when boxes were $9.99 for 30 bars. Those were the good old days. Anyway, last week I was about to throw away the useless coupons Target gives me when I saw ther given me a $10 coupon for using on So I bought the candy bars online. Free shipping , 5% off and a $10 coupon can't be beat.

by Mr. Bill reply 19110/25/2015

I remember the neighbors who gave out full sized candy were the houses all the kids went to first, which meant that if you didn't get there in time you missed out.

by Mr. Bill reply 19210/25/2015

[quote] Do apple cider donuts actually taste like apple cider? Doesn't the cinnamon overpower the cider?

They taste mostly like donuts made with apple sauce. I live in one of those Halloween tourist areas with tons of pumpkin picking, apple picking, hayrides, corn mazes and there is a store that makes and sells apple cider donuts and spiced apple cider to the tourists. I like the donuts, but the apple cider kind of hurts my stomach.

When I first moved here, you had to go on the back roads to find a farmer who sold pumpkins and the farmer actually grew the pumpkins there. Now, all the back road farms are gone and an industry has popped up on the main roads with pumpkins, other gourds and Indian corn trucked in from upstate NY. One guy has two of these places not only with the corn maze and hayrides but he has the big wooden slides in all different shapes (pirate ship, schoolhouse, castle, etc). Now he sells pies and roasted corn and he's a fucking zillionaire. Twenty years ago, it was empty land.

Then he told the town he needed to build huge sheds on his property to house his wooden slides, so the town ok'd it. He built gigantic sheds and rents space to landscapers to store their warm weather equipment. The guy knows how to make money..

Well, it's better than selling up and planting a couple of McMansions and phony "horse farms."

by Mr. Bill reply 19310/25/2015

[quote]You have to suck them slowly

I see someone started practicing at an early age!

by Mr. Bill reply 19410/25/2015

They're making Halloween Peeps now.

Offsite Link
by Mr. Bill reply 19510/25/2015

Little Boo Peeps, R195?

by Mr. Bill reply 19610/25/2015

We're Bit O Honey and Mary Janes similar?

Candy corn is worse for your teeth than chocolate because the honey kind of clings to the teeth and is harder to wash away than chocolate.

by Mr. Bill reply 19710/25/2015

Peeps have become a year round thing, R195. They even have movie tie-in peeps.

by Mr. Bill reply 19810/25/2015

I like Mounds! But not as much as Almond Joy.

by Mr. Bill reply 19910/25/2015

r109 We had that beat. I remember the dot candy, called BUTTONS, but instead of them being "glued" to paper, it was a wide ribbon of black licorice(back when licorice was made with real licorice root) Now we know real licorice is a potassium depleter, but back then we loved the stuff.

r115 I remember those bags containing lots of homemade things: popcorn balls, molasses cookies, fudge, nutbars, divinity, occasionally there'd be a real candied apple(the kind with a clear, hard red candy coating, not the ersatz caramel we have today)

r186 Can't stand the Circus Peanuts myself, but a dear friend buys bags of them every year, and allows them to go stale(like they're not already?) Only then can she enjoy them. Reminds me of that episode of "News Radio" wherein Phil Hartman's character loves those vending machine, cut-into-triangles sandwiches, but only after they've gone green, and crunchy, with mold.

r195 Anything marshmallow-y is vile, particularly Peeps. Sad to say they are made in my home state.

I echo the sentiments of many up-posters that Mary Janes are nasty.

Goldenberg's Peanut Chews, another PA product, was a childhood fave. Snickers and Almond Joys are right up there as well. Oh yeah, Sugar Daddies and Tootsie Pops. Loved Bonomo's Turkish Taffy and saltwater taffy too.

I remember one old lady who always gave out nickels. That was good for a big handful of penny candy at the local variety store.

r123 In addition to the wax lips, we had: mustaches, fangs, buck teeth and fingernails.

r34 I remember those, as well as ones that were filled with a cola syrup(these were much preferred)

by Mr. Bill reply 20010/25/2015

R177, not unless you're trick-or-treating at Ru Paul's house.

by Mr. Bill reply 20110/25/2015

[quote]Popcorn balls are sold in stories in orange wax paper and in black wax paper

Only trailer trash BUY their popcorn balls in a store. You don't know how long ago they were made and they probably taste stale.

And popcorn balls are only for Christmas treats. Why would anyone do them at Halloween?

by Mr. Bill reply 20210/25/2015

Jesus Christ, R202, popcorn balls have been a Halloween treat since 1900.

by Mr. Bill reply 20310/25/2015

I've never seen or even heard of a popcorn ball at Christmas. We only ever saw them in the hands of old ladies too clueless to hand out candy. Rite Aid is selling popcorn balls now. The locals just stare at them. They are not a Halloween tradition here.

by Mr. Bill reply 20410/25/2015

I like prunes

by Mr. Bill reply 20510/25/2015

This year I plan on wearing a black caftan and orange earrings. When the kids come to the door I shall lecture them about the dangers of middle class spaghetti draining.

by Mr. Bill reply 20610/25/2015

Clark Bars, Mary Janes, Black Licorice and Almond Joys were fucking file. I also hated any candy that had marshmallow, taffy, nougat, and over-sized peanuts. And don't get me started on the tooth shattering Now & Later, Jolly Ranchers and LifeSavers.

by Mr. Bill reply 20710/25/2015

I am confused about these tales of treats gumming up the bag. I tricked or treated in the 60s and 70s. Nobody EVER threw an UNWRAPPED rice crispy treat, popcorn ball or candy apple into our sacks. I mean really. Where were you trick or treating? Appalachia?

by Mr. Bill reply 20810/25/2015

[quote]Chuckles, especially the purple one.

