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Eminem Covers Billboard Magazine And They Crown Him A "Rap God"

Eminem is on the cover of the latest Billboard Magazine where they crown him the "Rap God" and he talks about life after his drug recovery, his comeback album “The Marshall Mathers LP 2″, and his future in music?

What do you think DL about Billboard calling Eminem a "Rap God"?

by Paul Rosenbergreply 13611/21/2014

Billboard is a piece of shit magazine that hasn't been relevant in years? Rap God? Please. Maybe to the stupid 30-something white men who are hanging onto their high school days.

by Paul Rosenbergreply 111/08/2013

Why are they trying to make this person happen again?

by Paul Rosenbergreply 211/08/2013

His story from almost near death to now a hit song could be inspiring to some. His album sales will be the tell tale of if he is really all that Billboard is hyping to be.

by Paul Rosenbergreply 311/08/2013

He's white, so of course that makes him a rap God. Don't you know that Justin Timberlake and Robin Thicke are the kings of R&B? Adele is the Queen of soul and Miley is the reigning princess of twerk.

by Paul Rosenbergreply 411/08/2013

He sold 750,000 albums this week. He isn't trying to happen. He's happening. He has 4 songs in the Billboard top 20 which hasn't happened since the Beatles.

by Paul Rosenbergreply 511/08/2013

Does anyone think Eminem was on drugs because he may have suffered from denial of being on the down low?

by Paul Rosenbergreply 611/08/2013

His twinky n' pouty "tough face" always makes me laugh.

by Paul Rosenbergreply 711/08/2013

He'll be old news in a month. That happens every time to his old has-been ass. He's in her 40s. He can't compete anymore. He's successful on iTunes. lmao.

by Paul Rosenbergreply 811/08/2013

Eminent is one of the most successful artists of the past decade. You people are very out of touch with reality if you think he isn't popular.

by Paul Rosenbergreply 911/08/2013

Also, the title is a reference to his new song named Rap God.

by Paul Rosenbergreply 1011/08/2013

Popular Schmopular. Nothing to do with quality. He sucks ass now and always has. After 33 years of rap will culture ever move on from the total bore that is hip hop? A third of a century of monotonous bitching.

by Paul Rosenbergreply 1111/08/2013

I'll be honest: I'd like to have sex with him. I'm a bottom and I'd prefer to fuck him. Raw. He's definitely had gay sex before and he's likely sucked off Dr. Dre and 50 Cent. His hole is perpetually moist.

by Paul Rosenbergreply 1211/08/2013

You elders should probably except that rap is a legitimate genre of music and isn't just a passing fad.

by Paul Rosenbergreply 1311/08/2013

Except you can't spell, R13. Try again.

by Paul Rosenbergreply 1411/08/2013

Oh I'm sorry accept.

by Paul Rosenbergreply 1511/08/2013

Who listens to his crap? Who is his fanbase?

by Paul Rosenbergreply 1611/08/2013

r9, he has a dedicated fan base. He has no competition this week. I's the same old shit.

by Paul Rosenbergreply 1711/08/2013

Why are the British so bad at rap? They were natural rock 'n rollers. If Eminem is the god of rap, at least he didn't become the clown that "the King" Elvis made of himself.

by Paul Rosenbergreply 1811/08/2013

R16 read R5 comment.

by Paul Rosenbergreply 1911/08/2013

Emmy is called "rap god" because he has a lot of white fans who otherwise don't listen to other rappers (aka the black rappers). Sure, some of his white fans are rap fans in general, and yes he has some black fans, but most of his fanbase doesn't listen to any other rap than him. These are the same ones who only listen to Jussy and Thicke for "real r&b".

by Paul Rosenbergreply 2011/08/2013

"Emmy is called "rap god" because he has a lot of white fans who otherwise don't listen to other rappers (aka the black rappers). "

Doesn't that make him the 'Rap Maude'?

by Paul Rosenbergreply 2111/08/2013


by Paul Rosenbergreply 2211/08/2013

[all posts by tedious, racist idiot removed.]

by Paul Rosenbergreply 2311/08/2013

Eminem has been called the King of Rap and the World's Greatest Rapper from other music magazines.

by Paul Rosenbergreply 2411/08/2013

Basically that's like being called the "King of Shit" to most of us r24,

by Paul Rosenbergreply 2511/08/2013

I think of him more as a "Rap Pushy Bottom."

by Paul Rosenbergreply 2611/08/2013

Eminem is a horrible bully who picks on gay people because he can get away with it. Of course that is popular with immature young guys trying to establish their identity by picking on those they feel are weaker than themselves. Says a lot about culture that Billboard is celebrating a homophobic artist using the title of his most recent anti-gay song. Wonder if this would happen were the target black or hispanic people. Nope. Eminem has made millions bullying gay people.

by Paul Rosenbergreply 2711/08/2013

I stopped buying Madonna's albums after she endorsed him. I had been overlooking her lack of legitimate talent because I thought she was a good ally for gays. She could've said it's not a matter of free speech because no one would be defending racism, instead she acted like his homophobia was high art. That talentless backstabber has never seen another dime from me.

Eminem is definitely a dividing line for me, I like Eminem = I hate you.

by Paul Rosenbergreply 2811/08/2013

"Rap God" is the name of Eminem's most recent song attacking gays and using the "F" word. But dont' be offended, he'd never use the "N" word, but when it comes to gays words are not to be taken seriously (except if they target any other group).

by Paul Rosenbergreply 2911/08/2013

I like Eminem he is one of my favorite and best rappers.

by Paul Rosenbergreply 3011/09/2013

White trash.

by Paul Rosenbergreply 3111/09/2013

Love him or hate him, Eminem would be on the rap Mt. Rushmore. Easily. Tupac, Biggie, Dre, Eminem. Hating him (I loathe him) doesn't take away his influence or relevance.

by Paul Rosenbergreply 3211/09/2013

Thank you R32

by Paul Rosenbergreply 3311/09/2013

OP/R4 is quite the little black racist.

Die racist. Die and burn.

by Paul Rosenbergreply 3411/09/2013

I muted the sound when he was on SNL last week.

by Paul Rosenbergreply 3511/09/2013

Vanilla Ice was better, and he did it first!

by Paul Rosenbergreply 3611/09/2013

[quote]I stopped buying Madonna's albums after she endorsed him.

