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Jeremy Renner Is Married

Let the crying begin.

by Bored2reply 60011/15/2013

Wow. You all are fucked up bunch. One of these days I am guessing you will look back and really regret all the time you wasted on this shot.

by Bored2reply 110/22/2013

This is on dirty laundry

by Bored2reply 210/22/2013

Looks like the ex is ready to talk, he tweeted ETOnline and called her shady (is he finally gonna start talking?)

by Bored2reply 310/22/2013

R1 regret is already here, friend.

by Bored2reply 410/22/2013

So he got married after the 9th of this month (no ring in photos from pictures around then) no honeymoon back for work function this week. Where did he celebrate at home? He is fkng romantic

by Bored2reply 510/22/2013

Re:5 why celebrate a marriage that simply secures the mother of your child being able to stay in the USA. Totally bet it's an open marriage too, a marriage with an expiration date

by Bored2reply 610/22/2013

Pathetic twats


by Bored2reply 710/22/2013

R7 thanks for the feedback!

by Bored2reply 810/22/2013

Wow ...just wow!

by Bored2reply 910/22/2013

Did he do her make-up for the big day?

by Bored2reply 1010/22/2013

This celeb dirty laundry is now saying she is NOT a famewhore. Here it comes. Jeremy has found true love with sonni. Here comes the bull shit

by Bored2reply 1110/22/2013

Celeb dirty laundry saying that 'she's not a famewhore' needs to dig deeper.

Someone get the brown bag, I am gonna hurl.

by Bored2reply 1210/22/2013

Did he stand on a box or did they make her stand in a trench?

by Bored2reply 1310/22/2013

Lol the whole not a fame whore made me laugh. Did they bother to think the reason she's not one is that Renner has all the money, the lawyers, etc. if she ran her mouth that would be it for her. Why ruin a good thing.

by Bored2reply 1410/22/2013

Ohhhhhhhhh her ex is soooooo wanting to talk, he just tweeted someone that he has a story or 2 to tell.

by Bored2reply 1510/22/2013

Oh I hope he spills it all! I'd love to hear what shit he has on her.

by Bored2reply 1610/22/2013

r16 It goes both ways buddy. Consider who's got the money to make it stick.

by Bored2reply 1710/22/2013

r1 Everyone except the original IMDB gal herself – Bored2. Used to be UncannyBowelGirl. Kicked out the back door for the sheet boredom of her posts. Snuck back in (nothing can keep her away from her girlfriends) with the brand new name FutchBot.

I mean FutchButt, sorry I keep getting it wrong.

by Bored2reply 1810/22/2013

I wonder if jonnyh1 has been waiting for her to marry Renner - it could mean more money if someone is willing to pay for his info, cuz I'm sure the man won't tell for free

by Bored2reply 1910/22/2013

R18 you got a big lady boner for this uncanny person: its kinda obvious in your obsessive trolling here on DL. i think i will be the only one calling you out while the rest ignore you

by Bored2reply 2010/22/2013


by Bored2reply 2110/22/2013

[all posts by tedious troll removed.]

by Bored2reply 2210/22/2013

If he married her for her visa as Lainey Gossip suggests, then he just got played. All she has to do is leave the country for a couple days to restart the counter. A Canadian can be in the US on a tourist visa for six months. She could go home every six months for decades and never have a problem. Working is a different story. Clearly no worries in the employment department.

by Bored2reply 2310/22/2013

Re:23'perhaps Jeremy was worried she wouldn't return with Ava.

by Bored2reply 2410/22/2013

Finally found the thread. So - who's gonna prep the viral websites with all of the hooker's past?

I saved everything as it was discovered and uncovered - he he he

Can't wait for the exxxxxxxxxxx to sing her high praises!

by Bored2reply 2510/22/2013

Saw the ex's last post to ET re having Storie to tell.

Suggest we need to help secure those stories before the big boy's pr tries to muzzle

by Bored2reply 2610/22/2013

Re:26 yea I'm waiting for the power of Renner's lawyers to shut up the ex. He needs to start spilling and fast

by Bored2reply 2710/22/2013

Re:25 what in the hell did you save? I thought it was all still out there, plenty of stuff when you google her name

by Bored2reply 2810/22/2013

Vindictive much? No one cares but a few people. Why bother going out of your way to try and put someone on blast? I honestly don't get why it matters so much to you guys.

by Bored2reply 2910/22/2013

JR is an idiot! If it's WILL fail. It's a given. So sorry for little Ava.

by Bored2reply 3010/22/2013

He's pugly.

by Bored2reply 3110/22/2013

Re:29 agreed! Most people don't even know who Jeremy is, let alone care who he maybe married.

Trying to take down Sonni is lame, is she really dime secret double agent planning to take down the United States? Those pesky Canadians!

by Bored2reply 3210/22/2013

This was posted over on imdb and I hope they don't mind I'm quoting from it but it's smart and should be shared. I couldn't agree more with this poster:

"H ate to say it - but he will be fine. Because the general movie goer who stares mouth gaped and inserting popcorn in the theatre - doesn't know anything beyond that screen image. And what's more: doesn't care.

that's why whitewashing and lavender marriages work folks. a gullible public who just wants their entertainment. Look at our small group on this board. No one else cares. They will not look into SP's background. google for pics. they'll just nod and smile "Oh how nice. they worked it out and little baby has her parents married. that's how it should be.

won't give it another thought.

we may have the right to speak our mind: but no one outside this board is listening. And I am fairly certain his PR doesn't give a rats a$$ what we think either. we do not represent the majority of the movie going public. and I suspect they dismiss us as crazy. "

I also add that "this board" goes for here too. While it's fun to speculate if the man got married what is there to speculate? If it's not for love (doubt that) it's for the baby and maybe about 20 people or so care more about this whole mess. It doesn't matter and he's gonna stay married to her at least for awhile.

I'm not standing on my soapbox saying to stop talking. I have read lots of hilarious comments on here and hope to continue too..but saving info on Sonni to try and bring her down? Why? He married her and people could care less.

by Bored2reply 3310/22/2013

Cry? Why? He's ugly anyway.

by Bored2reply 3410/22/2013

Jeremy Lee Renner:

Alcoholic, sexually transmitted disease infested body from his hooker baby-mama, morally and mentally bankrupt, a liar, a fraud, an embarrassment, no public social etiquette, facial features of his pet bulldog -


not appealing at all - on any level

But so much fun to call out and ridicule on his SHAM - public statements and persona

See - he's good for something -

by Bored2reply 3510/22/2013

I do think it is laughable that some people ridicule her, but are desparate to give her ex publicity. If they had been together for 8 years wouldn't that have made her 14 when they got together? A child with a drug dealer? I don't know how old this man is, but that sounds predatory to me and how much control has he had over her activities during that time? Or maybe those comments on are just rubbish and they were a young couple together for eight years. If that is the case then he must have cared for her and is hurt and lashing out. Either way he has zero reliability.

by Bored2reply 3610/22/2013

hope they don't have a pre-nup so that whore will take him for all his money.

he looks like shit, Amy Adams in those pictures look like his granddaughter.

Also yes, JR, his team, etc... probably doesn't give a shit about people talking all this shit here or any other place. So who gives a shit if people try to write shit about this shit family about their shitty past and future. So people saying that people shouldn't bother giving a shit should also take their own advice and not give a shit when people do feel like throwing shit.

by Bored2reply 3710/22/2013

i have been completely wrong about this relationship for the past few months. thinking sonni trapped jeremy, she's this she's that BUT everything this chick has wanted she has gotten. she did get married somewhere hot. in his backyard. she's right I'm wrong. sluts rule the world! WTF

by Bored2reply 3810/22/2013

another only-on-datalounge-gay bites the dust.

by Bored2reply 3910/22/2013

I hope Avengers, Bourne, and Mission Impossible will drop his ugly ass as soon as possible. If he was still a passable looking human being then maybe but he looks more like those aliens they were fighting in the avengers.

I actually like all those franchises and will need this STD alcoholic fug-pup to get as far away from them as possible.

R38 I agree, I guess I will need to start spreading my legs too to make it in this world.

by Bored2reply 4010/22/2013

R39 I think a good amount of gay rumors or wishful thinking do some how get started on datalounge.

but to be fair, Renner had a good amount of gay rumors that not was not just spread around here.

by Bored2reply 4110/22/2013

Just read that Pauly-D from Jersey Shore have a 5 month daughter with a one-night stand. I actually have more respect for Pauly for actually being up-front about it.

by Bored2reply 4210/22/2013

Gay also means being happy.

And so don't frown dear r39

For the rest of us renner participants are merely spreading continuous, unbridled and certainly unconditional - happiness !

Now saddle up and join in the ridicule of Renner fun!

(just don't pick the horse named sonni Pacheco to saddle with - she's liable to get you incredibly bruised, diseased and used - better you just smile, throw some horse feed and run for your life)

Though you can always contact sonni's gay friends in Vancouver! One even visited her in Atlanta!

by Bored2reply 4310/22/2013

I think the time off from filming has sent him on a drug and alcohol binge that made him dilusional. He thinks he's happy and sonni is his soul mate. If he doesnt issue an official statement about this marriage its going to piss me off. He wants the fans but wants us out of his personal business. Whatev

by Bored2reply 4410/22/2013

How'd Renee Zellweger miss this mo?

by Bored2reply 4510/22/2013

you guys, obvious the wedding ring is for him and winters.

Isn't marriage registry? certificate? public records in the states? Isn't it pretty easy for the tabloids or someone who knows where to look to find that information?

R45 lol I think she maxed out for quota with Kenny and Bradley? no more room for Jeremy.

by Bored2reply 4610/22/2013

What a stupid decision.

by Bored2reply 4710/22/2013

He married a man? That's great.

by Bored2reply 4810/22/2013

There's a Pop Candies Youtube video he's leaving with his publicist (wrong definition of her as his mother). You can ear someone asking something like "Jeremy who?", twice. I mean, in Hollywood? That's sound weird. And I saw poor Amy Adams looked embarassed while on stage with him during the award ceremony. He looked like he didn't want even to stay there. Urged to back home-bunker to his newly married wifey? Can hardly wait to see them "really" together hand in hand. She looks older than 25 years but he's not better nowdays. He's probably the candidate number one Whedon will kill or make disappear someway on AV2. Provided always he won't replace him with a better looking young actor.

by Bored2reply 4910/22/2013

For a moment there, I thought he married his "roommate".

by Bored2reply 5010/23/2013

Although I watched some of his movies and he's likable enough, I don't get the hysteria about him both from women and gay men (I'm a bi woman).

And yeah, I also believe he's totally gay.

by Bored2reply 5110/23/2013

I don't really see much hysteria about him. People barely know who he is. He's like the male Malin Ackerman. He'll never carry a non-franchise movie.

by Bored2reply 5210/23/2013

R52 Indeed, maybe his only fans are the ones posting on Tumblr or IMDB or some forum and social networks where people are basically the same. People know he's a good actor and go to watch his movies but the day after they forget his name until next time.

by Bored2reply 5310/23/2013

You guys enjoy sordid speculation, so try this …… Local drug dealer and strip club owner takes up with a girl aged 14, maybe a little older but undeniably a child. After 8 years this girl seems to be immersed in his tacky world, but she gets away and a few years later she is married with a kid living in a different country. Could the ex be predatory, exploitative and therefore abusive? That would be an extremely common scenario. So what happens next? A group of self-proclaimed feminists group together, encouraging the ex to continue his exploitation and abuse via the internet with the aim of transferring that to mainstream media. I have no idea if this is particular speculation is true, but it is certainly reasonable. Just give it some consideration before you continue your hate campaign in the name of ‘decent’ women.

by Bored2reply 5410/23/2013


Hurt Locker? Read the reviews, the supporting cast is good but there is no doubt that he does carry that oscar winning best film.

by Bored2reply 5510/23/2013

Do you think Renner is so naive to need the drug dealer advices? He knows exactly who and what he has on his hands and it seems he came to terms with it. And I'd take with a grain of salt the words of a disappointed ex-lover.

by Bored2reply 5610/23/2013

Uh oh! I wonder when they did the deed? Propably in Atlanta. Was KW his bestman?

by Bored2reply 5710/23/2013

..some epic meltdowns in IMDb. The question is where are we going to move this teatime discussion now? Unless there's some weird rumours about KW joining them on their honeymoon there's not much to go on anymore. Henry Cavill, anyone?

by Bored2reply 5810/23/2013

From the ex-bf of the bride. "J. Renner is marrying his babies mom? keep her away from your friends bud. She's the shadiest girl ever! I know bout it. Try being her ex boyfriend! Makes me sick seeing and hearing all this nonsense. Boy do I have a story or 2." I see this guy making a few bucks from National Enquirer.

by Bored2reply 5910/23/2013

R40 marriage license in Los Angeles County: two types, public and private. Private - no one can access except for the 2 getting married. It's been created for celebs, and in the L.A. county description - it states that one of purposes for this type of license is immigration issues. Marriage ceremony is done with a judge or county officiant - locked down so hardly any attendees, can take place either @ the court house or at the private residence. But it's only applicable to L.A county residents.

Check it out online. There is an official county site that goes into detail.

The private licence can only be accessed by the two who got married - no family, no media can request any info - irregardless of freedom of information.

by Bored2reply 6010/23/2013

R54 nice try with your speculation that hooker sonni pacheco had an evil-drug dealing abusive ex BF and pushed her into a sordid life.

Children learn 2 words early in life - YES and NO.

Sonni Pacheco made her own bad choices in life - not her 8 year relationship with her childhood / adulthood bf.

Sonni Pacheco could have sai - NO - to becoming an active employee of Bossbabes. She could have said NO to bikini Canada. NO to her fame whore aspirations to become a playboy bunny. NO to prancing and performing at stag parties wearing a in kini and letting men grope her.

NO - to fucking a celebrity and purposely getting pregnant after he ended it.

Most women have something called sel-respect, dignity and ethics.

Sonni Pacheco is morally bankrupt and that wasn't her ex bf's doing - it was all about her self indulgent ego that thinks everyone owes her and she's going to get hers - at any cost - no matter who she destroys, uses or abuses along the way.

At any time,the escirt/hooker, sonni Pacheco could have chosen a different path - but she didn't want a path that was honourable because that rakes courage and character.

Congrats to the fraud and has been, Jeremy Renner for his new role as sugar daddy to the "shadiest bitch" Pitt Meadows trash could produce.

by Bored2reply 6110/23/2013

and it starts. article. "is jeremy renner in love with an illegal immigrant" he should just send out a press release.

by Bored2reply 6210/23/2013

If I had been in an abusive situation with a man that forced me into stripping, escorting, skinny drugs, implants etc the LAST thing I would EVER do was go off the pill to trap someone in the public. 1) I would NEVER bring a child into ta world where I did not have my mind together, 2) subject my child to the public back lash of taking 2012 bachelor of the year off the market.

by Bored2reply 6310/23/2013

If she was abused then she could not escape or make her own choices. Are you suggesting Jeremy rescued her, but only after he got her pregnant? So then she has jumped from one abusive relationship to another. Given her press for the past none months, and her seemingly willingness to accept it, suggests she is either a shady bitch or victim.

by Bored2reply 6410/23/2013

sonni is not this vulnerable, weak, whimp of a chic. she's very calculating. i can't see anyone using or abusing her. she was getting something out of the deal with the ex and she's getting something out of the deal with jeremy. sonni should write a book on how to secure your future with someone else's money.

by Bored2reply 6510/23/2013

R64 give me a fucking break - we're going to make a self-deciding known stripper escort Pacheco into a victim of bad men!!!!!!

SIMPLE SHIT - NO ONE hog tied Pacheco into any of the life choices she made.

HER decision to go off contraceptives and make sure she got pregnant with renner's kid 'cause the writing was on the wall in early July 2012.

NO Pitt Meadows ex BF forced her into the unikini stag party performances - that was bossbabe contracted work. NO ex BF held her in bond age telling the hooker - go down to l a wearing your unikini and engage in the playboy annual p and l party. (just a few)

by Bored2reply 6610/23/2013

And NO Ex BF told or forced sonni Pacheco to spread her legs specifically to hog tie a celeb who's bank ability was just starting to take off.

I've said it before - if tom Cruise was already divorced from Katie during mi4 filming in Vancouver, it wouldn't be renner we'd be associating with her. I will bet tom was her first target bur had to settle with Renner because there was no way in to get to cruise - especially since Katie showed up and stayed during the vancouver filming.

by Bored2reply 6710/23/2013

The most common defence of a paedophile is that the child knew what they were doing, that they were mature for their years, that they had instigated, that they could have said no.

There are laws relating to age for a reason. So many people here have criticised Renner for going out with this woman who is 25 because she will lack maturity and yet you credit her with cunning and ruthlessness as a child, when dealing with a very unpleasant man. You would make great defence lawyers for a pervert.

