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Two hot DL favorite hunks!

In one great photo!

by Hubba hubbareply 611/17/2013

Brian Simms is indeed very hot.

by Hubba hubbareply 111/10/2013

Notice Sims' wry smile? His buttplug just fell out.

by Hubba hubbareply 211/10/2013

I'm sure Ben was obliging and gentlemanly enough to place it back in, he's nice that way

by Hubba hubbareply 311/10/2013

I wish they would shave, but nice pic.

by Hubba hubbareply 411/10/2013

I wish that they'd fuck me

by Hubba hubbareply 511/14/2013

He looks great!

by Hubba hubbareply 611/17/2013
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