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Jeremy Renner prefers his gals 'masculine'

Would anyone be surprised by this news?

Offsite Link
by Bored2 reply 60012/15/2013

Yay! the fun continues!

by Bored2 reply 111/16/2013

Masculine AND well-hung.

Seriously, what about his Thai ladyboi thing?

Oh, poor Princess Geranium. Even your deeply closeted status cannot make you interesting to most moviegoers.

by Bored2 reply 211/16/2013

the comments in that linked article are the best and i see the Team Raging Heterosexual Renner fraus filed their nails for the fight of their life

by Bored2 reply 311/16/2013

This is gonna get interesting.

by Bored2 reply 411/16/2013

Wasn't half of the last thread this very same topic? Why is there a need to keep discussing him and his trash gf?

by Bored2 reply 511/16/2013

r5 are you calling Winters trash?

by Bored2 reply 611/16/2013

Jeremy is at a minimum bi that accidentally got his lady friend preggers. Sonni thought she was using jer but he was using her right back. Now she is set for life which she wanted. I would respect him so much more if he would just admiy it already

by Bored2 reply 711/16/2013

R2 in my house, my husband and i refer to him as Princess Poppy.

by Bored2 reply 811/16/2013

lol thanks to whoever makes these posts.

i just hope this is the beginning of this litle bitch making an ass of himself. With promotions for his new movie and pimping himself and his family out for award season i hope it will bring some A+ drama and ridicule.

by Bored2 reply 911/16/2013

He has that in common with Cavill.

by Bored2 reply 1011/16/2013

Here you are bitcheeees! 'morning! Any news from Twitter lately?

by Bored2 reply 1111/17/2013

R11 Renner apparently attended the Governors Award gala last night. i guess we wait for the pics. i am betting Tits-on-a-stick did not go with him.

by Bored2 reply 1211/17/2013

R12 Apparently not. No pics of him and the ghost masculine gf anywhere on Getty Images or Just Jared. Sometime she wants him home acting like a normal family. Short leash!

by Bored2 reply 1311/17/2013

he does realize that a family man can take his lady out for the evening right? If I'm going to believe he's into her I need to see a date night pic. otherwise I'll keep believing what I believe. He's in love and proud of Kris Winters.

by Bored2 reply 1411/17/2013

Who is this guy and how can he have fans? He's also very unattractive and rat-faced.

by Bored2 reply 1511/17/2013

I fully believe he has dated men and is interested in men, but how do we know for sure he isn't interested in women as well.

He could be bi (and liking masculine women does not make one less bisexual)

I'm a lesbian so I don't have a horse in this race, but people are always so quick to dismiss the possibility of bisexuality, for men and women.

Btw if he is being open about his interst in women and not his interest in men, I do consider that closeted.

by Bored2 reply 1611/17/2013

...please don't...go home and never look back!

by Bored2 reply 1711/17/2013

This ridiculous discussion of Renner still rages on.

I am not sure if Winters is his "significant" other. He does or did have another male roommate.

Also - Is Sonni really set for life. She is as long as he keeps making money and movies. That can evaporate really quick. Poor little Ava. I hope she makes out ok.

by Bored2 reply 1811/17/2013

R18 There's nothing worse than a sympathy troll. The kid will be just fine, lol. She looks happy and healthy.

by Bored2 reply 1911/17/2013

I'm sure with Jeremy's schedule and Sonni's job hunting, the nanny is taking good care of her. Oh, good luck Sonni sending out your applications! Oh my, I hope somebody is with her to read the questions to her.

by Bored2 reply 2011/17/2013

Jeremy has a side job as a multi-million dollar real estate flipper. So Sonni is set for life.

by Bored2 reply 2111/17/2013

"He's also very unattractive and rat-faced."

More precisely, pug faced.

Offsite Link
by Bored2 reply 2211/17/2013

OK just curious but does anyone on DL find him attractive?

by Bored2 reply 2311/17/2013

i think he's more sexy then super handsome. I loved his rags to riches story. how poor he was. now he seems like a sexy ass hole. also he may be rich but he doesn't let sonni spend like crazy. she looks like she still shops at forever 21.

by Bored2 reply 2411/17/2013

For me, it's in the eyes, with or without glasses.

by Bored2 reply 2511/17/2013

R19 I know something that's worse...look in the mirror you fucking moron. I guess making a comment about the welfare of an infant makes one a troll..

by Bored2 reply 2611/17/2013

R21 - People have blown through more money than Renner has ...just sayin'

by Bored2 reply 2711/17/2013

I feel sorry for him. He lacks self-awareness.

by Bored2 reply 2811/17/2013

Re:27 considering the man wears the same clothes over and over I think he doesn't dip into his funds too often

by Bored2 reply 2911/17/2013

I think he gets more attractive the older he gets. I also think the bi thing works for him. He and KW are cute together. But the idea of him and the rat face Sonni creature makes me vomit. She reminds me of our neighborhood crack whore we call Scary Mary.

by Bored2 reply 3011/17/2013

Between the two of them that poor kid is going to have am gigantic nose.

by Bored2 reply 3111/17/2013

What happened in his biorhythm to allow some sad, ginger-lovin' house flipper to momentarily become a "big movie star?" I mean, all the more power to him that he was able to successfully reproduce. But there's some human sacrifice or demon summoning involved in there somewhere.

by Bored2 reply 3211/17/2013


by Bored2 reply 3311/17/2013

Are we talking "masculine" as in chix with dixs?

by Bored2 reply 3411/17/2013

R33 Bambi?

by Bored2 reply 3511/17/2013

I think we can all read between the lines on the this one, right? R2 stated the obvious perfectly.

by Bored2 reply 3611/17/2013

Anyone think he'll take the trash to the AH premiere next month? After all she had a "cameo" in the film.

by Bored2 reply 3711/17/2013

Just learned that Winters turned 40 on November 3rd. The LACMA night date was a nice gift for his birthday. Maybe JR let her in AH as a good reason for taking her to the premiere and show how straight he is. Or maybe they're indeed in love. We can wait another few days.

by Bored2 reply 3811/17/2013

all i want to know is: what does a masculine woman wear to a premiere? will he be doing her makeup?

by Bored2 reply 3911/17/2013

R38 oh yes i really got a sense of his love of this gal in that Elle magazine- In between the tall tails of twins, stripclubs, and not getting caught (present tense used)

by Bored2 reply 4011/18/2013

How in the world is she considered masculine?

by Bored2 reply 4111/18/2013

no news on when the AH premiere is in LA? I havent seen/heard anything regarding it yet.

by Bored2 reply 4211/18/2013

R41 Is referred to the way of thinking, not the look. She's a broom with some boobs.

by Bored2 reply 4311/18/2013

Men preferring masculine women would of course be considered "suspect" on DL whereas men preferring feminine men wouldn't be.

by Bored2 reply 4411/18/2013

Make sure to send your findings to "Stating the Obvious" magazine, r44.

Renner is still flipping houses, right? Within the last year a recent flip was up for sale, and though they made jokes that it looked like the lair of a rich comic book villain, he did a really great job with a period property. Though I think he kind of overdid "the masculine" bit to overcompensate for the over the top Art Deco design.

by Bored2 reply 4511/18/2013

Renner wasn't involved in that 25m Art Deco house. It's all Winters' work.

by Bored2 reply 4611/18/2013

T41 "how in the world is she considered masculine? "

Seriously???? Horse Face with a line backer's shoulders. A former so called gymnast who's dream is to become a professional motor-racer. Let's see... oh yeah and dresses like she finished an overnight @ the local ho stripper club with her fake balloons paid by the ex from her playboy test market days. wonder if she had to tackle renner to get pregnant. Sure he was saying no fucking way - and has proved it ever since.

by Bored2 reply 4711/18/2013

R35 AH + the masculine one "or maybe they're indeed in love" Memory lane: Renner can't find it in him to "own" his baby-mama until push comes to shove Dec 2012 (where she probably threatened to go tabloid rogue - forcing renner into Jan GG reveal but making sure she knows she's nothing to him)him. Can't stand to walk close to her or in any way touch her - like she's got the plague. Can't stand to look @ her, never owns her (or his daughter except thru press releases/ pre-approved pr articles). And finally in elle he can't even stand to say her name but rather some anonymous "my girl" (which girl is anyone's guess).

R39 - " what does a masculine one wear @ a premier" in this masculine's case, she has a whole assortment of unikinis and faux S+m bond age outfits to choose from. Mind you, HWOOD establishment may get offended at seeing her private, but hey, renner's an unconventional guy and she's just his stripper dude with tits.

by Bored2 reply 4811/18/2013

i'm not sure what goes on between these two behind closed doors. from where I'm sitting it's definitely a crappy relationship. when I was 19 or 21. the last thing I wanted to do was screw some 40 year old guy and he likes his girls masculine. weird relationship. in the last outing pics of these 2 one minute they look like they are arguing and the next he's smiling at her getting in the car. I'm confused. maybe they are cuddled up right now in bed spouting I love you's at each other with of course baby ava laughing somewhere in the background.

by Bored2 reply 4911/18/2013

or having a spit ball challenge on whether or not masculine stripper girl gets a 2 second red carpet pass by @ the next event (which I think I read is in dubai). But considering "Cindy-fucking-rella's" been naughty again with calling paps to catch lunching, sugar daddy Renner might just say it's the dog house for you once again. Dubai has too many affluent folks.

by Bored2 reply 5011/18/2013

i wonder if sonni's eyes were popping out of her head when she saw bradley cooper on set. or maybe even christian bale. out of the 3 jeremy was the ugly duckling. sonni has a few years to make some contacts. jeremy will be rid of her (if he really is with her) before she hits 30 so she'll need to plan the next oops pregnacy accordingly.

by Bored2 reply 5111/18/2013

OMG! Renner's ideal masculine femme hard on is for Jane Fonda's "Barbarella"

by Bored2 reply 5211/18/2013

R51 Leo DiCaprio is always available to screw anything that has a pulse. he's already wrecked Orlando Bloom's marriage. Hell, stripper girl is easy pickings.

by Bored2 reply 5311/18/2013

I think the LA premiere is the first Sunday in December. There is a contest where you can win the trip to the AH premiere (saw it on FB). The LA or NYC premiere is that Sunday

by Bored2 reply 5411/18/2013

The contest was by Verizon. It closed Nov 4. Grand prize was for two to attend the Dec 8 premier in LA or nyc.

Question - so is this saying they're having a red carpet in 2 cities on the same day? How's that going to work. Who's going to which one out if the cast?

by Bored2 reply 5511/18/2013

I took that to mean the location for the premiere hadn't been determined yet (for December 8)

by Bored2 reply 5611/18/2013

team raging heteosexual renner on this thread all day dreaming of sonni and renner hand in hand at the AH premiere.

by Bored2 reply 5711/18/2013

"My girl is masculine in a lot of ways, even though she looks like a supermodel," the 42-year-old actor reveals in the latest issue of Elle. "A girly girl just doesn't do it for me. I can't have a conversation about your broken nail."

Then why did he become a MAKEUP artist?!

by Bored2 reply 5811/18/2013

Weho boy on a Sunday night.

Offsite Link
by Bored2 reply 5911/18/2013

why is he hunched over?

by Bored2 reply 6011/18/2013

R60 he looks to be rushing somewhere. hopefully he didnt keep KW waiting

by Bored2 reply 6111/18/2013

Re:59 huh? I don't see Renner on that link you posted

by Bored2 reply 6211/18/2013

Are those grey jeans?

by Bored2 reply 6311/18/2013

62...type in "Jeremy Renner" in the search bar. It will pop up.

by Bored2 reply 6411/18/2013

Yet again no trash gf with him

by Bored2 reply 6511/18/2013

Put Jeremy Renner in the search.

7:23 AM looks drunk and definitely like he threw on his clothes in a hurry

got caught leaving from a hookup?

by Bored2 reply 6611/18/2013

Re:64 thanks

by Bored2 reply 6711/18/2013

723 am? is that when the pics were taken? but its dark still?

by Bored2 reply 6811/18/2013

never mind..its when the pics got posted on the site im assuming.

by Bored2 reply 6911/18/2013

Doesn't look like he went to the Napa Valley film festival - even though they had billed the stars of the immigrant as going to attend

Why not go? Modesto's right next door. Did the masculine one have a headache?

I luv how many articles are out there punctuating: he has no plans to marry the baby mama; they do not live together.

by Bored2 reply 7011/18/2013

Don't get this guy, he calls Sonni "my girl" and how she looks like a supermodel and yet he never takes her anywhere public, you'd think he'd want to show off that he can get young, hot chicks. (And I almost vomited calling her hot, but I think you all know what I mean)

by Bored2 reply 7111/18/2013

It's because they're not together. She's only a f-buddy. He probably sees her as one of the many strippers he enjoys - my girl - could be any one, anywhere. He couldn't even say her name in the article.

by Bored2 reply 7211/18/2013

you gals still trying to make women happen for this guy.

by Bored2 reply 7311/18/2013

Re:73 if if Sonni is his beard he sure isn't playing up the gf fakery

by Bored2 reply 7411/18/2013

R58: because he got to meet hot chicks. i laughed as i typed this!

by Bored2 reply 7511/18/2013

Yawn. you all need to really think outside the box.

I do see a homophobic stan has jumped on the E online comments section.

by Bored2 reply 7611/18/2013

Hello out there! Has anyone else started wondering why the Tumblr Renner tag is so......light? discuss.

by Bored2 reply 7711/19/2013

So he's a lesbian?

by Bored2 reply 7811/19/2013

[re 77] It feels like his image demise is complete. I think that whatever public image his PR team carefully constructed up through Jan 2013 was destroyed by Sonni. The Elle interview was the nail in the coffin.

I am not in Hollywood so I don't know how these things work. Maybe he'll be even more popular with the shallow/sexist crowd than he ever was.

by Bored2 reply 7911/19/2013

R79 agree. It's sad when he could have and still can choose differently. He has the choice to reclaim or readjust his public and private image.

by Bored2 reply 8011/20/2013

R80 that interview was telling something becsuse this 22 year old tacky glamour model as the perfect middle ago raging hetero mans girlfriend is backfiring storyline.


by Bored2 reply 8111/20/2013

american hustle in theatres on 12/18. that means he'll be hitting the late night talk show scene. if its primarily Bradley and Christian doing the popular late night shows I think that will speak volumes on jeremy's status. anyone going to check out American Hustle? I don't think i'll be running to see to see this one.

by Bored2 reply 8211/20/2013

R81 You lost me, dude....

by Bored2 reply 8311/20/2013

R81 still trying to sell the unikini wearing playboy wannabe masculine stud as a "glamour model"? An insult to those who are like Heidi Klum, hell even her age counterparts like Miranda Kerr ( actual models)

by Bored2 reply 8411/20/2013

R82 if he's invited to late night talk shows for AH promos, he'll probably be paired with a cast member who has more Oscar potential weight (and can keep JR stupidity under control - over talk him / keep the convo focused on the product). Otherwise - I agree. No appearances may show how much this last year and the masculine one cost him.

by Bored2 reply 8511/20/2013

his career will recover. how long that takes, is anyone's guess. guys like Sean Penn and Charlie Sheen still have jobs, and they are fucking insane. it just might take this dumbass a bit longer to rise from the trailer trash.

by Bored2 reply 8611/20/2013

Ever notice that people that bitch about "privacy" have something to hide? Like prego hookers.

by Bored2 reply 8711/20/2013

And opportunists give up their kids pretty easily for their own ambitions - see charlie sheen's ex who is claiming her children are no longer manageable so she's giving them up.

by Bored2 reply 8811/20/2013

I'm still waiting for an explosive OUT magazine coverstory. I'm never going to get it, am I? Le sigh.

by Bored2 reply 8911/20/2013

How has his career taken a nose dive for the Elle interview? Is this a hot topic on Access Hollywood, E!, Entertainment Tonight, Perez, Tmz, etc etc, etc ... No it's not.

The only ones that care are the people on here and those that left comments on E! online and Elle and let's face it - it's mostly the same group that posts on here and imdb.

And also his career has yet to take a nose dive because of his baby mama either. Most of the movie going public doesn't give a shit like some die hard Renner fans do. To them he knocked up an ex, they had a baby and got back together. Nth ugh scandalous to most people.

by Bored2 reply 9011/20/2013

He is not the hot item he use to be. In my opinion he comes across as a hollywood joke. Look at the eonline article with "masculine" in the title. U r right no one reports on him not even tmz. He is an irrelevant closeted celeb at this point

by Bored2 reply 9111/20/2013

Lookie, lookie... the fanatical 2yr Olds are back at the obsessing over this has been actor on CNN.

Hugh Grant, Charlie Sheen, June Law, Colin Farrell, meet your new alumni to the club - Jeremy Renner. Good company - all who's careers went into the capper because of hubris, bad female choices, bad personal choices.

by Bored2 reply 9211/20/2013

Spelling corrections: *Jude, *crapper

by Bored2 reply 9311/20/2013

Jeremy had never been a huge star, most people don't even know who the guy is, you have to say "Hawkeye" or the other Bourne guy and even then some don't know,.