This doesn’t mean I think she is an innocent or even particularly nice person now, but if you have had any dealings with victims of abuse you know it impacts on them for the rest of their lives. One of my closest friends was raped aged 13 and until she was 25 the word most commonly used to describe her was slut. It took years of therapy to convince her that she was worth anything more than the very worst a man could dish out. She was exceptionally bright, earning a double first in mathematics and philosophy at University, but that only happened because her family understood the cause of her bizarre sexual behaviour and always supported her.

It is likely that none of this has any relevance to this situation and no, I do not think Renner has rescued this woman. It just makes me angry when people are dismissed as worthless or worse still, are subjected to a witch hunt, with little or no understanding of the circumstances that lead them there.

by Bored2reply 6810/23/2013 there any freakin' confirmation yet? This is stupid.

by Bored2reply 6910/23/2013

R62 that vh1 3 lines is just repeating speculation from another dpeculative post on another site.

Did tmz say anything about the ring?

by Bored2reply 7010/23/2013

Worse news of the day!

by Bored2reply 7110/23/2013

No news yet on Perez or tmz. Nothing on major outlets. Only lainey gossip spec and that one off minor gossip page - which by the was is quoting and basis g off the lainey gossip post

by Bored2reply 7210/23/2013

R68 You do realize Sonni's ex is her age right? They went to school together. He's not a pedophile.

by Bored2reply 7310/23/2013

Thank you for the fact check. I believe it is a good idea for notes and review of facts. In one day we went from being called losers for keeping track to accusing her ex of being a ped. Does he own the strip club as suggested earlier? and do we know the date of the breakup?

by Bored2reply 7410/23/2013

It cracks me up to no end how things like "she got knocked up on purpose" has become a FACT for some people when ... we don't know jack shit!

Did I miss something? Did Sonni give a no holds interview where she confessed she got knocked up on purpose by Jeremy Renner? Most women don't admit that to ANYONE if that was their intention!

The only things we know for a fact is that she went to party with Renner in NYC, went to a boxing match in Vegas, had lunch with him at the end of August last year and then... got pregnant. That's it! That's all we know for sure about their "relationship"

by Bored2reply 7510/23/2013

Ladies, a serious question from a newcomer to this thread...

Enjoying celebrity gossip is one thing, but why are you so invested in the choices of an actor who, putting your obvious emotional over-investment to one side for one moment, has zero real impact on your life? I can understand being a 'fan' but this level of emotional response to an actor's personal life doesn't seem healthy.

by Bored2reply 7610/23/2013

R76 I won't speak for others. I dislike being manipulated and used by anyone in life. When an actor decides enact this on purpose just so they can keep getting me to hand over my hard earned money for their whims (in this case knocking up a former hooker), I get pissed. In particular when these morons of society actively engage in altering norms - so they can get away with their deprived fetishes - and make everything OK. My interest is not in the actor any longer - he's done in my books - a fraud has been - it's all on principle now - and I want them both called out on their fraud to set them as an example - one of many.

To Others some info:

Confidential Marriage License: The participating parties must be at least 18 years old to apply for a confidential marriage license. Minors may NOT purchase a confidential marriage license.

The participating parties must be living together as spouses at the time they apply for the marriage license, and must sign an affidavit on the license attesting to those facts.

The couple MUST be married in the county where the license is issued.

No witnesses are required to be at the ceremony, AND no witnesses sign on the marriage license.

The marriage license is a confidential record and is registered at the County Clerk’s Office in the county where it was purchased. Only the couple may purchase copies of the marriage license and must present valid picture identification together with the required fee to the County Clerk in order to do so. Persons other than the married couple requesting copies of a confidential marriage license may only do so by presenting a court order to the County Clerk in the county where the license is registered.

Copies of confidential marriages are not available from the state office.

by Bored2reply 7710/23/2013

I seriously hope this guy has some good security around him. What a bunch of sad & deranged people you all are.

by Bored2reply 7810/23/2013

[quote]r76 I won't speak for others. I dislike being manipulated and used by anyone in life. When an actor decides enact this on purpose just so they can keep getting me to hand over my hard earned money for their whims (in this case knocking up a former hooker), I get pissed. In particular when these morons of society actively engage in altering norms - so they can get away with their deprived fetishes - and make everything OK. My interest is not in the actor any longer - he's done in my books - a fraud has been - it's all on principle now - and I want them both called out on their fraud to set them as an example - one of many.

I'm sorry, but all the benefit of the doubt I was willing to give you just went *phooof* You aren't just a disillusioned fan you sound emotionally unbalanced.

First off, the guy is an actor. His job - the only way you know of him and the very reason you "hand over hard earned money" to watch him - is selling you something that isn't real. Publicity shots are lit and retouched to sell you a look that is glossier than reality. Publicity junkets are designed to present the products - the film, and the actor playing a role - in the best possible way in order to attract an audience.

I can't believe any of this 'manipulation' is a shock to you. This is the very definition of Hollywood, after all. Surely you understand that nothing you have *ever* believed about him is actually real. So to suddenly decide that his recent personal choices are a 'manipulation too far' tells me that you are trying to intellectualize your misplaced feelings of emotional ownership. No one is forcing you to support this guys future projects, or his personal life choices. Why not just walk away? You'd be healthier for it.

by Bored2reply 7910/23/2013

R79 you're entitled to your opinion - as am I.

I never asked for your approval on my views - nor am I seeking it. However, should I return in kind with judgment on you and your views by declaring you in a derogatory light?

I don't know - not do I care to.

You are a virtual, anonymous nothing in my life. So no - it's not worth my effort to "judge" you as you think you have a right to state about others.

I stated my views and if didn't like or "approve" you have more enlightened ways to respond - like - ignoring or simply stating that you don't agree.

by Bored2reply 8010/23/2013

R79 and one additional clarification - I have walked away from the actor.

The hooker though is toured and promoted with "Canadian" which I find offensive considering her history.

Stop associated her disgusting life choices as a publically promoted reflection of the rest of us, and I'm satisfied. Continue and I have an issue with it.

by Bored2reply 8110/23/2013

I imagine that reply is the very one that Mr Renner would give to you for his judgement on him. The irony is palpable.

by Bored2reply 8210/23/2013

[quote]Stop associated her disgusting life choices as a publically promoted reflection of the rest of us, and I'm satisfied. Continue and I have an issue with it.

What does that even mean? Try to construct a logical reply and I'll consider attempting to understand it.

by Bored2reply 8310/23/2013

R83 The poster in R81 is Canadian and one our local rage monsters over from IMDB. I think she's upset Sonni reflects poorly on other Canadians.

by Bored2reply 8410/23/2013

i don't understand why he won't just do a press release if he really married her. isn't this a joyous occasion. a lot of "private" A listers have made press releases about stuff like this. jeremy is getting more and more annoying.

by Bored2reply 8510/23/2013

R84 your definitive conclusions are incorrect as I'm not Canadian. It is unfortunate that you choose to refer to others and their opinions as "rage monsters" - very base and undignified of you.

by Bored2reply 8610/23/2013

Then why do you care Sonni's correctly identified as Canadian? There are horrible people in every country in the world. Most reasonable people don't think poorly of a whole nation based on one citizen.

And, seriously, you're upset over "rage monster"? I don't care.

by Bored2reply 8710/23/2013

Oh, and describing people in a derogatory manner is also "base and undignified". So get off your horse honey.

by Bored2reply 8810/23/2013


BEST POST ON HERE!! Glad to know there are more sane people around. That other poster is pure crazy and is on a one person witch hunt to destory Renner's career. Good luck with that btw.

by Bored2reply 8910/23/2013

Re:84 almost positive the lunatic poster is Rdmisc on imdb, pretty much the same endless rants are over there too. She claims she is done with Renner so why not STOP talking about him then if he's upset you so much?

She just hopes all her whining and crazy talk will get every single Jeremy Renner fan to join her cause. Get over it honey, he married the woman, he's an actor, not a politician he doesn't owe the public jack shit.

Hollywood is a bunch iof smoke and mirrors and she's mad she fell into a certain fantasy about Renner and now that it's been destroyed she's bitter and showing how emotionally unstable she is.

And honey, the studios pay actors before you give your hard earned money to buy a ticket to a Renner film, so your dollars are going back to the studio, not lining his pockets.

Chill the hell out and grow up

by Bored2reply 9010/23/2013

Re:84 my apologies if you thought any of my previous post was directed at you. I was initially responding to your comment and it went on from there

by Bored2reply 9110/23/2013

Ugh. Who cares? He's ugly and closeted.

by Bored2reply 9210/23/2013

R91 It's all good...I realized it wasn't directed at me. Still amused she's upset about being called a rage monster...after she called someone a hooker. Ha! I really hope we get a press release...the rants will be epic.

by Bored2reply 9310/23/2013

Re:93 I know!!! She can call Jeremy and Sonni anything she wants but don't you dare call her anything

I want an announcement just to shut some people up and then watch others combust from the inside out!

by Bored2reply 9410/23/2013

R89 r90 r91 look at you! Ranting like a lunatic too!! Good for you! Happy that you joined the club.

Now, go take your soother and your blanket, snuggle up to the free welfare payments you get and the child support for your offspring from random men and you'll be just fine.

by Bored2reply 9510/23/2013

Re:95 oh yea that poster's comments are way worse than anything you ever posted on here *rolls eyes*

by Bored2reply 9610/23/2013

R95 Do you have any level of self-awareness? Yep...some friendly banter is totally the same as your little rages. Haha! You're hilarious!

by Bored2reply 9710/23/2013

R93 r95 It's truly funny reading what hypocrits you are - like no one can tell who you are too. It's too bad that you choose to have no sensibility about the way you conduct your own commentary - and choose to post in the very same way you are criticizing.

I can assure you, I don't give a flying fuck about you, your stupidity, your Rennerbaby love fest.

And never will.

by Bored2reply 9810/23/2013

may i interrupt this frau-on-frau fightfest to bring you a special treat: link

by Bored2reply 9910/23/2013

Are we playing name the multiple posters now?

Let's talk about premieres - think Renner will debut his new, young wife at the American Hustle LA premiere?

by Bored2reply 10010/23/2013

Bored2/Uncanny/FutureRobot that is soooo boring. Didn't we already cover this in the last thread? IMDB seems dead...go liven the place up. Or are you just here to "poke" and "rile" everyone up? Everyone please see IMDB "The Drama Thread" page 11 for little Ms. Uncanny/FutureRobot's confession of being a cyber troll. God you're lame.

R89 I admit I make fun of you and enjoy your little delusional rages. I know exactly who I am.

by Bored2reply 10110/23/2013

Please tell me that Jeremy really isn't married? I'm really pisses off!

by Bored2reply 10210/23/2013

r99 I guess CDaN included the 'very good looking' bit to leave some ambiguity about it being Renner?


by Bored2reply 10310/23/2013

R99 I think CDAN is just trying to keep this train rolling. If Renner was engaged to KW then that would certainly yank him out of the closet. I'd love that to be true, but I doubt it. Blind Item: "This B+ list mostly movie actor is very good looking and has his own franchise. Well, it is his turn in the franchise. I hope people weren't expecting our closeted actor to marry his baby mama. It turns out he got engaged to be married to his equally closeted boyfriend. Well, at least you know hangers will be on their registry. Cedar ones probably."

by Bored2reply 10410/23/2013

Why are u here? The thread was moving along with no drama. Go away. Bored2 isnt the issue. U r

by Bored2reply 10510/23/2013

Re:99 is Renner TOO obvious for that blind item though? And is "cedar" supposed to be a clue? So according to this if this is Jeremy, that ring is for his engagement and not marriage?

by Bored2reply 10610/23/2013

The Blind item sounds more like Robert Pattinson.

1. Good looking.

2. Franchise: Twilight

by Bored2reply 10710/23/2013

105 was replying to 101

by Bored2reply 10810/23/2013

This thread is going in circles, so please. I'm not going anywhere.

by Bored2reply 10910/23/2013

R107 who is Pattinson's baby mama? did I miss the memo?

by Bored2reply 11010/23/2013

I don't think that's Renner, the site is just taking advantage if Jeremy sporting that ring and with no confirmation is playing up the situation. Until this is confirmed one way or another it's a free for all for rumors.

My favorite headlines are about Renner marrying an illegal immigrant.

I bet nothing gets said from him, totally his damn style. We probably have to wait til he does a talk show and is asked. What ee need is some new pap photos and see if he's still sporting the ring or one of her, that will answer it all.

by Bored2reply 11110/23/2013

A new Blind: "[Blind Gossip] It’s always happy news when a man and a woman get engaged, right?

Not in this case! There is actually someone very close to the couple who is definitely NOT happy with the news!

It’s the future groom’s boyfriend!

Yes, he has a boyfriend. Yes, his fiancé knows about the boyfriend. Yes, the boyfriend knew that the engagement was coming. That doesn’t mean he has to be happy about it!

In fact, the boyfriend is actually annoyed that his beau has taken the relationship this far. He is telling friends, that although the couple may be engaged, “They will never be REALLY married.”

What do you think he means by that?" These keep popping up. They're pushing Renner out by force now. Uh oh.

by Bored2reply 11210/23/2013

Re:112 but he got married right? A man doesn't wear a ring when he's engaged.

Is it someone else? Is there someone else that got engaged who does franchises?

That is why I question it not being Renner in this case, he got married (supposedly) not engaged

by Bored2reply 11310/23/2013

Is this Kayne they are talking about? That's what all the responses are on that blind item.

by Bored2reply 11410/23/2013

It'll be a wonderful day if renner's gay!

by Bored2reply 11510/23/2013

Re:115 seriously! It would be

by Bored2reply 11610/23/2013

Interesting take on this mess

by Bored2reply 11710/23/2013

One of the other realities's just a ring and all this shit was done on purpose to get ppl talking about him since there's been no activity for him recently and the last sets of family out on / solo photos - generated very little interest.

I would not put it past him and his pr to have done just that.

Look at all the interest generated so far? Free pr on a non issue and no statement / explanation required - since the ring doesn't mean anything.

Just a thought

by Bored2reply 11810/23/2013

Further to the last - could be why lainey and a few others aren't getting an answer from the Renner camp. Why other major sires aren't reporting - they've been told there's nothing to report? All a pr ploy to generate activity?

by Bored2reply 11910/23/2013

The longer it goes without an announcement, the less likely I think they're married. They announced the birth. I think they'd announce the marriage. Especially if the press had already got an inkling it happened.

by Bored2reply 12010/23/2013

I see Renner as a power bottom.

by Bored2reply 12110/23/2013

I think he's letting the ring "speak for itself" and letting word spread that they got married without him having to bother releasing a statement.

by Bored2reply 12210/23/2013

R122 you have been a busy little fanfrau today but i am a little confused if you want him married to to this glamour model or the hot sucessful and tslented designer ginger R116

by Bored2reply 12310/23/2013

Re:123 huh? I was responding to those thinking maybe he's just not married. I am suggesting that he has no plans to make an official announcement anytime soon and is the letting people think what they want, and most think he married Sonni.

by Bored2reply 12410/23/2013

so there are two "blind items", one from CDAN and well the other from Blind item but both are saying different things. Which is it? did he get engaged to his lover (KW, if we are referring this to JR) or did he get married/engaged to sonni and the BF is upset about it? Cant keep up with this shit anymore!

by Bored2reply 12510/23/2013

lol fuck you Renner, just going to go on a rant so don't mind me. i wish them nothing but the worst , wish that his career, housebuilding business etc... all go down in flames.

okay, done being crazy and moving on. Bye bitches

by Bored2reply 12610/23/2013

r124 You seem to have a grip on reality. Why are you here?

Just remember you can go to IMDB to talk to the same fly-over fraus. Yes, they are all located centrally. Groovy Mama is the pretentious YeahWrite. We all know Bored2 who used to pretend to be a gay man and was Unfanny till she was kicked the fuck off and is now back as FutchBot.

RDmisc is always anonymous here but it's pretty clear when you wipe away the exploding brain goo that it is her.

by Bored2reply 12710/23/2013

Re:127 lmao!!!!! Perhaps one of my favorite posts on here

by Bored2reply 12810/23/2013

lol wut the fuck is going on. Why is there imdb drama going on here?

Why so much secrecy anyways? if he married his baby mama i don't see anything for him to be ashamed of? Wouldn't it actually make him look better and give him a family man image? i think he was probably drunk or drugged up and then put on a little too much make up and jewellery.

by Bored2reply 12910/23/2013

R20 While I’m here, going way back to give a shout out to my man Fatal Dan. Five posts over 727 total entries does not an obsessive troll make. Try to figure out how to use troll-dar babe, it would help get you up to speed.

