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This message is for Marco. He knows who he is...

You've taught me so much. But I'm done with this little thing called DL life. Thanks for teaching me why Whitney is great, Celine is only so-so, and allowing me to love Gaga (the only pop star I've ever loved).

I wish you and your Ontarian husband all the best!

by Jreply 2210/19/2013

Fuck you, cunt. How dare you speak to me that way!!??

by Jreply 110/17/2013

Oh I know him. He dumped Jim Craig on my doorstep.

by Jreply 210/17/2013

Mom liked me best, you old whore!

by Jreply 310/17/2013

Celine is considered so-so but you love Gaga? Well someone needs to be re-schooled.

by Jreply 410/17/2013

What? And what's with the thread.

My husband is not from Ontario, but that is beside the point. What's up?

by Jreply 510/17/2013

Hey now, hey now!

by Jreply 610/17/2013


by Jreply 710/17/2013

[quote]And what's with the thread.

Well, you tell us, Marco. It's your dorky friend who started it.

by Jreply 810/17/2013

Marco, I am so very hurt ....

by Jreply 910/17/2013

Take a message for Marco..... address is to his ...husband. Well that doesn't work.

by Jreply 1010/17/2013

OP's been to paradise, but he's never been to meeeeeeeeeeeeee......eeeeeeeee.....eeeeeeeee....

by Jreply 1110/17/2013


by Jreply 1210/18/2013

She doesn't mean Marco. She means ME. And she knows I don't have an Ontarian husbear.

by Jreply 1310/18/2013

Canadian drama. The only thing more boring than lesbian drama.

by Jreply 1410/18/2013

Marco, of course I meant Montreal. Just a brain freeze.

And this might be lame to you, R14, but it wasn't meant for you. And I'm American, btw.

Just wanted to let someone on the DL I appreciate them. Trying to be a nicer human.

Now, we can all resume being assholes and bitches! And yup, I love Gaga. I'm young. We tend to like people our age. Well, most of us. My real musical heroes are: Pink Floyd, Nirvana, The Who, The Smiths, The Cure, The Pixies, Neutral Milk Hotel, Built to Spill, Elliott Smith, Nick Drake, Badly Drawn Boy, among others a thousand times more, but Gaga is the only pop star that really did it for me. Marco helped me change that. Thought I would say thanks.

But I've been on the DL for a long time and LOVE the bitch retorts. Would expect nothing less.

by Jreply 1510/18/2013

You couldn't have sent him a message on Facebook?

by Jreply 1610/18/2013

Email broken?

by Jreply 1710/18/2013


Why didn't you just bump the "most dynamic voices" thread? You two basically took over that one.

by Jreply 1810/18/2013

Nice recovery J. But keep my name out of your mouth on DL. I don't appreciate it. I think you had a bit more than a brain freeze - it was more of a meltdown. I think I know why. My bf warned me this would happen.

I am sorry that my instruction turned into a long, self indulgent lecture. I hear you, and yes you are a bit young in some ways. Musicians of my training and caliber must look beyond teenage angst or garage band memories when evaluating musical merit. I have much broader taste and experience than you know. It is not all subjective. Regardless, our topic is exhausted and class is dismissed.

Take care J. It was sweet, in spots. You've pissed me off now, but I know you're a good guy.

You deal with the bitches.

Ciao bello.

by Jreply 1910/18/2013

[quote] You've pissed me off now

Well, this has taken a turn

[quote] But keep my name out of your mouth on DL. I don't appreciate it.

Get over yourself "Marco". As if anyone know/cares who you are.

by Jreply 2010/18/2013

Shit, sorry for this Marco. God. I just wanted to let you know how grateful I was for teaching me music in a form I didn't really know. My MAJOR bad. And has another said, I should have kept it in "our" thread. Again. My bad. So, sorry!

by Jreply 2110/19/2013

Huge disconnect going on here.

Marco sounds like a pompous ass.

by Jreply 2210/19/2013
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