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Meryl had affair with Jack Nicholson while shooting Ironweed

...whiel married

by Glenn, virginalreply 25911/23/2013

Someone posted about this on the datalounge YEARS ago!

It stood out in my mind because you rarely hear negative gossip about Meryl

by Glenn, virginalreply 110/29/2013


by Glenn, virginalreply 210/29/2013

I never understood all the fuss over Nicholson. He never was hot to me, even looking at his younger pics/clips. His face was ok but shit body, a smoker and cuntish personality.

1 of the most overrated "heartthrobs" ever.

by Glenn, virginalreply 310/29/2013

Yuck! As ugly as Jack was he was a Greek God in comparison to Meryl.She either must have a golden pussy or give the best blow jobs in the business to conquer over that one....

by Glenn, virginalreply 410/29/2013

Some of us have talent, some of us spread their legs on casting couch to casting couch to get where they are

by Glenn, virginalreply 510/29/2013

She also fucked Eastwood.

by Glenn, virginalreply 610/29/2013

r3 - Don't be daft. Nicholson was never regarded as a "heartthrob." He was regarded as more of a charismatic lothario back in the day.

by Glenn, virginalreply 710/29/2013

as if

by Glenn, virginalreply 810/29/2013

What a whore!

by Glenn, virginalreply 910/29/2013

I heard she had an affair with Fritz Weaver while shooting "The Holocaust."

by Glenn, virginalreply 1010/29/2013

I heard she had an affair with Roseanne Barr while making "She Devil".

by Glenn, virginalreply 1110/29/2013

I do not engage in sexual activity while shooting. It would pull my attention away from my dialect studies.

by Glenn, virginalreply 1210/29/2013

I hope she was tested for STD's. I see nothing in him, all the accolades about his acting. He is the type that would hop onto anything that was moving.

by Glenn, virginalreply 1310/29/2013

Did they continue it during HEARTBURN?

by Glenn, virginalreply 1410/29/2013

Did she munch on Cher whilst shooting Silkwood?

by Glenn, virginalreply 1510/29/2013

Heartburn was prior to Ironweed

by Glenn, virginalreply 1610/29/2013

Not only Eastwood, but Redford during Out of Africa (rumored), DeNiro (during Falling in Love, after Cazale died) and the ever-so-well-hung Ed Begley Jr her co-star in She Devil - sorry r11 not Roseanne, M is strictly dickly it seems....lots of dick.

De Niro made some kind of joke about it at an awards ceremony honoring M, something about who here hasn't slept with Meryl? She laughed uproariously at it.

by Glenn, virginalreply 1710/29/2013

definitely not Redford...they didn't even get along particularly well. (and Sydney Pollack would have never let Redford out of his sight long enough.)

Pollack was the ultimate self-hating gay/jew

by Glenn, virginalreply 1810/29/2013

You're the greatest, M!

You're the greatest, G!

by Glenn, virginalreply 1910/29/2013

R2 beat me to it.

by Glenn, virginalreply 2010/29/2013

She did me on the set of the Devil Wears Prada!

by Glenn, virginalreply 2110/29/2013

She also (supposedly) had an affair with Jeremy Irons while they were shooting "French Lieutenant's Woman"

by Glenn, virginalreply 2210/29/2013

She's a slut.

by Glenn, virginalreply 2310/29/2013

I always felt Streep and Don Gummer had an understanding - i.e., do your research when you are away from me, and I will do mine. They oddly remind me of gay male couples who are not so rigid. Other brief outside romances may happen, but they really love each other and that is what is primary. She was a hippie chick. I kind of doubt the Redford "Out of Africa" romance, because wasn't Don Gummer in Africa with her the whole time with their kids? The other suggested romances, though? Sure. Someone will write a bestselling book one day and tell you all about it.

by Glenn, virginalreply 2410/29/2013

A slutty straight actress is news?

by Glenn, virginalreply 2510/29/2013

jealous bitches who don't get cast, always spread rumors

by Glenn, virginalreply 2610/29/2013

Kind of disappointing, if true.

by Glenn, virginalreply 2710/29/2013

Mamie is obviously not Redford's daughter

by Glenn, virginalreply 2810/29/2013

Honestly to me makes her more interesting. Actors are not saints, and at least she is not weird about sex like Sandra Bullock.

Possible: Jeremy Irons, Jack Nicholson, Sting, Kurt Russell, Ed Begley, Jr., Stanley Tucci ... I'd have to look at her film list.

by Glenn, virginalreply 2910/29/2013

"Meryl had affair with Jack Nicholson while shooting Ironweed"

Well, I guess that cheap bag of psychotropic ironweed Meryl was shooting cost her a 'nickel', son.

by Glenn, virginalreply 3010/29/2013

She fluffed my folds.

by Glenn, virginalreply 3110/29/2013

as a Yalie wouldn't M secretly look down on actor types? (plus what women who has birthed 4 kids still wants sex?---it just doesn't happen)

by Glenn, virginalreply 3210/29/2013

Does this supposedly mean Meryl cheated on her long-time husband, Don Gummer?

Does Gummer know?

by Glenn, virginalreply 3310/29/2013

lies lies lies!!!!

by Glenn, virginalreply 3410/29/2013

She wanted some of this off the set of "She-Devil" too!

Linda Hunt turned her down as well.

by Glenn, virginalreply 3510/30/2013

I'm just kinda bored by this information, not judgmental, other people's sex lives are none of my business.

by Glenn, virginalreply 3610/30/2013

The Other M flowed a constant stream of pretty boy toys from her soap for M's enjoyment. As long as the Other M was useful as a pimp, M kept her in the inner circle, despite looking down at her choice of work. When the Other M left her show, M froze her out.

by Glenn, virginalreply 3710/30/2013

R3, there was a time when actors were famous because they had these things called charisma, talent and personality. AND it was better if they looked like men instead of roided-out little boys.

by Glenn, virginalreply 3810/30/2013

Jack Nicholson was one of the biggest stars in the world. Would you honestly not do him if you were in her Oscar winning shoes? I highly doubt it. Don't judge unless you have walked a mile in my pants suit.

by Glenn, virginalreply 3910/30/2013

A story I heard many years ago is that Nicholson, who was a tad tipsy, was sitting at video village during the bit where Streep sang "He's My Pal" or whatever the fuck it was called. The crew was visibly moved by her perfornance. When it was over you could hear a pin drop and Nicholson bellowed, pointing at the video monitor "Finally! I'm finally fucking someone with TALENT!"

by Glenn, virginalreply 4010/30/2013

Hysterical, R40. Thank you. Don't ask me how many "grad students" Don Gummer has had for breakfast.

by Glenn, virginalreply 4110/30/2013

No one in the position to know anything about such a thing ever spoke about Meryl Streep fucking either Nicholson or - and the notion boggles the mind - Eastwood.

Such rubbish.

by Glenn, virginalreply 4210/30/2013

[quote]I'm just kinda bored by this information, not judgmental, other people's sex lives are none of my business.

