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Why is forcing someone out of the closet so important?

Closeted Fox News anchor Shepard Smith, who made headlines earlier this week for verbally abusing a cocktail waitress, has found love, and in a rather unexpected place: Fox News itself.

by Shepard Smithreply 16011/03/2013

Unless the person is actively and directly engaged in demonizing gay people or working to deny them civil rights, then no. I don't think forcing a person out of the closet is cool. Its really none of our business what strangers chose to do with their life.

by Shepard Smithreply 110/27/2013

Who said it was important?

by Shepard Smithreply 210/27/2013

[quote]Nobody is above criticism.

1 - I never said otherwise. Try reading the words that are there and not the ones you imagine are there.

2 - It is interesting to suggest that outing a person is the same as criticism. If someone you knew told another person you are gay, that's the same as criticizing you?

by Shepard Smithreply 410/27/2013

So if I got to know you, R5, and you realized I was gay and wasn't telling people, what would you do? Tell my employer? My family?

by Shepard Smithreply 810/27/2013

R5, just to clarify...if a person chooses not to publicly state that they are gay, ins't it YOUR interpretation that they are living a lie? Because it's entirely likely that the non-public person doesn't think that they're living a lie.

by Shepard Smithreply 1010/27/2013

Either shut down the celebrity gossip industry entirely or apply it fairly across the celebrity spectrum.

by Shepard Smithreply 1110/27/2013

[quote]First of all, he works for a right-wing VIRULENTLY homophobic station.

Which is why I said " actively and directly engaged in demonizing gay people or working to deny them civil rights". If Smith has done so, then I will stand corrected. So far as I can tell, he never has. By your logic, Rachel Maddow is responsible for anti gay violence in Russia because MSNBC's parent company, GE, is a sponsor of the Sochi Olympics.

by Shepard Smithreply 1210/27/2013

[quote]The 49-year-old anchor allegedly engaged in a year-long courtship with an attractive 26-year-old production assistant who worked under him

Oh, the jokes, they just write themselves ...

by Shepard Smithreply 1510/27/2013

[quote]But of course it's our business which straight stars are fucking each other.

No. Its not.

by Shepard Smithreply 2010/27/2013

R18, see R5,R6

by Shepard Smithreply 2210/27/2013

"No. Its not."

No one ever complains when the media writes that a male star has a female love interest. It's only homosexuality that is seen as taboo and off-limits.

by Shepard Smithreply 2410/27/2013

"You want to validate yourself by enforcing conformity, R21, no different from a Baptist church lady, Maoist Cultural Revolutionary, or mullah."

Do you realize how stupid you sound? Writing that a gay person is gay makes someone a Mao Cultural Revolutionary? Um, okay. You know damn well that you would never say something like that if the Enquirer wrote an article about two straight stars dating. You're enforcing conformity - conforming to the notion that homosexuality should be a dirty secret while heterosexuality should be talked about openly. You are the one who sounds a lot like a Baptist church lady from the 1890s who thinks homosexuality is "the love that dare not speak its name"

by Shepard Smithreply 2810/27/2013

It's rather amusing to see such sentiments written on a gossip site, r27.

by Shepard Smithreply 3010/27/2013

R37 actors are fake....

well..i think it is their job.also their job includes having frau fans having wet pussy for them.being 'straight' i imagine,is helping with that.

by Shepard Smithreply 3910/27/2013

You still need a thick skin to be openly gay and it takes time to develop one. It does 't matter if you're 'straight-acting' or not, you'll probably still be a laughing-stock for, for instance, most colleagues at work.

While most straights won't openly harm or harras you, a lot will avoid you, ignore you and point and laugh at you from a distance. I've seen this happen all the time.

I'm Dutch and even in my so-called 'gay friendly' country gays (and especially gay men) are still an object of ridicule, even among educated people. You're looked upon as nothing more than an entertaining curiosity and every friendly gesture toward the same sex is immediately considered a 'come on'. Although, I have to admit that the Dutch a famous for being crude and ignorant peasants.