His career is just fine, he had a bunch of franchises and a production company with more films to be made. He's a respected actor - show me an article where an actor, director or producer has bad mouthed him of late.

by Bored2 reply 9411/20/2013

I'm only surprised that he said it out loud.

by Bored2 reply 9511/20/2013

He causes a stirring in my manties, but he's batshit.

by Bored2 reply 9611/20/2013

Fanfrau Alert!

by Bored2 reply 9711/20/2013

Franchises that will go to younger and more bankable talent. Who cares what directors/producers say about him. What counts is bums in seats, did sales, money in the bank (aka return on investment). When the new crop of avenger characters emerge, Hawkeye will be a has been. Borne Legacy 2 and he's done (considering the first did not do as well as hoped. Investors will either give Damon what he wants to save the franchise or close it out and invest full on in Bond's Daniel Craig). MI - riding on a bit of thin ice there considering his audacious declaration last promo tour of taking over - where Tom C. Had to negate Renner's assertions and clarify that as long as fans want Tom to keep making MI films, he will spearhead it. His own production company? Vin Diesel's production company is out producing and performing than Renner's.

by Bored2 reply 9811/20/2013

And one more example. Ron Howard was so impressed with the professional and talented Chris H. That he's already secured Chris in a lead role for the next Ron Howard production. Why didn't Ron want to work with Renner? Why did Renner recently say in an interview for KTM that he had to call in a lot of favors for fellow actors to join and help with KTM?

Tom H. is making such waves with his brilliant acting, I see him winning an Oscar sooner than renner.

by Bored2 reply 9911/20/2013

R89 have patience, Mama: Did you see hotie Wentworth Miller in this years OUT 100?

by Bored2 reply 10011/20/2013

ewww his face is all lumpy and droopy in those pics coming out from a party? is it drugs or just a lot of alcohol?

Also the C on his hat stands for Cocksucker?

by Bored2 reply 10111/20/2013


Renner still has plenty of fan girls besides before he did Hawkeye he had fans too - just not all the crazy fan girls that have come around. He's going to have a long career if he wants it, he's a talented actor, just a douche of a guy. Plenty of people in Hollywood are assholes but do just fine, as will Renner.

by Bored2 reply 10211/20/2013

Re:98 in regards to Jeremy's production company, how can you compare him to anyone else's company at this point when KTM is the very first film they have done?

As for the Ron Howard comments... Do you realize how many actors there are in Hollywood? Why hasn't Ron worked with Tom Hiddleston then? rDJr, etc.... It's a matter if if the actors schedules are free when the director is making a film and many other factors.

You make it sound like because Renner doesn't work with Ron Howard his career must be going downhill.

by Bored2 reply 10311/20/2013

Jesus H.M. Christ R102 give it a rest with the PR steamroll; you are worse than the Scientology trolls jumping on DL screeching how straight Travolta is.

by Bored2 reply 10411/20/2013

I love how, as his star slightly rose, he pushed his longtime boyfriend into the shadows and came out all guns blazing as a hetero. All of us in West Hollywood know the truth darlin' and cartin' some pregnant bitch or baby around ain't gonna change tha motherfuckin' facts!

by Bored2 reply 10511/20/2013

I'm a straight woman and I have many, many gay friends. Gay men are my favorite people on Earth. Jeremy Renner is not a heterosexual. All of my gay friends who know who Renner is say he is gay, gay, gay. I always thought Renner was about to come out of the closet... then all of a sudden he became a "raging ladies man." That man is gay.

by Bored2 reply 10611/20/2013

Re:104 it's called being a fan, I'm a fan of Renner the actor.

For someone that likes to talk shit about him and yet claim you too are a fan .... You are a mess YeahWrite. Spend all your days posting on imdb, eonline, here and god knows where else. I already predict your response will be that you do babe a life but ..... Maybe you should take a look at all the posts you make about a man you don't even personally know and his private life, many of which are pure assumptions on your part.


There's nothing wrong with being a fan of Jeremy Renner's

by Bored2 reply 10711/20/2013

R103 you indicated about how highly regarded renner us by directors. And yet, in 20+ yrs of renner's career, a director of Howard, Spielberg, Scorcesse, Cameron, Jewison (heavy weights - Oscar ready type work) have not leaned on renner. But some actively seek/book younger, more professional (less baggage) actors.

by Bored2 reply 10811/20/2013

Renner looks like a troll. Not attractive at all. His face looks like a melted Kewpie Doll.

by Bored2 reply 10911/20/2013

R107 you need to switch meds, fanfrau. I wish I was YM: funny, whip-smart, take-no-prisoners wit. alas, not me. go stalk-troll somewhere else. I am the only one paying attention to you-that should be a hint, you cute little stan.

by Bored2 reply 11011/20/2013

Oh bored 2, I've been posting on DL long before you ever showed up. You are nothing but a bully, trying to push anyone around that doesn't agree with you. I for one am not bowing down to you.

by Bored2 reply 11111/20/2013

A friend of mine that works in the entertainment industry told me that Renner is gay and his partner is not Kris, but a guy with dark hair and thinks his name is Derek or David

by Bored2 reply 11211/20/2013

Re:110 you are hard to miss Bored2 on other sites considering you like to post links and then one of your aliases appears in the comments section,

by Bored2 reply 11311/20/2013


So the baby came about with Sonni as a surrogate? Why has he looked so miserable though? His partner wanted a baby and not him?

by Bored2 reply 11411/20/2013

R107 not a PR troll: one of the unhinge stans stalking comment boards shouting this guys raging heterosexuality. newsflash- noone is buying it. get over it. many fans would be happy if he was with KW rather than the bartop dancer-grifter.

by Bored2 reply 11511/20/2013

David? As in his assistant?

Don't think so.

He looks miserable because he never wanted any of this baby gate stuff. The man wants his freedom - but instead got snookered.

And I still say bi, not just gay - too too too many stories with female hookups.

by Bored2 reply 11611/20/2013


I'm poster 107 and when did I mentions Jeremy being gay or not. I said I am a fan of his acting, you people LOVE to twist words on here. I could care less of the man is a raging gay man or a man whore for chicks, he's a good actor and I enjoy his films, so what!

by Bored2 reply 11711/20/2013

Seriously... Would a gay man pick SONNI as a surrogate? I mean of all the women out there ... Her?!? I think he's bi, I can't believe a gay man would pick that piece of trash

by Bored2 reply 11811/20/2013

R117 stan- this is not a fansite and frankly you are some fucked up frau with an axe to grind with Bored2. So please- do yourself a favor and fuck off. your nonsense is tedious.

p.s. if you are the long time DL member you would know the proper way to link back to posts. oops!

by Bored2 reply 11911/20/2013

elle has something update. When hes asked what he want to teach his daughter about men, he said "stay away". What a big joke. Stay away from him em?

Offsite Link
by Bored2 reply 12011/20/2013

2nd part of this interview is much better than the first. wonder why they posted the 2nd part. someone realized the first half of that interview was a hot azz mess.

by Bored2 reply 12111/21/2013

I do find him handsome and hot. I esp. love the eyes, the boxer nose and the baby hair. Maybe because he reminds me of an ex bf.

by Bored2 reply 12211/21/2013

R121 mr private wants everyone to know he doesnt talk his way into a vagina.

he wasnt including himself.

are you serious, stan? he comes across even more try hard. the hits keep on coming this guy.

by Bored2 reply 12311/21/2013

Hilarious. A part 2? Wait. (rolling in hysterical laughter) The negative feedback caused by his Douchebag mouth made the Douchebag to take a pause? (who says he / his team don't read comments - like those in elle and CNN)

Oh yeah - let's learn his ethical dating approach for entering a vagina (@ the strip clubs he visits?). And he has the audacity to say he's gonna teach his daughter to stay away from men? Renner hate to tell you but your masculine horse face stripper WILL teach your daughter how to use that vagina to get ahead in life - like mama.

But - the big nite for me - in this whole 2 part interview - he cannot bring himself to say the masculine's name out if his mouth.

Hahaha haha -true wuv indeed

by Bored2 reply 12411/21/2013

Lots of publications release more of interviews a few weeks after the original article is posted. I don't think there is some big conspiracy. As usual a few think every. I've Jeremy Renner makes is for the sake of good PR.

by Bored2 reply 12511/21/2013

yah, he most definitely talked his way into that tuna trap's vagina! And look where it got him!

by Bored2 reply 12611/21/2013

so macho. he doesnt get drunk and throw balls between his legs. so very hetereosexual. yes. of course.

by Bored2 reply 12711/21/2013

Re:119 why don't you and your BFF Bored2 stop obsessing over people that are fans if Jeremy Renner. Who the hell cares if there are people in this world that like that guy. What's it to any of you?

Be snarky about the man and the baby mama, that's what DL is for, but to constantly go after people that don't agree with you or come on here and say they are fans.... Who cares! Everyone is allowed to have their own opinions and you don't own this site.

You and your friend love to tell people how this isn't a fan board, but maybe it's time you two created a Jeremy Renner haters account where you can waste all your time bitching about a man who could give two shits about anyone on here, somewhere else!

These Jeremy Renner threads are worthless! It's a bunch of bitching and arguing and any of the good stuff (like him being gay) gets buried away.

by Bored2 reply 12811/21/2013

r128 Bored2 started this thread you silly stan. if you want to fangirl all over this guy then start your own goddamn thread. otherwise shut it. this isnt your space to dictate.

by Bored2 reply 12911/21/2013

My favourite comment on the e-online board? "I think Justin Bieber's available."

I don't think many people (even fraus) think JR is anything but a big ole 'mo any more.

by Bored2 reply 13011/21/2013

now that I read that 2nd part of the interview it is as bad as the first. he is the manly man. I love that comment about him not having to talk himself into a vagina. he is cray cray

by Bored2 reply 13111/21/2013

EM: "Is there something you want to teach your daughter about men?" JR: "Stay away"

Exactly like her mother... LMAO

by Bored2 reply 13211/21/2013

A comparison.

Offsite Link
by Bored2 reply 13311/21/2013

R133 - It makes him look even more pathetic...

by Bored2 reply 13411/21/2013

Next chance for the concubine to show up by his man side could be at the American Music Awards as he's going to be one of the hosts. Suddenly a month full of events, isn't it Rennie?

Offsite Link
by Bored2 reply 13511/21/2013

yeah it would be very interesting to see who he brings. Kris or Sonni. i'm sure sonni would love to go. let her loose in a place like that she'd lose her panty drawers

by Bored2 reply 13611/21/2013

Loose her mantie drawers and hookup with her next sugar daddy.

by Bored2 reply 13711/21/2013

Good on Pittbull! Like that dude. Saw Hayden's on that list. Wonder if well see another "WTF is she talking about pict" between her and Renner like at the correspondence dinner. Guess Hayden made the mistake @ that event of talking about her broken nail. Guess now she'll need to readjust her chitchat to strip clubs, throwing balks between her legs and vaginas, if she wants to captivate renner's attention.

Oh Right - the masculine escort was nowhere in sight at that event in Washington either (only 2 seconds of dead visual on a trailer was her required presence - certainly not an appropriate date for such a prestigious crowd). But AMAs - well - different story all around. Hey! Maybe she'll be the stripper pole dancer for Bruni Mars!!! you know the escort has to drum up business somehow.

by Bored2 reply 13811/21/2013

renner in that room with all the young women. he's liable to make miley his next "girl" you know he pretends to like them young and tight. however I suspect he may be a corner somewhere checking out adam levine.

by Bored2 reply 13911/21/2013

i can see that happening. Adam Levine has the same body type as what's her face.

by Bored2 reply 14011/21/2013

Bahahaha Adam Levine! Yes,they can re-enact their SNL skit - lovers with guns meeting in Central Park!

by Bored2 reply 14111/21/2013

Wow! Quiet in here!!!

by Bored2 reply 14211/22/2013

no silly fanfraus trolling. enjoy the silence.

by Bored2 reply 14311/22/2013

It just amazes me how some keeps coming back and screams how awful he is for this interview. So what! He was being honest and isn't that all we or they have ever asked from him? I think it was a great little interview. FutureRobot and RD needs to take a chill pill and accept that he would have no interest in them. They're probably a couple of over-weight nobodys who dream of him every night and hope he'll come looking for them. Get a job and life. He's not into people who have to post at every internet article that's about him. I, for one, am a REAL fan and only hope the best for him. Those two are a couple of idiots! WOW, really?

by Bored2 reply 14411/22/2013

R144 i think i saw you post you post this on imdb elle thread. your obsession with those orher posters is getting boring- take it elsewhere. it hits a nerve with you stans. face the facts that elle interview was a low point for this panic case.

by Bored2 reply 14511/22/2013

R144 represents the death rattle of the raging hetereo Renner fangirl club. sad.

by Bored2 reply 14611/22/2013

Brahahaha! I like how you think I posted there. I called you out and now you're all butt hurt. Poor little heart broken have nothing on me. You are so sad and must looking in the mirror and wonder what he see's in her and not me. This is all too funny. You're pathetic and have some major problems. Take you hatred and stick it up your ass. You can't say anything to me that's gonna make me feel bad. You are the sad one. My life isn't about making all his fans turn against him. You're need to fill a void. So you fill it here. I can understand why you don't have anybody in your life, you're a nasty cow who want's to bring others down. Too funny! *still laughing!*

by Bored2 reply 14711/22/2013

Oh, and now I'm a "stan". Get a better vocabulary!

by Bored2 reply 14811/22/2013

R147 he sees men.

so why are you are here again?

by Bored2 reply 14911/22/2013

Ok, now that's funny. Gotta give it to ya, you may be a pain in the ass, but you're funny. Listen, just tired of the nastiness. I have to say, hands down, when you're playing around and not putting others down, you're funny. My rant is over. Peace!

by Bored2 reply 15011/22/2013

"Stick it up your ass" Well that gave r144 r147 away as the sexual and mentally repressed thing calling itself a human from both the elle and CNN sites. Oh yeah and in - rl name in full view. Alas some if us are actual adults and don't lower ourselves to the gutter trash antics that this 2 year old and counterparts did.

by Bored2 reply 15111/23/2013

[R144, 147, 148, 150] Sonni? hey girl! what's uuuppp? It must be so annoying when people hate on you? The easiest thing to do would be to just call them fat. That will teach 'em.

Although we may be fat, it is more likely we are at work sneaking onto Datalounge to avoid whatever boring task we are supposed to be doing.

oops Sorry let me explain -"work" is something most people do to earn money with their clothes on. And yes, it may in fact add some extra pounds. But we don't really care because most of the time we have clothes on.

by Bored2 reply 15211/23/2013

R152 all yes these stans jumping on DL calling people fat ugly dry vag hags while demanding to stop being negative.

And they still insist Renner is with this grifter. sure, then.

There was nothing redeeming in that second part of interview: this douchebro schtick is tiresome and unbelievable so let's continue speculating why we don't see him out and about with the masculine.

by Bored2 reply 15311/23/2013

R153 I need more coffee: let me repost with corrections: *out and about with the 'masculine' gal.

Anyhoo: his attendance to AMA awards: how B list. This guy will show up to an opening of an envelope to keep his name out right now.

Kneepads didn't include him the Years Sexiest Men edition this year. No wonder the stans are coming out swinging. I hope next year we will see him in Out's 100! Dare to dream!

by Bored2 reply 15411/23/2013

Logged on to see the latest. Bored2 was inspired by your drink. So I decided to make myself a martini and indulge - watch a couple of real men in action - Daniel Craig. And Keanu Reeves. (cheers!)

As for the topic dude at hand, well, refer to an earlier post about Miley being his new "hit" on Sunday. (unless he's already been there done that) At least he won't be moving outside of his maturity and class level.

His bro though (Tom Cruise) is heading for a whole load of trouble - $50 mil lawsuit launched against him.

Hm. The cost of 20'somethings today. That plus dogmatic belief in something that cost 3 marriages and now potentially his 25 year artistic career. What a damn fool and a damn shame.

by Bored2 reply 15511/23/2013

The name of Renner's roommate is Griffin Hadley - link attached.

Scroll down to almost the bottom of the page and catch a glimpse of Griffin.

This guy can be no more that 25 years old. So Renner is living with Sonni and Griffin and is old enough to be the father of both.

Skeevy is a word that comes to mind.

Offsite Link
by Bored2 reply 15611/23/2013

Remember that one poster who said it wasn't renner who got married? What if it was this dude? Well at least the stripper has options for sex when her sugar daddy has a headache.

by Bored2 reply 15711/23/2013

That griffin dude looks a lot like the stripper's ex-bf.

by Bored2 reply 15811/23/2013

Jesus Christ, this thing keeps getting more fucked up, as the comments go on.

can someone educate me here? how does Winters fit into this fucked up mess? now i know someone said he was close to Jeremy's mom. so aside from his successful house flipping business, is he also babysitting Jeremy?

by Bored2 reply 15911/23/2013

I think Winters is really just a very good friend and/or business partner of Renner.

This Griffin dude may be the boyfriend. Why would a 42 year old man like Renner have such a young man for a a roommate? It doesn't compute unless there is a relationship going on. Just doesn't make any sense.

by Bored2 reply 16011/23/2013

R158 great. strippers and twinks. Bad vegas sitcom.

looks like guy Renner was paped at lunch this week at CM. fact check my statement please.

by Bored2 reply 16111/23/2013

R160. thanks for the reply.. Winters should be Knighted, because he has the patience of a freaking Saint. its like a Telenovela! i can't look away from this mess!

by Bored2 reply 16211/23/2013

My view: Winters is the Monkey Man's oldest friend and tasked to babysit and monitor the Masculine Stripper. Mama Val works with Winters @ his interior design co.

The Monkey Man's Griffin flavour - wtf knows. Maybe Griffin is tasked to house/dog sit while Monkey Man is away filming.

Correction on the post re: Cruise and law suit. It may be Cruise who filed a 50 mil suit against some tabloids. Still - one wonders what is really behind the 3-week quickie Katie-Tom divorce. And isn't it interesting that all went to shit for Tommy boy and his friend, ever since MI4 in Vancouver. Maybe some masculine chicks are just bad luck omens.

by Bored2 reply 16311/23/2013

Adam Levine - People Magazine's 'Sexiest Man Alive' hm. engaged happily in love with his (real) model gf... hm...

by Bored2 reply 16411/23/2013

I agree 160. Why does this guy surround himself with people so much younger then him. If he is not gay he is definitely a druggie. Something is not right

by Bored2 reply 16511/23/2013

Well if he is not f***ing Griffin Hadley he should. He is lovely.

by Bored2 reply 16611/23/2013

New Cherry for the Monkey Man:

25 year old Jessica Lowdens is now available (believe she's a model?) This one is actually beautiful. Whether she gas any ounce of a brain - can't tell. But from the elle article, sounds like a possible. She dated a famous rugby player for 9 months. Does that count as masculine enough?

