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Brands you love

What brands make great quality items? What brands do you adore?Can be any type of product.

I love Mrs. Meyer's detergents and liquid soaps.

I also think that LL Bean and Boden make high quality clothing.


by Mr. Tacoreply 5211/08/2013

Johnston Murphy

by Mr. Tacoreply 111/03/2013

Also please state why you enjoy each brand, ty.

by Mr. Tacoreply 211/03/2013

Bally - I bought a pair on sale when I was struggling to build a work wardrobe. Best buy ever. Good looking, well-made shoes

by Mr. Tacoreply 311/03/2013

All of Walmart's house brands because they are cheap

by Mr. Tacoreply 411/03/2013

R3, ditto on Bally, my dad wore Bally shoes and used Bally wallets. Great quality.

I like Pilot pens.

I like Sony. I bought dozens of skull candy earbuds but they went kaput just after a few months. I bought Sony earbuds and it's been over 1 year and still working great.

I love Levis. I look good in their clothes.

by Mr. Tacoreply 511/03/2013

LL Bean and Land's End. Durable.

by Mr. Tacoreply 611/04/2013

Muji, the anti-brand

by Mr. Tacoreply 711/04/2013

I love love love Amour potted meat. YUMMMM

by Mr. Tacoreply 811/04/2013

Orvis. Lots of natural fibers, the best of Land's End and L.L. Bean outdoor clothing, with what I like: unexpected spots of color on tees, polos, sweats. I was up some hollow in WV -- you know, where the boys hang out; they term it "Swallow Hollow" -- and this blond guy comes along done up in about everything Ralph Lauren currently was selling. He almost came when he saw the big yellow Orvis label and seam- facing inside my red polo.

by Mr. Tacoreply 911/04/2013

Barilla pasta

by Mr. Tacoreply 1011/04/2013

I used to love LL Bean. Until I discovered Ralph Lauren online. You can get some real bargains there. I know it's minor, but I love how nicely packaged their stuff is for shipment. Much nicer selection, too.

I had to make the switch from LL Bean after I bought a bunch of t-shirts and the stitching came undone in three of them, all in the same place, all after just one wash. LL Bean quality has been going downhill, I think.

by Mr. Tacoreply 1111/04/2013

Superga sneakers, Sony xperia z tablet, Moleskine notebooks.

by Mr. Tacoreply 1211/04/2013

Method cleaning products.

by Mr. Tacoreply 1311/05/2013

Agnes B clothing.

Neutrogena soap.

Wallaby yogurt.

by Mr. Tacoreply 1411/05/2013

Special Kitty cat litter from Walmart. Really works, and you get 25 lbs for under $4.00

by Mr. Tacoreply 1511/07/2013

Fleet enemas.

by Mr. Tacoreply 1611/07/2013


by Mr. Tacoreply 1711/07/2013

For taste and more its Encore

by Mr. Tacoreply 1811/08/2013

Chanel, Dior, Lagerfeld, Givenchy, Gaultier

by Mr. Tacoreply 1911/08/2013

Who gives a fuck about brands.

Nothing personal on any of you, but how can anyone love a brand?????

by Mr. Tacoreply 2011/08/2013

R20, love of brands means a person's love of the quality that the brand offers. it is about loyalty and enjoyment out of that loyalty. when a consumer is loyal to a brand, the brands continues to sell/offer products which the consumers can continue to enjoy. this is why some products disappear and why some products continue to exist. brands can be quality medicines, food, electronics, etc. do some more research so you will not look questionable in other people's eyes.

by Mr. Tacoreply 2111/08/2013

You're right, R11 -- and so has Land's End. I bought some fleece from them and it was awful -- thin and sized incorrectly. I'll never buy anything from them again. Hell, I got better fleece at Wal-Mart -- and it was cheaper!

Secret Clinical Strength deodorant -- best I've ever used. I'll never use any other deodorant again.

Nissan cars/trucks. Takes a lickin' and keeps on tickin'.

Dyson Animal vacuum cleaner. Sucks up all stray dog/cat hair. I don't think they make them any more, though.