Yep, that cunt showed her true colors when she did that. It was also this same time that she married homophobic Guy Richie. And for the next several years, she didn't even mention the word gay or talk about gay issues. Sure enough, when her career went down the toilet and people weren't buying her shitty records anymore, she went running back to gays pretending to be an ally again. Too late now bitch.

by Paul Rosenbergreply 3711/09/2013

Detroit Fun Facts:

Eminem has put his mother's old Detroit house on his album covers twice. He always refers to it as his "childhood home", but he was 15 when she bought it, and she only owned it for a few years. Are you a child at 15? Eminem definitely had a working class upbringing, but he grew up mostly in Warren, which is just north of Detroit's 8 Mile Road border.

Kid Rock is even worse - he's a rich kid from Romeo (that's out by 23 Mile Road, folks) who poses as trailer trash and is always going on about his Deeetroit roots.

For people from the area, all the posturing around being "from the D" is hilarious, and the way people from elsewhere fall for it is even funnier.

Jack White is one of the few white rock musicians who actually grew up in the city.

by Paul Rosenbergreply 3811/09/2013

R38 well Emmy and Kid Rock did it to get "street cred" and their plan worked. It's like all the shit Vadge has made up over the years about her pre-fame life.

Why so many white people under 40 are enamored with Emmy is just beyond comprehension. He always has this faux-angry voice when he raps, and is just so unlikable.

by Paul Rosenbergreply 3911/09/2013

R39 Don't forget ugly as fuck. Can't stand that shitty faux-scowl on his ugly face.

by Paul Rosenbergreply 4011/09/2013

Right, R39. Rochester is and always has been a rich Oakland County suburb.

by Paul Rosenbergreply 4111/09/2013

[quote][R39] Don't forget ugly as fuck. Can't stand that shitty faux-scowl on his ugly face.

Eminems always looks like he's smelling shit.

by Paul Rosenbergreply 4211/09/2013

Nicki Minaj is objectively and subjectively a better rapper than Eminem. But because she's A) African-American and B) female, she'll never get the credit she deserves.

by Paul Rosenbergreply 4311/09/2013

R43 are you high on mushrooms? Nicki Minaj a better rapper than Eminem?

by Paul Rosenbergreply 4411/09/2013

r43, she's also African American trash.

by Paul Rosenbergreply 4511/09/2013


by Paul Rosenbergreply 4611/09/2013

R45 that's a little racist. I agree Nicki can't grace a rap verse better than Em, but she's pretty and can rap somewhat for a female.

by Paul Rosenbergreply 4711/09/2013

Has anyone read over the lyrics to "Rap God"? It is clear from them that Eminem is finally coming out.

by Paul Rosenbergreply 4811/09/2013

R20 are you crazy?

Rap music is the only music the majority of young men listen to. No matter what country. Lil Wayne fucking sells out in the middle east. Maybe Eminem has a lot of older fans who dont listen to other rappers but the wide majority do. Rap radio plays eminem constantly but avoids mackelmore because he's a pop artist really.

White, black, hispanic, asian,whatever. rap s the music of today. And lil wayne and drake are as big as eminem.

by Paul Rosenbergreply 4911/09/2013

You people are nuts.

Eminem is not fucking homophobic. Ok? Good god.

by Paul Rosenbergreply 5011/09/2013

Good god yourself, r50. He promotes and legitimizes homophobia, with the media's help treating it as "art" instead of hate. "It's just a character" and "It's just a joke" are all too convenient, weaselly excuses, no less weaselly than Christians denying they're bigots because they only hate the "sin", not the "sinner." Someone who promotes hate should be judged by that, their actions, not what they allegedly believe in their heart.

by Paul Rosenbergreply 5111/09/2013

I love Eminem's song with Rihanna "The Monster". Regardless he is one of the best rappers dead or alive.

by Paul Rosenbergreply 5211/10/2013

Of course the moron who started this thread also posted this in the other Eminem thread:

[quote]Why boycott everyone who doesn't agree with a particular lifestyle? So what I LOVE Chik-fil-a that is my favorite fast food spot. I'd be damned to boycott them over them not agreeing with a groups lifestyle. It's life we need to stop worrying so much what others think and think for ourselves. I like Eminem's new song and music.

by Paul Rosenbergreply 5311/10/2013

Eminem is a writer. Just like a novelist, a short storyteller, a poet, an essayist, etc. Eminem writes lyrics. People don’t get up in arms when a writer creates a sociopathic character for a novel or a short story. Do we ‘assume’ the character is the ‘writer’? No. Do we ‘assume’ that a misogynist, homophobic, disturbed character is mimicking the writer’s true feelings, attitudes, and beliefs? No. If that’s the case, then why is it different when it comes to the medium Eminem works with? It’s not. All of these mediums are art.

At this point it’s useless to get up in arms when Eminem comes up with something like Rap God, especially since there is a context to the ‘story’ which is the MMLP2. From the album’s first song M+M is ragging on ‘Marshall Mathers’ most of all and Rap God is part of that album where he's reminiscing and poking daggers at everyone including himself.

Eminem has created three well known characters: Slim Shady, Eminem and Marshall Mathers. Out of all three characters, Marshall Mathers is the closest to the ‘real self’. Pay attention and you’ll hear the different ‘characters’ speaking on the song/album. He uses vocal inflections to change gear. In fact, when I heard Rap God the first time the ‘gay’ section came across as the story of how Marshall Mathers was perceived when he first came on the scene (i.e. pretty boy, gay, soft, etc). It actually sounds like a tongue in cheek riff of what people were thinking about him. In addition, that section is twisting the words of what was rapped by another MC years ago.

Eminem says something about each of his three protagonists in all his albums. Sure it would be more mature to drop Slim Shady completely but sometimes grown ups like to hear the twisted devil speak his crap.

My favorite two songs from the CD are Bad Guy (Stan’s brother making an appearance. I love his “Eminem killed by M&M, Matthew Mitchell, Bitch, I even have your initials”) and Headlights where Marshall Mathers finally apologizes to his mom and reaches some kind of closure with his past.