R36, are you aware that you are posting that to a GOSSIP website? If the information bores you, avoid gossip websites in the future. t

by Glenn, virginalreply 4310/30/2013

There have been rumors about Meryl sleeping with any number of her co-stars for many, many years.

If she did (and does) then good for her.

by Glenn, virginalreply 4410/30/2013

Randy, the new perfume by Meryl Streep

by Glenn, virginalreply 4510/30/2013

me participant.

by Glenn, virginalreply 4610/30/2013

Great story R40

by Glenn, virginalreply 4710/30/2013

Add to the list:

Dennis Quaid

Klaus Maria Brandauer (hot poker there)

We're still checking the galleys.

by Glenn, virginalreply 4810/30/2013

Meryl just lies there and thinks of her English accent.

by Glenn, virginalreply 4910/30/2013

R38 Nicholson never had charisma or personality, unless you think arrogant jerks are sexy. In that case, you have low standards and daddy issues. How is having an average or shitty body being more of a man than someone who takes pride and works out? You sound like you're lazy and have horrible taste. Typical DL el dergay.

by Glenn, virginalreply 5010/30/2013

he was an actor r38...not a heartthrob

by Glenn, virginalreply 5110/30/2013

Goldie Hawn's gardener was not correct when he confirmed that Merl turned Kurt on to Goldie. The report that Cher simultaneously jealous and instigated it is, however, correct.

by Glenn, virginalreply 5210/30/2013

Wow. Can you imagine a couple uglier than Meryl and Jack? I just thank the little baby Jesus that those two didn't procreate.

by Glenn, virginalreply 5310/30/2013

Turns out I'm a bit of a slut. Not an affair but wait for the real Harmonie story. That was one bad night and The Late Show is lucky I did not sue them.

by Glenn, virginalreply 5410/30/2013

M never signs her whole name!!!! OMG r54, how embarrassing for you.

by Glenn, virginalreply 5510/30/2013

I have nothing to be embarrassed about. By the way, there is no feud between me and Julia Roberts. The backstabber that you really need to watch out for is Sandra Bullock. Having intense time with Jeff Bridges. Please update this site for 2013.

by Glenn, virginalreply 5610/30/2013

[quote] Having intense time with Jeff Bridges.

Meryl would never use a sentence fragment. She went to Vassar and Yale.

by Glenn, virginalreply 5710/30/2013

[all posts by tedious troll removed.]

by Glenn, virginalreply 5810/30/2013

Not Dustin Hoffman or Woody Allen, thank God.

Think more selective. DG told her after Ironweed that she could never work with Jack Nicholson again?

by Glenn, virginalreply 5910/30/2013

He cheated?!?!

by Glenn, virginalreply 6010/30/2013

Who is JRH? @ r41?

by Glenn, virginalreply 6110/30/2013

Aren't actors basically like circus workers, always have been and always will be? No offense to Meryl's work, but it's really kind of a sexually active crowd. Jennifer Lawrence secretly banged Liam Hemsworth on the first Hunger Games while he was dating Smiley Virus.

by Glenn, virginalreply 6210/30/2013

I just don't believe women with 4 children want to have sex again. (especially after Mamie, wouldn't that scare anyone into celibacy)

that would be a way to verify this. She had the kids so close together and while she was working a lot. She must have been pregnant during a lot of these films.

by Glenn, virginalreply 6310/30/2013

Maybe she should go back on Andy Cohen and play "slept with or not."

If any affairs are true, they have largely been kept out of the public eye for about 25 years. This often happens when someone wants to cash in (the Nicholson biographer?) and he/she decides he has no further ties to show business so may as well spill all the dirt. Nicholson is not doing film work, but Streep is really actively working.

I have noticed MS has been really low profile ever since she won the 3rd Oscar. She has done zero press for August: Osage County, but I assume will start to talk to promote that film. It makes you realize that if Katharine Hepburn were an actor in this era, her lesbianism would have been exposed a long time ago.

by Glenn, virginalreply 6410/31/2013

I mean she would have been exposed as a lesbian during her career, much like Sandra Bullock has been now, but you get the point.

by Glenn, virginalreply 6510/31/2013

I am filming Into the Woods. (It's awful!!!!)

by Glenn, virginalreply 6610/31/2013

From my internet gossip archive:

datalounge: SUSPECTED HOLLYWOOD LESBIANS Original Post (…) Didn't Meryl do Carrie Fisher when they were making POSTCARDS FROM THE EDGE? That's what I hear. . . by: Anonymous reply 71 08/25/2009 @ 10:37PM

Van:MGMax1919 ( Onderwerp:Re: Tom and Nicole Discussies:alt.showbiz.gossip Datum:1994-04-04 00:02:44 PST Hudson cover-up? Same with Raymond Burr, and Schwarzengger they say; Streep and Hawn were hinted to have had a big thing during DEATH BECOMES HER... and Keanu Reeves keeps getting cast by homosexual directors and that can’t be because of his acting skills, can it?

by Glenn, virginalreply 6710/31/2013

Meryl and Don have an open marriage. They both have an understanding that they are allowed to sleep with other people (they came of age in arty circles in the 1960s - free love and all that) but are genuinely committed to each other and love each other greatly. So there's no cheating involved and their relationship is not jeopardized.

by Glenn, virginalreply 6810/31/2013

Rubbish, r68. Away from the set, Meryl is your typically average suburban mom and wife, and she and Don have a loving monogamous marriage. They have a very white picket fence life. She once said in an interview that they have "date night" once a month, which entails eating out at Applebees, which is Don's favorite place. Some may find her life boring, and certainly it is by Hollywood standards, but I think it's admirable and speaks volumes about her character that she's been able to stay grounded and down to earth despite being the most acclaimed actress of this generation.

by Glenn, virginalreply 6910/31/2013

I thought Nicholson was into fucking 12 year olds.

by Glenn, virginalreply 7010/31/2013

[all posts by tedious troll removed.]

by Glenn, virginalreply 7110/31/2013

r71, are you saying she's not your average suburban mom? I respectfully disagree.

by Glenn, virginalreply 7210/31/2013

I don't believe Applebee's is Don Gummer's favorite restaurant, sorry. Or anyone else's.

by Glenn, virginalreply 7310/31/2013

[all posts by tedious troll removed.]

by Glenn, virginalreply 7410/31/2013

She mentioned it in an interview in one of those housewife mags my mom gets, Ladies Home Journal, or one of those. She just seemed very down to earth and unpretentious, like she'd feel more at home at Target than at a film premier.

by Glenn, virginalreply 7510/31/2013

Meryl and Don are old hippies. Both have had affairs (mostly in the distant past), its no big deal. They love each other to pieces have been terrific parents who have somehow managed totally separate and successful careers. They are wonderful people.

by Glenn, virginalreply 7610/31/2013

"I just don't believe women with 4 children want to have sex again"