Wonder if his Douchebaggery (and bi likes and "dark" sex likes) would be her cup of tea?

by Bored2 reply 16711/23/2013

Coorections to my r167

Jessica Lowdes Born 1988 Vancouver Aspiring actress On imdb

(killing myself laughing - it's probably one of the masculine's homegirls) She's a better looking than his masculine thing.

Monkey Man probably already did her back in the day - or since.

by Bored2 reply 16811/23/2013

The Griffin dude said by himself the affair between Renner and him was a big BS. Another cover for Renner and KW or SP? He wants ppl think he is gay.

by Bored2 reply 16911/23/2013

R168 you are a bit of a pot-stirrer: why the connection to some random c list actress. she's just as tacky as the fellow canadian glamour model.

by Bored2 reply 17011/23/2013

R169 wow. a straight middle age man with a weakness for 22 year old stripper uses another man as beard ? wow thats a plot twist.

nope. try again.

by Bored2 reply 17111/23/2013

Bored2 not stirrin' just starting a betting pool...

Who'll be the next young thing for the Monkey Man? How young will he go?

by Bored2 reply 17211/23/2013

R169 That does seem a little far fetched.

I think Griffin is the BF - Winters is the friend and Sonni is the surrogate.

This mess seems the most feasible.

by Bored2 reply 17311/23/2013

this is getting absurd. Go find the CDAN blind to remind yourself.

by Bored2 reply 17411/23/2013

Can only imagine what Thanksgiving will be like at the renner home. Wonder how many guest sonni can invite. Maybe her dad who would be slightly older then renner. Talk about awwwkwwward

by Bored2 reply 17511/23/2013

Is this one Griffin so?

Offsite Link
by Bored2 reply 17611/23/2013

is it just me or is it weird that jeremy always has to have a "male roomie" first kris, then this kid. Maybe I'm jaded but I find it weird. he probably offered to move tom cruise in after his divorce.

by Bored2 reply 17711/24/2013

Tom Cruise is too close to Renner's age - too old.

Renner needs to be about 20 years older it seems. Very strange..

by Bored2 reply 17811/24/2013

google Griffin Hadley. See his webstagram - scroll to the 4th or 5th page. There's a pict of the "Reveal" august pict article and comments.

When I look at the other picts, in a couple it looks like he's a gay man in a relationship with another guy. But - he declares he is not gay. Could have been just a good friend or relative.

As for the Monkey Man's infatuation with 20 somethings - he's stuck (mentally) in his 20's. That age around him makes him feel young and relevant.

Offsite Link
by Bored2 reply 17911/24/2013

there's lots of info on the internet about griffin. he's on linkedin and instagram. can't tell if he's gay though. I'm hopeful this is his boyfriend but it could be that jeremy likes to hang with the younger guys to attract younger women

by Bored2 reply 18011/24/2013

Griffin Hadley LinkedIn says: He currently works at: Dyrdek Enterprises Inc. AND is a Personal Assistant at Todd Moscowitz

Past Griffin was: A&R at Warner Bros. Records AND Day-to-Day & CRM at Ryan Leslie / NextSelection

He's a graduate of Hampton University 2005 – 2009: Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA), Business Administration and Management, General

Graduated Waterford High School Waterford High School in 2005

by Bored2 reply 18111/24/2013

So Griffin is approximately 25/26 years old.

I wonder how he crossed Renner's path and became a roommate.

by Bored2 reply 18211/24/2013

maybe a musical connection. renner is a musician. does kris hang with this "younger" crowd also.

by Bored2 reply 18311/24/2013

some who profess they don't talk about this actor's physique or monitor his every eyelash batting / bowl movement - well. what a lie. the "butt" is all the new thread rage.

by Bored2 reply 18411/24/2013

R194 huh?

is this a imdb thread? then it would be tempting to jump in to call it a power bottom.

by Bored2 reply 18511/24/2013

oh dammit i meant to link R184 to r185.

by Bored2 reply 18611/24/2013

Maybe a part of him wants to come out or at least not pretend.

by Bored2 reply 18711/24/2013

So no sP at the AMAs with her supposed man? If he didn't even take her to that tacky show she wil stay locked in the house until the next family outing photo op.

by Bored2 reply 18811/25/2013

You really think they're in a "relationship"? Thought we've beat this horde dead already. If anything, she's just exactly what she's always been - a fuck buddy - a good time sally - an already broken in escort - a last resort when other options are slim.

He probably hooked up with one of those barely 20 somwthing sleeve dogs that performed (2 in particular).

His best bud and dog master is Sue.

by Bored2 reply 18911/25/2013

Grrr this stupid keyboard. *beat this dead horse *20 something sleeze dogs

by Bored2 reply 19011/25/2013

How are Jeremy's reviews for American Hustle? I don't hear much about him in a leading role. It's Christian Bale and Jennifer Lawrence primarily.

Any early reviews or previews?

by Bored2 reply 19111/25/2013

Re:191 he's gotten good praises but he had a supporting role in the film. Cooper, Adams and Bale have the lead parts

by Bored2 reply 19211/25/2013

Thanks R192. I am actually looking forward to seeing it. I think he's better in supporting roles.

by Bored2 reply 19311/25/2013

Re:193 I agree, he does his best work when he is with a great ensemble.

by Bored2 reply 19411/25/2013

i prefer my Jeremy renner not to talk while i pound him

by Bored2 reply 19511/25/2013

Old pic of Sonni

Offsite Link
by Bored2 reply 19611/25/2013

Until January/2012, she's just a struggle "model". How could she in a relationship with Jeremy since the filming of MIGP? I thought Jeremy's rich and generous.

by Bored2 reply 19711/25/2013


by Bored2 reply 19811/25/2013

Ted Casablanca out him a few years ago. That's the reason that the "E!" Network dropped him.

by Bored2 reply 19911/25/2013

Re:196 why do you go in search for Sonni pics? Just asking out of curiousity

by Bored2 reply 20011/25/2013

I thought he liked Thai ladyboys. They don't like him too much, since he refuses to pay them. LOL.

by Bored2 reply 20111/25/2013

@196: This seems like a desperate way to get a modeling gig. Obviously nobody would take her...

by Bored2 reply 20211/25/2013

R196 - She definitely is not a really beautiful woman.

by Bored2 reply 20311/25/2013

no, she's not. She has a funky face. It's long and horse like. I really don't see anything special about her. Like I've said before, there is nothing about her that screams model. I heard McDonalds is hiring.

by Bored2 reply 20411/25/2013

he obviously fell for her sparkling personality. he's not a shallow pig. he's much deeper than that.

by Bored2 reply 20511/25/2013

Why does sue have to go with him to functions. is this because he's her top client or because he's a mess. I don't notice this with other actors. I though he looked great at the ama's. Didnt look drunk. The way he talks cracks me up.

by Bored2 reply 20611/25/2013

Masculine one is the right description for her. Tranny Horse. The man said it himself - luvs his strippers.

He must be a real case and pill. Sue - he needs a second mama around him all the time. Can't be for Sue's superior PR skills - he fucks up even when she is there. Maybe sue is the hookup arranger.

by Bored2 reply 20711/26/2013

The masculine couldn't even find a way to "model" for the shot. She looks like a friggin convict and like she's posing for a Russian mail order bride mag or those hooker mags for Asian business men. The only thing missing on her little sign is $$$$$/hr.

To whoever dug this one up - keep posting what you find

by Bored2 reply 20811/26/2013

Why he has to have a "beautiful" woman? He has to have a woman (if not a man of course but...), but why necessarily beautiful, stunning, oh my god, a supermodel etc.? Is it because his "status" claim that? I think it's already enough he has someone who stays with him, for money or for love...

by Bored2 reply 20911/26/2013

R209 he has the sweet ginger KW.

by Bored2 reply 21011/26/2013

can't he throw this broad a bone or something? (no Pun intended) not once can he take her to a function. why? i almost feel a little bad for her.

George Clooney and Matt Damon take their "civilian" women everywhere. Clooney had a former wrestler beard for fucks sake. he dressed her nice, posed, and smiled. not hard to do. wasn't Damon's wife a bartender? he had children with her. you see her out and about with him at functions. i call bullshit on this privacy crap Renner spews.

by Bored2 reply 21111/26/2013

i'm beginning to believe the poster that said he and sonni are not in a real relationship. I don't care how good a lay rennie is. He'd have to take me somewhere for fuck sake. even if she and renni "don't care" about what's posted on the internet. one of her friends has reported back on what's posted. surely she wants to go out for a night on the town.

by Bored2 reply 21211/26/2013

R209 - Why you got so upset, it was just an observation. Nobody said he had to have a beautiful woman. Now, hopefully she stay with him for love, because having someone for money should not be enough for nobody...

by Bored2 reply 21311/26/2013

Imo - she won't stay with him. She's after bigger fish. He won't stay with her when the real impact hits his career. He wants to be seen as a professional class act by his peers and the audience. That can't happen with masculine escort hanging around his neck (no matter how creative they get with whitewash, reinvention, hiding of her past.

Matt Damon's wife is a normal woman who held a real job. Can't compare her in any way to masculine girl (it's an insult to normal women). He takes her everywhere because he has nothing to be ashamed of her past or who she is as a person.

Vin Diesel never pretended to be anything other than he appears. He has 2 kids with his baby mama and they've been together quite a few years. Only thing missing is the ring. She's a real model in her own right. Nothing fir Vin to be ashamed of with her past either.

Quite a contradiction to the Monkey Man, who can't even stand to photo with his masculine one. No matter how "private" humans show affection to the person they like.

by Bored2 reply 21411/26/2013

And a couple more examples

Robert Downey Jr's wife is a normal woman (who put up with a lot of shit from RDJ in their early years). He shows her off - because she's a decent woman, with integrity, and nothing to be ashamed of.

Same with Jason Bateman's wife. Same with Andy Garcia's wife.

Could go on and on. If Renner wants to be known for the next 20 yrs as a respected producer/HWood heavy weight, he knows what he has to change in his life (no matter how good of a fuck masculine gymnast is).

by Bored2 reply 21511/26/2013

Hi rd.

by Bored2 reply 21611/26/2013

R218 and your point is what? Anything intelligent or interesting to offer?

by Bored2 reply 21711/26/2013

I thought the pic I posted yesterday that provoked some comments was interesting, but my bad! Maybe you guys should stop biting the hand that feeds you IG and other pics. Just a thought.

by Bored2 reply 21811/26/2013

R218 your pict post was appreciated. Not your bad. Your good for finding. Keep posting.

by Bored2 reply 21911/26/2013

Agree! Keep posting. Makes good conversations.

by Bored2 reply 22011/26/2013

I think he is going the way of Julia Ormond.

by Bored2 reply 22111/26/2013

R221 meaning?

by Bored2 reply 22211/26/2013

@221: I don't understand.

by Bored2 reply 22311/26/2013


by Bored2 reply 22411/26/2013

wow i see that team raging heterosexual renner fangirl team was in full force on this thread last couple of days.

by Bored2 reply 22511/26/2013

Renner is just a life size troll doll and human trash. Think he fits perfectly with that mail order whore of his. ooops sorry I of course meant the next masculine supermodel of our generation. What a fucking joke he has become.

by Bored2 reply 22611/26/2013

renner and pacheco family thanksgiving. wonder what that looks like. doesn't he have a neice close to sonni's age.

by Bored2 reply 22711/27/2013

She was the turkey being basted.

Who knows? Maybe she wasn't invited - just ava.

by Bored2 reply 22811/27/2013

its a Beverly Hillbillies Thanksgiving! Sonni will be at the kiddie table this year, along with Renner's nieces and nephews. and wait, doesn't he also have siblings who are toddlers?

i am more curious about how Christmas will go. Santa is just her type. he doesn't stand a chance.

by Bored2 reply 22911/27/2013

[R221] Julia Ormond was the big thing with big parts in big movies and then poof, she was gone.

by Bored2 reply 23011/27/2013

Luv the ref of masculine girl @ kiddy table with the toddlers. Fits her intellectual level - lots to gubber over.

Masculine girl @ Christmas - special gymnastics on Santa's lap.

Julia Ormond is also an active United Nations rep for children's issues. Married twice. Divorced twice. One child. Also a Capricorn like monkey man.

by Bored2 reply 23111/27/2013

R221 more like Justin Bieber

I am astonished that there are women out there that fight so hard to defend this guy's bullshit in that Elle interview. We are talking some seriously fucked up stans. He came off like a total doucenozzle yet these fraus thing is so sqweeee!

He reallt needs to shut the fuck up here on out. His cover is full of holes.

by Bored2 reply 23211/27/2013

that is so right! lol yes his cover is full of holes LOL.

by Bored2 reply 23311/27/2013

Interview comments that are more real and reflect a little more accurately what folks thought if renner's responses (rather than the obsessed fangirls version) are on the Oh No They Didn't article.

by Bored2 reply 23411/27/2013

R234 let me help you with a clicky clicky

Offsite Link
by Bored2 reply 23511/27/2013

any news form the ex

by Bored2 reply 23611/28/2013

R236 here's a couple.

26 Nov - 2 all you fake ppl out there, I feel sorry for u. Hope y'all get better... In the meantime, stop following those u envy while u put them down

13 Nov Someday soon imma find that WOMAN that knows what's up

Re: Fake PPL: Can see he's still being followed by someone who's an obsessed Renner fan. Re: WOMAN - who knows. Wouldn't be surprised if it's aimed at the ex.

by Bored2 reply 23711/28/2013

I know what that baby should be thankful this year, a whore mother that can't keep her legs close and a father who is too stupid to put a condom on his diseased dick.

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!!!

by Bored2 reply 23811/28/2013

R237 I'm confused, is the ex on Renner and baby mama's side now?

I just can't for my life understand twitter, its like a completely different language to me.

by Bored2 reply 23911/28/2013

love it 238! I miss my renner family outing pics. i think i saw his shoulder touch her arm once. younger/sugar daddy love. so sweet.

by Bored2 reply 24011/29/2013

who should care what that idiot tweet in some druken or drugged haze. i am cynical enough to believe if shut up money was thrown at him he would knit them matching sweaters.

stop following this townie. more likely he is talking about himself. delusions of granduer.

by Bored2 reply 24111/29/2013

and to clarify my r241: i still dont believe the bullshit this grifter is his 'girl': these bumpkins have a few things shoved in the closet. Beverly hillbillies should be remade into a reality show featuring the extended Renner family , the townie ex, and the boobie party girl. prep the network pitch.

by Bored2 reply 24211/29/2013

I am totally lost with this thread? What about Renner's family? Is it the general feeling on the thread that they are hillbillies?

Renner doesn't bring Sonni to any event so is she really his "girl"? I am so lost.

by Bored2 reply 24311/29/2013

Don't think they're hillbillies or she his gf. Just ahoy cluster fucked up mess of a bad situation. They're probably just trying to make the mess work for the sake of Ava.

by Bored2 reply 24411/29/2013

R244 maybe who knows, but it is kinda fun making fun of them and watching some drama go down. This is for sure more interesting than the last crap movies he put out.

praying for something to happen when he does more publicity for his movie or campaigning for awards.

by Bored2 reply 24511/29/2013

More publicity? You called it!

Offsite Link
by Bored2 reply 24611/29/2013

And no masculine girl anywhere in sight. What "relationship" again? Even if she shows her horse face @ a premier next weekend, it's all a sham.

NO ONE else in tinsel town barricades their "significant other" (male, female, just dating, temporary gf/bf, BabyMama, whatever the level). No one. Everyone gets papped out somewhere - for pr buzz and to keep their name out there if for nothing else.

And some folks here still keep on with this "his girl", "gf", "relationship" train?

Any bets/guesses on when the separate ways statement will come out if the old dog Doesn't get an Oscar nom? I'll guess end Feb.

by Bored2 reply 24711/30/2013

re:247. i agree. if they are at a minimum screwing she's stupid. weird relationship. when is her next birthday? he's loosing interest as she gets older. he needs therapy

by Bored2 reply 24811/30/2013

He and Adams were lovely in the screening.

Offsite Link
by Bored2 reply 24911/30/2013

the "all is holy" is up and running again. Of course its being handled by the paper dragons crew. Go figure.

by Bored2 reply 25011/30/2013

r250 let the fangirls/fraus and stans have their circle jerk. it's a bit amateur hour with that site right now: someone needs a lesson on web design and this shit is not rocket science. As goofy of a dicksuck the original site was-i believe those original admins get Renner handler's support for content. It seems a little goofy a middle age man still needs a (perpetual) teenage fanclub.

Whatevs if it keeps them off Datalounge.

Does that Cumberbatch fellow have this problem now as well?

by Bored2 reply 25111/30/2013

I meant to speculate in R251 if Renner family and management will be just as cooperative with the new owners? doubtful. When that legacy site was finally put out of its misery after months of non activity everything was wiped out. that was by intent. not all content is content commons.

Anyhoo: fansites are a thing of the past thanks to tumblr.

by Bored2 reply 25211/30/2013

she and the baby do appear briefly in the film...whatever.

this is how I thought the Keanu Reeves thing would have gone had the baby lived. Hot Mess!

by Bored2 reply 25311/30/2013

Re: New - Long Live the Renner Saviour Cavalry! gotta give something to do to those middle-aged Renner obsessed women folk (tweens in disguise). They already spend all hours day and night fangirling over every twitch if his eyebrows, running across the country to catch a pict or autograph. Wonder where their paycheck comes from and who takes care of their obligations (i.e. children - oh right they raise themselves - mama's too busy fangirling over a middle aged male macho man has been actor).

by Bored2 reply 25411/30/2013

what? Keanu had a baby that died? I know this is a JR thread but now im curious..didn't know anything about that.

