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Directors 'replaced' on films

It's not just actors who get the proverbial hook.

by Allan Smitheereply 1011/09/2013

or the ovation!

by Allan Smitheereply 111/08/2013

Victor Fleming replacing George Cukor on GONE WITH THE WIND

by Allan Smitheereply 211/08/2013

It wouldn't hurt to read the linked article, R2.

by Allan Smitheereply 311/08/2013

Victor Fleming replacing Cukor on WIZARD OF OZ.

Joseph Mankiewicz replacing Rouben Mamoulian on CLEOPATRA

Otto Preminger replacing Rouben Mamoulian on LAURA

by Allan Smitheereply 411/08/2013

Stanley Kubrick replaced Anthony Mann on Spartacus

Richard Lester replaced Richard Donner on Superman II

by Allan Smitheereply 511/08/2013

James Stewart and Anthony Mann had a tremendously successful relationship; their westerns are under-rated gems. However their 6th western NIGHT PASSAGE turned into a debacle when James Neilson replaced Anthony as the film's director. The film flopped and James Stewart never spoke to Anthony Mann again.

by Allan Smitheereply 611/08/2013

any more?

by Allan Smitheereply 711/09/2013

Norman Jewison replaced Peckinpah on [italic]the Cincinnati Kid[/italic].

by Allan Smitheereply 811/09/2013

[quote]Victor Fleming replacing Cukor on WIZARD OF OZ.

Cukor replaced Richard Thorpe, but he was getting ready to start GWTW, so it was always meant to be triage and just to get the production on track while they found a permanent replacement. So, technically, Fleming replaced Thorpe.

by Allan Smitheereply 911/09/2013

Wasn't Del Toro supposed to do "The Hobbit"?

by Allan Smitheereply 1011/09/2013
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