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Posh British Actors: What's the attraction?

There's a slew of posh British actors who are snagging plum roles in lots of American and international TV and film productions. And they're grabbing a lot of publicity in the process. A couple like Tom Hiddleston and Benedict Cumberbatch have become media darlings with armies of fangirls/boys. What do you think; do they deserve the attention or will they fade away when the next crop of "It Boys" comes along?

by Curiousreply 60101/11/2014

British actors have been getting work in American movies from the beginning. The most talented import at the moment is obviously Michael Fassbender.

However, there is absolutely no need for another HiddleStan thread on the DL. Further, the DL is not invested in the HiddleStans v Cumberbitches feud you morons brought here.

by Curiousreply 111/10/2013

Thanks, OP.

by Curiousreply 211/10/2013

Alexander Skarsgard is not British.

by Curiousreply 311/10/2013

I question your assertion that all these actors are "posh" (which means members of the upper class) or even British. Chris Hemsworth's Australian. Skarsgard is Swedish. Fassbender's father (a chef) is German and he was born in Germany and grew up in Ireland (which I guess you could call British, though the Irish would probably quibble with that.)

Acting is a notoriously competitive and unstable profession so it's hard to predict who'll be successful how long. Sometimes it depends more on how many friends you have in the business and how reliable you are rather than how talented you are, but talent definitely counts for more in the UK than it does in the US and it's easier to be a working actor in a country with well-subsidized theater and mass media (though the Tories are doing their best to defund the BBC and other state subsidized arts organizations.)

by Curiousreply 411/10/2013

OP (and r1), Michael Fassbender is not British, neither is Alexander Skarsgard.

by Curiousreply 511/10/2013

Where are Matthew Goode and Hugh Dancy?

And Skarsgard is from Sweden.

by Curiousreply 611/10/2013

I'm tired of this overload of British actors taking over American roles. EVERY industry seems to be giving jobs away to foreigners instead of Americans.

by Curiousreply 711/10/2013

Isn't Alex Swedish??

by Curiousreply 811/10/2013

OK, I know that Skarsgard and Hemsworth are not British; I said so in the other thread. I just included them for the hell of it because they are also getting a lot of acting roles and have a following. Fassbender is technically not British; he's Irish/German though he's lived in London for the last 10 years.

The poll only let me include 10 names, sorry.

by Curiousreply 911/10/2013

Because the Americans are crap, r7. Who are the decent youngish American actors of today?

R4, the Tories are posh. That's the common factor.

by Curiousreply 1011/10/2013

Exactly, R7. And Hollywood produces some of our most lucrative exports. American actors need to train themselves better and take a note from British actors. Study the classics and avoid lame Acting for the Camera classes taught in walk-ups.

by Curiousreply 1111/10/2013

I assume by 'posh' they mean more of an image thing. The only two up there who are both Brit and actually part of the UK upperclass are Redmayne and Hiddleston.

I always assumed it's a combination of better talent for less money. There was a whole article I read that went into UK actors being cheaper and more willing to do what they're told on set than US actors.

by Curiousreply 1211/10/2013

Isn't Tom Hardy from money? And Cumberbatch and Cavill were at least borderline upper middle class, I think

by Curiousreply 1311/10/2013

Thank you for the thread!

by Curiousreply 1411/10/2013

[quote]Because the Americans are crap, [R7]. Who are the decent youngish American actors of today?

Ah, yes - because British actors like Henry Cavill and Robert Pattinson are such great actors. Dumbass.

The days of Britain giving us trained Laurence Olivier-type actors ended decades ago honey. There's nothing special about them anymore.

by Curiousreply 1511/10/2013

@ R13

Not sure about Cavill at all but I didn't think Hardy was?

Cumberbatch was definitely middle class or upper middle class (not sure which, arts scholarships to Harrow are means-tested but I don't know what the income limit is), but not part of the UK's upper class.

by Curiousreply 1611/10/2013

[quote]I'm tired of this overload of British actors taking over American roles.

It's ironic, isn't it? There have to be as many average to downright odd looking American actors as British but they insist on importing average to odd looking British Actors (not Cavill et al, obviously) to fill the bill. My theory is it's because most of American entertainment comes cranking out like its made in a beauty factory so when they need a talented actor to choose from they don't think anybody exists in America. I honestly chalk it up to the consistent levels of crap and mediocrity in storytelling and the American obsession with beauty in the leads and secondary principal characters.

Downton Abbey is not good writing, although it's entertaining television. They couldn't get a greenlight on something like that here until somebody did it somewhere else and they decided to knock it off.

by Curiousreply 1711/10/2013

You know, I had to think about any current decent newish younger American actors. Is Oscar Isaacs from the US? Michael B. Jordan. Those are the only ones I could think of off the top.

Does Channing Tatum count lol? Or Taylor Kitsch.

by Curiousreply 1811/10/2013

All I could think of was Michael B. Jordan, r18. People have been talking about Dane DeHaan but he seems still relatively unknown.

by Curiousreply 1911/10/2013

Aaron Paul, Jesse Plemons, Jesse Eisenberg.

by Curiousreply 2011/10/2013

Who the f-ck is Jesse Plemons? Aaron Paul is a b-list TV actor from a big show, he needs to prove his chops in films now to be considered an up-and-comer.

Just read Oscar Isaac was raised in the US but born in Guatemala to Guatemalan-Cuban parents. Scratch him.

That leaves only Jordan and Eisenberg as the only two. Wow the list is really short, didn't realize there was such a lack of American talent.

by Curiousreply 2111/10/2013

Ezra Miller is a fantastic young U.S. actor.

by Curiousreply 2211/10/2013

I'd left out Eisenberg because he isn't really up and coming or new. He's been around for years and is an Oscar-nominated actor.

by Curiousreply 2311/10/2013

The movies now aren't very good either, though. Even the "praised" ones. It feels like the time period in the 1960's before "Easy Rider " hit. Not that I was alive then.

by Curiousreply 2411/10/2013

ok 22 will count him. Still very obscure but definitely talented. The list is still painfully short.

(Apologies to the OP and others for briefly hijacking the thread, supposed to be about posh brit actors. Carry on.)

by Curiousreply 2511/10/2013

most will go the way of Ben Chaplin, Jeremy Northam, Joseph Fiennes, Ioan Grufford, Paul Bettanny....

by Curiousreply 2611/10/2013

Taylor Kitsch is good and so is Chris Evans. A few years back Evans was in a TV film of Tennessee Williams "Loss of a Teardrop Diamond" which co-starred Bryce Dallas Howard. He was really good, I thought.

by Curiousreply 2711/10/2013

Taylor Kitsch was good on Friday Night Lights but he bombed spectacularly when given big budget movie opportunities. Who knows if he'll get another chance in Hollywood. He could very well fade into obscurity and he wasn't that known to begin with.

by Curiousreply 2811/10/2013

You may be right, r26. But in the case of actors like Hardy, Fassbender, and perhaps Cumberbatch, I think they might have more career longevity based on being critical and/or internet darlings and having a mix of blockbuster action/superhero movies on their resumes with more prestigious indie/art house fare. The landscape's changed a bit now that the era of the movie star is pretty much over.

by Curiousreply 2911/10/2013

Taylor Kitsch did a decent job as the lead in Peter Berg's Battleship. I was surprised when Alexander Skarsgard got killed off halfway through the movie.

It seems that except for a few very top A list actors, most leading men/women enjoy only a very short stay at the top before fading from view. Character actors, who aren't dependent solely on good looks generally have the best long term career prospects.

by Curiousreply 3011/10/2013

Like R30, i think most of those actors will be well employed as long as they like. British actors don't see success by American measures of celebrity.

by Curiousreply 3111/10/2013

[quote]British actors don't see success by American measures of celebrity.

maybe Dame Judi and Dame Maggie don't but the younger generation can't wait to get to LA

by Curiousreply 3211/10/2013

R31 I disagree a bit. I think Hiddleston is very thirsty for fame. He will attend the opening of an email if he thinks it will garner more attention and fans.

Dame Judi and Dame Maggie are icons. Love them!

by Curiousreply 3311/10/2013

Hiddleston attends every play opening night in London and always does the red carpet.

by Curiousreply 3411/10/2013

Yet another stealth Prancing Pony thread. Christ you fangirls are pathetic.

by Curiousreply 3511/10/2013

I love you too, R35.

by Curiousreply 3611/10/2013

R35, blue and yellow wear the fine fellows.

by Curiousreply 3711/10/2013

what are prancing ponies?

by Curiousreply 3811/10/2013

Are Hiddleston and Fassbender the same person?

by Curiousreply 3911/10/2013

Fassbender's penis says, "No," r39.

by Curiousreply 4011/10/2013

For Younger American Actors, I think Chris Pine is talented, hot and hopefully having grown up with a dad in the business, is smart enough to stay away from the pitfalls.

As for Other Brits, Don't forget about Aaron Johnson. He is a good actor, very hot and of course has that rather odd marriage thing that people find intriguing.

by Curiousreply 4111/10/2013

Garfield is very talented, Hiddleston too, but he is overexposed and he seems smarmy.

Don't get the appeal of Fassbender at all. Very overrated.

Tom Hardy is an interesting actor as is Ben Wishaw (he stole the show in Skyfall)

by Curiousreply 4211/10/2013

[quote] rather odd marriage thing that people find intriguing.


by Curiousreply 4311/10/2013

Aaron Johnson married Sam Taylor Wood when he was 18 or 19 and she was either pregnant or had just given birth. She is well over 40 and directed him when he was 17 in Nowhere Boy, which is when their affair started.

Many people find that pairing odd, especially since she rivals Sarah Jessica Parker in the Horse Face contest.

But separating that, I think he is very good looking and on film and in pictures he is sexy as fuck. Seems a bit odd in interviews.

Still for 30 year old generation coming out of Hollywood right now, I like Chris Pine the best. He seems smart, is funny in interviews, and stays relatively private, and doesn't do the twitter thing. He seems to have questionable taste in women, but otherwise seems like a decent sort and talented too.

If you haven't seen People Like Us, it is worth watching. I thought he was terrific in that. The film is decent, not great, but he and Elizabeth Banks are just terrific as is Michelle Pfeiffer.

by Curiousreply 4411/10/2013

I voted for Andrew because I want to have sex with his hair.

by Curiousreply 4511/10/2013

Chris Hemsworth, neither British nor posh, is known to be bi if not completely gay. It's basically an open secret in Australia.

He was bearded by his castmate Isabel Lucas while in a gay relationship with his housemate, another castmate, during the run of Home and Away. His current marriage was arranged by the their management - they are both with the same company - and was all completed very quickly once his star started to rise and, with it, all the old ghosts from home.

by Curiousreply 4611/10/2013

Why have him get married? Wouldn't he be more appealing as a single star?

by Curiousreply 4711/10/2013

Michael Fassbender is not British. He was born in Germany and grew up in Ireland with his Irish mother and German mother.

by Curiousreply 4811/10/2013

To assuage those pesky gay rumours starting to drift in from the colonies, r47.

by Curiousreply 4911/10/2013

[quote]He was born in Germany and grew up in Ireland with his Irish mother and German mother.

Sort of Kate und UberAlle?

by Curiousreply 5011/10/2013

I dunno about that that, r40. Tom is also hung.

by Curiousreply 5111/10/2013

People like Cumberbatch and Hiddleston get TONS of media and internet attention, but barely anyone out in the real world really knows who they are. Same with Fassbender.

And Hemsworth is Australian. And Skarsgard is Swedish. He's not posh either, considering his dad was a theater actor and hardly raking in the big bucks when he was young.

by Curiousreply 5211/10/2013

Cavill is pretty, but a mediocre actor.

by Curiousreply 5311/10/2013

Twit at r15, I didn't say British actors are great, I said there's a dearth of good youngish American actors. That creates an opportunity for others to take the top spot.

Who are the good 20s/mid-30s American actors out there now?

by Curiousreply 5411/10/2013

[quote]People like Cumberbatch and Hiddleston get TONS of media and internet attention, but barely anyone out in the real world really knows who they are.

Young people and action fans know Hiddleston from the Thor movies.

by Curiousreply 5511/10/2013

@55 They know Loki. If you mention "Tom Hiddleston" you're gonna get a whole bunch of "Who?"

by Curiousreply 5611/10/2013

I've never seen Hiddleston's movies. I only know him because I saw some clip of him with cookie monster... not that I watch Sesame Street on a regular basis, but I was sent the clip.

He's very... charming, but in a calculating way.

by Curiousreply 5711/10/2013

true r56.

by Curiousreply 5811/10/2013

[quote]They know Loki. If you mention "Tom Hiddleston" you're gonna get a whole bunch of "Who?"

But isn't that true of nearly every young actor or actress these days, minus possibly Jen Lawrence? There are no more real "movie stars" being created anymore.

by Curiousreply 5911/10/2013

@r59 (arghhh how do you get the reply thing???) I completely agree. But the OP was saying that these actors are like huge and get tons of attention, when in fact it's all confined to fangirls on tumblr and random media people.

by Curiousreply 6011/10/2013

Americans are too obsessed with looks and ruining their faces with surgery.

Without British actors there would be no one to play older or character parts.

by Curiousreply 6111/10/2013

[quote]Without British actors there would be no one to play older or character parts.

you are making this to easy.

by Curiousreply 6211/10/2013

R60 exactly like you did minus the @

by Curiousreply 6311/10/2013

The movie star period is over, just like are Tom Cruise and Will Smith. People want to see good movies/stories or marvel movies, not actors.

Hollywood love the british because they're cheaper and hard working. From the new genertion only Hardy, Fassbender and perhaps Cumberbatch will stay, but as character actors not movie star.

And it's also true that young american actors are underestimated whereas some british actors are clearly overrated, but they have the good accent.

by Curiousreply 6411/10/2013

Found you all. Are still allowed to talk about Mr Bullshit on here?

by Curiousreply 6511/10/2013

That many Brit actors in Hwood are posh is a product of the British system for producing actors. We have the treadmills too - these people go to stage schools (eg Conti) and move on to genre TV and soap roles.

Our film and theatre actors go to uni then RADA or similar. RADA is VERY expensive and quite elitist. Theatre pays peanuts. Thus a large proportion of these people are posh/come from money.

Never forget that there is much less of a tradition/willingness to bus tables for a living while trying to "make it" this side of the pond.

by Curiousreply 6611/10/2013

We're always allowed to talk about Mr Bullshit.

What astonish me is his popularity on ONTD. Generally they shit on everyone but he's shitproof there. They're worse than Tumblr, as they spent their time criticize Tumblr fangirls whereas they're even worse in their fanatism.

by Curiousreply 6711/10/2013

Even CB is becoming like ONTD about TH, in the last thread a person dared to write that in the past TH used to make snarky remarks on twitter and her comment was flagged as spam right away.

by Curiousreply 6811/10/2013

When I think of outstanding American character actors, all I come up with us Sam Rockwell.

That's kinda sad.

by Curiousreply 6911/11/2013

Benedict Cumberbatch is very talented and I quite like his 'couldn't give a fuck what people think of me' attitude. Fass is talented too but quite clearly has multiple issues and I have a weakness for broken men.

Redmayne is OK I guess. Kit Harrington intrigues me.

by Curiousreply 7011/11/2013

Good american character actor: Willem Dafoe, Steve Buscemi, Bryan Cranston, John Goodman, Jeff Bridges, Philip Seymour Hoffman, Joaquin Pheonix, John Turturro, Benicio Del Toro etc.

They're all good or very good character actors. They're there but Hollywood promotes Channing Tatum and other bland untalented actors.

by Curiousreply 7111/11/2013

I've been kicked off ONTD 5 years ago. Back then they didn't like MF. Also don't ever critersize Matt smith being a lesser doctor than Tennat on tumblr- another ban.

by Curiousreply 7211/11/2013

Buzzfeed is going downhill a bit

by Curiousreply 7311/11/2013

Buzzfeed does that with a lot of actors, but they're usually funny not so much here.

by Curiousreply 7411/11/2013

Yes, Sam Rockwell. But also Emile Hirsch, Ben Foster (going to be playing Lance Armstrong!) and I'll also include Ryan Gosling.

by Curiousreply 7511/11/2013

R68 CB is pathetic about him. They used to be pithy and smart- it was entertaining to read. They are now basically Tumblr with older, mean women in regards to TH. Pathetic.

And, again, none of his "fans" EVER talk about his acting skills.

by Curiousreply 7611/11/2013

R9 Actually Fassbender has lived in London for about 17 years already, but it still doesn't make him British. He is Irish/German.

R13 I don't know about Tom Hardy, I think Tom Hiddleston might come from money. Maybe Cumberbatch as well.

by Curiousreply 7711/11/2013

[quote]We're always allowed to talk about Mr Bullshit. What astonish me is his popularity on ONTD. Generally they shit on everyone but he's shitproof there. They're worse than Tumblr, as they spent their time criticize Tumblr fangirls whereas they're even worse in their fanatism

This is very true.(You call him "Mr. bullshit"? LOL!)

"Go back to ONTD, IMDB" ...somebody get his fangurls an Oscar. Actually they are even better actresses than him.

by Curiousreply 7811/11/2013

R69 Love Sam Rockwell, he's also an amazing dancer.

R72 MF - Martin Freeman?

by Curiousreply 7911/11/2013

MF: Michael Fassbender?

by Curiousreply 8011/11/2013

I have noticed a tide turn in the way people talk about Mr B. It seems a lot more snarky now, a lot less inclined to believe everythin he says. I do still like him but I wonder if it's a lack of tea driving people to start snarking. What tea do we have on Fass? Aside from the usual being a big ole shagger?

by Curiousreply 8111/11/2013

MF is Michael fassbender and I'm guessing Mr B is TH. the reason Mr B is Mr B is not lack of tea but the lack of truth and contradictions he spouts in his case.

by Curiousreply 8211/11/2013

R81 Nothing much on Fassbender other than the old rumors that he beat one of his GFs but she withdrew the charges. That and he recently decided to relieve himself outdoors while filming in New Zealand and someone snapped a photo but blotted out the best part, LOL!

Lately the Fass has taken to complaining that people are objectifying him by talking about his big cock. I'm calling BS. Beginning to reek of Hiddleston and his Eton crap.

Honestly, I find Fassbender to be an enormously talented actor with a hot temper, who behaves or misbehaves as it pleases him. Inherently nastier than Cumberbatch who just enjoys bringing the snark.