Ignorance from a gay that knows nothing about real life women.

by Glenn, virginalreply 7710/31/2013

Its funny that people who think M has supernatural acting abilities don't understand that her "content Connecticut housewife" routine could possibly be an ACT.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying she's secretly a totally different person, but she very much enjoys being a movie star and the attention that entails.

by Glenn, virginalreply 7810/31/2013

r78, that is no act, dear. I know people who are acquainted with her, and what you see is what you get: a modest, humble woman who never wanted to be a star...she just wanted to be a working actress...and who still feels very self-conscious about it all. She is very down to earth, and rather be working away in her veggie garden than attend an award ceremony.

by Glenn, virginalreply 7910/31/2013

Suburban housewives are the biggest whores on the planet.

by Glenn, virginalreply 8010/31/2013

[all posts by tedious troll removed.]

by Glenn, virginalreply 8110/31/2013

R79, I promise you what R78 says is true - Meryl Streep LOVES being a Movie sStar. She doesn't take very seriously (she takes her WORK seriously) and she knows it is all bullshit = but she LOVES being a Movie Star none the less.

by Glenn, virginalreply 8210/31/2013

She slept will all three guys on Mamma Mia!, and Dominic Cooper.

by Glenn, virginalreply 8310/31/2013

[quote]a modest, humble woman who never wanted to be a star...she just wanted to be a working actress

Yes, that is why she stuck to the integrity of the stage and rejected Hollywood when they came calling.

by Glenn, virginalreply 8410/31/2013

"Meryl's had affairs with every male co-star of every film she's ever made."

I have doubts about David Strathairn during the RIVER WILD filming. He doesn't seem to be the type.

Kevin Bacon however...

by Glenn, virginalreply 8510/31/2013

"She mentioned it in an interview in one of those housewife mags my mom gets, Ladies Home Journal, or one of those."

You must be pretty gullible if you believe the claptrap these stars toss out for that type of publication.

Streep wouldn't be caught dead in an Applebees. Much too "plebbie" for her.

by Glenn, virginalreply 8610/31/2013

I really was saddened to learn and promote these stories.

by Glenn, virginalreply 8710/31/2013

Meryl bagged on Kevin Bacon on Andy Cohen (saying that he was not a good father).

by Glenn, virginalreply 8810/31/2013

Irons, Nicholson, Eastwood. A few below the line.

by Glenn, virginalreply 8910/31/2013

Roberts + Dermot Mulroney on August: Osage County

Robers + Javier Bardem on Eat, Pray, Love

Meryl + James Woods and Liam Neeson?

by Glenn, virginalreply 9010/31/2013

Eat a cunt, R77.

by Glenn, virginalreply 9110/31/2013

It's my turn

by Glenn, virginalreply 9210/31/2013

Get in line, Pinewood. I dig older broads, especially ones with TALENT.

by Glenn, virginalreply 9310/31/2013

JRH = J. Roy Helland?

by Glenn, virginalreply 9410/31/2013

That is the most shocking thing I have read on this thread, r88. Streep was on Andy Cohen?!?!?! Why in the world would she do that? I am starting to believe the Applebees claim.

by Glenn, virginalreply 9510/31/2013

I wonder if Meryl regrets the WWHL appearance last year. She was shilling for her HOPE SPRINGS movie, which ended up a disappointment in every respect. She came across well in the interview, but it surprised a lot of her fans and really didn't help the film in any way.

by Glenn, virginalreply 9610/31/2013

Yep, R94. He's her fiercest protector. A fat gay man who runs interference for her at every turn on set.

by Glenn, virginalreply 9710/31/2013

"Affair?" Is that what they're calling it now?

by Glenn, virginalreply 9810/31/2013

I liked the Andy Cohen interview (the good parts) because she let it rip. She very clearly identified who she liked and who she did not like - Dustin Hoffman, Woody Allen, and Kevin Bacon (bad dad)). She is so much legend now that this only adds to her mystique, but I kind of doubt the volume that is being suggested here. Sigourney Weaver did date Don Gummer before Meryl, so a stoned 3-way is not so far fetched.

by Glenn, virginalreply 9910/31/2013

Sigourney and Meryl were at Yale at the same time, but they're not really friends. They ran with entirely different crowds then and now.

by Glenn, virginalreply 10010/31/2013

Didn't Sigourney make and wear funny costumes at Yale? Meryl got all the lead female parts and an ulcer. My memory is that they are generally respectful towards each other in interviews. Both are great ladies.

by Glenn, virginalreply 10110/31/2013

Sigourney is a wonderful, classy lady and no, I don't think she's ever dissed Meryl. But she hated Yale, where they were not especially nice to her. And yes, Meryl was a star there, even then.

by Glenn, virginalreply 10210/31/2013

A spokesman for Streep yesterday refused to comment.

by Glenn, virginalreply 10310/31/2013

Meryl ran with a crowd that included Jill Eikenberry and Swoosie Kurtz.

by Glenn, virginalreply 10410/31/2013

[quote]She very clearly identified who she liked and who she did not like - Dustin Hoffman, Woody Allen, and Kevin Bacon (bad dad)).

Did she say why she didn't like Dustin Hoffman? Woody Allen, that's obvious. The thing about Kevin Bacon a "bad dad" is interesting. I wonder what she meant precisely. He and Kyra Sedgwick have the family image down pat.

by Glenn, virginalreply 10510/31/2013

She chose Hoffman to kill (marry Redford, shag Nicholson, kill Hoffman). I think they have buried the hatchet but he was a prick to her during Kramer vs. Kramer (on coke and getting a divorce). Some rumor that he groped her early on? Can't remember.

Kevin Bacon being a bad dad ... that one I don't know. There is some major family history of addiction, mental illness, and dysfunction for Kyra Sedgwick. Maybe Meryl heard he did something bad to her or his kids, or he simply ignores them.

by Glenn, virginalreply 10610/31/2013

Meryl's famous story about Hoffman is that on the first day of shooting KRAMER VS KRAMER he came up and put his hand on her boob. Uggh. To work with Hoffman, at least in the 70s, was to loathe him.

I don't get the Kevin Bacon thing. Kevin and Kyra are very well regarded in show biz and all over NYC.

by Glenn, virginalreply 10710/31/2013

[quote]There is some major family history of addiction, mental illness, and dysfunction for Kyra Sedgwick. Maybe Meryl heard he did something bad to her or his kids, or he simply ignores them.

This post reminds me of a BI we had a couple of years ago about an A list H'wood couple in which the husband regularly beat the wife. The guesses were Kevin and Kyra and William Macy and Felicty Huffman. I don't think any reasons were given for arriving at these two couples, or at least I can't recall them. But I digress.

by Glenn, virginalreply 10810/31/2013

R108, I have no clue about Macy and Huffman but Bacon doesn't beat Sedgwick. He cheats on her, fairly discreetly.

