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Pamela Anderson Brings Son Brandon Lee to Red Carpet -- And He's All Grown Up and Handsome!

Us Weekly – 9 hours ago

Date night with mom! Pamela Anderson brought her son Brandon Lee to the L.A. premiere of The Gunman on Thursday, Mar. 12, where the 18-year-old looked so handsome and all grown up.

The Baywatch star, 47, made a show-stopping entrance at the event with her eldest son, whom she shares with ex-husband Tommy Lee; the two are also parents to son Dylan, 17. Like mother, like son, both Anderson and Lee expertly pouted and linked arms as they stared down the cameras on the red carpet.

Anderson looked glamorous in a glittering gold wrap gown, featuring a cleavage-baring bodice and thigh-high slit. She paired her outfit with matching pointed-toe pumps and a zebra-striped clutch. Anderson left her trademark blonde locks parted down the center for an overall polished beauty look.

The Baywatch hottie's outing came several weeks after she filed for divorce — for the third time — from husband Rick Salomon.

Her son's surprise appearance was his first known Hollywood event with his famous mom since 2002. Unfortunately, another beautiful star was unable to accompany him on the red carpet Thursday night. Actress Bella Thorne tweeted at the Hollywood scion before his appearance, wishing him good luck.

Lee responded with a sweet tweet about how he wished the former Disney star could have joined the fun. It appears that these two are dating, after Thorne, 17, also shared a photo with Lee on Thursday via Instagram.

by He's 18reply 9512/27/2017

Mama's fake boobs are awfully lopsided these days.

by He's 18reply 103/13/2015

More lopsidedness.

by He's 18reply 203/13/2015

I hope the kid inherited something from his father.

by He's 18reply 303/13/2015

Meh, he's ok, I guess. On the short side, though.

Pamela has had so many implant size upgrades and downgrades, her breasts are scarred, misshapen, and her nipples badly misaligned.

by He's 18reply 403/13/2015

Those shoes he's wearing are absolutely hideous. The entire outfit is.

by He's 18reply 503/13/2015

IS the kid short, or is Pam tall? And if the kid is short, is Tommy short?

He's got his mother's original nose.

by He's 18reply 603/13/2015

He looks good, which is not surprising, since his father Tommy Lee actually has a beautiful face under all the grunge.

by He's 18reply 703/13/2015

He looks like an average 18 yo. Nothing to see here.

by He's 18reply 803/13/2015

As others have said, he's OK, hardly amazing

by He's 18reply 903/14/2015

Isn't there a famous porn video of Brandon being conceived on a boat?

by He's 18reply 1003/14/2015

I wonder if Brandon has ever been online and come across the video of his mom sucking his father's dick?

by He's 18reply 1103/14/2015

Does he have an 8" wang like his father?

by He's 18reply 1203/14/2015

Yes and a hairy anus

by He's 18reply 1303/14/2015

He's ok for a 17 year old. I feel sorry for him having those two as parents. Pamela looks great for her age I think.

by He's 18reply 1403/14/2015

Pam must be trying to change her image now that she has a teenager in the house. She looks really conservative here. Her son too for that matter. They actually look like a nice clean cut family.

by He's 18reply 1503/14/2015

[quote] Pam must be trying to change her image now that she has a teenager in the house. She looks really conservative here.

I appreciate that she's going for a more sophisticated style.

When she was younger, the slutty look worked for her, but at least she's starting to dress age-appropriate.

She looks like what a mom her age SHOULD look like.

Grandmadonna, on the other hand.... she's still flashing her tits and her pussy, and wearing those stupid gold teeth.

by He's 18reply 1603/14/2015

She looks incredibly hard and used up. She was absolutely gorgeous in Baywatch.

by He's 18reply 1703/14/2015

He's probably packing a big one like his old man.

by He's 18reply 1803/14/2015

He looks like Russian mob

by He's 18reply 1903/14/2015

Brandon is 18 now (June 6, 1996). So where is his sex tape now that he's legal.