Sort of a Jonathan Rhys-Meyers "light" in that respect. Please NOTE: I am not referring to talent here. JRM is also talented but not in MF's league, IMO but much more troubled by drink/drugs.

by Curiousreply 8311/11/2013

I actually think Hiddleston is a good actor. His range seems limited, but he's done well so far.

by Curiousreply 8411/11/2013

R84 Agreed. Hiddleston is a good actor. He showed that in War Horse and Hollow Crown. Midnight in Paris wasn't a big acting stretch. He was part of an ensemble cast and did fine.

It will be interesting to see the reviews from Coriolanus. That's a very tough role and British theatre critics are not easily impressed. He's got to be exhausted after promoting Thor 2 nonstop for the past month.

His CV is light by comparison to his peers. Hopefully as he gains more experience, he will exhibit more range.

by Curiousreply 8511/11/2013

Nationality discrimination. Brits in Hollywood hire other Brits and disdain Americans. It's illegal, but they all do it.

by Curiousreply 8611/11/2013

r86 = the voice of reason.

by Curiousreply 8711/11/2013

Fassbender is talented and sexy as hell but I feel sorry his girlfriends. Hardy is very good. His family has money but he acts lower class. Cumberbatch is very talented. A good guy who can be a real bitch when he wants. Hiddleston may be good but acts as he shits rainbows and unicors. Hemsworth and Cavill are bland and should stop the steroids. Ben Winshaw is talented but too skinny, no leading man material. Garfield and Redmayne are just irrelevant.

by Curiousreply 8811/11/2013

It's interesting Mr B is going to play Coriolanus an exact opposite of what he's like in real life. I don't think he would be physically good in battle but we've already seen him give great politician answers in interviews

by Curiousreply 8911/11/2013

Hey, what about me?!!!

by Curiousreply 9011/11/2013

Rpatz, perhaps the most irrelevant.

Bad actor but seems to be a good guy. Twilight blowed his credibility as an actor but he has enough money and fangirls to work with Werner Herzog, David Croenenbreg and James Gray.

Seeing him acting with Cumberbatch will be hilarious. Poor Cumby doesn't deserve it.

by Curiousreply 9111/11/2013

BC is a good actor because he can slip into any role required of him. I also enjoy is interviews because he doesn't try to be something he isn't and generally doesn't give a shit what people think

by Curiousreply 9211/11/2013

[quote] It's interesting Mr B is going to play Coriolanus an exact opposite of what he's like in real life

Yes, R89, it's called being an actor.

by Curiousreply 9311/11/2013

R89 Mr. B or Sir Hiddles might be very good in battle not in terms of brawn but speed. He's lithe and fast on his feet and the fact that he's thin, means he's not as big a target. Though if someone did hit him with fists or weapons he'd be a goner!

On this last Thor 2 press tour an interviewer asked him if he was stranded on a desert island with his Avengers co-stars who would he eat? He said "I'd probably be the first one to die and they'd end up eating me!" I thought that was funny AND very true.

by Curiousreply 9411/11/2013

R94 I know he's fast but that's not good in a battle unless you're going to run away. Foot solider he'd need to bulk up a bit to use the swords as they were very heavy and as a horse back archer he'd need to know how to use a bow properly because he wasn't in hallow crown. I disagree that he'd be the first one to die on a dessert island. He can easily bore somone to death with his Bs. Mr B as Coriolanus is an interesting idea, still not sure it's the right Shakespeare role for him. I'd cast him as bottom

by Curiousreply 9511/11/2013

MrB could also play Titania the fairy queen, no need to bulk up.

by Curiousreply 9611/11/2013

I hate how this posts always end up turning into fans/haters of Hiddleston and Cumberbatch talking about shit no one else understands. Are we supposed to know who Mr. B is without explanation? Can't you keep that crap in all the other hundreds of threads about those annoying Brits?

by Curiousreply 9711/11/2013


Jesus fuck, they ruin every single thread, don't they?!?!?

by Curiousreply 9811/11/2013

Tom Hardy and Michael Fassbender are the ones to watch.

The rest? Meh.

by Curiousreply 9911/11/2013

Cumberbatch is really odd looking so I kind of wonder why he has so many female fans. He really does look like an Alien.

by Curiousreply 10011/11/2013

[quote]you are making this to[sic] easy.

So are you.

by Curiousreply 10111/11/2013


[Nationality discrimination. Brits in Hollywood hire other Brits and disdain Americans. It's illegal, but they all do it.]

You bring up an interesting point. A very few American actors who are serious about theatre have been known to turn the tables and invade the West End with varying degrees of success. Most notably: Richard Chamberlain, Kevin Spacey and even David Schwimmer. Spacey became artistic director of the Bristol Old Vic in 2003 and received an honorary CBE in 2010. Percentage-wise more Brits come Stateside to act compared to the number of Americans that cross the pond for jobs. I'm not counting American actors working in American-financed productions filming in the UK.

by Curiousreply 10211/11/2013

R97 Somebody at the very beginning nicknamed TH as Mr. Bullshit, so the Mr.B should refer to him. I agree that it can be confused with BC.

R98 OP will maybe correct me on this, but this thread was supposed to be the following thread to talk about TH, the added poll and title was just for the fun.

by Curiousreply 10311/11/2013

R103 Yes, this thread was supposed to be the follow on TH thread. However I took someone's suggestion to name the thread Posh British Actors -- which in hindsight was a mistake. My bad. I was in a hurry and the thread was filling up fast.

And yes, the poll was just for fun and not limited to Brit actors. This is the first poll I ever created and was not aware DL limits polls to 10 choices. Something to consider next time.

I'm enjoying all the talk about the various actors in this thread. Happy to make another Hiddleston-centric thread if posters want one OR if posters want to keep convo about Hiddleston in this thread to a minimum.

Let me know. Trying to keep things lively without starting a war!

by Curiousreply 10411/11/2013

Fassbender is banging Gerard Butler ex-girlfriend. I call it a class act.

by Curiousreply 10511/11/2013

These Hiddleston fangirls are like a virus and this thread is yet another host cell to which they have attached themselves.

by Curiousreply 10611/11/2013

What about me?

by Curiousreply 10711/11/2013

I don't understand what the fangurls see in either Hiddleston or Cumberbatch. I understand the Twihards - they were obsessed with the source material and transferred that to the actors. The actors themselves are immaterial to their obsession, really.

TH and BC are average/ugly. So what is the appeal?

by Curiousreply 10811/11/2013

R104 Sorry if it sounded like a critic, it was unintentional. I was just trying to point out to R98, and now R106, that this is a TH thread.

For me it's ok as it is, a few people that wanted to make TH-centric coments have posted on an old thread called "THOR getting rave reviews on Rotten Tomatoes!".

by Curiousreply 10911/11/2013

The Harry Potter Kid grew up short and not sexy. Could be a good actor with time.

by Curiousreply 11011/11/2013

Tom Hardy is a really good actor. He was in theater for a while. He's still dating his Wuthering Heights co-star Charlotte Riley. He's a very very sensitive and sweet person who doesn't care about projects he chooses. His accent seems a bit odd but who cares, really.

Michael Fassbender is a great actor whose personality I find unappealing.

Benedict Cumberbatch is a wonderful actor but I'm tired of his fangirls.

Tom Hiddleston isn't a good actor. I never liked him anyway. And the way fangirls obsess over him is ridiculous. He's not pretty also. Tries a bit too hard. Pretentious. Comes from privelege. Plus a famewhore.

Ryan Gosling is nice and all, but there is something about him I don't like.

Love Jesse Eisenberg, Sam Rockwell and Chris Pine. They come across as sweet, sensitive guys who don't want to be famewhores.

by Curiousreply 11111/11/2013

TH is Mr B aka Mr Bullshit because that's his main speciality. As Op has already stated this thread is not an extension of tumblr or ONTD. If we were we wouldn't be calling TH Mr B. duh!

by Curiousreply 11211/11/2013

We usually abbreviate an actors name to their initials but in some cases they can have the same .from my observations; TH - Tom hiddleston Mr B (mr bullshit) see above BC - Benedict Cumberbatch CH- Chris Hemsworth MF- Micheal Fassbender RDJ- Robert downing junior

We could use Tom H for Tom Hardy Charlie H for Charlie Hunman Martin F for Martin Freeman

by Curiousreply 11311/11/2013

Whether is is the decades old flood of Canadian comics or the decades old flood of British actors, what they both have in common is that creatives in both countries have government healthcare.

This means an actor, painter, singer could raise a family on a creative's income without fear that they are going to lose the company insurance or have to declare medical bankruptcy or have to go begging for their children's medical care.

The greatest American actors for the past 70 years have never been because the risk is too high.

by Curiousreply 11411/11/2013

r100 because fat and ugly young/middle aged women/gays think it gives them a better shot?

by Curiousreply 11511/11/2013

R100 I wonder what he's like in bed.

by Curiousreply 11611/11/2013

[quote][R100] I wonder what he's like in bed.

Ask and ye shall receive:

by Curiousreply 11711/11/2013

R117 LOOOL I cried laughing.

by Curiousreply 11811/11/2013

I kind of get Hardy, Fassbender, Cumberbatch et al because they're excellent actors.

But Cavill, Hiddleston and Redmayne have never really been impressive in anything I've seen.

All of them have some obnoxious fans, like most celebs.

by Curiousreply 11911/11/2013

Not all but most of these actors have an intelligence and sophistication their American counterparts lack.

All you need to do is see them onstage ... Just extraordinary. Redmayne, Garfield, Cumberbatch, on and on... Astonishing.

by Curiousreply 12011/11/2013

[quote]All you need to do is see them onstage ... Just extraordinary. Redmayne, Garfield, Cumberbatch, on and on... Astonishing.

Shall we get you smelling salts, Mary?

by Curiousreply 12111/11/2013

I don't need smelling salts. I'm not an hysteric. Just someone who loves live theatre and won't pretend the serious training in the UK makes no difference vs superficial Hollywood blockbusters as the crucible for a nation's young talent.

by Curiousreply 12211/11/2013

Do you even recognize the irony in what you wrote considering these "thespians" you're going on and on about are all making their bones in those superficial Hollywood blockbusters?

They've all sold out and are doing parts where they can easily be replaced.

by Curiousreply 12311/11/2013

Redmayne is playing Stephen hawking. Garfield did Salesman on Broadway. Cumberbatch was at the National last year. These actors balance art and commerce.

by Curiousreply 12411/11/2013

No mention of Richard Armitage? Isn't he 'posh'?

by Curiousreply 12511/11/2013

And TH did Pixie Hollow! Oh the sophistication! There is a great use of and education that probably put his parents back half a million!

by Curiousreply 12611/11/2013

Armitage never really gets mentioned. I don't know why he doesn't get more/better work. He's not particularly posh either. I don't think he's an amazing actor but he's delicious.

by Curiousreply 12711/11/2013

"most will go the way of Ben Chaplin, Jeremy Northam, Joseph Fiennes, Ioan Grufford, Paul Bettanny...."

WEHT those guys? Seriously. I used to love Ioan, Ben, and Jeremy. Then I just forgot about them.

For some reason British guys have trouble making it as big time leading men in Hollywood (although they have no trouble finding character parts and tv roles). Hollywood tried to make Clive Owen and Jude Law into leading men but their star vehicles bombed. Most of these guys are talented (except for Henry Cavill - seriously, who voted for him?) and will continue to work but I don't see anyone of them being the next Pitt or Clooney.

by Curiousreply 12811/11/2013

Yeah, I think Brits hit a threshold. Most will never attain the levels of a Pitt, Clooney, Smith, etc.

Brits can make a very good living in Hollywood, but most will never be A list.

by Curiousreply 12911/11/2013

No one is A list anymore. The days of the A list are over.

by Curiousreply 13011/11/2013

R126 as it will go straight to dvd like all the other pixie hollow films, it's safe to say we won't be seeing any heavy promoting with the singing and dancing

by Curiousreply 13111/11/2013

Yeah, but Brad and George are terrible actors.

by Curiousreply 13211/11/2013

Most British actors don't look at A list as a career goal. They're much more serious about the work.

by Curiousreply 13311/11/2013

You fucking fangurl freaks think EVERY thread is here for you to ruin with your obsession with this marginally interesting supporting actor.


by Curiousreply 13411/11/2013

R134, read R104 and cease your insults.

by Curiousreply 13511/11/2013

This *is* the new Hiddleston thread. As discussed on the *old* thread. Not every thread, just this one which was made for us by a fellow paying member to mainly discuss him.

by Curiousreply 13611/11/2013


I'll coincide that. Hardy, Fassbender, Cumberbatch, Whislaw and Garfield (don't know much about the rest) seem like they just want work and bounce all over project-wise.

The A-list is a thing of the past. Putting them in movies doesn't guarantee an audience anymore.

by Curiousreply 13711/11/2013

Hiddles and Cumberbatch have had to work harder because they couldn't get by just on their looks. I think this is also their appeal to the fangurls. Henry Cavill or Richard Armitage are so ridiculously hot that even if they were car mechanics or office clerks the average-looking woman would never have a shot at them. Hiddles and Cumberbatch are the kind of guys they would actually have a shot at in real life, looks-wise.

by Curiousreply 13811/11/2013

[quote]Most British actors don't look at A list as a career goal. They're much more serious about the work.

Give it a rest. They'd keep their asses in some 'royal' theater in London if they were serious about their work.

They all want to make it in Hollywood. And they're all playing superheroes and sci-fi characters.

by Curiousreply 13911/11/2013

[quote]Yeah, I think Brits hit a threshold. Most will never attain the levels of a Pitt, Clooney, Smith, etc.

Nobody will be attaining that status, whether brit or otherwise. See the earlier discussion upthread about the terrible lack of talented up-and-coming American young actors...the days of finding a new Pitt, Clooney etc are over.

by Curiousreply 14011/11/2013

[quote]Henry Cavill or Richard Armitage are so ridiculously hot that even if they were car mechanics or office clerks the average-looking woman would never have a shot at them.

They would if they had penises.

by Curiousreply 14111/11/2013


Only if they just wanted to do plays forever and nothing else.

Exposure in the US industry, no matter how it comes, can open up doors to other projects, such as good indie work. US film industry in general dwarfs the UK's by volume.

I'm not saying that all of them are serious about acting, not at all. Some definitely just want the fame. But it absolutely makes sense for even a serious actor to do a US blockbuster for the exposure.

by Curiousreply 14211/11/2013

[quote]US film industry in general dwarfs the UK's by volume.

I play a dwarf!

by Curiousreply 14311/11/2013

[quote]Rpatz, perhaps the most irrelevant.

He's the next Orlando Bloom.

by Curiousreply 14411/11/2013

Oh come on. Nobody needs to do a blockbuster to get exposure so that they can do indies. They do blockbuster superhero parts because they want the money. Period. They are all doing their best to sell out to Disney. It doesn't lead to serious work. It leads to more blockbusters and other large budget jobs and maybe some GQ interviews or shoots which lead to licensing contracts and yet more money.

Money is power. Not just the money you take home yourself, but the money you can claim your work made for the studios. There are people in the industry who do nothing but crunch these numbers, and these numbers determine who floats to the top. Nothing else.

Talent is very cheap and mostly not even used. British actors are cheap and have the rep for doing exactly what the studios tell them to do (and TH is the poster boy).

by Curiousreply 14511/11/2013

R145 You described TH's whole career plan nicely.

Anyone who thinks he does this for the love of his art is living on Asgard.

by Curiousreply 14611/11/2013

[r 145]

You don't have to, but it sure as hell helps get you out there to a whole lot of casting directors fast. Like I said, I can see why even a serious actor would move between industries.

I wasn't referring to Hiddleston, just some of the other actors up there on the poll. TH and a lot of the other Marvel-involved ones are the actors I was thinking of literally when I typed 'some are in it for the fame,' lol.

by Curiousreply 14711/11/2013

R145 Actually that's incorrect, for Hollywood anyway. The saying is "one for me, one for the studio" - a successful actor will need the exposure in a big-budget film so they can make the indie movies they want. As John Cusack has pointed out.

by Curiousreply 14811/11/2013

For God's sake, Hiddleston is currently rehearsing Coriolanus for the Donmar Warehouse. Anyone who just wants to be a big budget Hollywood movie star does not go devote 6 months of a year to obscure Shakespeare.

by Curiousreply 14911/11/2013

He failed with The Crow and had no other suggestions, he needed work.

by Curiousreply 15011/11/2013

He has devoted considerably less time than that to Shakespeare. Marvel always comes first. Nice that he is finally doing some rehearsals though. There is not a lot of time. I predict that he will be carried well by the rest of the cast, which has usually been the case with him.

Donmar is far from the West End, and is known for capitalizing on fangirl buzz. It will be the first time in three years that he has touched the stage or Shakespeare. It's not his priority.

by Curiousreply 15111/11/2013

He doesn't have much choice. He's not getting the roles he wants.

Hollywood is not giving him big juicy leading man roles. Doing Coriolanus is just a way of showing to casting directors/industry people he can do serious big-boy acting as well as dancing like a puppet for Disney.

He's hoping it will lead to some more interesting/more significant movie roles.

by Curiousreply 15211/11/2013

I'm looking at the poll results and laughing. People honestly rated Hiddleston above Hardy and Whishaw?

by Curiousreply 15311/11/2013

R151 The last Shakespeare work was the Hollow Crown in 2012, however the last stage run he did was in 2008, as far as I'm aware (except for 2 one-off theatre events). And he's probably taken the stage role as he wasn't being cast in any films (the director said that the negotiations for the play had been going on for nearly a year).

R153 Oh dear, Whishaw is probably the most talented of the lot.

And I'm intrigued as to what R46 posted; is it really an open secret in Oz that Hemsworth is gay/bi? Receipts, if there are any?

by Curiousreply 15411/11/2013

I'm going to say it and God help me, I really don't want to be one of those people, but still: I'm genuinely sick of all of the British actors; it's enough. I also don't want to hear the bullshit about there being no American actors who can do it because that's such bullshit. Let's stop pretending every actor coming out of the UK is a Shakespearean-trained one.

I mean someone like Cavill fit the damned suit, period. Most of the compliments he gets for Superman are based on his looks, not his acting.

by Curiousreply 15511/11/2013

"Talent is very cheap and mostly not even used. British actors are cheap and have the rep for doing exactly what the studios tell them to do (and TH is the poster boy)."

