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E! Exclusive - Orlando Bloom and Miranda Kerr Have Split Up

Orlando Bloom and Miranda Kerr are no longer.

Sources tell me the couple has split after three years of marriage.

A rep for Bloom exclusively confirms the breakup. "In a joint statement, Orlando Bloom and Miranda Kerr have announced that they have been amicably separated for the past few months," the rep said in a statement. "After six years together, they have recently decided to formalize their separation."

The statement continued, "Despite this being the end of their marriage, they love, support and respect each other as both parents of their son and as family."

The 36-year-old British actor and the 30-year-old Australian Victoria's Secret model began dating in 2007. They were married in July 2010 after announcing their engagment just a month beforehand.

Kerr gave birth to their son, Flynn, on Jan. 6, 2011.

She and Bloom were last photographed together by the paparazzi on Oct. 8. Their last public appearance was at the opening of Romeo and Juliet on Broadway on Sept. 19. Bloom is currently starring in the production with Condola Rashad.

"When I saw Orlando on Broadway in Romeo and Juliet, I was blown away," Kerr said in the November issue of Cosmopolitan. "For someone to be able to learn all that and hold the energy to do it every day, six days a week—I have so much respect for him. We don't run lines though. We keep that very separate. That would be like me asking him to teach me how to catwalk."

Bloom recently put his Hollywood Hills home on the market for $4.5 million. He had been renting it out for $16,500 a month while he and the family were living in NYC.

by Miareply 10012/05/2013

Maybe he got caught with Condola.

by Miareply 110/24/2013

She got caught with Leonardo. She looks like she's very high maintenance. Maybe Kate Bosworth is regretting marrying her manorexic, fug director on Ben Sur. Didn't she go batshit over the break-up with Orlando?

by Miareply 210/24/2013

He loves black women now he's sleeping with Condola.

by Miareply 310/24/2013

since when does he love black women, R3?

by Miareply 410/24/2013

hes dating phylicia rashad daughter and used to date naomi harriss

by Miareply 510/24/2013

Oh Romeo, why art thou so old?

by Miareply 610/24/2013

She couldn't hear his words of endearment with my cock in his mouth.

by Miareply 710/25/2013

Is he finally with Eric Bana?

by Miareply 810/25/2013

Bana and Bloom

by Miareply 910/25/2013

He's over. I'm the new, improved version.

by Miareply 1010/25/2013

Phylicia Rashad has failed as a mother

by Miareply 1110/25/2013


by Miareply 1210/25/2013

Well, I've given my life to the THEATUH!

by Miareply 1310/25/2013

Orlando Bloom is a great name. Pity he's such a void. He should stick to modelling watches, and leave the Great White Way to real actors.

by Miareply 1410/25/2013

Bana and Bloom make a great couple, R9. They really look happy there.

by Miareply 1510/25/2013

One can only hope, R8.

I've always believed that they were either involved at some point in time or are still together.

Those Cannes pictures were eye-opening.

Love them both.

by Miareply 1610/25/2013

He needs a man to properly handle those nipples.

by Miareply 1710/25/2013

Too many fags

by Miareply 1810/25/2013

She's hot and he's not.

by Miareply 1910/25/2013

Surprise! The possibility of this has been around forever. What about the darling infant? Will Orly take him to 46th Street on his motorcycle for the few remaining weeks of the run?

by Miareply 2010/25/2013

A few months back the georgeous Kerr was picture with Leonardo DiCaprio. That sent the alarm bells ringing.

by Miareply 2110/25/2013

It is sad so many marriages nowadays fall apart, especially for children involved.

Bana Bloom pic is cute.

by Miareply 2210/25/2013

Viggo and Bloom are also cutie pies

by Miareply 2310/25/2013

R23 So it looks like.

by Miareply 2410/25/2013

I am told she is a very slutty girl. Now you know we have people here who are fashion industry types, and I want some good, juicy gossip. I know. People say she actually fucked Justin Bieber. But I refuse to believe that. I know she chased Leo, but I don't think he was dumb enough to go there. Both Orly & Miranda were recreational coke users.

by Miareply 2510/25/2013

If Leonardo DiCaprio is fooling around with this woman he really should be ashamed of himself. Orlando seems like such a nice guy and I think Miranda used him to advance her career. I hope Lukas and Bradly have an affair and leave Leo.

by Miareply 2610/25/2013

Orly & Leo were friends for years, so she's familiar with Leo. But she got overly familiar with him at some bar in NYC about a year ago, rubbing his thigh with her bare foot,teasing and joking in a very overly familiar way. People at the restaurant alerted the gossip rags and bingo, everyone insisted she got with him, but I think he did not.

by Miareply 2710/25/2013

Kerr used Orlando to make herself more visable. Unfortunately for her, she was about 5 years too late since Orlando's popularity was already in decline.