The Chuckles I remember (which are still sold) are a package of 5 candies"

Green, Orange, Black, Yellow and Red.

by Mr. Bill reply 20910/25/2015

r206 please consider adding a festive Halloween headband to your lovely ensemble!

Offsite Link
by Mr. Bill reply 21010/25/2015

[quote] Jesus Christ, [R202], popcorn balls have been a Halloween treat since 1900

R202 is probably the same idiot who insists every year that Halloween wasn't really a big holiday until Roseanne had Halloween episodes on her show in the 1990s.

by Mr. Bill reply 21110/25/2015


by Mr. Bill reply 21210/25/2015

My favorite was Chunky bars.

by Mr. Bill reply 21310/25/2015

[quote] There was something worse than Jujubes that was similar but harder and cheaper.

Juicy Fruit. On Seinfeld, they called it "jujy fruit."

by Mr. Bill reply 21410/25/2015

Chunky bars had dark milk chocolate. Now it's got some weird light brown milk chocolate. The originals were dark chocolate that was a little hard, with air bubbles in it, a few peanut chips and raisin. Now they have too many peanurs and that milk chocolate that's the color of baked beans. And it's soft. Yuk.

by Mr. Bill reply 21510/25/2015

I'm wrong. They actually are called Jujy fruit.

by Mr. Bill reply 21610/25/2015

I loved the black jujy fruits. Nobody else did, so I got everyone else's.

by Mr. Bill reply 21710/25/2015

Jujy fruit, sugar daddies, Mary Janes, bit o' honey and milk duds ruined my teeth. My teeth would just break apart.

by Mr. Bill reply 21810/25/2015

Have y'all thought about giving out hot fruit? I keep a silver chafing dish full of hot fruit in the foyer that I serve to trick 'r treaters in little plastic cups. They seem to really enjoy it. It's a nice change from all the candy that they typically get.

by Mr. Bill reply 21910/25/2015

Condoms. Used ones.

by Mr. Bill reply 22010/25/2015

Chunky. I always wanted a top to say the commercial tag line to me...

Offsite Link
by Mr. Bill reply 22110/25/2015

This is how the Popcorn Ball Bitch in our old neighborhood doled out her sticky popcorn balls, see below.

"Now just take one," she'd say.

She's got most of them back, tossed under her azalea bushes lining her walk.

Offsite Link
by Mr. Bill reply 22210/25/2015

J'adore candy corn, circus peanuts, and bullseyes. Circus peanuts are divinely tender and cushiony right out of the bag (before they get stale, which happens within minutes). You can make a whole meal out of bullseyes; they must have a lot of protein.

On the other hand, I decry the extension of holiday-related candy to new holidays. Candy corn only at Halloween! Peeps only at Easter! The purity of their metonymies must be lovingly nurtured.

by Mr. Bill reply 22310/25/2015

I once received left over Easter candy: Peeps - which are nasty even when they were not stale and old.

by Mr. Bill reply 22410/25/2015

Miniature boxes of cereal. Why is there a flaming bag of dog shit on your stoop?

That's why.

Offsite Link
by Mr. Bill reply 22510/25/2015

Has no one mentioned Milky Way bars as a favorite? My favorite candy bar, along with the bags of assorted small Nestle's chocolate bars like Mr. Goodbar and Rice Krispie. I always gave away the dark chocolate.

I'll take your Mounds, Goobers, M & Ms (especially the peanut kind) and Good & Plenty too - loved those.

Baby Ruth bars made my teeth hurt, as did Candy Corn.

by Mr. Bill reply 22610/25/2015

[quote]Candy corn is worse for your teeth than chocolate because the honey kind of clings to the teeth and is harder to wash away than chocolate.

"Honey!" Hahahahaha ....

by Mr. Bill reply 22710/25/2015

I used to love Chuckles. I like gumdrops, too, but not the weird or spice flavors.

by Mr. Bill reply 22810/25/2015

Mint Julep and Banana Split chews.

by Mr. Bill reply 22910/25/2015

Yep, R222, except the rice krispie treat lady would offer a little napkin which we never bothered to use, as it was more important to race from house to house at top speed to collect our spoils.

by Mr. Bill reply 23010/25/2015

I never liked Twizzlers - taste and texture were unappealing. And I hated black licorice!

by Mr. Bill reply 23110/25/2015

Cheap ass gum balls that are a hit of bland sugar, which quickly devolves into the texture of a flavorless rubber band.

by Mr. Bill reply 23210/25/2015

Bit-O-Honey was one of the worst. I also hated sesame candy bars that I would get each year. As a child, I loathed coconut, so I dislike Almond Joy and Mounds

by Mr. Bill reply 23310/25/2015

Swedish Fish

by Mr. Bill reply 23410/25/2015

J'adore R223.

by Mr. Bill reply 23510/25/2015

Don't you hate adults that are still into Halloween?

by Mr. Bill reply 23610/25/2015

I am so colorblind...I looked it up, you are right, the licorice Chuckle wasn't purple.