But I do have a big lady boner, thank you for noticing.

by Bored2reply 13010/23/2013

well i'm sure this won't be the first time in history where a whore marries one of her johns.

by Bored2reply 13110/23/2013

At least the sugar daddy john has cash. Not much else going for him.

by Bored2reply 13210/23/2013

I didn't see any article or post on any gossip site theses two are married.....not one.

by Bored2reply 13310/23/2013

maybe they're not and he's gonna have a coming out party with Kris

by Bored2reply 13410/23/2013

Renner was supposed to marry me, not some stupid woman!


by Bored2reply 13510/23/2013

I, for one would never want Jeremy Renner's std infested alcoholic no by and person anywhere near me in real life.

But hey r135 ask the Rennerbaby / Dawncasa / Elenat and a few imdb folks. I'm sure they can put you in touch with Renner and set you up for a free stripper session with his Sonni. If you ask nicely and ensure you support their cause, they'll even give you some of Renner's crusty underwear too from their special collection - as a welcome gift to their "franchise" band of...

by Bored2reply 13610/23/2013

R135 girl no you deserve better than that fugly troll doll. if you really want to fuck him might as well just rub ur genitals on a public toilet seat.

i predict that a marriage announcement will probably come soon, right in time for AH promotions and trying to get nominated.

by Bored2reply 13710/23/2013

Is it me or suddenly less posts about him on Tumblr etc. after the ring show? Think of him whatever you want as a man but I find quite sad that lately news put him under the spotlight more about all that than about his forthcoming movies. Really poor played situation. How is that he doesn't realize that? Lost in her glowing?

by Bored2reply 13810/23/2013

I'd still sit on his face!

by Bored2reply 13910/24/2013

hollywood reporter reporting he could be nominated for an oscar for American Hustle "best supporting actor" category along with bradley cooper. this will be the time to debut sonni if they're really together. The more I think about this marriage thing the more it confuses me. i can't see jeremy loving sonni more than any other woman he's been with. enough to marry her? He has always proclaimed to be marriage shy because of his past. he doesn't even hold her hand or touch her in public.

by Bored2reply 14010/24/2013

Because sonni Pacheco was an sad is a bad news investment for Renner. Even if he doesn't get it yet, he'll soon realize when his fan base has dwindled to just those obsessed (not for his acting - because it's their make up to obsess). Renner's male "dude" fanbase (his age group) are worse gossipers than women at times, but they're also husbands/fathers with disposable income that may high-five Renner for fucking a hooker BUT are also conservative with their money and what they expose themselves/kids to. And not talking about red nick beer guzzling welfare folks. So, they don't go to see renner's films because they are influenced by their influenced from wife/girlfrienf/coworker on renner's baby-mama and her past. They still want be cool around the water cooler or when having a boys night - so renner will become part of the jokes and ridicule - but at the movies, they'll pick a Daniel Craig or c. Bale or c Hemsworth, or Ben affleck, or George clone film.

Well - guess renner should ramp up renovating more properties.

by Bored2reply 14110/24/2013

peeps: it's human nature to project our own wishes and desires to another such as celebrity: I admit as a Fan of Renner I saw him partnered with someone who is his equal in talent and accomplishments: I admit i got giddy with possibility when I saw that CDAN blind: K Winters is the bomb: gifted and successful architect and designer and they have been seen together for so long: a true strong companionship.

I think i wil take any further disappointment of big boobs and busted stripper hair elsewhere. I woke up feeling burned out and the shine has worn down to the brass.

Carry on. Hugs.

by Bored2reply 14210/24/2013

i think i have to agree with the last post. time to accept and adjust.

by Bored2reply 14310/24/2013

R141 I think you are greatly overestimating the exposure of Renner's private life. I don't know a thing about 99% of the actors I go to see in films and neither does anyone else. Sad but it is just your wishful thinking that anyone really cares but you. And if you have to sit around and "educate" your males friends, it just goes to show that the vast majority of other males know nothing of this drama.

by Bored2reply 14410/24/2013

Re: 141. Trust husband is his age and he doesn't stand around a water cooler with his friends talking about others problems. He could care less. I doubt any of Renners friends will do that either. Guys that I know are not like that unless there is a female friend fueling the talk.

by Bored2reply 14510/24/2013

I've wondered if these fans that are so distraught over this drama *want* his career to take a nosedive as "punishment" for betraying them. They both love and hate him now it seems.

And as for the guys, I wouldn't be surprised if they feigned concern over a Renner fan's social commentary about Sonni but googled SP later and were like "Oh, yeah!".

by Bored2reply 14610/24/2013

Re:146. I agree! I love him reguardless. I don't care about his or anybody elses personal life choices. My whole family loveshim and hope the very best. I just think this has gotten silly and out of hand. Husband thought she looked like a horse, but not an ugly I think they are perfect for eachother and I don't mean that in an ugly way. So if these people are true fans, they'll remain as such. If not...then go away!

by Bored2reply 14710/24/2013

He's a man-whore who allegedly married a whore. Perfect. Their stds can stay between them than infecting anyone else.

by Bored2reply 14810/24/2013

R148 Well his certainly won't be infecting you! Have your dreams finally died?

by Bored2reply 14910/24/2013

I am sad. However, still a true fan. As to the fangirls and their talk of stds, omg, really. Btw, I 'm not from tumbler, imdb, or Sonni lover. My happiness in life isn't based on this subject. You girls need to grow up and find your own happiness.

by Bored2reply 15010/24/2013

JFC I don't understand why people who's NOT INTERESTED in DL subjects and ways come here just to annoy. Back to your regular, perfect, down the earth lives and please don't bother people on here if you're not tuned in. We're NOT politically correct, right? P.S. DL people, you must read this (link)...

by Bored2reply 15110/24/2013

Egg - i'm not sure what I read in particular to elenat's unpopular view re: harry letterman.

by Bored2reply 15210/24/2013

Am I interpreting what I think I am?

by Bored2reply 15310/24/2013

Uggghhh. Not thrilled with IMDBer's taking this place over but I'd be just as annoyed if the positivity patrol of tumblr invades. I'm don't really care if he got married but I don't believe this is all unicorns and rainbows either.

by Bored2reply 15410/24/2013

R152 Blogger is relieved because a friend of a friend of a friend of Sonia (no nicknames anymore, c'mon) Pacheco rassured the lovely couple don't have time to read shit about them anywhere on social networks etc. So they can live their love story unaware at least of all we write here. Psycho. Hope they find the blog and send her flowers to thank her for all the worry.

by Bored2reply 15510/24/2013

What do you mean no calling her Sonni? I hope your being sarcastic It's her name. The one on her freaking resume and thrown out with all her promo work. She's not Duchess Catherine.

by Bored2reply 15610/24/2013

R156 no... She's Her Royal Highness The Virgin Mary, Duchess Sonia of StripperVille

by Bored2reply 15710/24/2013

So when's jerry and krissy starting their new sitcom: 2 Men, their baby-surrogate and her ex boyfriend?

by Bored2reply 15810/24/2013

R156 Her name's Sonia, Sonni is a "stage name" or better a "nom de guerre", less exotic sound, right? Don' tell me, you worshipper, you didn't even know her real name? I would like to repost the link where I found the news, maybe something about Top (yes, top...) Model Canada, but it's an old and I won't waste time for that so you have to Google search yourself.

by Bored2reply 15910/24/2013

R159 I know her given name is Sonia you fool. Her own friends call her Sonni. You are nuts. Go back to tumblr.


by Bored2reply 16010/24/2013

R159 Sonia is God awful ugly as a bottle bleach blond! Yuk! Not that I think any differently now but.... And dumb as a doornail on that trial appearance.

by Bored2reply 16110/24/2013

R160 And you better back to your nurse as you are acting insane. How old are you 14? Not too young to pursue your friend SONIA career. Good luck. Will you please bugger off now? Thanks.

by Bored2reply 16210/24/2013

Re154: I'm right there with ya ...who cares! Don't think it's what some people hope it is...happily ever after.

by Bored2reply 16310/24/2013

Getting married to a guy who doesn't even acknowledge your existence or bee seen with you officially.

Yep, I'd wouldn't read anything online either.

by Bored2reply 16410/24/2013

Prince Harry reads his online haters post's why wouldn't Sonni? I don't believe for a second she doesn't read this stuff and make comments. What else would she do at 3am while nursing? I think there was an enormous amount of self posts by Sonni over the past months as well. Every time I read a post calling the other poster's "fat", "looser's" "jealous" I always picture Sonni writing it. Sometimes I think it is Jeremy or one of their friends posting, but mostly I think it is her.

by Bored2reply 16510/24/2013

What the heck are you talking about? I am not a friend of SONNI's. Nor do I want her career. Maybe you should wait to response until you can actually compose a coherent thought in English.

And I'm not going anywhere.

by Bored2reply 16610/24/2013

R139 That's the spirit! Anybody else think he looks hot in those glasses? I'm glad the make-up and shiny suits period is over. He looked bad. Look at the pics of him during Australia PR tour of Hansel-film. That's when the pregnancy rumour leaked out. He looked like a corpse back then. Now he's calm looking and happy. Family life suits him, obviously. No idea who he's actually getting married to or is married to, but what evs.

by Bored2reply 16710/24/2013

Because of the wonderful effect Sonni Pacheco has had on Jeremy Renner: - Renner looked like a corpse from Aug 2012 thru to July 2013 - and a druken/drugged out ass ever since

by Bored2reply 16810/24/2013

[139] If you sit on a guy's face who may or not be married to his baby mama who may or not be have been his paid escort, does it count as cheating?

by Bored2reply 16910/24/2013

Eating ain't cheating

by Bored2reply 17010/24/2013

still no confirmation? JR is such a pussy and should own up to his shit. And SP is such a failure as a fame whore, fucked a academy nominated actor and all she got was some ugly candids of her? I guess all this dumb bitch can do right is get the whore part down.

by Bored2reply 17110/24/2013

R151 i cant stomach anything from those wakaloons on Tumblr: they cant be taken seriously. fanatics.

i wonder if that blind is freaking their crassy frau asses out.

by Bored2reply 17210/24/2013

Modern family. He knows it's unconventional but...

by Bored2reply 17310/24/2013

R140 makes you wonder when renner can hold/hug/kiss any other woman - no issues (see Amy Adams for recent example) but when it comes to the Mutt - no fucking way - and looks kind of at maybe her - when forced (see pap picts or the pulled down 6falags - where he could barely stand to sit with her, let alone take his sunglasses off and look at her).

And now that I'm on this what about those last "family"outing day? You know - the ones where a frowning spoiled brat attitude Pacheco is storm-walking, and good 'ol Jeremy is caught in photos - pissed mad. Yeah -- or the photo by the car where she looks like she's giving attitude and he's saying... ooopss. Not once have they shown any affection towards each other. Not even the boxing match or the new York fundraiser (except for the pict of Pacheco holding renner's hand between her thighs. That's a sign of I want to Fuck - not love.

by Bored2reply 17410/24/2013

Why does it matter if he loves her or not? I know, I know...closed mouths smiles mean lust and not love, right? When my boyfriend, who loves me, smiles, it's always with an open mouth showing teeth...right? That's a sign of true love, you know! And a person caught on a millesecond on film without a smile in the presence of someone else means it's not true love...

I'm not even going to pretend to understand someone's relationship on the basis of a couple pictures.

I can't tell which some of you guys think is worst...if he loves or if he doesn't. Like I said, some of you both love and hate Renner now. It seems like everything he does, or doesn't do, makes you mad because you can't justify his actions to yourselves anymore.

by Bored2reply 17510/24/2013

Well said. So I'm declaring my stance - I don't give a shit about any renner. Life is short and I'm heading out to live it.

Good luck to all of you

by Bored2reply 17610/24/2013

Too bad he couldn't have found a less slimey beard, he should have spend a couple of bucks and at least found a waitress or bartender the likes Clooney or Damon would want. This rather sad staged picture shoot does not in any way counteract the fact that Renner is very obviously gay. Lordy, the boy flames to high heaven!

It's sad when actors like Orlando Bloom and Renner get beards after their peak, it doesn't jump start their careers as they hope and they usually regret it.

by Bored2reply 17710/24/2013

Was sonni wearing an engagement ring in the last set of family outing pics. I don't recall seeing one. If they did get married jeremy is extremely unromantic. No ring no honeymoon. Yeah sonni is living the dream.

by Bored2reply 17810/25/2013

And no "extravagant" "wedding" (celebs, paps, white cape run, champagne fountains).... Yeah actually no one but the officiant, krissy and the dogs.

by Bored2reply 17910/25/2013

I wonder if Renner really is embarassed by this mess and not speaking of it is his way of trying distance himself from Sonni. And by not letting it go, some of his obssessive fans are actually making it worse for him when they go on every website and media story and make eveything about Sonni. He can't distance himself from this because they won't let him.

This is just a wondering. Don't know they got married. That would obviously make this irrelevant.

by Bored2reply 18010/25/2013

R180 it's a thought and could have merit but I don't think anyone outside of their circle will ever know.

by Bored2reply 18110/25/2013

R176 Oh honey, there you were at 1:00 in the morning crazy angry with your true love. Taking a stance to leave and go out and live your life. Good for you. Sounds healthy.

Heavens! I spy r179 – only six hours later you had already given up on your resolution. Hangovers do make it hard to think straight. And still more posts later. Oh well, I won’t detail the long unhappy trail of posts – 30 in three days – that follow you around like toilet paper on your shoe.

Note per your tips on r136 : the gift bag of Renner’s crusty underwear I received as a new franchisee cleaned up quite well with a few squirts of Febreze.

by Bored2reply 18210/25/2013

I still haven't found ANYTHING on any "reputable" site about Renner being married...and I've been looking!

by Bored2reply 18310/25/2013

What the Fuck is 182 on?

And who cares what you think? No one outside this tiny little screen.

by Bored2reply 18410/25/2013

R182 is when fraus drink too much of the boxed wine

by Bored2reply 18510/25/2013

I cried until I barfed today!

by Bored2reply 18610/25/2013

Re 182: that gift bag was for me! How did you get it! Not fair! I'm protesting!

by Bored2reply 18710/25/2013

Keanu Reeves and Sandra Bullock really should make another film together. They have great screen chemistry.

by Bored2reply 18810/25/2013

R188 Sandra Bullock and Keanu Reeves? Maybe wrong thread, huh? We do have an S and an R here but not the ones you mentioned. Thanks for visiting.

by Bored2reply 18910/25/2013

Renner takes his daily dose of ginger a day

by Bored2reply 19010/25/2013

i wonder if that whore wore white for their wedding? i can see her going for those horrid pnina tornai dresses.

by Bored2reply 19110/25/2013

Her attire is an exclusive line - virgin white wedding dresses would clash with unikinis and leather bond age attire.

Wonder if they installed a stripper pole in the baby's room. Gotta start them young.

by Bored2reply 19210/26/2013

Re 192: I'm all for ripping apart Jeremy and Sonni,but to bring little Ava into your comments like that is just nasty. I mean really! Do you have children? Do you have babys in your family? Would you want people talking about them like that? She didn't ask to be born, leave her out of it! I mean really?Go back to IMDB...they miss you there!

by Bored2reply 19310/26/2013

R193 kisses and farts to you to I'll say what I want as I want when I want. Don't like it don't read or comment on it

by Bored2reply 19410/26/2013

How old are you? Were you not loved as a child, or are you still THAT child. You and anybody else who brings this baby into your hatefull conversations is a very sad soul. You really are pathetic!

by Bored2reply 19510/26/2013

What R182 was trying to say was that R181 was also R176. And R176 was the poster that declared she was done...only to be back hours later. And R176/R181 is also R192.

I'm not big on the guilt trips but now you're trying to imply Ava is going to be a stripper? You should've kept your resolution in R176 if you can't stop yourself from gleefully implying a baby will a stripper because you have an unhealthy fixation with her dad and hatred of her mom. Seriously.

by Bored2reply 19610/26/2013

The fanfraus are back waving the 'think of the children!' flag.

by Bored2reply 19710/26/2013

R196 farts only for you. Take good look at yourself - since your on here responding to an insignificant screen. Never gave a shit what you or your passe thinks. It's all about passing boring dead time with gutter view entertainment but that stench you emit of righteous indignation has become boring as well. Still won't stop from doing and saying whatever I want.

by Bored2reply 19810/26/2013

Oooh the pseudo-intellectuals of IMDB are back waving their bitter flag!

And I for one don't give a damn about a parent's sexual orientation.

by Bored2reply 19910/26/2013

IMHO Mr. Unconventional should invite the tearful Mr. JonnyH to join them in the Sturges house. That could be an interesting perspective; all and each one them wonderfully providing their needs, living together in harmony and forming the most surreal love quadrangle (does that exist?) of history. After all, happiness is beyond anything...

by Bored2reply 20010/26/2013

Reading this thread last couple of days reminds me of the comments left on this blogsite in the attached link about that 2010 National Enquirer story: the comments for the most part supported the notion that noone should be outed against their and (if gay/bi) Mr. Renner wanted to come out It should be on his terms and his time.

