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BREAKING ** Tom Cruise defends Scientology in scathing statement

he says there is no need to 'protect my daughter from my religion'

he admits his faith played a role in his divorce with Katy

he is mad

He is fighting

he is TOP GUN

by Suri Creply 8011/11/2013

why does he drive himself so hard?

by Suri Creply 111/07/2013

I'm more interested in Paula Deen's possible divorce.

by Suri Creply 211/07/2013

I'm as crazy as a shithouse rat, and I'm not going to take it anymore!

Sanity is a sucker's game, Tommy don't play that.

by Suri Creply 311/07/2013

Never let family get in the way of a good franchise.

by Suri Creply 411/07/2013

He is such a joke now.

by Suri Creply 511/07/2013



by Suri Creply 611/07/2013

Wow, from reading this deposition, it would appear that Tom and Nicole's adopted children have abandoned Nicole because she left the COS and refuse to call her 'Mom'.

by Suri Creply 711/07/2013

Totally certifiably nuts.

by Suri Creply 811/07/2013

I also read that deposition. It was he and his lawyers who sent out those missives that Bauer Corp were "nazis" & "anti-semites", but Bauer, I think, has way more money than Cruise.

I'm Jewish but Team Bauer here.

by Suri Creply 911/07/2013

Tammy, you're in a cult. You're brainwashed. And—really, truly—you are STILL gay.

What. A. Freak.

by Suri Creply 1011/07/2013


by Suri Creply 1111/07/2013

I am still amazed that Hollywood made him one of the biggest movie stars for over a decade and people could not figure out earlier that he was dumb, not talented at all, disconcerting and just plain creepy.

by Suri Creply 1211/07/2013

[quote]why does he drive himself so hard?

Heroic Personality Disorder.

by Suri Creply 1311/07/2013

[quote]why does he drive himself so hard?

Because to stop and reflect upon the reality of his life would be unbearable.

by Suri Creply 1411/07/2013

Why hasn't Nicole talked directly about the alienation of her kids?

by Suri Creply 1511/07/2013

"Why hasn't Nicole talked directly about the alienation of her kids?"

Well, if she'd started complaining after the divorce about their "alienation", it might have come out that she never cared about them or spent any non-camera time with them while she was still married.

If she'd really wanted contact with those kids, she would have had so much shit she could have nailed Tom with after spending 10 years with him to get partial or even complete custody. But he was producing her movie The Others, she needed him to keep quiet about her dirt, and she was never all that interested in those little PR adoptees anyway. So they played nice.

by Suri Creply 1611/08/2013

Wait... What kids are we talking about here?

by Suri Creply 1711/08/2013

So funny R17.

I remember reading that Nicole was on a commercial flight with the two adopted children and she yelled at an assistant "Shut those fucking kids up". I kind of loved her after reading that.

I enjoy her ice queen persona, I imagine that she is aware that she has this sick need for stardom, celebrity and attention and thinks it's real bitch to deal with.

by Suri Creply 1811/08/2013

If you agree to a 10 year fake marriage you have to be very unhinged. Sad thing that her and Katie Holmes were enables to all the sick, criminal activities going on in scientology.

by Suri Creply 1911/08/2013


by Suri Creply 2011/08/2013

That is fucking hilarious. He basically denies at first, then backs down and says "yeah, okay, you're right".

by Suri Creply 2111/08/2013

Wonder if it was all worth it to Katie.

by Suri Creply 2211/08/2013

I think what's most interesting about the deposition is that he admitted the church policy of making apostates "suppressive persons" but refused to acknowledge it with respect to the relationship with Holmes and the kid saying it would be an "oversimplification" of religious doctrine. It comes across as an admission of what ex-Scienos have always said, that the big stars get different and preferential treatment.

by Suri Creply 2311/08/2013

I don't think Tom sees Suri very often at all. Part of it is the policy of suppressive persons but I think a lot of it is because Katie calls the shots on visitation and I don't think she wants him having a big influence in Suri's life and definitely no Co$ shit.

by Suri Creply 2411/08/2013

Just moseyed over to Tony Ortega's blog and it is indeed his trying to equivocate about the "Suppressive Person" policy that has posters there angry.

Ortega's legal consultant doesn't think the suit has a chance.