I'd guess that blind was Brolin and Lane. Neither is A-list to me but to blind item writers they probably would be.

by Glenn, virginalreply 10910/31/2013

I've read speculation online that Nicholson may have fathered her third child, Grace, born in 1986.

by Glenn, virginalreply 11010/31/2013

"Meryl's famous story about Hoffman is that on the first day of shooting KRAMER VS KRAMER he came up and put his hand on her boob."

Actually, that occurred at a party before KRAMER and was the first time she met him. Talk about first impressions.

Interesting about Weaver dating Gummer before he get together with Streep. Talk about a lucky guy.

by Glenn, virginalreply 11110/31/2013

Regarding Yale, Streep was definitely the female wunderkind of her class.

Weaver was indeed badly treated there (primarily by faculty I suppose), and you just know there are some great gossipy stories about interrelationships among the those in her class. I'm afraid we'll never hear them though.

But if you look at some of her very early work, she can be pretty wooden, so it's likely that she was not among the cream of the crop in her class. And since her father Pat Weaver was a powerful man at NBC, I wouldn't be surprised if some at Yale felt that was one reason why she got in.

Fortunately, she found a kindred spirit at Yale in Christopher Durang and carved a niche for herself performing with him. And she's blossomed into a fine actress over het long career.

I do think she and Streep would do well together in a comedy.

by Glenn, virginalreply 11210/31/2013

She didn't say Bacon was a bad dad.

by Glenn, virginalreply 11310/31/2013

[quote]Irons, Nicholson, Eastwood. A few below the line.

Was wondering about that, if she was so open sexually when on set away from home did her taste in partners extend only to her leading men? What about directors and crew?

If she was sleeping exclusively with only her A list male co stars that implies a certain calculatedness on her part, to me. Snobbery even. I'm not judging, she's only done what 90% of her peers have done, but I believe the poster/s here who state she kinda enjoys being a "movie star" and the finer "perks" that entails (hot male co-star tail for one).

by Glenn, virginalreply 11410/31/2013

Count me disappointed. She didn’t supposedly have a few flings here and there, which would be understandable and excusable given her line of work. She allegedly had constant sex with nearly every major leading man she filmed with. That’s not a little “research” that’s full on whoring around. And in no way is she just an average suburban housewife, that’s ridiculous, esp if she’s slept with so many other famous people.

I think it wouldn’t be so bothersome if she wasn’t so publicly prim and proper, and didn’t have four kids who later will be reading about all of it when the dirt spills. Which it inevitably does as these stars age (eg this current Nicholson bio). I feel sorry for them.

by Glenn, virginalreply 11510/31/2013

R115, Frau of the Week winner.

by Glenn, virginalreply 11610/31/2013

I watched WWHL when she was on it and don't remember her saying anything negative about Kevin Bacon. Someone needs to post a link, because this sounds like bullshit.

by Glenn, virginalreply 11710/31/2013

R115, I know this is hard for you to accept but some couples are not threatened by infidelity. Meryl and Don seem completely devoted to each other and their family.

by Glenn, virginalreply 11810/31/2013

not a frau but understand if the post sounds like it. I just don't like hypocrisy, if you're going to whore around feel free but don't put on a prim and proper act so you can derive false respect, obtain awards, etc. Face it M's public plainness, homebodiness and reserve is half of what defines her public image.

Not knocking her getting it on with anyone, hey go for it. But don't do interviews or talk shows for 35 years stressing how wonderful and suburban your life and marriage are when its not close to true. If she has an open marriage great, its their business, but she's had to have known that eventually her sexual dealings would come out given she's probably the most famous actress in the world for years now.

And the other guys were mega famous too which adds to the scrutiny - no one would care half as much if she were fucking grips.

by Glenn, virginalreply 11910/31/2013

The Kevin Bacon remark is here, around the 2:50 mark.

by Glenn, virginalreply 12010/31/2013

"But don't do interviews or talk shows for 35 years stressing how wonderful and suburban your life and marriage are when its not close to true." This is completely your projection. Streep rarely talks about her marriage beyond saying that her husband is a great guy.

by Glenn, virginalreply 12110/31/2013

Why can't her marriage be wonderful and suburban and still have a lilt le action on the side? Why does it have to be one or the other? I don't think she has represented herself as prim and proper. I think when she has spoken about her personal life she has described herself as being devoted to her family. I think you can fuck Jack Nicholson in your trailer while they set up the next shot and still love your family.

by Glenn, virginalreply 12210/31/2013

Of course you can r122, I don't think anyone is arguing that point. Most in Hollywood live by that code so it's kind of refreshing in a way to know Streep isn't different.

I don't doubt they love their kids and family life and that she's a good mother. Their kids are well adjusted and successful. But the frau post above holds a point; she's a majorly famous woman having strings of sexual affairs - not just one or two but strings - with equally very famous men. ALL of it would come out eventually and in this craven day and age no one waits until a subject is dead. And these are all HUGE name subjects.

She would have absolutely known that would happen when she was engaging in whatever she did. "Courting attention" if you will. To say otherwise is totally disingenuous. Which dovetails with the notion that she's always liked the perks of being a star, even if covertly.

by Glenn, virginalreply 12310/31/2013

"having strings of sexual affairs" - I pray that you are not an attorney. Source?

by Glenn, virginalreply 12410/31/2013

She calls Kevin Bacon a GOOD dad, r120.

by Glenn, virginalreply 12510/31/2013

Ummm, read this thread r124 and many others for years here on DL and elsewhere. She's been rumored to be an on set dickhound for YEARS.

This new Nicholson bio is one of the first "formal" confirmation of what's been whispered for a while. If a reasonably respected author such as Marc Eliot is willing to publish this it opens the door for others to "go there" with more revelations. We'll see.

Of and we don't demand "sources" here. It's a gossip and opinion blog hon.

by Glenn, virginalreply 12610/31/2013

To me it sounds like she says, "Not a good dad, that's for sure."

by Glenn, virginalreply 12710/31/2013

Would like to add that I also think if other actors/actresses take heat for their personal indiscretions, so should MS fair and square. It’s hypocritical to slam say, Meg Ryan or Angelina Jolie, for doing the same.

Miranda Kerr for example is getting heat this week for cheating during her marriage; sure she’s an airhead publicity-seeking model and not a thrice-Oscar winning actress educated at Vasser/Yale, but is her behavior any worse? Not really.

by Glenn, virginalreply 12810/31/2013

What reasonably respected author outs people for having an affair while they target is still working in show business? Remind me to do that to you and see how it feels, except I have a feeling that you are not famous or successful.

The amount of judging and vilifying of a woman is so typically, stereotypically, narrow gay man.

by Glenn, virginalreply 12910/31/2013

Maybe she doesn't care if it is exposed. Her people have "no comment"

by Glenn, virginalreply 13010/31/2013

Grace Gummer is Jack Nicholson's daughter? The pretty one who does not want to be in acting? Wow, even as a rumor that is good.

by Glenn, virginalreply 13110/31/2013

This thread is such lies. Meryl is more the type that men cheat "on" not "with."

