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That wacky crowd in Marin County is refusing to get its kids vaccinated.

Measles, chicken pox, whooping cough....I've had them all and they're no fun.

The "refusal" rate in Marin is currently 8%.

by Dr. Salkreply 1310/20/2013

Blame Jenny McCarthy.

by Dr. Salkreply 110/20/2013

isn't it new age vegan nuttiness?

by Dr. Salkreply 210/20/2013

Maybe they will do us a favor and all die off.

by Dr. Salkreply 310/20/2013

The anti-vaccination crowd has been around as long as vaccination has been used in the West (the Arabs discovered it centuries before Jenner.) It's okay for people to refuse to have their kids vaccinated so long as there's a critical mass of parents who ARE getting their kids vaccinated, but once it falls below a certain minimum the "herd immunity" effect gives out and serious epidemics ensure.

People have been given a false sense of safety through a couple of generations of access to antibiotics and state-enforced sanitation and public health measures like immunization, mosquito eradication, fluoridation of the water supply, adding iodine to table salt and pasteurization of milk and juices. They're even getting out of the habit of washing their hands after taking a crap, which is probably the single most important life-saving development in human history. There are reasons why the average American life expectancy is dropping, and it's all preventable and due to ignorance and neglect. So wash your hands and get your shots, folks, and don't drink any raw milk.

by Dr. Salkreply 410/20/2013

My friends went that route with their two kids. The oldest is like eleven and the other is three and they've never had a health crisis or scare.

by Dr. Salkreply 510/20/2013

I had no vaccine, I drank raw milk. I am fine.

by Dr. Salkreply 610/20/2013

No you are not fine, you are putting yourself a risk to catch and be able to carry and spread terrible diseases that are 100% preventable. That is a special kind of stupid.

by Dr. Salkreply 710/20/2013

So hey, when the apocalyptic plagues arrive, the rich will die first!

Seriously, I know some of these new age nutballs, and they all think that being super-picky organic-herbal-veggie eaters is a more effective defense against disease than vaccinations.

They understand neither biology nor history. They don't understand how the immune system works, and they've forgotten that every single person who died of the Black Plague lived on 100% organic food!

by Dr. Salkreply 810/20/2013

I know we get ridiculed when we hysterically flail : "Think of the children!!!" But damn! I feel sorry for the children who won't get the protection they need because their parents want to prove a point.

by Dr. Salkreply 910/20/2013


People have died of these diseases---and usually it was not proceeded by a series of health crises.

Disease happens without prior warning. You can claim that smoking is safe because a bunch of friends who smoked have not had any health crises.

But disease usually hits at once without warning crises beforehand.

And sometimes it does not hit at all.

But that does not negate the efficacy of precautions.

by Dr. Salkreply 1010/20/2013

Imagine an effective and safe vaccine that prevented HIV infection. Would anyone at risk refuse it?

As an older adult (60) I have been recently completed an immunization protocol at my doctor's urging (shingles, TDAP, Hep A and B, flu). I am in very good health and want to stay that way.

People who resist vaccines for children are foolish.

My older brother was stricken with polio at age 4, a few years later we all got the Salk vaccine in school. My brother spent two years in the hospital, and came home with a severely palsied right arm. As an adult he had many health problems related to his childhood illness.

by Dr. Salkreply 1110/20/2013

R11, do not attempt to speak good sense to zealots, and do not expect them to respond to your brother's story with compassion and understanding.

It's not just Marin County. This movement is spreading across California and the country.

by Dr. Salkreply 1210/20/2013

Reminds me of the man who quit smoking in his 70's because he didn't want to get cancer. Sure he was one of the lucky ones. Why take the risk? Who's to say he wasn't in denial of the toll it had already taken on his looks and other health issues?

Those that refuse vaccines are selfishly playing Russian roulette for their kids, as well as for others. Would you deny affordable preventive treatment for you pets too?

by Dr. Salkreply 1310/20/2013
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