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They finally took the cheap ass 99-cent electric menorah down in the lobby.

Let's see: real pine Christmas tree 6' tall with lights, bulbs, ribbons, ornaments, etc…

vs. 99-cent menorah from Target.

Why don't they just fold up and not compete… mmmmm-K?

by Rudolphreply 1012/25/2013

Clearly OP is talking about the lobby of his nursing home.

by Rudolphreply 112/25/2013

I'm part Jewish!

by Rudolphreply 212/25/2013

I know how you feel op. We get no respect.

by Rudolphreply 312/25/2013

Well, I mean there's only so many ways a person can joog up a menorah. What do you want?

by Rudolphreply 412/25/2013

Fuck's Christmas damnit!

by Rudolphreply 512/25/2013

Hanukkah wasn't considered an important holiday until Christmas became a big deal. It's why we now light a big ass menorah every year on the UWS.

-Jewish friend

by Rudolphreply 612/25/2013

What building allows a real Christmas tree? It's a fire hazard.

by Rudolphreply 712/25/2013

The previous post about Hanukkah not being a major holiday in the Jewish calendar is correct. Early Christians also did not celebrate Christmas. Pilgrims discouraged it, too. Regarding why this cheap-ass menorah was finally taken down? Well, maybe it has something to do with the fact that Hanukkah is OVER. Unlike Christmas, the Festival of Lights is not a fixed date.

by Rudolphreply 812/25/2013

Jewish this, Christmas that, it's all about New Year's, bitch!

by Rudolphreply 912/25/2013

What R6 and R8 have said: Hanukkah only came to the forefront of Jewish holidays because it was considered as an ersatz of Christmas for frustrated jewish kids. Nowadays a lot of Jewish families give a small present to their children the first seven days and a bigger on the 8th day of Hanukkah.

by Rudolphreply 1012/25/2013
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