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Katy Perry's New Album Flops

First week debut sales: 275k

Her label is freaking out. All that promo. That shit first single that sold millions. She even had a PRISM bus touring cities. She's also coming off of a hugely successful era. She still flopped.

Buh-bye, Christian-freak.

by Lady Gagareply 12702/28/2015

Didn't it only come out this Tuesday?

by Lady Gagareply 110/24/2013

I noticed that Selena Gomez is singing "Roar" on her live concert tour.

Also, school youth choruses are singing "Roar" during their concerts.

How is this possible? Did she license the song so anyone could take a whack at it? I know that schools usually have to pay for permission to use music and schools are mostly broke these days.

by Lady Gagareply 210/24/2013

[quote]Didn't it only come out this Tuesday?


by Lady Gagareply 310/24/2013

Link to proof.

by Lady Gagareply 410/24/2013

it came out 2 days ago. Don't be stupid!

by Lady Gagareply 510/24/2013

Teenage Dream got off to a 192k 1st week.

She's a rarity in the music business right now, a true pop act.

The niche acts that now dominate the business have skewed perceptions about sales. The Wayne's and Gaza's get off to rip-roaring starts, and a month later there discs are in discount bins and they still can't give the album away. Fixed audience equals no longevity.

Acts like Katy poke in and out of the top 10/20 for upwards of a year. Thats how you sell an album.

by Lady Gagareply 610/24/2013

Here. HDD already worked it out, even coming to the final number, which I posted.

by Lady Gagareply 710/24/2013

Perpetua Pans Perry's Predictable "Prism"

The pop star’s disappointing new album sounds exactly like what people who hate pop music assume all pop music is like.

There are basically two types of pop stars. There are the ones who subvert pop culture by bringing new ideas and images into the mainstream, like The Beatles, James Brown, David Bowie, Prince, Madonna, and Kanye West. Then there are those who simply make easy, unchallenging music that a wide variety of people can agree on. Katy Perry belongs to the second category. Whereas contemporaries like Lady Gaga, Rihanna, Ke$ha, and Miley Cyrus all gleefully test the boundaries of what can be done and said in a pop song, and experiment with images that have the potential to alienate large portions of their audience, Perry consistently makes the safest, most conservative creative choices. Her music is conventional; her image is traditionally feminine. Even when she pushes toward overt sexuality, she neutralizes that by making it goofy and regressive.

This doesn’t have to be a bad thing. Perry’s blockbuster second album Teenage Dream had at least five major hits — “Teenage Dream,” “California Gurls,” “Last Friday Night (T.G.I.F.),” “Firework,” and “The One That Got Away” — that were so expertly composed and unstoppably catchy that they could wear down the resistance of even those who were initially wary of her pinup-girl shtick. A great pop song is a great pop song, regardless of context or subtext. The problem with Perry’s new follow-up album Prism is that despite the fact that it is mainly written by the same team of songwriters — Perry along with pop wizards Dr. Luke, Max Martin, and Bonnie McKee — the songs mostly lack the overpowering hooks of Teenage Dream. As a result, the record is split between her most obnoxiously kitschy extremes and mind-numbing blandness.

Perry’s kitschy side is mostly cringe-inducing, but at least her whole Candy Land burlesque thing is something that sets her apart from other pop stars. “Birthday,” one of the better tracks on Prism, pushes this aesthetic to the max. Its central conceit of equating a birthday celebration with sex is so obvious that it seems too generous to call it a double entendre, but Perry fully commits to the song’s over-the-top cheesiness and delivers its climax, “Let me get you in your birthday suit / It’s time to bring out the big balloons,” with an exaggerated wink that would put Lucille Bluth to shame.

Singing unapologetically dorky dance-pop songs that frame love and sex in the context of regressive, childlike imagery is, for better or worse, Perry’s strong suit. But she was already pushing it on Teenage Dream; remember how she spent an entire song chanting, “I wanna see your peacock, cock, cock”? Now she’s almost 30 — isn’t it time to at least approach sexuality with the maturity level of, say, a high school senior?

On “This Is How We Do,” a faux hip-hop song at the center of the album, Perry’s goofy side fails her. Perry’s rapping is so poor that she makes Aaron Carter seem like Raekwon, and the song’s spoken-word bridge, in which she exclaims, “Yo, shout out to all you kids buying bottle service with your rent money, RAHHH-SPECT!” may be the worst moment in pop music this year. (OK, fine, it’s in distant second place after that despicable “Asian Girlz” song.) The lyric is tasteless and the delivery is painfully awkward, and it’s basically the reason why an anti-consumerist song like Lorde’s “Royals” has resonated with so many people. In fairness to Perry, it’s obvious that a song like this is meant to be lighthearted and knowingly silly. But this part of the song has the stink of a very square person trying desperately to seem young and cool. Even when she’s being intentionally ridiculous, she’s so earnest that the music, which would be delightfully campy in the hands of a funnier, more nuanced artist, ends up as just plain tacky.

