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Houston-area country bar sues over fake website that advertised it as gay club

By Craig Hlavaty | October 31, 2013

A country bar in Webster claims a competing country bar created a fake website that hurt its business by twisting its name and wrongly making it appear to be a gay and lesbian club.

Buck Wild alleges in a civil lawsuit filed last week in Harris County that the team behind competitors Big Texas Dance Hall and Saloon created a sexually explicit website after Buck Wild's opening that painted Buck Wild as a gay and lesbian club, which it is not.

Mani Mobasser owns Buck Wild, formerly known as the Bikini Beach Club until Buck Wild's opening in April. The 27-year veteran of the club scene hails from California, where he previously owned other clubs. He's operated in the same spot in Webster for the past seven years.

Mobasser wouldn't comment on the current litigation.

Mobasser's lawyer Mark Lazarz said it took his client close to three months to take down the site, first contacting GoDaddy and then the Webster police. Lazarz said police told him that ownership of the site was traced back to the Big Texas location at E. NASA Rd. 1.

Buck Wild found out about the fake site after someone called to ask about it. Efforts to take down the site were successful by August.

"It looked like the real deal," said Lazarz.

Lazarz supplied a screenshot of the site. It was pornographic and featured two men in cowboy boots under the words Butt Wild.

According to court documents, the owners and operators of Big Texas created the website knowing that Buck Wild was not a gay and lesbian nightclub. Buck Wild claims that the site caused them to lose business and also injured their reputation.

In the lawsuit, the plaintiffs claim $5 million in damage to their business because of the site. They are asking for a jury trial.

Big Texas has two locations, one in Clear Lake near Buck Wild and one in Spring.

Calls to be Big Texas' Clear Lake location weren't returned on Thursday afternoon.

by Anonymousreply 011/01/2013
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