Then the self-identifed 'straight woman' jumped in droves screeching NO WAY IS HE GAY NO NO NO NO NO NO NO! LALALALALALALA...... (paraphrasing)

I see the same passive/back-door homophobia in IMDB and in Tumblr feeds and all the gossip/celebrity media forums. Why is that? and on the flip side why must we be forcefed such bleaching and hyper fantasized heterosexual love with that woman.

What is there to fear, fangurls? Is it because the mantra you keep repeating over and over about supporting Renner no matter is just some attempt to force yourself in denial? IF Mr Renner wanted to pursue another avenue in his life-shouldn't you stick to your blood oath and be grateful and happy?

You all know how I feel about Renner finally being able to be with someone in true companionship and equality:

by Bored2reply 20110/26/2013

If you think that a bunch of straight fangirls wishing their idol is heterosexual is any kind of homophobia you're not as bright as you think Uncanny.

by Bored2reply 20210/26/2013

R202 bright enough to point out that you just proved my point.

by Bored2reply 20310/26/2013

So when I met an awesome guy last year and was disappointed to find put he was gay, that I had no shot with him, and then randomly wished he wasn't gay...that was homophobia? Try again. None of these fangirls want him to be gay because then they'd have absolutely no chance with him.

by Bored2reply 20410/26/2013

R204: in your case and what can compliment what i previously stated:

Source Linked: "Homophobia, a form of heterosexism, refers both to "unreasoning fear of or antipathy towards homosexuals and homosexuality"[10] and to "behavior based on such a feeling".[11] Heterosexism, however, more broadly denotes the "system of ideological thought that makes heterosexuality the sole norm to follow for sexual practices".[2] As a bias favoring heterosexuals and heterosexuality, heterosexism has been described as being "encoded into and characteristic of the major social, cultural, and economic institutions of our society"[12] and stems from the essentialist cultural notion that maleness-masculinity and femaleness-femininity are complementary"

by Bored2reply 20510/26/2013

In fact there was a wedding, but it wasn't Mr Renner who married...

by Bored2reply 20610/26/2013

R206 do tell

by Bored2reply 20710/26/2013

R188 This made me laugh! Post after post after post of Renner bashin and then... So, when is the first PR event for American Hustle? I wanna see him gushing about his unconventional fam. situation.

by Bored2reply 20810/26/2013

he isn't even that cute.

by Bored2reply 20910/26/2013

R205 You can use as many big words as you want Uncanny. They don't prove your point. Wishful thinking is not homophobia or heterosexism.

by Bored2reply 21010/26/2013

All this uproar because of one ring, really people. Anyway he should never wear any ring, it attracts attention to his fingers that are horrible and repulsive.

by Bored2reply 21110/26/2013

R206 honestly if you are hinting that K. Winters married someone else I may be more upset then if Renner married the glamour model

Am I alone here? Groovy Mama! throw me a bone!

by Bored2reply 21210/26/2013

R212 - Nope! Try again ...

by Bored2reply 21310/26/2013

So no to marriages between: Renner and Sonni Renner and Winters Winters and Sonni


Hmm...Renner and Miss Brazil? Or his niece/brother got married??? This is fun....

by Bored2reply 21410/26/2013

He isn't married. This is ridiculous. I read articles that Sonni is still his "ex-girlfriend". He just knocked her up and is doing the right thing supporting her and the baby.

by Bored2reply 21510/26/2013

R214 "but it wasn't Mr Renner who married..." A poochy wedding - ruff! After being abducted, good 'ol Hemi found true love!

by Bored2reply 21610/26/2013

No! Hemi's mine...French bulldogs are adorable.

by Bored2reply 21710/26/2013

IF married. IF not married. (Who really cares) For fun: "He isn't married. This is ridiculous" Not if award season just opened; lots of superior performances; your colleagues are receiving a lot of buzz - but not you (even though your in 2 films). Smart. Wear a piece of jewelry that causes fandom to "buzz" - free pr without the need of "confirming" anything because it's a non-issue. Very manipulative if true. All the more distasteful.

by Bored2reply 21810/26/2013

R218...What? Nobody gives a crap about this topic except some of the people on this thread.

Smart? How is he smart? By knocking up a teenager and "doing the right thing" by pretending to marry her with a fake ring on his hand? Oh smart.

by Bored2reply 21910/26/2013

R219 You've got a point. Who cares about fugly Renner and his band of mutts.

More important News:

Orland Bloom is back on the market. He officially separated. Seems his angel wife, Mirranda Kerr was caught spreading wide for and with good 'ol Leo Dicaprio. Funny though - his ex angels claimed they couldn't take his smell because he didn't like to shower that often. Guess for Miranda he smelled like a bed of roses (and recently more employed).

by Bored2reply 22010/26/2013

R215 - Oh dear, you so naive...

by Bored2reply 22110/26/2013

R221 you are done trolling for attention tonight, correct?

by Bored2reply 22210/26/2013

Everybody is free to write/think whaterver wanted. But no need to be a fanfrau or IMDB related to use some common sense. This thread is about the Lord of the Ring Renner and maybe the Non-sleeping Beauty Pacheco, so make a little effort, relax and keep the babies out. Go on. There's not only AH. The Immigrant will be on silver screen next month. I wonder why after so long time since they make it just after The Avengers and H&G. No press tour for that as it was presented in Cannes (without the party-girl attending). I watched the movie already as I was in London in May for work and someone I know got a copy . The Renner is surely very fit and trained but in his role as a kind of magician his agility and graceful moves make you scream gaaaaay!

by Bored2reply 22310/26/2013

The Immigrant got pushed to next year FYI

by Bored2reply 22410/27/2013

Wonder what happened to the poster who claimed it wasn't renner who married?

by Bored2reply 22510/27/2013

At 1:24.

by Bored2reply 22610/27/2013

people get so mad when something bad is said about sonni but there is always some kind of proof she is shady. wonder if jeremy knows the extent of her past since he doesn't like the internet and all

by Bored2reply 22710/27/2013

Good to see the video proof of sonni Pacheco's playboy involvement. This plus the playboy photos on her friend's instagram... well...

lily white past? Yeah...

by Bored2reply 22810/27/2013

R226 Well that's what she did for a living. She posed in her underwear. Now she's the baby momma of a man who doesn't dare mention her because it would raise questions. Oh no wait! It already has. About the marriage, well, there would've been a message from his PR person if it had happened, so it's basically bogus. His ring looks silver. No one wears a silver wedding ring. No one. I'm still on the "He's gay" train. Sorry, but I am. If he marries this woman or any woman I'm going to admit that I was wrong.

by Bored2reply 22910/27/2013

I got a ticket for the seat next to you on that train. I will bring snacks and a flask.

by Bored2reply 23010/27/2013

Bored2 - Sonni's accomplishments deserves a new MIT FB page don't you? That would be hilarious!

by Bored2reply 23110/27/2013

Candid pic

by Bored2reply 23210/27/2013

For your consideration.

Renner has only a small role in the Immigrant but he has been given a relatively large role in the advertising material. Harvey seems to think Pheonix and Cotillard need a little box office support from Renner.

Awards watch currently has Renner in 8th place for best supporting actor and considers him a viable contender, despite not having seen the film and knowing that Cooper has a bigger, more oscar friendly role.

In no way does this support the idea that he is losing respect. He has also risen 15 places this year on the most valuable hollywood stars list.

by Bored2reply 23310/27/2013

when you watch the videos (both), you get a really good insight as to what goes down at the mansion with the "customer/guests"... in video 2 you have a mega porn star being interviewed, and bunnies explaining participation in a bedroom

by Bored2reply 23410/27/2013

R232 this woman really does have hideous taste but then again she dresses for the male gaze.

So: before my brunch cocktails I will shame yet another tumblr fanfrau: this one I confronted a couple of months ago on Tumblr for cross posting that infamous Leviticus quote about stoning homosexuals. Boy did she put up a fight of righteous Xtian indigation before ripping it off her page

She loves her Renner crotch shots.

She's a wonderful Christian woman. Don't you agree?

by Bored2reply 23510/27/2013

R235 that was me snarking the fanatics

by Bored2reply 23610/27/2013

R232 nice inflatables Sonni has in this pict from 2 yrs ago. They obviously weren't big enough to buy her permanent bunny ears. So what'd she do after the baby - get them removed? While still in the birthing room? Or maybe around the same time she allegedly had another nose job?

by Bored2reply 23710/27/2013

Perhaps the poster who claims renner wasn't the one who got married is full of shit?

by Bored2reply 23810/27/2013

even if they are full of shit, if he did marry the hooker, he married into his own class level. Trash with Trash.

by Bored2reply 23910/27/2013

Candid pic

by Bored2reply 24010/27/2013

JR&KW: an indestructible partnership...

by Bored2reply 24110/27/2013

Candid Shot:

How about posting the instagram photos of Sonni at Playboy Mansion Pajama party - see her Vancouver friend's picts - Playboy Miss Social TarynMaria

by Bored2reply 24210/27/2013

Look at the men on those videos most are mayve rich but old and fat. I think she couln't belive her boobs... ops! her eyes when she caught Renner's attention after all!

by Bored2reply 24310/27/2013

R248 I already did that in one of the previous threads. Anyone who wants to see them can go to IG "playboytarynmaria" and see them.

by Bored2reply 24410/27/2013

R244 is a reply to R242. Sorry.

by Bored2reply 24510/27/2013

like this Candid Pict from her friend's instagram - though posted dec. 21, 2012, it's from an earlier time/year. there are more but I don't have instagram.

by Bored2reply 24610/27/2013

R244 most of the previous threads have been deleted. some of us are weren't part of those threads so never saw the links.

by Bored2reply 24710/27/2013

Easier on IPhonegram

by Bored2reply 24810/27/2013

R242 did you watch the part 2 video from that event? well known porn star being interviewed; and the videographer/host interviews 2 bunnies in a bedroom setting about...

by Bored2reply 24910/27/2013

Terrible pic...

by Bored2reply 25010/27/2013

you know - whether one likes or doesn't like women choosing Playboy as their career goal, at least TanyaMaria had the guts to go for it - full out, without hesitation and no compromise. Sonni reminds me of those girls where mama said you're whole mission is get to university, flaunt it and land yourself a doctor or a lawyer (forget education or career - just land the big fish). And so she did.

by Bored2reply 25110/27/2013

Pics from her actual Twitter before it was deleted.

by Bored2reply 25210/27/2013

The fact that this is the type of woman jeremy is compatible with speaks volumes on the type of person he is. What kind of after sex or dinner conversations do these 2 have.

by Bored2reply 25310/27/2013

That "prince of Pitt Meadows" in the photo really likes his "SONNI!"

by Bored2reply 25410/27/2013

Now, now her name is "Sonia"

by Bored2reply 25510/27/2013

Just looked on the TMZ site and a few other gossip boards. Nothing about him getting married - to a woman? How the heck did this rumor get started?

I also see 10 other threads claiming he's gay?

by Bored2reply 25610/27/2013

R256 See R2.

by Bored2reply 25710/27/2013

hey remember those pics of sonni wearing a gold band on her left ring finger? perhaps it was an engagement ring turned around? Saw that suggestion on IMDB.

by Bored2reply 25810/27/2013

Re:258 Sonni has worn that gold band long before she met Renner. I saw her in a pic in one of her friends Instagram from 2009, that it's that playboytanyamarie it was one of the final pics on her account.

by Bored2reply 25910/27/2013

Oh the Web we weave when e practice to deceive...

He should play Shakespeare. With this round of nonsense, an Academy for sure.

by Bored2reply 26010/27/2013

We have an "Egg", a "Yolk", so I think I'll sign off with...

by Bored2reply 26110/27/2013

A former flame of renner's (do I read) is having a baby with her man - Olivia Wilde.

Guess renner missed out there.

Oh yeah...forgot... she would have been unacceptable - like jess - strong, intelligent, independent...

by Bored2reply 26210/27/2013

Correction: *so I read

by Bored2reply 26310/27/2013

yeah renner has dated olivia wilde rumored to have dated Charlize Theron. good friends with Scarlett J. some of the most beautiful woman in the world. Don't get why he ended up with a 20 something year old kid just starting her life. I really don't understand this guy.

by Bored2reply 26410/27/2013

Coming late to the party! I agree! He's been with some of the most amazingly beautiful women and this is what he chose? Wow! He must not think a lot about himself. It's just mind boggling to me.

by Bored2reply 26510/27/2013

Or, y'know, he's gay, she's a beard, and none of the bigger names wanted to tie themselves to him. And they originally tried to float the "Sonni lives with him but they're not dating" story (like Matt LeBlanc having his baby-mama in one wing of his house...while he lived with his boyfriend in the other) but decided that nobody would buy it and took the extra step.

Really, the awkward "well, oh-KAY" sidling into marriage makes me think the relationship is more likely to be false, not real.

by Bored2reply 26610/27/2013

Well. IF he's chosen her and she's not a decoy, either:

1) he has low self-esteem/self-image and was grateful that someone of her "beauty" would want him

2) he was "lonely" and "desperate" but didn't have time for commitment and something that started as casual has now become an obligation

3) he has an inferiority/saviour complex and sought someone where his level of intellect would always be superior/authoritative and such "save" the dumb dame

4) he's a base horny-dog male who thinks with his little renner, likes a woman who "looks good" but knows how to be a slut hooker in bed.

by Bored2reply 26710/27/2013

love it. number 4 is the winner!

by Bored2reply 26810/27/2013

Sooo...he's a normal guy? I find this situation more amusing than shocking.

by Bored2reply 26910/27/2013

R269 Your back, fanfrau: please see R205

by Bored2reply 27010/27/2013

@266 - "He's gay, she's a beard, and none of the bigger names wanted to tie themselves to him."

It makes total sense.

by Bored2reply 27110/27/2013

R270 I've been here all day. Giving you the video, IG pics, and old Twitter photos. Maybe you shouldn't bite the hand that feeds you. If you can't take a joke maybe you should go back to IMDB. Everyone, please notice how the cyber troll/bully Uncanny shows up to pick fights. And then later complains and calls out people if anyone points out her many,many attempts to do so.

by Bored2reply 27210/27/2013

Re 269: Actually, I was thinking the same thing. Don't ALL guys want a lady on the streets but a freak in the sheets? Or did I miss something...oh dear.

by Bored2reply 27310/27/2013

R272: troll-dar is not giving you credit for those posts. Please explain why.

I take issue with your use of 'normal guy'. I stand my warning of heterosexism.

by Bored2reply 27410/27/2013

when the hell was he rumored to be with Olivia wilde? I missed that one..

by Bored2reply 27510/27/2013

Yep, there must be something deep to discuss when a world-famous wealthy man that has women throwing themselves at him daily chooses to partake of a sketchier one occassionally. I can't think of really any men I know that wouldn't make a lot of the same choices/mistakes. But oooh, let's quote wikipedia.

by Bored2reply 27610/27/2013

Look - she could very well be bi herself and renner's got a love-feat commune happening over @ Sturges. You know, they have the love child going on, he likes both; she likes both. Hell they share man, it's all cool! Jasmine from Vancouver comes to visit every once and awhile. She brings her gf too, three and four-somes.

Peace and love baby - all day long!!

by Bored2reply 27710/27/2013

We've discussed this before in a seperate thread. It's called private browsing on my iPhone. Remember? It's not really that complicated.

by Bored2reply 27810/27/2013

I'm also R257, 252, and 255. But it's no longer showing up when I hit troll-dar myself. The magic of private browsing...

And there's a warning now! I'm shaking in my flippie floppies!

by Bored2reply 27910/27/2013

R276 and R278: how about you starting a new thread on DL and put your theory to a poll

otherwise please see R205

by Bored2reply 28010/27/2013

First - thanks to the poster for providing parts of sonni Pacheco's sordid and escortie history.

Second - IF he did hog-tie himself to the hooker, oh sorry "aspiring model/actress" - all renner (the Capricorn) needs to do is take a good look at his younger Capricorn counterpart, Orlando Bloom, to see how his story is going to end. A couple of big differences though - (a) Mirranda Kerr was an actual model and so, higher class than Sonni; (b) Orlando had (and showed) real affection for his estranged wife.

Similarities: The females are both much younger than the males and rebel against the boa-constrictor style if control and privacy. Their party girls. They need their freedom and (as did Mirranda) so shall the hooker (who was into much more "fun" than Mirranda).

by Bored2reply 28110/27/2013

How about I do neither! I'm going with that one.

And since it won't all show up in the aithor field:

H wonders why Uncanny/Bored2/FutureRobot feels the need to troll, bully, and craft condescendly pseudo-intellectual posts. Unloved as child? Socially side-lined? Parents guilty of instilling "Special Snowflake" syndrome?