Also, I have a feeling she will attend the AH LA premiere, whether we see her or not on the red carpet, she will probably be there since she is briefly in the movie (even for a very split second)..just a thought. Hell I hope she isn't of course...

by Bored2 reply 25511/30/2013

So what if fans decide to start up a site for Jeremy. I don't get why SO many people spend their days and nights bitching about this guy? Some of you are wasting way too much time talking about someone you don't even like.

I come on DL for other threads and keep seeing new Renner boards pop up and it's just a bunch of people bitching at one another or bitching non-stop with the same shit all the damn time! Some of you need to get a LIFE and stop caring so much about this loser.

And don't even bother giving me your bullshit response about how you do have lives, could care less about Renner, blah blah blah cuz guess what - you DO care or there wouldn't be a new Jeremy Loser Renner thread being posted every damn week!

by Bored2 reply 25611/30/2013

R253 no comparison to Keanu Reeves (what an insult). Reeves was engaged to be married to his baby's mom. Reeves never hid her - see picts if them (out and about, red carpet, etc.) Reeves is a real man who knows and enacts compassion as part of his belief system - not like Renner who views it as just words. Reeves had to deal with the tragic death of his child that he wanted AND soon after the tragic death of his fiance.

No comparison on any level. You're attempting to compare a hillbilly trash Douchebag (Renner) to a conscientious Real Man (Reeves).

by Bored2 reply 25711/30/2013

R256 a stan has arrived: pretending to be just the regular ole member who hates to see pointless gossip and bitching ruin Datalounge!

So subtle.

Feeling a little butt-hurt about my commentary on the look of the site?

Less I remind the freaking out posters: LACMA galla last month

by Bored2 reply 25811/30/2013

R253 team raging hetereosexual renner still trying to make her happen. why was all that business in that interview about not getting married ? to her specifically. took up allot of real estate in that interview- riddle me that.

twins-strip clubs-bad boy: try hard

i love how Elle used a 6 year old pic looking all malboro man in his pose. so macho. so heterosexual.

by Bored2 reply 25911/30/2013

Additional to r257

R253 you tell me how anyone (who's human and has a conscious) can deal with 3 tragic events back to back to back? Reeves had to deal with the death of his little girl Ava, the tragic car accident death of his (music industry - not playboy escort like the masculine one) girlfriend right after, AND as if that wasn't enough from life, his beloved sister Kim's leukemia. No wonder Reeves went into his "dark" years (he was broken). No wonder it's taken him years to somehow "recover" (if you can even say that). No wonder he's weary (scared) of committed relationships. He's still broken.

And then you compare Reeves to Renner? Have you ever suffered loss within your own inner circle?

And Rer

by Bored2 reply 26011/30/2013

Ok kids here's my final thought (for today) on that Elle interview: if he was really into this gal that interview would have rolled a whole different way. Why would any healthy normal person humble-brag about loosing his virginity and strip club hopping 'in front' of the spouse? It's rather degrading to that spouse, no?

Judging by the comment sections of all the cross posted articles it was really a new low for this alleged happily pair up family man.

Hopefully someday he can just be himself publicly.

But its rather amusing speculating what the gal will wear if she does show up at a premiere. I am guessing it will be more in the lines of a Dallas Cowboy Cheerleader.

by Bored2 reply 26111/30/2013

Ugh! What a piece of crap that fangirl driven site has turned into. Don't even bother.

Agree with an earlier post - best decision would have been for Renner's PR team to have taken it over.

Even critics would've known to have done a better job.

by Bored2 reply 26211/30/2013

R261 I'm indulging your desire to flog-speculate on the masculine's red carpet attire (if her horse face is invited).

I'll see your "Yee-Hah!!" mini and raise you a bedazzled Playboy Unikini inspired with peak-a-boo windows, design inspired by Paul Gautier.

by Bored2 reply 26311/30/2013

ugh! I hope to god this skank doesn't show up to that premiere! Even if she is behind the scenes..I hope she is NOT present!

by Bored2 reply 26411/30/2013

YIKES! what's so scandalous!

I have read plenty of facts(like how Kim is still living and was diagnosed before and independent of the Syme hook-up, et al). Weird how all that is connected I your mind.

FWIW, I believe Renner is a douchebag and does go out of his way to try to be polite about the baby thing with wannabe model. I bet behind doors he seethes.

I'm not making this about Reeves.

by Bored2 reply 26511/30/2013

How long has it been since the last family outing pics. 2 months? I want to see if he touches her this time

by Bored2 reply 26611/30/2013

One more outing without the masculine one anywhere near him.

Renner goes to a Pandora function and.. Yup.. nope... Not even when the function is low key...OH but he likes getting papped with other women - no problem there.

And some keep-on with this "relationship" train. Who cares if her horse mug is at AH. He can't stand to be seen with her anywhere else, incl. RL - like lunch, dinner, walking down a street??

by Bored2 reply 26712/01/2013

Re 267. Saw the pic at the pandora function. Jeremy looks a little drunk. He looks like he wants to eat elizabeth rohm up. Lol.

by Bored2 reply 26812/01/2013

R268 no kidding. She's a little tall standing across from him but he sure looked like he was hookup positioning for a "play". Wonder what the result was...

by Bored2 reply 26912/01/2013

r269 maybe he was leaning in to wisper that he plans to take Cooper home.

by Bored2 reply 27012/01/2013

Bahahaha - u never know. Wonder if Cooper's tween Suki-yukky was in attendance? If Bradman has no problem being seen in public with thus bush brow masculine tween, makes one wonder how really embarrassed. Old man renner must be to exclude the playboy masculine one from these events (considering she would have had a playmate @ with Suki-yukky there to keep her occupied while daddy worked).

by Bored2 reply 27112/01/2013

Suki yukky lol hilarious!!!!!!

by Bored2 reply 27212/01/2013

clicky clicky for event pics. say, is that BCoop's mom?

er, trenchcoat......

Offsite Link
by Bored2 reply 27312/01/2013

I see the original has been taken over by someone. From the forums: "To be honest, I've no interest in baby pictures at all." "..only want to see baby photos obviously made with the parent's approval.." "Skimmed the article. Says, Sonni spotted in LAX with baby Ava. Says she was without Jeremy at her side. I exited out. Those arent the kinds of photos I wanna see. :( Thats a HUGE violation IMO." Yea right!!! I bet those women are here in this thread releasing their true nature and crapping over his baby momma. Two faced fangirls, tsk tsk, I know you're in here somewhere, lol.

by Bored2 reply 27412/01/2013

R274 Duplicity thy name is Stan.

by Bored2 reply 27512/01/2013

r275 clarification: I was directing that at Groovy.

by Bored2 reply 27612/01/2013

r276 ack! correction numero 2: i was NOT directing r275 at groovy.

by Bored2 reply 27712/01/2013

R:277 I see you're smoking those bananas I sent you, Bored-baby. :P

by Bored2 reply 27812/01/2013

He used the wedding ring again recently, when he presented the Costume and Production Design award at the Hollywood Film Awards... (

by Bored2 reply 27912/01/2013

that video is when the ring was first seen. and since then he hasn't been seen with it on. the only other ring he was seen wearing was just yesterday at that AH party and it was on his right hand on his first finger..and who even knows if it was the same ring??

by Bored2 reply 28012/01/2013

I don't know if that actually is a ring, it could be a shadow from Elisabeth's champagne glass

by Bored2 reply 28112/01/2013

look at the picture again on justjared. its clearly a ring on his own finger!

by Bored2 reply 28212/01/2013

And... who cares? We all now know he's not married or engaged to the masculine one and he declared he has no such interest.

And so... the costume ring.. is of what interest?

by Bored2 reply 28312/01/2013

Just saw that fansite of his that came back, that site looks pretty crap. I hope they dedicate a section to that masculine supermodel of his.

by Bored2 reply 28412/01/2013

Better yet, you should be wondering about Renner's hypocrisy re: the elle article and his view on women folk.

Seeing as the type of girls he declared that he likes are masculine and have stripper skills, why is it then that he's in a deep convo with Elizabeth Rhom? An accomplished intelligent woman (actress, book writer, humanitarian, cancer activist). Go check her out. WAY out of his class.

What? Renner lowered his macho standards to speak with Rhom?

Or maybe he's come to the realization that a good fuck only goes so far and then you need intellectual stimulation... Yeah not exactly possible with a Playboy escort half your age.

by Bored2 reply 28512/01/2013

R285 I thnk he just looks so deep into convo with Elizabeth because he is probably trying to figure out what she is talking about. He looks kind of inbred so I think he might be a little slow in the head. Probably explain why he can only get that stripper/escort whore of his.

by Bored2 reply 28612/01/2013

R285 You seem so sure you know what's right and wrong and what people want or need. Has it ever occurred to you he's fine if he never has an "intelligent" conversation with whomever he dates/has sex with? How do you divine what he really wants is an intellectual to have deep conversations with? Or maybe that's just wishful thinking on your part.

by Bored2 reply 28712/01/2013

Right. Humans want to have dumb ass mind-numbing unintelligible and unimaginative convo throughout their life span. He is human right? He does consider himself to be somewhat interested in topics. He does appear to have an interest where his imagination is used.

Hm. Donuts holes for your presumptive assessment.

How about you? From your post I gather you're in alignment with the empty headed type of convos.

by Bored2 reply 28812/01/2013

R288 So every single relationship has to be an intellectual partnership founded on love and admiration? What kind of parallel universe are you from? Has no one in your world ever dated someone for fun or gotten drunk and had sex with someone they didn't want to marry? Maybe he wants to have fun, maybe he isn't looking for that right now....who knows? And why do you care so much? And I love how you presume to know Sonni can't hold a conversation, considering you have never even met her. Maybe she's just good fun and makes him happy? God forbid someone who isn't a college graduate may be an appreciated part of someone's life. Who the heck knows? All I know is you have spend months obsessed with this and it's a bit disturbing.

And I gather from your posts you've run out of other forums to complain on about the Elle article. We're all sick of it. Seriously, what do you do other than think of Renner? I'm sure I mispelled something and you'll point it out as proof of my stupidity. Which will only draw attention to your delusional, rage-filled psychosis.

by Bored2 reply 28912/01/2013

R289 look who's talking. Wow. The ott obsessed Renner it's are truly in need of mental help. Your bus to and the masculine's love fest fan club by elenat is ready to take you know.

If you had the ability to read, then you would have read my post correctly. But alas - you instead applaud a human who's choices in life are a disgrace to women. Yes, I'm referring to your goddess.

Child - get your soother and go to bed now.

by Bored2 reply 29012/01/2013


*OTT obsessed Rennerites *ready to take you now

One more thought for you child.

You just don't like anyone calling the kettle black on your "fantasy" god Rennet.

Tough. One day you'll find yourself in a position where your warped ethics will be called out by someone.

Oh well you'll learn.

And as for your use of the word "hate" - take a ver good look in the mirror @ yourself, your post, your actions.

by Bored2 reply 29112/01/2013

wow. team raging heterosexual renner decided to have a party on this thread tonight and they invited bimbos united.

by Bored2 reply 29212/01/2013

Have people forgotten THAT incident in Thailand or where ever that was? His rep denied that the ladyboys pimp fighting for his cash had nothing to do with Renner. They were at a gaybar at that particular time. I wonder if K.Winters was there? He's everywhere with Renner so prob. yes. I think that was the defining moment. His rep's closed ranks and told him to stick to partying in homeland, lol. This fatherhood thing still feels like it has been attached to his image with duct tape. Here's waiting for the official AH Premiere. Come on, Jer... Bring the girl, bring the girl, bring the girl!

by Bored2 reply 29312/02/2013

Always held the view that Renner is at least bi. According to an earlier post, talking has nothing to do with this ass. He just likes holes to fill and his history shows, the more the merrier. Doesn't care if male, female, single, double, already in a relationship, front, back, (who knows next we'll read a comment from him about animals). You know - like a horny 14 year old or dog that humps anything in sight, including mail boxes.

by Bored2 reply 29412/02/2013

R291 and many others: I reread my two posts. I don't see were I used the word "hate". You are so warped and myopic you can't step back from this drama. Not everyone is going to agree with you. And your habit of vehemently posting everywhere is not winning you any supporters. Anyone who knows this drama knows you are disturbed. Anyone who's new just wonders why a poster seems to be so off-balanced.

Sure, try to knock down someone who has the common sense to realize I've never met Sonni and have no idea what her conversational skills are. The truth is for all your rants on logic, you don't even know her, so how can you talk about her intelligence with any sort of insight? How logical is that?? But that's just not the point right. No, of course I'm defending her. I can't just be pointing out the flaws in YOUR little thoughts.

by Bored2 reply 29512/02/2013

R295 your pablum is waiting for you by your crib.

Newsflash for your little brain. I don't give a "f" about you, your opinions, your life. What us interesting and amusing to me is how vent pout if shape you get. Since you so vehemently proclaim others to have social issues, you must know first hand from your own reflection.

now along with your pablum are your Renner DVDs, posters. Go sooth yourself.

by Bored2 reply 29612/02/2013

Correction: * how bent out of shape you get

by Bored2 reply 29712/02/2013

Groovy Mama - if he brings the masculine horse, he'll need to bring some feed along as well to keep her tame. With all those cameras and photojournalists, she's liable to forget who's paying her bills.

But hey, maybe he'll finally bring both his lovers - Krissy right there in a lovely threesome shot. Unconventional is his style.

by Bored2 reply 29812/02/2013

horse feed? i was thinking more like Chastity Belt. invest in a really good metal one.

anyone see the interviews Ethan Hawke has been giving lately? holy shit, that guy is as big of an asshole as Renner. what is it with all these 40 something Hollywood men, going off the deep end? is it something in the water? Charlie Sheen, is another on that list, but man is he proud to take his whores everywhere.

by Bored2 reply 29912/02/2013

Dr. Drew needs to start a new show specifically aimed @ 40'something males. HWOOD's horn dogs are setting bad examples - no they're not "cool". While he's at it, Dr. Drew should include 30'somthings (Coopers, Buttlers, DiCaprios) and 50'somethings (Depps, Cruise and their lot).

Why put a chasity belt on the horse? She's gotta find her next sugar daddy somehow - might as well use the one tool she knows worked.

by Bored2 reply 30012/02/2013

I hope he starts bringing her to red carpet events. I look forward to making fun of her with great anticipation.

I think at first he will spend a fortune on her dress and stylist. but then someone will put a microphone to her and then yeehaaa it's gonna be sooo funnyyy.

by Bored2 reply 30112/02/2013

Microphone at the masculine horse...

I can see Renner ready to explode already... it's about HIM not Her. I hope she does it, along with her famous posing for the paps when Daddy's not looking or paying attention. Yup.

by Bored2 reply 30212/02/2013

any word on renner showing up to late night talk shows to promote american hustle? is the release date next friday?

by Bored2 reply 30312/03/2013

oh lord stick a fork in my eye this topic again. why would he bring her. given they are hardly seen together other than scheduled pap shots to pimp the kid for publicity.

oooh maybe she's shy and avoids the cameras. lives a quiet sober life reading the bible and darning Renner's socks.

by Bored2 reply 30412/03/2013

Bahahaha the masculine one "reading". LOL!!! The only "sock" she knows how to "darn" seems to be of the latex family.

by Bored2 reply 30512/03/2013

he'll most likely bring his usual date. Kris.

by Bored2 reply 30612/03/2013

R303 Promotional tour for AH is going to start in a few days out of US. I've heard of Dubai and Turkey and Moscow. Will the present Mrs. Renner be with him and the baby? Maybe she could find a rich sheik over there to open her legs for!

by Bored2 reply 30712/03/2013

masculine one pole dancing for the sheiks - read they're into that and pay well too. Maybe she can get off the Renner Compassionate Dole Payment System.

by Bored2 reply 30812/03/2013

bourne 2 release scheduled for 2015. jeremy makes babies when he films bourne movies. sonni will stop taking the pills as soon as he receives that initial pay check. cha ching!

by Bored2 reply 30912/03/2013

unless the masculine horse gets knocked up by a sheik while in Dubai. More cha-ching than her Daddy Renner will ever have in his lifetime.

by Bored2 reply 31012/03/2013

upgrade for her. downgrade for the sheik.

by Bored2 reply 31112/03/2013

well if he brings that whore to Dubai, he better keep that bitch on a leash. I'm sure her ugly ass nose will be dragging her tits and ass to the closest billionaire there.

by Bored2 reply 31212/03/2013

R.I.P. Paul Walker. He used to date a girlfriend since she was 16 and he was 32 (so she is 24 now). But never had unwanted children or kept her hidden.

by Bored2 reply 31312/03/2013

R312 Closest and younger looking. No wait, she looks for sugar daddies double her age maybe hoping they die first. I bet he's bringing his happy family with him for AH promotional tour (business class flight, no stress) and as usual nobody will get a picture of them together. C'mon Rennie, surprise me!

by Bored2 reply 31412/03/2013

yeah RIP to Paul. Hard to believe that he was actually around the same as as Renner. Renner literally looks like a rabid dog next to Paul.

The dating a 16 yo at 32 is a little sketchy, but at least they were in a stable relationship. Also Paul seems to be quite involve in his charity and seem well liked by the people that met him and his castmates.

by Bored2 reply 31512/03/2013

RIP to Paul.

If his gf is 24 now, and they started dating when she was 16, He was 24 when hey started and they were together for 8 yrs?

It seems as though Paul was human with his many charity involvements. Compassion in action (not just words).