I still hate them though. It's the texture.

by Mr. Bill reply 23710/25/2015

[quote]I also hated sesame candy bars that I would get each year.

Those little sesame sticks can't even be considered candy.

Offsite Link
by Mr. Bill reply 23810/25/2015

Easter candy is a lot better. Face it. But I'll start that thread in about six months. Can't think of a single Easter candy that isn't good.

by Mr. Bill reply 23910/25/2015

I like Xmas candy the best because of all the chocolate and peppermint, separately or in combination.

So in addition to root beer Dum Dums, you can give your Necco wafers, spice gumdrops, Mexican Hat gummies, peppermints and black licorice.

by Mr. Bill reply 24010/25/2015

I only eat HIGH CLASS candy corn.

Offsite Link
by Mr. Bill reply 24110/25/2015

Peeps, marshmallow eggs, coconut eggs... To name a few, R239.

by Mr. Bill reply 24210/25/2015

R22 I've got to ask, did you stick around for your onion sandwich?

by Mr. Bill reply 24310/25/2015

Tricik or TREAT

Offsite Link
by Mr. Bill reply 24410/25/2015

This isn't my story, but a recycled one that someone posted a few years ago.

There was a cranky old woman who gave out soda crackers (yes, the ones you put in soup) as Halloween treats. Each child received exactly one unwrapped soda cracker. And, if that wasn't bad enough, she insisted on stamping everyone's hand with a special symbol so she could identify any sneaky child who tried to come back for a second cracker.

by Mr. Bill reply 24510/25/2015

Just when I thought nothing could top cough drops...

by Mr. Bill reply 24610/25/2015

Some magazine or TV show did a thing on how to make your own candy corn at home. Why would anyone bother? Artisanal candy corn?

by Mr. Bill reply 24710/25/2015

Come back for a second cracker? That woman was insane. She's lucky those kids didn't egg her house.

by Mr. Bill reply 24810/25/2015

She's lucky they didn't stone...her!

by Mr. Bill reply 24910/25/2015

r245, that is HI-larious

by Mr. Bill reply 25010/25/2015

[quote] "Honey!" Hahahahaha

Brach's is the nation's largest supplier of candy corn and it contains honey.

by Mr. Bill reply 25110/25/2015

I refuse to be outdone by Miss XXXLoreen S. Caftan and Miss Fruit E. Compote! Houseboy #2, Erucito, shall be handing out marshmallow and peanut butter dirty Q-tips and clipping an earlobe to ensure no one comes back for seconds.

Offsite Link
by Mr. Bill reply 25210/25/2015

r251 Sweetie (almost said "Honey!"), do you know how to read ingredient labels? They have to list the ingredients in the order of their prevalence in the food--so here's the ingredient list from Brach's Candy Corn:

[quote]Sugar, Corn Syrup, Confectioner's Glaze, Salt, Dextrose, Gelatin, Sesame Oil, Artificial Flavor, Honey, Yellow 6, Yellow 5, Red 3.

That means there's less honey than salt, dextrose, gelatin, sesame oil and even ARTIFICIAL FLAVOR! There's probably the equivalent of one drop of honey in every bag, just so they can claim it's "Made with REAL HONEY!" In other words, honey is not what's causing it to stick to your teeth.

by Mr. Bill reply 25310/25/2015

Candy Corn

That stuff is vile!

by Mr. Bill reply 25410/25/2015

For me it was anything chocolate, cuz I was allergic and had to give it up to my brother who wasn't. My parents said I could trade it for stuff from my brother's haul, but he would eat the decent non-chocolate stuff while out tricker-treating so I was stuck with all the lame stuff. Worked out well in the end as I never developed a sweet tooth and my brother can't go a day without eating candy, or desert.

by Mr. Bill reply 25510/25/2015

Worse "treats"- Candy corn. Bible tracts. Pencils. Sweet Tarts. Pennies. I loved Mars bars, Nestles Crunch, Reese's. Nay to Snickers, Milky Way or 3 Musketeers , I once stepped on vomitted Snickers or something like it. The smell alone makes me ill.

by Mr. Bill reply 25610/25/2015

Did you know that Whole Foods sells Halloween candies? I've never tried them, but I suppose that they can't be that bad.

Personally, I'm more of a chocolate person when it comes to candy, especially Halloween candy. Although I never eat any candy or confection that is shaped like an animal. I couldn't live with myself if I did that. (I'm not a vegetarian or vegan, by the by.) I know that American chocolate is insipid compared to the European or even Canadian varieties, but I do like stuff like Rocky Road (chocolate-covered marshmallow and cashew bars).

by Mr. Bill reply 25710/25/2015

I hate 3 Musketeers but Milky Ways are pretty good.

by Mr. Bill reply 25810/25/2015

watch out for the blade kiddies

Offsite Link
by Mr. Bill reply 25910/25/2015

R252, that is truly disgusting.

by Mr. Bill reply 26010/25/2015

Peeps are nothing new at Halloween.

Many years ago they were orange in the shape of a pumpkin. But I haven't seen them in a long time.

