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How can Andrew Sullivan be a strict Catholic on the death penalty

yet be gay?

by Buffet catholic?reply 2111/01/2013

He makes no sense - he's just a Catholic church apologist. He can't let it go and twists himself in nonsense.

Much like many believers.

by Buffet catholic?reply 110/31/2013

What the hell does being gay have to do with being a Catholic or not, let alone being opposed to the death penalty (whether because you are Cahtolic or any other reason)?

Here's another question:

Why, lately, does it seem that almost everyone on this fucking website is an idiot?

by Buffet catholic?reply 210/31/2013

He's irrelevant.

And I should know!

by Buffet catholic?reply 310/31/2013

r2 he just said he is against the death penalty because of his then he should not be actively gay if he is so strict that his faith dictates what he thinks.

by Buffet catholic?reply 410/31/2013

The only idiot here is you, R2. It's a totally legitimate question. Sullivan is the epitome of the cafeteria Catholic.

by Buffet catholic?reply 510/31/2013

Some people consider "cafeteria Catholics" to be hypocrites -- it's a religion where you either believe in the hierarchy, or you don't.

by Buffet catholic?reply 610/31/2013

Because he's quite bonkers, in case you haven't noticed.

by Buffet catholic?reply 710/31/2013

I am against the death penalty. I don't believe in God.

by Buffet catholic?reply 810/31/2013

Sullivan is just an ass. Is he still published somewhere?

by Buffet catholic?reply 910/31/2013

He's a hypocrite, but at least he can chalk up his irrationality to AIDS Dementia Complex.

by Buffet catholic?reply 1010/31/2013

Only ten responses until we got to the AIDS dementia slur. Would Free Republic be any worse?

I'm beginning to think this is the most anti-gay website I know.

by Buffet catholic?reply 1110/31/2013

I used to try to read his books wherein he tried to explain some of this stuff. The writing was beautiful but trying to make sense of it made my head hurt. Then A.S. picked me up at a bar one night and I fucked him (w/ condom). (True) He was very good at it, and a perfect gentleman. I liked him better after that.

by Buffet catholic?reply 1210/31/2013

Granted, it's probably unfair to make an unqualified diagnosis, but get off your high horse, R11. ADC is recognized by the medical community and not some nasty slur invented by Freepers. Dumbass.

by Buffet catholic?reply 1310/31/2013

PROBABLY unfair, R13? Jeez, that's big of you.

Go to Free Republic or The Corner or RedState -- whenever they disagree with something Sullivan writes they dismiss it as the ravings of someone with AIDS dementia. That's the company you're keeping.

Of course ADC is something real. But using it to dismiss the ideas of gay people is AIDS-phobic, anti-gay and should be beneath this website.

by Buffet catholic?reply 1411/01/2013

I'd say his Catholicism is rooted in an Irish ethnic "us" vs. "them" (evil Anglicans) syndrome, and justifying his enthrallment now gives him a mental masturbation thrill.

by Buffet catholic?reply 1511/01/2013

Ah, our I hate "Sully-Milky Loads troll is back. It's been a few weeks since our last thread and he's back to try and slip one in.

by Buffet catholic?reply 1611/01/2013

I'll take a "cafeteria" Catholic like Sully over a rabid "devout" Catholic like Santorum.

by Buffet catholic?reply 1711/01/2013

What bullshit.

by Buffet catholic?reply 1811/01/2013

r11=Milky Loads.

Hall monitors are so tedious.

by Buffet catholic?reply 1911/01/2013

"Death penalty bad!"

"Massive extermination of Iraqis good!"

by Buffet catholic?reply 2011/01/2013
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