What exactly was the charity work the masculine one has enacted over the years? (dead space with kicked noises).

by Bored2 reply 31612/04/2013

So far door it looks like the old boy did not take the masculine horse to the AH premier in LA. He did take a pict with a look-a-like (shorter middle eastern female.) funny how he doesn't even want to be seen with the masculine even when the event is right outside their door. Was she on the rag and had cramps? Or maybe she was too stoned out of her mind? Or "working" a client? So her 2 second AH in a trailer was to shut her up ? (too much whining and threats to take off with his daughter?)

by Bored2 reply 31712/04/2013

No SP at the AH screening?

Offsite Link
by Bored2 reply 31812/04/2013

Your link doesn't work

by Bored2 reply 31912/04/2013

bold choice of a suit. those ribbon stripes.

by Bored2 reply 32012/04/2013

317, wheres the pic of the so called "look a like?"

by Bored2 reply 32112/04/2013

Oh wow some of you are messed in the head - it's okay for Paul Walker to date a 16 year old and there is a huge age gap but it's not okay for Jeremy to date chicks half his age? And because Paul does charity work that makes him a good man so therefore dating a 16 year old is fine ...

Wow wow wow .... Since when is it fine for a 16 year old to date a 30 something man?

In other news, not surprised Renner didn't take Sp to the premiere, what a sham.

by Bored2 reply 32212/04/2013

i agree creepy age difference with paul walker and his girlfriend. I have to admit all the news coverage on paul's good looking ass has made it difficult to look at renner. he does look 30 years older than paul. his poses at the american hustle premiere are sooooo..... just come out already.

by Bored2 reply 32312/04/2013

well well that suit. that is indeed a bold choice. let's see what other bold choices he makes in the next year.

by Bored2 reply 32412/04/2013

My wrong on r319 link does work. Let's see if any fangirly picts show up with the masculine playboy masculine escort. Didn't see any picts with Krissy either so far. I wanted a threesome shot this time.

by Bored2 reply 32512/04/2013

R322 you're right Imo. If that's the scenario with Paul and his teenage gf -what a fuck he was as well. Dating and fucking a girl who could be his daughter or little sister. In this case, he's just as much a Douchebag as Renner. I don't care how "mature" Pauls gf may have been. He was the adult (supposedly). What a bunch of absolutely fucked up males in hwood.

by Bored2 reply 32612/04/2013

charlie sheen dates porn stars. kim and kanye. yep hot messes.

by Bored2 reply 32712/04/2013

Dawn Olivieri looks gorgeous @ the AH premier.

Dr drew should start those intense therapy sessions with these f-up male actors. And they're supposed to be "admired", "applauded", financially supported? What's there to admire if they're crap humans? Their acting? Cgi can give the same - just add voice over.

At least there's a few who made more respectable adult relationship choices. And seems to me, they may be even more popular overall than the Douchebags. Whatever.

by Bored2 reply 32812/04/2013

don't know if this fb link will work. Look-a-like.

Offsite Link
by Bored2 reply 32912/04/2013

re: 329 she doesn't look like Sonni at all

by Bored2 reply 33012/04/2013

I don't think this event was the official American Hustle premiere - otherwise where was Bradley, Christian and Jennifer? I know Christian and JLaw haven't been attending a lot of these functions, but you'd think they would be at the big premiere(s).

which means... there is still a slim chance the wannabe might be around after all

by Bored2 reply 33112/04/2013

Read a couple of articles on Paul Walker's relationship with his gf. What a sick prick. He has a 15 year old daughter. One article says he and his gf were preparing the gf to take on the role of step-mom to his daughter (gf 23, daughter 15). So this r.i.p. Douchebag DID go after a girl close to his daughter's age to have a relationship with. What a sick m-f!!

by Bored2 reply 33212/04/2013

yuck. sad that Paul Walker was as slimy as the rest. everyone is saying what a fabulous person he was and blah blah blah. he was a private person, because he was fucking a child. he didn't want Dateline's Chris Hansen knocking on his door. i'm all for age differences, but come on now. my cut off is 18. he really couldn't find an 18 year old? shows you what kind of creepy pervert this guy really was. they really need to do a To Catch a Predator, Hollywood Edition. that right there is ratings gold.

at least Renner's broad is 25. thats all the good i can say about that.

he's looking a little rough lately. what the fuck is this chick doing to him? dump the broad Renner, and go back to Kris, before it's too late! i'm sure Kris wouldn't mind wearing a Unikini, or something equally trashy, for him. or bring her to something, and give us more material to work with.

by Bored2 reply 33312/04/2013

Ever notice in real life when a much older man is with a much younger woman there is always something dorky and looserish about both participants? The only time I see handsome successful popular older men with younger women is when a drug addiction is involved. and then it is just a matter of time before he looses everything.

I don't understand how it is so different for Renner, Walker and Butler.

by Bored2 reply 33412/04/2013

It's also interesting to note how many successful relationships marriages in hwood where the 2 are either within the same age range, Or the woman is older.

by Bored2 reply 33512/04/2013

i love this thread and how honest it is. we shouldn't praise paul walker just because he died and pretend his relationship with this chic wasn't slimy. it was.

If renner is a dried up closeted prune. he is. if sonni is a whore. she is.

people don't have the heart to be honest about this stuff.

by Bored2 reply 33612/04/2013

No, no bimbo in sight...

Offsite Link
by Bored2 reply 33712/04/2013

Can anyone explain me what "bimbo" means, please? Sorry my ignorance...

by Bored2 reply 33812/04/2013

Bimbo is a derogatory slang term for an attractive but unintelligent female

not to be confused with the brand BIMBO, which makes tasty Hispanic pastries.. i am going to say that the derogatory term, is what people mean

by Bored2 reply 33912/04/2013

Bimbo = dumb broad

Re video: there were moments where he looked and sounded stoned, or drunk.

by Bored2 reply 34012/04/2013

re: 334 - when an older man is with a younger woman society applauds this as "you go dude, getting the younger chicks" and when a woman dates a younger man it's "gross, she could be his son, that's nasty"

And I'm talking about society as a whole - not what individuals (as in DL peeps) have to say about it. It's a double standard and most people think it's fine for an older guy to date a much younger woman but not vice versa.

That's why Renner, Walker, Butler, Cooper, etc etc etc can get away with it. The big difference though between Cooper, Butler, Christian Slater (he just married a 26 year old) vs Jeremy renner - is that at least they own up to it!

Some reason Jeremy can't (gay rumors aside) I'm guessing he knows how ridiculous he looks at this point in his life, dating a woman that could be his daughter. THAT is what makes the whole Sonni situation more sleazy than it really is (well... she's sleazy on her own but that's a whole other discussion)

by Bored2 reply 34112/04/2013

r341 agree. I know it's always been so in society (older men - younger women) but do you think it's been exacerbated in RL over the last 20 yrs by HWood celebs flaunting their "entitlement" to do whatever the hell they want and in that way, skewing social thinking? Example: A 40'something married guy (already going thru his own mid-life identity crissis) looks at a Cooper/Bultler/Clooney says that lifestyle's cool and proceeds to leave a marriage for that 20'something they found in bar? Or, a late 30's or 40'something single guy decides to "settle down" but chooses someone he can "tame" into the role of respectible in society, a slut in the bedroom, a demure wife?

You know what really dissapoints me most about guys like Cooper, Butler and Renner: 2 are well educated and all 3 are savvy intellectually. WTF!!! Can they not get it thru their neandrathal skulls that a woment their age with intelligence and interests of her own IS NOT A THREAT TO THEIR MANHOOD! IF THEY HAD HALF A BRAIN - they'd realize, such a woman is AN ASSET to their careers, their life. Not like the LIABILITY their 20'something barely legal bimbos are - WHO in the end ARE NOT TAMEABLE - they will move on to bigger sugar daddies. Just like Orlando Bloom's wife, Miranda Kerr, and so many others.

Sorry my post is long - it just pisses me off how STUPID men like these are in their views. You mean to say - Christian Bale's wife or Robert Downey Jr's wife, or Jason Bateman's wife, or Edward Norton's wife - are all useless? If it wasn't for those intelligent woment, I wonder where any of these guys would have been now.

by Bored2 reply 34212/04/2013

A small add on to my thoughts above:

If it wasn't for RDJ's wife who pulled RDJ out of the funk his life was in @ the time with drugs and alcohol, RDJ would still be a severe addict if not dead and certainly not be $150 million richer today.

If it wasn't for Jennifer Garner, Ben Affleck not be the highly acclaimed Oscar winner today, but he would be broke and severely in debt because of his out of control gambling and boozing.

If it wasn't for Bale's wife who in actively involved in social/world issues that inspired Bale with a different perspective in life, Bale's temper would probably have combusted him right out of the movie business. He was already known in the bus as "a problem".

by Bored2 reply 34312/04/2013

Bale also credits his wife for pushing him to do American Hustle. smart lady. Bale better not forget to thank her, should he win big. i think he's looking at an Oscar nomination.

this really isn't all that surprising, regarding this grown man's piggish behavior folks. isn't Renner's dad just as fucked up as he is? multiple marriages, still popping out babies as old as he is, with a much younger broad?

and what's with that other thread, about the Thai Ladyboi? where the fuck did that come from, and why didn't i know this sooner? that right there is both sad, and slightly funny. how the hell did he have that buried? he must be really shelling out the dough to that PR person. its not easy still raising a Renner, in his 40's!

by Bored2 reply 34412/04/2013

Now there's a new sitcom:

"Raising Renner"

Should be scheduled together with Anger Management and Mob Housewives.

by Bored2 reply 34512/04/2013

Raising Renner? ha! bet he still would be hiding his Masculine Supermodel on that show. he might give her a spot, all 2 seconds worth, in the trailer. blink and you will miss her.

it can showcase both father/son, their spawn who are the same age. of course, lets not forget their multiple intelligent conversations about: sex, strippers, and Psychology of course.

by Bored2 reply 34612/04/2013

Renner's Dad is married to a woman that is Jeremy's age, but unlike Renner's choice in women - Papa Renner's wife has a career, she's a journalist.

by Bored2 reply 34712/04/2013

@339 - Thanks!

by Bored2 reply 34812/04/2013

And the bitter brigade has shown up

by Bored2 reply 34912/04/2013

R346 + R347 yes Renner's father's wife is accomplished in her own right and works for a living. I think she also creates art work and supports a local theatre.

It appears that it's the "accomplished" part that's an issue with the Jr Renner.

So why not hire Jess as the Psychologist on "Raising Renner" (hehehe). Oh I would watch!!!!!

by Bored2 reply 35012/04/2013

Re:350 well Sonni is the type of woman good for fucking and partying with - not that type you spend the rest of your life with. Of course Renner wasn't looking for the latter when he was sleeping around with her and now... Let's just say she should use some of his money and go to college or do something with her life.

by Bored2 reply 35112/04/2013

I thought Renner and Sonni looked like father and daughter but after seeing a pic of Paul Walker with his gf... Now that totally looked like a kid and her dad. I'll now say Renner and SP look like an Uncle and his niece.

Tragic Paul died and died such a horrible death but dating a 16 yr old ..... Ewwww Paul

by Bored2 reply 35212/04/2013

this dude digs dudes

by Bored2 reply 35312/04/2013

R353 this dude may be into dudes but ain't ever been a name or scene dropped other than Kris and his other roomie.

We got lots on his other fetishes though - dames and escorts.

So if you have info on the dude side - drop it here. We're waiting to discuss.

by Bored2 reply 35412/04/2013

wow Renner is looking smashing in those AH screening photos. Smashing as in it looks like his face is recovering after someone smashed it with a baseball bat.

Seriously how is he going to do those Avengers and Bourne sequel? He looks like a 60 year old.

Also the new Bourne movie sounds like it will probably flop with Gilroy leaving and all. Won't be surprised if Rachel Weisz doesn't come back. Maybe he can get his whore a starring role in it, him riding that horse faced bitch off a cliff will be the perfect ending to the franchise.

yeah I know it is bad to speak ill of the dead, but it really is super gross for him to date a 16 year old when he was in his 30s.

by Bored2 reply 35512/04/2013

Be warned 40 something men of Hollywood, Jeremy Renner aging in a few short months shows the damage a famewhore, wanna be 20 something can do to your pretty faces

by Bored2 reply 35612/04/2013

Whoring around with a much younger woman is gross pathetic and inappropriate. Getting said younger woman pregnant is beyond repugnant. Makes one a dirt bag of the lowest order. I can't even watch the whole video of him meeting the fans.

by Bored2 reply 35712/04/2013

I kind of liked Renner, until recently. It seemed like he was just minutes away from coming out of the closet and BLAM!, he slammed the door, locked it and hid behind a trunk full of old shoes.

I have no respect for ANYONE in the closet (barring those in hostile countries). Renner claiming to be straight looks as ridiculous as Richard Simmons did a few years back (when he was claiming to be straight). Renner has to be a screaming queen. My gaydar has NEVER been wrong.

by Bored2 reply 35812/04/2013

people men are just suppose to get better with age, but damn he does like a bloated walking corpse.

Is he too busy playing straight and without time to suck cock and take some up his ass he is starting to look like a fat old queen.

by Bored2 reply 35912/04/2013

R355 Renner suffers severe foot-in-mouth-hubris syndrome many times.

re: Bourne Legacy and Rachel Weiss. Last promo tour, good ol' Renner decided in one interview to state that Rachel loved him. Soon after, Rachel married Daniel Craig. In renner's following BL interview, he back peddled and says how he'd find Craig @ his front door should anything have happened to Rachel during filming.

Renner's made similar stupid statements with Wheedon (all know of his "Hawkeye disappointment) and Cruise. With MI4 promos, Renner was going around saying that he's ready to take over the franchise. Cruise had to use some of his interview promos to counter what Renner said by clearly stating that as long as the fans want him (cruise) to keep making MI films, he'll do it.

It'll be interesting to see IF Rachel signs on again for BL and when/if Cruise invites Renner to join MI again. For MI4, it was Cruise who sponsored Renner to be a part of that film.

Biting the hand that feeds you because of your ego, sometimes backfires.

by Bored2 reply 36012/05/2013

when rennie was signing autographs with his fans you could just tell how much he loves that. he was eating it up. fame has definitely gone to his head.

wonder what intellectual conversation he's having with sonni over breakfast this morning? world peace maybe.

by Bored2 reply 36112/05/2013

more like what new flavored lube and condom.

Notice in the video him trying a personal with one of the female fans - the ol' "What's your name? Guess she looked primed to him in his stoned jaunt.

by Bored2 reply 36212/05/2013

yep he is quite the flirty one. hopefully she looked better then super model masculine horse face.

by Bored2 reply 36312/05/2013

re: 360 I don't blame Renner for saying what he did about The Avengers. He barely had any screen time and his character wasn't really needed IMO.

As for taking over the MI:4 franchise, that was in the media at the time - the rumors that Cruise was supposedly giving up the franchise and Renner would take over. I don't know what interview you are referring too but I'm going to guess he was asked that question and answered it. I don't ever recall him going around just yacking that he's taking it over. That started within the media - plus isn't the studio that backs the MI franchise sometimes have issues with Tom Cruise anyway? Could have been planted by the studio.

While Renner has said plenty of stupid things - I think these two cases can be cleared up

by Bored2 reply 36412/05/2013

i hate when actors whine about their parts in movies. he didn't have to cash that check. he read the script, signed on, and then he has the balls to bitch? who does he think he is, Joan Crawford? didn't Shia La Douche do the same shit about Transformers? what is he doing now? oh yeah, independents that no one goes to see. he swears he will never do another blockbuster again. i believe that, only because no one wants that twit. his hissy fits have cost him big time.

i like him as an actor, i think he does decent supporting roles. but that's where his strengths are. as supporting. he must be on some hardcore drugs, to think that he can carry a movie on his own.

someone is going to out him, again, come 2014..

by Bored2 reply 36512/05/2013

yah I don't ever remember him saying that he was taking over the MI franchise. I also don't recall him saying that Rachel Weisz loved him and she was married to DC way before the BL movie.

by Bored2 reply 36612/05/2013

When I have the chance to dig up the YouTube videos, I'll be happy to direct you to both. It was out if his mouth in sit down interviews.

by Bored2 reply 36712/05/2013

You know what I find telling and shameful? A great human, Nelson Mandela, died today, and those obssessive Renner Fanatics are at it 24/7 investigating and analysing every article, tweet, quote, far written about AH in the hopes that nice things are said about their fantasy God.

Wow. Says a lot about what they're about. Enough said.

I'm going back to paying respects to a great human being.

by Bored2 reply 36812/05/2013

R368 i doubt those fangirls that love their white trash Renner so much even know who Mandela is.

Isn't Renner racist anyways? heard he got in trouble for using the N-word or something.

by Bored2 reply 36912/05/2013

JR is leaving for AH promotional tour today. Pics at LAX, no masculine mistress with him. She's so masculine that he left her home to watch over that baby as that's a woman (masculine or not) place. Or maybe the concubine is in a different car. If it were that... oh boy... P.S. This is a quite dirty place, so don't mention here good people as the one who just passed away. Not even to mock JR die hard fans. Please.

by Bored2 reply 37012/05/2013

R368 But you could break yourself away from your grief to check out several renner pages. Spare us rd.

by Bored2 reply 37112/05/2013

R371 while going to the toilet.

R370 you're right. Sludge and his aging trailer fangirls - an insult to be sure in comparison to a great human.

by Bored2 reply 37212/06/2013

R372 So every other time a major death or news story happened previously we're supposed to believe you really care when you just post non-stop about Renner but don't say a word about major issues? Please. You just try to one up people with your "concern". It's posturing.