Except for that bratty Alex Pettyfer

by Curiousreply 15611/11/2013

Speaking of Whishaw, what does everyone think of him playing Freddie Mercury? Similarly, Tom Hardy playing Elton John?

by Curiousreply 15711/11/2013

No, this is not yet another HiddleStan thread at least it fucking well had better not be one.

If you keep insisting on filling up the Datalounge with your HiddleStan bullshit, you will run into problems posting here at all.

by Curiousreply 15811/11/2013

Think they'll be brilliant. Really they had to be brit actors. Could you see Justin Timberlake playing Elton, as had been rumored? Eeek.

by Curiousreply 15911/11/2013

[quote]Speaking of Whishaw, what does everyone think of him playing Freddie Mercury?

I was born to love you, Ben.

by Curiousreply 16011/11/2013

R155 I agree with you, and I'm a Brit. I'm guessing it's because they're cheap, there's this whole concept of the Brit villain(see: Terence Stamp, Anthony Hopkins, Alan Rickman), there's a perception they're better trained (not necessarily true of course), and at the moment it's a trend.

I remember an interview Ed Norton did, and he said for every one of him, there were a dozen just as talented actors, if not more than him in NY, and he'd just been lucky. Success isn't necessarily to do with talent.

by Curiousreply 16111/11/2013

is that a threat r158? maybe you should think about stopping your trolling in threads where you're not wanted otherwise you'll be the one with posting problems.

The TH discussion has been pretty much kept to one thread at a time, which is perfectly within rules. Also this thread has hardly been a stan thread, there's been decent discussions on UK vs US actors, lack of American talent, theater aspirations vs blockbuster fame. The TH talk as been a jump off point for other related and interesting topics, which is all good.

I hate complaint trolls.

by Curiousreply 16211/11/2013

Could someone please inform me WHY THE FUCK people on here post @s if this place is Twitter?!

by Curiousreply 16311/11/2013

[quote]Could someone please inform me WHY THE FUCK people on here post @s if this place is Twitter?!


by Curiousreply 16411/11/2013

No, just sane.

by Curiousreply 16511/11/2013

Alex Pettyfer or Max Irons to name a few more British youngsters. I prefer Colin Firth or C. Bale over any of the listed actors. I know C. Bale gets a lot of flack but he does a decent job acting and yes yes he did get into the comic book world too. I think it is the accents and old world manners that make some of these men attractive, especially to American women who fantasize about the perfect man. Just give me Jeremy Irons or Alan Rickman.

by Curiousreply 16611/11/2013

"Alex Pettyfer or Max Irons to name a few more British youngsters."

Max Irons is hot but his acting is only okay to me.

by Curiousreply 16711/11/2013

I don't think the posh ones are all that sexy. Most look inbred, the less posh ones are better.

by Curiousreply 16811/11/2013

Isn't Australia the new Britain? Over the last twenty years it seems all of our imported actors-or 'talent'-if you will-hail from there. I've also noticed that the Brit actors get the more 'posh' roles while the Aussies bring the 'macho'factor.

And the film industry now is so different than in the old studio days. No more parts tailored to an 'actors' strengths-now it's every man for himself for the handful of good roles and the lesser talents fight for the meager scraps. In the old studio system,Hiddles would have been seen as a Leslie Howard type-probably would have made a great Ashley Wilkes...

It will be interesting to see which of the cream will rise to the top or who will be the next Hugh Dancy-or Charles Dancy for that matter!

by Curiousreply 16911/11/2013

I've never seen him in anything, but voted for Hemsworth because I felt bad he was at 0%.

by Curiousreply 17011/11/2013

Didn't we fight a war to get away from these people?

by Curiousreply 17111/11/2013

No actor, regardless of nationality, is above taking a role in big budget comic book/vampire/horror/fantasy movies.

Michael Sheen did Twilight and Underworld:Rise of the Lycans; Hugh Jackman besides X Men and Wolverine did Van Helsing (which flopped) and the list goes on.

Actors that get a few big paychecks and hits under their belt get visibility and the perks/respect that come with being a bankable commodity but they get some breathing room to pay the mortgage and be picky about their choices to take smaller roles in indie films or theatre to hone their skills and win critical acclaim.

The late great Lord Laurence Olivier disdained movies. But he took on many film roles late in his career solely for the big paycheck. He also happily "sold out" to shill for Polaroid in commercials which was a big deal back in the mid-70s. Of course, this was Olivier his reputation was cemented and it didn't matter.

R169 A bit of trivia about Leslie Howard: he was vehemently opposed to playing "such a weak and watery character as Ashley Wilkes" and only agreed to take the part after producer David O. Selznick told him he could star in and co-produce Intermezzo with Ingrid Bergman.

by Curiousreply 17211/11/2013

R163 I know, I've osted more than once to inform people who had a hard problem understanding how to back reference a reply that all they had to do was write "R" followed by a the number without spaces or brackets. Apparently not only they don't observe, they don't even bother to ask.

by Curiousreply 17311/11/2013

When Rupert Friend (as Peter Quinn) uttered, "Fuck me," in response to a surprising statement, well, he really made it sound like it being was being whispered to any one of us. He can be British and do that as much as he wants. Incidentally, that was last week; this week he took a shower. Those nipples can literally make you ache.

I know you read here, Rupert. Nice work indeed.

by Curiousreply 17411/11/2013

I can see how tough it must be for British actors - "hey buddy, here's a role in a shite film but we'll pay you a few mill and it's either that or Eastenders?" Hard choice.... I'm sure most people would put aside their pride for that.

Ben Whishaw is an absolutely stunning actor. He'll continue to do well. Cumberbatch will do well. I'm not sure who else.

by Curiousreply 17511/11/2013

Does MR B really think that by doing Coriolanus he would land a main role? This is a stage show which features theartre experienced Hadley Fraser who will no doubt out outshine Mr B in every scene? He needed to aim for westerns not a small playhouse if he wants big roles and not with more accomplished theatre actors. Stupid man and he wonders why he doesn't get the roles

by Curiousreply 17611/11/2013

R176 How does being on stage with talentless people make you look good exactly? If anything, playing against the best can only improve your skills. Besides, who the hell will ever go to see a play with unaccomplished actors?

by Curiousreply 17711/12/2013

Hey, the OP left off Luke Evans. He's gobbling up all the roles, but i do think he's more attractive than most of these British actors, even his side piece, Henry Cavill.

by Curiousreply 17811/12/2013

R177 I'm not saying he's talentless but the others are more experienced superior stage actors than he is. Also Coriolanus is not a Shakspeare play that makes you say wow. If Mr B only doing this to get noticed for lead roles it's going to fail. If he's doing this because he wants to concentrate on his stage career I agree it would help him become better.

by Curiousreply 17911/12/2013

Redmayne will get a best actor nom for playing hawking. He'll be around forever.

by Curiousreply 18011/12/2013

I think he's doing Coriolanus for the challenge and to keep his hand in theate. I imagine he was offered a few roles on the stage but went for the prestigious (role wise) meaty role that not that many have done before him. He doesn't need the money so he's doing it to pad out his CV. I hope he does it justice. I think it'll be a good play on the strength of Hadley and Gatiss alone to be honest.

Eddie Redmaynes mouth makes me have very naughty thoughts.

by Curiousreply 18111/12/2013

I think he's doing Coriolanus because he wasn't getting cast in any films and the RSC/West End didn't want him either. That's why it took so long to negotiate - he was holding out for better and better didn't happen.

It's going to bore the pants off those who are only going because of him. It's a slog of a play (second longest Shakespeare) and one of the least emotionally engaging. It's one for the serious theatregoer.

by Curiousreply 18211/12/2013

Cillian Murphy is gorgeous.

by Curiousreply 18311/12/2013

I don't agree with you about Coriolanus. It's a great play, one of my personal favorites. And very engaging. It might not be as popular as Macbeth, but it is a great role. Plus there is a partial naked scene. Give it a chance.

Donmar though. This means he was not offered West End.

I think his interest in Shakespeare is sincere but i do not see him as a major player, and I question is ability to carry this role. I think he is doing theatre now because if he doesn't, he might really lose his edge as an actor. The past three years have been too much Loki, and films such as that are really a directors art. Also I think he is still peeved about not getting a BAFTA for THC. This is the sort of role that says "look how serious I am."

by Curiousreply 18411/12/2013

What is all this nonsense about Donmar not being West End? Yes, it's a smaller theatre, but Donmar productions have won 20 Tonys, 21 Evening Standard Awards, and 35 Oliviers. So its productions transfer to the West End all the time.

Some actors love working in the intimate space. It is one of the most high profile theatres in London and certainly not a place people go to hide, or a "second tier" theatre.

It's fine to not like TH but it makes no sense to diminish the theatre he's working at, or act like it is some evidence of his lack of star power. Go look at the actors who have worked their last decade.

by Curiousreply 18511/12/2013

Ben Winshaw is probably the most talented of the bunch.

by Curiousreply 18611/12/2013

Other Brit actors who deserve mentions here: Daniel Craig and Paul Bettany.

by Curiousreply 18711/12/2013

LOL He's doing that play because he has not gotten many roles- except Pixie Hollow, a cameo in The Muppets, and a minor role in that creepy period movie (can't recall the name.)

Anyone who believes he was being picky about which great Shakespeare play to do, or that he is feeding his love for theatre with this is kidding themselves. This must be quite a letdown after being flown around the world for three years, on Marvel's dime, in first-class accommodations, with cameras in his face, and interviews with people who are absolutely fawning over him. Maybe Luke Windsor can snag him a Women's Wear Daily pictorial to keep him relevant in 2014?

by Curiousreply 18811/12/2013

R184 - I didn't say that *I* didn't like the play. In fact, it's one of my personal favourites, along with the also-relatively-underperformed-and-potentially-problematic Merchant of Venice. I said that it would likely be a problem for an audience that is only going to see TH get his top off. It's a good four hours long (unless they cut it to ribbons for the audience) and it lacks the personal themes of the more accessible Shakespeare plays - love, jealousy, murder, etc.

R185 - the Donmar is NOT a West End theatre. It has a good amount of kudos, yes, but it's still second tier. And, like I say, it has a long form of utilising actors with a teenybopper (that word dates me!) pull.

by Curiousreply 18911/12/2013

R86 Boo Hoo. And americans do the same with their fellow countrymen, so somebody needs to help brits

by Curiousreply 19011/12/2013

Clip clop clip clop... Tally ho, Ponies!

by Curiousreply 19111/12/2013

[quote]Hey, the OP left off Luke Evans. He's gobbling up all the roles, but i do think he's more attractive than most of these British actors, even his side piece, Henry Cavill.

Luke Evans is dramatically beautiful, soulful eyes & voice, killer smile, way talented than bland ken doll Cavill. OP was just being a typical DLer.

by Curiousreply 19211/12/2013

R189, the Donmar is eligible for West End awards like the Oliviers -- and wins. Whether or not it is "technically" West End is irrelevant. Is the Royal Court second tier? The National? Something is not "second tier" because it is not at a theatre like Phantom of the Opera is playing at.

As to your assertion that the Donmar utilizes "teenyboppers" -- Branagh, Dench, Derek Jacobi, Ian McKellan... they hire GOOD actors. God forbid a handful of them be young.

by Curiousreply 19311/12/2013

Disagree about Coriolanus. It does have those major themes (including a highly Oedipal mother relationship) and is a lot more accessible than people imagine. If they tie it in with current political events (which it seems like they are doing) people will get into it. This is an excellent role to take on, and the rest of the cast is strong, and the director will make the difference. I just have my doubts about TH's acting chops for this role. He has been way oversold in the media.

Yes, Donmar plays to the fangirl crowd in order to make sure they sell out in advance. This doesn't mean it is second rate. It just means it's a small theatre, not west end, and selling all tickets at a high price is the business plan. They have done some fine shows, but the fangirl factor is very important to them.

by Curiousreply 19411/12/2013

R193 - yes, but you need to look at what else those actors have done. Many actors like a small space or a hipster production. But if it's ALL you can get, it's a problem.

You can think what you like, but I think it's naive to believe that this production isn't something TH is doing because he couldn't get better. And by better, I don't mean higher quality; I mean better for his career ambitions.

by Curiousreply 19511/12/2013

R194, can you please explain the "fangirl factor" at the Donmar with actual facts? What are five productions in the last ten years designed to appeal to "fangirls"?

by Curiousreply 19611/12/2013


My, we are defensive today.

It's not just tumblr-type fan pandering. Although the Ewan Macgregor Othello springs to mind. That's when they started it. And he was AWFUL.

The Donmar likes to appeal to a non-theatre audience. For example, their other big production this season stars a girl from Call The Midwife, a hit UK TV show.

This is their USP. No amount of bigging up TH's casting will make this untrue.

by Curiousreply 19711/12/2013

Donmar is a good theatre but it is not National or Royal Court. I don't think anyone here is using Phantom of the Opera as their frame of reference.

The teenybopper crowd refers to the audience, not the actors. This is entirely about ticket sales. Tickets sold out very fast, largely due to fangirls who were buying them in bulk so that they can see TH with his shirt off and maybe get a selfie at the stage door.

Overall I would say this is a perfectly worthy part for him to take and it should be a good show. He needs to hit it out of the park though and be BAFTA quality, and I just don't see that in him. He'll chew the scenery plenty though. His only role after this is the supporting role in Crimson Peak, and he has nothing coming out film wise in 2014.

by Curiousreply 19811/12/2013


[quote]Luke Evans is dramatically beautiful, soulful eyes & voice, killer smile, way talented than bland ken doll Cavill. OP was just being a typical DLer. [quote]

Actually DL only allows 10 choices in the poll which was not designed to be exclusively Brits. Plus, OP had a mental lapse -- forgot about Luke Evans. ITA, he's way more talented and handsome than Cavill.

by Curiousreply 19911/12/2013

Why does that list have to be so long? To many actors, to many films.

by Curiousreply 20011/12/2013

Oh surprise another anti British, Australian,anyone but American thread masquerading as a serious question. "Oh why oh why are we dominated by the colonies when we have so much talent in our own country?"

Well this is nothing new.People have been asking this since they hired Vivien Leigh for Scarlett and earlier.

Several reasons.Hollywood prides itself on being international.It isn't really but it's films are exported to the four corners of the world,so it's films dominate most markets.

American actors,tend to be stars rather than actors as such. I am grossly exagerating this point,as there are many fine American actors out there. But you read columns and it is all about being A list ,not dropping to B etc.

One of the reasons that there are fewer openly gay actors in Hollywood is this star thing. As your lowest common demoninater is 12 year old girl lusting over you in Iowa and you have been built up by a Studio who feeds your ego but not your talent. You have little to fall back on if you fail.

British ,and I use that term loosely as I mean anyone outside of the US who speaks English, as that is really what OP is talking about as several actors mentioned aren't British at all, can act and don't mind character acting and can go back to their countries and act in tv or theatre ,then go back to film.

A star will not go back and forth.How much you made in a film on an opening weekend shows how much talent you have.The higher you rise,the more people behind you are willing to take your place should you make a false move..The less likely you are to have a Gay star

by Curiousreply 20111/12/2013

"One of the reasons that there are fewer openly gay actors in Hollywood is this star thing. As your lowest common demoninater is 12 year old girl lusting over you in Iowa and you have been built up by a Studio who feeds your ego but not your talent. You have little to fall back on if you fail."

Unfortunately, many foreign actors are willing to play the game like Luke Evans who magically de-gayed himself when he started getting high profile roles in Hollywood. (God bless Ben Whishaw for not getting a "girlfriend" when he started to get roles)

by Curiousreply 20211/12/2013

2008 reviews for his Cassio in Othello Donmar were very good. let's see how it goes with Coriolanus

by Curiousreply 20311/13/2013

R201, if you want to be more specific, it's *white* guys with different (English-speaking) accents. There's nothing really "international" about Hollywood except as you point out, the 'exporting of films' part.

by Curiousreply 20411/13/2013

Hysterical Crave Online review of Thor 2 which perfectly encapsulates Hiddleston's current situation. He's gained celebrity and is getting pretty good reviews for playing a cartoon/comic book Marvel villain but playing Loki hasn't won him roles in critical mainstream films. The review is funny though.

[quote]I would also like someone to explain the appeal of Loki to me. Seriously, I encourage comments below. Loki has become something of a fan darling, and it can't just be because of the actor playing him. To be fair, Tom Hiddleston is a delicious actor who bites into the role with energy and enthusiasm. He's a pretty face and a talented man, and it's hard not to watch him when he's on screen. But Loki, as a character, is a constant turncoat, whose true plans can never be discerned not because he's tricky or calculating, but because he doesn't even seem to know what he's doing in any given situation. His only goal seems to be to keep characters on their toes for no reason, all by doing whatever occurs to him in the moment. This guy is one goofy cackle and three pop culture references away from being Mr. Mxyzptlk.[quote]

by Curiousreply 20511/13/2013

Primetime must be over. As soon as these stan threads get bumped to the top displacing all the gay threads you know that the cheap fraus can finally post again.

by Curiousreply 20611/13/2013

R4 Posh, to most people, just means someone "well-spoken" without a noticeable regional accent, making them appear to be from a well-to-do background. It doesn't mean they really have to be from an upper-middle-class or upper class background (few people are genuinely upper class because that really means aristocracy) Alan Rickman for example came from a working class background.

Although nowadays actors are encouraged to keep their natural accents so it's probably easier to detect how "posh" they are.

by Curiousreply 20711/13/2013

How did Alexander Skarsgaard get on the poll in the OP? Everyone knows who his dad is, and has he even played a Brit? I've only seen him play Americans.

by Curiousreply 20811/13/2013


Oh surprise another anti British, Australian,anyone but American thread masquerading as a serious question. "Oh why oh why are we dominated by the colonies when we have so much talent in our own country?"

The colonies??? That's America and Australia was to Britain.

by Curiousreply 20911/13/2013

R208 The poll was separate from the title of the thread. It includes some currently popular non-American actors. I was not just Brits. Unfortunately, DL only lets me include 10 choices. Apologies for the confusion. Next time I'm making a poll I'll know better.

by Curiousreply 21011/13/2013

Why is MR B trying to make the crimson peak part sound bigger than it already is? Loki dies in the next film Anyway

by Curiousreply 21111/13/2013

R206, you really amuse me. Every time you come on here to say FRAU I think of Frau Shrader from the Sound of Music-- who actually is rather hot! In fact she is the only character in that godawful film who has the whiff of real sexuality about her.

