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Katy Perry On The Cover Of Entertainment Weekly Surrounded By Gay Men

Trying to make her a gay icon, I guess.

by Ur So Gayreply 2711/01/2013

you assume they are gay from that pic?

by Ur So Gayreply 110/31/2013

She has zero taste in men or tattoos. An awful rapper, Russell Brand, now John Mayer? Vomitous.

by Ur So Gayreply 210/31/2013

She seems to have a good heart, so I'm inclined to cut her some slack...

by Ur So Gayreply 310/31/2013

"Ur So Gay"

Fuck her.

by Ur So Gayreply 410/31/2013

Only the black guy is cute. They could have picked MUCH better white guys.

Perry has shitty taste in guys and I won't feel bad when her broken heart is added to the list Mayer has collected. She's obviously an idiot. There's nothing likable about Mayer.

by Ur So Gayreply 510/31/2013

Oh god, where to begin. This exemplifies everything I hate about this talentless twat. So crass and phony, and watch her go back to her fundie roots after the sales start dropping.

by Ur So Gayreply 610/31/2013

The article assume they are gay due to their rainbow-colored hair? WTF? Is the writer from Bumfuck, Iowa?

There are no rainbow-colors on anything.

by Ur So Gayreply 710/31/2013

"you assume they are gay from that pic?"

Of course I do, just look at them! Gayface to infinity and beyond.

by Ur So Gayreply 810/31/2013

The small print says they are her dancers. It's still a cringeworthy cover, but it's not like they went out and recruited random queens off the street.

by Ur So Gayreply 910/31/2013


by Ur So Gayreply 1010/31/2013

She does seem to have a good heart but I loathe her music, overall. Firework and Roar sound like someone is puking. Literally. "Rooaaarrrr" is the sound someone makes when they expel a good, long belch.

by Ur So Gayreply 1110/31/2013

Katy's friends are almost exclusively gay and her brother is gay as shit (though not out). She, herself, has never been a fundie. She was just raised like that.

by Ur So Gayreply 1210/31/2013

She is a fundie.

by Ur So Gayreply 1310/31/2013

Gay men are not her best accessories. They make her look like a drag queen.

by Ur So Gayreply 1410/31/2013

There's plenty of homophobic celebrities. She's not one of them and some of her songs are catchy. Bubble gummy but catchy. I'm fine with her.

Pick your battles and your celebrities to hate, better.

by Ur So Gayreply 1510/31/2013

Rihanna's the only homophobe in pop today.

by Ur So Gayreply 1610/31/2013

Why on earth would she be a gay icon?

by Ur So Gayreply 1710/31/2013

R15 has every dance remix of Ur So Gay.

by Ur So Gayreply 1810/31/2013

"They make her look like a drag queen."

They make her look like a drag queen? Blame the horse face and mannish body not her surroundings.

by Ur So Gayreply 1910/31/2013

I find her boring and her "talent" extremely limited.

I don't think she is a gay icon, either.

by Ur So Gayreply 2010/31/2013

Some of you don't even know the definition of fundamentalist, as reflected in your misuse of the term. First of all, it is term for a particular theological perspective, not an epithet to use against people whose beliefs you disagree with.

by Ur So Gayreply 2110/31/2013

Are any mainstream gay organizations going to call her out(and the other obnoxious straight women) that do this patronizing shit??

by Ur So Gayreply 2210/31/2013

I have to overlook the 'artist' these days and just decide if I like the music. They are all arseholes to some degree and I'd never buy any new music if I boycotted because of it. I don't LIKE Gaga or Miley Cyrus or Rhianna or Madonna or Katy as people but I need something to listen to while I'm out running.

by Ur So Gayreply 2310/31/2013

R23, do you ever consider music by males? Just wondering.

by Ur So Gayreply 2410/31/2013

She's a Repug Laughing At Us!

She's a Christer who HATES gays but loves our cash!

by Ur So Gayreply 2510/31/2013

Nonsense, she supported Obama & he tweeted her a TY for her support.

by Ur So Gayreply 2610/31/2013

Of course R24 but I since we're talking about a female popstar I only referred to them. Although I admit that I prefer my pop music from girls.

by Ur So Gayreply 2711/01/2013
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