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Boardwalk Empire

God, for a show that started off show good, it's so bad now. There just too many fucking characters. And they come and go and aren't seen for weeks and weeks and then reintroduced and it takes forever to try and remember who the hell they were! I love complex TV shows. And the scenes tend to drag on. It is beautifully shot.

Sorry, just had to vent.

by My Blog Postreply 510/31/2013

*so not show...

by My Blog Postreply 110/31/2013

OP, those are the classic early warning signs of Alzheimers. You need to be tested. In the meantime, only use the microwave.

by My Blog Postreply 210/31/2013

There were some boring episodes early in this season that made me reconsider following it, but then it seemed to get better again. Some episodes are definitely landing with a thud these days though. The critics have started complaining about the slow pacing, it'd be nice if they cared what they're saying and would try to do better. Revenge listened to the feedback they got from the fans about season 2, and everything changed. People got fired, unpopular characters killed off, and the season 2 cliffhanger storyline was completely abandoned. That show intends to please, at any cost.

by My Blog Postreply 310/31/2013

I'm 34, r2, but that made me crack the fuck up.

by My Blog Postreply 410/31/2013

The first 2 season were very good. At best the 3rd season was just fair. The 4th season is just dragging. I keep watching hoping it will pick up and have some cohesive narrative to the story, but so far its not happening. The show seems to have lost direction after the killed off Jimmy Darmody at the end of season 2.

by My Blog Postreply 510/31/2013
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