Didn't buy their "marriage" for a second.

by Miareply 2810/25/2013

Ding Dong! That hideous creature Kerr is finally gone. Bana needs to waste no time!

by Miareply 2910/25/2013

Isn't Flynn the name of one of her ex's?

Also think I know someone who lives or lived with Condola...I'm going to have to look into this.

by Miareply 3010/25/2013

"Isn't Flynn the name of one of her ex's?"

Even if she's a mega-slut, it still looks like the baby is Orlando's. Look at those eyes.

I wonder who'll get custody?

by Miareply 3110/25/2013

"Despite this being the end of their marriage, they love, support and respect each other as both parents of their son and as family."

Would that be family in the LGBT sense?

by Miareply 3210/25/2013

I'm thinking Orlando will want custody. Again, it seems she really wouldn't be the mother-of-the-year type.

by Miareply 3310/25/2013

She's seeing some billionaire already.

by Miareply 3410/25/2013

I love them both too, r18. I wish there were more pics of them together.

by Miareply 3510/25/2013

Did Richard Armitage play any part in wrecking that happy home?

by Miareply 3610/25/2013

"I wanna shove my fat uncut cock so far up your bunghole that you'll be tasting my sweaty taint in the back of your throat."

by Miareply 3710/25/2013

Maybe the baby is simply his and not actually hers?

by Miareply 3810/25/2013

A bum baby?

by Miareply 3910/25/2013

Will he go back to looking like a girl rather than a homeless person? He was only beautiful when he looked like a girl.

by Miareply 4010/25/2013

I love that picture, R37.

Just love it. Theres another one where Bana has his big paw on Orlandos chest. Love it.

by Miareply 4110/25/2013

Orlando is brain-damaged. He fractured his skull three times as a kid which is probably what did it and it's easy to see once you're alert to it.

by Miareply 4210/25/2013

Is he white?

by Miareply 4310/25/2013

Maybe he finally heard her speak. Jesus! What a voice!!

by Miareply 4410/25/2013

Why do all these foreigners live in America? He should go back to the UK and she should go back to Australia.

by Miareply 4510/25/2013

Traditional beard marriage. I wonder if she's trading up to beard for DiCaprio?

I've never actually heard Kerr speak. What does her voice sound like?

by Miareply 4610/25/2013

I guarantee that Orlando and Condola's true relationship will be outed before the year is over. They are definitely seeing each other...way too much chemistry.

by Miareply 4710/25/2013

R19 = publicist for Romeo and Juliet

by Miareply 4810/25/2013

R48. Not that the publicist for Romeo has achieved anything. That production is dying, just like the R&J on 13th Street is as well.

by Miareply 4910/25/2013

I think he is gay, honestly.

by Miareply 5010/25/2013

R47, if that's true, too bad that chemistry didn't come across on stage when I saw the show.

by Miareply 5110/25/2013

She's an opportunistic bitch. Good riddance, I hope Orlando gets to keep primary custody of his son.

He'll be back in the spotlight again soon. The second Hobbit movie is coming out soon.

He is in the 2nd and 3rd parts, I believe.

by Miareply 5210/25/2013

For what it's worth, all the gossip aside, I just want to say, that I worked very, very briefly with Orlando Bloom a few years ago, and he is the kindest, nicest person I have ever had the pleasure of meeting.

I was part of a crew of people working on a photo shoot, and it involved him. Not her. He is a lovely person. Funny and cooperative, and very generous. Not a bit of diva in him anywhere. Lovely guy.

I don't know anything about their marriage, or whatever, and I am aware of the gossip that swirls around him and Miranda Kerr, but I can say I was very impressed with him.

by Miareply 5310/25/2013

They say that Orlando was a good husband in the relationship, while Miranda was high maintenance.

I always got a bi vibe from Orlando.

by Miareply 5410/25/2013

Never understood why these two got married. Maybe it was because of the pregnancy?

It has been rocky for a long time, and gossip online has been hinting that they haven't been seen wearing their wedding rings for a few months.

by Miareply 5510/25/2013

Orlando is gay. Where the hell have you been, R54.

by Miareply 5610/25/2013

How do we know for sure, R56? He did father a child with a woman. That's not proof he's straight, but is there any smoking gun connecting him to a man?

by Miareply 5710/25/2013

Met them when Orlando was working on a film in my town. I dealt with both of them. He's a sweetie pie. She was just his girlfriend at the time and not that well known. On the last day when she was done with our business she wolf whistled to get his attention. He came running. Amazing. She was just some dreary looking model who I could break over my knee if I wanted to and he's this millionaire movie star with people flocking all over him but oh boy did she have control over him.

by Miareply 5810/25/2013

I am surprised it lasted this long. Weren't they about to split up before she "accidentally" got pregnant? I think their child is adorable though. I think he and Condola are defiantly seeing each other, but I also think Bloom is Bisexual, but he prefers men.

by Miareply 5910/25/2013

I made the impression -- incorrect or not -- that Kerr may have been "difficult", and that may be what got her bounced from the VS lineup. She seemed like one of their most popular models in recent years, and thus it seemed that something extraordinary had to have occurred to cause that high profile job to detonate for her. My point is that I wonder if she is difficult all around, and if she was so in the marriage as well (not that I am placing sole onus on her because it usually takes two...).

by Miareply 6010/25/2013

[all posts by tedious troll removed.]

by Miareply 6110/25/2013

I hope they're not defiant against Phylicia, because she will bring a Clare Huxtable smackdown.

by Miareply 6210/25/2013

[all posts by tedious troll removed.]

by Miareply 6310/25/2013

Oh, please, R62, give it up, nobody believes that Orlando is dating his co-star in that play.

