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HOT! HOT! HOT!!! Men In Exercise Wear!

We pay for these gym memberships not only for our health but to look good too!

Have y'all seen the clothing at Modells, Reebok, or Paragon, lately? That shit is hot! Straight boys as well as the gay boys are buying it too!

This thread is for showing men in HOT exercise gear! Post your pics! Comment on your likes! Rip apart your dislikes! What's too gay! Or, what's not gay enough!

Let's show pics of men in HOT exercise gear!!!

by OPreply 60012/06/2015

I am seeing a lot of straight guys wearing this.

by OPreply 104/28/2015

They wouldn't make this stuff unless SOMEBODY was buyin'

by OPreply 204/28/2015

Now... can someone tell me who is honestly buying these? I'm quite serious...

by OPreply 304/28/2015

I'd love to see that on a guy

by OPreply 404/28/2015

A LOT of men are now wearing leggings to the gym.

by OPreply 504/28/2015

Weird. You used to see a lot of skin. Now it's form fitting clothing.

by OPreply 604/28/2015

[quote]Weird. You used to see a lot of skin. Now it's form fitting clothing.

Yup! Especially here in NYC.

by OPreply 704/28/2015

Now, quite standard... and the color too, unfortunately.

by OPreply 804/28/2015


by OPreply 904/28/2015

I love looking at guy's asses SO MUCH I COULD DIE!

by OPreply 1004/28/2015

I AM seeing much more like this in the gym.

by OPreply 1104/28/2015

You will see dress like this AND guys like this, (at least where I know), NYSC, Newark NJ.

by OPreply 1204/28/2015

This is not as common. What I'm seeing is guys wearing the long basketball shorts over the compression short. Even older guys are now wearing compression shorts.

by OPreply 1304/28/2015

You do see a lot of guys in tights at Cross Fit.

by OPreply 1404/28/2015

I haven't seen guys running in prints like these tights, but this looks as if it's where the Google office is in NYC. Maybe over there.

by OPreply 1504/28/2015

13 of 16 posts in the thread (now 13 of 17) are by OP. Someone, please, RESPOND!!

by OPreply 1604/28/2015

OK, R16, I'll jump in and respond to the OP.

There are few trainers at my gym who wear tights. The two I'm thinking of specifically are both built and jacked. Other than that, no one else does. It's all gym shorts of varying lengths.

You've got to be really confident in your body to wear these.

by OPreply 1704/28/2015

I love Under Armour bros

by OPreply 1804/29/2015

These men are HOT

by OPreply 1904/29/2015

I only see fat old guys spilling out of their under armour tops at my gym.

by OPreply 2004/29/2015

[quote]I only see fat old guys spilling out of their under armour tops at my gym.

And while it's only my opinion, I'd say that's okay. At least they're confident enough to wear it and they're in the gym trying to do something about it!

A lot of this has to do with the new fabrics but also how workout clothing gear companies are making and marketing their new products.

by OPreply 2104/29/2015

Find a new gym, r20. The UA Bros at my gym are buff and hot

by OPreply 2204/29/2015

This thread is instant orgasm!

by OPreply 2304/29/2015

New York Health and Racquet on Park Ave South pulls in a bunch of these guys. They are in their late 20s, early 30s…work nearby at Credit Suisse and obviously were jocks in college. Their bodies are just…sick.

And they wear the athletic leggings big time.

by OPreply 2404/29/2015

AND... I'm seeing more and more.... MUSCLE SLUT SHIRTS!!! least at various Equinox gyms.

by OPreply 2504/29/2015

Do you have OCD, OP?

by OPreply 2604/29/2015

They should wear capes with the tights. That would be the next logical step for this ridiculous fad.

by OPreply 2704/29/2015

Not at all R26. Those topics that I have an interest in, I engage in. Those that I do not I simply just skip.

by OPreply 2804/29/2015

R25, is a tank top, not a muscle slut shirt

by OPreply 2904/29/2015

R24, we want pics, bro!

by OPreply 3004/29/2015


by OPreply 3104/29/2015

Body Engineers. Italian line sports line.

by OPreply 3204/29/2015

Body Engineers, again. Italian sports line.

by OPreply 3304/29/2015

This shit's so fuckin gay, brah

by OPreply 3404/29/2015

I'd rather see skin than plastic.

by OPreply 3504/29/2015

In the past, these were the type of clothes you would only see on people walking down Commercial Street in Ptown, or in the Castro.

by OPreply 3604/29/2015

It really is a completely gay aesthetic. Do these guys realize that?

by OPreply 3704/29/2015

R37 most of fashion male or female is a gay aesthetic. If left to its own devices the straight world would be unattractive, even more poorly dressed, lacking in beauty and style.

by OPreply 3804/29/2015

It always made me laugh how the most clueless, homophobic and style-free douchebags go for the gayest clothes. Gays and douchebros are now essentially becoming one and the same. You just can't say gay men have good taste anymore.

by OPreply 3904/29/2015

This cut length workout short is now making a comeback. So far, I've only found this particular short in black or very dark blue.

by OPreply 4004/29/2015

[quote]This shit's so fuckin gay, brah

I guess Adidas has a lot of us working in the design department then.

by OPreply 4104/29/2015

R40 = HOT! HOT! HOT!!! (at long last).

by OPreply 4204/29/2015

From "The Green Arrow" collection, R41.

Where's the crossbows and magic hammers?

by OPreply 4304/29/2015

I still hate these long shorts.

by OPreply 4404/29/2015

Sorry, R44, but I am NOT looking at his shorts.

by OPreply 4504/29/2015

R39, dudebros look hot in it, so I approve, man!

by OPreply 4604/29/2015

The pants look comfortable but hot! Although they remind me of the thickness and quality of early Nautica stuff when David Chu was doing the designs.

by OPreply 4704/29/2015

The man in R47 is Logan Franklin (talk about HOT! HOT! HOT!!!)

by OPreply 4804/29/2015

Some discussion and then back to the pics:

Men Wearing Tights/Spandex at the Gym What is your opinion about it? Does it look good or awkward?


-If I wear spandex/tights I wear shorts over them. Ain't nobody want to see that bulge.

-No Bueno...Let the FEmales wear spandex yo.

-Only Kai Greene can off off that look imo.