Yes I’ve been a long time Eminem and rap fan. We no longer have our Rakim and Tupac but we still have that fucker Eminem raging into middle age.

by Paul Rosenbergreply 5411/10/2013

Oh and here's Matthew Mitchell searing M+M/Slim Shady on Bad Guy:

I also represent anyone on the receiving end of those jokes you invent

I'm the nightmare you fell asleep in and woke up still in

I'm your karma closing in with each stroke of a pen

Perfect time to have some remorse to show for your sin

No, it's hopeless, I'm the denial that you're hopelessly in

When they say all of this is approaching its end

But you refuse to believe that it's over, here we go all over again

Backs to the wall, I’m stacking up all them odds

Toilets clogged, yeah cause I’m talking a lot of shit but I’m backing it all up

But in my head there’s a voice in the back and it hollers

After the track is demolished; I am your lack of a conscience

I’m the ringing in your ears

I’m the polyps on the back of your tonsils

Eating your vocal chords after your concerts

I’m your time that’s almost up that you haven’t acknowledged

Grab for some water but I’m that pill that’s too jagged to swallow

I’m the bullies you hate, that you became

With every faggot you slaughtered

Coming back on you, every woman you insult

That, with the double-standards you have when it comes to your daughters

I represent everything, you take for granted

‘Cause Marshall Mathers the rapper’s persona's half a facade

And Matthew and Stan’s just symbolic

Of you not knowing what you had 'till it’s gone

‘Cause after all the glitz and the glam

No more fans that are calling your name, cameras are off

Sad, but it happens to all of them

I’m the hindsight to say, “I told you so”

Foreshadows of all the things that are to follow

I’m the future that’s here to show you what happens tomorrow

If you don’t stop after they call you the

Biggest laughing stock of rap who can’t call it quits

When it’s time to walk away, I’m every guilt trip

The baggage you had, but as you gather up all your possessions

If there's anything you have left to say

Unless it makes an impact then don’t bother

So before you rest your case

Better make sure you’re packin' a wallop

So one last time, I’m back

Before it fades into black and it’s all over

Behold the final chapter in the saga

Trying to recapture that lightning trapped in a bottle

Twice the magic that started it all

Tragic portrait of an artist tortured

Trapped in his own drawings

Tap into thoughts

Blacker and darker than anything imaginable

Here goes a wild stab in the dark uh

As we pick up where the last Mathers left off

by Paul Rosenbergreply 5511/10/2013

LOL at the retarded gays who actually buy this pigs' music. You must have some SERIOUS self-hate issues.

You probably vote Republican too.

by Paul Rosenbergreply 5611/10/2013

R56 exactly. Only the idiot sector of our community could possibly support such a piece of shit.

by Paul Rosenbergreply 5711/10/2013

[quote] You elders should probably except that rap is a legitimate genre of music and isn't just a passing fad.

Every other type of 20th C music was a fad. Swing, ragtime, big band, disco, rock. They all faded. Time for rap to fade.

by Paul Rosenbergreply 5811/10/2013

He skipped over the whole ' faggot/gay looking boy' section during his performance of Rap God for the EMA's tonight. Eminem received the Global Icon award and performed Bezerk and Rap God to a crazy crowd.

by Paul Rosenbergreply 5911/10/2013

[all posts by racist flame bait troll removed, ISP notified with full text of all posts.]

by Paul Rosenbergreply 6011/10/2013

[quote]He skipped over the whole ' faggot/gay looking boy' section during his performance of Rap God for the EMA's tonight. Eminem received the Global Icon award and performed Bezerk and Rap God to a crazy crowd.

Global Icon award??? LMAO! Guess Europe is just as tasteless as America. One more reason to not watch these shitty MTV shows.

by Paul Rosenbergreply 6111/10/2013

R59 see-he knows. Authentic my ass. I wish the public wasn't so stupid. This "my life is hard" whiner needs to get punched out. I'd love it if a gay guy kicked his ass.

R60 white racist invading the threads tonight I see.

by Paul Rosenbergreply 6211/10/2013

Rap God was cut for time. The first two minutes of Rap God were removed. He started close to the end of the song b/c that's when he enters his triple rapping speed and that's what the audience was waiting for (also that is what proves that he's a 'rap god'). Eminem only did the hook and part of verse three of the song.

Too bad we only heard a quarter of the song since the beginning is when he gives respect to all the MC's that paved the way.

by Paul Rosenbergreply 6311/10/2013

Eminem is a twisted, damaged, hateful creature.

That said, he would deserve his fame based on "Lose Yourself", "Love the Way You Lie" or "Slim Shady" as single pieces. The disgusting and disturbing power he brings to mostly vapid and inane pop sounds is pure genius. Kanye must wish he was MNM.

I still turn it up to 11 when I hear "Lose Yourself" which is one of the most raw, catchy, fucked up songs of the last 20 years. I wish he had been Kurt Cobain's lover instead of CLove- that would have been epic!

by Paul Rosenbergreply 6411/10/2013

r60= Teabagger racist

by Paul Rosenbergreply 6511/10/2013


Nicki Minaj is okay as a rapper, and okay as a singer, but the whole package (looks, talent, intelligence and attitude) makes her a force to be reckoned with!

Not many people can call out the goddess Mariah in public and live to tell the tale!

by Paul Rosenbergreply 6611/10/2013

R66 because there were cameras around. If this had been an off-air feud, Mariah would have said much worse to her.

Interesting to note that Nicki hasn't had a hit since then, except for that shitty collaboration with Bieber which only briefly hit the top 10.

by Paul Rosenbergreply 6711/10/2013



Eminem has said repeatedly that "Slim Shady" and even "eminem" are characters, fictional ways for him to express his feelings, his fears and desires and bullshit. At this point he even says "Marshall Mathers" is a fiction removed from his real self. His actions outside his art- his relationships, his charity work, his family- all of those are still fodder, but nothing like his current life.

by Paul Rosenbergreply 6811/10/2013

Shit, R55

I had to go listen to the song after you posted the lyrics.

Brutal self knowledge - we should be so lucky to be able to show our demons to the world the way he does.

Rap God indeed.

by Paul Rosenbergreply 6911/10/2013

r68, I've also said I'd never use the n-word because I respect black people too much. Yet I love using the word faggot, because why should I respect fags, when fags like you kiss my ass regardless?

by Paul Rosenbergreply 7011/10/2013

He doesn't use the N word b/c racial issues aren't the concerns of any of his personas/characters. Slim/Em/Marshall have issues regarding gender/masculinity, etc not racism.

by Paul Rosenbergreply 7111/21/2013

He likes Macklemore (Same Love MC) so he can't be completely homophobic.

Rollingstone- RS: Have you heard “Same Love”?

Have I heard what?

RS" “Same Love,” by Macklemore and Ryan Lewis?

What song is that?

RS: It’s, um, the gay-marriage song.

Yeah, yeah, yeah, I’ve heard Macklemore’s whole album.

RS: What do you think of it? He’s probably the most successful white rapper since you.