Moving on....

by Bored2reply 28210/27/2013

so there is someone now saying on the eonline article (the one when sonni was arriving at LAX over the summer with ava) that she and Jeremy are infact married and that sources are saying that they are expecting another baby. the name of the poster is "cant give name" take it as you will I suppose. I'll get the link...

by Bored2reply 28310/27/2013

sorry guys wrong article...its the recent one with sonni and Jeremy out with ava from a month ago..its the last comment and for some reason I cant link it!

by Bored2reply 28410/27/2013

R282 stay. This next while will prove to be interesting. Did he wear it? didn't he? Oh my! Lions and tigers and bears!

by Bored2reply 28510/27/2013

If true, congrats to the fraud couple. Kris must be extactic!

by Bored2reply 28610/27/2013

Jeremy Renner??? Good fucking god. He is so fucking ugly. He's short, has an ugly face (small dick face, I might add) and an unattractive, average body. He's gross beyond words. I guess beauty is in the brown-eye of the beholder, but he is fucking FUG!!!!!!!

by Bored2reply 28710/27/2013

Oh, I'm not leaving! What else would I do on my boring lunches and during NCIS reruns!

by Bored2reply 28810/27/2013

R282 ah the power of a random anonymous comment to kill the buzz. Who knows perhaps the 'playboy' and his 'bunny' have transformed into the new power-breeders of Hollywood: leaders of the California chapter of The Quiverfull movement.

The Duggars are not going to like these upstarts stealing their spotlight. No worries I would think: Sonni is only at 5% of her lifetime breeding quota

by Bored2reply 28910/28/2013

No ring in his late pics...

by Bored2reply 29010/29/2013

Well look at that. He looks a little skinny and dried up but he looks sober today

by Bored2reply 29110/29/2013

Maybe wearing the ring could have been a test on how the public or fans would react if he married her.

Also,realizing the amount of conspiracy on this and still no acknowledgement about their relationship. Omg,I am so glad I am not her.

by Bored2reply 29210/29/2013

I think either he wore that ring to mind fuck with SP, mind fuck with the press or... He wore it not even thinking what finger he out it on.

And really it barely got any press, maybe three to four gossip sites posted something and that was it. Which tells me the press must have known he didn't get married so why bother to run a story on it.

by Bored2reply 29310/29/2013

Re:292 why would this be a test for fans? Wtf?!? Since when does Jeremy Renner revolve his life around fans? He's not a teeny bopper justin beiber

by Bored2reply 29410/29/2013

r293 Maybe he was drunk and didn't realize it was on the wrong hand. I wouldn't be surprised that he was messing with her.

by Bored2reply 29510/29/2013

Hope she blows up and rids us of her presence.

It's award season. His colleagues are younger with less time in the business and getting more cred / recognition /attention than Renner. Always the bridesmaid and never the bride. Shock value attention with a non-issue item. Get those fans googling and clicking his name.

I don't think his pr banked on the really loud resentment and distaste renner's supporters have for the mutt-baby mama. Instead of gushing about renner, renner got blasted for his hooker.

Oooopppps sorry princess playboy, guess they can't stand your skank manipulative ass (or the unikini). Playing mommy doesn't mean shit.

I'm looking for a parting ways statement next.

by Bored2reply 29610/29/2013

There is a SMALL group of people that are anti-Sonni, most movie goers don't care! Jeremy Renner does not have a huge fan base, sure it's grown since Bourne and Avengers, but that fan base is full of teeny boppers who will move on to the next older hot man soon enough,

Jeremy rarely even makes the tabloids, so the general public doesn't know much of anything about this man.

Some Renner fans live in a big ol' bubble where they think every move he makes is to test his fans, test the press or whatever other stupid thing I've read on here and other places. This is so not what is going on, time to pop that bubble - yea I'm talking to you imdb folks who think anytime that man takes a piss is for a PR move

by Bored2reply 29710/29/2013

The voice of God has spoken. And he's still in a carer and business that demands he sell himself to sell the product, to stay relevant and stay bankable. Yes, he's a fame whore too and considering that he's producing films now as well means he needs investors to make the product. All the more reason he needs to be seen and generate public interest any way he can. Franco for one is younger and beating him @ the same game.

by Bored2reply 29810/29/2013

[re 290] I'm liking the scarf! I think he looks fabulous in these shots. YUMMY, Maybe he is back!!!

by Bored2reply 29910/29/2013

YA....I'd sit on that! Sup?

by Bored2reply 30010/29/2013

Crazy train over here I see! The man himself is looking fine and dandy. A happy pappy. Call me, Jezza. Groovy Mama will make all these weirdo internet trolls go away. Sonni can watch. ;)

by Bored2reply 30110/29/2013

Re:301 if it weren't for the trolls, no one would be talking about Sonni

by Bored2reply 30210/29/2013

If it weren't for us, no one would be talking about him either

by Bored2reply 30310/29/2013

Re:303 "us" as in DL posters?

by Bored2reply 30410/29/2013

hmm, no ring. now Im really confused.

by Bored2reply 30510/29/2013

R301 Groovy-I am shocked your proposal didn't bring the wrath of rennhards and sonni apologists upon you for seducing a married* man.

*not likely to be with a woman

by Bored2reply 30610/30/2013

What if ...

... he got gay married (maybe the surrogate was a witness?) BUT intends to stay in the closet. Maybe wearing the ring that one time was a private shout out to his hubby.

by Bored2reply 30710/30/2013

On Lainey Gossip

by Bored2reply 30810/31/2013

what the hell is going on? What a weirdo.

by Bored2reply 30910/31/2013

What is "You know what makes like him more?" supposed to mean?

by Bored2reply 31010/31/2013

I think she meant "you know what makes me like him more"

by Bored2reply 31110/31/2013

"Or does he not want the heat?" Why wear it then to begin with? when you know sonni Pacheco's lily white hooker history will be raised again in different ways, incl. comments posted on articles reflecting it all?

Gotta laugh with lainey: but I really like about him is his choice of car (nothing about his recent films, acting, choices in life. Nope. His car.

by Bored2reply 31210/31/2013

"Or does he not want the heat?"

The man wore it as an accessory, I really don't think he married SP. Lainey was pretty much the only site to even run with him possibly marrying why is that?

And to answer my own question, it's because he didn't get married and all the major gossip/media outlets looked into the story and found out.

Lainey doesn't know any more than we do - plus she probably is running with the story still just in case he does get married so she can say she posted about it first. She needs better sources!

by Bored2reply 31310/31/2013

I like that she backed way off the source and the details. But why did she applaud the not taking his dick out and waving it around?

by Bored2reply 31410/31/2013

Here Bore Bore. Sit. Stay. What a good little Futchy you are. Listen to me, you need to give some props to R307. She’s giving you support on your new Renner and Winters gay-o-rama.

You lost on all your points on everything else. No one but YeahWrite aka Groovy Mama and RDsick the Rage Monster left to ride your coat tails. Now you just snuffle around the bayous and swamps for monkey feces to throw. Especially as you are not welcome on IMDB. How backwoods banjo-boy do you have be to make that happen? It boggles the mind.

Futchy’s IMDB posts – good stuff!

by Bored2reply 31510/31/2013

R315 wow, intelligence spewed from a 1 year old.



by Bored2reply 31610/31/2013

wtf is 315 talking about?!? Perhaps they should, go over to imdb and try their nonsense talk there

by Bored2reply 31710/31/2013

wonder if JR took ava out for halloween. I can only speculate on what sonni and jeremy's costumes would be.

by Bored2reply 31810/31/2013

OMG! Really? I hope they didn't....

by Bored2reply 31910/31/2013

His costume: Rock of Ages with a mullet and sideburns

Mutt's Costume: Elvira in her authentic S+m bond age unikini complete with chains and a whip

by Bored2reply 32010/31/2013

why does he look so miserable and ugly as fuck in all his photos now. Did someone piss in his cereal? did he step on some dog shit?

also he really can't pull off facial hair, he looks like a ugly pug that ate some dog shit and it got all smeared over his face. he really needs to get his botched abortion face to a plastic surgeon stat and get it sorted out.

R320 that mutt can never wish to be even an ounce as sexy as Elvira even at her age of 62. She can probably go as a slutty miner, since this whore's only skill in life is probably gold-digging.

by Bored2reply 32110/31/2013

The best part is the guys taking pictures in the background. More photos on her FB of Sonni. Some from Whistler and LA.

by Bored2reply 32210/31/2013

Looks like ms.playboy wannabee Sonni Pacheco is in really tight with her actual playboy bunny gf Tanya maria. Another pict of he mutt with her. Maybe renner originally met mutt @ a playboy function and not mi4? Or, mutt was "assigned" to renner (the client seeking services)?

by Bored2reply 32310/31/2013

Taryn Maria

by Bored2reply 32410/31/2013

So you guys are so disappointed because he maybe didn't marry her? You can have your new thread about any detail of Sonni. Lovely her fans. Or, maybe next time she'll be in the passenger seat. Happy Halloween!

by Bored2reply 32511/01/2013

I'm doing a happy dance if he was sober to not marry that piece of trash. The only thing she was good for renner was renting out her womb to gestate his daughter. Maybe we'll see renner more and more alone, him and ava.

by Bored2reply 32611/01/2013

R326 and KW.

BTW did anyone else notice in that playboy golf pic the fat middle age guys behind that that pyramid shooting photos of their behinds? classy operation.

by Bored2reply 32711/01/2013

R315, in my defence,

1. I'm a he, not a she. Your presumption that I am speaks to you and has nothing to do with me. 2. I never once mentioned Winters as the groom. I'm not convinced he was. Your presumption that he is speaks to you and has nothing to do with me.


by Bored2reply 32811/01/2013


and yet you keep on looking, beginning to enjoy it are you?

by Bored2reply 32911/01/2013

R328 what? that crazy rambling was directed at Bored2 and your post has absolutely no context.

by Bored2reply 33011/01/2013

r327 tumblr down, fanfrau?

by Bored2reply 33111/01/2013

This thread is like a monument to people with absolutely nothing going on in their lives.

by Bored2reply 33211/01/2013

R332 thanks for taking time out of your busy day solving world hunger and disease to point that out.

is it me or is it the british rennhard shut ins taking advantage of open posting?

by Bored2reply 33311/01/2013

Silly, r333! "Having a life" doesn't mean "solving all the world's problems!" Now I can see why you don't have one! It's because you've set your standards for having a life unreachably high, thereby ensuring that you never try to do anything with it except to focus your attention obsessively on people who have lives much more interesting than your own!

You're welcome!

by Bored2reply 33411/01/2013

It's sad. The same hypocrits that cray cray, stomp and report others should they dare criticize or comment on the pathetic life and times if Jeremy Renner, are the same who dedicate endless hours to a "Where is Jeremy" thread; the same who maintain imdb, tumblr and other sites (where they fit their children and work in is a question); the same who act like idiot 1yr olds. The majority of them (if not all) are middle aged women; OTT obsessed females. Very sad.

Oh well.

by Bored2reply 33511/01/2013

R332 What on earth are you talking about? After I'm done knitting this teacosy I'll knit me some socks for the winter. The old bones need to be kept warm. *pokes the fire*

by Bored2reply 33611/01/2013

an interesting read

by Bored2reply 33711/01/2013

[re 322] Sonni is in many of those photos thank you for posting the link.

Her body looks great in most of the photos, but does anyone else think she looks like the most boring person at the party?

She looks like a plain bitchy skinny girl with implants. Like a podunk "8" and a NY "2". The kind of girl I beg all of my rich het friends not to marry.

by Bored2reply 33811/01/2013

To the savvy researchers, here's a question:

In the picts with SP wearing her skin coloured unikini, only she and her one friend are wearing identical necklaces. Taryn is not (but then she's already part if the playboy fam - the other 2 were hopefull applicants). What could the necklace identify? Available? Potential? Candidates?

...since the video(s) explain the party expectations from the guests of the girls...

by Bored2reply 33911/01/2013

sonni and jeremy are the poster children for a booty call gone wrong. I don't care how long he knew her or how long they were hooking up.this does not seem like a real relationship. i think sonni was hoping for more from renner, hoping for love and marriage and when that didn't happen she got knocked up. that's what he gets for sticking his dick in anything with a double digit bra size.

by Bored2reply 34011/01/2013

paid PR trolls in the comments really trying to make this Immigrant movie happen

by Bored2reply 34111/01/2013

R341 lol i don't think it is PR trolls, probably some poor unpaid intern being forced to do it. I really do appreciate their effort to convey their super excitement of the movie by using CAPS.

by Bored2reply 34211/01/2013

Wasn't for The Avengers success he would still be acting in poor films like that.

by Bored2reply 34311/01/2013

r340 i think that's what they call Occam's Razor.

by Bored2reply 34411/02/2013

R343 I think his success is mostly due to Hurt Locker, they are trying to make him a blockbuster movie star but he isn't really cut out for it.

He and his white trash family should really just dig a hole and live in it.

by Bored2reply 34511/02/2013

Silence of the lambs out there. Wonder if ElizaHootchyLittle is getting her daily massage, mani-pedi, workout? She has such a tough and rough life raising a child of a celeb. What is going to do when his career dries up? Sell real-estate in a unikini? That should work.

by Bored2reply 34611/02/2013

Went back to women.

by Bored2reply 34711/02/2013

Well Well looks like last night's LACMA 2013 Art + Film Gala was a +1 at the reception.

Can anyone drop some links for technically challenged Bored2

by Bored2reply 34811/03/2013

R348 follow up: I am loathe to post anything from this crazy fan site 'JeremyRennerGroupLovers'


by Bored2reply 34911/03/2013

Was kw at the lacma function last night with jeremy?

by Bored2reply 35011/03/2013

Re: bored2 why don't you use your imdb name since you have been posting almost the same comments over there and here on DL.

*waves to FutureRobot, formally YeahWrite*

You sure put a lot if time on these boards considering how much you don't like Renner anymore - and ironically you and your little crew are giving SP attention and keep her name out there *pats you all on the back for actually being the REAL SP supporters*

by Bored2reply 35111/03/2013

Dont start this bullshit.

by Bored2reply 35211/03/2013

Re 352: Agree with you! Let's just have fun guys.

by Bored2reply 35311/03/2013

R350 why, yes he was.

by Bored2reply 35411/03/2013

Funny 352 writes like a Para freak. Newest member of toilet paper crew (also known as the housewives living off other ppl money and spending 24/7 posting about renner-everywhere

by Bored2reply 35511/03/2013

Am i the only one that finds it weird that most of the time his +1 is kris? I understand why he wouldn't bring sonni. (You can't let that girl loose in a room of rich men) where is kris' girlfriend? I just think its odd he'd rather take kris to these functions.

by Bored2reply 35611/03/2013

Renner and KW look like brothers in arms. Cool. Like it.

Maybe the playboy porn queen got her exit notice. She cost renner tooooooooo much already. Someone should send her an invite to the adult film awards - more her class style.

by Bored2reply 35711/03/2013

R356 Kris Winters is industry related - very appropriate for him to attend.

Maybe he was also talking with prospective buyers for other properties

by Bored2reply 35811/03/2013

Followed by a boy's night out at Chateau Marmont.......

by Bored2reply 35911/03/2013

Business mtg. Sue's in the back. Wonder how he's going to film avengers and mi5 at the same time frame. Last time there was a little gap. Seems like this time they're overlapping.

by Bored2reply 36011/03/2013

Re:352 oh so it's okay for bored 2 to throw down her wrath and bs on here but anyone that questions her is starting something? Interesting

by Bored2reply 36111/03/2013

Re:358 I agree and I'm sure plenty if celebs bring close friends to events like this too, only if you don't follow other celebs closely you won't notice

by Bored2reply 36211/03/2013

I understand he needs to stay in his glass closet, but who would really care if he came out? Look at Wentworth Miller who was in a similar situation, minus the surrogate thing. He almost died from having to lie all the time. Still no wedding pics of him with Sonni then, ay, lol?

by Bored2reply 36311/03/2013

I'm curious to see if Sonni attends the American hustle premiere and/or after party since she had a very small role in the film. Will Renner risk letting her out of the guest house for a night? Can't imagine how many pics that woman will try to get into .... Or photobomb

by Bored2reply 36411/03/2013

Most of celebs went to last night's event with their wife/husband/partner, so did Renner. Easy and clear.

by Bored2reply 36511/03/2013

Since she was in the film and present through much of the filming I think it highly likely that she will attend the AH premiere. The problem is that her being there will not tell you anything one way or another, unless she is on his arm throughout and clearly presented as his date. Kris and his relatives often go with Renner but tend to avoid the cameras, she might do the same but that doesn't mean they are not a couple. If she isn't there at all people might take that as evidence they are not a couple, but it might have been decided to leave industry events for a year or two until the tabloids lose interest in them. Bascially you can think what you like, it doesn't make it true.

by Bored2reply 36611/03/2013

Re366 What's true is that they are NOT together. They coparent and that's it. She's a troublemaker and that is why he doesn't take her places.

by Bored2reply 36711/03/2013

Troublemaker? Do tell.

by Bored2reply 36811/03/2013

If jeremy and sonni are a couple he seems to be a crappy boyfriend. He keeps her trapped in that house.

by Bored2reply 36911/03/2013

Re 367: What annoys me the most is people posting how they speak the truth and that we all should listen to you because you know what is really going on. Unless you're a family member or close friend, you don't know. I'm not trying to be a bitch here, just annoyed with the "know it all" attitude from your post. With that off my chest, I agree, 369, he would be a crappy bf, however, I doubt they are together. But a lot remains to be seen and I for one will be sticking around just to see what happens.

by Bored2reply 37011/03/2013

Renner really has a hit new daytime soap on his hands if he'd just let it happen! Now with all the major soaps "retired" off the air - New Modern Family: As the RennerWorld Turns.

by Bored2reply 37111/03/2013

R366 Wow that's some chunky stew of rationalization seasoned with a heavy pinch of fangirl denial.