by He's 18reply 2003/14/2015

I think Pamela needs to eat natural oils and put on about ten or so pounds. Just smoke weed, Pammy, no booze or coke. Eat some almond butter, avocados, etc and go for a retro glam style and ride that out for the next decade.

by He's 18reply 2103/14/2015

She looka like she got da slow leak in her boobie!

by He's 18reply 2203/14/2015

I wonder how much of Tommy Lee's giant dong he inherited.

by He's 18reply 2303/14/2015

he lookslike patrick swazaneger

by He's 18reply 2403/14/2015

Yeah Pam would look great with an extra ten pounds. This is just how vegans age though.

by He's 18reply 2503/14/2015

[quote]Brandon is 18 now (June 6, 1996)

666. Born of a whore and a jackal.

Come to daddy, my son!

by He's 18reply 2603/14/2015

She obtained a restraining order on a man she's divorced three times. This will not end well.

by He's 18reply 2703/14/2015

LOL, R26

by He's 18reply 2803/14/2015

How many times do you imagine Brandon and Dylan have watched their parents' sex tape?

by He's 18reply 2903/14/2015

"Handsome"?! "Hot"?!! I'm sorry, but Pam & Tommy's son is not exceptional in any way.

by He's 18reply 3003/14/2015

If you stop and think about it neither parent is pretty. Pam's only ever been known as a sex pot, a caricature wiith huge tits. Tommy's infamous for having a big dick, but god knows he'd never win a beauty contest. So let's not fawn all over their undeserving, mediocre looking son.

by He's 18reply 3103/14/2015

Pamela was never all that beautiful without the makeup etc. She was attractive but there were and are far more beautiful women.

I think Pamela is changing her image for 2 reasons. The first is I heard a rumor she wants to get into politics. The second reason is that she knows she's too old to get work as the sexy/hot girl in movies and shows but she's not doing well financially. She's trying to get more work that doesn't involve being sexy. Tommy's child support is going to end soon once the other boy turns 18.

by He's 18reply 3203/14/2015

He's got the Brian Williams crooked jawline thing happening, but he is handsome.

by He's 18reply 3303/14/2015

He's hot.

by He's 18reply 3403/14/2015

Tommy was really hot when he was young. Before the booze and drugs. Oh yeah and the STDS.

by He's 18reply 3503/14/2015

It's very rare that you can watch the moment you were conceived.

by He's 18reply 3603/14/2015


by He's 18reply 3703/14/2015

Pamela is a very sweet woman. I hope she finds some happiness. Its sad she keeps ending up with losers.

by He's 18reply 3803/14/2015

r38 she's obviously attracted to "bad boys." She has a choice in life and she chose to spend it with the likes of Tommy Lee and Soloman (sp?).

by He's 18reply 3903/14/2015

And husband #2, Kid Rock.

by He's 18reply 4003/14/2015

Pamela should have stayed with Bret Michaels

by He's 18reply 4103/14/2015

[quote]she's not doing well financially.

Not doing well? She just received an $800k gift from the late Sam Simon, the Simpsons creator who just died of cancer.

Pam's boys were allegedly mostly raised by her parents up in Canada.

by He's 18reply 4203/14/2015

I forgot that Pamela and Tommy Lee had kids. I remember Heather Locklear once joked that her daughter would probably end up dating Tommy's son.

by He's 18reply 4303/14/2015

That shitty Salamon is calling her a "serial abortion haver" and "fake vegan"

by He's 18reply 4403/14/2015

[quote] I'm sorry, but Pam & Tommy's son is not exceptional in any way.

Not that we can obviously see.....

by He's 18reply 4503/14/2015

There are recent pix of him on the beach, and he has a mighty fine bulge.

by He's 18reply 4603/14/2015

Pam looks like Tammy Fay Baker in the photo at R15. Not good.

And I have no doubt the woman has a raging personality disorder.

by He's 18reply 4703/14/2015

Maybe televangelism is in her future.

by He's 18reply 4803/14/2015

She allegedly makes most of her money overseas these days, if you know what I mean. Between her Hohan, and T. Reid, they have horrid taste.

by He's 18reply 4903/14/2015

I could not bring myself to go out with my mother if she dressed the way she is pictured in R1 & R2.

by He's 18reply 5003/14/2015

Pam in 10 years.

by He's 18reply 5103/14/2015

Trying waaaay too hard.

