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Why Did Music Producer T-Bone Burnett Really Leave 'Nashville'?

Think the drama on ABC's sophomore drama [italic]Nashville[/italic] is heated? Apparently, it's nothing compared to the tension behind the scenes, according to [bold]T-Bone Burnett[/bold].

The Oscar- and Grammy-winning songwriter, musician and soundtrack supervisor behind [italic]Crazy Heart[/italic] and [italic]O Brother, Where Art Thou?[/italic] served as the executive music producer for the show's entire first season. However, he suddenly left the show in June, despite the fact that Burnett is married to [italic]Nashville[/italic]'s creator, Callie Khouri.

Now, four months later, Burnett is opening up about the difficult circumstances which led to his exit. "I love working with Callie," Burnett told [italic]The Hollywood Reporter[/italic]. "I have no problem working with Callie. I have a problem when people don't treat Callie right. I like to see artists treated with tremendous respect, and I like the executives to say, 'How can I help you do what you do?' That's what I do."

Burnett specifically says it was the conflicting visions people had about what the show was really about that led to other differences in opinion. "Some people were making a drama about real musicians' lives, and some were making a soap opera, so there was that confusion," he said. "It was a knockdown, bloody, drag-out fight, every episode. You remember that show [italic]The Prisoner[/italic]? If I were to tell you the truth, you'd think I was insane."

Burnett's right-hand man Buddy Miller has since stepped into the executive music producer role for [italic]Nashville[/italic]. Burnett has bounced back since leaving the series. He serves as the executive music producer on the upcoming film [italic]Inside Llewyn Davis[/italic], which follows a folk singer-songwriter, and comes from the Coen brothers, with whom Burnett worked with on [italic]O Brother, Where Art Thou?[/italic]

[italic]Inside Llewyn Davis[/italic] hits theaters on Dec. 6. [italic]Nashville[/italic] airs Wednesdays at 10/9c on ABC.

by Kate Stanhopereply 211/01/2013

OP here.

I haven't watched [italic]Nashville[/italic] since after its second or third season-one episode. Not that I didn't like it; I just had other things.

I appreciated the early depiction of the music business. The conflicts.

Did this show [italic]become[/italic] a soap opera?

by Kate Stanhopereply 111/01/2013

The music is way shittier this year.

by Kate Stanhopereply 211/01/2013
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