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WHET Massa Okra?

He was the next BIG THING when Heroes started but what happened?

by Andoreply 311/02/2013

Starring in the Veggie Tales adaptation of "Roots"...

by Andoreply 111/02/2013

He's co-starring in Hawaii 5-0, silly.

Here are some little known facts about Masi:

His parents divorced when he was very young, and he's never met his father.

He was featured on the cover of Time magazine at age 12, in an article about Asian Whiz Kids.

While glad to be working steadily, he goes home every night contemplating suicide because the producers of Hawaii 5-0 have made Rumer Willis' character his girlfriend.

by Andoreply 211/02/2013

Messa tink he okieday.

by Andoreply 311/02/2013
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