-Looks better than jeans or cargo pants, whatever you're more comfortable working out in brah.

-chit is comfortable as phuuuuuuuuck

-If I had quads of peace I would rock em all day. plus, females mirin dat dere bulge even if they pretend they aren't.

-Considering buying, looks comfy as chit. Any female opinions?

-Do my Quad day in them. Ain't nothing better then that feeling.

-Get some. Just wear shorts over them and no one will care.

-Compression underwear is comfy as phuck, I could imagine these would be as well. However, I will not be wearing these to the gym. Prolly would wear shorts over top like previously stated.

Taken from

by OPreply 4904/29/2015

Actually, it's football and basketball players that first made it acceptable for dudes to wear tights and Under Armour in the gym and on the court. Dudes in the gym are just following athletes in fashion trends. Football players and basketball players make it safe for dudes to wear previously risque or suspect clothing. They masculinize it and make it seem "cool." So, whereas a decade ago, dudes wearing tights was seen as "effeminate" or "weird," athletes transformed it into "masculine" or "cool." It's dudely now.

by OPreply 5004/29/2015

Nice yoga pants...

by OPreply 5104/29/2015

I've seen this more in Miami

by OPreply 5204/29/2015

r51, men in yoga pants is still a European thing. That is going too far for American dudes.

by OPreply 5304/29/2015

This is becoming more typical.

by OPreply 5404/29/2015

That looks like normal gymwear, R54. I find it much hotter than the so-called HOT! HOT! HOT!!! stuff the OP wants us to worship.

by OPreply 5504/29/2015

I don't know R53. More men are getting into Yoga. In my class I've gone from one to one of five on a regular basis. I think that 3 of the guys are brought to class by their girlfriends.

by OPreply 5604/29/2015


by OPreply 5704/29/2015

I guarantee once straight men get wind that gay male fashionistas are fetishizing them in their tights and using it as jerk off material they'll drop it like a hot potato, much like speedos, jock straps and short gym/basketball shorts.

by OPreply 5804/29/2015

I swear... I'd like to see this at least once in a gym. It's sexy but who are buying and where are they wearing it?

by OPreply 5904/30/2015

[quote]I guarantee once straight men get wind that gay male fashionistas are fetishizing them in their tights and using it as jerk off material they'll drop it like a hot potato, much like speedos, jock straps and short gym/basketball shorts.

But what about the long basketball shorts?

by OPreply 6004/30/2015

Nice shorts.

by OPreply 6104/30/2015

If ya can get away with it...

by OPreply 6204/30/2015

OP would like the pervy stylings of Slick It Up, which is who probably did the leggings in his pic.

It's fetish wear designed by a perv for exhibitionists to wear at the gym, not legit athletic apparel.

by OPreply 6304/30/2015

Any straight guy who wears these and doesn't expect to be ogled...

by OPreply 6404/30/2015

Gym strip

by OPreply 6504/30/2015

That pic of Chris Hemworth is not evidence of mainstream popularity of short shorts. He was in a comedic skit, dressed in such a manner to elicit laughs. He is illustrating something perceived as ridiculous, weird, non-mainstream.

by OPreply 6604/30/2015

Most dudes who where stuff like that are exhibitionists and likely bisexuals...

by OPreply 6704/30/2015

[quote]Most dudes who where stuff like that are exhibitionists

Ya think?

Compression shirt and jockstrap

by OPreply 6804/30/2015

Tim McGraw

by OPreply 6905/01/2015

Simeon Panda

by OPreply 7005/01/2015

Exhibitionist males are not necessarily bisexual. They get off on showing off, but usually don't care much about the object. They are focused on being showcased, having an audience. They don't care about the demographics of the audience, just that people are watching and think they are hot. They are not attracted to the person watching per se, just that they are desired.

by OPreply 7105/01/2015

WOW! R70!!! To see that and this in the locker room!

by OPreply 7205/01/2015

Running shorts are back in some places. I see it mostly in Florida--South Beach...I know.

But, this is one thing that I have noticed in the locker room here in NYC. Straight guys are so consumed with people looking at their bulge or trying to "hide" their dick, then why do they not wear any type of underwear or support under their shorts when they change into their gym shorts?

Their dicks are bouncing and jiggling all over the place.

by OPreply 7305/01/2015

This thread makes me want to squirt my baby batter.

by OPreply 7405/01/2015

Enough said...

by OPreply 7505/01/2015

Adidas reconfigured.

by OPreply 7605/01/2015

Jocks always work!

by OPreply 7705/01/2015

Underwear can be the best gear.

by OPreply 7805/01/2015

Probably the BEST exercise you can do! Of course...while wearing compression shorts!

by OPreply 7905/01/2015

I like it...

by OPreply 8005/01/2015

R73, that is not the norm, to put it lightly. I never have seen anyone like that at the gym or in public

by OPreply 8105/01/2015


by OPreply 8205/01/2015

Okay... this IS very super heroish...

by OPreply 8305/01/2015


by OPreply 8405/04/2015

R77 wins.

R73, they're straight. Right.

R76, that's Nike, not Adidas (which I pronounced ah'-dee-DAHS for the longest time as a child).

by OPreply 8505/04/2015

Men in tights!

by OPreply 8605/04/2015

Nice shorts.

by OPreply 8705/04/2015

Compression leggings

by OPreply 8805/04/2015

It's amazing how many dudes are wearing Super Hero compression shirts in the gym.

by OPreply 8905/05/2015

These guys work awful hard to blow themselves up like a poisoned dog.

by OPreply 9005/05/2015

I can only go by my experiences R81, but I'm seeing A LOT of this!

by OPreply 9105/05/2015

I have seen this tank at the gym.

by OPreply 9205/05/2015

What Compression Gear Will And Won't (Mostly Won't) Do For You

Manufacturers of compression apparel want customers to feel that way. Adidas tells me its Techfit "focuses your muscles' energy to generate maximum explosive power, acceleration and long-term endurance." Under Armour says its leggings "deliver increased power and stamina."