I found this tidbit interesting. So Katie Holmes and her team inflict the paps on the poor kid whenever she leaves the building:

[quote]And that leslee sloan calls the paparazzi every time k gets ready to leave the building as the doormen are always surprised how they suddenly show up when she is about to leave.

by Suri Creply 2511/08/2013

Do you ever go down on your knees and thank God you never had any children?!

by Suri Creply 2611/08/2013

R25, I often wonder if Katie uses the paparazzi as a form of protection from the clams. Like if all the photogs are there, the sceinos can't get to her.

by Suri Creply 2711/08/2013

I can not believe he is suing this publication. He is crazier than I thought. This is career suicide and has no hunting season is open on Tom and the COS. This whole trial is going to be about scientology. He has had to reveal things about his marriage and personal life that he NEVER would have had to address if he didn't initiate this law suit

I bet Katie is loving this

by Suri Creply 2811/08/2013

Interesting point R28. It's very possible. Hard for a Co$ thug to snatch a kid surrounded by dozens of cameras.

I still think this constant barrage of paparazzi will fuck that kid up. She always looks terrified or angry when around them.

by Suri Creply 2911/08/2013

I think celebs let the paps know when to show up as part of an informal truce between the celebs and paps. Basically, it's I'll let you have a couple of pictures a month if you agree not to stalk me. I remember in the 90s when paps would follow celebs into bathroom stalls and yell insults in hopes that the celeb would hit them. The current set up seems easier on everyone. The celeb gets to control their image, doesn't have to deal with stalking and the paps don't have to go on stake outs.

It does make sense that Holmes would want to remain in the public eye to protect herself. She needs to keep the world on her side. If she fades away Tom controls the narrative and can use that against her.

by Suri Creply 3011/08/2013

Did he jump on the couch during the deposition?

by Suri Creply 3111/08/2013

Tom Cruise will go down as one of the biggest tragedies in Hollywood. I have nothing but sympathy for this guy. How a man with his talents and ability to achieve, squandered the most productive years of his life tied to a cult will always baffle me.

by Suri Creply 3211/08/2013

I think the term should be "jump the couch" not "jump the shark." The reference is more modern and his career went downhill from there.

by Suri Creply 3311/08/2013

Don't his movies still make money? He might be a joke to gays. But to Mr and Mrs Cheeto, I don't think that's the case.

by Suri Creply 3411/08/2013

R35, actually I think his last few did not do so well at the box office. Maybe they will do better on DVD. The problem is that Mr. and Mrs. Cheeto are in on the whole "TC is a fucking control freak, cult member, closet case" now too. It first started with the whole Nicole dumping because a lot of frauen liked her, then when he married Katie after jumping on Oprah's couch and criticizing Brooke Shields he not only angered the post-partum suffering moms, he revealed his mania to the public and the whole relationship with Holmes never passed the smell test.

by Suri Creply 3511/08/2013

I'm going to defend Nicole Kidman here. Sort of. She has always presented the divorce as Tom's idea that, to her, came out of the blue. He's never denied that. Blackmail is an intrinsic part of Scientology, I think he had something on her that would prevent her from getting the kids and probably ruin her career as well. I have no evidence of this, but then again, being photographed regularly with your kids is not evidence of good parenting.

I'd like to know what Katie had on Tom that she could walk away from him with the kid.

by Suri Creply 3611/08/2013

What Katie had that Nicole didn't is the knowledge about how Scientology is such a sick, damaging and probably murderous cult. We have the internet, mainly, to thank for this. She also has a divorce lawyer father who negotiated a very complicated prenup (Maureen Orth's Vanity Fair article claimed that it filled numerous bank boxes). IIRC, the Hollywood Reporter said that her father consulted former Scienos about how to handle the situation. Katie was likely aware of the level of spying done on her so she communicated via "disposable" cell phones. Last, there was element of surprise. By all accounts, Cruise did not see it coming.

by Suri Creply 3711/08/2013

I can't figure out what the hell he is saying in any of the transcripts. He just stutters and talks around the issues.

by Suri Creply 3811/08/2013

TC is nuts and dumb which makes him a perfect pawn for Co$. If his movies stop making money they get rid of him quicker than you can blink.

Kidman and Holmes were enables in upholding the image of him being a normal guy who has kids and a family, so all the sick stuff could remain a secret.

They both knew what they were getting into. No halfway clever girl would get involved with a guy who has never sex with you, because he wants to stay clean, besides he always was creepy, even before he became involved with Co$.

I find both Kidman and Holmes even more egoistic and disgusting than TC.

by Suri Creply 3911/08/2013

Isn't this why most celebs don't sue. The deposition process allows the defendant to ask personal questions and they have to answer. If the celeb doesn't just issues a denial or ignores it, a new scandal breaks every few days and people move on and forget. This was such a bad idea.

by Suri Creply 4011/08/2013

[quote][R25], I often wonder if Katie uses the paparazzi as a form of protection from the clams.

There was no shortage of Suri photos when Holmes was married to Cruise, so I don't think that the current photos serve anything but more PR for Holmes. She continues to pimp that kid to the media.

