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What. The. F#*@?

I'm a gay guy who is friends with several straight couples. In most instances, I started out as the friend of the boyfriend/husband; however, I'm likable enough that I've never had a hard time winning over girlfriends/wives.

One thing that has been bothering me lately is the fact that simple gestures on my part are blown out of proportion, and used by wives/girlfriends to emasculate their husbands/boyfriends (my friends). If I spend the night at their house and make up my sleeping area in the morning, the act is used to compliment me while shaming my friends. If I wash the dishes because someone else cooked, kudos to me and shame on my friends. Today I helped the wife of a friend do something fairly innocuous and...BAM...she spent 10 minutes turning a simple gesture into a weapon to beat down my buddy.

I'm a high-strung gay guy whose only responsibility is myself. The reason I try to be helpful around my friends who are couples is because it usually reduces tension and makes more time for fun. I don't appreciate being thrust into rivalries that could chip away at really important friendships, so I typically side with my buddies as they're being castigated.

But what I'm truly left to wonder is WHY, WHY, WHY would someone feel justified in trashing someone they love in front of others? I understand that women (and sometimes gay men) often feel taken for granted by grown men who act like little boys; however, is it really necessary to bring third parties into the mx?

by Reckoner reply 2010/28/2013

Most straight couples resent the hell out of each other, deep down inside.

by Reckoner reply 210/27/2013

Bobby baby Bobby bubbe.

by Reckoner reply 310/27/2013

Say more, R2. Not sure I know what you mean about couples resenting other couples. Like jealousy or competition with each other?

by Reckoner reply 410/27/2013

You should suck one of your buddy's cocks in front of his wife/girlfriend, and see if she berates him for not going down on her often enough.

by Reckoner reply 710/27/2013

cock, not cocks

by Reckoner reply 810/27/2013

I keep my visits with married friends short. Once you wash the dishes, it's only a step to cleaning the filthy stove and emptying dead things from their refrigerators. The cherry cabinets and ss appliances that were once all the rage? Covered in perma-smudge . They don't even know how to sweep a floor properly.

Worse yet are the ones with children. I dog sat for a family. They pushed toys, paperwork, and other garbage on top and under all tables - with paths to chairs, sofa, tv, and the stairs. This went beyond clutter.

This would lead a sane person to murder/suicide.

by Reckoner reply 910/27/2013

We'd be so glad to see YOU!

by Reckoner reply 1010/27/2013

They hate each other and the monotony of their horrible wretched lives. how sad.

by Reckoner reply 1110/27/2013

r4 He means that the persons within the couples resent one another. Wives resent their husbands and vice versa.

by Reckoner reply 1210/27/2013

Tickity tack. Worse all the time. I had a female friend with an able-bodied husband and adult daughter still living at home, who asked me if I'd come over and clean her house while she was laid up with an injury. I didn't answer her, which was cowardly, but... they need to work out their issues without me. What is wrong with people?

by Reckoner reply 1310/27/2013

Decent manners do not include berating your spouse in front of his friend.

The people in this thread blaming OP's male friends are so obviously women.

by Reckoner reply 1710/27/2013

When I still a closted Xtian and belonged to a church I got invited to friends' houses for dinner a lot. I was told when I was young that you never go to dinner empty handed so I found that a cheap bouquet of flowers worked.

However, there were a couple of times where the wife takes the flowers, looks and her husband and spits out "I can't remember the last time YOU brought me flowers."

by Reckoner reply 1810/27/2013 right, the life of a hetero is painfully boring. It's actually pretty good if you stay single but couple off and it becomes deadly dull.

by Reckoner reply 2010/28/2013
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