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What should you do if you know a person is shady and most everyone around them doesn't know?

I recently worked with an individual doing research in an unpaid capacity, and gradually observed oddities for a person who he claimed to be, a retired university professor in a state with great retirement benefits. He was chronically broke and within a month of two of knowing him he was trying to hit me up. It wasn't money for the project. The first time I was caught off guard when he asked, so I did loan him a small amount which was repaid. After that I refused because I just don't have it. He was initially quite nice and pleasant albeit secretive, but over time got he developed a certain churlishness and I noticed things that didn't quite sit well with me, so I ended my work with him.

After I ended it, I did an internet search and found why the oddities, secretiveness and money fixations. It turns out that he is a fraudster. He tried to file bankruptcies when he had assets, tried to hide assets, may have moved to a different state to avoid creditors, perjured himself under oath, made fantastical "out there" statements in his deposition, lied to his own lawyers to the point that he made them look bad, etc. Oh yeah, and he had two social security numbers and claimed one of them was a different person when it was plainly obvious it was him. The bankruptcy court reamed him and forwarded his file to the DoJ for criminal investigation. This was five years ago and I don't know what came of that.

I've observed him trying to get involved in the community. He is a member of a foundation board here in town and he clearly relishes rubbing elbows with people whom he sees as "important." The project he was working on needed funding and he held a fundraiser at his church which has a rather affluent congregation. I don't how much he raised. Incidentally, he's only been in town for a couple of years.

What should I do? I don't know if he's actively grifted individuals. He made bad business and financial decisions at one point and tried to lie and worm his way out of them. I don't think he'll actively try to defraud folks, but I don't know. What he'd likely do is find someone who will give him a large loan that will never be repaid.

by Sigh, I know, get a blogreply 1710/27/2013

Wow, what an Especially Stressful Time you must be going through.

by Sigh, I know, get a blogreply 110/26/2013

Does this guy happen to go by the name Don?

by Sigh, I know, get a blogreply 210/26/2013

Not really stressful. A little bewildering and annoying as I was trying to figure it out. And, unfortunately, all true.

And this is the first time I've asked DL for advice in 10 years, so be kind!

by Sigh, I know, get a blogreply 310/26/2013

Oh, and the funniest part of this. In our last conversation, he called me "dishonorable."

by Sigh, I know, get a blogreply 410/26/2013

I had a heated argument with a nutbag character that others in my field considered "eccentric," until he was arrested for assault.

He got a fancy pro bomo lawyer, as he's an "impoverished artist," and even claimed to have gone into rehab for his known meth addiction.

I had to block him on Facebook and unfriend several idiot "friends" who supported him.

Until he was arrested again for assault, and again got the charges dropped, since his victims are so afraid of his potential revenge.

I only spoke to people I cared about individually and privately, and still they are ignorant tools.

I don't speak to them anymore.

It seems you only make yourself look bad when you trash someone else, even if that person is a psychotic.

by Sigh, I know, get a blogreply 510/26/2013

OP - Look somehow you let someone work on a research project without doing a background or reference check.

Since you didn't - you don't seem to really know much about this guy.

Let it go.

by Sigh, I know, get a blogreply 610/27/2013

Is anyone going to be harmed by what he's doing?

Are you close to anyone he might turn into a victim?

If yes, then pass along wha you've found. Don't pass judgement or warn them, just give them the information and let them decide.

I normally stick to a non interventionist policy, so that would exclude taking action designed to ruin his life, but that doesn't mean I will withhold information that could prevent someone from suffering harm.

by Sigh, I know, get a blogreply 710/27/2013

This guy should not be on the board of a non-profit. I think you have a moral obligation to alert the other board members. Don't accuse or speculate -just email them the public record docs you have discovered. There is no shame in doing this anonymously.

by Sigh, I know, get a blogreply 810/27/2013

[quote]- Look somehow you let someone work on a research project without doing a background or reference check.

It wasn't my research project; it was his. I worked on it for about 2 1/2 - 3 months on a very part time basis.

by Sigh, I know, get a blogreply 910/27/2013

What arent you telling us OP ? You obviously have way more information than an internet check can provide. Court records may be public knowledge, but they dont get into would need to go to the court and request a copy of the court reporters transcript or had been sitting in the courtroom to know what the judge said to him and what evidence they had on this guy. Also, court record do not report what transpires between an attorney and their clients. You have way too much knowledge. You sound like a jilted lover or an ex employee.

by Sigh, I know, get a blogreply 1010/27/2013

The only thing I'm not telling you are the details. I found a document that contains the bankruptcy court's decision on Leagle. It's quite lengthy and detailed. (Jurisdiction, Facts, Discussion and Law, Summary and extensive footnotes). I was really surprised to find it. No I didn't go there specifically to look for it. It came up when I typed his name and the name of a business he used to own into Google.

[quote]Also, court record do not report what transpires between an attorney and their clients.

This one presented the information about deceiving his lawyer in the Facts section (claimed that one of the SSN's was another person's, so the lawyer was claiming it wasn't his debt when it really was)

by Sigh, I know, get a blogreply 1110/27/2013

I fail to see how this is any of your business.

by Sigh, I know, get a blogreply 1210/27/2013

It's OP's business, R12, because this guy has weaseled his way onto the board of a foundation and is hosting fundraisers. If people think they're donating to whatever cause, and they're in fact lining this guy's pockets -- well, yes, that's a problem.

OP, do what R8 said. Send your information to the remainder of the board of directors. Do it anonymously, if you prefer. But they have a fiduciary responsibility to their organization.

by Sigh, I know, get a blogreply 1310/27/2013

OP, it looks like you are describing my former manager. From what I hear, he finally got fired last week.

Stay tuned.

by Sigh, I know, get a blogreply 1410/27/2013

I'll make it short: we had a new manager hired about six months ago. After a few weeks, I found him very threatening indeed, he spoke like someone out of a cult, wanted to setup cameras in our toilets, etc.

HR wanted to fire him but didn't have much on him and didn't have the balls to do it. he stayed on.

4 people left the team (me included).

Last I heard he ordered equipment (washing machine, etc) for his new apartment, using public funds. Apparently he is getting fired.

by Sigh, I know, get a blogreply 1510/27/2013

R6 is obviously reading-comprehension challenged.

by Sigh, I know, get a blogreply 1610/27/2013

OP, I have found secret footage of your co-worker talking about you on the telephone!

Did you know he speaks Spanish?

by Sigh, I know, get a blogreply 1710/27/2013
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