And the paps were never waiting in front of their building on E13th St. (I walk there every day to/form work). They were only there when Suri was being walked in/out of the building.

by Suri Creply 4111/08/2013

R38 makes some excellent points. Katie's father covered her ass.

[quote]I'd like to know what Katie had on Tom that she could walk away from him with the kid.

Suri's not his kid, R37, and Katie's the girl who can prove it. She can also prove the audition-to-be-his-wife process exists and that his marriages are fake. Miss Tammy had no choice but to let Katie go and let Suri go with her. The rage he must be carrying over that defeat - I can't even imagine. t

by Suri Creply 4211/08/2013

I'm waiting for Tom's older kids to grow up and come out of the woodwork. Hopefully they'll write a book. They chose scientology and their dad over Kidman. Holmes had something on Tom and he had to let go. The man's a fucked up weirdo.

by Suri Creply 4311/08/2013

That's BS r40. While Nicole has always been ambitious, she was also very young when she met him, not really American and he might have been slightly more normal then. As for Katy, seems like she was naive although she shouldn't have been.

You got me thinking about something. Was he indeed this creepy when young and before scientology? I used to be a fan of his (I'm a woman), used to think he was reasonably talented, good looking and he definitely has the star quality. I totally get why he became a big star. I'm also convinced he's gay and very repressed. I have no idea if he's boinking any guys but I can't possibly imagine him having any kind of human and intimate connection with anything and that includes even casual sex.

Was he creepy and weird before scientology? I seem to remember him seeming a lot more human.

by Suri Creply 4411/08/2013

Anyone else believe that Connor is actually Tom's biological son by a black woman?

by Suri Creply 4511/08/2013

At what point, career-wise, did he join up with Scientology?

Post-Risky Business I assume, pre-Top Gun?

by Suri Creply 4611/08/2013

When's the last time Nicole has been seen anywhere near her children?

It must be years and years.

So sad.

by Suri Creply 4711/08/2013

OP, this was boring.

by Suri Creply 4811/08/2013

I doubt she thinks of them as her children anymore. And I doubt she would have given up on them had they been her bio kids.

by Suri Creply 4911/08/2013

Cruise was introduced to Scientology by his first wife Mimi Rogers, who was from a hardcore Sciento family.

r45 Tom was always very intense and weird even when young, check out some of his early interviews on youtube. He always had a religious bend, he thought about becoming a priest as a teen and actually was accepted to a seminary someplace, but his acting career was taking off and took hold. It's really no surprise the clams got a hold of him.

by Suri Creply 5011/08/2013

Wow Connor is a good looking kid. I clicked on Google images, while he looks young and clumsy in some pics there are more recent pics that show him to be attractive. I don't think he's Tom's kid though. Connor has a small slender nose and that cannot be said of his dad. Also he does not have the Mapother eyes.

by Suri Creply 5111/08/2013

I have the impression that Nicole's true personality is closer to the character she played in To Die For

by Suri Creply 5211/08/2013

I'm not sure how "young and naive" Nicole was when she went after Sam Neill in "Dead Calm". She got him, too.

Not that I blame her. I'd have hit that seven days a week and twice on Sundays. The "To Die For" as typecasting comment is pretty close to the mark.

by Suri Creply 5311/08/2013

[quote]reveals the truth of how Scientology impacted his family apart once and for all.

Impacted apart? Who writes this shit?

by Suri Creply 5411/08/2013

[all posts by tedious, racist idiot removed.]

by Suri Creply 5511/08/2013

Nicole going after Sam Neill makes her a sexual person. It doesn't mean she wasn't naive about relationships, or the law, or the industry or Scientology. Tom's lack of interest in sex could have read as gentlemanly in the early stages. That's how a lot of closet cases get women. Women who feel they've been used sexually in the past or are just tired of men trying to get in their pants, can find it sweet when a guy wants to wait.

by Suri Creply 5611/10/2013

OP it will only be "BREAKING" or news worthy if he ever stops defending or blasts Scientology.

by Suri Creply 5711/10/2013


I never did not think he was creepy and VERY off.

I bet both Kidman and Holmes knew what they were getting into.

Holmes dad made TC sign a 6 folder contract before they got married. Kidman maybe was very naive and dumb, but also maybe very keen on her career getting into a higher gear.

TC hardly ever sees Suri because he is not the biological dad.