Even though there is little outright hatred, it still hurts and again: some gays don't know how to cope with that.

by Shepard Smithreply 4110/27/2013

I don't understand why this is newsworthy. If he was dating a 26-year-old female employee, it would merit barely a sentence. The guy who is stalking him is a parody of a journalist and Gawker is often amusing but frequently an embarrassment. It and its associated sites are full of non-stories, mislabeled stories and deliberately distorted stories,

by Shepard Smithreply 4310/27/2013

What R38 wrote colors a lot of my thinking on this subject. Every person I've known who was closeted was there not because they were ashamed to be gay, but because coming out would have created too many problems for them. Many of them were children of immigrants who came from a culture where homosexuality was not tolerated. Coming out would have meant their parents cutting them off, no longer paying for college, kicking them out of the house etc. A few of them planned on telling their family after they graduated and had settled in a good job because that was the only insurance they had their life would not be ruined. One did eventually come out sooner than he wanted because his parents were insisting he enter the arraigned marriage they set up for him as a child in India. As expected, they cut him off. He kissed his college degree good bye, but he said there was no way he could be dishonest once another persons future was involved.

A lot of us are very fortunate. We have families and friends who are supportive and love us no matter what. Not everyone is so lucky.

by Shepard Smithreply 4710/27/2013

[quote]Of course we have to read about...

Speak for yourself. No one is holding a gun to my head making me read that shit.

by Shepard Smithreply 5510/27/2013

[quote]it is just illuminating to know that for a large part of the posters here trying to hide away their sexuality

Who here is hiding away their sexuality?

by Shepard Smithreply 5910/27/2013

R60 I thought when you said "posters here" you referring to this thread, not another, unrelated thread.

by Shepard Smithreply 6110/27/2013

r60, You dumb delusional cunt. Just because there are 500 posts or votes, It doesn't mean there were 500 different people on this site voting. It's not that hard to delete your cookies and vote again, or go on a complete different device, or even vote from different places.

by Shepard Smithreply 6410/27/2013

Here's what I don't get.

Why are there some people who get so hostile and hysterical about people who are in the closet? (I mean regular people, not hypocrite politicians.) What does it matter if they are? Most people are out. How much difference will the rest of them make?

Or are the angry out just the opposite extreme of the still closeted?

I'm out. I couldn't care less who else is or isn't. I don't get why people get so wild about it in 2013. Life is good.

by Shepard Smithreply 6510/27/2013

[quote] you seem to be missing the memo.

r62, why don't you get the fucking memo and realize we aren't talking about republicans, and we are talking about normal, young men. Don't try changing this to somethings else.

by Shepard Smithreply 6610/27/2013

Hey dumb ass at R66, the linked article deals with closeted asshole Shep Smith and his boy toy. This thread was made in response to another thread where people were celebrating this closet case being outted. I am hardly "changing" the subject. The point remains there are very valid reasons to out some people. The ones coming to the defense of the closet are Log Cabin types and gay conservatives with whom I would and will gladly out any opportunity I get.

by Shepard Smithreply 6810/27/2013

[quote]but nor will I necessarily go out of my or outright lie to help someone stay in.

No wonder you are living a lonely bitter life.

by Shepard Smithreply 7210/27/2013


by Shepard Smithreply 7410/27/2013

I'm going to "out" myself: I'm a guy, attracted to guys, but being around gay culture, I've realized I'm at heart a heterosexual trapped on a homosexual body. Like Chaz Bono, trapped by biology. The only thing lacking from a relationship with terrific women was my lack of physical desire for them. Men, though, are generally such assholes, of the kind all over this thread, that I cannot live a lie. I don't want to be gay.