Enough people believed these claims to make sales of compression gear jump 170 percent from 2008 to 2010, giving it a 5 percent share of the sports apparel market, according to a recent consumer-research report. Customers are willing to pay a premium for the squeeze; according to the same report, retail margins for compression gear are 46 percent, compared to 43 percent for regular athletic clothing.

by OPreply 9305/05/2015

A little color...

by OPreply 9405/05/2015

All about the butt...

by OPreply 9505/05/2015

Helping jock straps make a come back in a BIG way!

by OPreply 9605/05/2015


by OPreply 9705/06/2015


by OPreply 9805/06/2015

More tights.

by OPreply 9905/07/2015

American men never wore speedos to start. Exercise wear is made popular by big sport athletes. That determines men's fashion today. Dudes want to emulate athletes

by OPreply 10005/07/2015

Yep, if you can get popular athletes to wear something, American men will wear it. Athletes transform clothing into something masculine and cool amongst mainstream males.

by OPreply 10105/07/2015

dang bros!

by OPreply 10205/08/2015

More, and more, muscle slut shirts.

by OPreply 10305/11/2015

How sexy...

by OPreply 10405/11/2015

It's still exercise clothing...

by OPreply 10505/11/2015

HOORAY! for the return of shorts!

by OPreply 10605/11/2015


by OPreply 10705/11/2015

Actually saw something like this, and the guy too but it's not him, at Steel Gym, NYC.

by OPreply 10805/11/2015

See a lot of this now--many times minus the helmet.

by OPreply 10905/11/2015

Suuuure... you're practicing posing, gurl...

by OPreply 11005/11/2015

Pretty common now in the gym

by OPreply 11105/11/2015

Tights bro

by OPreply 11205/11/2015

Men in lycra!

by OPreply 11305/12/2015

This thread reminds just how lucky we are to be young at this time. If you look at old pics and tv shows, you notice there weren't a lot of hot, buff dudes around. Even the action pictures and all-male pics before 1985 rarely had truly buff and muscular dudes in them. Now, I walk down the street and see legions of buff, jacked dudes in form-fitting shirts everywhere. And my gym looks like a Men's Fitness convention.

by OPreply 11405/12/2015

See the jock? See the jock? See the jock???

by OPreply 11505/12/2015

Tirrel Grant

by OPreply 11605/12/2015


by OPreply 11705/13/2015

Singlet from the back!

by OPreply 11805/13/2015

Short, shorts!

by OPreply 11905/13/2015


by OPreply 12005/13/2015

Gym/Day wear.

by OPreply 12105/13/2015

Raciel Castro

by OPreply 12205/13/2015

Dylan Drive

by OPreply 12305/13/2015

Proper stretching

by OPreply 12405/14/2015

Come train with us...

by OPreply 12505/17/2015


by OPreply 12605/17/2015

More glutes!

by OPreply 12705/17/2015

When you have to pee...

by OPreply 12805/17/2015

I like it...

by OPreply 12905/17/2015


by OPreply 13005/17/2015


by OPreply 13105/29/2015


by OPreply 13205/29/2015

Jesus Fucking Christ, R132. Do you have obsessive compulsive disorder, or is trolldar yellow your favorite color?

by OPreply 13305/29/2015

So hot, bro!

by OPreply 13406/09/2015

My new work out outfit

by OPreply 13506/09/2015

Ya gotta expose it in order to see what you need to work on!

by OPreply 13606/12/2015

That's hoochie bro wear, r136

by OPreply 13706/12/2015

Nice stuff.

by OPreply 13806/12/2015

You don't do this for nothing...

by OPreply 13906/12/2015

Those arms, bro!

by OPreply 14006/12/2015

White tights

by OPreply 14106/12/2015

White tights

by OPreply 14206/13/2015

Armour wear

by OPreply 14306/13/2015

lol, I have to laugh at the first photo, nice body yes, but that's just too stupid!

by OPreply 14406/14/2015

Nice legs...

by OPreply 14506/14/2015

R114 is absolutely right.

by OPreply 14606/14/2015

Tights bro!

by OPreply 14706/17/2015


by OPreply 14806/24/2015


by OPreply 14906/27/2015

So many so hot men I couldn't pick one and why should I. I want them all!

by OPreply 15006/27/2015

Dudes are wearing this in the gym these days. How is this considered decent for public spaces?

by OPreply 15107/12/2015

As someone who is in the gym 5 or 6 days a week, I can assure R151 NO ONE is wearing that shit as outer wear in public, except in R151's fantasies.

Under baggy shorts, yes. Alone, oh hell no!

by OPreply 15207/13/2015

R152, you must not live in DC. I see dudes wearing the shorter version of those compression shorts alone in the gym. You need to get out of Texarkana, dude.

by OPreply 15307/13/2015

You are so full of shit, R153. I've been to gyms in NYC, Philly, Chicago. LA and gay gyms in gay meccas like Ptown and Palm Springs, all within the last 6 months, and haven't seen anybody in one of those get ups. You need to get your head of your ass, dude.

by OPreply 15407/13/2015

r154, maybe you pick the wrong gyms. A lot of the photos on here and other threads are of dudes wearing such clothing in public gyms and spaces.

by OPreply 15507/13/2015

blue dude

by OPreply 15607/14/2015

r154, perhaps you choose the conservative or boring gyms, but I see guys in compression Under Armour shorts and tights here in Winston-Salem. I travel a lot and see guys wearing the same throughout the country. This gif proves they are wearing it in the gym.

by OPreply 15707/14/2015

another dude in the gym

by OPreply 15807/14/2015

dude in the gym

by OPreply 15907/14/2015

dude in gym

by OPreply 16007/14/2015

another dude in gym

by OPreply 16107/14/2015

jump rope

by OPreply 16207/14/2015

in the gym

by OPreply 16307/14/2015

in the gym

by OPreply 16407/14/2015

also in the gym

by OPreply 16507/14/2015


by OPreply 16607/14/2015

bench press

by OPreply 16707/14/2015


by OPreply 16807/14/2015


by OPreply 16907/14/2015

I also see a lot of guys on the streets running in micro compression shorts.

by OPreply 17007/14/2015

white tights

by OPreply 17107/17/2015


by OPreply 17207/17/2015

gym bro

by OPreply 17307/18/2015


You know it daddy!

by OPreply 17407/18/2015

hot, man!

by OPreply 17507/20/2015

best thread ever, dude!

by OPreply 17607/21/2015

Thank you Nike for these!

