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Is the Data Lounge, on 46th St, still open?

I used to tend bar there.

by Butchreply 4111/17/2013

FUck off

by Butchreply 111/04/2013

Mayor Koch never missed Happy Hour.

by Butchreply 211/04/2013

di Blasio's nephew will reopen it. Done deal.

by Butchreply 311/06/2013

Dante will begin as a bar back.

by Butchreply 411/06/2013

Ha, ha, ha, I'll say!

by Butchreply 511/06/2013

Very snobby place. Patrons would all wrinkle their noses when you walk by. At least that was my experience.

by Butchreply 611/06/2013

Yes, and baked potato bar happy hour runs from 4-7.

by Butchreply 711/06/2013

Spellman's ghost supposedly still haunts the dump.

Rumor has it he was there the night of the Great Raid.

by Butchreply 811/06/2013

Does Helen Lawson still hold court at the booth in the back?

by Butchreply 911/06/2013

Judy is still on the jukebox.

by Butchreply 1011/06/2013

The crowd from Carr's on Tenth Street frequents 46th.

by Butchreply 1111/06/2013

R8 Cardinal Spellman?

by Butchreply 1211/06/2013

I love that Cheryl!

by Butchreply 1311/06/2013

Is Kirker's dad pouring drinks shirtless tonight?

by Butchreply 1411/07/2013


He got fat.

by Butchreply 1511/07/2013


Della sobered up and alcohol sales dropped by 75%.

by Butchreply 1611/07/2013

Della -

We miss you. There's a commemorative sign over the toilet in the women's room: "Della Dumped Here."

by Butchreply 1711/07/2013

I was last there in 2003. It smelled like death and obviously had not been cleaned in years. I avoid the block now, so I'm not sure whether it is still there. Frankly, given the lack of signage and windows and the inconsistent hours, I'm not sure how anyone could tell whether or not it is still in business.

I do have fond memories of Friday afternoon Drinkie-Poo Hour and the basement Surprise! room.

by Butchreply 1811/07/2013

My girlfriends and I started meeting there for "gals night out" when I read about it! Quel hoot! The gays are so funny. And such good dancers.

Good times. Sigh.

by Butchreply 1911/07/2013

The Data Lounge on 46th St is useless without pitchers.

by Butchreply 2011/07/2013

Didn't Anderson Cooper's BF Ben M start out as the bartender there?

And Channing Tatum was in the weekend strip show.

by Butchreply 2111/07/2013

They finally got pitchers? I was never comfortable just dipping my glass into a collective bucket. One of the reasons I stopped going.

by Butchreply 2211/07/2013

They charge an $18 cover, but only if you want to start a conversation.

by Butchreply 2311/07/2013

I hear it's gone to shit, all old people now, like 28 and even older. But I don't know first hand, bars are ovah, I'm on ManVox these days.

by Butchreply 2411/07/2013

Grinning (and grunting!) at Rock at r17.

by Butchreply 2511/07/2013

It's still there, but for some reason it's become a hangout for Fox News employees off work.

by Butchreply 2611/07/2013

Fighting Father Dunne (from St. Malachy's) was there last night. He savored a pint and sold a bunch of Indulgences.

by Butchreply 2711/10/2013

Pat Boone, in corner booth, mumbling lyrics to "Young Love."

by Butchreply 2811/12/2013

It's still open but not as entertaining as it was last year or the year before.

by Butchreply 2911/12/2013

Yes, but not everyone is greeted with a smile. For instance, the front door doesn't open wide enough for a big-boned gal to drive her scooter inside and the waitstaff makes no accommodation for those with allergies and other food sensitivities.

by Butchreply 3011/12/2013

Karen Black slouched over the bar mumbling "Come back! I'm talking to you, James Dean!"

Art Carney working the bar.

by Butchreply 3111/13/2013

Some guy named Rumpy? I think? Chased all the customers away.

by Butchreply 3211/16/2013

The girls from the office and I like to stop by on sunday afternoons for the potluck brunch (i made the most delish cheesecake-reese's cupcakes I saw in Goodhousekeeping, but some sow was stuffing them all in her purse! How rude!)

Agnes from the steno pool swore she saw one of our new interns there (Phillip) but he skedaddled after he noticed her (or so she says!).

by Butchreply 3311/16/2013

They had the gall to serve bread pudding of terrible quality. I banged my cane in protest!

by Butchreply 3411/16/2013

John Philip Law was here today in his old fatigues, for Happy Hour.

by Butchreply 3511/16/2013

Quiz Kid Donnie Smith is still in love with the barman - always goes into his aria of yearning after a few drinks.

by Butchreply 3611/16/2013

Mmm, cake frosting.

by Butchreply 3711/17/2013

Do they still have the Once Around the Bar and Autumn Barfest specials during happy hour?

by Butchreply 3811/17/2013

You can avoid paying a cover if you get a free pass on ManVox.

by Butchreply 3911/17/2013


That barman is married to Joel Kupperman. Poor Joel, his wonderful mind is now all gone.

by Butchreply 4011/17/2013

It's frequented by boring straight people now.

by Butchreply 4111/17/2013
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