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Mr. Hollywood's Star Tour

For the time being, I am settling here. If you have any questions about celebrity homes, and their histories, as well as more simple, yes & no Hollywood questions, I'm here. Thank you.

by Mr. Hollywoodreply 17501/25/2015

Just go away you inane troll. You are tedious and we are all sick of you.

by Mr. Hollywoodreply 110/17/2013

Funny R1

by Mr. Hollywoodreply 210/17/2013

R1 Thank you. You made me want to stay. Good day !

by Mr. Hollywoodreply 310/17/2013

Any advice for someone who's going to LA for a weekend? Any good places to spot celebrities, or any homes-of-the-stars that are visible from the street?

If Sharon Stone came out and yelled at me to go away, it'd make my weekend.

by Mr. Hollywoodreply 410/17/2013

I can't believe Rudolph Valentino's home was torn down. It should have been saved.

by Mr. Hollywoodreply 510/17/2013

love u Mr H.

by Mr. Hollywoodreply 610/17/2013

Who would you say lives surprisingly modestly? I am thinking of a home and decor that isn't particularly impressive or luxurious.

by Mr. Hollywoodreply 710/17/2013

Does Leeza Gibbons still live in Joan Crawford's Brentwood home?

by Mr. Hollywoodreply 810/17/2013

Just keep those lips sealed, Mr. H!

by Mr. Hollywoodreply 910/17/2013

What happened to the other Mr. Hollywood thread?

by Mr. Hollywoodreply 1010/17/2013

Leeza Gibbons never lived in Crawford's Brentwood home - she lived in another home that Joan 'supposedly' lived in during the mid-late 20's , in the Hollywood Hills. It was very pretty - old time Hollywood mini-mansion. But she sold that (in 2010 for $4,795,000), and moved from that home, to a much newer house in Beverly Hills, a few years ago - then she sold that too, a couple months ago, for $6,900,000. You'll probably realize her ET like visibility days seem to have passed for Leeza, a very nice lady, and I now hear she, her 4th husband, & family, are moving back to where she's originally from - South Carolina.These houses, and their upkeep, are crazy expensive... I know.

(Supposed Joan Crawford) / Gibbons house - 1760 Courtney Ave., LA

L. Gibbons - 1112 Tower Rd., Beverly Hills

Crawford/ "Mommie Dearest" house (1929-1955)- 426 N. Bristol Ave., LA

by Mr. Hollywoodreply 1110/17/2013

Shut up, r11. You are boring everyone to tears.

by Mr. Hollywoodreply 1210/17/2013

R5 I think it was a tragedy that home was torn own. What many people don't realize it was also the LA home of tobacco heiress Doris Duke, from 1952, till her death there, in 1993 - either by the hand of her butler, and companion, Bernard Lafferty, or not - depending on who you believe. It's also very close - just up the hill a bit , from the Sharon Tate murder home. Duke told friends, re that night , that she couldn't believe she hadn't heard any of the screams of the poor people who were chased out, and stabbed, on the front lawn.

Falcons Lair - 1436 Bella Dr., Beverly Hills

Tate home - 10050 Cielo Dr., Beverly Hills

BTW - great site to learn about this home : myloveofoldhollywood.blogspot

by Mr. Hollywoodreply 1310/17/2013

R12 I know....I'm weeping as I write this. It's awful, isn't it

by Mr. Hollywoodreply 1410/17/2013

Thank you Mr. H!

by Mr. Hollywoodreply 1510/17/2013

This thread is closed due to lack of interest.

by Mr. Hollywoodreply 1610/17/2013

Mr H. I'm still interested

by Mr. Hollywoodreply 1710/17/2013

R7 One person who comes to mind, relative to his success, fame, and income, is Jon Hamm. He and his gf, Jennifer, an actress & screenwriter, bought their home in a less fashionable area of Los Feliz, long before he hit it big. They paid $900,000, for it in 2002, and though it's a nice house - it is very understated, and simple ( I've been in it). Doesn't mean he won't turn around next week, and move to a bigger, posh home in a better area, but he (and Jennifer) are cool, & have stayed very balanced.

Hamm home - 2035 N. Catalina St., LA

by Mr. Hollywoodreply 1810/17/2013

Mr. H, are past property ownership records public records in L.A.? Like is there somewhere where you can look up "Rudolph Valentino (or real name)" and find all the homes he may have owned in the city/county? In the past I've wanted to see houses of minor celebrities that are not on the "maps to the stars homes".

by Mr. Hollywoodreply 1910/18/2013

R19 You can try The Movieland Directory. It has many names,and addresses,of past & present celebs. If you can't find it, I guarantee I'll have the info.

by Mr. Hollywoodreply 2010/18/2013

How many homes did WR Hearst and/or Marion Davies own in the L.A. area?

by Mr. Hollywoodreply 2110/18/2013

I love the Owlwood House.


by Mr. Hollywoodreply 2210/18/2013

Troll thread.

by Mr. Hollywoodreply 2310/18/2013

Hi would like to know what happened to the home of the late Zola Taylor. She was married to singer Frankie Lymon. She lost her claim to his estate. Halle Berry played her in"Why Do Fools Fall in Love".