by OPreply 17707/22/2015


by OPreply 17807/23/2015

like two big hams

by OPreply 17908/01/2015

So very hot, bro.

by OPreply 18008/04/2015

It's bizarre how straight men are all for showing off legs and ass these days.. And for whom? What for? It's not as if women have any clue what to do with it..

by OPreply 18108/04/2015

I don't know about that 181. Women like a great ass on a dude. I have a str8 buddy who's gotten to wearing those tight spandex pants. He even said they make my ass look great. I just looked at him ( he knows i'm gay) and said you do realize just how gay that sounds? We had a good laugh about it and i certainly don't mind looking at it myself.

by OPreply 18208/04/2015

Smith Machine

by OPreply 18308/05/2015


by OPreply 18408/05/2015

super hero

by OPreply 18508/05/2015

Captain America

by OPreply 18608/05/2015

Who is that Captain America? More pics?

by OPreply 18708/05/2015

I have definitely appreciated the trend of dudes showing up at the gtm in those tight pants. Seen more and more of that at my gym in the last couple of years.. Don't know what sparked the trend but i'm certainly not complaining about it. Doesn't leave much to the imagination.

by OPreply 18808/05/2015


by OPreply 18908/05/2015


by OPreply 19008/05/2015

hot white

by OPreply 19108/05/2015

red high tops

by OPreply 19208/05/2015


by OPreply 19308/05/2015

what a sight

by OPreply 19408/05/2015


by OPreply 19508/05/2015


by OPreply 19608/05/2015


by OPreply 19708/05/2015


by OPreply 19808/05/2015


by OPreply 19908/06/2015

every angle

by OPreply 20008/06/2015

flex bro

by OPreply 20108/06/2015

These dudes inspire me to hit the gym harder than ever! Incredible!

by OPreply 20208/06/2015

come to my gym, bro

by OPreply 20308/06/2015

bench stud

by OPreply 20408/06/2015

blue Under Armour

by OPreply 20508/06/2015

leg press bro

by OPreply 20608/06/2015

four bros

by OPreply 20708/07/2015

r203, I want that guy in my BED, forget the gym!

by OPreply 20808/07/2015

big boy

by OPreply 20908/07/2015

Looking good feeling gorgeous

by OPreply 21008/07/2015

selfie bro

by OPreply 21108/10/2015

These guys are so hot!

by OPreply 21208/10/2015

Yes, hottest thread ever. I love going to the gym these days. Nothing but big buff dudes wearing Under Armour fitted shirts and leggings trying to out flex each other.

by OPreply 21308/10/2015

come to my gym, dude

by OPreply 21408/10/2015

yellow shoes

by OPreply 21508/10/2015


by OPreply 21608/10/2015

muscles everywhere

by OPreply 21708/10/2015


by OPreply 21808/10/2015

so much butt

by OPreply 21908/10/2015

pornographic gyms

by OPreply 22008/10/2015


by OPreply 22108/10/2015

Roger Snopes

by OPreply 22208/10/2015

yeah bro

by OPreply 22308/10/2015

all four of them

by OPreply 22408/10/2015

Oh my, R224! That's some pretty shmeckle on display...

by OPreply 22508/10/2015

This is why I stay in the gym for three hours

by OPreply 22608/10/2015

I love the show offs in the gym. There is just that personality type that likes showing off their bod no matter if it's to women or other dudes. Just don't date one of DOES get annoying after a while.. But i'll enjoy the eye candy with the the type.

by OPreply 22708/10/2015

I need to find where this person works out.

by OPreply 22808/11/2015

R228 looks like butt implants

by OPreply 22908/11/2015

good ones

by OPreply 23008/11/2015

so very hot

by OPreply 23108/12/2015

Tight also are good for cold weather. You can put them under your regular pants and not even feel the cold.

by OPreply 23208/18/2015

more pics!

by OPreply 23308/19/2015

Simple gear, but oh so hot

by OPreply 23408/20/2015

This tread is making me horny. One of the best incentives to go to the gym was the hot guys.

by OPreply 23508/20/2015

R234 is the protype of the kind of dude I am seeking. Hot buff all-American wholesome jock bro. Nothing finer

by OPreply 23608/20/2015

This thread inspires me to work out every day

by OPreply 23708/20/2015

Core training

by OPreply 23808/20/2015

Abs on fire

by OPreply 23908/20/2015

I wanna join his gym

by OPreply 24008/20/2015


by OPreply 24108/21/2015

This thread is almost too hot!! R234 is such a delicious looking, R240 alpha and R241 so hot.

by OPreply 24208/21/2015

DAYUM r241!

by OPreply 24308/21/2015

The dudetights craze seems to be a way for men to wear the equivalent of yoga pants but still be masculine.

by OPreply 24408/22/2015

Please identify r241. He has to be a model

by OPreply 24508/22/2015

This is the hottest thread ever. Unreal how hot these dudes are.

by OPreply 24608/24/2015

This thread makes me work out

by OPreply 24708/24/2015

Nike Pro

by OPreply 24808/25/2015

Nike Pro

by OPreply 24908/27/2015


by OPreply 25008/28/2015

shirt lifter

by OPreply 25108/29/2015

R251 Alpha male. He could lift me to bed anytime he likes.

by OPreply 25208/29/2015

I need to take more creatine, bros

by OPreply 25308/29/2015

Very personal training

by OPreply 25408/29/2015


by OPreply 25508/29/2015

This thread is almost unbearably HOT.

by OPreply 25608/31/2015

gym time!

by OPreply 25708/31/2015


by OPreply 25808/31/2015


by OPreply 25908/31/2015


by OPreply 26008/31/2015


by OPreply 26109/01/2015


by OPreply 26209/01/2015

Find more spandex shorts muscle dude pics

by OPreply 26309/01/2015

Just wow bro

by OPreply 26409/01/2015


by OPreply 26509/01/2015

I love Bruthas4Bruthas

by OPreply 26609/02/2015

Mad hot, yo

by OPreply 26709/02/2015

Dante Franklin

by OPreply 26809/03/2015

Dante is boss

by OPreply 26909/05/2015

Most of these men juice. LOL.

by OPreply 27009/05/2015

Who cares, r270. They are hot dudes.

by OPreply 27109/07/2015

Sure R271. Sure.