They were my favorite peeps.

When they started them at Christmas that was weird.

And I hate marshmallow but for some reason luv these shitty little pieces of disgusting crap.

Circus peanuts as well.

by Mr. Bill reply 26110/26/2015

You can have all your Snickers, peanut M&Ms, Rocky Roads, Almond Joys, and anything else with nuts, which ruin the creamy wonderfulness of chocolate. Basically, the only nuts I can deal with are my partner's.

by Mr. Bill reply 26210/26/2015

Halloween peeps have been around forever. I used to make cupcakes for my son's snack sale at schoo. Made seasonal ones because I was bored. At Halloween I made purple icing, sprinkled it with black sugar, cut a ghost peep by 1/3 and had it rising out of the icing. I used the pumpkin and cat peeps, too. The cat peeps are brown now but they used to be black. When you separated them, their sides were white, so I'd brush each side with a wet paintbrush and dip it in either orange sugar or black sugar. Then I'd roll the sides of the pumpkin/cat cupcakes in orange, yellow and green sprinkles.

The ghosts were the best, though.

I also made orange and green icing and put candy pumpkins or candy corn in the middle, with sprinkles rolled onto the sides. They sold out in minutes. I was a regular Martha when it came to Snack Day (once a month). My Christmas cupcakes were wreaths, poinsiettas and "presents" with bows. It was more fun than dialing the phone with a pencil. I taught myself all the icing piping numbers and what they made. Easter was mini m&ms in the middle of green "grass" and a red licorice "handle"

Funny, cupcakes were the only thing I was ever creative with. Most parents just went to Costco and bought a big bag of popcorn and divided it into little snack bags and said, "There. Snacks." I guess they had sugar phobia. Not me. I went all out.

by Mr. Bill reply 26310/26/2015

How the hell do you give out slices of pumpkin pie for Halloween? Were you supposed to eat them on the spot and tell the hostess how good they were?

I'm giving out Taco Bell salsa packets and unwrapped prunes for Halloween this year.

by Mr. Bill reply 26410/26/2015

Caramel Apple Twizzlers.

Just tried one at work. The caramel ooZes around your mouth when you bite one. In a bad way.

by Mr. Bill reply 26510/26/2015

We were just talking about this at work and one woman got a $1 million dollar bill with a neighbor's face in place of the President's. It was a 20% off coupon for his restaurant. She said she was inconsolable when her parents told her what it was, because the neighbor had told the kids not to lose them because they were worth a million dollars. Another year he gave out boxes of matches from his restaurant.

And here I was bitching about Sexless and Boston Baked Beans.

by Mr. Bill reply 26610/26/2015

The most fun part of this thread has been the descriptions of the cheapskate and tacky "treats", cough drops, saltines, Bible tracts, restaurant coupons and matchbooks....

Keep 'em coming!

by Mr. Bill reply 26710/26/2015

turkish foot candy

by Mr. Bill reply 26810/26/2015

some people gave pennies

by Mr. Bill reply 26910/26/2015

I remember in the 60's we didn't mind pennies at all.

by Mr. Bill reply 27010/26/2015

My mother used to give out McDonald's coupons for ice cream

by Mr. Bill reply 27110/26/2015

my mom made great popcorn balls muticolored corn wax paper wrap and black ribbon only the kids we knew got those never saw any in the bushes

by Mr. Bill reply 27210/26/2015

You would have seen then under your shrubs had dear ole mom not wrapped her PCBs like the crazy bat in our neighborhood.

by Mr. Bill reply 27310/26/2015

All the old ladies gave out pennies

Offsite Link
by Mr. Bill reply 27410/26/2015

We had a neighbor heavily into politics. Always volunteering at the voter place, etc. She gave out, you guessed it, campaign literature....

by Mr. Bill reply 27510/26/2015


It's called Bridge Mix and it's delicious (imo)!!

Those orange and black wrappered peanut butter/molasses taffies ARE Mary Janes! Never knew they had a name.

by Mr. Bill reply 27610/26/2015

Until now, I had always thought Mary Janes were the same as Squirrel Nut Zippers. And I thought the black and orange wrapper candy was salt water taffy. Necco and Ferrara are responsible for 90% of the monstrosities in the candy world.


Boston Baked Beans


Now & Later



Red Hots


Canada Mints

Mary Janes

Necco Wafers

Candy Buttons


Squirrel Nut Zippers

and the utterly vile Banana Splits

Completely off topic, but now I'm going to have this song stuck in my head all night.

Offsite Link
by Mr. Bill reply 27710/26/2015

I remember the orange and black wrapped crap as generic taffy, R277. WTF is a Canada Mint?

by Mr. Bill reply 27810/26/2015

R276 That is NOT bridge mix. THIS is bridge mix.

Offsite Link
by Mr. Bill reply 27910/26/2015

I never minded Bit 'O Honeys until I got one with a dead bee mashed into it.

Worse was the Kit Kat bar with a live worm crawling in and out.

by Mr. Bill reply 28010/26/2015

Canada Mints are what elderly women keep in their candy dishes. They're slices of mint-flavored sidewalk chalk that come in pink, white, and green, r278.

