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Jon Hamm -- what a MAN!

Jon Hamm shaves 2-3 times a day for smooth 'Mad Men' look

Randee Dawn, TODAY contributor

1 hour ago

Jon Hamm is one seriously manly man; no wonder he's the star of AMC's hit "Mad Men." But according to the series' makeup artist, he might be just a little more manly than average — since when the show's filming, she and her team have to continuously check on his facial hair.

"We shoot such long hours," five-time Emmy nominee Lana Horochowski told OK! Magazine. "For Jon, we shave (him) sometimes two, three times a day."

Meanwhile, Hamm's on-show wife Megan (Jessica Paré) needs a little hair enhancement ... on her eyes. "Megan has more of a nude, chalky lip, and then she has the crazy 'Twiggy' painted-on eyelashes. She'll wear like three sets of lashes," Horochowski said. "We go for it."

But when it comes to makeup, Horochowski insists they keep it minimal, for the men, at least. And in the case of some of the other actors, their facial hair has to be faked entirely. "It's more skin maintenance," she said. "We throw a little tinted moisturizer on them."

by 2811/01/2013

[all posts by racist flame bait troll removed, ISP notified with full text of all posts.]

by 110/30/2013

Ouch, R1! You don't hold back any punches.

I like Mad Men, too, but at this point, it's a pretty mundane, pointless show. Take away the Antonioni/Cassavetes gloss to narrative, and what you have is a soap opera that's no more profound than an episode of The Young & the Restless.

Daniel Mendelsohn gave the greatest assessment of the show a few years ago.

by 210/30/2013

OK, R1, what is your background? You seem to have a rather large bone to pick. Were you up for the role of Don Draper?

by 310/30/2013

fixing link

by 410/30/2013

I don't know what actor R1 thinks he's watching on his television.

In every interview I've seen Jon Hamm comes off as unbelievably warm, humble, self-effacing, and funny as hell. And quite grateful to be working.

Whether Don Draper and Mad Men are "over", well that's another matter. You are aware that actors aren't the characters they portray, right R1?

by 510/30/2013

The problem with that article at R2 can be summed up in this passage:

[quote]There’s a brief subplot at one point about one of the young associates, Paul Kinsey, a Princeton graduate who turns out—how or why, we never learn—to be living with a black supermarket checkout girl in Montclair, New Jersey. A few colleagues express surprise when they meet her at a party, we briefly see the couple heading to a protest march inMississippi, and that’s pretty much it—we never hear from or about her again.

The relationship ends because she sees through Paul's bullshit. Why would we see or hear from the girlfriend of a minor character again? We barely hear from Paul Kinsey again.

This guy fundamentally doesn't understand how a television show works - you can't encompass the entire universe in 52 episodes.

[quote]Characters seldom enter (or leave) the frame while already engaged in some activity, already talking about something—a useful technique (much used in shows like the old Law & Order)

OK, he REALLY thinks the bullshit staging of Law & Order is superior? That shit is a parody of itself. I stopped reading right there.

by 610/30/2013

I'm guessing R1 won't be getting any Jon Hamm's John Ham in his stocking this Christmas.

by 710/30/2013

I agree the show is pretty much over -- was absolutely wonderful for the first few seasons but now is just barely hanging on. I doubt I'll watch the last one into two seasons.

But R1 -- Hamm is a star, whether you like it or not.

by 810/30/2013

The show is not "over" R8. Last season was quite strong and ended with an emotionally powerful season finale where Don Draper finally introduced his children to Dick Whitman, his former self.

Perhaps you should stick with your procedural dramas.

by 910/30/2013

R7 i would gratefully take Jon's Hamm any time!

by 1010/30/2013

I wonder if he grows hair on his back.

by 1110/30/2013

[all posts by racist flame bait troll removed, ISP notified with full text of all posts.]

by 1210/30/2013

[quote]We have quite the zealous MadMen fanfrau on the thread.

You get called out on your stupidity, and "MadMen fanfrau" is the best response you can come up with?


by 1310/30/2013

How often does he shave his balls?

by 1410/30/2013

Poor R9 thinks Madmen is Serious Art.

Shoo Frau! Shoo!

by 1510/30/2013

[all posts by racist flame bait troll removed, ISP notified with full text of all posts.]

by 1610/30/2013

I'm not a "frau".

by 1710/30/2013

It's funny how femme r16 reads in all his posts, being he hates women and all.

by 1810/30/2013

R16: We get it. You hate Mad Men, you appear to have Jon Hamm and Don Draper confused, and you've clearly got issues with middle-aged women. What the hell is there to "rationally counter" in that mess you posted?

by 1910/30/2013

Would lick every hair on his back!!

by 2010/30/2013

What does he use? I can't be on skype without looking like a pirate. (and I'm not that just keeps growing though.)

by 2110/31/2013

Only on the outside, R17. Only on the outside.

by 2210/31/2013

Does he manscape? Or in this case, Hammscape?

by 2310/31/2013

I think he's tremendous.

In other news, what WILL we watch when Mad Med is over....Breaking Bad, done. Mad Men, done. Downton..yawn..done. Walking Dead...I dunno, kinda underwhelmed.

Any suggestions? Is this the end of the so called golden age of television?

by 2410/31/2013

R6 and R9 = Matthew Weiner

Matthew come out, come out of the closet whereever you are....

I do enjoy Mad Men. Not as much as I used to. They should have ended it with 5 seasons. I'll still watch to see how it ends.

In regards to Hamm, i've never heard about him being a jerk or stuck up. On a scale of 1 to James Franco/Kevin Spacey, Hamm comes across as 1 in interviews.

by 2510/31/2013

Shoulda played Superman.

by 2610/31/2013

Jon Hamm is so....yesterday.

Our new Daddy is David Morse.

Get with the program.

by 2710/31/2013

Hamm would make an excellent older Superman or Batman.

by 2811/01/2013
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