by OPreply 27209/07/2015

You know, people actually work out and eat fit. And you know what else, it tends to make them have hot bodies. Just because you are too lazy to work out and eat well does not mean others are not. Don't be jealous, dude.

by OPreply 27309/08/2015

A lot of non-hot dudes are jealous of hot Guys

by OPreply 27409/08/2015


by OPreply 27509/08/2015


by OPreply 27609/09/2015

Ready to work out

by OPreply 27709/09/2015

Grey buns

by OPreply 27809/09/2015


by OPreply 27909/09/2015

I need stock in Under Armour

by OPreply 28009/09/2015


by OPreply 28109/09/2015


by OPreply 28209/09/2015

Nice socks

by OPreply 28309/09/2015


by OPreply 28409/10/2015

Emiliano is mine

by OPreply 28509/10/2015

So much hotter than porn

by OPreply 28609/10/2015


by OPreply 28709/11/2015

Leg day

by OPreply 28809/11/2015

Phat butt

by OPreply 28909/11/2015


by OPreply 29009/12/2015

Blue Man

by OPreply 29109/12/2015


by OPreply 29209/12/2015

So much fantasy material here. Unreal.

by OPreply 29309/14/2015

GRRR... "come to my house of pain"!

by OPreply 29409/14/2015

Hmm... discuss...

by OPreply 29509/14/2015

Let me work under R287

by OPreply 29609/14/2015

So... where is this gym?

by OPreply 29709/14/2015

Another guy wearing R260's tights

by OPreply 29809/14/2015

yeah, bro!

by OPreply 29909/15/2015

It must be a Los Angeles thing...

by OPreply 30009/15/2015

Is the message clear?

by OPreply 30109/15/2015


by OPreply 30209/15/2015


by OPreply 30309/15/2015

The BEST workout wear!

by OPreply 30409/15/2015

Wow! Who dat, bro?

by OPreply 30509/18/2015

How many gay designers work at Under Amour or Nike Pro?

by OPreply 30609/18/2015

Who knows, man

by OPreply 30709/18/2015

[quote]"How many gay designers work at Under Amour or Nike Pro?"

You know... that's actually a very good question.

Jehovah's Witness Leader Lets Loose on Tight Attire From 'Homosexual Designers'

A member of the church's Governing Body proscribed tight-fitting attire for both men and women and suggested that gay fashion designers were to blame for the "metrosexual" look for men.

A Jehovah’s Witness leader this weekend blamed gay fashion designers for what he considers immodest attire, ranting against tight pants and suggesting that the “metrosexual look” was engineered by gay fashion designers.

Anthony Morris III, a member of the Governing Body of Jehovah’s Witnesses, let loose on tight-fitting attire for women and men during a meeting for the church’s U.S. branch Saturday, reports JW Survey, a website for dissident Witnesses and former Witnesses.

Here are some highlights from Morris’s rant:

“Worldly women … even some of our sisters now … what it is is this spanx, this skin-tight stuff they wear ... when they exercise. They leave their home and they’re jogging in this stuff … is that appropriate? To wear skin-tight spanx, or whatever they call it? It’s not modest … It’s really not appropriate….

“For these young fellas … it’s the metrosexual look … Metrosexual — that’s the tight suit jacket and the tight pants … and they are tight, I mean tight, all the way down to the ankles and that is not modest, brothers …

“This is a fact. The homosexuals that are designing these clothes—they like you in tight pants. That’s who likes it — not spiritual people.”

by OPreply 30809/18/2015

Not really

by OPreply 30909/18/2015

What the heck is this?

by OPreply 31009/18/2015

Corey Upton

by OPreply 31109/19/2015

Alain Petriz

by OPreply 31209/20/2015

R311 what does that link have to do with exercise wear? FF

by OPreply 31309/20/2015

Yeah dude

by OPreply 31409/20/2015


by OPreply 31509/20/2015

Important to color coordinate!

by OPreply 31609/20/2015

I need to buy some UA tights this fall, bro!

by OPreply 31709/21/2015

Can't get much hotter than this and still meet the requirements of this thread.

by OPreply 31809/21/2015

One of these pics is very much not like the others.

by OPreply 31909/21/2015

Weight lifter?

by OPreply 32009/22/2015

Look better naked?

by OPreply 32109/22/2015

It's all about the butt.

by OPreply 32209/22/2015

Off to the gym...

by OPreply 32309/22/2015

Huge thighs!

by OPreply 32409/23/2015

Up, down, up, down...

by OPreply 32509/23/2015

Shorty shorts!

by OPreply 32609/23/2015

This will build a butt!

by OPreply 32709/23/2015

nice bro

by OPreply 32809/24/2015

Shaun T

by OPreply 32909/24/2015

Jim Walker

by OPreply 33009/25/2015

Bubble butt

by OPreply 33109/25/2015

Proof that you don't have to wear tight gear if you have a hot bod

by OPreply 33209/25/2015

Strecth my man pussy!!! Fuck me!!!!!!

by OPreply 33309/25/2015

Ewwwww r333

by OPreply 33409/25/2015


by OPreply 33509/26/2015

Oops, amazing!

by OPreply 33609/26/2015

Old school gear. Still can be sexy and hot

by OPreply 33709/26/2015


by OPreply 33809/26/2015

Lee Patton Menswear

by OPreply 33909/26/2015

I wish I could take pics of the dudes at my gym.

by OPreply 34009/28/2015

Do most gyms have a no photo policy? Mine allows for selfies, but if they catch you taking photos of other members (or other member's members I suppose), you can have your membership revoked without reimbursement.

by OPreply 34109/28/2015

And this guy claims to be straight!

by OPreply 34209/28/2015

Practicing thrusts...

by OPreply 34309/28/2015

Ya got it? SHOW IT!

by OPreply 34409/28/2015

Nice tights!

by OPreply 34509/29/2015

Those tights in action!

by OPreply 34609/29/2015

Hiking wear... and yes, I have actually seen a group of guys like this.

by OPreply 34709/29/2015

I've seen a guy wear this exact gear in my gym. I suppose he felt self-conscious about it and never wore it again, but what a difference 5 or 6 months make! A lot of the guys are now wearing compression clothing--Equinox.

by OPreply 34809/29/2015

R347 Where? Such an alpha!

by OPreply 34909/29/2015

[quote]Where? Such an alpha!

