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Friday night.

Currently sitting in a hot spa looking up through lush ppalm trees...jet massaging my lower back. Clear and 66 degrees.. Oh, I also have a mellow 420 buzz. What are you guys up to?

by Palm Springs guyreply 511/09/2013

Oops. "palm" trees.

by Palm Springs guyreply 111/08/2013

That sounds great, OP (though minus the 420 for me). My lower back is killing me and I would love to feel the warm water pulsing on it.

by Palm Springs guyreply 211/08/2013

are you making 'natural bubbles' or are the jets turned on

by Palm Springs guyreply 311/08/2013

I went to Walmart then hit the Wendy's drive-through before for a Classic Single before they closed at 1:00 am.

by Palm Springs guyreply 411/09/2013

I'm eating leftover pizza. At least I think I am, there's a power outage in the neighborhood.

by Palm Springs guyreply 511/09/2013
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