So next time you call us Fraus, I will flaunt my gold lame covered tits at you and reply "Show me your schnitzel, dahhling."

Don't like it? Well cut it with the SEXIST CRAP, and maybe I will take you seriously. You have to earn that.

R205, Loki in the Marvel comic universe is about as cardboard as they come, the usual villain without a real motive. In Norse myth, he is a lot more interesting and nuanced. Marvel and TH try to make more of him by playing the tired daddy issues card, which is helpful to the MArvel version, but hopelessly reductive to the Norse myth version.

People like him and identify with him because he is presented as the brainy and inventive outsider that so many sad people want to believe themselves to be. He is a "Mary Sue" wet dream. This is precisely why Loki fandom annoys me.

TH has a lot of promise, but he has not done anything approaching a serious role in three years. Loki is a 2-D comic book character, and the scripts are atrocious. OLLA sounds like a comic role playing on a trope. The muppet and pixie hollow movies do not count as acting in my opinion. Most of his time has been spent walking red carpets, kissing ass, and acting like a trained seal for the Marvel PTB.

Coriolanus is a huge leap for him to make given his experience, and I think it is really obvious that he was cast mainly for his popularity with fans.

by Curiousreply 21211/13/2013

R212 Yep, and after Loki, the red carpet appearances and endless interviews his Coriolanus had better be good or he's going to be devoured by the critics. And that will make it even more difficult for him to get roles in mainstream movies.

by Curiousreply 21311/13/2013

Has anyone else noticed that TH has been changing his very, very posh accent in recent interviews to sound a bit grittier? That on top of his now automatic rattling on about his father's working class roots indicates to me that "posh" is actually getting in the way of his being cast. So far almost everything he has done has been a variation on posh.

Regarding Cassio, it hasn't escaped my notice that TH to some extent IS Cassio, right down to having issues with the trollop girlfriend and his panic over how others perceive him. "Reputation, reputation, reputation! Oh, I have lost my reputation! I have lost the immortal part of myself, and what remains is bestial." (Clearly Othello would have turned out differently if Cassio had employed Luke Windsor!)

Let's hope that he is not also have a poor and unhappy brain for drinking.

by Curiousreply 21411/13/2013

R211 this interview?

ttp:// (here he looked a bit tired of the tumblr question)

or this one ttp://

From what I remember reading of the plot, Mia Wasikowska and Charlie Hunnam find themselves in haunted house and, given they did life plaster casts of them, Jessica Chastain and TH play the haunting presences. So maybe his part, while being a supporting role, isn't minuscule.

by Curiousreply 21511/13/2013

Also I found this interview funny.

by Curiousreply 21611/13/2013

Mother of God, when will this Hiddleston thing end?

by Curiousreply 21711/13/2013

I would not assume that his supporting role in Crimson Peak is minor. Supporting actors are very important. If this is going to be the Brontesque gothic romantic horror story that is being talked up, the ghostly presences could be pretty awesome.

It is a supporting role though. On the other hand, it is also Del Toro, and not a low budget indie. TH is very lucky to get BC's sloppy seconds.

by Curiousreply 21811/13/2013

R214 I don get the trollop girlfriend. According to him he is single and the only one in his relationships being 'loose' is him. As for his accent and background change its yet another example of him living up to being called Mr B aka Mr bullshit. He only ever says what he thinks you want to hear but not what he really thinks. If an interview would give him better prospects He will also change. The only way he would gain all respect is if he told the truth and be himself.

by Curiousreply 21911/13/2013

Forgot to mention that ive read an interview where TH is being the ultimate MR B. why the fuck is he now claiming that he suggested Loki's storyline in Thor 2! I know actors give a bit if input but he really does take the piss sometimes

by Curiousreply 22011/13/2013

I don't think is a bad guy, but he talks too much, he has to say a lot of bullshit to keep talking

by Curiousreply 22111/13/2013

Only Lovers Left Alive sounds like an outrageously arrogant holier than thou pseudo-intellectual vanity project with the constant namedropping, and fucking emo vampires.. I don't understand why anyone would think this was a good idea. No wonder Jim Jarmusch & Tilda Swinton couldn't find funding for years it's like a Tom Hiddleston fanfiction where "Ben" comes over for tea. I know what this sounds like but I just couldn't keep it in any longer.

by Curiousreply 22211/13/2013

This is just another fraucunt fangurl thread. Gee, what a surprise.

We hate you, we really really hate you.

by Curiousreply 22311/13/2013

We got it the first time Luke.

by Curiousreply 22411/13/2013

Before you go Luke, tell Mr B we can see straight through him and it won't be long before the stans do too

by Curiousreply 22511/13/2013

For heavens sake, what is with this silly pointless hatred? Just who pissed in your wheaties, sweetheart?

I get it that TH comes across as an ass-kissing company man. I get it that he isn't the great talent his fans think he is. I also get it that his fans are as annoying as a crap and that he weilds privilege in a way that makes you want to shake him.

But this kind of hatred just makes you sound hormonal. Please save the bile for people who have actually done hideous things. Perhaps Roman Polanski. So far as I can see TH is innocuous. If he were just a little less ubiquitous I would probably like him just fine.

by Curiousreply 22611/14/2013

This kind of hatred is hateful and misogynistic. No one here deserves this regardless of whether they are a Hiddleston fan or critic.

by Curiousreply 22711/14/2013

It should be possible to criticize an actor in a rational way without all the spewing. Just saying.

And R223? You have serious mommy issues.

by Curiousreply 22811/14/2013

WTF is R174 talking about?

by Curiousreply 22911/14/2013

May I request a new Hiddleston thread? Since this one has gone OT and trolled out.

by Curiousreply 23011/14/2013

If you're going to start another fucking Hiddleston thread, at least put it in the title so the rest of us know to avoid it.

by Curiousreply 23111/14/2013

It has totally trolled out, but does not need to stay that way.

by Curiousreply 23211/14/2013

Obviously, there's no way of knowing who will last up there, but the fans are often a good indicator.

If fans mainly focus/talk about looks and personality (Hiddleston, Cavill, Helmsworth etc.), it's iffy and interest often doesn't hold.

Actors whose talent seems to be the primary initial draw going by fans (Hardy, Whislaw, Fassbender, Cumberbatch, etc.) stand a better chance.

by Curiousreply 23311/14/2013

[quote]If fans mainly focus/talk about looks and personality (Hiddleston, Cavill, Helmsworth etc.), it's iffy and interest often doesn't hold.


With Cavill and Hemsworth, most of the compliments they get -in regards to their movies- are usually about how they look. The "acting" part is only considered good by those who are clearly c-struck.

by Curiousreply 23411/14/2013

I don't think it's hatred but more of a pissed off at TH vibe. He's a frustrating sort of person because he's a good man but makes the stupidest descions when we all know he doesn't need to. He needs guidance and a ego deboost as well.

by Curiousreply 23511/14/2013

R229 I didn't get what R174 was on about either but it made me laugh

by Curiousreply 23611/14/2013

In the meantime another Loki'd happened.

by Curiousreply 23711/14/2013

And the promo for Coriolanus started.

by Curiousreply 23811/14/2013

R237 according to the fangurls it's not as good as the last one and it seems 'put on' and this is from the tumblr and twitter crowd. As predicted they are getting bored. R238 there must be 2 TH. one that likes to be one of the common people and talks in a less posh accent about his families working background and the other who fannies around at posh lovelie bashes and talks Shakespeare. Btw this is not hatred just an observation

by Curiousreply 23911/15/2013

R239 I found this Loki'd less funny too, it seems to me like something that should have happened only once. Hopefully nobody will start another "Project Wendy".

by Curiousreply 24011/15/2013

R226: This. Absolutely this.

And Loki'd 2 was just weird. Not funny at all.

by Curiousreply 24111/15/2013

Looks like CH is winning the fangirls this time round. There seems to be more of them popping up everywhere .

by Curiousreply 24211/15/2013

R223 Don't you have somewhere else to be? You sound masochistic by constantly wandering in and reading threads you hate.

Do you need a puppy, a relaxation ball?

by Curiousreply 24311/15/2013

R238 So, after four months of having Loki shoved down our throats on a daily basis- he's now gonna be all about Shakespeare again?

His grind is exhausting. Anything to stay relevant, I guess. Gotta have all the attention. Whatever will he do when his stans grow up and discover that real people exist, not just Tumblr blogs?

by Curiousreply 24411/15/2013

I'm amazed his stans have lasted so long. Hopefully the Loki thing is over and everyone will calm down. Someone new will come along, they always do.

by Curiousreply 24511/15/2013

R242 or CH little brother, given the crowd The Hunger Games premières are getting.

by Curiousreply 24611/15/2013

The Hiddleston hate is weird.

by Curiousreply 24711/15/2013

So is the obsessive delusional stanlove.

by Curiousreply 24811/15/2013

Weirdest of all are the losers who claim not to be stans obsessively following his every move.

by Curiousreply 24911/15/2013

R246 it's been suggested by marvel fans that CH's little brother could take over as Loki in Thor 3. It makes sense plus hunger games trilogy would be finished by then. I quite like the idea of CH v LH and LH is far less irritating than TH.

by Curiousreply 25011/15/2013

R249 Many of us are fans of his work but not his behaviour . Mr B and crazy stans is like a soap opera that keeps on giving

by Curiousreply 25111/15/2013

R250 Really? But how would that work? (consider I know nothing of the comic and haven't seen Thor2 yet, only read the spoilers)

by Curiousreply 25211/15/2013

R250 apart from the fact that the kid is not capable to act... He strikes me as the female version of mono-expressive Kristen Stewart

by Curiousreply 25311/15/2013

R251: Hear, hear.

R250: It makes absolutely no sense whatsoever. Switching actors where the original has been shilling hard throughout the world and is very well known (for being Loki, not necessarily himself) would be odd at best, downright crazy at worst. He's too recognisable.

by Curiousreply 25411/15/2013

It's alive!

by Curiousreply 25512/28/2013

Mr BS is back!

by Curiousreply 25612/28/2013

People who live in big cities couldn't care less about British actors - they hear accents from all over the world all the time and it's no big deal. It's the fraus in middle America and small towns who have never really travelled that fall for the British accent shit and think it's so "charming". So Hollywood keeps putting these douchebags in movies for that.

by Curiousreply 25712/28/2013

Who/what is CB?

by Curiousreply 25812/29/2013

[quote]Nobody will be attaining that status, whether brit or otherwise. See the earlier discussion upthread about the terrible lack of talented up-and-coming American young actors...the days of finding a new Pitt, Clooney etc are over.

The A-list does exist. Pitt, Clooney, Cruise, Smith, DiCaprio ... these are undisputed A-listers despite their flops. And of these, only DiCaprio has some acting ability. But I agree the Brits can't become anything more than B-list. I still remember when they were trying to make the very mediocre Ewan McGregor happen. But they'll all go the way of Jude Law and Colin Farrell.

by Curiousreply 25912/29/2013

I can't see any of my fellow countrymen becoming star-type A list either. I think the best a Brit can hope for is Gary Oldman status.

As a Brit, I find the British pretty-boy, desperately-seeking A list status actors cringeworthy. They pretend to trade on their "classiness" but in reality, they'd do or be anything to get the big bucks.

by Curiousreply 26012/29/2013

Americans seem fascinated by the Brits - I'm not sure why. But British t.v. shows & movies are all over American television, and there are hundreds of Brits working in Hollywood.

by Curiousreply 26112/29/2013


I think it's the training. You guys only get our classically/traditionally trained actors.

In the UK, there are two types/levels of training - classical/traditional RADA, LAMDA to quality TV and theatre, or stage school to soaps and procedurals. You don't really see any of the latter and my guess would be that is because you have plenty of stage school trainees yourself, but less in the way of RADA type graduates. And of course, our poshies all go the former route. No posh Brit parent would send their kids to one of those nasty low rent stage schools.

Could that be it?

by Curiousreply 26212/29/2013

[quote]I think it's the training. You guys only get our classically/traditionally trained actors.

Bullshit. Robert Pattinson, Henry Cavill, and Gerard Butler are all piece of shit actors. That myth about all Brit actors being classically trained is so out-of-date. They're just like American actors - some are, some aren't.

by Curiousreply 26312/29/2013


I'm not saying ALL. I'm just saying that there are two routes into acting in the UK and the Brits that make it stateside generally come from only one of them. I can't disagree that Cavill couldn't act his way out of a paper bag, but truly, you don't see our actual dross. Presumably, you have enough of your own for ours to get anywhere near a look in.

by Curiousreply 26412/29/2013

Honestly I think part of it is some kind of inferiority complex on the part of the US industry. They automatically think British actors = talent because so much of success in British television/film/theatre isn't measured in the same blockbuster dollars terms. So somehow they assume British = class and credibility, too.

by Curiousreply 26512/29/2013

Do we have a new TH thread?

by Curiousreply 26612/29/2013

R266 if only there was gossip

by Curiousreply 26712/29/2013

A news could be that he's finally changed his clothes

by Curiousreply 26812/29/2013

I've been reading on other sites that one of the common practices is for young British t.v. actors to come to LA in the Spring during pilot season to look for work. Some of the ones who have dreams of stardom and are think they are too good for the UK try to make it in Hollywood rather than having to work away back home, but many of them find it hard to break in.

by Curiousreply 26912/29/2013

After watching Homeland, I started reading up on Damian Lewis. I think he's a wonderful actor and he mainly plays Americans so the British accent doesn't come into play. However, I read an article where he states how hard it is being away from his kids. Yet, based on his roles, he seems hungry to stay in the Hollywood mainstream, so I'm not buying the family first. His wife seems to be content with sticking with the UK industry.

Jim Sturgess is another one that was supposed to be the next big British movie star.

by Curiousreply 27012/29/2013

Perhaps it will reach a limit though or a saturation point where there are too many young British actors competing for the same roles in America. For example, British actor Bradley James who used to star on 'Merlin' has not been able to get any work over the past year despite spending several months in LA during pilot season.

by Curiousreply 27112/29/2013

R371 probably because Bradley James is a shit actor. Honestly I used to cringe at Merlin.

Ben Whishaw, Tom Hardy and Benedict Cumberbatch are the ones with the talent.

Having Ben Whishaw and Tom Hiddlestonin the same thing just showed up how much a one trick pony Tom is.

by Curiousreply 27212/29/2013

At this point, Hiddleston main rivals in the US aren't Fassbender, Cumberbatch etc, but Tom Mison. Mison could have easily play all the roles Hiddleston had so far.

R266 There won't be a TH thread anymore, as soon as one will appear it'll get shut down, courtesy of the nuts in the latest threads.

by Curiousreply 27312/29/2013

Has anyone actually done stats on this? The majority of actors in Hollywood productions are still American, no?

by Curiousreply 27412/29/2013

R274, I'm pretty sure the majority of actors in American productions are still American, yes. It's not as if the Brits have completely taken over - there are just quite a few of them.

by Curiousreply 27512/29/2013

I cast my vote for Henry Cavill. But I really would have preferred to cast my vote for Tom Cullen. I fell in lust with him when I saw "Weekend". I'm looking forward to seeing him all dressed up for Downton Abbey.

by Curiousreply 27612/29/2013

R266, did someone just rip a giant fart in this thread?

Bringing up TH pretty much is that on DL.

Someone open a window, fast! Ahhh, look, Ben Whishaw!

by Curiousreply 27712/29/2013

R266 and R267, There is no TH thread and I hope there never will be again. In fact, I think some desperate stan who is not a paying member of the DL community bumped this thread in order to get a discussion of him started up here again. Paying members of DL do not want to start a thread on him again because all it does is bring over hordes of overinvested nutjobs. They have plenty of other places to obsess over him online. We don't want it here.

Now back on topic. I agree with R265. For some reason, there seems to be this perception in the US that everything and everyone British automatically confers a certain degree of class and respectability. I like to call it Downton Abbey Syndrome although it was bad prior to that too.

by Curiousreply 27812/29/2013

I wonder if people were bitching via letters to the 30s fan mags about David Niven and Errol Flynn stealing roles from American actors.

by Curiousreply 27912/29/2013

[quote]probably because Bradley James is a shit actor. Honestly I used to cringe at Merlin.

He was okay sometimes, but you're right that he was lucky to get the role on that show. He had virtually no experience beforehand, and hasn't received the awards and accolades that Colin Morgan has.

He hasn't done any work in a year.

by Curiousreply 28012/29/2013

Rob Kazinsky from True Blood. Everything I want in an actor.

by Curiousreply 28112/29/2013

Julian Morris has broken into the American acting world very successfully.

by Curiousreply 28212/29/2013

I too agree that part of the attraction is the accent. But aside from that, the British actors do seem more hardworking and some of them alluded to the fact that they are "cheaper" to hire than the Americans.

The sudden influx could be due to the lack of young American actors these days I'm afraid, and more talents coming from across the globe, i.e. in Europe.

I personally do like the British men, and admit that I'm a sucker for the posh accent. I love English literature, writing and words in general. So yes I am superficial for loving how English words sound when read in a British posh accent.

by Curiousreply 28312/29/2013

One of the truest moments in The Office was when Nellie Betram bumped Andy from his job. Brits just skate by on their accents in front of overly impressed Americans.

[italic]I grew up poor. I had little formal education, no real skills. I don’t work especially hard, and most of my ideas are either unoriginal or total crap. And yet, I walked right into a job for which I was ill-prepared, ill-suited and somebody else already had and I got it.If you ask me, that’s the American dream, right there.

Nellie Betram [/italic]

This is so true. You can add the annoying Piers Morgan and super-irritant Louis Theroux to those who get away with a lot because of their accent. Louis, especially, would have had his ass kicked by some of his interviewees by now.

I think the same applies to British actors. People are willing to look past so much including mediocrity just because of their accents. Jude Law, Ewan Macgregor, Russell Brand all got chance after chance as the machine tried to make them superstars.

by Curiousreply 28412/30/2013

R284, and ironically enough, Tate is actually a very talented actress/comedienne who deserves her success.

It seems it's more of the Brits males who can get away with mediocrity - more so than then the women.

However, I don't think I can agree with you when it comes to Jude Law in that he clearly got his break because of his looks.

Cavill is Jude Law 2.0

by Curiousreply 28512/30/2013

I'd never saw or heard of Damian Lewis before Homeland ( I totally missed Band of Brothers).

