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Wireless Router

Any recommendations?

I have to connect two computers (desktop, notebook), a printer, and eventually two DirecTV HD DVR receivers (which will require adapters).

Sorry if it's too dull a topic. But is a lot more an open discussion forum than other sites.

by OPreply 411/01/2013

Netgear WNDR 4500 - never had to reboot it once other than occasional firmware updates -

or if you want latest and greatest get a wireless router that supports AC the new high speed wireless frequency.

by OPreply 111/01/2013

Have used Linksys routers for years.Very satisfied.

by OPreply 211/01/2013


by OPreply 311/01/2013

I have Lynksys and I haven't had a lot of problems over the years but the 5 times or so I had to call customer support I swear every time I'm going to switch.

The only way they will help you is to pay $40 to even begin to tell them what's wrong or if it even is a router problem and it always takes them 10 minutes of someone from India asking questions from a script I can't understand to even get to that point. If you try to do off script they just repeat themselves. At least twice it wasn't even a router problem and got back on line without their help but they still charge you the money.

I keep thinking that it is good business for them to not work every once and a while just to charge the fee.

I'm due for a replacement and am looking forward to hearing about alternatives. Are there better ones for different computers?

by OPreply 411/01/2013
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