On the toilet? Keep it classy!

by Bored2 reply 37312/06/2013

re 370. i saw those airport pics. what's up with that ring on his index finger. he really loves that ring. he won't make the mistake of wearing that ring on his wedding finger anymore.

by Bored2 reply 37412/06/2013

R373 stan- the fanfrau site is back up so please go join that circle jerk. this aint the place for you regressed meangirl nose pickin booger flicking.

by Bored2 reply 37512/06/2013

E375 loves the man who gave him that ring.

by Bored2 reply 37612/06/2013

Jeremy - Kris love bond ring

by Bored2 reply 37712/06/2013

R370 well pointed out. Either a continuation of male piggish chauvinism; there's no "relationship"; a slap-down "no reward" message to the manipulative masculine concubine; or the fame-whore is hidden. Any which way, her fame ego must be burning on high, though maybe his $$$ compassionate payment plan may be softening her bitching somewhat.

by Bored2 reply 37812/06/2013

R378 Maybe I'm a too simple person but I think someome you called "girlfriend" deserves to be treaten like that and to be with you and spotted with you as you are a movie star and pictures of you in and out your special job are an important part of it as you live on your imagine. Rennie, you man in grey, why won't give us this joy? Just a picture with YOUR daughter in your arms like a renaissance madonna painting. You redneck liar...

by Bored2 reply 37912/06/2013

i believe we will eventually see a picture of him doting over his daughter. but I have a feeling this picture will be with kris. jeremy is super flirty. he probably hooks up with any cute woman who gives him attention. one just happened to get pregnant. I don't believe there is love in this relationship at all. i just don't see it.

by Bored2 reply 38012/06/2013

R:368 You're one of those people who tweet, right? One of those morons who have read every tweet about Mandela from the likes of Kim Kardashian, Rihanna and Kelly Osbourne and just wallow in the feeling of togetherness with the world over this tradegy. Well here's some news for ya. Those celebrities are fake and so are you. You just need to admit, that prior to his death you didn't even know who Mandela really was. Unles you're Mandela's family member or a south african your opinion or feeling over the guy mean shit. So stop being overdramatic and go make a page on FB called R.I.P. Mandela or Nelson Mandela and Friends and leave this thread, thank you.

About the ring. I think both Jer and Kris have the same ring, so here it is again.

by Bored2 reply 38112/06/2013

R368 this is Datalounge. i come here for the Pointless Bitchery, and mindless funny gossip. this thread is about discussing/making fun of Renner.

i am going to be real, and say i am not to familiar with Mandela. we did not learn about him in school. yes, i looked him up a few years ago briefly. pardon my ignorance..

my family were farm workers, working horrible conditions in the fields. now, i know who Cesar Chavez, Pancho Villa, and Emilio Zapata are. i don't expect everyone else to.

as R381 pointed out, all the tweets are coming from morons. the fucking Kardashians were sending condolences. i can't take that seriously.

by Bored2 reply 38212/06/2013

R381 em. Groovy Mama? did you really mean to point to R368? Because you're very wrong on all counts. I've grown up with Mandela as one of my heroes. take your anger elsewhere please. Oh, and just for clarification, I don't twitter nor do I follow idiots like Kardashians nor do I have any respect for idiots like Renner middle-aged fangirl fanatics.

by Bored2 reply 38312/06/2013

just came across this - walking down memory lane

by Bored2 reply 38412/06/2013

oops .. let's try again

Offsite Link
by Bored2 reply 38512/06/2013

Oh, and what about this? (Read the comments...)

Offsite Link
by Bored2 reply 38612/06/2013

R383 I'm fed up with overdramatic, fat americans and europeans grabbing at straws when it comes to finding some sort of deeper meaning to their lives. Only thing you can learn from Mandela is how to survive three decades in prison, a political party that tries to propably kill you and a monster wife. If you're a spoiled westener, like I am, you should keep your mouth shut. I don't believe in hero worship either, so any person who didn't know the man personally should keep their mouth shut about "idolizing him". Unless you went to South Africa and did something to help his cause please be quiet.

by Bored2 reply 38712/06/2013

Well everyone is entitled to an opinion. If yours works for you, great.

by Bored2 reply 38812/06/2013

sooooo.....that ring is making consistent appearance on that right index finger. at the AH LA premiere, at the press conference the following day, at the airport on the way to NY....hmmmm...let's speculate all day!

BTW: according to twits on twitter: BCoop joined Renner on Live with Kelly and Michael. I guess that's airing 12/20.

Tonight the NYC premiere?

by Bored2 reply 38912/07/2013

R384 I am walking with you down memory lane: another CDAN blind from October. Enjoy!

Offsite Link
by Bored2 reply 39012/07/2013

I'd still fuck him sideways!

by Bored2 reply 39112/07/2013

Always hated these blinds. You say or you don't What's that? A quiz for brainless people (and I mean who wrote it)?

by Bored2 reply 39212/07/2013

R392: blind gossip has been around since the dawn of hollywood. Don't let it get you down.

I checked out that MoeJackson article: the comments are hilarious: the stans fight to the death on every comment section but I see the lunacy is quieting. I wonder if these fraus are more upset of the thought of Renner in a relationship with KW rather than that boobie-tart.

We all know (and its been said plenty of times on these threads) Hollywood reacts to a very homophobic fly-over american religiousity plus the the bigotry found in some international markets. Perhaps little by little Renner is extracting himself from the hetero he-man schtick. He doesn't have to shout 'out!' from the rooftops but live a truly private live without the glare of the frothing drooling fanfraus.

by Bored2 reply 39312/08/2013

break out the tiny violins and the BS meter:

Q: So has he been conned by anyone? “It’s usually by women; yes,” he quickly replied. “They con my heart. They take it. They take it every time, those damn women.”

Offsite Link
by Bored2 reply 39412/08/2013

the masculine supermodel wasn't at the NYC premier but the man found another to keep him occupied.

Offsite Link
by Bored2 reply 39512/09/2013

and another... you go Mr. Renner

Offsite Link
by Bored2 reply 39612/09/2013

my little heartbreaker. Love the bullshit article posted by Bored2. i love how woman always conn renners wittle heart. yeah right. he is the shortest most confident man I've run across in a long time.

by Bored2 reply 39712/09/2013

Oi, wow, he's aging quick!

by Bored2 reply 39812/09/2013

What does this pic mean? Second baby in five months?

Offsite Link
by Bored2 reply 39912/09/2013

One month ago, I had no idea who JR was. Then I watched Love is Deceitful Above All Things (available for all to see on youtube if you care to watch it) and I noticed that guy and suddenly I was all over the Internet to know who he was. Definitely my kind of guy. With the exception that he has clubbing nails, and if that's because he's a chain-smoker that would be a major turn-off for me.

And for whatever reason, he seems to have aged at least 15 years in a couple of years. How K9 from him!

by Bored2 reply 40012/09/2013

hmmm. funny article. it wasn't exactly his "heart" she stole now, was it?

he's good at avoiding confrontation, by running away from it? yes, he is. its evident in the infamous Thai Ladyboy gossip. bet he was using those Ninja skills of his, running really fast away from that angry pimp.

for some reason, i am reminded of the movie Step Brothers. he sounds like a Will Ferrell character when he talks now.

by Bored2 reply 40112/09/2013

If you read the girls twitter page of the linked picture that 396 posted, she is related to the character that Christian bale portrayed. Pretty interesting.

by Bored2 reply 40212/09/2013

re 401, well, lets just hope it wasnt her he was referring to..but hey, who knows. I cant figure him out these days.

by Bored2 reply 40312/09/2013

amy adams brought her fiancee to the NYC premiere of American Hustle. Jeremy can't take his supermodel baby mama on one date? they can't be a couple. if they are she should snap those legs close until he parades her out in public.

by Bored2 reply 40412/09/2013

When Capricorn males decide to marry, it's usually for #1 prestige (status), #2 beauty #3 money. They don't need her to be smart because they know it all.

by Bored2 reply 40512/09/2013

R403 when I read the "conned by damn women" section, 1st thing I thought was he was talking about was his masculine supermodel bimbo.

by Bored2 reply 40612/09/2013

curious. masculine femme bot hasn't hit the pap scene for a month. Her picture past is back up again via google search (was limited up until a little while ago) guess someone gave up on the "cleaning"?

Found this one. Never seen it before.

Offsite Link
by Bored2 reply 40712/09/2013

and ppl would stop on the street to look at... ????

Offsite Link
by Bored2 reply 40812/09/2013

to R407, the webpage

Offsite Link
by Bored2 reply 40912/09/2013

are these pre or post surgery? didn't she allegedly have a ton of work done? god, she looked awful with full blond hair.

by Bored2 reply 41012/09/2013

407,409 oh my god she looks so slutty in this pic. since they don't discuss broken nails I can only imagine how deeply the conversations go between these two.

by Bored2 reply 41112/09/2013

Nothing new with those pics.

by Bored2 reply 41212/09/2013

jesus shes ugly!

by Bored2 reply 41312/09/2013

Suki-Yukky was at the AH party with her Sugar Daddy Bradley.

Looks like only one missing was... the masculine supermodel look-a-like escort baby mama.

Offsite Link
by Bored2 reply 41412/09/2013

once again... appears that he rather enjoys spending time with folks where there's stimulating convo (you know.. folks his around his own age? )

Offsite Link
by Bored2 reply 41512/09/2013

R410, R411, R412

... and yet there are some obsessives who insist R409 is a picture of a born again Virgin... you know a "shy" "sweet" "innocent" girl next door... (just gagged) more like "model" posing along the lines for playboy, hustler or worse...

nah... that's not the pict of a manipulator out to get $$$$ any way she can "con" a sugar daddy?

by Bored2 reply 41612/09/2013

Has someone found that, this woman in the party looks a lot like jes. Go Jeremy go.

Offsite Link
by Bored2 reply 41712/09/2013

R415 Do you think we care about your obsession with age and intelligent conversation? Let me guess, you're Renner's age or close. And you're just upset to realize he probably couldn't care less about looking at you or talking to you.

by Bored2 reply 41812/09/2013

R418 chill the fuck out with the personalization attacks or you get sent to the Stan corner. Who is the 'WE'? you think you can speak for the whole thread? that's quite an ego, frau.

by Bored2 reply 41912/09/2013

lol he is so pathetic. So I guess he is afraid of "girls" stealing his heart that he find the dumbest and youngest whores around then? Guess hes not afraid of them stealing his money.

by Bored2 reply 42012/09/2013

R419 Chill out with the overly dramatic moderation Uncanny. This whole thread is about personal attacks on Renner and Sonni, so spare me. And your one to talk about ego. Your's borders on pathological. I speak hypothetically for many of us who are sick of that poster's obsessive rants about the same damn thing, word for word, over and over...and over and over. I'll comment on it if I please. Funny you IMDBers never seem to realize disliking you doesn't mean anyone's defending Renner or Sonni.

by Bored2 reply 42112/09/2013

he doesn't like to lie? I guess except when it comes to how back cocks he likes to take up his loose asshole.

by Bored2 reply 42212/09/2013

R421 didnt you stans start up that fansite again? why are you not over there joining in on the circle jerk

R422 thank god for you tonight.

by Bored2 reply 42312/09/2013

Sonni's in several shots. Have a nice night.

R423 Blah blah blah...why don't you go back to IMDB? Or tumblr?

Offsite Link
by Bored2 reply 42412/09/2013

it amazes me how someone takes the time to actually find shit like this. Really?

by Bored2 reply 42512/09/2013

R422 in that infamous "it's none of your f'kg business" interview a while back, didn't he also say something to the effect of "how would like it if I came looking thru your bedroom window to see who your wife's f'kg". We'll, see if he has turned out to be just that type of guy - who cares if their in a relationship, married, engaged.

Women who "con" for his heart - is that statement for those who rejected him? Because all rest met little renner up close and personal - no von -just yes.

by Bored2 reply 42612/09/2013

No, he said something like "whose husband you're f*king". We all know the difference. He prefers to f*k someone's husband.

by Bored2 reply 42712/09/2013

R424 Miss Pacheco looks kinda good there. It's from 2011, so she's "been with" Renner for a year. It seems that she's had some work done on her nose though. Am I wrong? Oh, and head over to the Celebs who will never come out-thread. People from WeHo are calling Jeremy out. ;)

by Bored2 reply 42812/10/2013

R428 that monster crew dont seem like yahoos at all. yeah. and this is right around the time Renner is nominated for an academy award. that's nice.

by Bored2 reply 42912/10/2013

nose job, boob job, lip injections. Yah, shes had the works and it still isn't doing much for her face.

by Bored2 reply 43012/10/2013

Definitely see she has had her nose done. Was jeremy funding all of this? He has dated some nice looking woman why do all this for some kid he just met? Seems jeremy was quite smitten. I hope ava doesn't have either one of their noses

by Bored2 reply 43112/10/2013

Smitten? Or conned by a good "f"?

by Bored2 reply 43212/10/2013

I read an interview (can't remember which) about the sequel of Bourne Legacy, where JR said he's hoping the film is shooted again in Thailand. Yearning by the Phuket bars, perhaps...

by Bored2 reply 43312/10/2013

Monster whistler video - masculine was in her element there. 22 year old monster girl with 20'something dare devil party boys. Other than for the $$$, @ that age, why would you sell off your youth to a middle aged ...(gay/bi/whatever)?

by Bored2 reply 43412/10/2013

i'm so confused by this article. what do they mean? evil twin?

Offsite Link
by Bored2 reply 43512/10/2013

R435 He looks older with colored hair. Lighter hair fits him better. Other than that he's looking happy these days. The thing is he looks happier on red carpet than in those pap pics of him out&about.

by Bored2 reply 43612/10/2013

R435 That article is funny. LOL! They are mocking him.

by Bored2 reply 43712/10/2013

He always appears happier with anyone else (including drop by fans in a parking lit) -- except when with the masculine supermodel escort. Oh well. So much for elenat's 3 chapter love story.

by Bored2 reply 43812/10/2013

"Onscreen and off, this is a family affair. Matthew makes a cameo, as does another surprise guest. "That's actually Jeremy Renner's baby," he says, pointing to a shot in which Renner, as Mayor Carmine Polito, is cradling a month-old infant."

"They brought the baby and they were hanging around with (Renner's) mother. I couldn't get his mother to be in the scene. But I said, 'Why don't you put the baby in the scene right now?' "

Offsite Link
by Bored2 reply 43912/10/2013

So val was there during AH filming with ava. No mention of masculine supermodel in DOR's comments. Could have easily said renner's "gf" and baby were hanging around. Could've said that's renner's gf and baby in the scene. Maybe it is Dawn Olivieri after all holding ava?

Interesting. Another visible and loud - snub.

by Bored2 reply 44012/10/2013

Wonder if the omnipresent Valerie wouldn't be the real problem in his life...

by Bored2 reply 44112/10/2013

Re:440 why would that be Dawn holding Ava? She plays Bradley Cooper's girlfriend. That horse face looks exactly like Sonni

by Bored2 reply 44212/10/2013

Re:439 meant to add to my last post when DOR said "they" I take that to mean the "happy" *coughs* fake *coughs* couple. He probably didn't remember her name lol

by Bored2 reply 44312/10/2013

wonder if mama Val was there doing all the babysitting (playing FBI watchdog) while masculine horse went off to spas, liposuction, nose jobs, special gymnastic training...

guess mama val reprised her role in Atlanta too? can't let that masculine one with any length of rope (she'll call the paps).

by Bored2 reply 44412/10/2013

There's another tot-sized surprise guest in the mix, too. "That's actually Jeremy Renner's baby," he says, pointing to a shot in which Renner, in politico mode, cradles a constituent's month-old infant. I think the shot is after the one we have seen in the trailer. Don't know why DOR didn't simply say "and his gf", maybe he didn't buy their relationship. Or he just considered her as ava's babysister.

Offsite Link
by Bored2 reply 44512/10/2013

didn't DOR talk about his 2 yr old adopted son being on the set too? so 2 "tots". still why would one take a newly born on a flight across a continent.

by Bored2 reply 44612/10/2013

oh yes. let the baby fetishing media circus begin: so rich after months of letting these tawdry rumors fly around about pregnant ex and male roommates. why am i not surprised by the baby pimping now.

by Bored2 reply 44712/10/2013

oh yes here we go: its the raging heterosexual family values Renner.

by Bored2 reply 44812/10/2013

Well, if Renner wanted his baby with him, then that's why they'd fly cross-country. Just a thought. They probably got a doctor's OK and maybe had a private flight to make it less stressful for the baby. It's not that big a deal. Or maybe they drove.

by Bored2 reply 44912/10/2013

well since ava was born during the filming of this movie, I guess it would make sense for val to accompany sonni with ava considering sonni is a kid herself. She most likely didn't know how to handle the plane ride with a new born.

by Bored2 reply 45012/10/2013

the escort who never wanted kids all of a sudden had this overwhelming desire to play mommy 24/7. For the right $$$ of course and a ready-maid service nanny because she's a fragile flower (and budding reborn virgin) She was savvy and independent enough for all the other shit she did. The same broad who while just preggers was boozing it up back in Vancouver. Same broad who can't even pretend a smile at her own daughter in pap shots. More like she was planning something, the man got whiff and put the clamp on her (same as he's done since)

by Bored2 reply 45112/10/2013

ew David O'Russel is such a piece of shit.

should have cut that ugly whore and baby from the film

by Bored2 reply 45212/10/2013

hopefully he got Winters in the film too.

don't want him to hold that dick from Renner

by Bored2 reply 45312/10/2013

i'm not surprised he found a way to be with his new born baby when filming AH. I think it's very telling that mama renner was there watching over things. she probably doesn't trust sonni.

now we know sonni has a small speaking role in the film if renner winds up holding baby ava. mana renner turns down a cameo but the fame whore stitches in between her legs and all was not going to let that opportunity pass.

by Bored2 reply 45412/10/2013

i don't know if this is a smart move on the director. either play up happy family man for Renner so he can campaign with that for the Oscars or does it bring down the movie by including a Z-List Escort/Whore in the movie.

by Bored2 reply 45512/10/2013

the director can't remember the escort's name. Hope he cut out whatever the broad had to say - ugh that voice! No wonder most of her "jobs" were silent. You don't need to talk riding a stripper pole, dancing in unikinis, "entertaining" guests @ playboy/monstee events, showing off your books in American pie.

by Bored2 reply 45612/11/2013

Correction to r456: *showing off your BOOBS in American Pie

by Bored2 reply 45712/11/2013

I am not sure how this works but if there was speaking wouldn't it be registered in IMDB? At least someone is working on building a bio: an actress known for her acting!

