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WATCH: Hillary Clinton Promises to Fight for LGBT Equality in Human Rights Campaign Speech

Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton addressed the Human Rights Campaign at a daytime event before the group’s Washington D.C. gala this evening at which Vice President Joe Biden will give the keynote address. Clinton is appearing…

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by Andy Towlereply 17Last Tuesday at 9:07 PM

The progress we made? What the fuck has she done?

by Andy Towlereply 110/03/2015

What fun tonight on SNL as Hillary showed up in a very funny skit as bartender Val...her playfulness and humor in the scene was right on and the gay rights moment was quick witted...she was awfully spry and healthy tonight and looked fabulous!

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by Andy Towlereply 210/03/2015

Bitch, please.

by Andy Towlereply 310/04/2015


by Andy Towlereply 410/04/2015

Hillary on SNL!!! Go girl!

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by Andy Towlereply 510/04/2015

A little late for that, cupcake. It's easy to say you want in on the spoils, now that all the hard work is done, isn't it?

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by Andy Towlereply 610/04/2015

But seriously what is up with cankles saying "we"? Her and her husband setback gay rights.

by Andy Towlereply 710/04/2015

The progress was made by President Obama and former Attorney General Eric Holder when they had to dismantle the damage that Bill Clinton did to the LGBT community and bolster LGBT civil rights. Hillary's trying to take credit for what THEY did now?

by Andy Towlereply 810/04/2015

I mentioned in another thread that John Oliver's show contacted all the candidates about the equality bill, and Hillary was among those who didn't respond. But as I predicted, she has endorsed it:

[quote] Clinton also got huge applause when she said that Congress needs to pass the Equality Act which would forbid anti-LGBT discrimination across the nation:

“It’s a great noble piece of legislation. As president, I will fight for it and I hope many of you will be with me when I sign it.”

by Andy Towlereply 910/04/2015

Why didn't she author it when she was in the Senate?

by Andy Towlereply 1010/04/2015

Hillary is a vote whore. She'll say anything to get votes, but has done little to make anyone think that she's telling the truth.

by Andy Towlereply 1110/04/2015

[quote] Hillary is a vote whore. She'll say anything to get votes, but has done little to make anyone think that she's telling the truth.

She is a serial liar who has been on both sides of every single issue.

by Andy Towlereply 12Last Tuesday at 8:14 PM

‘We’ - maybe she means it?

by Andy Towlereply 13Last Tuesday at 8:26 PM

This thread is so old

by Andy Towlereply 14Last Tuesday at 8:40 PM

If public opinion turned against gay marriage tomorrow so would she.

by Andy Towlereply 15Last Tuesday at 8:50 PM

R15 No she wouldn't turn against, her position would just "evolve."

by Andy Towlereply 16Last Tuesday at 8:57 PM

Russian/Trump bots are STILL running against Hillary. Is this what you do to pass the time when the "billionaire's" campaign is out of money?

by Andy Towlereply 17Last Tuesday at 9:07 PM
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