Two places. I saw a troop while hiking in the Los Angeles area and another one in New Jersey too. Nope! It wasn't a photo shoot or some porn whatever. I don't remember them being navy seals, but they were indeed soldiers and it was sometype of exercise of where they had to carry some huge load for miles. Most of them were stripped down to their underwear like the guy in the image. Of course most weren't as fit as he is, but they were far from being bad!

[quote]Do most gyms have a no photo policy? Mine allows for selfies

Most gyms have a no cell phone policy. You'll notice that a lot of these images show the person in the Locker Room by themselves. Some gyms are now allowing photo taking on the floor. If no one complains I suppose there is no harm.

by OPreply 35009/29/2015

R350 Thanks, sure eye candy to see.

by OPreply 35109/29/2015

Hot Marine

by OPreply 35209/29/2015

Stuart Reardon

by OPreply 35309/30/2015

David McIntosh

by OPreply 35409/30/2015


by OPreply 35510/03/2015

You are not supposed to use cell phones in my gym lockerroom, but people are always in the mirrors taking selfies. A dude even asked me to take his shirtless selfie in the lockerroom

by OPreply 35610/03/2015


by OPreply 35710/04/2015

I know the gym is about getting fit and not looking hot, but I'm still curious in what clothes everyone likes to workout? Underarmor? Tanks? Slashed up old "Ace of Base" tee shirts? How about under your shorts? Jocks? Compression shorts? Your favorite Incredible Hunk tighty whitey?

-I belong to 2 gyms. One's mostly straight, the other about 1/2 gay. You wouldn't think so but the straight club is where everybody wears the latest Underarmor color-coordinated to match their gym shoes. At the more gay club people wear absolutely anything from old Ts to compression shirts. When I pack my gym bag in the morning I have to pre-determine which one I'm going to.

-Workout wear. Usually Nike DryFit. Anything that wicks away the sweat, but as my bf can attest I have a weakness for anything Livestrong or with some kinda running logo/slogan/verbage across the front.

-Usually, I'm completely decked out in Under Armour. They keep me the driest when I'm sweating profusely.

-I wear Under Armour, and a nice sexy Jockstrap to show off when I hit the showers.

-a gold lame blouse and a fuchsia mini skirt with black mesh stockings.

-Jockstrap, running shorts and sleeveless poly tees at the gym. Usually just stuff I buy at Target, decent but not so costly that it's gonna make me cry if I tear it up on a trail (go ass over heels a few times and you will)

-Typically a jockstrap, and nylon/poly shorts and shirts that don't get soaked in sweat.

by OPreply 35810/05/2015

5 Ways You Know Your Gym Is Gay

I belong to a pretty posh gym in New York City. How do I know it’s posh? Well, there is the outrageous amount of money I pay each month. Then there are things people say about it such as “it’s like a spa gym!” and “I would rather shower at the gym than at home” or “my boyfriend always asks me to take empty containers to load up on the free Kiehl’s products.” It’s bougie, okay? And everyone knows it.

It might be easy to pick out a fancy-ass gym simply by its price tag, but figuring out whether you go to a gay gym is not much more difficult. And knowing whether you belong to a gay gym is imperative for everyone. Why? Because you’re wasting your time if you’re not at one. Have you looked at a gay man lately? Where do they get those abs!? Their gay gym is where they get those abs. Here are some tips to help you find one:


Gays have money. It’s generally a fact. And if gays don’t have money, they have friends with money, or enormous credit card debt, or rich families in middle America who think they just haven’t found the right woman yet. If your gym is the most, or one of the most, expensive gyms in your area you’re on your way to amazing abs… because your gay gym friends will accept nothing less.


I’ll just get this one out of the way early because it plays into all our stereotypes. If you walk into the stone and granite sauna of your gym and the ONLY two men are sitting next to one another and have to strategically put their hands over towels when you enter then you are at a gay gym.


People who actually need the gym do not want many mirrors. It’s like a constant reminder that you’re still fat. We gays like to check ourselves out on a regular basis. We’re kind of like peacocks: we’re pretty self-confident and are just there to make sure our feathers still look fabulous for our eternal mating season.


This is a phenomenon in urban gay circles thanks to such wonderful inventions as Grindr, Jack’d, Scruff, and a host of other “online dating” tools. It is a slam dunk sign if it comes out awkwardly that torso recognition was the impetus for starting a conversation rather than facial recognition.


Only gay men and straight women know what this seemingly general phrase means. It is not any “product” of the shelf at your local Walmart. Please. The term encompasses such products as high-end anti-wrinkle cream, organic skin toner, and charcoal face masks. If you see any skin product that you cannot find at a CVS, Duane Reade, or Rite-Aid in the men’s locker room, you are definitively at a gay gym.

by OPreply 35910/05/2015


by OPreply 36010/05/2015


by OPreply 36110/05/2015

Mickey Rourke--Hotness is a matter of opinion...

by OPreply 36210/05/2015


by OPreply 36310/05/2015

Shia LeBeouf

by OPreply 36410/05/2015

Traditional gear.

by OPreply 36510/07/2015

Cycling suit

by OPreply 36610/07/2015

The training manager?

by OPreply 36710/08/2015

They wouldn't make them if people weren't buying!

by OPreply 36810/08/2015


by OPreply 36910/08/2015


by OPreply 37010/08/2015

R11, that guy is so cute - thx for posting!

by OPreply 37110/08/2015

Sexy. Look at that ass...

by OPreply 37210/08/2015

Biking wear

by OPreply 37310/09/2015

I have to say that this thread has given me some oomph to workout harder. I don't think that I would wear most of this stuff to my gym--although it's all sexy as all hell, I wouldn't mind having these type of bodies, or as near as possible as I can get to them.

by OPreply 37410/09/2015

Big boy...

by OPreply 37510/10/2015

Under Armour, thank you!!!

by OPreply 37610/10/2015

The Rock

by OPreply 37710/11/2015

Modern sweats

by OPreply 37810/12/2015

Fess up! Who else is seeing guys in tights?

by OPreply 37910/12/2015


by OPreply 38010/12/2015

In action!

by OPreply 38110/12/2015


by OPreply 38210/12/2015

Becoming more common!

