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I'm thinking of quitting my job.

I want to eat fancy food, meditate on the meaning of life and then fall in love.

by Should I do it?reply 210/27/2013

Under 2012 Gay Law 24.01c you have to give another gay or lesbian two weeks lead time to send in his/her resume to your boss before you give two weeks notice. This allows for a seamless transition from one homosexual to another.

by Should I do it?reply 110/27/2013

I did that in 1985, OP. Of course, things didn't work out "exactly" as I hoped. I fell in love a lot, got quite a few std's, ate, got morbidly obese, meditated. Still am meditating and posting a great deal in here.

by Should I do it?reply 210/27/2013
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