Uh, he’s really dope. Macklemore is, yeah, he’s dope.

RS: You won respect in part by being technically amazing – I’m not sure everyone in hip-hop sees him that way yet.

I think there’s very technical shit that he does. He’s a really good songwriter, too. Conceptually, the shit he does is pretty fuckin’ incredible.

by Paul Rosenbergreply 7211/23/2013

[QUOTE]What song is that?

Followed by:

[quote]Yeah, yeah, yeah, I’ve heard Macklemore’s whole album.

Can it be any clearer Eminem was completely stoned during this interview! Lol.

I bet he'd never even heard of Macklemore until he was told about him by RS!

by Paul Rosenbergreply 7311/23/2013

Eminem is obsessed with music so he had to have heard the Macklemore album but didn't connect Same Love until the interviewer prodded him about it.

Eminem is more real in interviews which is why he can compliment Macklemore and tell his manager that he'd mentor Justin Beiber who's acting out. He's a mentor to artists coming up in his real life but he's willing to make fun of them in song when he's in character.

The Rap God video is not bad. (see link)

by Paul Rosenbergreply 7411/27/2013

Eminem apologists on a gay message board. This is why WE hate us!

by Paul Rosenbergreply 7511/27/2013

Re: the video. It's visually on point. I like how Marshall takes us through hip hop history and name checks/shows images of Tupac, NWA, Run DMC, and even JJ Fad (Supersonic!).

Based on the homosocial environment of the underground rap battle shown in the video, it’s possible that those guys throw the word 'faggot' and 'bitch' around b/c thrive in an environment that’s more male oriented than a gay bar. That’s one way of distancing themselves from the all male lifestyle they derive comfort from.

Kudos to the gay make up artist on the video shoot. Eminem looks young there and we know he’s aged facially like every other former methhead.

Re: RS interview. The interviewer played it very safe. Besides not pushing about the ‘faggot’ comment (or at least getting more on the song's characters), he didn’t ask Eminem much about the song Headlights (re: closure w/ mom) nor went deeper into things such as Eminem’s continual grief over his bff Proof. Especially as it’s been years but Eminem still can’t get over it and still makes songs about that loss. RS also didn’t ask MM about substituting exercise for drugs/alcohol (MM indicated in one part of the interview that he’s so OCD that if he thinks he needs to burn 500 calories on the treadmill he won’t get off until it says 500 cal).

Interviewer also didn’t push him on his love life. Eminem gave some vague non-gender specific answer that he doesn’t know if he can fall in love again and maybe one day he’ll figure love out but that for now, all he does is rap and focus on being a dad. Weird for a male celebrity.

by Paul Rosenbergreply 7611/29/2013

[quote]Eminem apologists on a gay message board. This is why WE hate us!

Exactly. It's revolting. It's the equivalent of a black person praising a white supremacist.

Then again, gay people never have been very smart.

by Paul Rosenbergreply 7711/29/2013

It's terrible that we can't all think and act the same. Imagine how interesting the world would be....

In his RS interview M&M praised his forefathers in rap and specifically pointed out how Tupac ‘made songs’ that produced intense feelings in the listener and that Biggie ‘told stories’ and that his goal was to do the same, tell stories and make people ‘feel’. Whether your response is negative or positive, you are affectively responding.

My extrapolation is that those who are focused on the word ‘faggot’ have only listened to snippets of the songs that use that word and make assumptions about his work based on that small sample.

Eminem’s characters offer painful truths that represent the dark parts of people. The word ‘faggot’ and ‘bitch’ aren’t about gay men and women. They are about Em and Slim (and sometimes Marshalls’) fucked up gender issues. Boys who never had a male role model/father figure who don’t know what it means to be a man thus they overcompensate with machismo for needing daddy and hating him for their ‘weakness’ (their desire/love for dad). That’s why Dad is the ‘faggot’ in Em's songs (not b/c his dad is gay). They also displace that hate on mommy since she was smothering and demanding but at least present, unlike dad.

Eminem starts the MMLP2 with Bad Guy and he rages against himself for becoming 'the bullies' he hates. He states that he will get his from the ‘faggots’ he ‘slaughtered’ and the women he’s battered (in rap). That song is a vat of self loathing against Marshall Mathers (from both Matthew Mitchell and Em's inner self). In that context is the word ‘faggot’ homophobic or is it him recognizing that he’s a piece of shit?

He repeatedly tells us in rap that his characters are fucked up human beings, far from a 'role model'.

by Paul Rosenbergreply 7811/29/2013

You are a smart guy R78.

by Paul Rosenbergreply 7911/29/2013

R79, I'm the feminist lesbian who loves rap...Oh mighty Isis, save me from myself.

by Paul Rosenbergreply 8011/29/2013

I stan for Eminem aka Marshall Mathers.

by Paul Rosenbergreply 8111/29/2013

R57, Thanks for posting that. He's clearly talented.

by Paul Rosenbergreply 8211/30/2013

I just can't connect with the posters saying people who enjoy Eminem's music are apologists. I've been buying his CDs because they're about complicated, fucked up people. Eminem is a breath of fresh (well more appropriately foul) air.

And as one of DL's gay geezers, I have to say thanks for posting what you did R78. You said that more articulately that I ever could have.

by Paul Rosenbergreply 8311/30/2013

The constant gripping of the groin is positively infantile...

by Paul Rosenbergreply 8411/30/2013

R83= pathetic self-loather who thinks he's 'cool' because he likes Feminem.

When, in reality, you're just a sad old geezer.

by Paul Rosenbergreply 8512/01/2013

Everything about him is infantile. He appeals mainly to white trash with narcissistic disorders.

And his whole 'allure' is based in racism. There are infinitely better black rappers, but he gets elevated because he's white.

by Paul Rosenbergreply 8612/01/2013

Is it true that he once got naked on stage and presented his hole to the crowd?

by Paul Rosenbergreply 8712/01/2013

I've never liked Eminem very much, but he is incredibly popular. He's sold more albums in the US in the past 20 years than anyone else. Anyone. His new album had the 2nd biggest debut week of 2013 (behind Justin Timberlake). He's not some niche artist or a flash in the pan.

by Paul Rosenbergreply 8812/01/2013

R85, you're tiresome. Like I really give a fuck about what's 'cool'

And save the psychocrap for your friends.

BTW, if you're gonna use the word "old," you don't need to follow it with "geezer."

by Paul Rosenbergreply 8912/01/2013

R87, Eminem has flashed his ass a few times during concerts/battles (see link) and in a couple of mtv type shoes. I believe he stripped down naked while filming one of his music videos or was it during 8 mile? Something like that. But yeah, he has bent over during concert and presented his hole.