Tootsie Pops. Must be some kind of an oral thing.

by Mr. Tacoreply 2211/08/2013


by Mr. Tacoreply 2311/08/2013

Keen - the sandals are indestructible. My secret twin must be a product developer there.

Toyota - I still love what they do for me. Toyota

Henckels - Great cutlery at a great price.

by Mr. Tacoreply 2411/08/2013


by Mr. Tacoreply 2511/08/2013

Nokia phones.

Apple computers (none of their other stuff though).

Samsung tvs.

by Mr. Tacoreply 2611/08/2013

Kirkland from Costco. They have never let me down. Everything is excellent.

by Mr. Tacoreply 2711/08/2013

Origins skincare products. It's really great for sensitive skin and it works.

by Mr. Tacoreply 2811/08/2013

I will ONLY buy the original Tabasco® hot sauce.

I silently snicker at others who serve any other sauce -- Crystal, Louisiana, Frank's, and the thousands of others with the cutesy snakes.

All that other shit is just wanna-be Tabasco sauce.

by Mr. Tacoreply 2911/08/2013

Etymotic ER4 earphones. I've had them 5 years with no problem. Easy to buy low-cost fuses and silicone ear plug replacements. Keep them in the case and change in a few seconds with the tool they give you when you buy the buds.

by Mr. Tacoreply 3011/08/2013

West Elm H-E-B MINI Breville Malin + Goetz H2O Plus Johnston & Murphy

by Mr. Tacoreply 3111/08/2013

Actually, R29, putting chilis in what you're cooking is a far better way to make something hot than putting [italic]any[/italic] hot sauce in it afterwards.

by Mr. Tacoreply 3211/08/2013

Panasonic - mirrorless digital cameras

by Mr. Tacoreply 3311/08/2013

R30, Etymotic is just too cold and lifeless for me. Me, I love my Audio Technica ES700 headphones. Amazing mids, sparking treble, fun bass(but not too much).

Cadbury Chocolate is a guilty pleasure.

That icleandic chocolate at Whole Foods is incredible.

JCrew is much better than Banana Republic in my eyes.

by Mr. Tacoreply 3411/08/2013

Dearest r32:

"I knew that! What makes you think I didn't know that?! Of course I knew that! Everyone knows that! I still cannot believe that you think I did not know that!"

by Mr. Tacoreply 3511/08/2013

Land's End?! They USED to be good - until Sears bought them.

by Mr. Tacoreply 3611/08/2013

French's mustard!

by Mr. Tacoreply 3711/08/2013

Perry Ellis, Columbia Sportswear

by Mr. Tacoreply 3811/08/2013

Kirkland tuna-yum!

Dr Bronner's Magic Soap.

Aldi has incredible quality for a low price.

by Mr. Tacoreply 3911/08/2013

Faconnable shirts.

by Mr. Tacoreply 4011/08/2013

Dunhill(yes, I still smoke what of it?), Jameson, and Blue Bell.

by Mr. Tacoreply 4111/08/2013

Nicorette gum

by Mr. Tacoreply 4211/08/2013

Edison gum.

by Mr. Tacoreply 4311/08/2013

Alden Shoes. They're even made in America.

Santa Maria Novella. Moisturizer and toner and shampoo. Even their potpourri is amazing.

SmartWool socks. Perfect if you've got to do a lot of walking and don't want blisters.

by Mr. Tacoreply 4411/08/2013

Gun Oil lube.

by Mr. Tacoreply 4511/08/2013

Good Seasons Italian Dressing packets are my favorite thing in the supermarket. I never get tired of their zesty Italian dressing!

by Mr. Tacoreply 4611/08/2013

World Market furniture

by Mr. Tacoreply 4711/08/2013

Thymes-brand soap.

by Mr. Tacoreply 4811/08/2013

Lime green Crocs

by Mr. Tacoreply 4911/08/2013

Coach bags. I have three and the quality is worth the price.

by Mr. Tacoreply 5011/08/2013


Names Darling...Names!

by Mr. Tacoreply 5111/08/2013


by Mr. Tacoreply 5211/08/2013
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