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I now notice people EVERYWHERE cradling their mugs

Thanks, DataLounge.

by Non mug cradler reply 710/19/2013

I had never seen it before except in homes where people were trying to conserve on heat. It's always accompanied by a overly large sweater, bulky cardigan to best effect.

by Non mug cradler reply 110/19/2013

Maybe there's nothing wrong with CRADLING a mug! Maybe it's comforting! Maybe it keeps your hands warm while you simultaneously draw your knees onto your couch and blow into your mug.


by Non mug cradler reply 210/19/2013

These days I cradle in public, to see if I can spot anyone rolling their eyes

by Non mug cradler reply 310/19/2013

Famous mug cradlers:

Katherine of Aragon Vincent Van Gogh John Kennedy Boris Karloff Rosa Parks Barbara Pym Sonny Liston Ed Sullivan Penelope Keith Sam Giancano William Randolph Hearst

by Non mug cradler reply 410/19/2013

F&F R2!

by Non mug cradler reply 510/19/2013

I reignite this trend in the 24th century.

by Non mug cradler reply 610/19/2013

Everything about be cradling furore on the DL cracks me up.

I had coffee the other day that arrived in a cup within oversized handle that looped to the bottom of the cup. It was virtually impossible not to cradle - I think the cup was designed that way, and yet it was in an art gallery with a very minimalist, severe aesthetic.

by Non mug cradler reply 710/19/2013
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