Re: his appeal. I do admit that the only mosh pits I've ever feared for my life as a woman of color were the ones at Eminem shows. The Up in Smoke tour wasn't bad b/c it was a very integrated line up but Anger Management 1 and 2 which I saw at Nassau Coliseum attracted a load of white suburban boys from LI. It was terrifying...I'm not kidding.

Anger Management 3 at MSG had a diverse crowd but it was so fucking obvious Eminem was high out of his mind. His performance during AM2 at Nassau was the first time I saw a performer do his whole show with glazed, dead, out of focus eyes. During MSG I knew he was going to either die or go to rehab but he wasn't going to do another show in my lifetime if he kept up the drug use.

Re: racism. Yes, Eminem has earned way more money b/c he is white (with Native American blood btw). We also have dickheads like Brandon Soderberg from Spin who are constantly shitting on rappers for dumb shit his white ass can't get. For example, he thought Lupe Fiasco was being 'preachy' and 'moronic' on his "Bitch Bad" song/video and oh, Kendrick Lamar's 'Control' verse was not very impressive. Fat, nerdy white music reviewers are way worse than fans who find Eminem appealing partially b/c he's white. So what, white fans should not be limited from identifying with hip hop rapped by whites, especially when the white rappers all acknowledge how their whiteness helps them break barriers with suburban kids. Heck, people liked that treacly, saccharine Same Love song just b/c some white guy was rapping about same sex love. doesn't make it good just b/c we like the message.

by Paul Rosenbergreply 9012/01/2013

R78, r90

You are a terrible lesbian role model and a brilliant chick. Don't stop.

I can't even say I agree with all you say, because rap is not my primary music interest and you are far too smart. Rap doesn't need some Same Love sugar water any more than it needs Nicki Minaj "feminism." Some things are just not meant for children or grown ups.

I will have to make you my current DL crush. Isis rejected and reloaded.

You just keep on educating and preaching, breaking it up and telling the truth beautifully right here.

by Paul Rosenbergreply 9112/01/2013

Preach it R91

I also find it hilarious Emmy dyes his hair blond. Like Vadge, he thinks that will make people like him more I guess? So vain.

by Paul Rosenbergreply 9212/01/2013

I wouldn't call it a compliment, OP. Billboard loses any credibility they may have once had with this bullshit moniker. Rap is crap and I seriously question someone's IQ who is into it.

by Paul Rosenbergreply 9312/03/2013

I HATE middle america even more. They have given Emmy yet another #1, as this week "The Monster" moves up to the top of the hot 100. Yes, it is middle america responsible for this. If you go to an Emmy concert, you'll see mostly white trash fans who aren't into other rappers/hip hop recording acts. Emmy does have black fans and also white fans of hip hop in general, but most of his fan base does not listen to other rap music besides him.

The homophobe wins again. There was a bit of press uproar over his f-word usage in the latest album, but it didn't hurt his sales and he's considered an iconic legend now. So sad.

by Paul Rosenbergreply 9412/12/2013

Thanks for the compliment R91.

R92, the blond is b/c Eminem was revisiting MMLP time period when he was blond and nubile.

Thought folks might 'appreciate' the new M+M/RiRi video for The Monster.

I hate the song (it's inane) and skip it whenever it comes up on my ipod BUT I actually like the video (see link). It's a good concept, might have been a little better executed but still, I enjoyed the walking down memory lane seeing Eminem replay some of his most famous/iconic moments. Once again, the make up artist has magic in his hands b/c Eminem looks pretty good, considering.

The video is pure Eminem reflecting...again. Talk about navel gazing. It's SO midlife crisis but that's why we love him.

I thought it was interesting that Em replayed the Elton John Stan Grammy performance (3:42). I thought it was especially interesting that he choose the hug replay to happen during the lyrics:

"I ain't here to save the fucking children

But if one kid out of a hundred million

Who are going through a struggle feels it and

Relates, that's great"

He's mentioned in other songs that he was bullied. I'm guessing he's making a point by choosing the hug clip during those lyrics. He can empathize with gay kids being bullied b/c of his own experience (i.e. being bullied in school, beaten in a bathroom where he was peed on and lost consciousness-he said he doesn't remember how that beating ended besides waking up from a coma after 10 days).

Love Slim Shady in the cage and Slim throwing out pieces of paper with lyrics at Eminem. Slim's in a cage for now...

Most importantly, Rihanna looks GORGEOUS. From the dark lipstick to the uber tight bodice/shirt and the shrink's form fitting pencil skirt. Girl has a perfect body.

by Paul Rosenbergreply 9512/16/2013

R93, the moniker was Em's own title.

R94, I wouldn't use the term 'white trash' to describe his fanbase. He appeals to suburban teens who relate to the angst and rage typical of adolescence. It's similar to liking neo punk, except without the liberalism and black hair dye.

by Paul Rosenbergreply 9612/16/2013

I only like The Monster because of Rihanna's verse. When Eminem started he was all about hating the pop girls (Britney and Christina), but he sure loves using Rihanna in his music. Wonder why...

by Paul Rosenbergreply 9712/16/2013

I've knelt before this particular blond and muscular Rap God many times and worshipped him orally.

by Paul Rosenbergreply 9812/16/2013

We know why Eminem uses Rihanna in his songs. He's in conflict, he's socially awkward but he wants pop stardom. He knows he's a hypocrite in that regard.

Eminem does point out though that the reason he thought of Rihanna for The Monster (and Love the Way You Lie) was because people think she's nuts like him.


"The perception of the record, what it's saying, I thought it would be a good idea to have her on it because I think people look at us like we're both a little nuts. That's one of the things that I was telling her in making the record: I think that people look at us a little crazy,"

by Paul Rosenbergreply 9912/16/2013

R98 who are you kidding? We ALL know it's the other way around. Emmy lays it low and spreads it wide for his daddy Dr. Dre.

by Paul Rosenbergreply 10012/17/2013

R100, 'daddy Dre' is correct. Dre is mentor and substitute dad for M+M while Em is the son who survived drug abuse, unlike Dre's biological son Andre.

BTW technically, Eminem claims he and Dre are versatile (i.e. 'I'm out the closet, I've been lying my ass off/All this time me and Dre been fucking with hats off/(Suck it Marshall!)' My Dad's Gone Crazy).