Plus she reached the age of 33 in 1982. No movie star would sleep with a woman past that age. They want young and beautiful.

Plus she was an accomplished woman by then which turns off alpha-males like Jack, Eastwood, Redford etc.

Plus Redford was worried she wasn't beautiful enough for the film Out of Africa let alone his bed.

by Glenn, virginalreply 13210/31/2013

Redford is so old and vain. His ratty wig is embarrassing, and I also wear a wig.

by Glenn, virginalreply 13310/31/2013

[quote]What reasonably respected author outs people for having an affair while they target is still working in show business?

The kind that wants to get stuff out there and sell books. Nothing is sacred these days, the bar was lowered a long time ago.

And r132 is extremely naive.

by Glenn, virginalreply 13410/31/2013

So is Nicholson senile now? Is that why the book is coming out?

by Glenn, virginalreply 13510/31/2013

r134=thinks they know stuff

by Glenn, virginalreply 13610/31/2013

Meryl sucked off Viola in full nun's habit on Doubt!!!

by Glenn, virginalreply 13710/31/2013

I think she was friendlier that friendly with CHER.

by Glenn, virginalreply 13810/31/2013

Meryl does not exist below the neck. Who doesn't know this? But Nicholson probably still found a way to fuck her.

by Glenn, virginalreply 13910/31/2013

She's too fat to attract a man with other options. She pays Gummers bills.

by Glenn, virginalreply 14010/31/2013

Donald Gummer is a world famous sculptor who doesn't need to be supported by anyone.

by Glenn, virginalreply 14110/31/2013

he makes money at it? Since when? How much?

by Glenn, virginalreply 14210/31/2013

I don't think she managed to fuck Liam Neeson, but the rumor on the set of the film they did together was that M got cozy with a crew member - some young hottie, maybe in the camera dept.

I heard rumors that she fucked Eastwood when they did The Bridges movie way back when the film was being made.

by Glenn, virginalreply 14310/31/2013

You're a flyover; aren't you R 142?

by Glenn, virginalreply 14410/31/2013

from this list of credits I doubt he is exactly rolling in non-Meryl earned dough

by Glenn, virginalreply 14510/31/2013

Does anyone know the story between Streep and Charles Dance on Plenty? I assume that he is the actor that she and Tracey Ullman found to be really objectionable.

by Glenn, virginalreply 14610/31/2013

Louisa Gummer is the pretty one, born 1991.

by Glenn, virginalreply 14710/31/2013

So I like thick cock and lots of it. Ring any bells? Happy Halloween.

by Glenn, virginalreply 14810/31/2013

Some delusional queen on DL, probably Don himself, has insisted for the past several years that Meryl's husband is world-renowned/wealthy in his own right. Bullshit. He's Mr. Meryl Streep, nothing more, nothing less.

by Glenn, virginalreply 14910/31/2013

Oh, Don's gay. Got it. Get it girl!

by Glenn, virginalreply 15010/31/2013

R146, I read an interview with Dance where he said that he and Streep got along on days when their characters were getting along, and that she was cold toward him on days when their characters weren't getting along.

Perhaps he just wasn't into dealing with that kind of "method-y" approach (many British actors of his generation don't work that way) and expressed it on the set in a rather patronizing way, but there must be much more to this than just that.

I used to know some people who worked in the Universal Pictures publicity department around the time of SOPHIE'S CHOICE and their comments about her were that she was very manipulative and cold - pretty much what you'd expect from an actress hell bent on achieving her ambitions.

by Glenn, virginalreply 15111/01/2013

Her best-looking kid is her son Henry Wolfe Gummer, but he goes by Henry Wolfe.

He's a singer-songwriter-musician. And a pretty dull one too, unfortunately.

by Glenn, virginalreply 15211/01/2013

Old news.

by Glenn, virginalreply 15311/01/2013

At the AFI tribute to Streep a few years ago Tracy Ullman got up on the stage and made not-so-subtle references to someone in the cast of the film Plenty who they both couldn't stand.

Perhaps Dance rebuffed Streep's advances and so she set out to make him look bad to her on-set pal Ullman?

by Glenn, virginalreply 15411/01/2013

Some of you have some very middle class ideas about artists, fame, money, sex and marriage.

by Glenn, virginalreply 15511/01/2013

Middle class in the American sense, R155? Because in the UK "middle class" means something else.

by Glenn, virginalreply 15611/01/2013

Wow. This is the first time I've ever heard of these rumors. And they've been around for years? I don't doubt she's had her dalliances, but with all of the co-stars mentioned on the thread? The thread makes it sound like she takes on lovers on every time she's away.

by Glenn, virginalreply 15711/01/2013

In Plenty, Susan hates her husband, and it may have simply been an extension into real life? I love some of the scenes in that movie with Streep and John Gielgud (sp?). It's great that Tracey Ullman is working together with Streep again in Into the Woods.

To the extent this was unwanted, I feel bad for all parties involved, but both Streep and Nicholson are public figures. He is older now and losing his memory? She is kind of over the celebrity / PR side of movies.

I am frankly shocked that more affairs are not revealed during movie shoots. It basically happens on every single movie set, especially if it's a major studio production.

by Glenn, virginalreply 15811/01/2013

Don Gummer always seems stoned. I also can confirm that he is not a major star in the art world, at least in the U.S.A. Maybe he sells sculpture in Japan, but I have never heard of a major exhibition of his work.

by Glenn, virginalreply 15911/01/2013

Why does it happen more often on major studio sets as opposed to smaller indies, that's interesting. Bigger budget = more sex or just more people around to fuck? Seriously I'm curious.

by Glenn, virginalreply 16011/01/2013

I'm a world-renowned sculptress and I can vouch for Don Gummer's credibility.

by Glenn, virginalreply 16111/01/2013


by Glenn, virginalreply 16211/01/2013

It definitely happens on indies, but big productions = lots of people, lots of boredom, lots of down time, and lots of famous people who need to let off steam and/or get their rocks off. But a smaller film, people may know that you are boning but it's like ... Um, we have work to do?

by Glenn, virginalreply 16311/01/2013

I also think it gets out that stars bone, like Ben Affleck and Blake Lively during "The Town" or whatever that film was. Even with Jack and Meryl, it came out during the shooting. PR people deny it, but then privately the stars have to return home and deal with their spouses.

by Glenn, virginalreply 16411/01/2013

I fear we are being used by the publicists of the upcoming Nicholson bio.

Is this like the book where Paul Newman had sex with everything that moved?

by Glenn, virginalreply 16511/01/2013

The one who knows who (or mainly who not) probably is Roy, since he has worked with her on almost every movie.

by Glenn, virginalreply 16611/01/2013

I don't recall any big star on Streep's level showing up for events with her entire (adult) family in tow. You can find many other pics of her with one or more of her grown children and Mr. Gummer together. The body language always seems good. It has to speak to the stability of their relationship and their contributions as parents. It's unusual, at least.

by Glenn, virginalreply 16711/01/2013

That photo at r167 is from The AFI lifetime achievement or the Kennedy Center honors. They always bring the whole family there.