Offsite Link
by Mr. Bill reply 28110/26/2015

Candy corn? Candy corn??? I don't remember eating candy corn!

by Mr. Bill reply 28210/26/2015


Offsite Link
by Mr. Bill reply 28310/26/2015

I got a rock.

by Mr. Bill reply 28410/26/2015

R276, those are peanut butter kisses.

These are Mary Janes:

Offsite Link
by Mr. Bill reply 28510/26/2015

In the sixties pennies were great because there was still penny candy.

And then they easily added up to 5 and 10 cents and you could buy chocolate bars and box candy.

A little kid version of a gift card for graduation.

I was stunned a little while ago when a kid had 10 cents change coming to him and he couldn't be bothered to wait for it.

I still better get my damn nickel change back.

by Mr. Bill reply 28610/26/2015

R276, these are peanut butter kisses:

Offsite Link
by Mr. Bill reply 28710/26/2015

Before I was defrocked, I would visit older members of the church, just to check on them. One lady in particular was very nice. During one of our visits right after Halloween, she had a beautiful cut glass bowl filled with peanuts. She told me to help myself. They tasted kind of sweet. By the end of the visit, I realized I'd eaten all those peanuts. When I apologized for eating all her peanuts, she said, "That's alright father. Since I broke my dentures, all I can do is suck the chocolate off of them."

by Mr. Bill reply 28810/26/2015

Would it send the wrong message to hand out condoms and small packets of lube?

by Mr. Bill reply 28910/26/2015

[quote]Would it send the wrong message to hand out condoms and small packets of lube?

Not if the condoms and lube were flavored.

by Mr. Bill reply 29010/26/2015

Only if you're a priest, R289.

by Mr. Bill reply 29110/26/2015

Jimmy Dean sausages.

by Mr. Bill reply 29210/26/2015

Slo Pokes and Black Cows were good. Cherry Mashes were nasty as were Black Crows.

by Mr. Bill reply 29310/26/2015

jelly beans

Offsite Link
by Mr. Bill reply 29410/26/2015

R276; those are called AllSorts elsewhere in the world.

by Mr. Bill reply 29510/26/2015

Lucy: "I got a chocolate bar!"

Schroeder: "I got a quarter!"

Violet: "I got a pack of gum!"

Charlie Brown: "I got a rock."

by Mr. Bill reply 29610/26/2015

My parents always talk about penny candy and some sort of big cookie that sold for a nickel ( I think). They said they were so pleased to get a dime or a quarter from their parents or relatives because it stretched so far in the candy store.

by Mr. Bill reply 29710/26/2015

That story r288 is horrifying. The twist actually made my heart race.

by Mr. Bill reply 29810/26/2015


Offsite Link
by Mr. Bill reply 29910/26/2015

All Halloween "treats" used to be homemade.

The Candy industry has taken over today.

(And they are probably the ones who started the razor blades in the apples myth)

by Mr. Bill reply 30010/26/2015

So who of you ate as much candy as your could Halloween night after you got home from Trick or Treating? Or did you slowly eat a few at a time over a few weeks? I am ashamed to say I ate as much as I could. My sister doled hers out.

by Mr. Bill reply 30110/26/2015

My stash lasted for about a month or so. My mom would allow me to pig out Halloween night and then I could only have so much each day after that ( although I did sneak some when she wasn't looking). I really didn't mind because I wanted it to last as long as possible.

by Mr. Bill reply 30210/26/2015

Mom rationed our candy as well. We only got some after dinner if all our chores were done.

We'd spend a good hour going through it all finding exactly what we wanted to eat.

by Mr. Bill reply 30310/26/2015

I'm telling you this now, so I won't have to tell you later. The very BEST thing to give out is individually wrapped, fresh baked Toll House cookies. And they even qualify as 'candy' in part with those giant, wonderful, baked-in chocolate chips. No need to thank me, I'll take a cookie instead.

by Mr. Bill reply 30410/26/2015

Yeah, I'm sure they were, R304, but who would let their child eat them given the frau reign of poisoning/totrure?

by Mr. Bill reply 30510/26/2015

"No thanks, mister. Your damn cookie will crumble in my bag. And fuck you, you old weirdo!"

^^ r305 's trick or treater

by Mr. Bill reply 30610/27/2015

All of you with these great Halloween memories - how many of you ended up battling excess weight? I know I did, and wouldn't touch any of this stuff now, and haven't for a long, long time.

by Mr. Bill reply 30710/27/2015

R300's conspiracy theory is very interesting. I hadn't considered that.

by Mr. Bill reply 30810/27/2015

[quote] All of you with these great Halloween memories - how many of you ended up battling excess weight?

I didn't. I weighed 88 Lbs when I graduated high school. The only time we got candy was Valentines Day, Easter, Halloween and a candy cane and one ornament with chocolates inside at Christmas.

Candy wasn't on the menu the rest of the year. That's why it was called a "treat."

by Mr. Bill reply 30910/27/2015

Fun thread. Anyone remember Snaps? They were like thin little licorice tubes with a hard candy coating. Everyone hated getting those.

I buy an assortment of stuff and let the kids pick for themselves. I always have the usual chocolate (Snickers, Hershey Bars etc.) but, surprisingly, what the kids around here grab for is the cheap shit like the Smarties and Twizzlers.