I see this narrative allot on tumblr and fansites with you gals: (i.e. RennersBaby - would that be you btw?) so answer me this: If Renner has to demand that his 'wife' stay home in order to avoid any potential negative reaction what does that really say about him? You are all a bunch of big giggly romantics so riddle me this-wouldn't his love be strong enough to withstand?

Avoiding the cameras....that's precious.

by Bored2reply 37211/03/2013

If she appears @ ah premiere - it means absolutely nothing relationship wise. It does confirm her as a fame-whore who got pregnant on purpose to score a career in film and a sugar daddy for 18 yrs.

If Renner is wise, he'd tell her to get her own career off the ground - on her own. Just as he did.

by Bored2reply 37311/03/2013

Re:368 she calls the paps and leaks info - how do you think her name got out in the first place when the rumors started that Jeremy had a pregnant ex. All the baby bump pics, her mention attending the Ah after parry! getting papped with Ava at LAX, that solo shot of her from June... That's all her arrangement she wants her name out there and Renner doesn't. He has to keep a close watch on her or she'll cause more problems

by Bored2reply 37411/03/2013

Which makes me wonder whether brother Kris or mama val was also in Boston to make sure the fame-whore was "managed" while renner was filming. Lock-down. That or security right outside the door and the phone funneled thru reception who had instructions for no outside calls.

R368 do read thru the previous pages for links to her playboy highness's past. That's just one small part.

by Bored2reply 37511/03/2013

Why all of this disparagement of the woman's character? Your hero obviously found her comely enough to fuck her repeatedly until she fell pregnant.

by Bored2reply 37611/03/2013

Re:375 no need for Kris or Vsl to be in Boston - money talks so while she's a trouble maker, she doesn't want to lose Renner's money and won't do anything too risky.

by Bored2reply 37711/03/2013

Re:376 oh there's plenty of attack on Renner here too. Especially with Bored2, she's the self proclaimed Renner hater but loves to talk about him and post links of his latest pics!

by Bored2reply 37811/03/2013

Why kris or val has to have an eye on sonni? They both have much more valuable things to do. She just a paid nanny of ava. Man didn't take his child's nanny to any event.

by Bored2reply 37911/03/2013

r378 it seems you have been trying to get my attention for the last few hours so ok I will bite: does this look familiar?: R351

"ironically you and your little crew are giving SP attention and keep her name out there *pats you all on the back for actually being the REAL SP supporters*"

You have been carrying on in about 10+ posts today about SP the trouble maker so I think you should swallow your own medicine and for the record -i started this thread therefore I can and will state whatever I want but i have neve stated nor do i feel 'hate' for Mr. Renner.

As fustrating and unnecessary these last few months have been for anyone who holds him in high esteem, I think this guy will surprise us and I think it will be a glorious thing.

Now if you don't mind-sit the fuck down.

by Bored2reply 38011/03/2013

Wow bored2 - you get the award for biggest Bull shitter ever, considering all the hate you've spewed on imdb for. On the and managed to get yourself kicked off there once. And yes I've been trying to get your attention cuz you need to be kicked down a few notches. Just cuz you started a thread doesn't make you the ruler of everyone else.

Anyway - I'm removing myself from these boards. I'm don't talking about the same stuff over and over and watching a few imdb people ruin the DL boards. Adios

by Bored2reply 38111/03/2013

R381 this isn't bored2 but

You need to take a good hard look @ yourself - constantly professing your love for an actor. Medication and therapy will help you. Get a life and grow up. Dawncasa, elenat and your paper dragons crew have not helped your demise.

by Bored2reply 38211/03/2013

R376 You must have misquoted yourself.

Renner found her "comely" enough to Fuck - period. Considering that Renner had 2 long standing relationships and countless hook-ups and NO "oops - pregnancy" in all this time until the manipulative "shady" playboy wannabee set her sites on his wallet and fame -- the reality lies more in the Pacheco Fucked renner until she got pregnant especially once he decided to end the "association" (and while he was wasted otherwise he would have called her in her plan)

by Bored2reply 38311/03/2013

My favorite line on 376 post....until she FELL pregnant. Ya, she "fell" into that! LOL!

by Bored2reply 38411/03/2013

I do have to say....I'm into my 3rd shot of whiskey and I fell on the shot glass so now I'm drunk. Is that how it all played out? But really....I fell onto the shot glass and, well, the rest is history. Cheers! On to the 4th!

by Bored2reply 38511/03/2013

I am so disappointed in that mutt of his, I would have thought she would have been able to whore her way into at least one or two public events with him.

Is he doing meth or something? because he looks like shit and like those after pictures of those drug ads where they show the before and after pictures of the effect of drugs.

by Bored2reply 38611/03/2013

Maybe it's all the whiskey i've drank, but i think he looks hot. you know what they say about beer goggles, could it be the same affect with whiskey? just a thought.....

by Bored2reply 38711/03/2013

R359 seems more like a "get the hell out" from CM... The only thing missing is the wheels screeching.

by Bored2reply 38811/03/2013

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley & Jeremy Renner - LACMA Art & Film Gala 2013

could it be. please let it be. jeremy is moving on from sonni. please let it be true

by Bored2reply 38911/04/2013

my bad. she's still with jason statham. there goes that wishful thought

by Bored2reply 39011/04/2013

Rosie - good name.

by Bored2reply 39111/04/2013

R389 Huh? He was there with Kristofer Winters, not Rosie.

by Bored2reply 39211/04/2013

my mistake. I saw a headline on just jared and wishful thinking took over. i'm sorry.

by Bored2reply 39311/04/2013

Attention Fangirls/fraus: I am still waiting for an answer on R372

by Bored2reply 39411/04/2013

Bored2 the fraus are too busy wringing their minds in despair at the thought that their Jesus is actually bi - in a relationship with Kris and any female that is readily available. Irrespective of whether their fame-whore goddess shows her horse face @ an event, their goddess Sonni was only hired for her uterus (her only way to gain the 2 seconds of fame she so desired).

by Bored2reply 39511/04/2013

Horse face! Love it!!!

by Bored2reply 39611/04/2013

A bit O/T but I am watching the fllck 'Under the Tuscan Sun':

"Hi Everybody! I'm David and this is your driver Eduardo.....and YOU ARE GAY AND AWAY!!!!"

by Bored2reply 39711/04/2013

just saw a picture of him and Chris Hemsworth at the Thor premiere. Renner looks like a dusty old troll doll standing like to Thor. Damn, life must be rough for the rich and the famous.

by Bored2reply 39811/04/2013

Well - if he looks like shit, guess Pacheco's plan to kill him off and have his estate transfer to Ava is working.

Maybe it's time for him to permanently ditch the cancerous trash hooker from his life?

by Bored2reply 39911/04/2013

Nice to see him and Hemsworth hug.

Guess the playboy princess wasn't invited to this event either. Awwwww. Ohhhhh. I can just see all her temper tantrums now. Oooopppps

But hey what does she care about a film premiere so long as sugar daddy Renner keeps writing those checks.

by Bored2reply 40011/04/2013

He looks quite better than LACMA event. Maybe he's starting making his way with old comrades to be in Avengers 2? Sometimes I think he's engaged to Sue Patricola!

by Bored2reply 40111/04/2013

No news then? Ok, I'll go back to the Fassbender thread. Cya!

by Bored2reply 40211/06/2013

I love it!

I thought he was supposed to be finished. Ostracised for his moral decline and impossible to cast because of his physical collapse.

And yet there he was at the Thor premiere, representing the Avengers. No way is he not in Avengers 2 now.

Plus they put the woman predicted to ruin his career right up front in the trailer for American Hustle, squeezed in there between Hollwood's sweethearts.

If a DL prediction is proved correct it will be a bloody miracle.

by Bored2reply 40311/06/2013

R403 you took the moron pills again tsktsktsk. When you get a brain, come back and visit. Until then, your drool is all over your chin

by Bored2reply 40411/06/2013

the stans are really trying to make this boobie shaker happen. probably starting a tumblr and facebook campaign for an oscar nomination for the 15 seconds she appeared in AH as background extra. hell maybe that newborn can get the nod!

tell me fanfraus: she wasnt taken to that LACMA gala because....?

by Bored2reply 40511/06/2013

R402 remember- unlike renner circa 2012- fassbendy doesnt want you looking at his dick.

by Bored2reply 40611/06/2013

Jeez..ask good old "Pawn O Matic" (aka Renner) on Facebook about Sonni and maybe we can shut up. Or tag all the pics of her of IG with her name and Renne's. Do something.

by Bored2reply 40711/06/2013

R407 wuuuut?

by Bored2reply 40811/06/2013

Yep! Just do a #sonnipacheco #jeremyrenner on IG and watch the people freak out. Oooh...Sonni at the Playboy Masion..scandal! Bitch, bitch, bitch. I guess everyone is afraid of the fan backlash. Post the darn pics on tumblr. Ugghh. Whine, whine...Sonni is whore, JR was duped. BORING.

by Bored2reply 40911/06/2013

R409 I am sorry but I got to step in to start asking people to make some fucking sense on this thread. I have NO idea what the hell the point you are trying to make. Is this one of those 'i need some attention so I will pretend I have a smidge of inside information' posts?

Besides, I don't need to see any more snaps of bimbos in cheap underwear but I won't speak for anyone else here.

by Bored2reply 41011/06/2013

The point is you guys have ton of pics of her at the Playboy Mansion and wearing the stripper heels you guys find so repugnant, but they aren't posted anywhere. Have you guys tried and failed to get them any play online? Or are you just content to cry over your idol's poor judgment?

by Bored2reply 41111/06/2013

R411 whats the point. i hope renner and his partner someday marries in peace and happiness , gets full custody of kid, gives her a loving stable upbringing.

and this cheap plastic beared gets deported back to canada. i think the mayor of toronto is a better match for her.

by Bored2reply 41211/06/2013

R411 since you have them too, why don't you start your Goddess Devine FB campaign? Hmmm?? Oh right. yeah. you're just a __________. YAWN. Truth is you and your clown fangirl counterparts at imdb, dawncasa and elenats of the world just cannot stand the idea that your GOD (the has been) could actually be BI or GAY. AND your GODDESS The Pious and Virgin Sonn Pacheco is actually a WHORE. YAWN.

by Bored2reply 41311/06/2013

The point is no one cares. That's my point. It's funny to watch 5 people freak out over a bunch of bikini pics that no else cares about.

by Bored2reply 41411/06/2013

R413 My point was no one will even post the pics. Ha! You think I worship Sonni. But it's fun warching you guys rage with impotence. No one cares you dislike this chick.

by Bored2reply 41511/06/2013

R415 you seem to care that people care = stan

by Bored2reply 41611/06/2013

Jesus Christ on Cross Country Skis.

Groovy: can you hook me up with that Fassbender thread link.

by Bored2reply 41711/06/2013

Wow. Morons in the house tonight. Listen up r415 those picts you say no one will post, are readily available online. You want more? No problem. It can be arranged.

by Bored2reply 41811/06/2013

Ha! Ha! Ha!

by Bored2reply 41911/06/2013

Am I reading this right? Some of you think that Renner's behavior is worse than Fassey's and that greasy guy from The Walking Dead? Do your research ladies, Renner is an evangelist mother's dream in comparison.

by Bored2reply 42011/06/2013

Sonia's Playboy Mansion parties etc. pictures are from 2009-2010. Dated enough. I wonder if there are recent past ones, before or at the same time the Rich Hollywood Star Hook Up Affair started. Did she quit the job then?

by Bored2reply 42111/06/2013

r420 neither one of them has to hide in order to appease simpleminded closeminded fan.

why am i not shocked the stans and fanfraus are more upset over the notion of renner gay / bi than the myth he is married to the boobie party girl.

by Bored2reply 42211/07/2013

R421 what job was there to quit prior? as far as i can gather her work was an inconsistent tacky low grade mess of bachelor parties, beer promotions, dike bike ring girl, and go go club dancer. this bearding contract was probably the first decent gig that paid well in her young adult life.

by Bored2reply 42311/07/2013

I am still confused by renner but the more time that passes i think he's at a minimum bisexual. I have a best friend but i dont want to live with them and we dont choose to hang out together over our significant others all the time. He has been linked to all these hot women but no real relationship. The only hetero proof we have is sonni? Seems to me he's playing a role. But with that said can't explain relationship with jess.

by Bored2reply 42411/07/2013

No. He had 2 other long standing hetero relationships. One in his 20's for 5 yrs. One with jess maccallum for 4.5 yrs.

by Bored2reply 42511/07/2013

I think he's deluded himself thinking hot body = decent human being. That being said, jess nailed him on it when he made that stupid comment about her (head shots during THL days)- he was still acting and approaching relationships like a teenage horn toad, going after young and hot; being threatened by age appropriate and intelligent/accomplished. Well, maybe now with his playboy-hooker-babymama, who knows -he learned the hard way?

by Bored2reply 42611/07/2013

Looks like someone got the memo about the gay chatter happening: link

Wow: that's a whole lot of sharing. discuss

by Bored2reply 42711/07/2013

My girl's masculine.

Yes, she looks like a train. Did the stripper part And playboy. She looks like a horse.

Three for three.

Way to go renner!

Oh and he has no desire to get married. Tough ride for the fame-whore.

by Bored2reply 42811/07/2013

And he sounds exactly as he looks and acts - white trailer trash.

by Bored2reply 42911/07/2013

*yes she looks like a train should read "tranny"

by Bored2reply 43011/07/2013

"My girl is masculine in a lot of ways, even though she looks like a supermodel. That works out. A girly girl just doesn’t do it for me. I can’t have a conversation about your broken nail"

he said something similar about jess when he was with her.

Jeremy she looks like a supermodel. yeah okay. lol

by Bored2reply 43111/07/2013

R417 I love my Fassmember. He's a bit of an alcoholic and loves same hired escorts as Gerald Butler. At least he's got balls to bring out the weird ladies he screws. /,13338346,1

by Bored2reply 43211/07/2013

R427 Not a single word on his baby momma. Not a single one. He doesn't even mention her name, lol.

Elle: Is there a movie or a line of dialogue that gets love right? JR: Something from Braveheart. “Every man dies. Not every man really lives.” Elle: How is that applicable? JR: That’s love of life. Grab it every day. Because we’re all gonna die. It’s difficult to live that way. Most people are afraid to. Or can’t. I find it very difficult.

He finds living life to the fullest difficult. Hmmm.

by Bored2reply 43311/07/2013

i don't get why i like this guy. he comes across as such a douche bag. i wish someone would just screw the idiot out of him.

by Bored2reply 43411/07/2013

[re 427] No gay/bi man would ever talk about women this way. I almost barfed at the "tuna" reference. If I had read that interview in 2012, I never would have had a thing for him. I never would have felt pitiful and pathetic for being duped by the Hollywood PR machine. Subsequently never would have been angry and spewed out so much negative energy. This misogynist presentation may be a genius career move.

I will give him comedic cred for the "super model" reference.

by Bored2reply 43511/07/2013

"My girl"?

by Bored2reply 43611/07/2013

So I'm taking it that he pretty much owned up that Sonni's his "girl". Personally. Maybe that'll shut half these people up. Even though they'll continue to rage about how disappointed they are in him.

by Bored2reply 43711/07/2013

[re 433] I just showed this article to a feminist friend of mine. She said "gay men call me 'tuna' all the time. i.e., 'there is a lot of tuna in the bar tonight.'"

She is pissed that Elle published this interview. Oooh she mad! "This has to be joke." she says "No one is this much of a creep. 'my girl' 'top talent' 'he's gotta sleep with somebody' frequented strip clubs. He doesn't want to talk about hang nails but he supports skinny girls to hack their bodies apart and stuff bags into them to support their drug habit." Oooh she mad.

by Bored2reply 43811/07/2013

He's a screaming homosexual, people! Manwhore Dad, Twins, Strippers, tuna tuna tuna

I am not sure to be offended or laugh

by Bored2reply 43911/07/2013

JFC! Tuna! Tuna! Tuna! You made me hungry!

by Bored2reply 44011/07/2013

"My girl is masculine in a lot of ways" ... "A girly girl just doesn’t do it for me..."

