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Any way of finding out if a widow or widower

Received a large payout from an insurance company upon the death of their spouse?

by TIAreply 510/28/2013

OP = Jessica Fletcher

by TIAreply 110/28/2013

Why not just ask them?

by TIAreply 210/28/2013

No legal way to find out anonymously, if that's what you're asking.

by TIAreply 310/28/2013

If you can't ask or you think the surviving spouse is lying to you - hire a private investigator.

It is inexpensive and quick for a PI to run a financial check on someone. A large payout will show up. It's done electronically and invisibly.

You also might check Probate records. Insurance payouts should show up as part of the deceased's estate.

by TIAreply 410/28/2013

"Della, get Paul Drake on the phone.'

by TIAreply 510/28/2013
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