At other award shows you can always tell whether or not M thinks she has a chance of winning. If yes, Gummer accompanies her, if no she brings a kid or her brother.

by Glenn, virginalreply 16811/01/2013

I wonder if she slept with Kevin Kline during Sophie's Choice. He was really hot back then.

by Glenn, virginalreply 16911/01/2013

I apologize if someone has pointed this out already, but Streep and Gummer seem really happy. The live together, their kids are polite, and whatever the past appears to be, they are like an old married couple.

by Glenn, virginalreply 17011/01/2013

wow Meryl's son is cute and the spitting image of his father, with a bit of her thrown in. So does the oldest daughter (Mamie?) although she favors Meryl more.

I know I'm going to get hung here for saying this, but the younger two daughters do not resemble her husband much in any way. And don't look much at all like the two older sibs as they do each other. The youngest girl looks entirely different to me. Just an observation i'm not a fan or non-fan.

by Glenn, virginalreply 17111/01/2013

Wouldn't Nicholson DNA be much much uglier than Grace or Louisa?

by Glenn, virginalreply 17211/01/2013

wsn't thinking about Nicholson being the father, just making random observations. Nicholson's kids arent bad looking if I recall. I'm sure they're a nice family either way.

by Glenn, virginalreply 17311/01/2013

I worked on the crew of The Good Shepherd and Henry was one of the college kids in it. You can spot him in the scene where a bunch of people (including William Hurt and Angelina Jolie) are standing around the piano, singing Christmas carols. His face was the spitting image of his mother-he was quite adorable.

by Glenn, virginalreply 17411/01/2013

This is the equivalent of realizing there's snot in my Big Mac. I wouldn't fuck either one of these cheese queens.

by Glenn, virginalreply 17511/01/2013

Henry is a cutey and he even got an MFA in Acting from NYU so he must have some at least some skill.

It is one of life's great ironies that he remains unseen yet the horrid Mamie and Grace are everywhere.

by Glenn, virginalreply 17611/01/2013

For the record, Glenn Close was a prime example of someone who used to be called a "nymphomaniac." I believe the term now is "sexual compulsive." Crew guys, plumbers, deli owners, it didn't matter. Meryl Streep merely had passionate affairs with many of her leading men and remained friends with them.

by Glenn, virginalreply 17711/01/2013

I crave Oscars, not men. Could we got back to my statues please?

by Glenn, virginalreply 17811/01/2013

I think you're confusing her with her character in Fatal Attraction r177, aren't you?

Where is Streep troll in this thread? Oddly silent.

by Glenn, virginalreply 17911/01/2013

[R79]is correct. My niece went to school with one of the Gummer kids and used to go to her house a lot. She knew Meryl as "Mrs. Gummer" and Mrs. G spent most of her time in the kitchen.

by Glenn, virginalreply 18011/01/2013

I did a film with Meryl and she made me call her "sir."

by Glenn, virginalreply 18111/01/2013

No, R179. In reality Glenn Close was a sexual compulsive. Alex Forrest in Fatal Attraction actually wasn't one-she was mentally ill. If she was sexually compulsive she wouldn't have simply focused on Michael Douglas' character.

by Glenn, virginalreply 18211/01/2013

Ok then, she "was" sexually compulsive, is she currently so?

And if you care to share, more details please. I've never heard that about GC.

by Glenn, virginalreply 18311/01/2013

Can you be sexually compulsive and unattractive to others at the same time? (BTW I don't mean G, I'm researching a role....yeah that's it a role)

by Glenn, virginalreply 18411/01/2013

What's the deal with Meryl marrying Don Gummer only six months after John Cazale's death?

by Glenn, virginalreply 18511/01/2013

I know a few Baby Boomer hetero, suburban couples in open marriages. They believe that monogamy is unrealistic and suffocating, and that emotional fidelity is of paramount importance. They are (generally speaking) nice people and good parents who have excellent relationships with each other and their grown children. It's not that hard to believe that Meryl and Don live like this. Perhaps if they were from a younger generation, a lot more would have leaked out.

by Glenn, virginalreply 18611/02/2013

Fuck me, fuck me, FUCK ME, GODDAMNIT!

by Glenn, virginalreply 18711/02/2013

She's apparently long since settled down, R183. She was a sexual compulsive mostly before she gave birth to her daughter.

by Glenn, virginalreply 18811/02/2013

I've read that she's had more than one affair with her co-stars while married.

Let's speculate.

by Glenn, virginalreply 18911/02/2013

um r189 did you read the thread?

by Glenn, virginalreply 19011/02/2013

R185, textbook example of Grief Rebound.

by Glenn, virginalreply 19111/02/2013

Meryl began getting nominations right after she married Gummer. Maybe she didn't want to sit alone or with an agent or parent.

by Glenn, virginalreply 19211/02/2013

She was at the National Theatre's 50th anniversary gala in London tonight. I hear she went back to the Dorchester with the cast of The History Boys.

by Glenn, virginalreply 19311/02/2013

[R183] GC has slept with nearly everyone. She's been married three times, had a big affair with a carpenter named Steve, also that guy on Murphy Brown who died, lived with Len Cariou, her child is the daughter of John Starke, and if I'm not mistaken, she broke up that marriage, she had an affair with a leading man she worked with that I know about personally; had affairs with Cam Neely, Woody Harrelson, Kevin Kline, William Hurt and Cabot Wade.

by Glenn, virginalreply 19411/03/2013

Well then thanks for the info on GC. We need a new thread on her then, didn't realize she'd been so "busy". Wonder what guys she and MS shared lol.

by Glenn, virginalreply 19511/03/2013

Don't forget Meryl and Pierce Brosnan. I like my lady to get down.

by Glenn, virginalreply 19611/03/2013

Oh, Don, do you think he serenaded her? With that voice?

by Glenn, virginalreply 19711/03/2013

Pierce is used to fat women, ever see his wife?

by Glenn, virginalreply 19811/03/2013

I wish my husband would let me mess around on movie sets all over the world. Sounds fun. I can't even get out of the house and now I am worried that I married a gay serial killer.

by Glenn, virginalreply 19911/03/2013

I heard a casting rumor today that Jennifer Lawrence is going to star with Meryl and Robert DeNiro in "The Good House."

by Glenn, virginalreply 20011/03/2013

what role would that be? I like Lawrence but its like she's in everything now. Wonder if Meryl and Bob will re-kindle the flame on set for old times sake (just kidding).

by Glenn, virginalreply 20111/03/2013

no white chicks!!!! r201

by Glenn, virginalreply 20211/03/2013

Lawrence would play Rebecca, a young woman who befriends Hildie (Streep's character). It's a great part.

by Glenn, virginalreply 20311/03/2013

The Good House is written by Ann Leary - isn't that Denis's wife?

by Glenn, virginalreply 20411/03/2013

Yes. She based "The Good House" on her own history of being an alcoholic. It's a great novel, very well written.

by Glenn, virginalreply 20511/03/2013

[quote]Yes. She based "The Good House" on her own history of being an alcoholic.

that explains her being married to Denis Leary for so long

by Glenn, virginalreply 20611/03/2013

Unfortunately, it's being adapted by Michael Cunningham.

by Glenn, virginalreply 20711/03/2013

He'll do a good job. You have to give Streep some credit for elevating everyone around her. Apparently now even more than we thought.

by Glenn, virginalreply 20811/03/2013

lol r208 it took me a minute to catch what you meant there.