by OPreply 38310/12/2015

Old school

by OPreply 38410/13/2015

Green Ball

by OPreply 38510/15/2015

R385 Men sitting their legs wide open are hot!

by OPreply 38610/15/2015


by OPreply 38710/15/2015

Where are these guys?

by OPreply 38810/16/2015


by OPreply 38910/16/2015

Works for me!

by OPreply 39010/16/2015

Yass, honey!!!!

by OPreply 39110/16/2015

Jong Moon ‏@Moon_Man215 Oct 2

This dude wearing a captain America onesie tights to the gym I'm done

by OPreply 39210/16/2015


by OPreply 39310/18/2015


by OPreply 39410/18/2015

Shorts are back!

by OPreply 39510/18/2015


by OPreply 39610/18/2015

Compression shorts

by OPreply 39710/18/2015

The importance of squats...

by OPreply 39810/18/2015

Well... he's wearing somthing...

by OPreply 39910/18/2015

Underwear! Always hot!!!!

by OPreply 40010/18/2015

This thread keeps me coming back to DL.

by OPreply 40110/19/2015

More butt work

by OPreply 40210/19/2015

I would LOVE to see this in the gym!

by OPreply 40310/19/2015

Or, even this!

by OPreply 40410/19/2015

just wow, bro

by OPreply 40510/20/2015

The oldschool, traditional clothes don't really do anything for me. It is the new, Under Armour "bro style" that is hot.

by OPreply 40610/21/2015


by OPreply 40710/21/2015

OH, R407! Spider man compression leggings!!! $60! I'm getting them!

by OPreply 40810/21/2015

hoodie bro

by OPreply 40910/22/2015


by OPreply 41010/24/2015


by OPreply 41110/24/2015


by OPreply 41210/24/2015

who dis?

by OPreply 41310/24/2015

My Protein

by OPreply 41410/24/2015

sexy back

by OPreply 41510/24/2015

Pavel Pete

by OPreply 41610/24/2015

Zach Greenfield

by OPreply 41710/24/2015

Darrell Thomas

by OPreply 41810/24/2015

Darrell Thomas should definitely puts shorts on over those white tights when he wears them in public.

by OPreply 41910/24/2015

front and back

by OPreply 42010/24/2015


by OPreply 42110/24/2015


by OPreply 42210/24/2015


by OPreply 42310/24/2015


by OPreply 42410/24/2015


by OPreply 42510/24/2015

need a spot, bro?

by OPreply 42610/24/2015


by OPreply 42710/24/2015


by OPreply 42810/24/2015

squats orange

by OPreply 42910/24/2015

who dis?

by OPreply 43010/24/2015


by OPreply 43110/24/2015

just wow

by OPreply 43210/24/2015


by OPreply 43310/25/2015

Speedos again--Greg Nalbone

by OPreply 43410/25/2015

Well, I'm heading to the gym...

by OPreply 43510/25/2015

[quote]I need stock in Under Armour

Holy smokes!!! This is a pretty good investment!


by OPreply 43610/25/2015

[quote]So much fantasy material here. Unreal. Go to any David Barton gym in NYC and thi is pretty common. More common in some locations more than others.

by OPreply 43710/25/2015

I am not into the speedos, probably because the hot buff "gym bros" I like still strictly avoid wearing them. Yet, the American Under Armour Army wears things today that are even more suggestive and erotic than speedos.

by OPreply 43810/25/2015

Yes, Under Armour is a good stock to buy. Sales are skyrocketing, but other companies are emulating them.

by OPreply 43910/25/2015


by OPreply 44010/25/2015

just some incredibly hot bros on this thread. please post many, many more pics!

by OPreply 44110/26/2015

Mandex is now cool in the gym

by OPreply 44210/26/2015

R16 How do you know that?

by OPreply 44310/26/2015

R442 Wow, what a hunk!

by OPreply 44410/26/2015


by OPreply 44510/26/2015

dude got bubble delish

by OPreply 44610/26/2015

just wow, bro!

by OPreply 44710/27/2015


by OPreply 44810/27/2015

beefy bros

by OPreply 44910/27/2015

Edwin Acosta

by OPreply 45010/27/2015


by OPreply 45110/27/2015


by OPreply 45210/28/2015

Chase Ketron

by OPreply 45310/28/2015

Chase Ketron is boss

by OPreply 45410/29/2015


by OPreply 45510/29/2015


by OPreply 45610/29/2015

Hunter Axton

by OPreply 45710/29/2015

Jakub P

by OPreply 45810/29/2015

Denis Gusev

by OPreply 45910/29/2015

super hero

by OPreply 46010/29/2015

will you homos buy their worn gear? I know some are selling them on tumblr

by OPreply 46110/29/2015


by OPreply 46210/29/2015

white Nike

by OPreply 46310/29/2015


by OPreply 46410/29/2015


by OPreply 46510/29/2015


by OPreply 46610/30/2015

sweat pants

by OPreply 46710/31/2015

Chase Ketron is a stud

by OPreply 46810/31/2015

gym life

by OPreply 46911/01/2015


by OPreply 47011/01/2015


by OPreply 47111/01/2015


by OPreply 47211/01/2015

R467 OMG supa HOT Dayum, I bet he's hung down to his knees

by OPreply 47311/01/2015

R472 - the guy in the background's face. LOL

by OPreply 47411/01/2015


by OPreply 47511/02/2015

I am thinking about buying these Champion compression pants at Target, for only $22. Good price, and they look great.

by OPreply 47611/02/2015

Dudes like r470 are why I try to go the gym at least five times per week. If there are multiple dudes like that at the gym, sometimes I end up staying for three to five hours. So much inspiration.

by OPreply 47711/02/2015

so friggin hot

by OPreply 47811/02/2015


by OPreply 47911/02/2015

Jorge Guevara

by OPreply 48011/02/2015


Look at that butt!

by OPreply 48111/03/2015

leg day

by OPreply 48211/03/2015


by OPreply 48311/03/2015

Tree pose

by OPreply 48411/03/2015


by OPreply 48511/03/2015

Something is missing...

by OPreply 48611/03/2015

In case you missed on the GIF thread.

by OPreply 48711/03/2015


by OPreply 48811/03/2015

leg day bro

by OPreply 48911/04/2015

Pull ups!

