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Penis size: I've more questions than answers

Regarding those 'big white 'dick' threads. Seeing one of those guys in public, I'd never be able to discern that he was horsehung. There seems to be no common thread, despite vague claims of bdf.

Is it just heredity? Like, do brothers all have similar penises? Is it inherited, and from which side? The mother's, like pattern baldness is?

Or maybe just a weird excess of testosterone, in the womb or at puberty?

by Dickreply 3210/30/2013

I've never seen my brothers erect.

by Dickreply 110/28/2013

[quote]I knew someone who tried two brothers and they were a little different.

Bitch please, we know it was you!

by Dickreply 310/28/2013

Had identical twins once and even their cocks were subtly different.

by Dickreply 410/28/2013

I've had two brothers. One was above average but his younger brother was fucking HUGE.

by Dickreply 510/28/2013

I'm a twin, family members say that I am "bigger" in that dept, than my twin brother

by Dickreply 610/28/2013

How would they know, R6? Did they compare your erect cocks side by side?

by Dickreply 710/28/2013

My brother's dick is smaller than mine. I know, I sucked it before. I was unable to get my dick up his ass, while, he was able to fuck me.

by Dickreply 810/28/2013

R U twins, r8?

by Dickreply 1010/28/2013

The commas were added to reflect the pause before the thrust, R9. Just replace the commas with the words "Fuck, yea"

by Dickreply 1110/28/2013

If big dicks were hereditary, we'd all have them.

by Dickreply 1210/28/2013

[quote]Is it just heredity? Like, do brothers all have similar penises? Is it inherited, and from which side?

Something being hereditary in no way means siblings need to have the exact same traits. And kids inherit genes from both their mother and their father.

Like 90% of things, penis size is probably a combination of genetics (combination of alleles for different genes you have at a variety of loci), gestational/developmental effects and input from your environment.

by Dickreply 1410/28/2013

Certain hormones released during pregnancy is what gives certain men circus sized penises. The look of your dick might be hereditary, but the size depends on those hormones.

by Dickreply 1510/28/2013

WW for R9. I actually laughed out loud at that one (something I don't do often when I'm alone!)

by Dickreply 1610/28/2013

Side note: I was recently in New Orleans (Halloween weekend), and went to the notorious back room of the Rawhide. I did a pretty un-scientific survey of cock-sizes, by just grabbing as many erect cocks as I could back there. And I have to say, while there were certainly a few impressive ones, the vast majority were between 4.5 and 5.5 inches. Most were, hard, just about the width of my palm. There were a few that were... tiny.

This is across all races, ages, body types, levels of fitness, etc.

I know no one believes that the average dick size is 5.5 inches, but I'm a not-very-thick 6", and felt like a king there, with a few notable exceptions.

Perspective is important, and I'm pretty sure porn distorts it.

by Dickreply 1710/29/2013

The reason no one believes is that it is actually 5.2, not 5.5.

The other reason is that they are too stupid to realize that 5 is not 8.

by Dickreply 1810/29/2013

Guys use all kinds of tricks to inflate size, starting with measuring from beneath, when a true measurement is from the base of the penis below the pelvis, not below the penis.

by Dickreply 1910/29/2013

[quote]Just replace the commas with the words "Fuck, yea"

Great. Now I'm going to think of this every time someone posts, "OMG!! Did you see,,,, that,,, dick!!"

by Dickreply 2010/29/2013

Do you get your full growth at puberty? Or does it grow all during your teens? Or perhaps all your life?

by Dickreply 2110/29/2013

[quote]There seems to be no common thread, despite vague claims of bdf.

Photoshop can strike anybody.

by Dickreply 2210/29/2013

Seems like there's absolutely some genetic component. I've seem most of my male relatives naked (hunting trips, YMCA, and such--I grew up when casual nudity was more common) and we're all pretty big. It was a standing joke outside mixed company.

by Dickreply 2310/29/2013

This thread reeks of the return of Umpy.

by Dickreply 2410/29/2013

I fell off my chair laffin' - OP was saying "big WHITE dicks" - LOL. Trust me, their are very FEW of those. You want a huge one find one of us darker boys from the mother country. The only ones smaller than white are Asian and Mexicoans. LOL.

by Dickreply 2510/29/2013

Reading this thread I happily realize I have no idea what my 3 brother's penises look like.

I cannot believe that so many of you have such intimate brotherly knowledge.

by Dickreply 2610/29/2013

Yeah, I'm gay but I have always drawn the line at peering at my brother's and father's penises. I, like R26, never would have dreamed of checking them out. I have no idea how they are hung.

by Dickreply 2710/29/2013

I saw my father's when went swimming when I was a kid. Saw my brother's because we shared a bathroom growing up.

by Dickreply 2810/29/2013

I also wonder about body hair quantity and patterns among siblings. (And from fathers to sons.)

And for all of those male traits (body hair, dick size, etc.)-- is some of it inherited from the mother's side of the family? Like your maternal uncles?

by Dickreply 2910/29/2013

and how do you explain mushroom heads?

by Dickreply 3010/30/2013

I've had two brothers. One was small, the other was thumb-like, only smaller.

by Dickreply 3110/30/2013

[quote]I fell off my chair laffin' - OP was saying "big WHITE dicks" - LOL. Trust me, their are very FEW of those.

You're a retard.

by Dickreply 3210/30/2013
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