Wow! What a revelation he was in terms of his stellar acting. His American accent was so authentic that I was shocked to learn he was British. RIP Nicholas Brody; I know the character had to go; the Homeland showrunners had exhausted every option for his character except for his demise. Still, I'll miss Damian Lewis, Homeland won't be the same without him. And I'll be watching for DL's next project.

I've also noticed that British and Australian actors (e.g. Ryan Kwanten) generally do a much better job with American accents, than American actors do with British, Scottish and Australian accents and Irish brogues. Tom Cruise's Irish brogue in Far and Away was seriously pathetic.

by Curiousreply 28612/30/2013

R286, Check out the first season or two of LIFE, Damian Lewis' other US series. Lots of fun and very hot.

And his character in Band of Brothers was spectacular. Much more demanding viewing than LIFE, of course, but well worth your time.

by Curiousreply 28712/30/2013

R287 Thanks for the tip about DL in Life. I'll look it up and see when it might be on my cable schedule or maybe rent it on VOD or NetFlix.

It's interesting that Lewis is a late bloomer. He's just hitting his stride and getting a lot of recognition in the last few years as he hit 40.

It's also interesting that his next project is the Werner Herzog film "Queen of the Desert" with Nicole Kidman, James Franco and Robert Pattinson. Filming starts in Morocco in the next week or so. I wonder how Franco and Pattinson will be faring in their careers when they're 40.

by Curiousreply 28812/30/2013

I doubt Pattinson's career will be going anywhere by the time he is 40. Not sure about Franco.

by Curiousreply 28912/30/2013

[quote]Cavill is Jude Law 2.0

That's unfair. Jude Law actually has some talent.

by Curiousreply 29012/30/2013

r281 Kazinsky? Did you not see him push out a stinking pile of shit in Pacific Rim? Or be THE WORST on True Blood? Horrible HORRIBLE actor.

by Curiousreply 29101/02/2014

[quote]Jude Law actually has some talent.

Not to mention a couple of Oscar nominations - something Cavill is unlikely to receive.

by Curiousreply 29201/02/2014

And r286 American accents are FAR easier to imitate than English/Australian ones. It has to do with flattening and rounding vowels.

by Curiousreply 29301/02/2014

Also, Jude has turned into a really interesting character actor as his looks have faded. Something Cavill will never achieve.

by Curiousreply 29401/02/2014

[quote]It's also interesting that his next project is the Werner Herzog film "Queen of the Desert" with Nicole Kidman, James Franco and Robert Pattinson. Filming starts in Morocco in the next week or so. I wonder how Franco and Pattinson will be faring in their careers when they're 40.

Pattinson won't have a career at 40. In fact, I wonder if totally botching the role of T.E. Lawrence will put the final nail in the coffin?

by Curiousreply 29501/02/2014

Jonny Lee Miller has also been doing well for himself on stage, screen and TV. He's been working steadily in all three mediums in the UK and here in the US -- most recently in the US TV series "Elementary" as Sherlock Holmes with Lucy Liu as Watson.

One indication of his success is that hardly anyone mentions (or maybe they don't remember) that he was married to Angelina Jolie for a quick minute back in the mid-to-late 90s.

by Curiousreply 29601/02/2014

Damn are we ever going to get a new Hiddleston thread? I think all of the crazies have left now.

by Curiousreply 29701/02/2014

R297 The crazies could be lurking just waiting to pounce when a new Hiddleston thread appears. What's new about TH at this point?

He's doing Coriolanus, getting good reviews and the drama at the stage door appears to have calmed down. The only new thing coming up is the NTLive filming on January 30th and then he starts filming Crimson Peak in February.

No real gossip

by Curiousreply 29801/02/2014

I can make one if a new TH thread is wanted. Title ideas?

by Curiousreply 29901/02/2014

R296, no one talks about Jonny Lee Miller at all - he has been forgotten.

by Curiousreply 30001/02/2014

A new TH thread would be great.

by Curiousreply 30101/02/2014

How about this for a thread title: TH - like him or loathe him, we're all still talking about him.....

by Curiousreply 30201/02/2014

How about "Tom Hiddleton: He's no Colton Haynes, but..." as a thread title?

by Curiousreply 30301/02/2014

R302 I back this title

by Curiousreply 30401/02/2014

ok here we go

by Curiousreply 30501/02/2014

Closed,damn! boring boring people

by Curiousreply 30601/05/2014

So who does everyone think will be the next big 20 or 30 something actor?

by Curiousreply 30701/05/2014

maybe people keep flagging every TH thread. coming into the TH threads complaining that he has a thread and that all the people in the thread are just sad fan girls from other sites. no true. I'm sure there are some fan girl but how would they know

NO one asked them to come into any TH related threads. no one forces anyone to read every thread. maybe I should start up another one and call it Tom Hiddleston Gossip. who cares if it's been said before in another thread keep it coming here. if you don't want to read about TH don't click here.

by Curiousreply 30801/05/2014

Unless you talk about the hot man on man action Hiddleston may be grabbing on the downlow, people at this site really don't want to subsidize your insane fangrrl forum.

by Curiousreply 30901/05/2014

not every thread on here is about gay men. do you all just wish he was and mad that he might not be. I don't know why there's so much hate for the TH threads.

by Curiousreply 31001/05/2014


by Curiousreply 31101/05/2014

I think this will be the year when a good portion of TH fangirls will jump ship for greener pastures since TH is pulling away from his fanbase and is not as accessible as he once was. This Coriolanus debolicle I think has changed his attitude about a lot of things. So a lot of the fickle fangirls will become pissed at him for it which is already starting to happen.

by Curiousreply 31201/05/2014

People hate these threads because they attract all kinds of fangirl batshittery, almost entirely from people who otherwise don't give a damn about DL or participate in the community in any meaningful way.

It's a community, people. A COMMUNITY. It is not Tumblr where you can block things you don't like or choose things you do like and everything is about you and your obsessions. A community offers something different.

I think a lot of DLers feel that Tumblr has created a kind of fan who really can't fathom how her actions affect others: infantile narcissists who feel entitled to do whatever they want no matter how much its shits upon others.

The message is clear: take your heterosexual privilege and your sexual obsessions elsewhere because the mods will always shut these disruptive threads down.

by Curiousreply 31301/05/2014

Amen R308. Exactly what I was thinking. What's it to them that there is a TH thread? No one makes them come into them and read it, spilling their annoyance.

by Curiousreply 31401/05/2014

TH is massively overrated given his actual accomplishments, and way overexposed. When this kind of thing happens, backlash is inevitable.

It's like any economic bubble. The bubble inflates and inflates way past what is reasonable, until it bursts. He is doing okay as Coriolanus, but since the bubble puffery in his case is due entirely to Loki, and since no more Loki is on the immediate horizon, you can expect the fandom's regard for him to plummet at some point back down to a more realistic level.

The fact that he is pulling away from the fandom to me indicates that he knows this.

by Curiousreply 31501/05/2014

"spilling their annoyance" = "spilling the tea" = reflection of fangrrl love of Bravo reality programs

by Curiousreply 31601/05/2014

R313 You can just not go into threads you don't want to read about. It's the equivalent of blocking things you don't want to read about.

by Curiousreply 31701/05/2014

You really don't get it do you? This is a community, not just part of your goddamned Tumblr. It is not everyone else's job to ignore you, it is YOUR job to be courteous. What part of this is just not sinking into your skull?

Do you walk into other people's houses tracking mud after they asked you not to? Do you light up cigarettes when the sign says no smoking? Do you let farts rip and then tell everyone else to just ignore it? Can you just TRY to understand why your approach here is not working?

How many people have to come in to tell you how rude you are being and how many threads have to be blocked by moderators before you GET IT that your habit of hijacking threads and turning them into your Hiddleston psycho-gush is in fact disruptive and rude and that you are not welcome?

Communities have rules

by Curiousreply 31801/05/2014

Dammit, this is NOT going to turn into yet another thread about Hiddleston. How fucking desperate are you wackjob stans that you have to keep coming here and doing this???

It is not just a question of skipping over a thread we don't like. It's that WE DO NOT WANT YOU HERE What part of that do you not understand?

You have a zillion other places online to talk about him. Why the fucking hell do you insist on bringing it here and then bumping threads like this when the other TH threads get closed? GO. SOMEWHERE. ELSE

DL paying members, please let these idiots know that they are not welcome here.

by Curiousreply 31901/05/2014

why does everything has to be compared to tumblr? Tumblr is not the only place that TH is discussed. and to be honest most of the time the only place I tend to see a lot of TH talk is here(I visit a lot of gossip blog,sites,boards, threads. I like celeb gossip)Like the whole girl filming TH in the store with a woman was talked about here more then any other place I saw, even tumblr. yes this is a community just like every other board, site, thread out there that allows people to speak/post about whatever they want. yes even Tumblr is a community. no one is ever rude until someone comes in and saying rude things just cause they are talking about something that you don't care for.

as for hijacking threads that only seems to happen when a has been blocked and someone goes and find the last thread that Th was mentioned that hasn't been used in a while, sometimes months and the decide to finish the conversion there until it runs out. This time around there was a TH thread and Th was discussed. yeah the topic was about him winning an oscar for the Tinkerbell movie,I hope the op was not being serious with that question. we all know there is no way with that movie. so why let the thread die? people can talk about what they want. I didn't know talking about TH in the TH thread was a bad thing. so if you see a TH thread stay out. There was a Hiddleston thread leave, read another thread if TH isn't your cup of tea.

Add again how do you know who is doing all the talking? they can be fangirls, DL regulars,DL paying member or not, gay, straight, male, female, you don't know and there's no way of telling who is who.

Bunch of Bitter Bitches complaining when there is nothing to complain about.

by Curiousreply 32001/05/2014

R320, please leave. Go back to Tumblr. Find somewhere else to indulge in your Tommy obsession. NOT HERE.

by Curiousreply 32101/05/2014

Whishaw Redmayne & Cumberbatch are magnetic on screen. I don't understand Fassbander. Clearly he's hot and he reminds me of Olivier a lot (looks-wise) but other than that I don't understand why he's such a big deal.

by Curiousreply 32201/05/2014

[quote]Bunch of Bitter Bitches complaining when there is nothing to complain about.

So you're going to invade a community that has existed for over a decade, hijack threads created by paying members of that cummunity, behave in a way that is frowned upon by the community, and then call the community members a "Bunch of Bitter Bitches" when you get called out on your execrable and entitled behavior?

Seriously, just fuck off. Take your entitlement and your childish obsessions and just fuck right off you vile cunts.

by Curiousreply 32301/05/2014

I think I'm going to make a new TH thread. any name suggestions

by Curiousreply 32401/05/2014

R322 Speaking only for myself, I think Fassbender is one of the best actors of his generation. He's got a lot of range, takes different types of roles: the robot David in Prometheus, Magneto in X-Men, Lord Rochford in Jane Eyre, the sex addict in Shameless and the sadistic plantation owner in 12 Years a Slave. He always gives very edgy and intense performances. I equate Fassbender to this generation's Daniel Day-Lewis. He's also hot. And I love the Irish brogue.

Cumberbatch's appeal escapes me. But I give BC big props for constantly working. I think he's been the busiest actor in his age group over the past two years. He seems to crop up in everything from stage, screen and television. So good for him.

by Curiousreply 32501/05/2014

R324 Tom Hiddleston: The reason for DL's wrinkles

by Curiousreply 32601/05/2014

Anyone else think BC looks like a chipmunk? What IS the attraction?

by Curiousreply 32701/05/2014

R327 I've seen Cumberbatch's looks compared to everything from a lizard to an alien, LOL!

He's not my cup of tea but there are tons of so-called Cumberbitches who are mad for him. To each his/her own..

by Curiousreply 32801/05/2014

[quote]I think I'm going to make a new TH thread. any name suggestions

Just call it "WEBMASTER, PLEASE CLOSE THIS THREAD" and cut out the middleman, you vacuous [bold][italic]cunt.

by Curiousreply 32901/05/2014

My main attraction to BC is his voice. I have a real thing for voices.

by Curiousreply 33001/05/2014

Yes there are other places to discuss TH but unless what you discuss is only showing him in a positive light , you can't really be free in what you discuss. If a person says just one slightly negative thing about him they get all kinds of hate and venom from the rabid fans who mostly see TH as a perfect deity. At least here you are more free to discuss his faults without that happening so much.

by Curiousreply 33101/05/2014

R331 I've been through lots of TH threads, and I've have seen very few people talking of him like he's a perfect prince. Most discussions have actually been pretty tame save for jerks who come in to spew hate about people talking about him on DL.

by Curiousreply 33201/05/2014

[/bold][/italic] [quote]Yes there are other places to discuss TH but unless what you discuss is only showing him in a positive light , you can't really be free in what you discuss. If a person says just one slightly negative thing about him they get all kinds of hate and venom from the rabid fans who mostly see TH as a perfect deity. At least here you are more free to discuss his faults without that happening so much.

So you're saying that you've been to other communities, ignored the prevailing cultural norms there, been run off, so now it's Datalounge's turn??

Just how blind and stupid do you have to be to invade multiple places that you're obviously not wanted and then cry about how mean the regs are?

It's simple. Stop trying to inflict your own norms on pre-existing cultures. Either find a place peopled with users who feel and act the same way as you or create your own space.

I cannot get over your entitlement and willful [italic][bold]ignorance.

by Curiousreply 33301/05/2014

"So you're saying that you've been to other communities, ignored the prevailing cultural norms there, been run off, so now it's Datalounge's turn??"

Nope never said that. You are just making an assumption. Please learn comprehension skills.

by Curiousreply 33401/05/2014

R333 I didn't know there was a such thing as "TH The Perfect Prince" being considered a cultural norm.

Overly sensitive much.

by Curiousreply 33501/05/2014


Like I said: Willful ignorance. There is no hope of reasoning with such obvious stupidity and so DL will just do what DL always does - continue to close threads until you get a fucking clue.

It's the Prancing Ponies all over again. And where are those cunts [bold][italic]now?

by Curiousreply 33601/05/2014

Nothing to see here people, move along.

R328 - I can never decide what to make of his looks (it seems to vary depending on what I see him in :O) but it sure makes him stand out... first thing I ever saw him in was Amazing Grace, and I couldn't get over the cheekbones. Couldn't remember the name, could remember the cheekbones. Made me look him up on IMDb the next time I saw him. Guess it does tend to work to his advantage! I don't really find him attractive but I do like his work.

by Curiousreply 33701/05/2014

Can we pleaseeeeee CLOSE TAGS?!

by Curiousreply 33801/05/2014

Which british actors are really considered "posh"?

by Curiousreply 33901/05/2014

Sorry only posting to try to close [/italic] tag...

by Curiousreply 34001/05/2014

DL mods...PLEASE close this thread before it becomes yet another Hiddleston insanity clusterfuck. People who are not members of this community come here out of desperation and resurrect old threads with any possible connection to their obsession because no paying member with any sense will start a thread about him that just invites in the crazy stans. For God's sake we already have enough nuts who ARE paying members. We don't need creepy freepers crawling over here too now.

by Curiousreply 34101/05/2014

R341 There are some who like to participate in actual discussion. I didn't know that was against the rules.

by Curiousreply 34201/05/2014

My lord. Why doesn't somebody create one Hiddleston thread and just keep all that shit locked up on one thread.

Seems like the problem would be solved.

by Curiousreply 34301/05/2014

R343 People have tried, but jerks keep flagging them to get them closed down rather than just ignoring them.

by Curiousreply 34401/05/2014


posh: (British) typical of or intended for the upper classes

So, who is considered part of the upper class in Britain?

by Curiousreply 34501/05/2014

Eddie Redmayne, Tom Hiddleston, Benedict Cumberbatch, Robert Pattinson, Tom Sturridge all grew up rich.

Redmayne and Hiddleston went to Eton.

by Curiousreply 34601/05/2014

[italic]r342, There have been countless Hiddleston threads and the one thing you stupid cunts have shown beyond shadow of a doubt is that you lot are INCAPABLE of participating in an actual discussion.


by Curiousreply 34701/05/2014

R347 I think you have just shown that you are the one who cannot participate in an actual discussion, hence your hostile name calling and ignorant assumptions.

Now go along little doggie.

by Curiousreply 34801/05/2014

R346 Isn't there There is debate about Cumberbatch? I know he went to Harrow, but it was on scholarship?

Granted, I don't know much about the British class or schooling system.

by Curiousreply 34901/05/2014

R349 His grandmother also paid for part of his tuition. His parents are actors, but smaller tv roles over the years plus theatre roles that don't pay all that much. I doubt he struggled, but I'd say rich is much.

by Curiousreply 35001/05/2014

r348, I know you are but what am I?

God, you tedious, tedious fraus.

by Curiousreply 35101/05/2014

R351 How intelligent.

by Curiousreply 35201/05/2014

R342, you have a million other places to discuss the object of your obsession on the internet. We don't want it here. Pretty simple.

And when it comes to Hiddleston, the freeper stans who glom onto any thread here where his name is even mentioned, have shown themselves to be completely incapable of doing anything other than indulging in wild speculation, rehashing old gossip, and talking about what goes on on Tumblr.

Those of us who don't want you here will hound you as relentlessly as we have to until you get it into your crazy obsessed heads. WE DO NOT WANT YOU HERE.

by Curiousreply 35301/05/2014

R353 You realize that when you saw we you mean you plus maybe 3 other people cause most of DL knows how to ignore threads they don't want to read.

by Curiousreply 35401/05/2014


You'll never get a homogenous answer on class from Brits!

Roughly speaking:

Upper class = aristocracy, gentry, or those who have been in the top social stratum for several generations at least. No new money here, thank you.

Posh - relative term. Money helpful, but cultural capital probably more so. You could be posh in terms of your immediate peers and simultaneously not posh in terms of the country as a whole.

by Curiousreply 35501/05/2014

R351 please... read the help section... learn how to close your damn tags!!!

by Curiousreply 35601/05/2014

[/bold][/italic]You must be the stupidest gash here, r356, and that's saying something,[bold][italic]twat!

by Curiousreply 35701/05/2014

[/bold] [/italic]Oh please. Do try to at least come up with something resembling wit.

by Curiousreply 35801/05/2014

R353 I am not a freeper. Don't try toact like other DL threads do not speculate or just rehash old gossip because I know that they do. Please come up with a better argument.

by Curiousreply 35901/05/2014

After you, r358[bold][italic].

by Curiousreply 36001/05/2014

Why everything always turns into a Hiddleston's thread? His threads amuse me but now people just reharsh old news and bitch against each other.