Perry’s most daring tracks on Prism, like the house-influenced “Walking on Air” and the quasi-trap track “Dark Horse,” are more trendy than experimental, and the latter song seems whitewashed compared with Miley Cyrus’ own trap-pop songs on her new album Bangerz. Perry files down the sharp corners on everything, and syrupy ballads like “Unconditionally” seem like they’ve been baby-proofed. Perry is far better at perky up-tempo numbers than ballads, but she has a big, brassy voice that lent a convincing pathos to singles like “Wide Awake” and “The One That Got Away.” Her approach to singing ballads hasn’t changed, but the emotional content of her songs has. The series of ballads that bogs down the second half of Prism all feel emotionally neutral, and it sounds like she’s just raising her voice for no reason aside from making sure you realize that she’s singing the chorus.

Even when she is ostensibly writing about her own life, Perry’s lyrics feel generalized to the point that they could be about anyone at all. This is part of Perry’s brilliance in the pop market — she makes utilitarian music that most people can see themselves in — but the result is a bunch of one-size-fits-all greeting card songs that lack depth or character. While the universal sentiments of Teenage Dream seemed sort of incidental, it all feels very deliberate and calculated on Prism. The album is exactly what people who hate pop music assume all pop music is like: shallow, vapid, safe, and very cynical in its eagerness to please. Songs like “Roar” and “Unconditionally” are so generic that pretty much anyone could sing them and it’d have the same effect. Beyond the smirks, winks, and platitudes, there’s not much of a person at the center of Prism.

Then again, the one song on Prism that actually trades on public knowledge of her private life is “Spiritual,” a song co-written by her boyfriend John Mayer about how John Mayer is an amazing lover. The ick factor on this song is off the charts — it’s a lot of lines like “lay me down on your altar” and “you make me bloom like a flower” stuffed into a track that sounds a lot like late-’90s Sarah McLachlan. But at least the TMI gives the song a bit of flavor. Far too much of this record is like the musical equivalent of watered-down Jell-O — colorful and bouncy, but with all the sweetness diluted.

by Lady Gagareply 810/24/2013

She needs to show more skin.

by Lady Gagareply 910/24/2013

Perry is a product of songwriters. Dr. Luke writes most of her songs. This album is a typical studio creation. Old men like Clive Davis picking what they think the "kids" want to "boogie" to. Little do they know they all like swedish dj music and worship deadmaus5

by Lady Gagareply 1010/24/2013

[all posts by racist flame bait troll removed, ISP notified with full text of all posts.]

by Lady Gagareply 1110/24/2013

"... isn’t it time to at least approach sexuality with the maturity level of, say, a high school senior?"

Nuh-uh, haters!

by Lady Gagareply 1210/24/2013

Heard some of her recent album release interview while riding in my car with the radio on.

EVERY song she described was about 'coming from a dark place towards the light, blah, blah, blah' .......and unfortunately none of the songs were very memorable.

I don't anticipate the long string of hits she had with the last album .......but truthfully, like Rhianna .... Katy Perry is a 'single' artist, not an album seller .... although I'd expect over the long haul she also sells a decent enough number of full length 'CDs'

by Lady Gagareply 1310/24/2013

[quote]DL needs to kill the tiresome, psychotic Lady Gaga fan troll ASAP.

madbot, you're the one everyone's been calling to be deleted. You will never be janbot. Get over it.

by Lady Gagareply 1410/24/2013

Christ! did that reviewer have a falling out with Perry? Sure the album is typical and not so forwarding thinking but give credit where credit is due. I like how the reviewer lambasted in depth on her bad tracks and then glossed over her good ones.

Walking On Air is my jam!

by Lady Gagareply 1510/24/2013

Actually she's battling for #1 album against James Blunt

by Lady Gagareply 1610/24/2013

Why do Gaga fans hate Katy? There's basically no difference between them, and they don't have issues with each other.

by Lady Gagareply 1710/24/2013

No one is talking about Gaga. The hysterical Madonna fanbot is bringing her into this.

by Lady Gagareply 1810/24/2013

in the UK R17 !!

by Lady Gagareply 1910/24/2013


by Lady Gagareply 2010/24/2013

Her album is streaming on Spotify. It sounds like a 90's Christian pop album. Lots of bland, boring ballads, singing about god.

I don't think she's going to have that many singles off this.

