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Jonathan Rhys Meyers is DRACULA!

Starts on NBC next Friday.

Anyone know if this is going to be worth watching?

Sexy or sucky?

by Ha, Hareply 2610/29/2013

I bet he's far more interesting at the airport than in any show he has ever done.

by Ha, Hareply 110/19/2013

what's the gossip on him? besides is drinking problem?

by Ha, Hareply 210/19/2013

Racist drunk.

He is Irish after all.

by Ha, Hareply 310/19/2013

Oh. I thought it was a movie.

But, if it was a movie, they probably would have cast someone better than JRM.

by Ha, Hareply 410/19/2013

The farmer he lived with was buster for being a sex tourist. Thailand, I think.

Poor JRM was probably abused by him.

by Ha, Hareply 510/19/2013

I'm kinda looking forward to it. Hope its a hit...

by Ha, Hareply 610/19/2013

article about JRM and farmer

by Ha, Hareply 710/19/2013

Holy shit, look at his mother - and she died at 50?

She's 49 in this picture. That's the hardest 49 I've ever seen.

by Ha, Hareply 810/19/2013

The article mentions that she was an alcoholic.

by Ha, Hareply 910/19/2013

So he got it from his mother then. Sad.

He is so, so incredibly good-looking though.

by Ha, Hareply 1010/22/2013


Have you seen him lately? He looks like he got bad work done on his eyes.

by Ha, Hareply 1110/22/2013

Sad, sad story (the one linked). Yeah, I think he was definitely abused by that farmer.

He has a lot of "demons" to slay. I hope he stays on the wagon.

R11, do you have a link to the pictures pls?

by Ha, Hareply 1210/22/2013

Here's an example. Something is off with that face, and I don't think it's booze or meth.

by Ha, Hareply 1310/22/2013

R13, the link didn't work.

by Ha, Hareply 1410/22/2013

Another vampire series. Yawn.

by Ha, Hareply 1510/22/2013

The link works for me... Google image "Jonathan Rhys Meyers" and "Sheridan Smith" in the same search.

by Ha, Hareply 1610/22/2013

DVR'ed it and am watching now.

They should have set it during the present not the late 1800s.

by Ha, Hareply 1710/26/2013

The show has potential. Suck it haters.

by Ha, Hareply 1810/26/2013

agreed {R18] it's fun

by Ha, Hareply 1910/26/2013

Any gays on the show?

by Ha, Hareply 2010/26/2013

I fell asleep - too talky.

by Ha, Hareply 2110/27/2013

JRM has the tiniest rodent eyes. They always look bloodshot and painful.

by Ha, Hareply 2210/27/2013

Review of the first episode from Den of Geek (posted on another Jonathan Rhys Meyers is DRACULA! thread--because we need more than one because JRM is SO HOT, like Johnny Depp untainted by the baggage of a long Hollywood history)

by Ha, Hareply 2310/27/2013

In that scene of him dressing, right near the beginning of the show after he's revived, do we get a glimpse of his pubes? On NBC?

by Ha, Hareply 2410/27/2013

Good show, so far.

by Ha, Hareply 2510/27/2013

R24, that's what I thought!

by Ha, Hareply 2610/29/2013
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