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Tasteful Friends, Drake's Deluxed Condo In The Sky

Thoughts? The poster in the Drake thread said it looks like the home of a gay man, hunty

by Justin B.reply 2111/14/2013

Really? Because to me it looks like his mom picked everything boring out of the same catalogue.

I just posted how I thought he was cute in the other thread. However, if this is a gay man's apartment, that gay man needs to turn in his membership card or take some decorating lessons.

by Justin B.reply 111/01/2013


by Justin B.reply 211/01/2013

It looks like a 30 year-old straight woman was proud she came in under budget realizing her dream of what a nice man's apartment should be.

Decorating did not extend to painting walls (oceans of beige), rehabbing the kitchen (a cook top and ductless vent, Debbie?), or the bath (2004?). They didn't change fixtures (canned at construction) or even the outlet covers (off-white plastic).

The tufted ceiling is cute, but makes furniture underneath look cowardly. Those chairs are Domino 2006. Random pogo sticks in the corner set my teeth on edge.

Nice time: the landscape on that ebony wall is exquisite and really speaks to the tufted ceiling. The cello is hip - as long as he really plays the cello.

Bad photography: they mention a double-sided fireplace, but fail to show it. Only the en-suite bathroom is shown while ignoring the other full bath.

These photos were taken by a real estate agent, not a real estate photographer.

by Justin B.reply 311/01/2013

Hate the leather couches, and there's too much brown in general. If it's supposed to be a gay man's condo, it's one who's trying too hard to be butch.

by Justin B.reply 411/01/2013

Horrendous, cheap window treatments. Zero imagination.

by Justin B.reply 511/01/2013

"Started From The Bottom" just means he moved into a taller building?

It looks like a very nice executive-stay place, but it isn't homey or personal at all.

by Justin B.reply 611/01/2013

Awful, I hate leather furniture, faux fur on the bed, cheap curtains in the living room.

by Justin B.reply 711/01/2013

One of the ugliest Tasteful Friends ever. Someone please post another one asap, I need to cleanse my palate.

by Justin B.reply 811/01/2013

You jealous bitches

by Justin B.reply 911/01/2013

It totally looks like a straight guy apartment with some help from a decorator.

by Justin B.reply 1011/01/2013

That's shiteous.

by Justin B.reply 1111/01/2013

"with some help from a decorator"

Not a very good one.

by Justin B.reply 1211/01/2013

What time is checkout?

by Justin B.reply 1311/01/2013

its not "gay" looking, good god. it looks nice. im not a fan of those huge fluffy curtains, that to me is super feminine. other than that, the condo is cool.

by Justin B.reply 1411/01/2013

Are these pages from a Restoration Hardware catalog?

by Justin B.reply 1511/01/2013

It's feminine trying to look masculine.

Brown and black isn't enough, you've still got to avoid flouncy curtains like those.

by Justin B.reply 1611/01/2013

[quote]The tufted ceiling is cute, but makes furniture underneath look cowardly.

What does this mean?

by Justin B.reply 1711/14/2013

It's simple and understated, which would suit me just fine.

by Justin B.reply 1811/14/2013

It was sold for $3.75M

by Justin B.reply 1911/14/2013

It's fairly boring and hotelish, but I don't find it that offensive. Some nice tones and nice wood floors. Says absolutely nothing about him.

Only thing that really bothers me is the curtains.

Not horrible for a supposedly straight guy.

by Justin B.reply 2011/14/2013

The location is OUTSTANDING for Toronto. Plus the Canada bookshelf is stunning.

by Justin B.reply 2111/14/2013
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