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AfterEl...err the Backlot actually produced a cool article

A profile of the many influential gay men who are working behind the scenes of television.

Thought the DL would like this comment.

Can it be awkward working with people either behind the camera or in front of it who are not open about their sexuality?

Jeff Davis: It’s a challenge to remain sensitive to this issue sometimes when you’ve had to fight so hard to be who you are and not hide it for yourself. You have to constantly remind yourself that they may not be ready to be open about their sexuality and that they deserve to do it in their own time and on their own times. I’m not someone who believes in outing other people. I do, however, believe that if more people came out things would get a lot easier for the rest of the community.

Also let it be know I am the only one of those guys who has a six-pack

by Jeff Davisreply 010/28/2013
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