Her album sales have always been mediocre. Her concert movie flopped. She doesn't have much of a fanbase beyond selling $1 singles.

by Lady Gagareply 2110/24/2013

Well, I can't stand her and think she cant sing for shit but I listened to the album and it's not at all bad. There are quite a few good songs but generally speaking, it's not nearly as catchy as her previous stuff and if that makes her talentless ass a has been, I'll be happy.

by Lady Gagareply 2210/24/2013

Perry is #1 for middle Americans. She's safe with only minor traces of "danger". This makes her "I Kissed A Girl" look even more fake and contrived, as she hasn't had such a daring single since then. Clearly, that was just an attention-grabbing topic and now she's content to play up to middle American tastes. blah and boring.

lmao @ R17 no one in America gives a fuck about James Blunt. It's not 2003 anymore boo.

by Lady Gagareply 2310/24/2013

She recorded "I Kissed A Girl" because it's catchy musically, aside from the subject matter also being edgy. She knew it would be a hit, that was her only concern, she wasn't making a statement. It would've been a hit for someone else if Perry had been dumb enough to turn it down.

by Lady Gagareply 2410/24/2013

Echoing R23. It's a pretty safe undertaking as a whole and not as catchy as her last album, but it's not the worst collection of songs put out this year and her fans will enjoy it.

by Lady Gagareply 2510/24/2013

Walking on Air will be quite the hit amongst the gay clubgoers, the remix will be out soon I'm sure.

by Lady Gagareply 2610/24/2013

[quote]Her album sales have always been mediocre. Her concert movie flopped. She doesn't have much of a fanbase beyond selling $1 singles.

Her last tour sold out arenas across the country. Considering that touring is how most musicians make their money, she's doing just fine.

by Lady Gagareply 2710/24/2013

She's awesome.

All the haters on here are quite pathetic.

by Lady Gagareply 2810/24/2013

Sorry to interrupt but can someone please create the Michael Fassbender part 2 thread.

by Lady Gagareply 2910/24/2013

Crap album for the non-discriminating masses.

by Lady Gagareply 3010/24/2013

And we have a Katbot ^^^^^^^^^^

by Lady Gagareply 3110/24/2013

I think Katy Perry is completely awful. Nevertheless, it is beyond silly to pretend that she isn't wildly successful at what she does.

I've never quite gotten why the DL gets so worked up over these characters (Katy, GaGa, Rihanna, Britney, Miley, etc.). If you like them, enjoy! If you don't... please don't manufacture reasons how they are failing and try to sell them here. It's really pathetic, actually.

by Lady Gagareply 3210/24/2013

isn't 275k okay, even if not great, in this day and age? Album sales are very rarely what they used to be.

Or are "stars" still expected to be selling one or two million in the first week?

by Lady Gagareply 3310/24/2013

Katy Perry is a Jesus Freak? The little whore who sings nonstop about boys and sex? Am I getting this right?

by Lady Gagareply 3410/24/2013

She's no Jesus freak, r35. Her parents are evangelical Christians and DL wants her hung for their thought crimes.

by Lady Gagareply 3510/24/2013

Katy twittered "Using blasphemy as entertainment is as cheap as a comedian telling a fart joke," which was apparently referring Lady Gaga’s recently released music video for "Alejandro", though she was too much of a coward to admit it was Gaga diss when asked about it.

The Advocate asked whom she was directing that statement toward, Katy replied, “Anyone. Whether it’s Madonna hanging on a cross or Russell using the Lord’s name in vain, it makes me feel … I guess I’m just sensitive to it."

Oh don't use the Lord's name in vain or I'll have a hissy fit! What a talentless tard, I wish she'd eat a cross and choke on it.

by Lady Gagareply 3610/24/2013

[all posts by tedious troll removed.]

by Lady Gagareply 3710/24/2013

Katy is smart and knows how to market herself to the audience. It worked commercially and she will rake it in for as long as it lasts.

Very few pop artists last more than five years and she's no spring chicken, so....

by Lady Gagareply 3810/24/2013

Poor lil' monsters. Katy's selling, Miley's selling, Rihanna's selling. Meanwhile, gramma with the broken hip is watching it all slip away. It must be all the homophobes!

by Lady Gagareply 3910/24/2013

Gaga stan, Katy's going to be #1 on the 200 chart for albums according to Billboard. This was just released by Billboard a day ago.

"Katy Perry's 'Prism' Set for No. 1 Debut on Billboard 200 Chart"

by Lady Gagareply 4010/24/2013

"Industry sources suggest Perry's third album, which was released on Tuesday, Oct. 23, might sell around 275,000 copies by the end of the tracking week on Sunday, Oct. 27.

If she starts with that sum, she'll also log the largest sales week this year for a woman. It would surpass the arrival of Miley Cyrus' "Bangerz," which debuted with 270,000 at No. 1 a week ago, according to Nielsen SoundScan.

The new Billboard 200 chart's top 10 will be revealed on the morning of Wednesday, Oct. 30.

Perry's new album is led by the No. 1 Billboard Hot 100 single "Roar," which spent two weeks atop the list and has sold 3.24 million downloads. The song is currently the second-biggest song on U.S. airwaves, slipping from No. 1 to No. 2 on this week's Radio Songs chart. (Lorde's "Royals" bumps "Roar" from No. 1.)"

by Lady Gagareply 4110/24/2013

Mother Monster doesn't appreciate her stans going after Katy, talking to you OP

by Lady Gagareply 4210/24/2013

Big acts can still pull large first week sales. Taylor Swift, Drake, Justin Timberlake, even Gaga in the past.

Katy's numbers suggest she doesn't have a loyal fanbase, just a bunch of casual fans who will buy her singles if they are catchy. She's a singles artist, like Rihanna, and this cements that.