He's also implied that he prefers oral (i.e. 'Motherfucka', might as well let my lips pucker/ Like Elton John, cause I'm just a mean cocksucker' Cold Wind Blows). And who can forget that when Eminem took over the persona of Ken Kaniff from rapper Aristotle, he made Kaniff even gayer and more into oral than originally performed by Aristotle (see link).

by Paul Rosenbergreply 10112/17/2013

Angry closeted losers love his music. Trust.

by Paul Rosenbergreply 10212/17/2013

Sorry to read that he has recovered, I was hoping that he would have a fatal overdose.

by Paul Rosenbergreply 10312/17/2013

[all posts by pathetic racist, sexist, anti-semitic, homophobic flame bait troll removed (but you might want to not encourage it in the future because it will be back because you keep giving it what it wants and it really does not believe any of the things it types), ISP notified with full text of all posts.]

by Paul Rosenbergreply 10412/17/2013

[all posts by pathetic racist, sexist, anti-semitic, homophobic flame bait troll removed (but you might want to not encourage it in the future because it will be back because you keep giving it what it wants and it really does not believe any of the things it types), ISP notified with full text of all posts.]

by Paul Rosenbergreply 10512/17/2013

Beiber's people must be selling this story. Unless Eminem really invited Justin Beiber to stay at house for the holidays to 'sort him out'.

Daily Mail

'He's worried he's going to end up in bad trouble': Eminem invites Justin Bieber to stay in hope of 'talking him into therapy'

He might not be the first famous face to offer out his help to Justin Bieber, but that hasn't stopped Eminem from trying to step in.

The rapper is thought to have invited the 19-year-old to stay at his home in Detroit over the festive period to help him get back on the right track, The Sun has reported.

'He's really hoping he can sort Justin out. The way he's going he's worried he's going to end up in really bad trouble,' a source told the newspaper.

The 41-year-old - real name Marshall Mathers - hopes he will be able to get through to the singer, after recently opening up about his own drug problems.

The source also commented: 'Eminem would consider going into the studio with him if he sorts himself out, which would be a dream come true for Justin.'

Justin is rarely out of the headlines with his often bizarre behaviour, which has seen him allegedly call a fan a 'beached whale', after a series of late night parties at his home.

NME recently reported that Eminem's manager, Paul Rosenberg, had also told Bieber's manager Scooter Braun, that: 'If you ever want Eminem to talk to him, he would do it in a second.

'He cares about that kid.'

However the US star appears to be concentrating on his music, and tweeted on Monday to say: 'Big week. Interviews. Video shoot. New videos. Premiere. And a new #BelieveMovie trailer on @MTV tomorrow morning:)'.

Last week, Justin put in a call to his friend Ryan Seacrest on his radio show. Justin said he hopes that his new movie Believe, due out this month, will show what's really been going on behind-the-scenes.

'I think (his debut film) Never Say Never showed hope and I think Believe is how you get back up when you fall down and, really, that story of what's going on behind the scenes," he told the radio/TV host.

by Paul Rosenbergreply 10612/18/2013

lol R103

by Paul Rosenbergreply 10712/18/2013

Wow is Eminem a chickenhawk or what?

by Paul Rosenbergreply 10812/18/2013

Eminem's daughter Hailie is supposedly a Beiber fan who met him backstage after a concert. If anything I'm guessing Eminem's manager Paul told Beib's manager that Em was willing to be a mentor/sponsor in case the Beib was drinking/drugging. I'm guessing it's Marshall being his daddy self since he has 2 daughter's close to Beiber's age and he can empathize with pressures of sudden fame.

The rest of it about Beiber staying at his place during the holidays and possibly going to the studio with him is likely an exaggeration from the Sun or whatever Brit rag thought up the story first.

I think Eminem wants to be Beiber's Elton John.

From the Metro Times-

MT: So who have you learned the most from in your life? And is there anybody's career that you look to for support and insight at this point in time?

EMINEM: [pause] Um, well, Elton John. I talk to Elton a lot. We became friends and I talk to him about things, career wise. And he had a substance abuse problem in the past. So when I first wanted to get sober, I called him and spoke to him about it because, you know, he's somebody who's in the business and can identify and relate to the lifestyle and how hectic things can be. He understands like the pressure and any other reasons that you wanna come up with for doing drugs, you know.

Me and him have had similar lives and stuff. So I reached out to him and told him, "Look, I'm going through a problem and I need your advice."

by Paul Rosenbergreply 10912/19/2013

so that means Emmy is looking to feel masculine and in search of his bottom. Much like prison, Emmy's been through the ropes as a bottom whore and is now looking to try his hand at topping. Bieber is an easy pick, as he already has experience spreading it for daddy Usher.

by Paul Rosenbergreply 11012/19/2013

Anyone still think it's funny that Eminem raps about killing gay people?

Any gays still think that it is acceptable that he has made millions with his homophobic crap rap?

With the Duck dynasty bullshit ahs it gotten into your minds yet that people hate gays and want to kill them all?

Anyone still want to make excuses for this turd?

by Paul Rosenbergreply 11112/19/2013

R111 I have a feeling a lot of the Duck supporters are also Emmy fans. Most of his fans are white trash.

by Paul Rosenbergreply 11212/19/2013

Where is Eminem rapping about killing gay people? Are you referencing his saying that his words are like a dagger in Criminal or his lyrics in Kill You? Those songs are 1) old, 2) misanthropic, 3) he even mentions killing Dre so..clearly, in jest.

Em mentions killing Marshall, Slim, and Eminem in more songs than he mentions killing anyone else.

He's made millions but not on homophobic 'crap rap'. Jeez, if anything people should say he's made millions on MISOGYNISTIC, self loathing, navel gazing crap. Speaking of misogynist and...funny as hell, Love Game is hilarious. Kendrick Lamar almost blew Eminem out the water with his verse.

Re: Duck Dynasty. Don't watch it, don't connect it to Eminem since Marshall has already stated that he supports gay marriage.

