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Worse brand as religion

What is the worst brand religion out there? Apple? Microsoft? Coke? Pepsi? With the economy tanking, isn't brand loyalty outdated?

by Brand atheistreply 2111/11/2013

Hardcore Apple brand enthusiasts are particularly insufferable.

by Brand atheistreply 111/11/2013

The Republicans and the Democrats.

by Brand atheistreply 211/11/2013

It's gotta be Apple.

by Brand atheistreply 311/11/2013

OP and Apple user here. I spent three thousand for a thousand bucks of hardware. All I bought was a dumbed down interface on top of Unix, which Dennis Richie help developed for free. Richie died alone in his tiny apartment, just a week after Jobs' death.

Jobs was a true psychopath.

by Brand atheistreply 411/11/2013

I was a mac user for over 15 years, but moved completely away about 5 years ago, and I'm all Windows now. I admit that sometimes I do miss the feeling of belonging to a tribe like I did with other mac users/fans. At first I really did believe the hype, and e.g. was completely surprised at one point when someone showed me a movie running on Windows 98. I had truly thought, because of all the smash talk from the mac community, that you couldn't really do anything well on pc's. That sounds pretty stupid, and probably was mostly due to my own inexperience with using Windows, that I only used at work with Word etc.

But as years passed and I saw the way Apple PR machine worked I became less and less interested in it, and felt that I had practically been indoctrinated to a cult. I learned what a complete asshole Jobs was and in the end it really was an easy jump Windows 7. I thought when I switched that I might come back when Jobs dies and the cultiness goes away, but I haven't really wanted to do that yet. I still remember the inbred shitty talk, and don't miss that a bit.

Nowadays Apple is just absolutely huge, and I wonder how many of the people who kept it alive during its years it almost went bankrupt are still fans. I'm not sure most of its users feel so passionately about it like people used to before the ipod/iphone/ipad-phase. Apple of course has always tried to lock in its users and it's still managing to do it well with its locked garden of apps and services. In the end I have to say that I don't really miss being an Apple user that much.

Nowadays I use Windows 7 but don't really feel any kind of belonging or debt towards Microsoft, the feelings Apple's PR and the community encouraged to feel towards the mothership. I just use their OS to run the software that I use, and it gives me a great feel of freedom when compared to Apple's stuff.

by Brand atheistreply 511/11/2013

According to the numbers given in the podcast link in r4, Apple actually rakes in more cash than the industrial giant Samsung, who makes everything from phones to ships. Apple is all image and manufactures nothing. Apple cultists are like the Jehovah Witless and Scientos!

by Brand atheistreply 611/11/2013

The economy is tanking? Where are you?

by Brand atheistreply 711/11/2013

Computers are for children. For real obnoxious behavior you need to be talking cars, maybe Porsche, maybe Jaguar, maybe even Prius.

I've never actually met one, but I suspect Tesla owners must be insufferable.

by Brand atheistreply 811/11/2013

Apple owns this thread.

by Brand atheistreply 911/11/2013

Whole Foods is another cult. Why people pay more for GMO and other pseudo-organic foods is unfathomable. Just the notion of "organic" is a scam.

by Brand atheistreply 1011/11/2013

It's a regional thing, but if I'm ever arrested for murder it'll be because one person too many bored the shit of me by rambling on about In-N-Out and their secret fucking menu.

by Brand atheistreply 1111/11/2013


by Brand atheistreply 1211/11/2013

What is this secret menu, R11?

by Brand atheistreply 1311/11/2013

Amazon, Disney, Google.

by Brand atheistreply 1411/11/2013


by Brand atheistreply 1511/11/2013

Apple users are the worst. You don't see people who use any of those other brands walking around telling everyone how amazing their shit it.

by Brand atheistreply 1611/11/2013

I've never owned a pc, only Macs, since I got my first home computer in 1989, but that is largely because Macs are used pretty much exclusively in my field, and I'd have to hassle with compatibility issues with work files if I used a PC. I definitely do not view Apple as a religion—their products annoy me on a daily basis, I'll never own an iPhone, I haven't used iTunes in probably 2 years, and visiting the Apple store makes me gag. I'm aware, however, that Apple does has plenty of freakish fanboys.

by Brand atheistreply 1711/11/2013


by Brand atheistreply 1811/11/2013

Apple cultists are some of the most insufferable. This is in spite of the fact that Apple undeniably puts out some really great products (and a fair number of mediocre ones). The smug is really a turn-off though.

In terms of politics, Republican/TeaParty brand loyalty is among the worst though. But the very worst? Libertarians. Green party is a distant fourth.

Unix loyalists are also particularly insufferable.

Oh, and R11 made me laugh :-) W&W for you!

by Brand atheistreply 1911/11/2013
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