I've listened to the album and there are a lot of Jesus heavy ballads, which are just a slog to listen to. Even the upbeat songs just aren't catchy enough. And look at her SNL performances to see how she is on the stage.

The most boring pop star of the recent era. Her songs are essentially elevator music and could be sung by anyone. She has no distinctive sound whatsoever.

by Lady Gagareply 4310/24/2013

I disagree r44

The fact that her album is #1 this week upon opening plus her tour is a huge success btw.

She doesn't have the same kind of stand that Gaga has - ie, the ones that felt left out, she is sort of appealing across the board.

Gaga has staked out the "bullied, sad, gay boys", but even some of them like Katy's positive messages.

by Lady Gagareply 4410/24/2013

She's #1 with no competition. 275,000 for an artist with 8 #1's behind her, who has been building a fanbase for 6 years, isn't that great.

Justin Timberlake's 20/20 Part 2, an album nobody really likes, and with no hit singles, premiered with 350,000.

by Lady Gagareply 4510/24/2013

[quote]I've listened to the album and there are a lot of Jesus heavy ballads, which are just a slog to listen to. Even the upbeat songs just aren't catchy enough. And look at her SNL performances to see how she is on the stage.

You didn't listen to the album.

by Lady Gagareply 4610/24/2013

Gawker slams Katy:

All 226 Clichés Uttered by Katy Perry on Her New Album, Listed

Katy Perry is one of the most bankable contemporary pop singers—"Roar," the first single from her new album Prism, became her eighth No. 1 on the Billboard Hot 100 in August. Prism is expected to sell about 300,000 copies its first week in stores. It is a dreadful album, way too concerned with preserving Perry's star than using said star to push sonically. It is also dreadful because Perry has absolutely nothing to say.

Her lyrics are rife with clichés and idioms that, like her sound, reiterate instead of inventing or even twisting for ironic wordplay. That much is clear from the titles of her songs: "Walking on Air," "Dark Horse," "By the Grace of God," "It Takes Two," and "Choose Your Battles" are but a few of Prism's offerings.

Without a shred of cleverness or wit, Perry shits out lyrics that would be groan-worthy coming from someone speaking idly on the subway. I calculated and the average time it takes her to drop a cliché on the Deluxe Edition, 16-track version of Prism song is 11.4 seconds. Katy Perry is a pop cultural parrot. She is squandering her platform. She is the most flavorless pop diva to hold such a post in immediate memory.

Clichés are an essential part of not just pop music, but speaking. Knowing how to use them bespeaks a certain linguistic aptitude. I embrace them full-on and wholeheartedly. Dismissing someone outright for using them would be like throwing out the baby with the bathwater, and it would immediately invalidate someone like Aaliyah ("One in a Million," "Try Again," "Rock the Boat"). The thing about Aaliyah was that her clichés served as a down-to-earth contrast for Timbaland's utterly out-of-this-world approach to sound (and the space between it). Also, she had a way of wrapping her allure around a song and squeezing it to life. Katy Perry is merely competent at the offset—subpar material only makes her sound less crucial than she already is. I'd honestly rather listen to Justin Timberlake's The 20/20 Experience 2 of 2 than ever endure Prism again, and I hated the Timberlake record. Where event pop albums are concerned, Prism is at the bottom of the barrel.

by Lady Gagareply 4710/24/2013

Yes I did, R47. And practically gagged at songs like "Spiritual" "By The Grace of God" and the god awful "Double Rainbow".

by Lady Gagareply 4810/24/2013

They aren't "Jesus heavy" ballads, they're about her divorce.

I'm not saying they're good songs, but it's obvious you've just read some negative reviews but haven't listened to the actual album.

by Lady Gagareply 4910/24/2013

She supported Obama btw.

by Lady Gagareply 5010/24/2013

[all posts by tedious, racist idiot removed.]

by Lady Gagareply 5110/24/2013

My tween loves her over Gaga, Britney, Rhianna, etc.

Unfortunately I don't think Katy Perry is going anywhere folks.

by Lady Gagareply 5210/24/2013

she is extremely ugly

by Lady Gagareply 5310/24/2013

I simply don't think a 30 year old woman (even if she decides to dress herself like a 13 year old) can sustain a career on the backs of tweens. Those kids are going to grow up and forget about her. Adults already can't stand her because she dresses and acts like a 28 year old retarded lady.

by Lady Gagareply 5410/24/2013

r45 made me LOL

by Lady Gagareply 5510/24/2013

She is the most unbelievably bland, plain white woman beneath the makeup. The song she did with John Meyer really showcases how weak her voice is.

by Lady Gagareply 5610/24/2013

[quote] She's no Jesus freak, R35. Her parents are evangelical Christians and DL wants her hung for their thought crimes.

Oh yes she is. Have you heard her recent songs? It's all bout being "born again" and all that other fundie crap.

That Gawker article at R48 has it exactly right. Her music is total garbage.