"Sonni Pacheco is an actress, known for American Pie Presents: The Book of Love (2009) and The Wingman (2012). See full bio"

Offsite Link
by Bored2 reply 45812/11/2013

I doubt she has a speaking part. If jeremys character goes over to "cradle" the baby like the article says, then perhaps she just smiles or something. seriously why give that trash any more attention. I hate that she has that much time (albeit, a short time) in that movie and with Jeremy in the scene.

by Bored2 reply 45912/11/2013

R458 yes, quite a Em.. resume - "look @ my boobies" for American pie. More like "wing-nut" rather than "wingman". Then again she has been deemed "masculine so...

by Bored2 reply 46012/11/2013

But what is funny on is the news item on her imdb page: "Jeremy Renner's baby mama is Wet t-shirt girl".. Bahahaha

Yes, I can see how that would certainly attract serious performance attention... Bahahaha. they couldn't even muster to fabricate something on imdb about her.

by Bored2 reply 46112/11/2013

no individual sag nomination for rennie. usually the sag nominations and oscars mirror each other. not always but often. i don't see a nom for him this year. I hope his star isn't fading.

by Bored2 reply 46212/11/2013

R458 They changed something. When all this babymamadrama popped out she was on IMDB just described something as "gorgoeus girl with gorgeous boobs" more or less. And when she did something in 2012? What's Wingman???

by Bored2 reply 46312/11/2013

comments i loved so far, on other threads:

1. Why are we wasting a thread on this Renner creature. She is hideously ugly and has the sex appeal of a waffle iron.

2. Miss Jeremy Renner. She seemed so close to coming out and then she quickly slithered back into the wardrobe and hid behind her hoop skirts and party gowns. She is now the straightest man who ever straighted, according to her publicity. Even the straightest guys I know think Renner is gay. She is not fooling anyone, especially us here in West Hollywood who remember her quite well. Shame on U, Miss Renner!

this is why i love Datalounge. for every seriously deranged broad that proclaim his straightness in these threads, you get hilarious comments like these.

by Bored2 reply 46412/11/2013

Hope he never comes out! What of our comments if he ever comes out? If he ever says "OK I'm gay, that's it!" what are we going to bitch about anymore? Please Rennie, stay in your closet as long as you can as we're having a good time over here!

by Bored2 reply 46512/11/2013

fear not, he will give us more material to work with soon, i am sure of it. the queen will NEVER come out of his glass closet.

he will again prove his manhood, and knock up Masculine Supermodel, who stole his heart. then we will see pics of happy heterosexual daddy Renner and his 3 kids. how sweet. bestie/roommate/babysitter Winters will be somewhere in the back round, as usual.

by Bored2 reply 46612/11/2013

Oh I disagree with masculine jockstrap popping out 2 more... I think next it'll be another air-headed femme bot -you know variety. he'll probably follow the Pitts plan - adopt as well to show his "compassionate" side.

by Bored2 reply 46712/11/2013

I think when Russel mentions "the mother" he meant Sonni. I think the editor/writer got confused and put in "(Renner's)".,

by Bored2 reply 46812/11/2013

Nobody quotes Sonia neither as Ava's mother, If there's a "mother" near the word "Jeremy Renner" is often realted to Val C.

by Bored2 reply 46912/11/2013

R468 - I think not, because is SP who's holding the baby in the scene.

by Bored2 reply 47012/11/2013

Either way - DOR didn't i.d. The masculine fame whore Nor did the journalist (who could have easily asked for clarification and who's editor would have asked for clarification)

by Bored2 reply 47112/11/2013

Sonni does not have a speaking part on AH - someone on tumblr saw the movie last night and posted that the scene with Ava/Sonni is done over music/voice over.

Offsite Link
by Bored2 reply 47212/11/2013

"They brought the baby and they were hanging around with (Renner's) mother." They as in Jer and Kris? I do believe he could've said "his girlfriend and baby were there.." If that was true. :)

by Bored2 reply 47312/11/2013

Did that tumblr site have pieces of the film too? I didn't see any

by Bored2 reply 47412/11/2013

Re:474 no the tumblr page didn't have scenes, I meant the person who saw the film posted about the scene with Ava - aka she discussed what she saw

by Bored2 reply 47512/11/2013

oh no peeps...check out @NathanKistler on twitter....he posted a pic of Jeremy (from a distance)at the mall of him waiting while ava was getting her picture taken with can see sonnies face (even though it is pretty is her) Jeremy is standing waiting with the "happy family" is at it again getting their pictures taken with santa...or their daughter anyways....

by Bored2 reply 47612/11/2013

bullshit douchebag mongrel and his pet masculine bitch.

At least the baby is human.

by Bored2 reply 47712/11/2013

Here is the link to what the previous poster was talking about with the twitter pic

Offsite Link
by Bored2 reply 47812/11/2013

i give up. he obviously likes this chic. out of charlize theron, jessica simpson, olivia wilde this is who he deems worthy of his love. he walks around thinking she looks like a supermodel. what an idiot.

by Bored2 reply 47912/11/2013

He's wearing shades inside the mall? Well sure Renner that is the way to go when you don't want to get recognized *smh* Makes me laugh that he's at a distance from Sonni, she's the one doing the work while he just stands there. Notice though even though this is a sneak picture, hes with Ava and Sonni - not out alone with his "girl"

by Bored2 reply 48012/11/2013

Thanks 478! I couldn't post the link for some reason. Well, its not a pap pic. this is a picture by someone who was at the mall. so we cant say it is a "set up"

by Bored2 reply 48112/11/2013

R480 exactly. The "arranged" outing day for ava's sake. And yes, no touchy touchy baby or baby-mama (just like in all the other "fam" photos)sake. You know, it was Perez who chastised them to put their differences aside for the baby's sake because ava's what's important.

Ohhhhh. How I can't wait to read what the ex BF has to spill. He's tweeting raging and calling her out.

Who's got the popcorn? We should sell tickets to Renner's soap opera.

by Bored2 reply 48212/11/2013

r482 oh god not this ex again. what is he stirring up now- the raging heterosexual family man renner picking out rings with the perfect manly supermodel ? i aint looking at his nonsense.

by Bored2 reply 48312/11/2013

he tweeted something to the Etonlinealerts about "jr and the innocent sp a mistake or madly in love? lol"

by Bored2 reply 48412/11/2013

What got the ex in a tizzy 10 hrs ago with DMs about his ex..ll

Offsite Link
by Bored2 reply 48512/11/2013

i say SP is probably just the world's best paid faghag.

by Bored2 reply 48612/11/2013

christian bale, bradley cooper & amy adams nominated for golden globes for american hustle no jeremy. he mostly likely doesn't care. he proved that when not working and hanging out at the mall with his 2 little ones he's a pretty happy guy.

who'd a thunk it

by Bored2 reply 48712/12/2013

R487 - Jennifer Lawrence was also nominated.

by Bored2 reply 48812/12/2013

he looks like he is going to slit his wrist, in most "family" pics he is in with her. why is that?

what's with the sunglasses, in a mall? if you are going to be out with your beard, at least lose those douchebag looking shades, and act fucking happy.

now pictures with Winters and his mom, he's happy as a clam. kinda makes you wonder.

by Bored2 reply 48912/12/2013

how much did the baby mama cost.....

by Bored2 reply 49012/12/2013

r487 Oh really doesn't he care? You know for sure? He just called you to tell he can't care less of had not being calculated? Good!

r489 He's a movie star, he doesn't want to be recognized outside the Hollyweird thing, that's why the shades. Anyway nobody was aim him a gun to go out with that girlfriend of him I see. As most of us think, gay or not, he definitely had what he deserved: a whore.

by Bored2 reply 49112/12/2013

I think today he suffered a tremendous blow on his enormous ego...

by Bored2 reply 49212/12/2013

He should open a bottle of bubbly... a toast to Pitt Meadow's finest, luckiest and shadiest charms...

by Bored2 reply 49312/12/2013

He is fugly

by Bored2 reply 49412/12/2013

re: 491. Egg I usually love your comments! um i was just poking fun at rennie. he can care or not care. just poking fun at the fact he has his supermodel girlfriend and all is right with the world. In his eyes of course.

by Bored2 reply 49512/12/2013

r495 my mistake.

by Bored2 reply 49612/12/2013

R476 Ava's in the stroller with Renner if you look closely. You can see her arms and feet if you zoom in. He's not just watching Sonni interact. I think Sonni's looking at something in that shot.

by Bored2 reply 49712/12/2013

Maybe selecting which Santa pict version she wants to send back home?

Wonder if they strolled 3ft apart from each other like all other shots.

Wonder what the mood is at home today.

by Bored2 reply 49812/12/2013

no GG nomination for this closeted bottom bitch. go and eat shit with your mansupermodelwhore.

by Bored2 reply 49912/12/2013

R498 SP probably is pissed she wasn't nominated for her part in AH.

probably throwing a horse tantrum or something.

by Bored2 reply 50012/12/2013

horse tantrum. nice one.. i wasn't aware that Renner's home came equipped with a stable.

this thread is going to get maxed out soon. where do we continue the fun? the Thai Ladyboy thread?

by Bored2 reply 50112/12/2013

R501 Renner probably likes his stallions to run wild. Also no stables will be able to cage that shitmeadow's whore.

Ladyboy thread? lets meet there when this thread is done then.

by Bored2 reply 50212/12/2013

R498 perhaps she suggested he go motorboating.

by Bored2 reply 50312/12/2013

Ha! Stable...,that funny!

by Bored2 reply 50412/12/2013

"Motorboating Masculine Supermodel Escorts" the new exclusive Millionaires Club magazine - an Elle subsidiary.

by Bored2 reply 50512/12/2013

re: 500. i think at this point sonni has given up on a career especially in acting. She was just at her favorite place with jeremy. the mall. probably a shopping spree. she probably went Karazy at forever 21.

by Bored2 reply 50612/12/2013

R506 I wasn't serious, she can't be that deluded to think she will have any acting career. I'm sure her life time career of fame whoring, money whoring, drug whoring, and just general whoring will keep her busy enough for this lifetime.

Well if fugface Renner is willing to throw his money away on her, I say spend away you filthy little whore.

by Bored2 reply 50712/12/2013

Does anyone else find it weird a multi-millionaire would go to a shopping mall to take pics of his baby with Santa? If I had a million bucks I don't think I'd spend my time waiting line to see Santa outside of Macy's. Can't you hire Santa? Skip Santa? Or is this just common among millionaires too?

by Bored2 reply 50812/12/2013

R508 well if its just for a picture? unless if they do like a whole photoshoot or something than maybe hire a santa?

I say hes doing this so that when he start doing talk shows and shit he can pull out this picture and start whoring out his daughter for that Oscar nomination.

by Bored2 reply 50912/12/2013

R508 About that pic, remember the crazyness about paparazzi? Well it seems they don't follow him everywhere pissing him off as some outraged fanfraus declare everytime they take out and about pics. A dude just took a pic of the happy family in a mall and they had everyone's eyes on them. No fans' assault at all.

by Bored2 reply 51012/12/2013

So its true love now that we have a pic of them at a mall taking shitty Santa pictures? So many twists and turn, Renner should produce a movie based on this. Could possibly become the next great love story. Next Romeo and Juliet? I sure hope so!

by Bored2 reply 51112/12/2013

Love story between him and his ego. He's such a joke. That the horse face hasn't "given up" on anything. She's all about the money.

by Bored2 reply 51212/13/2013

Ava's mom & dad probably both have fond memories and/or pics if themselves with mall-Santa. They probably think "if it was good enough for me..." There's a difference between having money and being comfortable with money. They're both just probably trying to "keep it real". They live in fucking Hollyweird, why wouldn't they try to do normal stuff. In their world that probably makes them unique and special.

by Bored2 reply 51312/13/2013

i agree with the posted that said it's a little weird he's in the mall taking santa pics. wonder if Tom Cruse or Ben affleck does that. I agree. he could just have it done at his "compound" that house he never leaves. i agree it's weird.

by Bored2 reply 51412/13/2013

@ the mall and wearing sunglasses - indoors. Still doesn't want to be visibly identified in public with that masculine escort Jer?

by Bored2 reply 51512/13/2013

Wth!!!! Do some of you think all celebs are above living normal lives and doing normal stuff? Ben affleck's kids take karate and he's been spotted picking them up, Julia Roberts desnt live in Hollywood, but on some ranch to give her kids a normal life.... There are plenty if celebs that do normal stuff. So why not Jeremy? He's been seen at subway, he goes to staples *gasp* not all of Hollywood is like the Kardashians who probably don't even know what a Santa Claus at the mall is.

The "Jeremy taking Ava to the mall for Santa is weird" claims are dumb!

What's weird is why is he wearing sunglasses inside the mall ;)

Believe it or not the famous (not all but many) like it have as normal lives as they can.

by Bored2 reply 51612/13/2013

Talifan detected!!!

by Bored2 reply 51712/13/2013

R517 good catch: it still amazes me how this guy can spew out the stupidest sexist devaluing degrading bullshit yet the fraus and stans will defend him to their death.

This latest meme about Renner watching a football game on his ipad (cough cough such bullshit) during the AH red carpet was actually a product placement advertisement for a DirectTV's sports package. Renner now shilling for some extra income? Perhaps he can team up with this gal and do some tacky beer commercials.

Meanwhile KW stays in the shadows and fights with the subcontractors on the latest house building project.

by Bored2 reply 51812/13/2013

r516 is a frau whose reading diet consists of People and Us magazine in the open and 50 Shades of Gray while in the toilet.

by Bored2 reply 51912/13/2013

R518 the numbers are dwindling: the morons are now creaming over Hiddleston and that Cumberbutt-whatever-his-name-is. probably a safe choice for these fraus as i dont see these two fighting the closet by parading around a teenaged underwear model/ bachelor party entertainer.

by Bored2 reply 52012/13/2013

Wafts of Sex Rehab Intervention: Escort Survival Edition

by Bored2 reply 52112/13/2013

I'm poster 516 - because Jeremy and Sonni chose to take THEIR daughter to a mall to have her pics taken with Santa Claus is weird?

What's weird is that some of you (and I'm sure RD is leading the charge) think it's strange to do that. He's being a good dad to his kid, no matter what's going on with him and SP.

Seems many of you forget that - the man has a baby and IS trying to do the right thing whether SP trapped him, she's a beard, etc etc etc.

by Bored2 reply 52212/13/2013

R522 Soon to be saint!

by Bored2 reply 52312/13/2013

R523 don't forget and she the newly reborn virgin Mary.

(Applicable taxes are the responsibility of the purchaser. Sunglasses not included.)

by Bored2 reply 52412/13/2013

Re:522. Couldn't agree more!

by Bored2 reply 52512/13/2013

we're not saying it's weird he spends time with his kid. we love to poke fun because he's full of so much shit. Mr. privacy my ass. i personally look forward to poking fun at everything he does wiht his masculine supermodel.

by Bored2 reply 52612/13/2013

Jughead Jones and the Poke-A-View Mascu-Bot

by Bored2 reply 52712/13/2013

i commented on how he looks like a douche wearing the glasses, because he does. that makes you stand out, not blend in.

he's not in some boy band. he didn't have rabid teenagers coming up to him. although, i don't think he would have minded.

he's obviously put a lot of money into his Investment/Jumpoff/Masculine Supermodel/Horse. i know if it was me, and i was pretending to be straight, i would parade that around. look at how Heterosexual i am, in my sunglasses, far away from my girl. yep, that's the right thing right there! all straight men do that.

by Bored2 reply 52812/13/2013

R528 yup.

From the hetero side, well same old story - can't stand the idea of someone recognizing him alongside that masculine thing.

Either that or he was drunk or stoned again.

Anyway you slice it - Jughead.

by Bored2 reply 52912/13/2013

New thread suggestion

Jeremy Renner wears sunglasses at night


Jeremy Renner lives in technicolour

by Bored2 reply 53012/13/2013

I see we had a couple of Stans screaming the 'he's a great father' meme yesterday. yawn.

So, this other meme is so eye-rolling because it's total bullcrap that it actually happened: It was a product placement ad post-facto: can someone come up with photographic proof of Renner walking down the red carpet staring at his mobile device? I am guessing not.

The meatballs in the linked article comment section I can't take. Was Renner's handlers hoping to butch him up to that crowd to win new fans? Newsflash: professional sports is not the exclusive providence of male hetereosexuals.