Cunningham wrote The Hours but didn't adapt it, he's not known as a screenwriter. He adapted A Home at the End of the World, which was his, but I didn't care for it myself and it didn't set the box office on fire. A good director is needed here, who's set to direct this one?

by Glenn, virginalreply 20911/03/2013

I don't know if they have gotten that far. Mike Nichols or John Wells?

by Glenn, virginalreply 21011/03/2013

Or Curtis Hanson.

by Glenn, virginalreply 21111/03/2013

Curtis Hanson is an underrated director and would be a great choice for the material.

He had some health issues following heart surgery last year...hope he's doing better.

by Glenn, virginalreply 21211/04/2013

I did not realize that. He was also in Adaptation with Meryl?

by Glenn, virginalreply 21311/04/2013

Michael Cunningham is not much of a film writer: in addition to At Home At The End of the World, he wrote Evening, which was just terrible. OTOH, I'm not a fan of his novels, either.

I think it's a safe assumption he never fucked Meryl, anyway.

by Glenn, virginalreply 21411/04/2013

I met MC's partner, KC. Adorable and smart. Perhaps he will assist to make this adaptation successful? I know he likes to fly on private planes with Meryl. She did the press tour for August: Osage County in London? Dying to know if anyone dared to ask her about Jack.

by Glenn, virginalreply 21511/04/2013

So Jack and I messed around and had a little coke problem in the 80's ... didn't you?

by Glenn, virginalreply 21611/09/2013

R3 Thank you! I don't get it either. How in the world did he bag all the women that he has? I can see groupies or golddiggers, but he's fucked women who are successful in their own right and have their own money, so they must have actually liked him. I don't get it.

Does he have a big dick or something?

by Glenn, virginalreply 21711/10/2013

[quote]I can see groupies or golddiggers, but he's fucked women who are successful in their own right and have their own money

like who (other than Meryl allegedly)

by Glenn, virginalreply 21811/10/2013

When Nicholson received the AFI lifetime achievement award in 1994, instead of family sitting with him at the head table were many of his female co-stars. Shirley Maclaine, Candice Bergen, Cher, Louise Fletcher, Faye Dunaway, Michelle Pfieffer, Shelly Duvall, and Mary Steenburgen ALL sat along side Jack on the dais as his Hollywood harem. That's quite a diverse group of women. They spoke about him and honoured him, along with others who spoke from the audience and the stage.

Meryl sat at a table in the audience, looking lovely and wan. She did not speak, even though she had done three films with him. At the time I thought it was because she was smart enough to think him a pig. I guess I was wrong about her reasons...

He had something that women loved. He is a legend. Maybe he only mistreated hookers?

by Glenn, virginalreply 21911/10/2013

[quote] Meryl sat at a table in the audience, looking lovely and wan. She did not speak, even though she had done three films with him. At the time I thought it was because she was smart enough to think him a pig. I guess I was wrong about her reasons...

Two films, r219.

I think it was because both Heartburn and Ironweed sucked and not considered highlights of Jack's film career (even if Ironweed earned him an Oscar nod).

Still think the affair rumor is complete bullshit.

by Glenn, virginalreply 22011/10/2013

I always think of that Joni Mitchell song "People's Parties", in which she name checks Jack, when I read about these people. I am sure they are all utterly smug and repulsive in a room together.

I remember reading some article in which a "brave" Meryl goes to sit with a solitary Bob Dylan on a balcony at one of these parties, probably recounted by Diane Sawyer or somebody. Gross.

by Glenn, virginalreply 22111/10/2013

R221, why do you call bullshit on it? You seem like an utter contrarian unless you bring in reasons why you think that.

Nicholson was apparently a very charming guy. And he's also talented. Not everyone had to look like Warren Beatty to get laid, you know.

by Glenn, virginalreply 22211/10/2013

R222, please investigate reading comprehension. I am not referring to actors' appearances.

by Glenn, virginalreply 22311/10/2013


Jack loves Meryl, 10 years later when she received the same honour. I doubt very much that Streep wasn't asked to sit on the dais and speak at his AFI tribute. I don't really care if they fucked or not, but I think maybe they did.

Streep was once very cool and I think lovely. She and Joni Mitchell can both certainly be called smug now, but Joni goes to more Hollywood parties, don't kid yourself r221.

by Glenn, virginalreply 22411/10/2013

R218 Diane Keaton, Anjelica Houston, and Christina Onassis to name a few.

by Glenn, virginalreply 22511/10/2013

Streep does not seem smug to me. She's at the top of her game at 64, which is something to celebrate for a female movie actress.

by Glenn, virginalreply 22611/10/2013

Angelica Huston wasn't successful at all when they started dating. When did he date Keaton?

by Glenn, virginalreply 22711/10/2013

Anjelica was a young up-and-coming actress and model when they got together, and had a top pedigree being a Huston.

Jack dated Diane a few years ago, they were out and about quit a bit. Maybe 3 or 4 years ago?

by Glenn, virginalreply 22811/10/2013

How's come Meryl never guested on Will & Grace like her good friends Glennie, Michael Douglas and Cher did?

by Glenn, virginalreply 22911/10/2013

[quote]Anjelica was a young up-and-coming actress and model when they got together, and had a top pedigree being a Huston.

no she wasn't. She was an industry joke who bombed big time in her first film and would never have worked again an big films if it wasn't for Prizzi's Honor.

by Glenn, virginalreply 23011/10/2013

"I like Lawrence but its like she's in everything now."

Interesting statement in a thread about Meryl Streep.

by Glenn, virginalreply 23111/10/2013

[quote]Angelica Huston wasn't successful at all when they started dating.

Yes she was. As R228 said, she was an up-and-coming model and actress when they got together and her father was John Huston, a famous director, screenwriter, and actor. She would have made it regardless if she had ever gotten involved with Jack.

by Glenn, virginalreply 23211/10/2013

and you know that how r232 psychic?

she was a joke after A Walk with Love and Death and unhirable. She did bit parts and scholck until Prizzi came along.