I couldn't figure out why I was seeing her name everywhere on online sites and in media but I'm sure she pays her publicists GOOD MONEY to put her name out in every possible media outlet.

She's like the singing version of Jennifer Aniston. Blech!

by Lady Gagareply 5710/24/2013

[quote]Gaga stan, Katy's going to be #1 on the 200 chart for albums according to Billboard.

^ Retard alert!

by Lady Gagareply 5810/24/2013

Troll-dar r51 and look at the insanity.

Katy flopped. Get over it. They expected her to sell 400k. This is a disaster for her. It doesn't matter if she's #1 dingbat. This is a business. She's not bringing home the bacon. She failed.

by Lady Gagareply 5910/24/2013

[quote]isn't 275k okay, even if not great, in this day and age?

Not for her situation. They spent a billion in promotion and she was coming off a huge era and huge first single. They just threw money in the street.

She will never be forgiven for "Hr So Gay" a song she defended. She also recently said that she still speaks in tongues.

by Lady Gagareply 6010/24/2013

The prime minister of Australia called into a radio show she was doing in August go tell her he was a big fan, and she told him off and raked him for not supporting gay marriage

Enough with her a fundie, she's clearly not.

by Lady Gagareply 6110/24/2013

She's soft-pedaling her Christian crap until her career dries up, then she'll announce she's born-again.

by Lady Gagareply 6210/24/2013

Yawn r62, it's called pandering, and there's nothing controversial about supporting gay marriage these days. Even in AmeriKKKa, it has majority support.

by Lady Gagareply 6310/24/2013

Saw Katy last night at a cancer benefit she was hosting at the Hollywood Bowl. She was the final act and the STAR, in a lineup that included Sara Bareilles and Ellie Goulding. It was sold out and tickets weren't cheap, tho I was invited by a friend. The Hollywood Bowl holds 18,000 poeple.

Sara was incredible live. I like her a lot so maybe I'm biased, but she's smart, sings really well (just as good, if not better than on her cds) and was so incredibly humble and very sweet. It was her first appearance at the Hollywood Bowl and the largest audience she ever had.

Ellie Goulding sounded horrific. She had mic problems throughout her set and lipsynched most of it. And at one point during "Nothing Really Matters" they started playing another song of hers by mistake, which also had her vocals on them, it was just messy, and you could see she was unhappy with the mic, the audio problems, etc. Her songs are good but she has no presence at all.

And Katy. She lipsynched through most of the songs and when she didn't, she was out of breath. She is a little too chubby to be wearing what she wore but her music is fun, just not memorable--no depth. She also has ZERO personality, didn't interact much at all with the audience (in the way Sara did) and sort of had no connection to things. This was also her first time at the hollywood bowl and it is a large space so maybe it's hard for singers to connect in such a big space? Her new ballad she sang live and it was very pretty. She also did Firework which had fireworks throughout which was fabulous but she sounded terrible (linked)and the final song was Road and she invited the other woman to join her on stage for.

by Lady Gagareply 6410/24/2013

Katy Perry is a product of the music industry. She was invented, promoted, and sold as a cookie-cutter "star" who would make the execs millions of dollars.

People eventually caught on to the fact that they were duped by this no talent, bland, hack. Hence, the low sales.

The industry is still promoting the hell out of her, but all the promotion in the world isn't going to work.

Americans are finally catching on to Hollywood. We refuse to see their crap movie remakes, and now we're refusing to buy their generic shit music.

Be afraid, movie and music big wigs. Be VERY afraid. Your days are numbered.

by Lady Gagareply 6510/24/2013

All of you people claiming this album is a flop simply don't know what you are talking about. It's been out for two fucking days.

by Lady Gagareply 6610/24/2013

Guys, if you think anyone goes into a performance anywhere open air, or with a sound system they don't know inside and out, and sings live, you are mistaken.

"Lip synching" is what happens at all big pop concert events. All of them. There are ways to blend some elements of live singing to create the illusion that the song is being sung entirely live, and they also record "live" tracks for these concerts, with breaths and other flaws put into the track to give it a "live" sound.

They're all lip synching.

They're all lip synching.

They're. All. Lip. Synching.

by Lady Gagareply 6710/24/2013

None of us are her fan base: girl tweens, teens, college girls and moms. She's got some staying power. However, her trajectory could go the way of Alanis Morrisette, female anthem power ballad songstress of the mid '90s.

by Lady Gagareply 6810/24/2013

[italic]The prime minister of Australia called into a radio show she was doing in August go tell her he was a big fan, and she told him off and raked him for not supporting gay marriage

Enough with her a fundie, she's clearly not.[/italic]

She's a born again Christian, and fucked in the head. She's gone ballistic on artists committing blasphemy.

by Lady Gagareply 6910/24/2013

[quote]All of you people claiming this album is a flop simply don't know what you are talking about. It's been out for two fucking days.