Go figure.

by Mr. Bill reply 31010/27/2015

Necco wafers get no love. But even as a kid I thought they were cool. So odd, really. So old fashioned. Rather elegant somehow, but also butch. I mean my uncles told me it was WWII candy, But it was pastel coloured and so uniform and kind of pretty you could imagine necco wafers along with candied almonds and nonpareils in a milk glass candy dish. I find it very comforting that this company and these wafers still exist.

by Mr. Bill reply 31110/27/2015

Good N Plenty

They look harmless but then - ugh, licorice.

by Mr. Bill reply 31210/27/2015

Well SMELL you, r309! I bet you're the person who gives out kale chips on Halloween.

by Mr. Bill reply 31310/27/2015

I had a school friend who was obsessed with Razzles. They used to sell them in little packs of 2 on Halloween. Candy and gum all in one shot

by Mr. Bill reply 31410/27/2015

I remember when I was about 7 years old going to an old lady on my street and she said, :"Oh, Jimmy, I have something special for you!". She went in her kitchen and gave me a full size Hershey bar and a full size Reese's Cup. She was being nice to me, but the stories about poisonings were so prevalent at the time that I imagined she was trying to poison me, and I didn't eat the candy. All of those lies were not healthy for children to hear.

by Mr. Bill reply 31510/27/2015

10 Underrated Candies

Offsite Link
by Mr. Bill reply 31610/27/2015

Goldenberg's were nasty then, R316. Probably nastier now.

by Mr. Bill reply 31710/27/2015

I'm assuming those are fairly old candies because I've never heard of them.

by Mr. Bill reply 31810/27/2015

What the flip ........... I LOVE circus peanuts .... especially when they're a bit hard/stale.

I always hated most hard individually wrapped candies ...........except cinnamon discs.

by Mr. Bill reply 31910/27/2015

Mike & Ike! Never got the appeal of it!

by Mr. Bill reply 32010/27/2015

R296, meet R284.

by Mr. Bill reply 32110/27/2015

Weight wasn't a problem for most of us kids then. You could pig out on Halloween and all the big holidays at parties and at summer barbecues and picnics and not worry about gaining an ounce.

I am not making this up.

And I grew up in an Italian family so sunday afternoon dinners were quite the all you can eat carb buffet as well.

Weight was never a concern. It seems incredible to me now.

by Mr. Bill reply 32210/27/2015

So much bad candy out there. I used to visit a site called Bad Candy where people would submit and rate awful candy finds. Most of it was Mexican but this thread shows that the US is right up there in the world of bad. bad candy. Does Europe even have anything as vile? I've never come across is in my travels and have found the candy there superior.

And - why do Tootsie Rolls still exist? It seems like some depression era leftover for railroad hobos wanting a chocolate fix for less than a penny . Even Hershey Kisses are better, and they taste like vomit.

by Mr. Bill reply 32310/27/2015

R323, I ate a mini Tootsie Roll a couple of years ago. Besides being cloyingly sweet, it had no flavor, chocolate or otherwise. I enjoy making candy, so I've made my own Tootsie Rolls that are quite good and very chocolately.

by Mr. Bill reply 32410/27/2015

Tootsie Roll Pops are delicious. Tootsie Rolls not so much.

Offsite Link
by Mr. Bill reply 32510/27/2015

[quote]Does Europe even have anything as vile?

Salty licorice is big in Scandinavia. It's not just salty; it's made with ammonium chloride, which gives you the unique sensation of having your tongue dipped in a vat of hydrochloric acid.

Offsite Link
by Mr. Bill reply 32610/27/2015

Razzles were bad. A combo of gummy wax lips and Pixy Stix. Toostie Roll once made some good fruit flavored candy that wasn't too different from Starbursts. It was less tangy and softer.

by Mr. Bill reply 32710/27/2015

Tootsie rolls, like a lot of cheap candies and pastries, are flavored with some kind of artificial lemon flavor rather than chocolate.

by Mr. Bill reply 32810/28/2015

My favorite were Regal Crown Sours but almost nobody gave them out.

I also liked those citrus flavor mints that came in little disks that were corrugated like cottage fries. They were soft and tangy and almost no mint flavor.

by Mr. Bill reply 32910/28/2015

I liked Regal Crown, too, R329. I don't remember ever getting them for Halloween.

by Mr. Bill reply 33010/28/2015

r314 I remember Razzles and Bottle Caps. I never liked Tootsie Rolls.

by Mr. Bill reply 33110/28/2015

Remember the little boxes with 2 Chiclets in them? They were big at Halloween.

Offsite Link
by Mr. Bill reply 33210/28/2015

I used to love the little boxes of chalky cigarettes or the gum cigarettes that were wrapped in paper and powdered sugar so that if you blew out through the wrapper it looked like a puff of smoke.

by Mr. Bill reply 33310/28/2015


Offsite Link
by Mr. Bill reply 33410/28/2015

The author of that article at r316 must get a lot of eggs on his front door on Halloween.

by Mr. Bill reply 33510/28/2015

Here's the DM's view on the worst Halloween candy.