Watch an interview with her, she'd say the same thing.

by Glenn, virginalreply 23311/10/2013

R227/R230/R233 = Angry because he didn't realize AH was daughter of a Hollywood director and screenwriter and didn't even have enough sense to know Diane and Jack dated once.

by Glenn, virginalreply 23411/10/2013

of course I knew her father was a director, he put her in Walk... and Prizzi.

inform me then what big work she did in between those films? Ice Pirates?

by Glenn, virginalreply 23511/10/2013

Sorry, R220, I was referring to R217's wondering how Nicholson "bagged" so many women.

I'd still like to know why you "call bullshit" on the possibility they had an affair.

by Glenn, virginalreply 23611/10/2013

Not sure what Anjelica Huston has to do with this thread? You have to remember that this is all ancient history for the players involved. Does Anjelica even mention Meryl in her recent book?

DYING to see August: Osage County. I heard it killed at AFI.

by Glenn, virginalreply 23711/11/2013

I know this is a gossip site but this is bullshit. Meryl is a very committed to her family. She rarely went away on location for a long time because she didn't want to leave her family. "Ironweed" was shot in and around NY, where she could be home every night with her family. When she was shooting "One True Thing" in New Jersey she would helicopter to location every day so she would be home at night.

by Glenn, virginalreply 23811/14/2013

R238, Ironweed was shot in UPSTATE New York, dingbat. Albany, to be exact. That's hours away from NYC. And what about Out Of Africa? That wasn't shot in Scarsdale. And A Cry In The Dark wasn't shot in Red Hook.

Stop being a moron.

by Glenn, virginalreply 23911/14/2013

Eww- just threw up in my mouth a little imagining it

by Glenn, virginalreply 24011/14/2013

I clearly said

[quote]She rarely went away on location for a long time

I didn't say NEVER and she most certainly could get home easily on weekends and days off from Albany, you fool. As I also said she has used helicopters to get to and from work. Look at her resume, there are are more films shot in the tri-state are than not.

by Glenn, virginalreply 24111/14/2013

HELICOPTERS? Please. That never happened, R241. Stop lying to make your argument.

by Glenn, virginalreply 24211/15/2013

Nicholson is publically pro life.

by Glenn, virginalreply 24311/15/2013

Why is it so hard for flyovers to understand that you can be totally devoted to your family and still fuck Jack Nicholson on the side.

by Glenn, virginalreply 24411/16/2013

Jack just always looked like an awful lay to me.

by Glenn, virginalreply 24511/16/2013

r244 is projecting her alley-cat morals onto Meryl. Not everyone needs to scratch every itch, hon.

by Glenn, virginalreply 24611/16/2013

R246, are you really so simplistic and naive? I think it's been established on this thread that Streep has had AFFAIRS with co-stars. Sex is not necessarily the main component in affairs.

Paul Newman, by all accounts, had sex (with men) while away on location. He scratched an itch-often. Women are slightly different, aren't they?

by Glenn, virginalreply 24711/16/2013

Like Paul Newman and Tom Cruise? Who cares if people have affairs?

by Glenn, virginalreply 24811/16/2013

Excuse me, but Paul Newman did not have sex outside his marriage, and he certainly never had sex with other men. I've ready some preposterous things on DL, but that takes the cake. No doubt he sowed his oats when he was younger, but it was obvious that that ended when he married Joanne. They're madly in love and devoted to one another. Now that we've put that rumor to rest, let's turn to the topic at hand, Meryl. I'm pretty intuitive about people, and what I get from her is that her favorite role of all is mother and wife. And when you're devoted to that role, as she is, you do not stray, because you can't live with the guilt, shame, and consequences of cheating. She has never played the Hollywood game or cared for the accolades. Her number one concern is her family. She knows what really matter in life, and it's not the movies, the roles, the awards, or the openings. It's long-lasted family relationships that count for Don and her, and again, she would not risk losing that for some setside tryst. As much as you try to make her or Newman or the countless others into one, they are not sexual compulsives.

by Glenn, virginalreply 24911/16/2013

Spoken like a true frau, r249.

by Glenn, virginalreply 25011/16/2013

I never got the story of Paul Newman either. It seems to be a DL concoction based on a sweet and playful video of him auditioning and mock flirting with James Dean. Iconic as hell, but that is all. Newman was ahead of his time. Free thinking, hipsterish, and not even considered one of the best looking men of his time when he was young. He was not into guys, but was not faithful to his wife either.

I am in the arts, trust me people experiment outside of their sexual lane. You don't have to be sexually compulsive to have an on set affair.

There is a lot of silliness about Streep on this thread, but I do think she had a LOVE affair with Nicholson. He has charmed even the staunchest of feminists, the shyest of stars, and every woman who respects talent and appreciates a certain chivalry. Irish charm. He has a very vulnerable personal history with women. His sister was his mother...

He is not like Beatty, who used to pull his cock out and say suck it, not like a big time producer, just like an idiot who thought his dick was pretty. Gay men can relate to that better. I am gay, don't get Nicholson as a sexual partner, but accept that women love him.

I am pretty sure that he has been able to indulge every side of his fascination for women, including many kinds of abuse. Some of those stories must be true. Coke and impotence and simpering female admiration bought and paid for fuel rage. Ambition and up for a party, Laura Flynn Boyle must have amused him. He was terrible to his women mostly, but they stayed.

He is a charming triste man who once had great confidence mixed with diffidence and not giving a fuck. Talent, power, rebel charm - carried well into middle age. Like a good Irishman he is erudite and straight up sexy. I get it. Did Meryl?

(I am not Irish - but they are the fall of many a good man or woman. Listen to ALL of what Diane Keaton has to say...)

by Glenn, virginalreply 25111/16/2013

[quote]They're madly in love and devoted to one another.

Umm, no they're not. He's been dead for several years now so that's not possible.

TOP post at r251. I've had my downfall several times myself, all at the hands of an Irishmen.

I also agree that if Meryl & Jack got together, it was likely for more than just sex.

by Glenn, virginalreply 25211/16/2013

I heard she found a time machine and screwed everybody on the set of D.W. Griffith's "Birth of a Nation"

by Glenn, virginalreply 25311/16/2013

She never screwed me!

by Glenn, virginalreply 25411/16/2013

I keep anticipating news of his death and the baby boom mega-mourning to follow. I just expect it, before the end of the year.

JN's death coverage will be big, bigger than expected. He truly did SEEM not to give a fuck. ALL actors today, their biggest problem is they appear to give far too many fucks. They do what they told and they have no personality, and they care far too much, with ZERO risk taking.

by Glenn, virginalreply 25511/16/2013

Agree with, R255. Jack is a fucking god.

by Glenn, virginalreply 25611/16/2013

Meryl is nothing but an old slut.

by Glenn, virginalreply 25711/16/2013

I love the Dianne Keaton clip. Fascinating that she has nothing to say about Al Pacino.

by Glenn, virginalreply 25811/16/2013

I wonder if Dame Meryl tasted Benedict's cumberboner.

by Glenn, virginalreply 25911/23/2013
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