We do know what we're talking about. We live in the 21st century business model. It's a flop. She should not have piss poor sales for the first week. The first week is what matters. Albums don't have longevity today. You either hit it out of the park right away, or the label writes it off as a loss, which is what they've done. That first single, all that coverage, that previous era, makes this flop all the more disastrous. This was suppose to be Perry's "Born That Way" era.

by Lady Gagareply 7010/24/2013

r68, Gaga doesn't lip sync. She's made this a rule. I hate bringing her up, but saying that every pop act does it is bullshit. Even Madonna sings 90% of her material live on tour.

by Lady Gagareply 7110/24/2013

Katy Perry should always lip sync because her live voice is simply horrible. And for somebody who doesn't even dance on stage, she always sounds out of breath. She should also tone up a bit. Since she has no talent, she should at least make sure her body and costumes are on point.

At this point in her career, she should not look like this.

by Lady Gagareply 7210/25/2013

r65 did Bareilles sing Brave? that would have been awesome if she mashed it up with Katy's rip off Roar.

by Lady Gagareply 7310/25/2013

I don't care how many albums she sells or doesn't sell. She still SUCKS.

by Lady Gagareply 7410/25/2013

Mayer usually looks flabby to me, she must be sitting around noshing with him.

by Lady Gagareply 7510/25/2013

[quote]None of us are her fan base: girl tweens, teens, college girls and moms.

Part of her popularity stems directly from the fact that she is so bland and cookie-cutter and can't really sing live. The people mentioned above watch her and identify with her. "That could be me!" She helps fuel a vicarious delusion, in a way that a Gaga or a Beyonce cannot.

by Lady Gagareply 7610/25/2013


by Lady Gagareply 7710/25/2013

R72 Of course Gaga lip-syncs, darlin! Here's a nice little video to prove it.

by Lady Gagareply 7810/25/2013

She's a singles artist. Her didn't sell because there's only a few songs worth listening to, the rest are filler. Those of you expecting her complete downfall will most likely be disappointed, her singles will most likely still be everywhere, but no one is wasting time on her shitty "album."

by Lady Gagareply 7910/25/2013

R65 gotta stop you. Even saying Ellie Goulding "has good songs" makes you sound suspect. The no-talent bitch sounds bad even in studio recordings but is simply pathetic live.

R72 have to fix your statement about Vadge. These days she tries to sing her stuff live but she sings very badly.

Perry is so bland and boring. Hopefully no one will care after this album.

by Lady Gagareply 8010/25/2013

Even her fake relationship with John Mayer isn't generating interest ... in her music.

by Lady Gagareply 8110/25/2013

Ellie Goulding is one of the best live singers out there, surely she was just having mic problems at the Bowl because I have seen her live in a small venue and she sounds near identical to the studio album.

by Lady Gagareply 8210/25/2013

How can there be "mic problems" in such a high profile venue as the Bowl? What happened to sound checks?

by Lady Gagareply 8310/25/2013

I love "International Smile," "This Is How We Do," "Birthday," and "Roar!"

by Lady Gagareply 8410/25/2013

I love roar too - I liked it better when it was called brave.

by Lady Gagareply 8510/25/2013

There's not much of a difference between Katy doing drunken karaoke and Katy singing at the Hollywood Bowl.

A real singer should be able to hold a tune, even doing a dumb karaoke song.

by Lady Gagareply 8610/25/2013

I would like Roar. If I were a 9 year old girl.

by Lady Gagareply 8710/25/2013

The verse of Brave may be similar, but the choruses are nothing alike, and Roar is so much better overall...see chart success.

by Lady Gagareply 8810/25/2013

Courtney Love on Katy. I'm assuming she means that Katy whored herself out for a boring pop career. I bet she fucks for tracks.

[quote]“She has a crap stylist; at least Katy Perry lives out her insane fantasies and kids love it. I liked Katy when she was in a black shag and the shy girl on Glen Ballard’s arm at events. She was damaged goods by the time she got to Capitol [Records]. She really worked for it: ‘It’ being a career I find so boring it’s sort of sad, but what she wears is cute and in her own universe. Miley provided me with endless laughs at the VMAs. The Harajuku Japansese girl little bear suit was cute.”

by Lady Gagareply 8910/25/2013

I can never dislike Kate Perry as much as some people here do when Taylor Swift has a career. Now that girl is bland.

by Lady Gagareply 9010/25/2013

She should stick to ProActiv infomercials.

by Lady Gagareply 9110/25/2013

[quote][R72] Of course Gaga lip-syncs, darlin! Here's a nice little video to prove it.

No. It shows that she doesn't.

by Lady Gagareply 9210/25/2013

[all posts by tedious, racist idiot removed.]

by Lady Gagareply 9310/25/2013

R83 no, Goulding is fucking HORRIBLE. Ever see that SNL performance? She's a non-talent recording act. Her studio versions sound bad but her live performances are even worse. Sadly, eople have such poor taste that they go for weird, mostly off-key tones such as hers these days though.

"Roar" is such an annoying song. Of course middle Americans, teens and pre-teens love it.

by Lady Gagareply 9410/25/2013

The only one of these girls I've ever heard of is Perry. That's only because her marriage to Brand was gossip fodder and she's headed for another disaster with Meyer. I have no idea what her music sounds like.