Offsite Link
by Mr. Bill reply 33610/28/2015

Even though she's been begged not to, my mom hands out Caprisun and applesauce. So embarrassing when I was a kid.

by Mr. Bill reply 33710/29/2015

Homemade popcorn balls are a messy pain in the ass to make but they are delicious.

by Mr. Bill reply 33810/29/2015

Interesting that I disliked most of the candies on the unhealthy list but liked most on the healthy list. Also, I liked tootsie rolls as a kid.

by Mr. Bill reply 33910/29/2015

Halloween was a treat night, and we waited for months for it. My family had a good healthy diet, but my parents allowed us to stuff our faces with candy on that night only, and maybe Easter. Other than that, we had regular, balanced meals, so weight was not an issue. Also, kids were a lot more active then. I remember one family who lived down the street. The daughter was my age (and the niece of a U.S. President) and she watched old movies all day Saturday. I could not understand that, when we had our bikes and there were adventures awaiting.

by Mr. Bill reply 34010/29/2015

Eggs are too expensive to throw in California now, so it may be worth it the risk to hand out cheap candy, or keep your porch light off.

A neighbor kid got one of those Jack Chick bible pamphlets, complete with an illustration of heathens slow-roasting a baby, in a sandwich bag of peanuts.

by Mr. Bill reply 34110/29/2015

TPing houses was big back then, and a mess to clean up in the rainy northwest. Actually, it was kind of a badge of honor to have your houseTPed. It meant that somebody liked you.

by Mr. Bill reply 34210/29/2015

There was another kind of peanut candy, not Circus peanuts, that actually were shaped and embossed the size of a real peanut---glossy hard tan sugar shell (consistency like ribbon candy) and then peanut butter inside. Those were great!

Does anyone remember little packets of Sen-Sen, or whatever the fuck - they were supposed to be a breath mint, right? But Jesus jumped-up Christ, what sadist would give that out on Halloween?

by Mr. Bill reply 34310/29/2015

Like these, R343?

Offsite Link
by Mr. Bill reply 34410/29/2015

Carrot sticks

by Mr. Bill reply 34510/21/2017

Cow tails

Offsite Link
by Mr. Bill reply 34610/21/2017

Rootbeer barrels

by Mr. Bill reply 34710/21/2017

I went to Catholic Elementary School as a child , we would go to the convent on Halloween and get one oreo cookie wrapped in foil and a holy card. The Sisters of ST Joseph are not in my will btw

by Mr. Bill reply 34810/21/2017

Do kids actually go trick or treating anymore? It seems like such an archaic, out of date custom now, to go people's houses and expect them to give you candy or whatever. I would think other things would be done now, like Halloween parties or events instead of trick or treating.

I watched the annual showing of "It's The Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown." It was edited, which sucked; they omitted Charlie Brown trying to kick the football and Snoopy being overcome with emotion when hearing Schroeder play mournful piano music. But they still had the bit where the kids are exclaiming about the treats they just got and Charlie Brown deadpans over and over "I got a rock." Did people actually do that, give some kids a rock instead of a treat? But it's one of the best bits in the special especially at the end where Charlie Brown laments "I can't understand it. I went trick or treating and all I got was a bag full of rocks." That line still makes me laugh.

by Mr. Bill reply 34910/21/2017

careful of caramel apples , they may be onions

Offsite Link
by Mr. Bill reply 35010/21/2017

[quote] Do kids actually go trick or treating anymore? I

I get over 100 kids every year,

by Mr. Bill reply 35110/21/2017

My mom doled out my Halloween candy so I only ate a small bit and the rest eventually got thrown away. My mom was very restrictive on what I ate. So when I got a job and got my driver's license what did I do? Go out and buy all the goodies I wasn't allowed to eat as a child and I still view a lot of things as forbidden fruit and have problems with overeating.

by Mr. Bill reply 35210/21/2017

The worst were people who would give you pennies because they thought candy was bad for you.

by Mr. Bill reply 35310/21/2017

I remember an inordinate amount of the cheapie candy bars Oh Henry and Baby Ruth.

by Mr. Bill reply 35410/21/2017

"I get over 100 kids every year."

Over a hundred? That seems wildly excessive and rather hard to believe.

by Mr. Bill reply 35510/21/2017

What a bunch of fussy bitches.

Did you affect a teapot stance when you got something you didn't want thrown into your sack?

Most of you must be 80s or 90s kids..rude, spoiled, laboring under the opinion that anyone gave a shit about what you thought. Basically imitations of all the snotty brats on network sitcoms back then.

by Mr. Bill reply 35610/21/2017

Anything non-chocolate, with Mary Janes, jellybeans, peppermints, and fruit from the occasional oddball at the top of the list (back when it wasn't a big deal).

by Mr. Bill reply 35710/21/2017

[quote] Over a hundred? That seems wildly excessive and rather hard to believe.

I don't give a rat's what you believe. I get over 100 kids every year.

by Mr. Bill reply 35810/21/2017

R358 — So do I. I live in an upscale suburban neighborhood and all the kiddies from the barrios come to see what treats we hand out. I never disappoint them. I remember what it was like to grow up poor.

by Mr. Bill reply 35910/21/2017

I live in a suburban town of 24K in Massachusetts and have not had more than 12 kids in years.

by Mr. Bill reply 36010/21/2017

candy corn

Offsite Link
by Mr. Bill reply 36110/21/2017

Sesame snaps, gag! I hand out chip bags now.

by Mr. Bill reply 36210/21/2017

When we were kids in the late 60's, early 70's, all the candy we didn't like went to Dad. My father would also eat any leftover candy. His mother owned a general store, and all us kids would go home with bags full of penny candy. Good thing he liked licorice; I hated that crap.

by Mr. Bill reply 36310/21/2017

Not a Halloween candy, but this thread made me remember how much I liked Burnt Peanuts. Dad loved them too.

