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Lady Gaga To Host SNL; Josh Hutcherson Also Tapped

Lady Gaga will host "Saturday Night Live" on Saturday, Nov. 16. The "Applause" singer will also served as musical guest. This is the first time Gaga will host the show and third time appearing as musical guest.

"Hunger Games" star Josh Hutcherson makes his hosting debut on Saturday, November 23. HAIM will serve as musical guest with Hutcherson.

by Miareply 611/02/2013

Wow! Maybe Hutcherson will show us his junk, as he seems to enjoy doing. Remember, though, he's as tiny as Nanny Bloomberg.

by Miareply 111/01/2013

Can't wait for Gaga. She can actually act and of course we know she can sing. Vadge will be FUMING!

by Miareply 211/02/2013

Haim is the only interesting part of that notice.

by Miareply 311/02/2013

[all posts by tedious troll removed.]

by Miareply 411/02/2013

Gaga did a skit w/Justin Timberlake last year, right? She was not funny. I don't think she's strong enough to handle an entire show.

by Miareply 511/02/2013

This will not end well. Hardly anyone who does this lame, unfunny show ends up looking good. The idea of Ms. Artiste trying to do skit comedy, and bad skit comedy at that, is not going to work for her. And her musical performances are getting tired. I'm bored with her endless attempts to be shocking and avant garde.

by Miareply 611/02/2013
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