Sometimes it's good to be an elder.

by Lady Gagareply 9510/26/2013

r89, so chart success = a better song?

That sounds like Katy fan logic.

by Lady Gagareply 9610/26/2013

Why Katy is so popular and her stuff sells is those damn catchy hooks! I've fallen in love with a lot of her songs because of this.

Once i've found out though that most of her songs are written by Bonnie McKee, i'm starting to fall out of love with her.

She's just an ok singer with an ok voice. I do like her personality though, especially compared to Rihanna.

by Lady Gagareply 9710/26/2013

good! she's awful.

only time her songs are good, is when someone else covers them.

by Lady Gagareply 9810/26/2013

[quote]Why Katy is so popular and her stuff sells is those damn catchy hooks!

lol. Yeah, right.

It's her tits.

by Lady Gagareply 9910/26/2013

r89 it is not the verse or chorus has nothing to do with it - it is the melody...chart success has nothing to do with who copied who..go watch dream girls.

by Lady Gagareply 10010/28/2013

Katy Perry’s “Prism” Album Sales Disappoint; Forecast Says 280K

Rarely can an album sell almost 300,000 copies in its opening week and be considered a disappointment.

This is one of those unusual circumstances.

Based on opening day sales data, Hits Daily Double reports that Katy Perry’s heavily hyped, long awaited and aggressively marketed “Prism” is pacing to debut in the 270-290K ballpark.

If the figure holds, it would not only land well below expectations but represent growth of less than 100K over predecessor “Teenage Dream,” which moved 192K debut units in the summer of 2010.

That album–and its deluxe re-release–produced a record-setting six number one singles and two more top three singles. A ubiquitous album that established Katy Perry as the reigning queen of pop, “Teenage Dream” ended up selling more than 2.7M copies to prove the singer-songwriter was not simply the woman behind the latest interchangeable voice on the radio. She was a uniquely recognizable, ardently supported pop star. She was someone who, moving forward, should have the ability to sell serious quantities of albums.

The difference between Perry’s profile upon launching lead single “California Gurls” in 2010 and upon closing the album’s cycle in 2012 was one of night and day.

And since commencing the “Prism” campaign this summer, Perry’s star has only grown.

“Roar,” her first cut off the album, became an instant smash and scored the best weekly download mark of her career. It made Perry only harder to avoid and sparked incredible buzz for the “Prism” release. It made October 22, the release day, seem more like a pop culture event than an album release day.

A total of less than 300,000 copies–or, realistically, anything under 450,000–does not jibe with that build-up. It does not reflect the exponential growth in star power and fanbase that came after “Teenage Dream” moved 192K units in its first week.

It, at best, reflects what a hit album would do in its debut week. It does not befit a monster release and certainly does not establish “Prism” as a pop culture phenomenon.

Even more trouble comes from the notion of comparison. Two weeks ago, Miley Cyrus’ “Bangerz,” which came from an artist who has a smaller fanbase, a significantly less dominant position in pop music and no momentum from her previous release (2010′s flop “Can’t Be Tamed”), moved 270K copies.

Many wanted to call that total a flop. If one felt 270K was a disappointment for the first release from the rebooted, unproven Miley, he must be positively horrified by the Perry record only selling 270-290K in its opener.

Katy Perry’s “Prism” will surely claim number one on Billboard 200. But the real story is not that Katy has another number one; it is that for all the success of “Teenage Dream,” all the fans she has amassed, all the excitement over “Roar” and all the hype she and her label generated for “Prism,” Perry has yet to prove she can generate significant opening-week interest.

by Lady Gagareply 10110/30/2013

She's not "born again" because she never left being a Xtian. She was "born into" it.

She can sing, so can gaga, & the rest of them. She has a certain appeal & despite the OP being absolutely batshit angry/hysterical & bumping this thread up constantly because he's angry, the fact remains that KP is still the #1 selling female artist of the year. More than all the other female solo acts, that includes Rihanna, Beyonce, Gaga.

That was proclaimed by Billboard weeks ago & linked on this thread.

OP, honestly, stop bumping up your thread, get a life.

by Lady Gagareply 10210/30/2013

Billboard she topped again this week btw, OP.

"Katy Perry tops Billboard in worst week for album sales since 1991"

by Lady Gagareply 10310/30/2013

OP manages Epic Fail and must now commit suicide.

by Lady Gagareply 10410/30/2013

KA-BOOM!!!! Capital must be FREAKING OUT right now...that's a very low number considering all the promo spent on this. Expect Katy to be hauling out the funbags on her next few appearances.

by Lady Gagareply 10510/30/2013

Actually, R106, MDMA sold more than Katy did this week, which is amazing because Madonna isn't musically relevant anymore and doesn't have the radio airplay Katy does.

And her latest single, Unconditionally, is flopping on the charts. Time to bring out the third single.