And she's definitely got Bitchface down.

by He's 18reply 5203/14/2015

She used to be beautiful. When she was modeling in Canada she was gorgeous, but she moved to LA got implants and went downhill fast.

by He's 18reply 5303/15/2015

She recently stated that she had been raped numerous times as a child. I feel really sorry for Pam. There is such sadness there and she dates disgusting pond scum.

by He's 18reply 5403/15/2015

Pamela deserves respect for her long term commitment to vegetarianism and protecting animals. She's one person I'd like to see benefit from a mostly raw vegan diet, pot brownies, lots of sleep and NO douchebags!

by He's 18reply 5503/15/2015

I was actually watching TV when the camera zoomed in on her when she was wearing the cut off LaBatt's beer t-shirt at the BC Lions football game.

by He's 18reply 5603/15/2015

They did realize that Bruce Lee's kid who was killed on the set of "The Crow" was also named Brandon Lee, right?

by He's 18reply 5703/15/2015

He's got dick sucking lips.

Tommy Lee recently told a story about a friend of his who he had suspected was gay was high on drugs and ended up in his room and began rubbing his ass while he slept. He said that he would have probably fucked him if he was better looking.

by He's 18reply 5803/15/2015

That is not a good looking 18 year old. He looks like he's had a rough life.

by He's 18reply 5903/15/2015

Here's Pam with both sons, with Dylan behind her. Have no idea who the horse-faced guy is next to her.

by He's 18reply 6003/15/2015

Someone has a very loose definition of 'handsome'.

by He's 18reply 6103/15/2015

Pam's starting to look like Ellen Barkin.

by He's 18reply 6203/15/2015

Pam loves her kids.

by He's 18reply 6303/15/2015

Pam was very pretty before all the facial plastic surgery, while not stunningly beautiful she was always attractive. I remember that she was on Tim Allen's old show, wasn't that before "Baywatch"? Her look became trashier and harder over the years.

Her sons are an odd mix of her and Tommy's worst features! Tommy is not an ugly man and Pam is still attractive. The younger son isn't too bad. Brandon does look like a Russian thug, perhaps he has a future in action films!

I have several cousins with unattractive parents who ended up absolutely gorgeous! They are so good looking, when people met their parents, they think my cousins are adopted! One, a female, was modeling for awhile. Meanwhile, the gorgeous aunts and uncles ended up having homely looking children who are now plain looking adults. Sometimes genes can be totally screwed up.

by He's 18reply 6403/15/2015

[quote]There are recent pix of him on the beach, and he has a mighty fine bulge.

Link please.

by He's 18reply 6503/18/2015

I wonder if the boys like to swim.

by He's 18reply 6603/18/2015

VIP was an extremely underrate show. I found it funny and relaxing, wry, not insulting.

by He's 18reply 6703/18/2015

R66, not funny Bryan. Remember, some kid drowned at one of Brandon's parties. Trying for some tips on how to silence an aging rent boy?

by He's 18reply 6803/18/2015

Supposedly Sam Simon, who just died last week, gave her a ring worth $800K. I'd imagine the cash would've been put to better use.

by He's 18reply 6903/18/2015

"Looking like Ellen Barkin"....oh gawd that's a fate I'd only wish on my enemies. Ellen is gaunt, skeletal and hard to look at, or even listen to, with that Brooklyn twang of hers. Is she not the most overrated actress, ever?!!


by He's 18reply 7003/18/2015

R26 ‘whore’ is an apt moniker for Tommy. Sweet man, and as R7 says still a little bit handsome under all the grimy crust of hardrock excess, but just a total slut for anything pretty young thing in a skirt.

For a former addict Tommy still looked remarkably cute in his mid-40s. Will Brandon age the same?

by He's 18reply 7112/06/2017

Tommy is hot AF at r71. I'd only ever seen photos of him with big hair. He films better than he photographs

by He's 18reply 7212/06/2017

Tommy was nearly 44 years old in that clip R72, and looked like a cute if trashy late-30-something. He’s naturally aged some since but still looks younger than his years (the juvenile demeanour helps).

