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Oh thank god

DL is back.

by Relievedreply 1410/19/2013

One day DL will be gone. And I'll keep checking it for weeks like a test lab monkey searching for a bit of banana.

by Relievedreply 110/19/2013

The orgy/potluck is now cancelled.

by Relievedreply 210/19/2013

WTF happened. And I hope it's never gone.

by Relievedreply 310/19/2013

I'll be cradling a wistful mug of coffee and weeping as I slurp

by Relievedreply 410/19/2013

I like that for this thread, R1 strikes a pensive/bitter note rather than the usual bitchery.

So true. We're all addicts.

by Relievedreply 510/19/2013

I knew a website that was down for a while. But then it died.

by Relievedreply 610/19/2013

I hope no one will judge me for having smeared myself in shit and blood and troll-posted iVillage all night.

by Relievedreply 710/19/2013

Aw, I missed you guys

by Relievedreply 810/19/2013

I got caught up on some internet TV viewing.

by Relievedreply 910/19/2013

OP - it's pronounced FANK YOU

by Relievedreply 1010/19/2013

Whenever DL goes blank I get the heebie jeebies like oh no what did I do then like something sinister is going down. There's never any explanation, not even technical difficulties or site maintenance notification.

by Relievedreply 1110/19/2013

Datalounge is like DeBeers , they gotta restrict the supply to keep up the demand.

by Relievedreply 1210/19/2013

While you were gone, some idiot Boy Scout "Leaders" purposely knocked down a 170 million year old rock formation. I wish it had rolled over on him.

Fat fucks.

by Relievedreply 1310/19/2013

It is as if millions of bitchy, cackling voices suddenly cried out in terror and were suddenly silenced.

by Relievedreply 1410/19/2013
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