So, I'm out as a gay guy who would tather be into chicks. Celebrate me! Out and proud!


by Shepard Smithreply 7810/27/2013

[quote]I frankly doubt that gay bashing and forcibly outing people have all that much to do with each other.


by Shepard Smithreply 8610/27/2013

R81 Haha

by Shepard Smithreply 8810/27/2013

[quote]My life is neither lonely nor bitter

Are you sure about that r89? You seem to need medical attention right away.

by Shepard Smithreply 9010/27/2013

To be honest - I wish I had never come out to my friends. It was fine with just my family and bf, but I lost a lot when I came out. I'd love to go back to the way it was.

by Shepard Smithreply 9210/27/2013

R78, what is it about being straight that you want? If it comes down to guys being assholes, find a sweet guy who isn't one. Or figure out what qualities you liked in girls from your past and look for guys who have them. Make that your priority instead of cock size or how roided out his arms are or whatever.

by Shepard Smithreply 9510/27/2013

Okay, here is something I don't get. A lot of posters here are saying they will never lie for some to hide they are gay. Fair enough, lying is not right and I could never see myself doing that. But I also can never see myself being in that position in the first place. I can not see an occasion where anyone I know would ask me, "is so and so gay?" I don't know, maybe its the people I hang around with, but asking such a question sounds like something that happened in high school. They would no sooner ask that than ask if I knew how much money someone earned.

by Shepard Smithreply 9610/27/2013

Straight life does seem a lot less fraught. I'm bored with being gay and more bored with gays. As I age - I'm 44 - I am becoming friends with more straight people again. All this superficiality... sex, body fascism, style, camp, Peter Pan-ism... it's just really tedious. I can think of one one gay man I know who is just a normal, grounded, low maintenance guy. There's so much damage in our community. I'm tired of it.

by Shepard Smithreply 9710/27/2013

sorry, should be: will never lie for someone so to hide they are gay

by Shepard Smithreply 9810/27/2013

R96 - you already know the answer. There's a lot of people on this board who are plainly the types that need to be at the center of those types of discussions. You're right, it's total high school drama. They wouldn't have it any other way. Nothing better going on, I suppose.

by Shepard Smithreply 9910/27/2013

R96 The examples you gave are not in any way even remotely close to someone asking if another person is gay. I mean really, if you are going to respond to a post, can you at least respond to what was written and not what you imagine was written?

by Shepard Smithreply 10410/27/2013

R95 It's not what I want. I suppose in the same way transsexuals "know" that they're one kind of person born in the "wrong" body, I now realize that, aside from schoolboy crushes on other boys, I have nothing in common with gay culture. I am a heterosexual with a brain wired to find guys attractive.

Emotionally, tho, I've always been drawn to women, moreso as I get older.Just never had that "need pussy NOW" hunger. But I never needed dick veryuch, either. Less as I grew up.

So, perhaps I "outed" myself prematurely when I was young, when I should have been more patient, less driven by group politics.

But, being out as a once gay guy accepting his late-bloomong heterosexual feelongs, grrat!

by Shepard Smithreply 10510/27/2013

"I don't understand why this is newsworthy. If he was dating a 26-year-old female employee, it would merit barely a sentence. The guy who is stalking him is a parody of a journalist and Gawker is often amusing but frequently an embarrassment"

Writing about someone isn't stalking. No one accuses the gossip media of stalking if they talk about who Lindsay Lohan is fucking at the moment.

by Shepard Smithreply 11810/27/2013

[quote]We aren't talking about Joe average here.

Actually, we are talking about Joe average here.

by Shepard Smithreply 11910/27/2013

[quote]You're just a troll. You think straight people don't care about sex? You think straight women aren't obsessed with their weight and how they look?

Angry much? What I posted is my experience and I posted it in all sincerity. Sorry if it's so unpleasant for you you have to decide I'm some kind of troll. It's no picnic for me either.

It's a pathetic and tedious set of priorities in either sexual preference but I - oh, never mind. You're not worth it.

by Shepard Smithreply 12210/27/2013

only hot people should come out----frankly I'd rather not know anything about Sheppard Smith, gay, straight or otherwise....yucky

by Shepard Smithreply 13010/27/2013


by Shepard Smithreply 13110/27/2013

R128 Not so long ago your liking the dick would've been deemed a symptom of mental illness.

