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Foods for a down and out dude

My BF had several seizures about two weeks ago and royally screwed up his tongue. He nearly bit it off - the stitches have dissolved, but he is in terrible pain. Even now his tongue looks like a purple, bruised, rotting piece of raw roast beef.

Having said THAT...

Any ideas on things he can eat? GOOD things? He can't chew much, and is so incredibly tired of smoothies, mashed everything, and salt-free everything (the salt stings). Just looking for some soft-food variety if anyone has suggestions.

by TIA!reply 3710/31/2013

ice cream

cream of ____________ soup

by TIA!reply 110/30/2013

Try omelets. Properly cooked, they're still runny enough not to have to chew and you can fill them with practically anything soft, goat cheese and herbs for instance.

by TIA!reply 210/30/2013

Good luck to him OP and how sweet that you're taking such good care of your BF.

by TIA!reply 310/30/2013

My cousin had a bad mouth injury and a bunch of his teeth were missing. He couldn't really eat. His sister bought a magic bullet blender and blended up food for him.

by TIA!reply 410/30/2013

He is SO depressed just wanting a burger or a steak! Dr. said it could be weeks still. He's dropped 16 pounds in just a week and a half.

by TIA!reply 510/30/2013

There's always room for jello.

by TIA!reply 610/30/2013

[quote] He is SO depressed just wanting a burger or a steak!

Fry up some ground beef like you would taco filling

by TIA!reply 710/30/2013

Shepherds pie.


Spinach and artichoke dip.


by TIA!reply 810/30/2013

Kozy Shack pudding got me through impacted wisdom teeth surgery, but I would have been tired of it after more than a week. Maybe if he can learn to tolerate the salt sting you could try some varieties of pasta salads.

You could also try musubi, if he's desperate; Hawaiian or Japanese delis/sushi bars usually have it. But the real problem with getting any interesting food is going to be the salt.

Maybe he should do what sick women do, and just channel his food misery (and savings) into shopping for new clothes for his new skinny physique. And ways to keep it.

by TIA!reply 910/30/2013

16lbs?!? Excuse me while I go stare into a strobe light and get some of them diet seizures going!

by TIA!reply 1010/30/2013

Lol at r10 = the first reaction of everyone who reads this thread.

by TIA!reply 1110/30/2013

Duh. Rice.

split pea soup

by TIA!reply 1210/30/2013

Pudding pops!

by TIA!reply 1310/30/2013

I've had some dental issues, and when I can't chew I live on soup and yogurt, because I wanted something more nutritious than pudding and ice dream. Yogurt is fine stuff, and can be eaten plain, sweetened, or savory (as in raita). Cream soups are great, chunkier soups might benefit from a whiz in the blender. And you really can get a lot of protein and vegetables down, in soup form.

My sympathies to the boyfriend.

by TIA!reply 1410/30/2013

Cum, but aim for the back of his mouth.

by TIA!reply 1510/30/2013

I don't know if it'll be too salty, but white (or brown) rice soaked in miso soup is a soft, savory comfort food.

Otherwise, I'd say try mixing some sauteed veggies (finely chopped onion, mushroom, zucchini) into plain instant oatmeal. If you get dried mushrooms and add them to hot water for about 5 minutes, then chop or puree, you'll get a savory, meat-like substance (and broth) without the salt.

by TIA!reply 1610/30/2013

I just made pudding pies. You could do that, but without the crust.

(and, by made, I mean I opened a package of individual graham cracker crusts added a Hunt's Snack Pack pudding, and squirted the bugger with some spray cream)

by TIA!reply 1710/30/2013

potato salad, tapioca pudding, cling peaches

When I was on painkillers post-op, I could only tolerate bland, easy to digest food. Those were my faves.

by TIA!reply 1810/30/2013

Pork roast with garlic mashed potatoes. The roast itself is usually so tender you don't have to chew, but you can mince it.

The gravy on mashed potatoes is heaven.

by TIA!reply 1910/30/2013

What about soups, OP. Whole foods has great soups...butternut squash bisque, split pea (May be salty), etc.

by TIA!reply 2010/30/2013

What cut of pork do you use, R19?

by TIA!reply 2110/30/2013

Loin roast, not rolled R21. The magic price in the Midwest is $14.00. Go out of your way to avoid Hormel.

by TIA!reply 2210/30/2013

smooth paté

salmon mousse

rice pudding

creme brulée

I'm getting hungry

by TIA!reply 2310/30/2013

BTW, how is your partner, OP, aside from the tongue?

(he said again - this time in the proper thread)

by TIA!reply 2410/30/2013

I've spoken of him here a few times before, thanks for asking.

He may be in his last days. He's only 48 but has cirrhosis of the liver - the seizures were alcohol withdrawal. He tried to detox on his own while I was out of town, and wound up in the hospital for a week. He's in bad shape.

Don't abuse alcohol, folks. Especially a few gallons of vodka a week for twenty years.

by TIA!reply 2510/30/2013


by TIA!reply 2610/30/2013

These suggestions are all crazy helpful, guys, THANK YOU

by TIA!reply 2710/30/2013

Wow, OP. I am a heavy drinker, and reading about your partner made me put down the whisky. I'm going to bed now. Thanks.

by TIA!reply 2810/30/2013

My sympathies, OP. I hope he won't detox again without medical supervision. Migas or chilaquiles should be nice and mushy, if not too salty?

by TIA!reply 2910/30/2013

Lots of real hot soup, loaded with pepper. You need to remind him what that tongue is for......

by TIA!reply 3010/30/2013

Why in the world would anyone sane and committed to a partner bother with posting this drivel - anyone with sense would already have gotten a plan together and discussed it with the medical staff that handled the case.

And yet it's such nonsense for a troll.

So the question is, what's wrong with you, OP?

by TIA!reply 3110/30/2013

Fuck off R31, you don't know me. I've been dealing with this for a long, long time.

I love the man and will stand by him because I know he doesn't have much time left on the planet. He's stopped drinking, and we are dealing with the fallout from here.

Thanks for the food ideas guys, some of them are really great. I have a pork tenderloin slow cooking right now.

by TIA!reply 3210/31/2013

[quote]have gotten a plan together and discussed it with the medical staff that handled the case.

Do you expect medical staff to sit there and pan daily menus?

by TIA!reply 3310/31/2013

Polenta. Grits. Farina. I'm a corny,wheaty kinda' guy.

by TIA!reply 3410/31/2013

Obviously meant "plan," but pan works, too.

by TIA!reply 3510/31/2013

Oh, polenta. That sounds good for the weekend.

by TIA!reply 3610/31/2013

I really don't understand why it is that when people make up their pretend boyfriends they so often give them a serious flaw.

My pretend boyfriend is perfect in every way.

by TIA!reply 3710/31/2013
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