Kerr does seem like she would be a diva bitch, huh?

by Miareply 6410/25/2013

What is up with all these hot actors wanting to snuggle up on Bloom?

Does he smell good?

by Miareply 6510/25/2013

He smells good to me!

by Miareply 6610/25/2013

The baby is Orlando's only.

And now he's a single dad raising a child. :(

by Miareply 6710/25/2013

Not surprised by this one at all. It's been building for some time. They've already been separated for several months, as the article confirms.

by Miareply 6810/25/2013

Apparently, these two hardly ever stopped hugging when they were together.

by Miareply 6910/25/2013

This was love.

by Miareply 7010/25/2013

I can see the attraction.

by Miareply 7110/25/2013

"Don't ever leave my side."

by Miareply 7210/25/2013

In another world, they would've made beautiful babies together.

by Miareply 7310/25/2013


by Miareply 7410/25/2013

Orlando with an Eric, er, milk mustache.

by Miareply 7510/25/2013

Dashing couple.

by Miareply 7610/25/2013

Oops. Link for R75.

by Miareply 7710/25/2013

Long live Orlic. May they find happiness again...and forever.

by Miareply 7810/25/2013

Okay r69 - r78, you can take a break now.

by Miareply 7910/25/2013

Does "Kerr" rhyme with, "star?"

by Miareply 8010/25/2013

Omg! You're killing me with all those Cannes pictures!!

Love them.

Find the one with the full body hug.

by Miareply 8110/25/2013

Thanks for posting the photos.

Wonder what Brad thought of Orlando and Eric?

by Miareply 8210/25/2013

Shut up, R79.

by Miareply 8310/25/2013

Didn't Brad want to get with Eric but was turned down?

by Miareply 8410/25/2013

One more...because true love is forever.

by Miareply 8510/25/2013

"Oh my God, Eric. I can feel your cock getting hard."

"Yeah. I can feel yours, too..."

by Miareply 8610/25/2013

Is it true that Orlando is cut?

by Miareply 8710/25/2013

I'm hearing that Miranda really hoovers the coke. Is that true? Is she really a raging coke-head? I'm just curious. I'm not passing judgement. What she does on her own time is her business. It's just that a lot of the rumors say she loves the cocaine.

Oh, and does anyone have her cell number?

by Miareply 8810/26/2013

R88 I'd always heard that Orlando enjoyed the nose candy too, in a recreational way. But yes, I believe it about Miranda. Models are big coke fans. Miranda's on a big health kick with her product line so maybe she's reformed since Finn Bloom was born. Adorable kid, BTW.

by Miareply 8910/26/2013

That ass

by Miareply 9010/26/2013

Regardless of the gay/bi rumors or difficult marriage. Orlando seems like the type of guy you would like to know or be around with. He has this aura around that even permeates throu photos. I can see why people (especially his male co-stars) gravitate towards him.

by Miareply 9110/26/2013

This is really an ordinary breakup, a long time coming, and will be completely forgotten when the next big marriage fail occurs.

by Miareply 9210/26/2013

Now that's a hug, R86!!!

by Miareply 9310/26/2013

Well, at least they're remaining amicable. I'm assuming they're each finally getting attention from the preferred genital of their choice, hence the W-I-D-E grins.

by Miareply 9410/26/2013

Interesting timing. Happens just as Orlando's film is coming out.

by Miareply 9510/26/2013

Sometimes (a lot of times) I think these "splits" are just for publicity.

by Miareply 9610/26/2013

With regard to Orlando's new film, I give him credit for finally doing some nudity and showing his ass. He has shown very little of his body over the years.

by Miareply 9710/26/2013

Wendy Williams reported during her hot topics segment today that the rumor is Orlando and Condola are hooking up.

by Miareply 9810/29/2013

One of the gossip rags says that Miranda was obsessed with Bieber. Is she brain damaged? There is something sinister about her when she smiles. Like she has a secret all right and it doesn't belong to Victoria.

by Miareply 9910/30/2013

Orlando was on Chelsea Lately was talking about his costume from Romeo and Juliet being auctioned for Aids charity.

He said "During the Aids epidemic people were dropping like flies". Doesn't that seem insensitive.?

by Miareply 10012/05/2013
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