by OPreply 49011/04/2015

R490 one big hot piece of meat

by OPreply 49111/04/2015

Arm work.

by OPreply 49211/04/2015

spot me, bro

by OPreply 49311/04/2015

Luiz Motta

by OPreply 49411/04/2015


by OPreply 49511/04/2015

I wanna date these bros

by OPreply 49611/05/2015


by OPreply 49711/05/2015

Jonas Sulzbach -Mahamudra

by OPreply 49811/05/2015

There was a thread with a shirtless jogger who was just gorgeous. He looked a bit like Jeremy Northam. I wish I saved it

by OPreply 49911/05/2015


by OPreply 50011/05/2015


by OPreply 50111/05/2015

More of r490!

by OPreply 50211/05/2015


by OPreply 50311/06/2015

more flexin

by OPreply 50411/06/2015


by OPreply 50511/06/2015


by OPreply 50611/06/2015

big boy

by OPreply 50711/06/2015


by OPreply 50811/06/2015

Adrí DaL-Ri

by OPreply 50911/06/2015

just wow

by OPreply 51011/06/2015


by OPreply 51111/07/2015

Adrian Conrad

by OPreply 51211/07/2015

James Alexander Ellis

by OPreply 51311/07/2015


by OPreply 51411/07/2015

Ballet 1

by OPreply 51511/07/2015

Ballet 2

by OPreply 51611/07/2015

Ballet 3

by OPreply 51711/07/2015


by OPreply 51811/07/2015

Just finished a 60 mile competitive ride.

by OPreply 51911/08/2015

Beauty and the Beast...

by OPreply 52011/08/2015

Apollo Nida

by OPreply 52111/08/2015

Large sizes too!!!!

by OPreply 52211/08/2015

Chadoy Leon

by OPreply 52311/08/2015

bike riding a la nude

by OPreply 52411/08/2015

Where are these gyms!

by OPreply 52511/08/2015

Compression shorts

by OPreply 52611/09/2015

Gym workout gear, NOT underwear or nudity.

by OPreply 52711/09/2015

Yeah, this is a PG-13 thread, not R/X.

by OPreply 52811/09/2015

Arran Arogundade

by OPreply 52911/09/2015

Sales of men's tights/compression pants are skyrocketing.

by OPreply 53011/09/2015

Nike Pro Combat

by OPreply 53111/09/2015


by OPreply 53211/09/2015


by OPreply 53311/09/2015

R530 everyone wearing at Equinox or Barton in NYC

by OPreply 53411/09/2015


by OPreply 53511/10/2015

Matty Rough

by OPreply 53611/11/2015

what is he doing to his shirts?

by OPreply 53711/11/2015

Sometimes shorts are the best.

by OPreply 53811/11/2015

white HOT

by OPreply 53911/11/2015

James JT

by OPreply 54011/12/2015

too bold?

by OPreply 54111/14/2015


by OPreply 54211/14/2015

Cam Newton

by OPreply 54311/15/2015

great thread

by OPreply 54411/15/2015

so very hot

by OPreply 54511/15/2015

Ulisses Williams Jr

by OPreply 54611/16/2015


by OPreply 54711/16/2015

Tim James Perry

by OPreply 54811/16/2015

hot suana

by OPreply 54911/16/2015


by OPreply 55011/16/2015

what brand of shorts are these?

by OPreply 55111/17/2015


by OPreply 55211/17/2015

R539 he's hot personal trainer Anthony Perez...amazing ASS on that dude!

by OPreply 55311/17/2015


by OPreply 55411/17/2015

Thadeus James

by OPreply 55511/18/2015


by OPreply 55611/18/2015


by OPreply 55711/18/2015

What's not to like here?

by OPreply 55811/19/2015

Ya got it... SHOW IT!!!

by OPreply 55911/19/2015


by OPreply 56011/19/2015

A lot of people (men) make fun of thongs, but I prefer to wear them under my workout clothes rather than a jockstrap. Somebody is buying them or they wouldn't make them, and it's more than just gay men!

by OPreply 56111/19/2015

Gray wear

by OPreply 56211/19/2015


by OPreply 56311/19/2015

I guess he knows his best asset

by OPreply 56411/19/2015

R556 lives in nyc...that ass gets around ;)

by OPreply 56511/19/2015

Sebastián Buitrago

by OPreply 56611/20/2015

Jeremy Buendia

by OPreply 56711/20/2015

Compression Army

by OPreply 56811/20/2015

Well.. he was in his exercise clothes...

by OPreply 56911/20/2015

Nice legs!

by OPreply 57011/20/2015


by OPreply 57111/20/2015

Leg work

by OPreply 57211/20/2015

Ya want to go for a run?

by OPreply 57311/20/2015

wow, Jeremy Buendia

by OPreply 57411/21/2015

white hot

by OPreply 57511/21/2015

gift idea

by OPreply 57611/21/2015

Join the Buff Army, brah!

by OPreply 57711/21/2015

nothing better than an addicted jock strap

by OPreply 57811/21/2015

All I want for Christmas are compression pants.

by OPreply 57911/22/2015

Ulisses is something else

by OPreply 58011/22/2015


by OPreply 58111/23/2015


by OPreply 58211/23/2015

Damen Griffith

by OPreply 58311/23/2015


by OPreply 58411/23/2015

Lycra is great

by OPreply 58511/24/2015


by OPreply 58611/24/2015

More short shorts!

by OPreply 58711/25/2015

Nike Pro

by OPreply 58811/27/2015


by OPreply 58911/28/2015


by OPreply 59011/29/2015


by OPreply 59112/03/2015


by OPreply 59212/03/2015

Enjoying the rain

by OPreply 59312/03/2015


by OPreply 59412/03/2015

On the court.

by OPreply 59512/05/2015

Play ball! .. Or maybe that should be freeball.

by OPreply 59612/05/2015

Getting ready to get it in...

by OPreply 59712/06/2015

Nice ass

by OPreply 59812/06/2015

Wha' dya' think, boys?

by OPreply 59912/06/2015

This was a fun thread! I hope it inspired a lot of people. I hope many of these images were a turn-on too! As we move into a new year let's make the best of it, and ourselves!!!

by OPreply 60012/06/2015
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