If people assume Eminem attracts young fans then it's more likely that his fanbase will mirror the greater tolerance of homosexuality of their generation.

by Paul Rosenbergreply 11312/19/2013

Eminem Dry Humps A Reindeer For Christmas

By: Hip Hop Wired

Eminem is 41-year-old. Nevertheless, Marshall Mathers is still a wild boy. How else can you explain the Detroit rapper humping a reindeer?The "Rap God" rapper shared his Christmas and holiday spirit on Instagram by sharing a photo of himself dressed in a Santa Claus. That wouldn't be so bad save for the fact that he is seen is said pick straddling a reindeer from behind. The caption shared with the pic reads: "Happy F*ckin Holidays" Yep, B. Rabbit is giving Prancer (or Donner, Blitzen, Benson, etc.) backshots. There is so much going on this picture where can you begin? The Nutcracker's grin as he watches this all go down? The fact that there are a pair huge candy canes overlooking the scene? Bestiality on the 'Gram? See the full photo for yourself on the flip. Again, Eminem is 41-years-old.

by Paul Rosenbergreply 11412/25/2013

What is the deal between him and Mariah Carey? Did he make up their "fling" to prove he is straight? She denies she let him near her to this day.

by Paul Rosenbergreply 11512/28/2013

He's a horrible homophobe and serial bully. Never apologized for any of the awful ideas he has put out there. Why gay people would even consider giving this guy a free pass is beyond me.

He is so careful to never use the n word or pick on anyone that it is unpopular to pick on but freely bashes gays and picks on other easy targets. If he lived in a time where racism was acceptable he'd be bashing blacks. that's what bullies like him do - pick on who they can get away with targeting.

by Paul Rosenbergreply 11612/28/2013

Eminem is a piece of shit, and his girlfriend Elton is a gay Uncle Tom. You can keep defending Mathers all you want but I'm not buying that he's a) talented and b) not a homophobe.

by Paul Rosenbergreply 11712/28/2013

Eh, I think he's a very clever lyricist and his whole "society has turned on men" thing really struck a cultural cord long before other artists even considered touching on that. Love him, hate him, whatever - guy was influential.

by Paul Rosenbergreply 11812/28/2013

"He's a horrible homophobe and serial bully. Never apologized for any of the awful ideas he has put out there."

Marshall apologized to Kim in a couple of songs including the lame one on this album where he sings as if he were Kim answering back all the fucked up things Em/Shady has rapped about her.

Marshall also apologized to his Momma on Headlights. Marshall does NOT talk about anything too personal therefore whenever he's asked about songs where he's apologizing he'll tell the interviewer that the songs says it all. Listen to what 'Marshall' says in 'his' songs. He also indicates that the stuff he's rapped about in terms of gays and women is fucked up and he will pay for it. It's his own way of apologizing.

"He is so careful to never use the n word"

But he has used the n word and he's had guest rappers use it in his songs. None of his personas have an issue with African Americans though.

"or pick on anyone that it is unpopular to pick on but freely bashes gays and picks on other easy targets."

I KNOW. I remember when he picked on Bush in 2002 with his anti war song Square Dance and picked on him again in 2004 with Mosh. Bush was such a weak president and everyone was so anti-war and anti-Republican back then that I'm sure that's the reason Eminem went after an 'easy target' like those war enthusiasts who were the minority and had NO support from the press back in 2001-2004. (ha)

And I'm glad you mentioned how he picks on other easy targets like women. I'm sure that's the group you were IMPLYING when you mentioned easy targets. We women are a minority and we deal with sexism all the time, thus it's great that our gay brothers can identify and empathize when rap stars rag on us too!

Other minority/easy targets includes pop stars, celebrities and himself. All pretty easy targets.

by Paul Rosenbergreply 11912/29/2013

Hey lesbian in this thread, Emmy probably hates you too, unless you're of the lipstick variety.

by Paul Rosenbergreply 12012/29/2013

In regards to Eminem or Slim Shady offering an 'apology' outside of song? That ain't going to happen.

Slim Shady is ID/driven by the pleasure principle. He's id, he has no morals (see songs like Fack, Rap God (the song starts by calling out Slim to rap it thus it's a Slim song. People argue that Slim argues with Eminem at some part of the song 'So you be Thor and I be Odin/Rodent I'm omnipotent), Role Model, etc)

Eminem is superego/ideal self/ the rapper persona (ex: Sing for the Moment, Lose Yourself). He’s judgmental and questions what’s going on in society but he won’t apologize b/c part of the superego isn’t rational either.

Marshall Mathers is ego/real self. Awkward, introverted, writes about his painful shit (eg. Beautiful, Headlights, Difficult-his love song to Proof). He’s real with people he knows, he’s not going to reveal anything in interviews b/c he’s feels he reveals enough in songs. He expects his fans to understand his lyrics and he doesn’t think he needs to apologize for much outside of hurting people he loves. Besides, if ‘there is a Shady in all of us’, why apologize for that part of self that is fucked up?

Marshall has done what he can to show gays his ‘true feelings’. He supports gay marriage, he’s collaborated with gays (Elton) and bisexuals (Sia and Nate Reuss) and has complimented pro-gay rappers like Macklemore who acted like a giddy girl when he heard he got complimented from Eminem/Marshall. I’ll post a Marshall song to illustrate the difference between Slim (Rap God) and Em (the rapper on stage). Of course I'm sure lots of people don't know Marshall songs since they don't say controversial things.

by Paul Rosenbergreply 12112/29/2013

Another AWG.

by Paul Rosenbergreply 12212/29/2013

Thanks for that, R121. Very insightful. I like a few of Eminem's songs; he's a talented guy. Don't know about the "Rap God" thing, but he's up there and the guy in this vid sure thinks so.

by Paul Rosenbergreply 12312/29/2013

R120, I KNOW Slim Shady hates me, even though I am a lipstick variety. Remember, I'm a woman AND a feminist AND a lesbian. I hit the trifecta!

R115, since it's raining in NY and I'm bored I'll answer the Mariah question. Apparently he did date Mariah. They went out and she went to his house and all that jazz.

Marshall was on drugs thus I don't think there was much sex. I'll see if I look up the book that gave the details but anyway, it seems Mariah dumped him. They had a back and forth in song but Mariah stopped answering back to Eminem's 'threats' b/c he has her on voice mail and possibly video (remember he was rumored by the groupies to like filming himself during sex while he was in his drug binges).

Fans in his forum think that Eminem kept Mariah's voicemail and someone who wrote a book mentioned it too. Mariah has a secret on Eminem too. Fans speculate that he told Mariah that he was sexually abused by one of his mom's boyfriends and that's what she threatened to out him with thus their bitchfight is at a standstill.

People think he told her that info b/c Mariah has a history of being victimized and 'Marshall' felt he could share. That's all speculation coming from fans who hear stuff from Shady staffers or whatever.