I find the fandom surrounding people like TC, Michael Jackson, Brangelina and the like very, very strange!

by Suri Creply 5811/10/2013

r51 and r59 thanks. I just remember he seemed much more normal in the first few years of his career. Could be because I was a child or/and because the intenet didn't exist and all I knew about him were his roles and the little there was in the media about him (PR). Has Anyone seen him on his Inside the Actor's Studio episode? He seemed relatively sane there (relative to him, that is).

by Suri Creply 5911/10/2013

TC if his acting career would not have taken off.

by Suri Creply 6011/10/2013

[quote]Kidman maybe was very naive and dumb, but also maybe very keen on her career getting into a higher gear

It could be both. Maybe she really did fall in love with him at some point or another. Do you guys remember the transcript of a surreptitiously taped conversation that was published in a British tabloid a few years before the marriage ended? It was an argument about how much time they spent together and Nicole is clearly saying that Tom wasn't making an effort. They sounded like a typical couple.

by Suri Creply 6111/10/2013

Grab the cans, Tom.

by Suri Creply 6211/10/2013

To my ears, R62, that "conversation" was totally scripted. Fake.

by Suri Creply 6311/10/2013

Didn't they sue the tabloid, R64? It's very risky to sue (as Tom is now finding out) if there's no substance to the claim. Especially in the UK since the suing party becomes responsible for the defendant's legal bills if they lose. Or maybe I'm thinking of another lawsuit. Tammy's too litigious for his own good.

by Suri Creply 6411/10/2013

Maybe Kidman and TC have more in common than we think

by Suri Creply 6511/10/2013

Didn't Mimi Rodgers write in her book she had never sex with TC, because he wanted to stay clean.

by Suri Creply 6611/10/2013

Did she say they NEVER had sex in all the years they were together?

by Suri Creply 6711/10/2013

Gay rumors about Tom Cruise started in the late 1980s. Then, his ex-wife Mimi Rogers revealed that there wasn't much sex in their marriage. Nicole Kidman hinted that their relationship was very "strange."

by Suri Creply 6811/10/2013

The paps are called for Suri's & Katie's protection, that is pretty obvious. Tom wants Suri to be a clam, and as was shown in either this or another thread, since she's NOT a clam he's not interested in being her father. He went to Australia from filming in PA for a clam conference. NOT to see Suri in NYC, and did not see Suri. Tom is going to lose this one.

When Katie was with Tom, Tom wanted the paps around her 24/7, obviously, so she wouldn't cut and run.

I believe that Suri is Tom's btw, via IVF.

by Suri Creply 6911/10/2013

Why would anyone feel sorry for Tom Cruise? He's one of the least talented actors ever to appear on screen, yet he's a star and made a fortune.

by Suri Creply 7011/10/2013

Paps don't have any training in personal protection, nor do they have guns or the like to fend off intruders. Katie is and always was a famewhore, putting her personal interests before her kid's!

Suri is not Tom's kid, one reason why he has no interest in her.

by Suri Creply 7111/10/2013

No one said the paps have training. They are documenting what is going on, if Suri gets kidnapped they are there. That is pretty damn obvious to all.

by Suri Creply 7211/10/2013

Someone posted a picture of one of Cruise's clam assistants from years back. He was a very handsome young black guy. And Connor really looks like him now.

by Suri Creply 7311/10/2013

[quote]if Suri gets kidnapped they are there.

Like Suri can only be kidnapped when she leaves/enters the building where they live...

by Suri Creply 7411/10/2013

[quote]Someone posted a picture of one of Cruise's clam assistants from years back. He was a very handsome young black guy. And Connor really looks like him now.

That's interesting because it's been speculated that David Miscavige provided Cruise with babies from Sea Org members who weren't required to abort despite their wishes to the contrary. (Just as he provided Cruise with his last wife) Check out the Laura DeCrescenzo lawsuit on Tony Ortega's site. She was forced like many other Sea Orgs to undergo abortions (childcare would take away from their 16 hour work days) so she could continue her "church" duties 24/7.

by Suri Creply 7511/10/2013

Sam Neill is totally sexy but also totally gay so I rather doubt Nicole Kidman nailed him during the Dead Calm shoot. It seems Kidman has been playing beard for most of her life. She had hinted in interviews that she later regretted spending her young years in a marriage with Cruise, but didn't exactly pinpoint the reason.

Katie Holmes did it right - a couple of years as a beard then call it quits.

by Suri Creply 7611/10/2013

Sam Neil is gay???? Since when?

If you have any stories about him I'd love to hear them.

by Suri Creply 7711/10/2013

Ever hear those phone calls between Tom and Nicole that somebody leaked?

Nicole sounds very sweet and kind of like a neglected housewife married to a manipulator. (she's complaining a lot about him not being home)

Was Tom her first adult relationship? She may have been quite naive and star struck.

by Suri Creply 7811/10/2013


"That is pretty damn obvious to all."

Don't think everybody is as naive as you!

by Suri Creply 7911/11/2013
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