Offsite Link
by Bored2 reply 53112/14/2013

New Thread Title: Take Note: "Jeremy Renner Lives in Technicolor"

...all the colors of the rainbow

by Bored2 reply 53212/14/2013

There is something wrong you lot. Does it make you happy that you want to ruin Jeremy Renner's image? I read something on the internet about cyberbullying and harassing IMDB posters and fans? I agree with that thread. Youre a bunch of fanatics who have no life. Bored2, you are obviously future robot/uncanny. I hope you get banned soon. apparently in the replies to said thread, you've been spouting bullshit about lawyers and shit. Get real. RD, who is really Rosie. Yeah, I know who you are. You're really just an old woman with a scared little girl complex. You all love to hate, hate, hate. Because that's what your lives are really reduced to. Fanatics. I'm a lurker now on the IMDB board. Expect to be reporting lots of posts from now on.

by Bored2 reply 53312/14/2013

At, 533. I agree so much! These 'frau frau' fanatics are crazy. I'd love for Future Robot aka Uncanny aka Bored2 (with no life) to meet me face to face. She wouldn't say shit. She's just a keyboard warrior who'll probably get run over by a bus one day and no one will care. Karma for being a hater and jealous person.

by Bored2 reply 53412/14/2013

Re:533 glad someone else is calling those two out. They are bullies if you don't agree with them (or actually say something rational) which is why I stopped posting on imdb months ago.

I don't understand why they invest making fun, talking shit about an actor they claim to like for months and months and months. What people like them enjoy is not the actor, but bullying and thriving on the drama they create

by Bored2 reply 53512/14/2013

Re:531 hoe do you know that Jeremy isn't a good father? Do you get texts from Sonni with her whining that she has to take care of Ava all be her little lonesome?

by Bored2 reply 53612/14/2013

I agree, 535. Sorry, I don't know how to reply to comments on this thing. Never been on this site before.

They're just lonely old hags who live really sad lives. They can give it but they can't take it whenever someone calls them out.

I actually see meaningful conversations going on there now. Though it seems these trolls (aka future, the miss is talking and rdmisc from canada) are bumping up threads and writing down shit which has nothing to do with Renner. Just more bullying. Typical.

by Bored2 reply 53712/14/2013

536, they're just making up shit as usual to hide their jealous hide.

by Bored2 reply 53812/14/2013

R533 Well I've been posting here forever and never said anything "aggressive". I think he's a goodlooking guy, a fairly good actor, but a dishonest one. There's been too many weird incidences that point him being gay/bi. This is Datalounge, a place for gay banter and gossip and that's why we're here. Well most of us. As far as these weirdos who call him, this baby momma and quite worryingly his child with nasty names should be reported. They're just trolls.

by Bored2 reply 53912/14/2013

539, nice to see someone has sense in their head. Not all are like that, but these trolls don't have brains at all.

Sorry, don't know how to reply to comments.

by Bored2 reply 54012/14/2013

There's Santa/babymomma pictures???

by Bored2 reply 54112/14/2013

@539 " This is Datalounge, a place for GAY banter and GOSSIP and that's why we're here".


by Bored2 reply 54212/14/2013

I know you're watching Futchtard Deadbot. Bet you jack off to this shit. All this attention.

Offsite Link
by Bored2 reply 54312/14/2013

Future writes on the imdb board: "many stopped participating because they just don't want to be caught up in the insane fandom behavior: just as red flagging, hacking personal information and blasting on other forums, and the avatar naming & shaming on those other forums. There is a legitimate mental condition for this behavior."


Oh, and this classic: "One more thing: I kinda don't care getting suspended from IMDB: when I appeal I always win. Helps to have a lawyer in my circle. You are all welcomed on DL to say whatever you like; wack-a-stan is now my favorite hobby so don't be afraid."

HAHAHAHA! Lawyers don't do shit on IMDB. So your favourite hobby is being a troll? Shows the kind of life you lead.

by Bored2 reply 54412/14/2013

no one is going out to destroy this man. its fun gossip. type in any actor, and GASP, lots of random gossip. good, bad, the whole lot. it is what it is. i comment on what is put out there. and i for one, never said anything about his kid. him yes, i've had a field day, the kid no.

i quite like these actors, despite their faults:

Elizabeth Taylor: beautiful, talented, known for her HIV/AIDS activism, and stole at least 2 of her husbands from their wives. married 8 times

Sean Penn: great actor, philanthropist, asshole human being who beats women. his son is also a piece of work. homophobic racist brat. hopefully his mother straightens him out..

Marilyn Monroe: absolutely breathtakingly beautiful, severe mental health issues, major slut.

Joan Crawford: Oscar winner, bold, sassy, a true force to be recon with. had mental issues from possible childhood trauma, allegedly beat and tormented her children

Bing Crosby: man who ruled his family with iron fist. allegedly abusive, depending on which kid you asked. 2 would later commit suicide later in life. coincidence?

by Bored2 reply 54512/14/2013

I see the IMDb nutjobs are at it again here at DL. I'm staying away from IMDb and I hope the entire JR message board there is deleted. I'm actually surprised those admins haven't done it yet, with those morons apparently reporting/flagging each other. Fyi, here in DL there's a thing called trolldar that shows all post from said IP address. Remember that when you reply to your own posts here lol.

by Bored2 reply 54612/14/2013

"its fun gossip"

No, no it's not. It's vindictive, cruel, bullying and harassment. It's not fun when you make fun of people you don't know.

by Bored2 reply 54712/14/2013

I also stray far away from the IMDB board. Those psychos like Future and RD are some of the reasons why I left. I don't even look at the board anymore. They need to be gone ASAP.

by Bored2 reply 54812/14/2013

Sorry cyber pratrol, JR doesn't give a fuck about none of you...

by Bored2 reply 54912/14/2013

Don't worry. No one gives a fuck about you either.

by Bored2 reply 55012/14/2013


by Bored2 reply 55112/14/2013

Thank you. Now that we agree, you can leave this sordid environment and continue to, where you can discuss the filmography of Mr. Renner at a high level and maturely. You're welcome.

by Bored2 reply 55212/14/2013

I have that red flag of death on IMDB now. When will these trolls stop?

by Bored2 reply 55312/14/2013

"Red Flag od Death - The Revenge of the Empire"...

by Bored2 reply 55412/14/2013

R547... i'm gonna call bullshit. can you say the name Kardashian, and not want to either laugh or vomit? if you can, you are a fucking saint.

thanks for maxing out the thread. i take it someone will either continue over to a new one, or to my personal favorite the Thai Ladyboy thread.. have fun!

by Bored2 reply 55512/14/2013

Why should conformity be a must? Kardashians have their own lives. It's not mine. I can't judge. So yes, I'm a fucking saint. I'm not cruel like people do.

by Bored2 reply 55612/14/2013

R545 Agreed! Renner isn't the only one caught in the rumour mill her at DL. Henry Cavill, pictured with a bf before he became famous, is actually nr.1 in the closet department.

by Bored2 reply 55712/14/2013

Oh no! I knew it couldn't last... We've been invaded again by JRSP Safety Army! Please somebody open another thread with no politically correct people admitted! Help!

by Bored2 reply 55812/14/2013

Glad you liked the suggested new thread name.

May the 'ol boy adorn himself in his true super hero colours and finally come out, come out, come out. Would make Krissy very happy. Not so much his 24/7 obsessed fandom though. Oh well.

by Bored2 reply 55912/14/2013

R539 Well Groovy you will have to forgive me because listening to his retrograde sexist BS in Elle I will still call him an ASSHAT. I am not above name calling when needed.

Douchenozzle has a nice ring too.

by Bored2 reply 56012/14/2013

@ r534 + 537 you do I've yapping to yourself (responding to R533). Like said above, the troll feature shows posts made by the same i.p.

But hey, your 6 posts were beat out by your partner (or multiple personality?):

R543, 544, 547, 548, 550, 551, 553, 556

Seek help from a professional. The world needs sane ppl.

by Bored2 reply 56112/14/2013

Typing correction: * you do like yapping to yourself.

by Bored2 reply 56212/14/2013

what the fuck on this thread today. this stan shit is crazier than the fucking twihards and beliebers combined.

shouldnt call Renner names? not even a big ol' mo?

by Bored2 reply 56312/14/2013

They're pissy and teary 'cause their fantasy lover man didn't win any noms. So they're all cranky in their middle aged tween dried up pantaloons, blaming others, tween-shit throwing name calling, showing their own hipocrisy.

by Bored2 reply 56412/14/2013

Re:564 can't speak for everyone, but some of us have had it with anytime we say a positive thing about Renner, we are automatically team Sonni, a Stan (wtf is that?) or loads of other things. Same goes when someone asks a rational question or posts something that makes sense, they get attacked as well mainly by Bored2 and RD.

There are the crazies, I'll give you that, but there are crazies on all sides of this.

It's getting old, this bullying behavior simply because someone has the guts to say something that not everyone thinks or wants to believe

And in the end it's all over a damn celebrity, who doesn't give a shit about what we say. I'm all for calling out Jeremy on the BS stuff he sometimes says, but the rants against other people simply for questioning something, saying something nice about the guy.... Doesn't mean they should get a bunch of shit from certain people on here

by Bored2 reply 56512/14/2013

R565 wait a fucking minute: i had to wade through 20+ posts of you fangirls hurl fat old hag cracks then have the nerve to cry you are being bullied. thats rich. shuffle back to ivillage or tumblr or wherever you gals with too much time on your hands hang out all day wasting oxygen and internet bandwidth.

by Bored2 reply 56612/14/2013

R565 anyone and everyone has a right to an opinion. You have the choice on how you conduct youself - choose to ignore for example rather than incite reaction. take a good look in the mirror because your assertions are baseless when you and your team choose to actively participate in violating others private info. Considering all the more tragic situations in the world around us, posting 24/7 on every movement and word about an actor in the hopes that fanatic love-fest fandom antics will create a positive career and reward for him tells all.

His own choices have opened the door for criticism. You're not his saviour.

by Bored2 reply 56712/14/2013

R565 didn't mean you as in you but rather speaking to those who have lost their own Centre, forsaking their life for a celeb.

Let the fun continue, until he chooses to smarten up and give hood reason for the criticism to change again to praise.

by Bored2 reply 56812/14/2013

Re:567 me and my team? You think I have a bunch of Renner fans working in a room solely to go after anyone who goes after Renner?!? Well... You caught me! Might as well spill the beans, I run a Renner group and we all meet in the basement of Jeremy's house where Sonni shares the most hilarious stories about her and her man and how in love they are and in turn we stop the evil people on the internet that dare speak I'll of them!

You caught us! Well done!

by Bored2 reply 56912/14/2013

R569 cant hang out in the closet- its already full.

by Bored2 reply 57012/14/2013

R569 when you choose to post specically identifying people by an Id or RL name and then profess you know who and what they stand for/are by choosing to label them in a derogatory way, well.... That demands a defensive reaction by your own use of another's personal info. So don't cry wolf on your own choices. You could chose a higher road, say "I don't agree. I see him in a different way,..blah blah blah" which invites adult learning based conversation, rather than defensiveness.

I am Rd. I choose to no longer offer my respect to all those who purposefully and maliciously went and posted (and continue to post) my id and personal info. I choose to continue to have my say (critical or not) on this actor. I choose to reconsider offering my respect if and when those violators and this actor prove they deserve it. Choices. These are mine. Just as it is mine to never do to another under any circumstances (reveal personal info out of childish obsessive spite).

Enough said.

by Bored2 reply 57112/14/2013

Re:571 karma got you RD, you have been one of the biggest bullies on those Renner threads over on imdb as well as on here.

I don't know what you mean by personal info, i only know your imdb user name and the tone matches up with many posts I read on here (not to mention you tend to post the same thing word for word on both boards. Therefore it's easy to know who you are on DL.

by Bored2 reply 57212/14/2013

R572 nice try. Your choice to post as you did gives me the right to respond as I choose.

Your choice to act in a base name calling and lying fashion or not.

You give me the right.

Hence, the karma is all your. I hope you choose better for yourself going forward.

As for myself, I've already made my choices and your not part of my equation.

by Bored2 reply 57312/14/2013

i declare this catfight over. lets get back to snickering about this tiny man's big closet

by Bored2 reply 57412/14/2013

Re:573 I'm just fine thanks, I don't have to worry about getting flagged on imdb and people out to get me because of the things I've said.

If it doesn't bother you, why do you constnstly go on about it RD?

Anyone, yes let's get back to the Renner chit chat. I'm done talking to brick walls.

When's the next American Hustle premiere? They are going overseas I believe. Poor SP will be left behind, again.

by Bored2 reply 57512/14/2013

And to clarify, by "poor SP" I'm being sarcastic before anyone jumps down my throat.

by Bored2 reply 57612/14/2013

R574 can't quite decide... Renner is Jughead or this other false Toon "arthur". Mind you Arthur is a Playboy, Secret Agent wannabee and a drunk who liked to sex anything with a whole available... maybe the latter

by Bored2 reply 57712/14/2013

*hole (not whole - damn this auto spell select).

by Bored2 reply 57812/14/2013

Poor and innocent SP will be left behind again, but she really doesn't care will be for a good cause, after all she will be on maternity leave for the next eighteen years...

by Bored2 reply 57912/14/2013

With yet another sugar daddy's spawn. Maybe Clooney or Dicaprio this time since renner's income checks are numbered.

by Bored2 reply 58012/14/2013

I think Clooney and DiCaprio are much more selective...

by Bored2 reply 58112/14/2013

Off to watch real acting - schindler's list.


by Bored2 reply 58212/14/2013

Great movie! But Jr can act also. Too many freaks on here. Nasty, negative hitches from imdb.

by Bored2 reply 58312/14/2013

Re:583 Renner IS a fantastic actor, it's his personal life that's a hot mess. But when I watch him act that's the last thing I think about (thank god)

by Bored2 reply 58412/14/2013

Disagree. He's barely b-class. A good character actor. Otherwise more a-class Oscar award winning and established directors would have already sought him out years ago. But nope. They are however actively hiring his younger colleagues.

by Bored2 reply 58512/14/2013

R574 yes. 5' 10 my ass. was that measurement taken while he was wearing some fabulous heels, from that closet?

R585 agree. great character actor. not leading man material. he's the American version of Tom Hiddleston. everyone else around him is getting fought over. yes, he will be working, but i don't think he can do too many more action movies. he's looking rough at 42.

by Bored2 reply 58612/14/2013

lol why are people going crazy about people being "mean" to JR and his holy family on this board. This is datalounge, an anonymous random message board. I'm sure their internet justice can be put to good use on some place better.

by Bored2 reply 58712/14/2013

Am I the only fucker here who isn't having a fictious relationship with the guy??? You guys are crayzey. I don't even know what you people are fighting about, but it seems you single mother's need to stop the high school antics and get back with the program.

Anyhoo, I find it a bit weird that there's not that many interviews yet. I was waiting for someone with balls to ask him about his familylife.

by Bored2 reply 58812/15/2013

No Groovy Mama. There are many of us NOT having a fictitious relationship with this actor.

It is weird the lack of interviews or him mentioning anything about his "family" or just daughter. Anyone and everyone else has no problem expressing themselves (positivey). When one is in love, one tends to gush, even if ultra private. Even christian Bale beams talking about his daughter. But then he has a real relationship - loving, supportive. During the town promos, Ben Affleck had an interview segment with Renner about children and fatherhood. Even Ben couldn't help but gush.

No gushing for Renner though. Just single syllables, forced, and uncomfortable. Mimicked in what little photos too.

But hey some who do have the fantasy with Renner believe it's their calling to save and uphold his career and reputation, even starting campaigns to laud him as 2014 sexiest man. Hate to tell them - it's his own responsibility to present and uphold himself consistently. He hasn't done that since Jan 2012.

by Bored2 reply 58912/15/2013

I think the lack of interviews is because he doesn't have a big part in AH. We will have to wait for Kill The Messenger and I wonder if that will convinenrly be when SP and him "quietly split"

Only it won't be quiet cuz the fame whore will want another minute of fame and will talk... Or be on a stupid reality show

by Bored2 reply 59012/15/2013

R590 I can see another baby coming. Soooon *evil laughter*

by Bored2 reply 59112/15/2013

R591 maybe. If with Jughead renner, he just cements his Douchebag maleness. However, could be with her ex that she still contacts.

by Bored2 reply 59212/15/2013

It's surprising that he allowed the image of his daughter was used in the movie, since he's sooo private, mostly about her and her mother. I remember an interviewer (in Australia maybe) ask him about it, and he answers like "I don't know what you're talking about".

Strange way to introduce your family to the world when you spent the last year pretending that it didn't exist...

by Bored2 reply 59312/15/2013

What good news he will "share" with us next Golden Globes... Any guesses?

by Bored2 reply 59412/15/2013

I'm an old fuddy duddy and I don't have a twitter account. Is there a way to to post the Mall Santa photo somewhere else?

And based on what I've read here, IMDB must be a really scary place. It seems like it is so bad, I wonder if the stars will start to get rid of their IMDB profiles. Do other stars suffer the same cruelties as JR on their sites?

by Bored2 reply 59512/15/2013

In the USA today interview, DOR doesn't refer to, name or acknowledge the existence of ms. Mascu-bot, even though she's standing right there holding the child.

No, DOR does make a point of acknowledging renner's mother and child only.

Says a lot.

by Bored2 reply 59612/15/2013

R595 the extremism re: Renner is driven by obssessed fanatic Renner lovers who continue to violate posters privacy by going to other websites and posting their "complaints" and choosing to slander other people openly. They show their own hypocrisy.

But their unsound actions are childish in comparison example Tom Cruise's fan discussions. They continue to hold him accountable loudly on his activities. Johnny Depp's fans are certifiable based on their postings. Fans posting on Bradley Cooper's imdb site continue to call him on his "affair" with a barely legal.

by Bored2 reply 59712/15/2013

what is this obsession about a second round of spawning. Are you just getting yourself upset for now reason? I think this gal needs to get her shit together and get an education.

For what he will reveal at golden globes: is he going? he's not nominated. It would be delightful if he popped out of the closet with another flashy pantsuit

Next thread will be opened tonight: "jeremy renner lives in Technicolor' : save all your thoughts until then.

by Bored2 reply 59812/15/2013

Last year he was not nominated.

by Bored2 reply 59912/15/2013

Contributing to the end of this thread.

by Bored2 reply 60012/15/2013
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