BTW some of the funniest threads in Eminem's forums are when fans start threads on 'lyrics that indicate that Eminem is gay/bisexual'. Hilarity always ensues.

by Paul Rosenbergreply 12412/29/2013

So what you apologists are saying, then, is that this bleached prick is not a fag/woman basher but merely exhibiting multiple personalities through his "music"? Give me a fucking break. "Rap god," my ass.

by Paul Rosenbergreply 12512/29/2013

R119 you really did well distracting from the issue that he bashes gays and yet is careful to not bash blacks because he's picking on who it is acceptable to pick on.

And yes he picks on easy target - he's picke don boy bands moby, etc. ALL EASY TARGETS! NOT black dudes EVA!!! The bush criticism goes against his usual easy target bully behaviour but it doesn't erase what he has done to others over the years. Also, was bush really that popular with the hip hop crowd? Its not like Eminem is a member of congress.

Just because like most straight guys he's ok with lesbians doesn't mean you should support him bashing gay guys, especially when he is influential with teens.

Again, sad you are defending this homophobic bully.

by Paul Rosenbergreply 12612/29/2013

R115, I found the Mariah Carey section on the book written by Jessica (Kim's cousin). I'll post a section and you could read the rest on the link if you want.

From the book, 'Cleaning Out My Closet'

"There was more than one occasion when he asked me to come over and when I did, Mariah would call and he'd leave me sitting there for 2 hours while he went off to his office. Don't you know whom he called when shit hit the fan? When Mariah started with her breakdown and was calling him constantly saying weird things that didn't make sense, he called me. He said he had a CD burned of all the messages left on his cell phone by her. I never got around to listening to it, but he said she clearly sounded insane at the time of those messages.

Marshall said mainly. She talked about how Tommy Mattola was coming after. She said he was gonna kill her. She said she was disguised and hanging out in Harlem. She said Tommy had the phones bugged and that he would be coming after Marshall too. Then she went on and on about outer space and UFOs. Then she would change the subject and tell him how she wanted to announce to the world that they were in love. I believe Marshall was really freaked out! Once, after Marshall dodged her calls for days, she called his Aunt Betty on her cell phone. Betty said "Please Marshall. Talk to her, she says the cops were there to arrest her and they cut her!" He ended up talking to Mariah and found out that she cut herself on some broken plates. He eventually changed his home phone number, his aunt's cell and his own cell phone number.

...The last time they talked before she started melting down, she made a nasty comment when Marshall said he had to go tend to Hailie. That was the wrong move. Marshall was done."

by Paul Rosenbergreply 12712/29/2013

R125, Slim Shady bashes everyone including women and gays. The media reported in 1999 that Slim Shady was one of three personas. That isn’t new information.

R126, We have different frameworks. In my framework, Rap is an artform and Eminem is an artist who creates stories for us to listen, reflect AND react to. IMO issues around masculinity/ femininity are a primary concern with Slim/Marshall/Em and a lot of his male fanbase. Race is not an issue for him, ergo, he doesn’t bash blacks b/c his characters struggles are not around race, they are around gender, sexuality and class. That’s my framework.

Your framework might be that rap is/is not an art, that Eminem is not an artist and that based on what you’ve heard of his songs, he’s a homophobe. That’s valid. Different start off point, different pov.

Re: Pop tarts being easy targets.

The funny part about that is that many of us who bought Slim Shady LP ALSO owned...Baby One More Time OR had our Marshall Mathers LP rotating with No Strings Attached. Eminem's targets were people liked by a lot of the suburban kids who were a chunk of his fanbase.

"NOT black dudes EVA!!!"

He’s had beef with black/hispanic men. Those were more personal. Who can forget DeAngelo Bailey the black bully who bashed Marshall's head in a bathroom stall (yep, he sued Eminem)? Or John Guerrera the bouncer (also, sued Eminem)?

Re: Bush critique

IF Eminem's audience was primarily white, then YES bashing Bush during a time when Republicans/Middle America was sucking his cock would be challenging someone with power/support.

"Just because like most straight guys he's ok with lesbians doesn't mean you should support him bashing gay guys, especially when he is influential with teens."

Who said Shady was OK with lesbians? Haven’t you listened to the songs? Slim bashes us too. He rapped about raping lesbians in the original 'My Name Is', etc. Also, Kim is bisexual thus every once in a while Shady will go off on lesbians, yada yada. A lot of us just laughed b/c it was so ridiculously over the top. In fact, a friend imitates a song in the current album where Shady says he can’t use the L word and starts gagging, “! (in a disgusted voice). It’s one of those you have to be there (in that mind/frame).

by Paul Rosenbergreply 12812/29/2013

Thanks for the link R127. I find your opinion very interesting. You really do put a lot into your replies.

by Paul Rosenbergreply 12912/31/2013

Shocker, Macklemore and Ryan Lewis beat out Kendrick Lamar?!

I can't believe that the same guys who produced that lame, saccharine treacle "Same Love" beat out the best young rapper for Best Rap Album and Best New Performer. I'm assuming that the Grammy voters never received a copy of Kendrick Lamar's "good kid, m.A.A.d city".

I guess we shouldn't be surprised. These voters have always been a little clueless in terms of Rap/Hip Hop.

Poor Macklemore and Ryan Lewis want to be so accepted by their rap peers but I'm assuming most know that while they have some talent, they are only developing it now. The Heist (which really committed a heist beating out Kendrick) is not as polished, well written, produced, or as deep as Kendrick's album. Oh well, at least we know gkmc will turn out to be another Illmatic (another album and performer that the Grammy committee is too stupid to recognize).

In terms of Eminem, I'm very curious to hear his six minute collaboration with Busta Rhymes where they are battling each other. About 60 bars each. Intense.

by Paul Rosenbergreply 13001/27/2014

Eminem relinquishes lyrical verbiage toward Lana Del Ray, Anderson Cooper, noted feminist Gloria Steinem, and NASCAR racer Tony Stewart in his “Shady Cxvpher” visual.

by Paul Rosenbergreply 13111/21/2014

It's not rap, rap.

by Paul Rosenbergreply 13211/21/2014

I Cram To Understand U

by Paul Rosenbergreply 13311/21/2014

Vanilla Ice wasn't the first, are we forgetting folks like the Beastie Boys & Debbie Harry, and Third Bass? There were a few others before them too, including DJ Flash.

by Paul Rosenbergreply 13411/21/2014

I thought he was dead.

by Paul Rosenbergreply 13511/21/2014

[quote]Eminem is an artist who creates stories for us to listen, reflect AND react to.


by Paul Rosenbergreply 13611/21/2014
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