Offsite Link
by Mr. Bill reply 36410/21/2017

Candy Spelling.

by Mr. Bill reply 36510/21/2017

candy bergen

by Mr. Bill reply 36610/25/2017

There was a lady in the town I grew up in whose husband was a very prominent person (small town famous). He would give her a hundred bucks each Halloween to buy “good candy” for the neighborhood kids because he was usually out of town during Halloween. For years, it was “the” house to go to first because of the good candy they had.

Anyway, his wife became addicted to prescription meds and then harder stuff. One Halloween, she took the money he left her to buy drugs. She still wanted to give out “candy”, because of their social standing in town. So, she somehow found about five boxes of expired Atkins-Diet chocolate bars and a couple boxes of SlimFast breakfast bars and gave them out to shocked parents and kids.

When the husband found out what she did, she told him she bought the bars with his money because she wanted to promote healthy eating and such shit. She told him she didn’t know they had expired. By the next year, they had divorced and his new girlfriend gave out a couple hundred dollars worth of candy and small bags of chips to make up for the “healthy” year before.

by Mr. Bill reply 36704/06/2020

Bump for the people who want to contribute to the original thread instead of get trapped in the Copycat Thread Thief’s web.

by Mr. Bill reply 36810/11/2020

Mary Janes or Bit'o'Honey. Yuck.

by Mr. Bill reply 36910/11/2020

I like candy corn, but only the yellow and orange layers. I throw away the tip.

by Mr. Bill reply 37010/11/2020

[quote] I throw away the tip.

Tell me r370 - how do you feel about uncut cock?

by Mr. Bill reply 37110/11/2020

mounds bar

by Mr. Bill reply 37210/11/2020

I liked the wax lips because they were something different to do.

by Mr. Bill reply 37310/11/2020

There was something called Chick o Stick or something like that that was awful.

by Mr. Bill reply 37410/11/2020

R16 Sugar Daddys are the caramel on a stick. Sugar Babies are the same caramel, but in pan coated pellet form.

My favorites were always sour stuff (Lemonheads, Pixie Stix, Sweetarts, Spree, Bottle Caps...), Hot Cinnamon (more likely at Christmas), and Junior Mints & Peppermint Patties.

I always traded peanut butter chocolate stuff.

by Mr. Bill reply 37510/11/2020

R375 Here. I MEANT to address that last comment to R17. Sugar Daddys are the caramel on a stick.

by Mr. Bill reply 37610/11/2020

I've always hated the mix of peanut butter and chocolate, anything with that combo is the worst.

by Mr. Bill reply 37710/11/2020

I hated Sugar Daddys. They were all pain and little gain. Sugar babies were good, though.

by Mr. Bill reply 37810/11/2020

YES most of all to and agree with awful Mary Janes. Also Necco Wafers, Peanut Brittle, and giving out gum or apples as "candy." Let me tell you, I'd let my anger be known to the neighborhood door-entrance servers when they tried to dole me out any of that crap on Halloween.

by Mr. Bill reply 37910/11/2020

And why are people indulging the Copycat Thread when we have the full discussion and catalogue here?

by Mr. Bill reply 38010/13/2020

Peanut butter and chocolate rock! R377 is crazy.

by Mr. Bill reply 38110/13/2020

The obscure candies you never saw in a store like Zero and Milshake.

by Mr. Bill reply 38210/13/2020

Good-N-Plenty. Gross!

The most popular candy to receive (according to some poll I just saw on TV) is Reeses Peanut Butter-anything.

I disagree, chocolate candy bars like Snickers, Milky Ways and the like are the most desired.

by Mr. Bill reply 38310/13/2020

Dusty chalk discs, aka Necco Wafers

by Mr. Bill reply 38410/13/2020

Did Good n plenty’s get smaller? They seem like all coating now, with just a tiny line of licorice inside.

by Mr. Bill reply 38510/15/2020

R385 You really eat that crap?

by Mr. Bill reply 38610/15/2020

Bazooka Bubblegum was too hard and then rubbery when chewed.

I liked the little comics inside, though!

by Mr. Bill reply 38710/16/2020

Ghost peppers

by Mr. Bill reply 38810/17/2020

Fucking APPLES! WTF!? Usually woody and SOUR. FUCK THAT SHIT!!!

by Mr. Bill reply 38910/17/2020

My parents were AWOL one Halloween night, so my brother and his friends manned the door. First, they gave out dog biscuits (Liva-Snaps), then randomly switched over to squirts of shaving cream, sprayed generously into each bag. Finally, they held a large empty bowl aloft, pretending to dole out handsful of candy: they were actually reaching into bags and grabbing BACK handsful of candy. They were hilarious.

by Mr. Bill reply 39010/17/2020

What are ghost peppers?

by Mr. Bill reply 39110/17/2020
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