The surprising thing is the lack of Cumbernews. No one spotted him on twitter or anywhere since days. I worry, he must really be on holidays. How strange and shocking...

by Curiousreply 36101/05/2014

Thanks R355.

I am an American, so the whole thing doesn't register to me and was going by a dictionary definition.

Anyway. To put into some sort of understandable perspective, into "American" terms... What comes to mind what I saw in the movie Titanic? (Very poor and non-cultured example, but an example nonetheless.)

by Curiousreply 36201/05/2014

Why my mesage is in italic?

by Curiousreply 36301/05/2014

R355 Does it also have something to do with family name?

by Curiousreply 36401/05/2014

R361 As much as he has done BC needs a holiday.

by Curiousreply 36501/05/2014

R363 ?? Some idiot hasn't read the help section and didn't close the tags.

Thank god this thread is getting back OT.

R364 Sometimes, double- barrelled names are a giveaway (Anstruther-Gough-Calthorpe for example). Public school educated (ie private school particularly the top ones) and upbringing/family background.

by Curiousreply 36601/06/2014

[/bold][/italic]r363, when posts are bolded it means they have been reported to the webmaster for deletion. When they are bolded AND italicized it means you are on your second warning. Please take the time to familiarize yourself with The Rules of Datalounge or you'll find yourself banned pretty quickly[bold][italic].

by Curiousreply 36701/06/2014

R367 Thank you for your nice answer, not like someone else.

It's strange, it was in italic first but now it's normal. I must not be such a dangerous psycho troll finaly.

by Curiousreply 36801/06/2014


Not always. Since more people cohabit rather than marry, there is a trend to give children double-barrelled surnames using both mother's and father's surnames. This, actually, is an indicator of being very much NOT posh!

I caught a whiff of the Steve Martin joke about names that enraged the interwebz. In the UK, non-standard names are, funnily enough, often indicators of (usually white) low strata people. In the US, it seems, it's an indicator of African American heritage. I had no idea. Another difference on each side of the pond.

by Curiousreply 36901/06/2014

R366 What's the difference between a private/public school in Britian, and here in the US? If you don't mind.

I tried reading about it, but just ended-up a it more confused.

by Curiousreply 37001/06/2014

State schools are free and 96% of British children go to state schools.

Public schools, which are run privately, including Eton, are fee paying schools.

by Curiousreply 37101/06/2014

R370 public school in UK = private school in US

by Curiousreply 37201/06/2014

[/bold] [/italic]Public = posh in Britain I guess. Those Brits and their contrary ways. I can't tell you how many times I got hideously confused reading those boarding school books when I was growing up.

by Curiousreply 37301/06/2014

R52 - the "real world" is not restricted to the USA, thankfully.

Fassbender is a gifted actor, and certainly NOT "British", thank you very much. Cumberbatch is also very talented. Hiddleston - not so much. I don't really get his appeal at all.

by Curiousreply 37401/06/2014

Search for public school on Wikipedia there's an article on it (the term is historical).

R369 It definitely used to be, like the example I gave above (looks like you're on yr 2nd warning btw.)

by Curiousreply 37501/06/2014

R375 I did, but I got a little lost. I'll try again. Don't want to get too off track.

If we go by R345 's definitions, then Cumberbatch would be considered historically upper-class, but not exactly posh when compared to the others he engaged with. Every other Brit mentioned seems to fit the bill in both senses.

To me, it's that they're generally classically trained and seem to have more range than most of the 20-30 year old actors in Hollywood right now. And publicly, they generally seem to be more polite and stay out of trouble. (Yes, I am aware there are exceptions to what I just stated. Please refrain from attacking.)

Now that I think about it, many of the better actors in their 40s and 50s are not American either.

by Curiousreply 37601/06/2014


by Curiousreply 37701/06/2014

Hello, All - OP here. The name of this thread is a misnomer, my bad. It was meant to be a follow-on to all of the TH threads but expand to include other prominent 20 and 30something actors worldwide and not just Brits.

There's nothing wrong with discussing any actor including Hiddleston, in context. Let's stay OT and avoid senseless flame wars that will only get flagged and result in shutting this thread down.

We need a lot more sanity and a far fewer foul invectives. Thanks.

by Curiousreply 37801/06/2014

What we need is a lot more BOLD!

by Curiousreply 37901/06/2014

I have no problem with this thread staying on track, OP. But what seems to happen every single time is that the dedicated TH threads get closed and then the stans find any thread they can that may have a relationship to him and try to hijack it. If we don't want that to happen, we all have to make a concerted effort to stop it.

I was the poster who started the London theatre thread and stans have attempted to hijack that one too. Please, please, let's do what we can to keep this community a fun place for regular DL'ers. If nonpaying peeps want to come here, I have no problem with that as long as they don't try to take over existing threads for their own purposes.

by Curiousreply 38001/06/2014



by Curiousreply 38101/06/2014

And closing italics.[/italic]


by Curiousreply 38201/06/2014

That's better.

Not quite, regarding British schools.

In the UK, schools that don't charge fees (what are called 'public schools' in the US) are called State Schools.

Private Schools are the same in the US and the UK, i.e. schools that charge fees. Also referred to in the UK as 'Independent Schools.'

Public Schools are something uniquely British, that the US does not have. They do charge fees, but only a tiny, tiny % of all fee-paying schools are Public Schools. The vast majority are just normal private schools and would always be referred to as either "private school" or "independent school." All public schools are technically private schools (though often not referred to as such), but most private schools are not public schools. They are called public schools because they were founded in the days (many in the 1600s) when schools as we know them did not exist, apart from certain church and guild schools, wealthy kids being educated at home. They're called public schools because they were the first schools to be open to the public.

by Curiousreply 38301/06/2014

R380 I agree with you completely. We need to be vigilant and thwart any attempts to hijack legitimate threads.

by Curiousreply 38401/06/2014

Highjack what? Tom Hiddleston is posh, british and some people find him attractive, so they have the right to post here. If you open a post about bagels or Obama, I understand, but not here.

by Curiousreply 38501/06/2014

R385, if people want to talk about Hiddleston within the context of this thread overall, that is fine. But what tends to happen is that when the threads that are just about him get closed, people bump up old threads like this one and try to use them to make them completely about Hiddleston. I have seen this happen repeatedly and I am not okay with it.

But back to the actual subject of this thread~there is a perception here in the US that all things British are more highbrow and intellectual and I think that spills over into the actors too. I blame the popularity of Downton Abbey in part. I even hear plenty of TV and radio commercials with someone with a British accent, as if that somehow lends more credibility to it.

by Curiousreply 38601/06/2014

r368, r367 is playing a joke on you. If a post is in bold or italics it just means that poster, or a previous poster, posted something using bold or italics tags and didn't close the tags correctly. If someone posted something using the bold or italics tags, and forgets to put the close tags at the end of their post, all subsequent posts will also be bolded or italicized, until someone posts the close tags, as I did in my posts at r381 and r382. That's all. Click on 'Help' in the top right hand corner for info about how tags work and how to close them.

by Curiousreply 38701/06/2014

R383 - great post, thank you :)

And R387 is spot on, someone's having a bit of fun here haha.

by Curiousreply 38801/06/2014

Thanks R383.

I also read that they were called public schools because any student could attend if they could pay, regardless of where they lived.

by Curiousreply 38901/06/2014

TH doesn't want to be cast as a type, but he is a type

Maybe more theatre can help him

by Curiousreply 39001/08/2014

He is absolutely a type, and I don't know if he can ever break out at this point. He really needs to take on a role that is not yet another posh princeling. I don't think he can do it.

by Curiousreply 39101/08/2014


by Curiousreply 39201/08/2014

If he had been cast in something other than Crimson Peak we would know by now wouldn't we? There wouldn't be much reason to keep quiet.

by Curiousreply 39301/08/2014

[quote] I even hear plenty of TV and radio commercials with someone with a British accent, as if that somehow lends more credibility to it.

The same happens on the other side of the pond, especially on radio with that "Hollywood movie voiceover" voice.

by Curiousreply 39401/08/2014


Tom Mison's about to blow them all out of the water.

If you don't already know this, you heard it here first.

by Curiousreply 39501/08/2014

Oh Mison, what a babe

by Curiousreply 39601/09/2014

I think TH is already on his way to being so last year. I will even say the same thing for Cumberbatch. He's been in a lot of things, but they have mostly been a let down.

by Curiousreply 39701/09/2014

Is BC slated for anything this year. I heard he was going to play Hamlet this fall.

by Curiousreply 39801/09/2014

He's slated to star in Lost City of Z, which is being funded by Megan Ellison's group. Don't know if filming has officially been scheduled.

by Curiousreply 39901/09/2014

Everything appears to be pending or tentative in terms of BC's projects. I hope we hear soon about what he'll be definitively working on in 2014. With Sherlock over by next week, I hope there'll be some new projects to focus on.

by Curiousreply 40001/09/2014

At least BC doesn't hide or care about his posh background unlike try hard TH.

Btw according to his co stars and stans, TH is sick and is starting struggling with his performances and illness. I predicted this would happen

by Curiousreply 40101/09/2014

Yeah because all of BC's talk about posh bashing in the past clearly shows he doesn't care.

by Curiousreply 40201/09/2014

Even if BC doesn't make it at HW, he still has Sherlock season 4 and 5 and theatre. He may never be a superstar but who cares. Same for TH.

by Curiousreply 40301/09/2014

Not same, TH doesn't have a successful TV show. He has nothing at the moment

by Curiousreply 40401/09/2014

Sure but if TH finaly understands that he'll never be a superstar in HW, he could easily do some quality TV.

I know that people love to say bad things about him here but he could be an other David Tennant.

by Curiousreply 40501/09/2014

Sure he could be, but he wants to?

by Curiousreply 40601/10/2014

He may have no choice.

by Curiousreply 40701/10/2014

[R401] where exactly is his sickness reported ? Just curious .

by Curiousreply 40801/10/2014

R408 Runny nose during performance and hoarse voice. Flu, I think

by Curiousreply 40901/10/2014

I prefer my British actors a little rough around the edges....and preferably nude whenever possible.

by Curiousreply 41001/10/2014

R410 Wow, where this masterpiece comes from?

by Curiousreply 41101/10/2014


I'm getting fed up with people around here seeming to think that Brit actors come to Hollywood and, if it doesn't work out, there will be a career waiting for them in British TV. As if British TV is just sitting and waiting for them to deign to take a role or two.

In fact, it is very cliquey and you're either in or you're out. TH is very much not in, for reasons I have discussed before on other threads.

TH DOES NOT have a good career in UK TV sitting and waiting for him.

by Curiousreply 41201/10/2014

Tv doesn't wait for him but saying that he can't do tv for some reason is ridiculous too.

by Curiousreply 41301/10/2014


Why is it ridiculous? What do you know about British TV and how casting works? I know quite a bit and, as I have said before, I would bet a lot of money that we won't be seeing TH on any big-ticket British TV productions, whether his film career continues to stall or not.

I don't think he'll want for theatre offers. But TV? No chance. Not for some years, anyway.

by Curiousreply 41401/10/2014

So,explain me why british tv wouldn't give him a job.

by Curiousreply 41501/10/2014

I don't say "wouldn't give him a job". I say "he wouldn't be chosen for any decent roles in any big ticket productions". I've been through this before but I'll go again and you can decide to be outraged all over again.

1) it's cliquey and he's not in the right clique 2) there have been recent "mates" productions in which everyone who's anyone were in, but not TH 3) he walked away from Wallander without trying at all to make it work 4) he was vocal about being glad to leave the BBC and period roles behind

There's plenty more I could type, but mostly it's the clique. He's not in, like Tennant, David Morrissey, and a whole list of others who ARE in demand in British TV that I can't be arsed to type out.

by Curiousreply 41601/10/2014


by Curiousreply 41701/10/2014

R417 It looks interesting, thanks.

R416 First I'm not outraged, just curious.

Then I believe you when you say it's cliquey (see Moffat about nepotism) but I don't see how he couldn't enter the right clique if he wanted.

He has been away from tv for some time but that doesn't mean he can't do it anymore.

by Curiousreply 41801/10/2014


It means it's highly, highly unlikely. He was pretty much unemployed for the whole of 2013, so if the work was on offer to him, don't you think he would have taken it if a) he wanted it and b) they wanted him? I can list the number of high quality, one-off or short run dramas taken on by his peers (those who work in films AND are in demand for British TV). It would be VERY long and so many names you'd recognise even internationally would be on it. No TH. Because he's not on anyone's list.

by Curiousreply 41901/10/2014

Maybe Gatiss can help him now

by Curiousreply 42001/10/2014

There's a rumour TH could be in the next Doctor Who but I don't think it's true.

by Curiousreply 42101/10/2014

Like Whedon should have helped him? Like Spielberg? Like Branagh? Like Taylor? If he had been cast for something his PR would have announced it.

by Curiousreply 42201/10/2014

He won't be on Doctor Who, despite what Tumblr wants. His name has been attached to quite a few projects (Everest, the Australian poet, the Crow) but nothing comes from it. He's got nothing after Crimson Peak so Luke will start pimping him out again anywhere and everywhere when it finishes filming. Maybe Coriolanus will help him get other roles, this is obviously his goal.

by Curiousreply 42301/10/2014

[R401], wow! You predicted somebody would get the cold or flu during cold and flu season! You are a mighty powerful clairvoyant! World leaders should consult with you daily! Are you the one who was predicting that TH would have to drop out of the play? He hasn't, has he? Has he even missed a performance?

by Curiousreply 42401/10/2014

[R416], again with your bizarre insistence that the Wallender production would have worked around the film schedule of someone whose role, which was like the 6th supporting character, consisted of being ordered by Branagh's character to search databases? For what would have been 3 episodes and probably 15 minutes screen time total? TH had committed to filming Avengers in NM before the Wallender production decided to go forward. Branagh understood the conflict and let him out of the contract. They're still on speaking terms, apparently. It happens all the time and does not destroy careers. Elsewhere you claimed, quite ridiculously, that he would never get another British TV role because he walked away from Wallender, but you were proved wrong when people pointed out that The Hollow Crown happened AFTER he walked away from Wallender. Then you tried to argue that, well, yes, he did get a LEAD role in THC after walking away from that tiny role in Wallender, but he'll never get TV work again because he didn't get a BAFTA for it. You keep moving the line, don't you? TH had 2 film projects (no, not The Crow) fall through in 2013; that happens all the time too. Actors carry on. He's not going to starve to death any time soon, as much as you would seem to enjoy that.

by Curiousreply 42501/10/2014

Two films?

by Curiousreply 42601/10/2014

R395 is right, in the very near future, TH instead of Fassbender fingerprints will find Mison's on scripts.

R426 I think R425 means The Capa movie and The Crow.

by Curiousreply 42701/10/2014

Ops no, sorry not The Crow...What other movie fell through? Besides The Crow and Capa?

by Curiousreply 42801/10/2014


Hello again!

I'll repeat for one last Groundhog Day.

A number of factors make me believe TH will not be appearing in anything decent on British TV anytime soon.

Making an effort to accommodate both the BBC and Branagh for Wallander S3 is just one of them. It could have been done for precisely the reasons you say (interior role, small part) and it would have kept him in with the right people. It was, whatever you might like to say, a mistake.

As for Hollow Crown, it was an aberration in terms of what I keep trying to explain to you - how to be "in" within British TV. It was a theatrical production made by theatrical staff by a theatrical company (Sam Mendes). It was a one-off as far as UK TV commissioning goes. It fitted with TH's theatre contacts, and did nothing for this TV desirability. Hollow Crown is an outlier and should not be seen as ANY indication of TH's castability in the usual run of UK TV programming.

I'll say one last time: let's come back here in six months, or a year, or two years. You will see that I'm right. Assuming TH's film career continues to stall, he will not be visible on UK TV. He just won't. Theatre? Quite possibly. TV? No chance.

Let's take a bet on it. What's your ante?

by Curiousreply 42901/10/2014

Not The Crow. Black Wings has My Angel with Anna Paquin. She backed out. And the Capa film

by Curiousreply 43001/10/2014

Movie that fell through was probably Black Wings Has My Angel? What happened to that porn baron film he was attached to? Maybe he just has terrible luck.

by Curiousreply 43101/10/2014

R430 Oh ok, in my mind the movie with Paquin was registered under 2012, probably because it's been dead for so long.

by Curiousreply 43201/10/2014

[R429] Sure, Kevin Feige was definitely going to let an actor out of filming his biggest Marvel production so far out in New Mexico so he could go pretend to answer Branagh's phone. Sure, let's just have RDJ and SLJ and all these hundreds of other people cool their jets on this $220 million production so TH can fly to Sweden for a few days. No, you would be the one who is naive and knows little. And your protestations about BBC-TV and THC are comical. You keep back-tracking. I see you've dropped your whine about needing to win a BAFTA in order to get work again. The BBC is the BBC and they did give him that part. BTW, Sam Mendes is not just "theater people". If your blather were to be believed, Dan Stevens would be the one facing a very bleak future, what with walking away from a major role in a huge production and your insistence that the BBC holds grudges for people walking away from bit parts. And if everyone who ever said they wanted to avoid being typecast as doing nothing but BBC period pieces was barred, well, there would be nobody left to do them.

by Curiousreply 43301/10/2014

Capa film it's not going happen

by Curiousreply 43401/10/2014


When did I say anything about BAFTAs? (I could say plenty about them but not particularly with regards to TH and haven't so far).

Seriously: what's your ante? Or will you have moved on to someone else in six months' or a year's time?

TH isn't well known by the UK public or anywhere really, save the internet. He isn't on the casting radar of anyone who's anyone in UK TV and is highly unlikely to become so. There are plenty of actors who ARE in demand and were sensible enough not to burn any bridges the moment they got a film role. The proof of the pudding will be evident as time goes on, whether you accept it today or not.

I hope his theatre career proves ongoing because it really is all he has got.

by Curiousreply 43501/10/2014

Of all the British actors who could be described as posh, I am shocked that no one has mentioned this guy. His clothes and demeanor in this photo epitomize the posh lifestyle.

by Curiousreply 43601/10/2014

Yes, but how "in demand" is he, really, by Hollywood?

by Curiousreply 43701/10/2014

Depends on daddy friends

by Curiousreply 43801/10/2014

Could we PLEASE try to keep this thread from derailing and turning into yet another tiresome TH thread? Please?

