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No sweat: the non-insured won't owe penalty til Spring of '15

And even then, they can only take it out of your tax refund- or money they happen to owe you ($95.00 for the first year).

by Nurse Jackiereply 1410/28/2013

This is working out quite well for them.

by Nurse Jackiereply 110/25/2013

I hate that it's the Democrats pushing a plan created by the fucking Heritage Foundation. Tiered, privatized health care through the evil insurance companies. Unbelievable.

by Nurse Jackiereply 210/25/2013

R1, you do realize that, for some people, 95 dollars less a year will be hard to swallow. And the penalty goes up each year.

by Nurse Jackiereply 310/25/2013

It's $95 or 1% of your gross income, whichever is greater.

by Nurse Jackiereply 410/25/2013


by Nurse Jackiereply 510/25/2013

Is the website working?

by Nurse Jackiereply 610/25/2013

R3, and your point is?

by Nurse Jackiereply 710/25/2013

r3 you are an i d i o t.

by Nurse Jackiereply 810/26/2013

Obama only did what most politicians do. He caved in to big business. He should've stood up for single payer. Sad.

by Nurse Jackiereply 1010/26/2013

I believe the dems want Obamacare to fail so they can pitch single-payer to a country already expecting that level of care.

by Nurse Jackiereply 1110/26/2013


Come back when the site actually works.

Half a billion in OUR money and a child could write better code

by Nurse Jackiereply 1410/28/2013
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