Turn those Oprah-honed powers of observation on 129 and diagnose away.

by Shepard Smithreply 13210/27/2013

You make it sound like quite a family, R133. Can't wait!

by Shepard Smithreply 13410/27/2013

lol, 134

by Shepard Smithreply 13510/27/2013

The fate of closeted gays who do harm to other gays, such as in politics, well I leave them to their fate.

I also remember my process, I remember all the factors that influenced it, and I won't judge people at their point in the process and I won't presume to simplify it on their behalf.

I do know the anger and harshness I see from some posters does more harm than good. If you're uncertain, to read this rage wouldn't be very encouraging.

I know DL has a contingent of fucked up freaks among the ranks and I know they're more prevalent on weekends. It would be so much better for everybody if they weren't attached to this question.

I can't stand reading this thread. Some very cruel, damaged people around here, probably the first ones to demand everybody be out on their terms.

by Shepard Smithreply 13610/27/2013

Sorry, r129, but you sound even more psycho than the closet defenders. Where the hell are you hanging out that you've actually met 30 closet cases to out? And has it not occurred to you that if someone has to be dragged from the closet kicking and screaming they're not exactly standing and being counted or helping us achieve strength through numbers?

by Shepard Smithreply 13710/27/2013

I really don't think it's anyone's business about how another gay person chooses to reveal his or her sexuality. However, no one should be bullied or forced into coming out until he or she is ready and not financially dependent on parents, etc.

by Shepard Smithreply 13810/27/2013

R129 Interfering in someones life so you can get some sort of validation is also selfish.

by Shepard Smithreply 13910/27/2013

r129 outed 30 people? how? did he call their parents? employer? or does he just mean that he started threads on DL stating Kevin Spacey is gay etc?

by Shepard Smithreply 14210/28/2013

After finding out if someone is gay, I need to know next if he's a top or a bottom.

Or versatile.

by Shepard Smithreply 14310/28/2013

R140 is scary. Glad I don't live where he does.

by Shepard Smithreply 14410/28/2013

The idea that someone has the right to decide how someone lives is crazy. What's the difference between forcing someone out of the closet and telling someone they can't marry whom they choose?

by Shepard Smithreply 14710/28/2013

"It violates the privacy of someone who did not ask to be in the public eye--his boyfriend"

He goes out on public dates with Shep. They obviously don't mind being seen together.

"journalists exercise taste and judgment in absence of legal restrictions, such as the decision not to publish rape victims' names"

Shep isn't a rape victim, so why are you even bringing that up?

"Gawker does not use trained journalists and this is the result."

It's a gossip site - not the New York Times. Why would they hire trained journalists?

"No one in journalism supports what Trotter is doing because it isn't news or even very good gossip"

For something that isn't good gossip, people here sure seem to be talking about it (including you). Why get your panties in a bunch if you don't care?

Just more tired queens defending the closet. Snore. Shep himself hasn't even bothered to respond to this. If he isn't bothered why should you be?

by Shepard Smithreply 15610/29/2013

In answer to your question OP, it's because I am not forcing them to do anything. I am simply not collaborating in a fraud. Honesty is always the best policy, and if that means people get outed, well, so be it. You act like I am trying to define your behavior, when the truth is the opposite. You have no right to make me lie for you.

by Shepard Smithreply 15710/29/2013

[quote]We also have invasion of privacy in this country

It is not invading someone's privacy to comment on what they did in a PUBLIC place.

by Shepard Smithreply 15810/29/2013

Famous people who are trying to stay in the closet don't regularly go out with their boyfriends to popular NYC bars.

Shep outed himself, apparently he was sick of being in the closet. Good for him.

by Shepard Smithreply 15910/29/2013

Think I'm inclined to agree w r159.... any comment from Shep about his dramatic outing?

by Shepard Smithreply 16011/03/2013
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