The fact is, people will spend $1.29 on Katy but not a penny more.

by Lady Gagareply 10610/31/2013

R107 = loser Vadge stan

by Lady Gagareply 10710/31/2013

Katy may win the #1 singles war, but Lady Gaga always delivers with album sales.

by Lady Gagareply 10810/31/2013

So, saying Madonna is musically irrelevant somehow makes you a fan now?

by Lady Gagareply 10910/31/2013

Katy needs a big dumb dance song with a guest rapper--or is that not in style anymore?

by Lady Gagareply 11010/31/2013

R111 on her last album she had Kanye West on her song "E.T." and it did very well.

She seems to be over-the-top poppy now though.

by Lady Gagareply 11110/31/2013

I feel for her because she's being forced into a box by her record label... She has to appear young, sound young, act young. I wonder if this is really the artist she wants to be. I doubt it. People say that she can't sing because she consistently sings songs that are out of her range because she has to sound youthful. She can't be a teenage dream forever.

by Lady Gagareply 11210/31/2013

[quote] She's not "born again" because she never left being a Xtian. She was "born into" it.

No one said she's born-again, I said she'll someday, in the future, announce she's born-again after the sales start dropping. She obviously didn't leave being a Christian since she's made stupid remarks accusing other celebs of blasphemy, but defenders like you deny she's still a fundie as her parents raised her to be. The term "born-again" is associated with fundamentalist Christianity. She'd be announcing she's going back to being a fundie.

by Lady Gagareply 11310/31/2013

r114 and you continue to be incorrect. The term [italic]born again[/italic] means

[quote]1. committed or recommitted to religious faith through an intensely religious experience: a born-again Christian.

She never [italic]left[/italic] being a Xtian. She has never distanced herself from her religion, she's always been into the religion of her parents, so [italic]technically[/italic] there can not be a "born again" person.

PS, I never denied her fundyness. What was said is on this thread is that she surrounds herself with gays, which is true, she distances herself from the hateful messages of her parents and additionally the hateful fundy messages.

She has a lot of fans, many gay bois, lesbians the entire alphabet soup.

by Lady Gagareply 11410/31/2013


You can be "born again" and be born into it. It is simply the moment when many Evangelical Christians fully embrace Christ as their savior. It is not a term simply for converts or sinners who asked for an official a do-over.

by Lady Gagareply 11511/03/2013

Still, technically she is not "born again". That usually describes people that left or never were fundies to begin with and come back to Jeebus moment. She OTOH was always one. There is no "born again" for her.

by Lady Gagareply 11611/03/2013

If you are an evangelical then you cannot be born a Christian. You have to receive Jesus Christ as your personal savior. There are kids from evangelical families who never do this this, they are not Christians.

by Lady Gagareply 11711/03/2013

[quote]Actually, [R106], MDMA sold more than Katy did this week, which is amazing because Madonna isn't musically relevant anymore and doesn't have the radio airplay Katy does.

Honey, you didn't even get the album title correct.

by Lady Gagareply 11811/03/2013

Prism is one of the biggest albums of the year even #1 on the iTunes Charts selling more copies then Britney Spears, lady Gaga, and Miley Cyrus. Flop? I don't really think that's the best word for a album that's done all that and more lol

by Lady Gagareply 11912/29/2013

So what? the album sucks and Katy can't sing to save her life.

by Lady Gagareply 12012/29/2013

[quote] What was said is on this thread is that she surrounds herself with gays,

One only has to look to her early music to see what she thinks of gays. She believes male homosexuals are a joke and any straight guy that acts "gay" needs to kill himself (Ur So Gay), and of course she uses and exploits female homosexuality to look edgy and sexy (I Kissed a Girl). She's just another manipulative, shallow, hollow cunt that hates gays.

by Lady Gagareply 12112/29/2013

ugh...after "Unconditionally" thankfully flopped, "Dark Horse" is now #1 on itunes...meaning it's quite possible Perry will shit her way to another shitty #1 hit.

I think the singles on this album (I never listen to her whole albums) are much worse than the ones from "Teenage Dream".

Only "Walking On Air" seemed interesting to me so far.

by Lady Gagareply 12201/18/2014

Why would dudes even care? Get a life...

by Lady Gagareply 12301/20/2014

horrendous..."Dark Horse" will probably go to #1-if not this week then next.

by Lady Gagareply 12401/21/2014

R122, that song Ur so Gay is terrible and homophobic (slant magazine called her out on that) but then again, Madonna made an entire career out of exploiting gays and somehow becoming a gay icon in the process. Maybe Katy Perry is going in that same trajectory?

by Lady Gagareply 12502/25/2014

I was thinking that I've never heard more, cliche's, idioms, euphemisms then I do in every Katy Perry song. I came across this article at link. What do her writers go through the book of idioms and come up with lyrics?

I'm going to write a song: Let's see...oh i have it.

It's all fun and games, until someone gets hurt...

I'll continue writing and let you know how I do with the net Katy Perry hit!.

by Lady Gagareply 12602/28/2015
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