Tommy actually didn’t look nearly as attractive in his 20s. He was sort of horse-faced & plain and was near-skeletal from all the coke & dope. Guignol hair & makeup helped cover it up. Then the 90s rolled around and he hit 30 (and the gym) and it all got a lot better. He just grew into his looks very late, and of course took a while to get his body clean and start eating & drinking like a normal person.

Maybe Brandon will age in the same way his Dad did. If I were him I’d change one of his names, though. You don’t want The Crow curse following you around.

by He's 18reply 7312/06/2017

My favorite celebrity offspring is Maria and Arnold's fat retard son. Look at those fucking cankles.

by He's 18reply 7412/06/2017

When did Pam Anderson change her age to 47? I am 45 and she was at least 5 years older than me in her heyday

by He's 18reply 7512/06/2017

Christopher Schwarzenegger appears to have a metabolic disorder. He looks like he may have Klinefelter's Syndrome, hence the more feminine his physique (extra X chromosome --XXY).

by He's 18reply 7612/06/2017

Can you imagine getting ‘the birds & the bees’ talk from THE Tommy & Pam?

It would be all kinds of hilarious if he turned out to be asexual or a prudish & fussy monogamous gay.

by He's 18reply 7712/06/2017

The fat Schwarzenegger would be actually pretty hot if he got a diet and gym membership.

by He's 18reply 7812/06/2017

‘Lee’ is a gypsy name. The kid’s going to end up looking one, no question.

by He's 18reply 7912/08/2017

actually the original post is almost three years old r75, she's 50 now

by He's 18reply 8012/08/2017

Pam Anderson is a calculating but not very intelligent harlot. That's about it for her. All she knows is how to play off her tits and her tawdry life to make a living along with conning money out of men. Intellectually she's as dumb as a rock. But then, good whores don't need brains. They just need to look the role.

by He's 18reply 8112/08/2017

[quote] A calculating but not very intelligent harlot. That's about it for her. All she knows is how to play off her tits and her tawdry life to make a living along with conning money out of men. Intellectually she's as dumb as a rock. But then, good whores don't need brains. They just need to look the role.

You rang?

by He's 18reply 8212/08/2017

The white dress is lovely. It’s impeccably tailored.

by He's 18reply 8312/08/2017

So Brandon’s dating a Disney girl, huh? That way lies only pain.

by He's 18reply 8412/16/2017

Can’t believe Pam Anderson has an 18 year old fuckable son. Seems like “Barbed Wire” just came out yesterday.

by He's 18reply 8512/16/2017

[quote] I remember that she was on Tim Allen's old show, wasn't that before "Baywatch"?

I fucking loved Tool Time!

by He's 18reply 8612/19/2017

R85 hard to believe you can't read a calendar either.

Brandon is now 21. Dylan is now 19. Pay attention.

Class dismissed!

by He's 18reply 8712/19/2017

Striking. But that tattoo seems unnecessarily distracting.

by He's 18reply 8812/19/2017

R88 have you SEEN Tommy’s full back tat?

by He's 18reply 8912/19/2017

The brother, Dylan.

And, no, R89, I haven't. [For the most part, I hate tats.]

by He's 18reply 9012/19/2017

He looks like every other white teenage boy in the world. His parents were far better looking in their heyday.

by He's 18reply 9112/19/2017

What is the probable outcome if a person has one pretty parent who ages well, and one who...doesn’t?

by He's 18reply 9212/19/2017

I always found her very cute and non-offensive........she was perfect for the era. She is also naturally pale with tons freckles so all that sun really did a number on her skin. I applaud her for toning done the sex kitten looks terrible on us older ladies

by He's 18reply 9312/19/2017

Dylan is like the dark haired twink version of Pamela. He looks just like her. Very pretty. The tat on Brandon, meh.

by He's 18reply 9412/21/2017

Having a hotter brother with a girl’s name is a curse I well understand, dear Brandon.

by He's 18reply 9512/27/2017
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