I think this clarifies the question about his (homo)sexuality once and for all.

by Bored2reply 44111/07/2013

R439 oops Freudian slip: I meant to say (touch of snark) "He's a screaming heterosexual, people.

Anyways....I can't stop re-reading this article. it's a performance piece of sexist douchebaggery.

The author of this article wrote the book-turned-to film "Pitch Perfect": that's a fun fact for you tonight.

by Bored2reply 44211/07/2013

he comes across uncaring. "his girl" dude if you're going to claim her take her on a damn date. you'll teach your daughter compassion. why because you don't have any. what a strange thing to say. he should just look sexy and keep his mouth closed.

by Bored2reply 44311/07/2013

Put simply, what he really likes... men!

by Bored2reply 44411/07/2013

cnn article. phrased differently.

As far as what he looks for in a lady, the "American Hustle" star says he loves a woman who can think more like a man.

"Men and women - there's a lot of headwind in that department, and there are very different principles and emotions and outlooks," Renner explains. "My girl (Sonni Pacheco) is masculine in a lot of ways, even though she looks like a supermodel. That works out. A girly girl just doesn't do it for me. I can't have a conversation about your broken nail."

by Bored2reply 44511/07/2013

All I can say is I'm absolutely disgusted by him. I got chewed out on this board for snarling that they put a stripper pole in the baby's room. Little did I know - I was dead on about her father. I am embarrassed that I ever thought renner had any human elements in him. He just proved what low class trash he us. Good fucking riddance to Jeremy Renner, one of the ugliest human beings. When he equates what a city and it's ppl are like by visiting a strip club!!!!!! The toilet paper crowd should be thrilled with their God now! What a disgusting low life. Go take your stripper girl renner to your "tuna" hit spot you're dead to me now. Beyond disappointing.

by Bored2reply 44611/07/2013

What's with the "tuna" thing? I can't find it in the interview.

by Bored2reply 44711/07/2013

R447 middle of the article: here's here it is quoted verbatim

"Okay. What kind of trouble would you get into? Are we talking strip clubs?" "Yeah, I’ve frequented those. I think, strangely, a strip club can tell you a lot about the city you’re in. If you call a strip club “Tuna’s,” I’ve gotta go in there. Usually you’re not seeing the top talent around, but it’s not about that. It’s about the experience"

Ok kids let's name our power-fish: I am a Starfish!

by Bored2reply 44811/07/2013

See the part about renner going to strip clubs.

Renner: I'm so disgusted by who you've now shown I'd the real Jeremy, you've become akin to a gutter rat, and even that is too good to describe you. You definitely matched yourself to your kind and class level with sonni. Luckily jess escaped from a life with you. I feel deep sorrow for ava. Good god! And you, renner, have the audacity to sully "faith" with your stench? Studying theology my ass!

by Bored2reply 44911/07/2013

So when he was in Canada, he went to a stripper club and met sp? The only dinner event(NY, 2011) they seen together was also in a stripper club. What a cute couple! And if I read the article right, he said he'll never marry sp, maybe an open relationship?

by Bored2reply 45011/07/2013

The dawncasas,elenats and Renner fandom should swoon at how their God assess the cites they come from and hence them as individuals to strip clubs, strippers and "tuna". Get it? So the other day, while he was faking the smiles @ fangirls as he was signing autographs, he was measuring them against "strip club tuna". Wow!!!!!

Not even charlie sheen.


by Bored2reply 45111/07/2013

Jes Macallan must be relieved looking at her husband right now...

by Bored2reply 45211/07/2013

There's a "tuna's strip club" fb page.

by Bored2reply 45311/07/2013

and the hits keep coming: CNN cross post

Jeremy Renner wants you to know that he likes women who think like a man!!!

Hey Renni! you like that wifi on your iphone: it's handly when you want to look up local strip clubs to visit: who invented that technology....A WOMAN

(Hedy Lamarr: my goddess)

by Bored2reply 45411/07/2013

F453 hook me up with that link stat!

by Bored2reply 45511/07/2013

Can't via phone. Google "tuna's strip club"

by Bored2reply 45611/07/2013

Renner has made it obvvïus what a sexiest pig he is - wonder what he's going to teach that little girl as she grows up.

Now I get why he doesn't take SP to anything - he likes his trashy women, but trashy women don't belong on the red carpet (in his eyes) and so she is stuck at home. She's not his girlfriend in the normal sense, she's his trashy fuck buddy and that's all she ever will be to him

Renner has serious issues with women and totally has shown what a sexiest, prick with a massive ego he is. That interview was all about HIM.

Ps way to stop those gay rumors Renner by saying your girl looks masculine

by Bored2reply 45711/07/2013

Wonder if kw has similar views. Can just imagine what guys like matt damon and ben affleck think of renner. He is such a joke

by Bored2reply 45811/07/2013

He forgot to mention he likes his boys effeminate.

by Bored2reply 45911/07/2013

If the Renner fandom and women and the service folks are aware enough to understand how insulting he was to all of them, hour can kiss goodbye public support going forward. Good timing renner! Way to shoot yourself, your ambitions for ktm, your future of any academy awards. You earned it! You deserve the dismissal for what you said. Who gives a shit about your hooker gf; YOU just did much worse. Who the fuck do you think you are renner? NOBODY without US - the public/supports that you just associated with strip clubs. BRAVO!!!!!!

by Bored2reply 46011/07/2013

Now i understand why his manager sticks to him like glue. She knows he's a god damn idiot.

by Bored2reply 46111/07/2013

OMG! I am seriously laughing my ass off! Everybody is so butt hurt by what he said? I don't see anything wrong with this interview. People, get over yourselves. He's a fucking guy! He does guy stuff. You may not agree with it, but it doesn't mean everybody else has to follow. Good for him! I wonder how many other celebs go to strip clubs...maybe most of them. Wow...just, wow!

by Bored2reply 46211/07/2013

F462 now is not the time for your bullshit paternalistic 'guys will be guys' rationalization. If you actually had two brain cells rubbing together in that thick inbred skull of yours you should should be able to find your way back to tumblr.

so fuck on off. thank you!

by Bored2reply 46311/07/2013

R362 you're obviously shallow. It has nothing to do with him going to strip clubs. It gas everything to do with him saying that he assesses what a city is about (and by extension the people) by the strip club he attends, the quality of the performers. In other words, if he gets a "good show" (lap dance, fuck) then hey that city and it's people (and his fans in that city) are o.k.!

Douchebag gutter trash. No respect at all. He had nine for jess either.

by Bored2reply 46411/07/2013

Uh oh, Uncanny said "paternalistic" while looking down her nose at you! Things just got real....boring.

by Bored2reply 46511/07/2013

R464 Hi rdmess

by Bored2reply 46611/07/2013

"...even though she looks like a supermodel" LMAO!

by Bored2reply 46711/07/2013

Yeah the playboy, stripper, escort = supermodel.

What an insult to actual supermodels!!! Renner must be getting inside advice from the crazy-loon-middle aged fangirls Plus his dad!

Keep his shit waste of a human life away from me!

His new vocal call should be "oink" from now on.

by Bored2reply 46811/07/2013

fuck this piece of trash and his white trash family, good luck to that baby. But with those parents not looking good for her though.

by Bored2reply 46911/07/2013

lol in what world does that whore looks like a supermodel, I think this fug is too drunk and drugged up to see anymore.

by Bored2reply 47011/07/2013

Severe withdrawal symptoms. Pity...

by Bored2reply 47111/07/2013

prayers for the baby indeed, especially with a father that always seems to be drunk out of his mind and have a liking for younger girls.

by Bored2reply 47211/07/2013

I wonder what the twin sisters did to little Jeremy? The poor guy was traumatized...

by Bored2reply 47311/07/2013

oh look, how great of him to parade his little family around, just in time especially with awards season right around the corner.

by Bored2reply 47411/07/2013

Yes, his little house of horror trailer trash family. Can you smell the sewer stench? Or is that stripper club excesses?

by Bored2reply 47511/07/2013

Guess then Renner spent lots and lots of time watching the Cheatah Girls while in Atlanta @ the Cheatah Lounge. Maybe His "girl" also performed for him and all the patrons.

by Bored2reply 47611/07/2013

Pathetic. So sad. Whatever. Don't care. I'd still fuck him hard.

by Bored2reply 47711/07/2013

Seriously, rd...stop posting the same thing on every board. We know you're upset. Go dance around the flames of your fan card.

by Bored2reply 47811/07/2013

R478 you don't like it - don't read or respond. I'll do whatever the hell I want.

by Bored2reply 47911/07/2013

haha at least they know he isn't married. Guess there goes the green card and possibly half his money. I can't help feel bad for her (but not really, mostly laughing, I know I'm such a terrible person), incurring the wraith of all his fangirls and now getting called masculine and him publicly announcing he is in no rush to marry her.

by Bored2reply 48011/07/2013

ew at his interview, he just seem like sexist homophobic red neck to me now.

by Bored2reply 48111/07/2013

"academy award for ass of the century". ROTFL!

by Bored2reply 48211/07/2013

Well, I must say that interview is quite disappointig from my (and most here) point of view BUT in his defence at least he said what he (really?) thinks not what people would like to hear from him or to please his fans/audience/fellow citizens/whores etc.

by Bored2reply 48311/07/2013

I see the disappointed fangurlz, who always dreamed of becoming his wife, are out in full force, lol. And please stop with the sympathy trolling for his kid. The kid will be just fine. Don't write bullshit about the kid just because you didn't become Renner's babymomma and in your twisted heads your actually jealous. If he sees SP as a supermodel let him. The gal is there to stay, beard or not, his filmcareer is doing just fine and there's nothing you overweight, pimplyfaced fraus can do about it. Now go and watch a Fassy film, preferably one where he's full frontal, and leave DL. This is the voice of reason. Which is something you lot have lost along the way.

by Bored2reply 48411/08/2013

Re:478 lmaooooooo that was a damn good comment

by Bored2reply 48511/08/2013

R484 well i have to admit i was hoping he was gay/bi. Is there still a glimmer? That he-man interview about all his wisdom of women, headwinds, and masculine thinking makes us on that side of the fence give him a big fat side-eye.

I have been described as a masculine supermodel as well! It's all the tuna I eat.

by Bored2reply 48611/08/2013

R485 time to change your panties. You soiled them again with all your die-hard-renner-orgasms. Peewee what a stench!!!! Intensive therapy along with good drugs will help you. Take your toilet paper sisterhood with you and get a good rate at the inn.

by Bored2reply 48711/08/2013

R487 Good morning rdmess! Haven't YOUR morning meds kicked in yet? Surely there's treatment for rage-inducing, self-righteous, overly grandiose complaining!?

by Bored2reply 48811/08/2013

R484 Why don't you take your psychotic friends and go back to IMDB? You fill up every board. Take yourself and ALL the other back with you honey.

by Bored2reply 48911/08/2013

Yawn r488 you're so obviously in the same class level as Jeremy Renner. That explains everything about you.

Have a good day rummaging in the toilet.

by Bored2reply 49011/08/2013

He's back to life? He's quite everywhere lately, and smiling. He's an hot dude when he's not drunk and smiles. Had some good news perhaps?

by Bored2reply 49111/08/2013

Ha! And telling people to enjoy rummaging in the toilet is so educated, classy, and inspirational. You insult everyone who even dares disagree with you but seem to think of yourself as intelligent and important. Sweetie, you spend your days complaining about some guy who you don't know and who doesn't care about you, your hopes or your dreams. You're beyond pathetic and everyone knows it. Don't you need to throw out some videos of your little idol and cry now? At least you're good for a laugh rd....

by Bored2reply 49211/08/2013

whattt where is his supermodel girlfriend? he really feels like he has a catch but he doesn't take her anywhere. I really don't get it but I do understand why things didn't work out for him and the likes of Jessica Simpson, Charlize Theron & olivia wilde. They aren't "masculine" enough for him.

by Bored2reply 49311/08/2013

Good news in the form of unending hypocrisy. How does he allow himself to touch, let alone be seen, with an older, intelligent And accomplished woman? Right. There must have been a strip club in the neighborhood or that was his pre and post planned visit. It's all about the money. What did she pay for his appearance? $50k? $75k? At least he didn't speak.

by Bored2reply 49411/08/2013

Oh no one cares about your little agenda about intelligent, older women. Let me guess....just like you?? I take exception with the part where you're intelligent, though.

by Bored2reply 49511/08/2013

And you are... a dumb fuck? (already known)

by Bored2reply 49611/08/2013

Yep they hand out graduate degrees at Big Ten universities to "dumb fucks". Ha! Try again. Just because I don't agree with you doesn't make me stupid. That's your problem. You can't except that people have free will to do what they want and don't they have to live their lives according to your ideas. You are just so mad Renner isn't who you thought he was and can't get over it. Truly, it's not supposed a life-changing event.

by Bored2reply 49711/08/2013

Your degree education is showing. It's "accept" not "except".

by Bored2reply 49811/08/2013

And to your words - I have free will and the right to think, say, feel, react as I wish; irrespective of whether you like it or not. You should re-read your own words while taking a close look in the mirror.

by Bored2reply 49911/08/2013

Like a spelling mistake is a huge deal at 9 am. Ha! Hilarious. Happens everyday to everyone. Grasping at straws much? Like you've never misspelled a word in your little posts filled with apoplectic rage. Damn. My faults (and misspelled words) do not negate your own.

by Bored2reply 50011/08/2013

And I can disagree with you and tell you that you are a rage-filed, insecure, obsessive, delusional twit. My free will at work there. You remind me of the people that just need to think they're the smartest in the room but react with anger and insults at the slightest disagreement. Pathetic. Time to stoke the fan-card fire and have an imaginary shot yet?

by Bored2reply 50111/08/2013

Oops, misspelled another word!!!!! Ahhhhh....don't take my degrees back?!!!???!???

by Bored2reply 50211/08/2013


by Bored2reply 50311/08/2013

Exchange emails address and go fight for your rights to spit shit on each other out of here, JFC! Please! You make this thread more boring if possible as no one cares about your fucking communication problems.

by Bored2reply 50411/08/2013

preach on 504! we don't have much left on this thread. let's get back to the topic at hand.

by Bored2reply 50511/08/2013

This thread needs a fucking laugh stat: ONTD take on the Elle interview; comments are just the best.

p.s. anyone check out the comments on E Online cross post? ouch.

Hope this cheers you debbie-downers up!

by Bored2reply 50611/08/2013

Wow! Fans are brutally offended on ONTD by renner's comments!

R501 - take a good read of other people's comments before deciding to aim your vengeful hatred on me and a few others. Guess more fans than not are as disgusted @ renner than just little 'ol moi.

by Bored2reply 50711/08/2013

R507 You could've just rephrased that as: Oooh, oooh! Someone agrees with ME! SEE!!

I wouldn't be surprised if most of those comments were from people from IMDB and here. And I see Uncanny came in to moderate your delusions as usual. At least we're all predictable.

Anything else?

by Bored2reply 50811/08/2013

Oh, and for the record: I never said I liked his comments or find them anything other than distasteful. I can dislike both the comments and you.

by Bored2reply 50911/08/2013

R509 glad you don't like me. Now that you've settled it - you can fuck off permanently.

by Bored2reply 51011/08/2013

the vancouver sun reports sonni and jeremy do not live together. where do they get this stuff.I thought they lived together

by Bored2reply 51111/08/2013

R511 link it or drink it.

BTW: the stans are out on attack on all the comment boards of this Elle article. be safe. Its vicious yet sadly funny in the insanity. I am seeing it here on this thread as well. I am not feeding the trolls.

by Bored2reply 51211/08/2013

i seem to be having trouble with posting

by Bored2reply 51311/08/2013

here it is.

by Bored2reply 51411/08/2013

R510 No thanks. I think I'll stay!

by Bored2reply 51511/08/2013

R514 hmmmm. there's a name attached to that article so there had to be some level of fact checking before publishing. However it's one of Murdock's holdings so i need to remain cautious.

