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F**K and its tacky cousins F***KERS, F**KING and so on, have debased the English language.

There is no longer hope for civil discourse.

Baby's first word: Motherf**KER

Gay porn bottoms have lost their ability to arouse when howling "F**K ME!!!" They might as well be saying "Tickle me." Sad but true.

I'm out of here.

by Miss Mannersreply 3406/13/2014

OP, next time kindly remove your tit from the ringer before posting.

Thanks in advance.

by Miss Mannersreply 111/10/2013

I only use the word when actually describing the sex act, or the occasional stubbing of the toe.

I use to work with a guy that would talk like this. "I got in the fucking car and went to the fucking store to buy some fucking cigarettes and the fucking clerk, couldn't get the fucking cash register to open."

All I could think was how sad.

by Miss Mannersreply 211/10/2013

We frequent a restaurant, it has a bar in it but families also come there, and it still shocks me when people are talking loudly and using the f bomb. I think it's disrespectful when you are out in a place like that.

by Miss Mannersreply 311/10/2013

R1 Eunice, the word you were looking for is WRINGER.

by Miss Mannersreply 411/10/2013

Fuck you, OP.

by Miss Mannersreply 511/10/2013

Get a load of Loretta Fucking Young at R3.

by Miss Mannersreply 611/10/2013

OP, shut up, you cuntbucket.

by Miss Mannersreply 711/10/2013

What's wrong with Fuck?

by Miss Mannersreply 811/10/2013

It's a reflection of the rancidness of our society.

Our children deserve better than this.

I won't raise kids in this cultural cesspool.

by Miss Mannersreply 911/10/2013


by Miss Mannersreply 1011/11/2013

I agree, OP.

by Miss Mannersreply 1111/11/2013

Fuck you, you fucking fuck. Fuckity bye!

by Miss Mannersreply 1211/11/2013

The use of "Fuck" and other vulgarities in everyday conversation is the sure sign of a power grab. Either the speaker feels less powerful than his/her audience or the speaker is attempting to establish a position of power.

Such language is commonly viewed as transgressive and provocative. The speaker still views it as such.

by Miss Mannersreply 1311/11/2013

r6 Put the quarter in the jar.

by Miss Mannersreply 1411/11/2013

[quote] We frequent a restaurant, it has a bar in it but families also come there, and it still shocks me when people are talking loudly and using the f bomb. I think it's disrespectful when you are out in a place like that.

I know what you mean, r3, people have no sense of decorum nowadays. As my dear grandfather used to say, "If some cunt can fuck something up, that cunt will pick the worst possible time to fucking fuck up because that cunt's a cunt." I miss the good old days.

by Miss Mannersreply 1511/11/2013

"fuggin" was so much nicer (it was good enough for the Sharks)

by Miss Mannersreply 1611/16/2013

I'd guess that since the word fuck has been around since at least medieval times and is probably much older, and William Shakespeare, Jonathan Swift, Jane Austen, and Charles Dickens managed to produce works which are still in use today, the English language can, and has, withstood many a fuck over the years. All without being debased.

Get over yourself OP.

by Miss Mannersreply 1711/16/2013

Fraus braying about "f-bombs" in that 'everyone must be in permanent pre-school' way, and their phony "what about the children" pearl-clutching, bother me a lot more than casual "fucks" in conversation.

I'm an adult. The use of common Anglo-Saxon slang doesn't give me the vapors. Go figure.

by Miss Mannersreply 1811/16/2013

I'd like to add cunt, cunty, cuntified and all of the other derivations. I was shocked when I first came to DL and saw that word thrown around so casually until I figured out that the use of the word was directly proportional to the F-feminization of the poster.

by Miss Mannersreply 1911/16/2013

I interviewed a guy this week that said it. Twice. Then followed it with "oops my bad" Position is for a pediatric office manager.

by Miss Mannersreply 2011/16/2013

OP the word "fuck" is a very old word with a rich history.

Show it some respect.

by Miss Mannersreply 2111/17/2013

Fuck no!

by Miss Mannersreply 2211/17/2013

I was on the train the other night and there were two men, 50ish talking loudly. They both were using the F-bomb in such a low class, ignorant amplified way, that a family a few seats behind them literally moved to another car while the train was moving. I was close to moving, then, thankfully, one of the bozos got off the train at Metuchen.

What gives? Such boorish people. Weird thing, with their mouths shut they looked like regular guys.

by Miss Mannersreply 2311/17/2013

The Gagastans seem to be the worst offenders of the c*nt word and seemingly the biggest screamers, too.

by Miss Mannersreply 2411/17/2013

You fakers!

by Miss Mannersreply 2511/17/2013

R24 = Madgebot troll.

by Miss Mannersreply 2611/17/2013

"F-bomb" really?

It's just a word and a very old and well-known word at that. To characterize it as some kind of "bomb" is infantile.

Little Madysen and Jaidin will hear "fuck" and other "curse words" and still live long and fulfilling lives, or at least long lives.

by Miss Mannersreply 2711/17/2013

The year is 2040.

Little Mary (just born): "Fuck me, motherfucker!"

Cute kid.

by Miss Mannersreply 2806/13/2014

Just found this site, this thread is far fucking out!!! I mean its really fucking good, who the fuck would have thought it

by Miss Mannersreply 2906/13/2014

Oh yeah? Well intercourse you, OP.

by Miss Mannersreply 3006/13/2014

In conversation, I save it for when I really need it. If you use it for every other word, it won't mean a thing when you really want it to matter.

by Miss Mannersreply 3106/13/2014

The OP is free to make as many silly points as she wishes, but invoking Judith Martin is both presumptuous and wrong-headed.

Miss Manners would say that the use of language is absolved of etiquette concerns so long as the context is appropriate and no rudeness is involved.

A baby delivering its first word is not a concern for etiquette, as infants are beyond the reach and concern of manners. Since they spend their time willfully defecating in public and leaving others to clean up the mess, their special position in society is obvious and universally recognized.

A man at the receiving end of copulation who shouts, "Fuck me!" is engaging in context-appropriate language, and his intention - polite in acknowledging the virility of the active performer in the sex act - would hardly be confused with, "Tickle me."

However, the fact that the inane OP is talking about pornographic sex, rather than private sex acts, also absolves the situation of etiquette concerns. Pornography in video form is performance art (We can leave Joseph Campbell's quibbling about how pornography and art are always distinct from each other.) and is not a concern for etiquette, as viewers deliver themselves to the product for their own reasons, which conventionally include hearing porn actors shout, "Fuck me!"

Also, the OP stupidly confuses "civil discourse" with the rules of etiquette. They are two things that intersect only at the places I have noted.

Perhaps the OP, now exposed as a thick-skulled whiner without the capacity to form and deliver a sensible opinion, would like to frame her comments somewhere other than in the realm of etiquette. But in inappropriately and rudely taking on the persona of another person and then distorting Miss Manners' philosophy and wisdom, we would not know that. We only know the OP is a Fuck-head. Such language IS contextually appropriate here at the DL, in the face of wanton lunacy.

by Miss Mannersreply 3206/13/2014

R32, You truly read OP's beads, 4 snaps and a swirl to you.

by Miss Mannersreply 3306/13/2014

shit piss fuck cunt cocksucker motherfucker tits

by Miss Mannersreply 3406/13/2014
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