Okay, moving on to the actual thread topic now. I have a question about exactly what it is that makes a British actor "posh". It is coming from a background of wealth in the family? Being educated at schools considered prestigious? A combination of the two?

And it seems like applying the word "posh" to someone creates a negative connotation now. It that accurate?

by Curiousreply 43901/10/2014

R439 and for the million time, like OP already pointed out, THIS IS a TH thread with the addition of talk about other Brit actors. Learn to read.

by Curiousreply 44001/10/2014

There are gradations of posh. The most obvious indicator in terms of acting would be the accent. There's nicely spoken and then there is plummy RP.

Another not mentioned so far is Rupert Penry-Jones.

by Curiousreply 44101/10/2014

I saw Max Irons in The White Queen and whether it was the adaptation or the writing, I found the performances by Irons and the female lead Rebecca Ferguson very underwhelming.

Max Irons is great eye candy though. I did enjoy his terrific ass and buttocks! He doesn't much resemble his Dad Jeremy. As far as looks go, Max reminds me of Friends and Episodes star Matt LeBlanc. Time will tell if he's inherited Jeremy's talent.

by Curiousreply 44201/10/2014

R436 As an American, I didn't immediately make the connection that Max Irons was the son of Jeremy Irons and Sinead Cusack. He doesn't look anything like his famous Dad. IMO, Max does resemble Matt LeBlanc of Friends and Episodes.

I saw The White Queen and found his acting and that of the female lead, Rebecca Ferguson to be so-so and I didn't see much chemistry between them. He was great eye candy though. Hopefully, Max can prove he has inherited some of his parents acting chops in future endeavors. The pose he struck in Town and Country -- a very posh magazine indeed -- looked like he was going for a young James Dean demeanor rather than pure posh.

by Curiousreply 44301/10/2014

Max Irons is very brattish and short on talent. Hated The White Queen.

by Curiousreply 44401/10/2014

R439 see R355's definitions for posh.

by Curiousreply 44501/10/2014

Speaking of TH, I was right about Luke pimping him out. Profile in the Telegraph mag tomorrow.

by Curiousreply 44601/10/2014

TH's she shall not be named is practically now following everything he's mentioned in on Twitter. Seriously this is not behaviour of a woman who wants to be kept a secret. It's tragic as well as sad.

by Curiousreply 44701/10/2014

[quote]As an American, I didn't immediately make the connection that Max Irons was the son of Jeremy Irons and Sinead Cusack. He doesn't look anything like his famous Dad.

Max looks exactly like Sinead. I didn't think he was terrible in the White Queen and he certainly provided wonderful eye candy.

by Curiousreply 44801/10/2014

R447 I think I'm the only one, she is one of entertaining things I've never seen in my life. pathetic woman

by Curiousreply 44901/10/2014

R446 BTW terrible picture

by Curiousreply 45001/10/2014

I didn't want to mention her again, but she did start following Only Lovers Left Alive the other day. and she's just started following the Telegraph magazine now. Funny.

by Curiousreply 45101/10/2014

I watched the first episode of the White Queen and wasn't impressed. Boring, no chemistry between anyone. Haven't seen Max in anything else I don't think.

by Curiousreply 45201/10/2014

TH is very limited as an actor. Where BC and Fassebender can adapt into any role, TH can only really do posh boy. He's will only really be famous for playing Loki none of his other roles are stand out and you'll probably forget. Seen OLLA and even that is DVD or Netflix film.

TH should stick to theatre as that where he gets roles however much he's throwing strops because of the crazies he's encouraged in the past

by Curiousreply 45301/10/2014

R448 R451 if someone see's her can they tell her that she either tells TH to go public or dumps him and stop behaving like one of the tumblr crowd.

For a 35 year old woman she should know the difference if a man is into her. Like so many people have said on here, if he was into her that much he wouldn't hide her even from the crazies.

by Curiousreply 45401/10/2014

I thought we already established she was stupid and pathetic when she started to follow NathanFillion and JossWhedon and then unfollowed them later. She can't really do worse than that.

by Curiousreply 45501/10/2014

Fwb wouldn't hang around on twitter and follow everything that mentions the person they are banging. In fact they would probably be very discrete and keep their distance.

TH isn't even that famous to be hiding a GF and the tumblr crowd don't seem to care. So I don't understand this point of a pathetic parade. If he had be truthful interest in her would be over and DL would be back to laughing at his desperate attempts to get noticed

by Curiousreply 45601/10/2014

If she doesn't want to have problems she has to protect her account, like O. Poulet did it (BC ex)

She didn't, she's stupid, everyone can see her subscriptions. What the hell she has in her mind?

by Curiousreply 45701/10/2014

Maybe he doesn't fuck her anymore but she's clingy.

by Curiousreply 45801/10/2014

R458 lol, in that case he hasn't since Wimbledon because she had this behaviour since then.

by Curiousreply 45901/10/2014

With TH, is the "she' the music indusrty exec? I don't keep up.

by Curiousreply 46001/10/2014


by Curiousreply 46101/10/2014

R439, bite me. Sorry that you are such a stan that talking about TH is your obsession. Have fun with that.

by Curiousreply 46201/10/2014

R460 yep, she is

by Curiousreply 46301/10/2014

R462 You people don't understand, it's not an obsession. It's SO FUN (for me at least)

by Curiousreply 46401/10/2014

Well, if what I'm reading on here is true... She's just as bad as some of his fans.

The problem more likely has something to do with TH attracting these types.

by Curiousreply 46501/10/2014

Yeah she's pathetic but he's more pathetic than her. Coward and a bit liar

by Curiousreply 46601/10/2014

She's not the music exc it appears she is a music promoter.

Even if she was dating him she is still acting sad. Many other halfs of famous people who are not famous themselves don't act like a crazed stan.

TH needs someone who is quiet and patient given the job hes in. The last thing he needs is a GF who is one of the tumblr crowd

by Curiousreply 46701/10/2014

What makes a British actor "posh"? Wealth, possibly, but only if at least second-generation and used to put said actor through a top-tier Public School. (A grand, very expensive boarding school.)

Said school should ensure entrance to a similarly top-tier university and/or drama school.

The "posh" tag is hot now because of the recent privileged generation coming to prominence. (It ties in a bit with the fact that the PM, deputy PM, Chancellor and London Mayor are all rightly described as posh boys, and are as such seen as out of touch with the struggling masses.)

"Posh" in describing actors isn't I think negative, just a short-hand tag, a handy hook for hacks. Actors can either act or they can't - their schooling is irrelevant.

by Curiousreply 46801/10/2014

R457 TH has started to follow OP on twitter. After seeing a photo of her she looks like the girl he's been spotted with in the book store.

I also find it odd that he hasn't mentioned anything about getting 1 million followers given the reaction he gave at 50k . Maybe his stans have served their purpose and he has no need for them now

by Curiousreply 46901/10/2014

Wouldn't that be a kicker? Heh heh. Though, isn't everyone in the the British entertainment industry friends with everyone?

by Curiousreply 47001/10/2014

R469, that's interesting. She mentioned that she was dating another actor in an interview a few months ago but declined to name him. Then again I'm sure they could be just friends.

by Curiousreply 47101/10/2014

R469 LOOOLLLLLL That's the best thing EVER. TH fucking BC's ex, that would be the greatest thing on eath. Fandoms meltdown.

Olivia is blonde, boorkstore girl is dark by the way.

by Curiousreply 47201/10/2014

R472 she who shall not be named is blonde too in fact blonder. Olivia looks more like bookstore girl than whe who shall not be named. TH has also known her longer and I doubt she acts like a fangirl half of the time

by Curiousreply 47301/10/2014

R472 The girl had darker blonde hair, but it wasn't brown or anything. Olivia Poulet's hair is lighter blonde than what that girl's hair was in the video.

by Curiousreply 47401/10/2014

R473 Did you ever see Olivia? She's very blonde, bookstore girl is dark. Bookstore girl may be or may not be the one who can't be named, but she's certainly not Olivia.

by Curiousreply 47501/10/2014

Ok, TH stalkers as much as I like you, you've lost your mind here.

You really believe that Tom would be in a relationship with Cumberbatch's ex???? And you really believe they would make it official like that, TH following her on tweeter.

I can believe they're friends or whatever, but it's a bit too much.

by Curiousreply 47601/10/2014

Olivia is a natural blonde while the girl in the video clearly wasn't.

by Curiousreply 47701/10/2014

What R470 said:

Isn't everyone in the the British entertainment industry friends with everyone?

by Curiousreply 47801/10/2014

R476 Nah people are just bored, and it's just funny talk. I don't think anyone is taking it seriously.

by Curiousreply 47901/10/2014

TH prefers brunettes while BC prefers blondes.

by Curiousreply 48001/10/2014

Agree, R480 TH also likes girls that look exactly like his sister, judging by Wimbledon girl.

But dating OP would be funny. He's friends with BC and BC stayed friends with OP if they are to be believed, so they could easily have met since they all work in the industry. OP set her twitter private and I don't think she adds strangers so I guess they've met.

by Curiousreply 48101/10/2014

She who shall not be named still has lighter hair than bookstore girl from recent pictures plus her hair is longer.

by Curiousreply 48201/10/2014

R481 SF was dark just like SC. TH unfollowed Wimbledon but she as we gathered has been twitter stalking him like a fangirl ever since

by Curiousreply 48301/10/2014

I thought bookstore girl WAS she who shall not be named/radio promo girl/wimbledon lady/loud woman in cafe? And there are not that many pictures of her recent or not so it's hard to judge or be an expert on her hair.

Maybe he'll mention her in the Telegraph piece tomorrow.

by Curiousreply 48401/10/2014

R484 as we never saw her face how do we know it WAS her? Bookstore girl has her face covered and we only have DL stories to go by. If he is stull seeing her it does make him a liar and a coward like simeone saud earlier.

It's quite easy to find recent photos of she who shall not be named. She's not exactly keeping a low profile.

by Curiousreply 48501/10/2014

R483 What do you mean stalking like a fangirl? She was a fangirl from the very beginning.

TH is not doing stage door as much lately. It looks like he just does enough to keep them placated so they don't start getting out of control again.

I wonder if BC is prepared for all the fangirl craziness when he does Hamlet?

by Curiousreply 48601/10/2014

Someone needs to buy TH some lips before he becomes a true contender.

Tom Mison is pure perfection.

by Curiousreply 48701/10/2014

I'm hoping some of the fangirl hysteria will have died down by the time autumn rolls around, R486. Hoping, mind you.

by Curiousreply 48801/10/2014

BC won't be doing Hamlet at the Donmar so there will be plenty of tickets available and probably less fans bitching at each other because fewer people will miss out.

Plus he'll be at a bigger theatre with plenty of security and most importantly a back door!

by Curiousreply 48901/10/2014

BC tickets would be like gold dust compared to TH.

TH is coming across as fickle at the moment. You can't really tell what's real with him because changes his personality all the time.

by Curiousreply 49001/10/2014

Does anyone know where BC is doing Hamlet?

by Curiousreply 49101/10/2014

Why not ask Andrew Scott, OP?

by Curiousreply 49201/10/2014

What do you think of Jack Huston, who can now be seen in American Hustle?

by Curiousreply 49301/10/2014

R491 It hasn't been announced yet, but it's assumed to be a big west end venue.

by Curiousreply 49401/10/2014

[R466] What did he lie about?

by Curiousreply 49501/10/2014

R446 LOL. What exactly has he conquered? How to pander to his lunatic fanbase and every single entertainment person he's spoken to in the last three years? There's no hero worship, only a desperate attempt to keep him in the spotlight. He's a tiny fish in a huge ocean, no matter what Tumblr thinks. Perhaps he will go on another publicity tour of third world countries? His calendar is very free this year, and LW would so encourage it!

A VERY posh (practically aristocratic) English man is he (The Dragon School, Eton, Cambridge, RADA, nannies, trust funds, a five-star upbringing, mummy's family money.)He DEFINES posh, and gets miffed when it is brought to attention (he plays ALL THE CHORDS!!! NOT JUST THE POSH ONES!!!)

Hope he enjoyed 2012-13. They were his active years. He's known for Loki, and that's over (Thank God!) He's going to fade away when his teenage fangirls discover real boys and grow up. I agree. Let us see where he is in a year. He will easily be replaced by another posh Eton/RADA grad. Sorry to dispel the notion that he is a special snowflake. He's not.

But his stans will always have their Loki porn blogs.

by Curiousreply 49601/10/2014

R495 everything, his interviews are just shibboleths

by Curiousreply 49701/10/2014

He's going to be in "Muppets Most Wanted."

by Curiousreply 49801/10/2014

R496 I love this post.

'he plays ALL THE CHORDS!!!'

His father is WORKING CLASS YOU KNOW!!!!! Down the mines every day and everything!!!!

by Curiousreply 49901/10/2014

[497], one can say that about all actors.

by Curiousreply 50001/10/2014

R499 And didn't he complain about ALL THE HARD WORK he did whilst auditioning for roles after he graduated? He was SO desperate to get work. What was it- two weeks- before that woman cast him as himself in Unrelated- the posh a$$hole kid? Wow. That must have been... ROUGH. A whole ten days without work. He was forced to live off his wits, good looks- and his family's money. Tough life. I can see how that kind of experience helped him- play prince Loki and attend gentle garden parties, to watch royals play polo.

My hero.

by Curiousreply 50101/10/2014

[R501], you sound jealous

by Curiousreply 50201/10/2014

TH never complains. He is an optimist don't you know. It's all roses and rainbows!

by Curiousreply 50301/10/2014

You all are the weirdest bunch of stans ever. You're all obsessed with the guy but some of you hate him and some of you think he's the most perfect person ever. No wonder his fans have a bad rep.

by Curiousreply 50401/10/2014

Kind of related, but a girl on tumblr posted that her sister lived in a flat next to him in London when he had just left drama school. Despite his proclaiming that he lived in a hostel, he actually lived in a nice flat in Pimlico which was owned by his agent.

Apparently he threw loud parties until 3AM all the time because 'it's London Film Week!' and they used to annoy him by pretending they didn't know his name/who he was.

by Curiousreply 50501/10/2014

R502 You sound... YOUNG.

That's a word for children.

R504 You know what's worse? Posts that COMPLAIN about those things.

by Curiousreply 50601/10/2014


No, no, no. That CANNOT be true. TH does NOT lie. About anything. Ever. He is a perfect Disney prince.

If anyone believes that man has lived - for even an hour of his life- in anything other than wealth and privilege, first class everything...

Well, I do not know what to say. They fell for his boy-next-door schtick. Sad for them, though. It's a ruse, meant to sell movie tickets. He cannot be bothered with the peasants, you know.

by Curiousreply 50701/10/2014

R505 I thought he lived in a hostel for a short time before he got an agent. What young twenty-something doesn't throw some parties. That really isn't that big a deal.

by Curiousreply 50801/10/2014

I attended and threw many parties when I was twenty something too LOL

Anyway is he really sick now and has it affected the play that he is in? Just don't want to attend a play that is not up to its usual standard cos of a sick actor.

by Curiousreply 50901/10/2014

R176, Hadley Fraser has gotten quite a bit of critical flack while the rest of the cast is getting generally good reviews.

by Curiousreply 51001/10/2014

He never lived in a hostel. Maybe he did while he was bumming about Europe, just for fun, but he has always had five star digs and he has never had to work for his keep. It has always, always been handed to him.

He brings up his father's supposedly working class roots as much as he can, but this is his father's story, not his.

As an actor he hits all the chords and emotions from A to B.

Compare his pictures this year to even one year ago. He looks like shit. Bad skin, hairline in retreat. This man is not aging well at all.

Sorry, I don't get all the fan psychosis.

By the way, according to Twitter Audit, 25% of his twitter follows are fake accounts.

by Curiousreply 51101/10/2014

Maybe the hostel was inside his head.

by Curiousreply 51201/10/2014

R511 LW has to have something to do on Twitter on those long cold nights. LOL

by Curiousreply 51301/10/2014

[R496] So true. He is in the same circle of friends as Prince William and Harry--and not just the Eton specific ones either. Definition of posh.

by Curiousreply 51401/10/2014

Here's a Tumblr post about it, I posted about it not because a twenty year old throwing parties was shocking, but it tends to dispel the struggled for years part of his story, as R511 said, everything handed to him on a plate, a sweet deal on a Pimlico flat is hardly struggling.

by Curiousreply 51501/10/2014

People are so bitchy today.

by Curiousreply 51601/10/2014

R515 LOL! Poor TH getting picked on.

I thought TH meant struggling in his acting career, not struggling with money though.

Even though he always seemed to want to come off like this happy optimistic person he seems to be showing more if his moody side during the run of Coriolanus.

by Curiousreply 51701/10/2014

The woman in the bookshop is neither the woman who must not be named or Cumberbatch's ex. He is playing the field and dating, so just leave it at that.

by Curiousreply 51801/10/2014

R506, no. What's worse is your obsession with this guy.

by Curiousreply 51901/10/2014

R480 TH also seems to like 'em shorter and curvier, while BC seems to like 'em taller and thinner.

by Curiousreply 52001/10/2014

R518 Women do have a tendancy to change their haircolor quite a bit.

by Curiousreply 52101/10/2014

R520 The blonde thing is the most consistent. The skinny part is only now that he's famous it seems.

by Curiousreply 52201/10/2014

R522 Anna James and Liv Tyler are both brunettes.

Both are tall and thin though. Well, Tyler is on the thinner side.

by Curiousreply 52301/10/2014

She who shall not be named: I went to Wimbledon with TH now that means we're dating so I can stalk him constantly on twitter. Squee

TH: shit what have I've got myself into? She's as mad as the fangirls that send me Shitty pictures

LW: secretly still hopes TH is gay

Make up woman: he's looking pale lets put some bright orange on him

by Curiousreply 52401/10/2014

From the full Telegraph interview, aside from the usual stuff, no project after CrimsonPeak is mentioned and he says that he likes to retreat to his mother house in Suffolk so I doubt she helps him with the laundry, lol.