I defer to Groovy Mama.

by Bored2reply 51611/08/2013

The Vanc statements are consistent with eonline about "no" to marriage.

by Bored2reply 51711/08/2013

R489 Never written a word in IMDb, but I bet you have. Nice try at trolling me, fangirl. :D I do love the way they underline the "masculine". Quite snarky indeed. So Jeremy's taken Kristofer to these gala's and premiers all the time. I wonder if they hold hands in secret?

by Bored2reply 51811/08/2013

This is getting hilarious

by Bored2reply 51911/08/2013

Has no plans to wed his baby mama. Sonni worshippers and love story writers must be writhing in despair.

by Bored2reply 52011/08/2013

@YeahThisIsMyID - Thumbs up!!!

by Bored2reply 52111/09/2013

so..did he just admit to being together with this horseface tranny?? I bet she tags along for the AH premiere now.

by Bored2reply 52211/09/2013

so his girl is masculine in allot of ways and thinks like a man: interesting. if i follow his painful stereotyping this girl thinks with her dick?

i can see that. she spent her youth in the low brow sex entertainment industry.

and renner wants you to know he is the oracle of women and relationship. yes his study of theology and phylosophy. he's in the know, oh yes. he lost his virginity to teins and conducts his field research across the word in strip clubs!

that interview was full of bullshit and bravado. the overcompensation was strong. comments in all cross post sites i hope his morons around him read.

i think hes still shoving himself into closet.

meanwhile he just needs to shut the fuck up.

by Bored2reply 52311/09/2013

I sent that Elle article to yet another feminist friend of mine and she writes.... "Pig!!! I can't believe we live in a culture that remains so disrespectful of women!"

by Bored2reply 52411/09/2013

and i will note that i have been seeing the stans out on all comment boards: their screeching is rather funny: especially when they only have typos and grammer errors to lob. the strawman dance.

the ONTD comments were funny.

by Bored2reply 52511/09/2013

R523 he was full on try-hard. i cant take his antics seriously but i can appreciate how women could be offended. he delivered his douchebro character in that interview.

women shouldnt to think or act 'like men': sexist if not mysogonistic (?spell?): look at the CEO of Yahoo: amazing capable smart strong yet she gets that sexist blowback. renner is attempting to perpetuate that bullshit and for the pathetic attempt to throw a smoke screen.

for that for now i label him an asshat.

by Bored2reply 52611/09/2013

i meant to link to R424.

by Bored2reply 52711/09/2013

r522 i am not cool with your use of 'tranny' : derogratory: obviously you are a frau.

by Bored2reply 52811/09/2013

528 don't really care. Not a frau, just speaking the truth! Bye now! :)

by Bored2reply 52911/09/2013

By the way, Troll-dar.

by Bored2reply 53011/09/2013

R528 ahem-the term i liberally use 'frau' can be considered derogratory so we are both being a tad hypocritical, yes? But weighing these both on inappropriate scale, the use of 'Tranny' far weighs more on the 'not cool at all' measure.

Troll-dar: straw man R529: this is just someone catching up on a few days so i would suggest they consolidate to one big post with lots of snap-backs in order to avoid the trolls like you from wasting DL real estate firing blanks.

by Bored2reply 53111/09/2013

Gays don't use terms like "tranny"? Really, lol! Any passive aggressive messages in this particular thread are from Renner fangirls who can't write their angry shit on IMDb because they would get banned. They're disappointed that they're manly man Jeremy has a bad taste in women. Let's just remember that on these boards Renner remains bisexual at least, if not g-a-y. Baby Momma still kept behind four walls, ay?

by Bored2reply 53211/09/2013

excuse all the multiple posts but i have to clean up R526.

first i was connecting to R524

Secondly my sentance needs to read "women shouldn't need to think or act like men" : Yahoo CEO catches shit for both being a demanding leader and for her choice of wardrobe. It's straight up regressive bullshit.

and R530 you can fuck off with the troll dar.

R532 i am on the gay train as well. should i look for you?

by Bored2reply 53311/09/2013

So Renner is not married? Please get me up to speed in one post.


by Bored2reply 53411/09/2013

R534 Renner and his long time companion attend LACMA gala last week: a blind is released describing a closted actor just engaged to his closeted boyfriend and not the baby mama: renner participates in an interview shouting down his obvious hetero-ness by sharing he fucked twins to loose virginity, goes to strip clubs, and knows everything deep and hidden about women by discussing theology with his thrice married father. his current girl he calls masculine in thinking while looking like a supermodel. and that works for him becsuse he doesnt do girly girls.

by Bored2reply 53511/10/2013

clean up in isle three: 'shouting down the telephone his obviousl hetero-ness...,.....'

and he doesnt think marriage is for him because we S all know how the institution started.

and male and females have headwinds

again he studied and learned the ways of love and women

by Bored2reply 53611/10/2013

re: 535 hilarous!!!!!! Jeremy needs to see a therapist stat. he's with kris. this is the best relationship he's had. he'll take kris to the american hustle premiere not sonni. sonni should feel like crap.

by Bored2reply 53711/10/2013

R537 i am not worried about Sonni having hurt feelings. just as she had always been compensated for her looks- this is a very lucrative arrangement for her.

by Bored2reply 53811/10/2013

R535 bahahaha - he sounds like a nutcase. Wow. You know? He could be having little renner issues... all the signs are there. that viagara story - maybe not so much a faux pas after all

by Bored2reply 53911/10/2013

So Renner is married to a guy - not Sonni?

Is the lucky bride Winters?

I mean nobody Renner's age acts like he does i.e. strip clubs, Thailand, banging 20 year olds unless he is trying to prove a point like "I am not gay"?

He is 45 years old for crying out loud.

by Bored2reply 54011/10/2013

Well, technically, he's 42 and 10 months

by Bored2reply 54111/10/2013

he married Winters? oh dear God, run for the hills Kris! Run away, and don't look back!!!

by Bored2reply 54211/10/2013

Why are there so many posts about this pug-faced methy guy?

by Bored2reply 54311/10/2013

He's hosting everything lately. Always presenting and/or giving award, never getting rewards for himself. Yesterday at Hamilton And Los Angeles Confidential Magazine Announce 7th Annual Hamilton Behind The Camera Awards. Signs of Krissy or SP anyone?

by Bored2reply 54411/10/2013

i don't know I kind of think the hosting of all these events is a PR Push. trying to keep him relevant. if I see a picture of kris somewhere in the background. that's it. my mind will be made up.

by Bored2reply 54511/11/2013

I love the comment section in that E online cross post: hilarious. The rennhards are so adorable in their lunacy

by Bored2reply 54611/11/2013

R546 What's more interesting is to look at numbers for particular posts. Note how the IMDBers got told to shut up and go away. Those posts are very highly rated while the ones by your friends are majorly in the negatives.

by Bored2reply 54711/11/2013

Eonline Renner Obsessive Brigade - sick sick sick ppl. They need to start focusing on their kids, work, world around them, rather than spending hours and days going from site to site acting like brothel bullies defending their pimp god and his concubine. When those same middle aged female stay @ homes can't even muster intelligent views on the article and instead resort to gutter attacks..... well that's why they emulate renner do well.

by Bored2reply 54811/11/2013

R548 As posted by people who run around calling people whores and skanks. Yep. Your totally above all that.

by Bored2reply 54911/11/2013

And I guess you are "below" this? Well, it's evident already.

by Bored2reply 55011/11/2013

I never pretended I wasn't and at least I own it. You're as bad a hypocrite as the people you complain about. Don't you have to go call someone a Skankasaurus now and then talk about "class"? It's all right for you to fling insults around. But no one can say a word about you. It's clear you're insecure and guilty of the same faulty reasoning you try to object to in everyone else.

Or are we to be subjected to more lectures from your friend about how sending a couple of shoeboxes of toys to two kids on Christmas is a shining light of compassion that should light our whole world? Spare me.

by Bored2reply 55111/11/2013


by Bored2reply 55211/11/2013

Re:548 wants the difference between actual Renner fans defending him vs people like you that spend all your time on boards arguing with them, trying to get people on your side? You all are wasting your time

by Bored2reply 55311/11/2013

Ah, I see the battle over who is the better fan is now being waged on Datalounge. Let's face it: that interview was one big fat hot mess but maybe my mind is just too girly-girl boy-boy to 'get it'.

by Bored2reply 55411/11/2013

Re:554 go back to imdb Futurebot, or did you just post the same thing over there

by Bored2reply 55511/11/2013

Re 551, 553, 555: Love it and thank you! These IMDB loosers are annoying as hell. They obvviously have no life, no boyfriends and are a bunch of lonely souls waiting for Jeremy to pick them. So sad.

by Bored2reply 55611/11/2013

R556 you forgot to say dried up vajays and droopy ta-tas!

by Bored2reply 55711/11/2013

If you go to and search jeremy's name, you can find out some newest SP's pap pics. Go lunch lonely, without JR or ava. She's enjoying her free and rich lifestyle now. And of course, not any ring on her any finger.

by Bored2reply 55811/11/2013

R540 Ah yes the ole 'running from the paps' look.

Do i need to point out the obvious joke about chipped nails?.....

by Bored2reply 55911/11/2013

On R559 I meant to link to R558: link to the pics. heck she probably went through the bother of calling them so let's give her another 15 minutes of fame

by Bored2reply 56011/11/2013

Must admit she looks good with her "masculine" ass

by Bored2reply 56111/11/2013

yes, her nails made that elle interview like another joke. I don't think she can take care of baby with that kind of nails. Let nanny do all jobs, so she can go shopping spending Renner's money. wait, does masculine girl need fake nails or shopping?

by Bored2reply 56211/11/2013

That is a total SHE MAN!!!!! HA! Lets face it...SP loves the attention!

by Bored2reply 56311/11/2013

Wtf kind of hot mess of an outfit is that? Must be tough when you're own bf barely gives you any money to live off of. Must have been jealous of her man getting so many pics last week she needed some of her own

by Bored2reply 56411/11/2013

those bolt ons are very masculine.

by Bored2reply 56511/11/2013

That smirk on her face, she's loving that she got papped. Don't chip your nail Sonni cuz your "bf" doesn't want to hear about it

by Bored2reply 56611/11/2013

And everyone thought her bolt ons were taken out! HA! Perhaps ava is in that HUGE bag of hers!

by Bored2reply 56711/11/2013

Guys don't tease the "supermodel". Lmfao!!!!!!!ha!!!!!!

by Bored2reply 56811/11/2013

if someone read that article at took his douchebro act at face value this is exactly the gal one would picture in their mind. she looks like the typical professional football cheerleader.

by Bored2reply 56911/11/2013

If she is supposed to look like a supermodel, why doesn't she have curves. She has no shape to her. No wonder she didn't make it, she looks a bit sleazy. Her face is ok, but there's nothing to her body. There's nothing attractive about her. But hey, you spread your legs wide enough, and with a few shots of whiskey, anybody would look good.

by Bored2reply 57011/11/2013

R560 guess she's getting a little pissed that her pimp daddy's not taking princess to any balls (now I could say something really nasty on "balls" but we have young minds here in dl to consider). What number is this now? 5th time she's called the paps? Must have them in speed dial. You think her vag could be any bigger? And of course now we're cash rich enough for shoes - no more flip flops.

by Bored2reply 57111/11/2013

*vag should read bag But hey vag works too

by Bored2reply 57211/11/2013

Look - the Renner has always thought of himself as Steve McQueen yeah? Well - she's Ali Mcgraw. A pathetic version of her but same darkish something or another look. Mind you, it's an insult to Ali but...

by Bored2reply 57311/11/2013

569 professional football cheerleaders are more attractive and don't look like men like this one does! And at least they can "dance" !!!

by Bored2reply 57411/12/2013

What's interesting in that girl? Why paparazzi keep taking photos of her? Who's she? The maybe GF of an Hollywood star who refuses of recognize her in public? How sad.

by Bored2reply 57511/12/2013

R575 I disagree. Paps aren't interested in her. That's why real photo journalists from accredited sites and paps from popular gossip sites - do not follow her or seek her out. She's a nobody to them. She doesn't sell. No, it's more likely - she calls them and begs to get papped - or pays them. Notice how her picts didn't hit anywhere (yet) - no eonline, no people or us, no Perez or tmz.

by Bored2reply 57611/12/2013

i find it telling that shes papped out by herself and renners caught out by himself quite a bit but never just the two of them out together: just thise two baby stroller ones which i suspect were arranged.

he shouldnt have done that interview if that intent was to push a raging hetero stud muffin: this gal is a bit overdone: nagl: they both are cartoonish

what he is selling i am not buying. are you?

by Bored2reply 57711/12/2013

Jeremy Renner is a beyond boring putz ...why does anyone care? He looks like a pug and he's a tom cruise luvin' closet case...does not enter my celebrity watching radar at all....maybe its just me

by Bored2reply 57811/12/2013

R578 It's not just you: beyond a core of fans he just isn't registered: that's why part of me thinks he ratches (?sp?) up the narrative get attention and tongues waging.

and I am a bit cynical now of the hollywood sausage factory.

and i also suspect a very stuffed closet as well.

and as we are nearing the end of this thread: I think the next one shall be 'Jeremy Renner Loves His Gals Masculine'. God only knows what other pearls of wisdom will come out of his mouth in the future.

by Bored2reply 57911/12/2013

R573 Hell-To-The-No on the Ali McGraw comparison.

and for the Steve McQueen one as well.

But you are forgiven for this transgression.

by Bored2reply 58011/12/2013

This girl always looks bad. Like you can take the girl out of the strip club but you can't take the strip club out of the girl. I have never seen one single photo ever in which she looked presentable. Maybe pretty at certain angles, but she even made a denim jumper look skanky. It is a shame, all of her efforts and machinations to get to this point and she is failing. This is a girl with no body limitations who in all fairness could walk into any thrift shop and come out looking like a million bucks. But she spent the morning putting this outfit together for her paparazzi shoot. Of course after that Elle interview, clearly she is perfect for Renner. Match made in heaven even. They would be wise to own the white trash personification and go with it.

by Bored2reply 58111/13/2013

I don't think she's ugly but she definitely couldn't pull leonardo or bradley or someone like that. she and jeremy fit perfectly if they're really together. let's see if he takes her to a football game or another sporting event. he obviously doesn't take her to work events. he really feels like she is gorgeous. poor jeremy

by Bored2reply 58211/13/2013

R581 Jumper. Haha! I love that.

by Bored2reply 58311/13/2013

"Can't take the stripper out of the girl" says it best. You can throw all kinds of money at that Masculine Horse Face but there's nothing that will transform it into a "lady". No amount if designer anything or cosmetic alterations. Sorry to disagree - she's not beautiful. To say that about her is to insult real beauties in this world. Would you compare Ms Masculine to Jennifer Garner or any other respectable HWood (or RL) female? I wouldn't. Real beauty does shine out and mesmerize -from within - but when one's within is rotten to the core... yes, renner purchased what he's worth - trash.

by Bored2reply 58411/13/2013

Small supplemental: even RL men and women who don't meet HWOOD standards of "beautiful" are dynamic, mesmerizing and more "beautiful" than most in HWOOD - because they have genuine real spirits who know how to give back of themselves to the ppl and world around them and and because of this, are highly regarded by those they connect with. Their "beauty" outshines HWOOD plastic, fraudulent and fabricated "beauty" any day - all day.

by Bored2reply 58511/13/2013

anyone know if Kris has a girlfriend? Just curious

by Bored2reply 58611/13/2013

just saw this one - from 2008 she still looks like a cast member of Housewives of New Jersey or Snooki's best friend.

by Bored2reply 58711/13/2013

Bored2 - here's another comparison. Renner said his fav is "Braveheart". He's Mel Gibson and she's Oksana Grigorieva.

by Bored2reply 58811/13/2013

this girl really wanted to be famous. i would much rather picturing him pumping kris then this chick. god

by Bored2reply 58911/13/2013

Let me guess All of the Dataloung world STILL think He is gay. -yawns and rollseye

by Bored2reply 59011/13/2013

Bi is my vote. Dipping on all ends.

by Bored2reply 59111/13/2013

R586 No, he lives with Renner. I think he has a nicely close relationship with Renner's mum. He walked her down the aisle with Jeremy and goes to his premiers with Momma Renner in tow. I wonder if we'll see Sonni with Renner's mother on the American Hustle red carpet?

by Bored2reply 59211/13/2013

Is he wearing a similar, silvery ring as Jeremy did a couple of weeks ago, on his wedding finger? Could be my imagination.

by Bored2reply 59311/13/2013

i saw that ring when he was featured in that article. uh huh.

by Bored2reply 59411/13/2013

Put this thread out of its misery.

by Bored2reply 59511/13/2013

I agree. In this Jeremy Renner is Married thread, we the people of Datalounge, have decided that he has indeed married his long term partner Kristoffer Winters some time ago. He recently had a baby through a surrogate. End of thread. Well, end until he shows up with the woman who gave birth to the baby in a premiere, beaming of happiness.

by Bored2reply 59611/13/2013

R596 the baby was born in a premiere? that must have made for a messy red carpet

RE: end of this thread: The queen is dead, long live the queen.

Opening the next chapter this Saturday night. remember those masculine females

by Bored2reply 59711/13/2013

is there a new thread? if not i hope someone comes up with a funnier and title.

by Bored2reply 59811/14/2013

Hopefully this is the last of these threads.

He isn't married to Sonni, he may or not be married to Kris Winters, he has a daughter with and ex girlfriend or surrogate, he has a male roommate, he has supporting roles in a couple of upcoming movies, he's 45 years old and acts like a 20 year old frat boy, he smokes and drinks to excess- that's about it.

by Bored2reply 59911/15/2013

hes 42...and bring on the next thread!

by Bored2reply 60011/15/2013
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