About the dancing parties, didn't he say in an interview that he used to throw parties at his house in Venice, LA while shooting Thor1? I seem to remember that.

by Curiousreply 52501/10/2014

R525 that is one of the most pretentious interviews I've read. From that interview all I can tell that it's clear that he wants fame more. I've also discovered the man carries to much money on him.

by Curiousreply 52601/11/2014

This article is weird like all these articles written by fangirl or fanboy.

But Jeez, the guy takes himself and his "art" so seriously.

I've got the impression that he's lacking humour about things and about himself. He does all these stupid things so people won't see it.

I didn't read a lot of his interview but yeah he seems full of himself in this interview and not in a Cumberbatch's way because with BC you can always fell the doubt behind the words, not here.

by Curiousreply 52701/11/2014

Admittedly, he never really comes off well in written interviews, this one is worse than others because the journalist recycled old stuff with new, dishing out his career but carefully avoiding to mention the lack of future projects.

But I was rereading the part where the journalist says TH stole the film The Avengers from RDJ and Ruffalo and added the compliment for Thor2 and I thought if it could be actors/directors in HW that have some influence don't like him for this very reason? That every movie he is in would become a movie only about him due to his fandom and media? It sounds a bit absurd I know but reading this article you'd think the man is booked for work for the next century while he isn't.

by Curiousreply 52801/11/2014

Every actor comes off in written interview, I agree.

These fanboys/fangirls interview do more harm than good. People are not stupid, they can see he doesn't work much, it's far too PR to be taken seriously.

It may be one of Hiddles's problem, the PR machine is too obvious and other people (actors, directors, etc) can resent him for that.

If you're an actor and know that medias will drool over him again and again and ignore your work, you may not want to work with him.

by Curiousreply 52901/11/2014

Wow, what a terrible article. It's mainly old quotes jumbled together. Once more talking about his father's background but failing to mention his mother is practically an aristocrat. He's so defensive.

by Curiousreply 53001/11/2014

Sorry I have been quite out of the latest news when it comes to TH and BC. But when I read through the recent posts on this thread re the two, I get the impression that there's been more criticism towards TH? I always thought the two were fairly similar, posh British public schools, well off parents?

by Curiousreply 53101/11/2014

Terrible "article" written by a fangirl.

Hilarious how it's his thing now to discuss his *Dad's* accomplishments ("working-class Scot who made himself from the ground up!), but his Mum is "former stage manager/opera fanatic". Absolutely no mention EVER of her peerage spot, her uber-wealthy, old-money family. Cannot let the plebes know that he's posher than posh! Should not mention that he attended school with the future King of England. He's just like us!

But, HE is the reason every project he has ever been in has been successful, so, I guess they give him a pass. No mention of his publicity stunt with UNICEF? Hmm...we don't bring that up, either, I guess. "Entertainment journalists" are a funny lot. Wonder what LW promised this one, to create such a fiction? A date with TH?

And stop with the piano metaphors! You're NO BETTER than anyone else, you dolt. You do not possess any extra-special genes. I know Eton taught you differently, but, NO, you do not.

by Curiousreply 53201/11/2014

Oh gosh the piano metaphors. Again

by Curiousreply 53301/11/2014

[525,526,527], the article appears to be nothing more than quotes taken from a string of other interviews and articles and stuck together; not the result of an actual interview. It isn't an article subject's fault if the writer cobbles stuff together from elsewhere and produces pretentious-sounding crap.

by Curiousreply 53401/11/2014

It's really interesting to sit and watch people here, who clearly severely dislike TH, harp on every word he says in these interviews.

by Curiousreply 53501/11/2014

R534 yes and in fact I wrote that it's mostly old stuff. But while personally I wasn't blaming TH, the journalist also writes that he met TH at a hotel in London after Coriolanus preview night, so an actual interview happened.

by Curiousreply 53601/11/2014

R534 TH was actually interviewed for this piece of fangirl dribble.

If it comes off as "pretentious-sounding"- look no further than TH. HE said this stuff. Really, he did.

He honestly should not do any speaking off-script. Perhaps LW shouldn't allow him do any interviews at all? It really does him no favors. Maybe just keep him going to photo shoots and red carpet/VIP events to keep him relevant? It's very, very difficult to keep up the facade of a perfect Prince Charming, which is what he has been doing for the past three years in public. Tumblr would still worship him- and they'd get pictures of him smiling, and never be any wiser about him. Win-win.

by Curiousreply 53701/11/2014

R537 Such interviews won't change the view of the Tumblr crowd I think. They will still love him, and probably think that he seemed so charming in the interview.

by Curiousreply 53801/11/2014

R509 By this report and by watching the full video she links I wouldn't say he is too sick to perform, or even much sick.

by Curiousreply 53901/11/2014

He just had a cold, winter time, you know

by Curiousreply 54001/11/2014

He's still sounds and looks a bit rough. Enough for co stars and stand to mention it.

I think he's getting fed up with all the fangirls now. They have got them where he is today so he probably feels he has no need for them anymore. What we are beginning to see is the real TH. the act is falling now.

by Curiousreply 54101/11/2014

I don't think we'll ever see the 'real' TH but I agree re avoiding the fangirls now. I think he doesn't mind giving piggybacks and singing happy birthday when he's promoting Loki but when he's doing 'serious' work he likes to keep his distance so they'll be less embarrassing and ruin his serious actor reputation he's trying to build back up.

I actually wasn't expecting him to put his foot down and refuse to see them most of the time, I thought he'd be signing and snapping selfies for hours. He ditches them after 5 mintues and then runs off to the pub with his friends. LOL.

by Curiousreply 54201/11/2014

R542 has he been seen at the pub again?

Wait till she who shall not be named and the tumblr crew find out that. Lol

by Curiousreply 54301/11/2014

R453 The funny thingh is that night, it seems, he came out for a bit but didn’t finish the matinee queue and said “I’m sorry I really have to go, my friend’s mum is sick” and ran up the street with the security guard (according to another tumblr girl)

by Curiousreply 54401/11/2014

A girl met him in a pub and wrote about seeing him running off to meet his friends which I found hilarious.

by Curiousreply 54501/11/2014

LOL OMG R544 I heard about that but didn't realise it was the same night! Oops, busted. Or maybe they were meeting up for a couple of drinks to talk about the friends mum.

by Curiousreply 54601/11/2014

Lol at the lame excuse.

by Curiousreply 54701/11/2014

R544 OMG tell me this is true, please tell me this is actually true. LOL

by Curiousreply 54801/11/2014

Liars will always be caught out. Especially ones that are bad at it like TH. using an illness as an excuse is sick. Stupid boy.

I'm starting to go off him. Wished the tumblr crowd would see he's a dick.

by Curiousreply 54901/11/2014


by Curiousreply 55001/11/2014

Out of curiosity, what would you say to TH if you met him?

I'd congratulate him on his new role as Pinocchio. As a wooden boy who lies I'm sure it's a role he can easily fulfil

by Curiousreply 55101/11/2014

R544 Sorry I don't get it, he didn't finish the matinee queue at night? I know there are two shows on Sat. but the matinee doesn't end at night.

by Curiousreply 55201/11/2014

So TH said that his friends mum was sick as an excuse to cut his time short for the stage door but yet he was seen a bit later at a pub? Kind of a lame thing to do. He could have just signed a few and left without an explaination. He did not owe them any excuses.

by Curiousreply 55301/11/2014

Maybe it's not true, don't forget it's tumblr, or she didn't understand well. But if is, give him a comic show, really

by Curiousreply 55401/11/2014

Sure actors lie but they don't pretend to be all perfect that every move is PR like TH. that's his problem. After Coriolanus he should disappear for a while an come back after a year or two with new management and new PR. this is getting silly now with him.

We need a new thread soon.

by Curiousreply 55501/11/2014

I am so happy this thread is nearing 600 posts. And if another paying member of DL creates a thread about this dick I will personally come and hunt you down.

by Curiousreply 55601/11/2014

If he disappears during one or two his career is dead.

by Curiousreply 55701/11/2014

I do not understand the obsession with this guy. And do you not have enough other places to discuss him? Why do you all stalk DL and then pounce on any thread you can find that will give you an excuse to talk about him?

by Curiousreply 55801/11/2014

R552 Only people with show tickets can have autographs. And only on the same day

by Curiousreply 55901/11/2014

What the hell is wrong with all of you? Seriously, what is the fascination for you with TH?

by Curiousreply 56001/11/2014

Considering how much you all diss Tumblr, you sure do seem to know just where to find all of the TH info on it. I suspect the majority of you posting here are just crazy stan freepers who stalk Tumblr, ONTD, and CB in desperate search of news about him.

by Curiousreply 56101/11/2014

R556 R558 R560 Well personally I do not understand your obsession with us, 3 post in less than a minute

by Curiousreply 56201/11/2014

four! you are in The Guinness World Records

by Curiousreply 56301/11/2014

R559 ah ok I get it, thanks!

R556/R558/R560/R561 you are a pathetic brat, filling up the thread with simile-rational posts doesn't change this fact.

by Curiousreply 56401/11/2014

True, we veered back off into TH again but we haven't talked about him for a little while.

let's talk about Tom Mison instead. I haven't seen him in anything but I enjoyed his picture being posted...

by Curiousreply 56501/11/2014

Yes, I want this thread to die a quick death so that you stans will all get the fuck out and go kill yourselves because TH doesn't love you. What a bunch of fucking obsessed cunts you all are. Get the fuck off of DL and find another place to freeload and discuss this prick. Die in a fire, all of you. And take your obsession with Jane Arthy with you.

by Curiousreply 56601/11/2014

R565 I don't mind talking about Mison, I very much liked how he built his character for Sleepy Hollow, but I don't like the show, at all. I do hope he'll get more roles in the future. That being said though, this IS a TH thread so we are not OT.

by Curiousreply 56701/11/2014

R565 He is in the tv series Sleepy Hollow. I haven't really seen it so I can't really comment on his acting.

by Curiousreply 56801/11/2014

Why won't one of you freaks tell me why you are so obsessed with Hiddleston? And why you feel the need to come here and talk about him when there are so many other places to do so?

by Curiousreply 56901/11/2014

R566 Since you have made threatening comments I have reported your IP

by Curiousreply 57001/11/2014

Oh Jesus Christ, get a grip R566.

by Curiousreply 57101/11/2014

R570, you need to get a grip too.

by Curiousreply 57201/11/2014

I hope Mison will do some theatre too, he did at the beginning of his career

by Curiousreply 57301/11/2014

R571/R566/R570 Talking to yourself now?

by Curiousreply 57401/11/2014

R573, I am surprised someone has not yet reminded you that this is a TH thread! Shame on you for daring to talk about someone else on here! The nerve of you!

by Curiousreply 57501/11/2014

I think the fascination with TH I that he'll do anything to become more famous that its funny. He's that desperate. Plus he's the only actor I know that hooks up with a fangirl who constantly stalks him on twitter. She who shall not be named is just as funny.

Just heard that CH is presenting an Ocsar. Bet TH would tell many lies to get out of Coriolanus so he could do that

by Curiousreply 57601/11/2014

Chris Hemsworth is co-presenting the Oscar nominations but also a Golden Globe.

by Curiousreply 57701/11/2014

R576, is she who shall not be named Jane Arthy? And why is no one saying her name? There is certainly more than enough speculation about her on here. Maybe she needs her own thread too!

by Curiousreply 57801/11/2014

Who is Tom Mison? Is he another posh English actor? What's he in? Sorry, I don't recognize the name.

by Curiousreply 57901/11/2014

R579 He plays Ichabod on Fox's Sleepy Hollow

by Curiousreply 58001/11/2014

R578 yeah, she's JA. I have no idea why everyone calls her that, but it cracks me up.

by Curiousreply 58101/11/2014

She who shall not be named is when threads mysteriously get closed down. Also some regular DLers don't like her much

I prefer to call her unicorn Tumblr Queen given her antics. It gives fangirls including the crazy ones hope that he would fuck them as well. That's why she's liked on tumblr.

It's also funny he tries to hide her when she clearly doesn't want to be hidden

by Curiousreply 58201/11/2014

I've been rethinking this whole talking about TH on DL issue, and now feel that everyone is going to have to compromise on this a little.

Regular DLers: I get where you are coming from, but I think it is time to accept that you can't control everything. DL has attracted a fangirl contigent, and I just don;t see how you can police against this without coming across as jerks and wasting your time.

Fangirls, Fraus, or whatever you are: People here hate you. They really do. You have made it clear though that you don't care about that. My question for you is, will you give a little inch and at least make it easier for those who do not want to encounter this TH gush to avoid it?

My suggestion: Start your own threads. Pony up some money to become paying contributers, and make your own threads. Mark them clearly in the OP that they are about TH, then have at it. Please though please, do NOT hijack old threads with different or more general topics and turn them into threads about TH, and please don't start a new thread about something general like "British Theatre" unless you are really and truly committed to sticking to that topic.

Both Sides: Please stop bashing each other. Regular DLers, you have made your point. Let it go. Life sometimes requires us to tolerate things we don't especially like. Outsiders who want to talk about TH, you accomplish nothing by responding to vitriol.

It is very frustrating for me to click on a thread that is supposedly about an interesting topic, only to find out that it has turned into the Tumblr Vomitorium, and that is how these threads feel sometimes.

I get it that some of you once really liked TH and now you hate him, and I think there are valid reasons for that. For me, he is just way over-exposed and over-hyped given his actual accomplishments which, in my opinion, are pretty damned slim. I also suspect that he is far from the nice person his PR wants the world to believe he is. So these threads actually are kind of interesting to me at times, even when I also want to ask all of you to step back a bit and tone it down.

Just my thoughts, and yes, it is probably time for a new clearly labeled thread.

by Curiousreply 58301/11/2014

Thank you r483. However, pls don't lump all of TH's fans into one group. I like the guy but I am not fanatical about him.

by Curiousreply 58401/11/2014

R582 There's no conspiracy about threads being shut down, it happens all the time on this site.

by Curiousreply 58501/11/2014

And the reason the TH threads get shut down so often is because they go completely off the rails due to over-invested fangirls speculating about potentially libelous things. So the DL mods are wise to close them up. If these threads could be contained to just the DL members, I don't think that would happen. But as there is simply no way to keep the stans off of them, I am glad to see them get shut down as often as they do.

by Curiousreply 58601/11/2014

Accept that fact that more than a few DLers are crazy. These are not invasions from the "outside". There are plenty of other places to discuss these people (to death). No need to come to the DL to do so.

We've had soap mania, Pony mania, now it's TH mania. These are DLer fangurls (of both sexes) posting this stuff.

I agree that it would be considerate if such fans could start their own threads and not force (sane) posters to wade through otherwise interesting threads. Maybe then the webmaster would give you a break and not shut your tiresome musings down.

by Curiousreply 58701/11/2014

In fact it wasn't an outsider who started that thread about TH having a brain tumor.

In case no other thread comes up, here it's a thread about TH on another anonymous board.

by Curiousreply 58801/11/2014

Say what you will about the people posting about Harry Styles et al several months ago, at least they left en masse when it was made obvious to them that the discussion wasn't welcome here.

by Curiousreply 58901/11/2014

I forgot to include Ken Watanabe, Djimon Hounsou, and Clint Eastwood in my poll! They're also among everyone's favorite posh British actors.

by Curiousreply 59001/11/2014

R579 apparently he was Potty Perowne in Parade's End. I didn't realise Potty was hot!

by Curiousreply 59101/11/2014

I want to give R583 a cookie because they are right. However a few fangirls actually did start their own TH thread but it got shut down.

Haven't really seen anything about TH which is libellous at all. I also don't think that TH is as a nice person as his PR claims to be. Using a sick relative as an excuse not to sign things for stans which is actively encouraged in the first place is an all time low for him

by Curiousreply 59201/11/2014

I don't mind making another thread but the last thread entirely dedicated to TH discussion was closed after a few hours and full of abuse.

R591 Ah I always thought the guy playing Potty was a terrible actor. oh well. at least he's pretty.

by Curiousreply 59301/11/2014

R593 what did they say about him? Spill

by Curiousreply 59401/11/2014

This idea that anything is libelous is ridiculous. If DL were liable for shit people say here, this site would not exist. No such legal liability exists. This is well established in law.

The threads are shut down because certain DL busybodies want them to be shut down and habitually run crying to Nanny when things don't go their way. This is why I suggest the compromise. DLers, live and let live. The rest of you, create threads that have clear intent.

Yeah I know, this is all wasted.

R592, I think TH is self-important and not very talented. He plays the PR game well though and it is pretty transparent. It's all marketing. He's a posh little puppy who will always get what he wants because posh little puppies always do. He considers it his due, as is always the case with children of extreme privilege. Yes, I find this to be annoying.

by Curiousreply 59501/11/2014

R594 I believe R593 is referring to the thread below which was closed after 2 days.

R595 I agree, I have no idea what R586 is talking about. I've seen more potentially libellous info on other threads which weren't closed.

by Curiousreply 59601/11/2014

It's funny that the only awards TH is winning is the best looking male awards. I don't count the GQ one as any awards which contain one direction automatically looses credit.

People complaining about TH threads, can I remind you we don't need 50 Jeremy Renner threads.

by Curiousreply 59701/11/2014

I'm a longtime DLer, not familiar with Hiddleston or his work, but I wouldn't be surprised if there was something going on behind the scenes resulting in the threads being shut down. Something more than the webmaster finding the fangirls annoying, that is. I've noticed the same thing happens with David Tennant (hardly a widely discussed actor), anytime a thread starts discussing his private life and the rumours about him, it gets nuked. The 'actors you think will come out' thread ran for ages with lots of potentially libelous posts, but it was only when poster started speculating about Tennant's marriage that it was deleted.

by Curiousreply 59801/11/2014

I am a paying DL member and I will not start another thread about Hiddleston and I ask other members not to do so either. Let the insanity die down a bit please, and then maybe the freeloading stans will not come here all the damn time to check for a new thread.

And as for anything libelous, some of you missed the speculation that Jane Arthy was pregnant by TH that happened right before a TH thread got shut down a couple of weeks ago.

by Curiousreply 59901/11/2014

R599 wasn't that a joke? I thought everyone knew that. It's not libellous i heard worse on well known gossip sites.

Fairy Oscar thread was funny until it got shut down and there was nothing bad on that

by Curiousreply 60001/11/2014

R597 Renner is tolerated because he's most likely gay (see also Cavill).

Interesting R598 but that doesn't explain completely innocuous threads being shut down (like the one about Mamie Eisenhower) .

by Curiousreply 60101/11/2014
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