by Mr. Hollywoodreply 2410/18/2013

r24 here forgot to add she was one of the lead singers of "The Platters"

by Mr. Hollywoodreply 2510/18/2013

I can verify that Jon Hamm does live in that listed address. I'm surprised too, as its not the most private of homes.

by Mr. Hollywoodreply 2610/18/2013

Mr. H regarding Hamm---penile measurements, please?

by Mr. Hollywoodreply 2710/18/2013

R22 The Owlwood home has a great Hollywood history. Built in 1936 for the ex- wife of dept. store, & real estate heir Arthur Letts Jr. His father founded the Broadway, & Bullocks stores, & developed Westwood- home of UCLA, and a prime LA neighborhood, and Holmby Hills, THE prime LA neighborhood, where Owlwood is. Letts continued living in his own home, now known as Hefner's Playboy Mansion , almost next door. Designed by Robert Farquhar for Florence Quinn, the home was then owned by, among others, Joseph Schenk, co - founder of 20th Century Fox - who had a fling ( before she was famous) with Marilyn Monroe, who briefly moved into the guest house, Tony Curis, who then sold it to Sonny & Cher, in 1974, for $750,000 (must have been nice to get a beautiful mansion, and grounds, for that price). Eventually, it was bought by Roland & Dawn Arnall, for $35,000,000. He was a billionaire, who was a leader in the disastrous sub-prime mortage lending field - he was one of the crooks , in Mr. H's opinion, who believed in giving loans without verification of income, founding Ameriquest. And guess what - he sold it all , to Citigroup, for an undisclosed amount, in 2007 - interesting timing being that the financial crisis hit almost immediately after, leaving Arnall unscathed. Hmm. But Mr. H digresses. Roland, the crook, died a year later ( Karma ?), but before he did, he and wifey bought up 3 neighboring homes around them, to expand to almost 10 acres . One of the homes they bought, was on the corner of Sunset Blvd., & S. Carolwood Dr. - and once known as Jayne Mansfield's Pink Palace, with a heart shaped swimming pool, built by her (then) husband, Mae West muscleman ( and Mariska Hargitay's father) Mickey. Engelbert Humperdinck later bought it, and lived there for years, then sold it to the Arnalls , who leveled it, in 2004 - without the proper permits. And you can have it all, for $150,000,000.

Fun facts - the agent for the house is Mauricio Umansky, married to Kyle Richards, of "Real Housewives Of BH".

The property is almost directly the street from the home where Michael Jackson died - 100 N. Carolwood Dr.

The driveway shown in "Sunset Blvd" when William Holden gets a flat tire, would be almost exactly where Owlwood is - 10060 Sunset. Though the driveway / gate area was used - the actual mansion was miles away (and owned by J. Paul Getty's ex-wife) at 641 S. Irving Blvd.,LA. Ann Getty rented it to Paramount on the condition they put a pool in - and if she didn't like it, the studio would have to restore the property, to pre-filming conditions. She liked it. 5 years later, that pool was used again at the end of "Rebel Without A Cause", when James Dean, Natalie Wood, and Sal Mineo find an empty house...and pool. The home was torn down in 1957 to make way for an office bldg. for the Getty oil headquarters.

by Mr. Hollywoodreply 2810/18/2013

The Owlwood address : 141 S. Carolwood Dr., LA

by Mr. Hollywoodreply 2910/18/2013

If I had $150,000,000 to buy the Owlwood place do you think Mauricio would throw in a congratulatory fuck with it ?

I adore that house and would adore a nice fuck with Mauricio,

by Mr. Hollywoodreply 3010/19/2013

R30 Do you have breasts AND a penis ? Would you wear a cheap wig, and fishnets ? You would possibly have a better chance if you were a tranny, or in training. OTOH, most of these agents are so desperate to make deals, if you paid the $150 mil., he'd throw in Kim, Paris, Kathy, & possibly Rick Hilton, and do the garden for a year, to get full price.

by Mr. Hollywoodreply 3110/19/2013

For anyone interested, the real Norma Desmond (obsessed with her public, looks, aging) -Madonna, has sold her 'Sunset Blvd.' home for $19.5 million. She originally was asking $28 mil. Like Norma - delusional.

by Mr. Hollywoodreply 3210/24/2013

Mr. H are you a realtor?

by Mr. Hollywoodreply 3310/24/2013

R33 No I am not. I promise you I have never sold anyone elses home(s), but my own, in my life. But real estate, and it's value, was taught to me by a family member early on and I think of some homes (as I do vintage cars) as pieces of art. And what does facinate me ( being raised in this area) is the provenance of homes. Some people thrill over beautiful art, jewelry,or designer dresses (and yes, I admit I did go to the Liz Taylor auction, and did enjoy seeing the ring, all the other jewelry, and her various pieces of clothing) - but for me, being invited to her Bel Air home, and seeing it first hand, was more fun. That is someone's space -where they choose to live, how they decorate, what possessions they prefer around them. Homes, and their property, are what I enjoy - but again, though I know many realtors here - I am not now, nor have I ever been one, myself.

by Mr. Hollywoodreply 3410/24/2013

does/did Leeza Gibbons have a thing for black men?

by Mr. Hollywoodreply 3510/25/2013

Any new developments with the Los Felix Murder House that you know of, Mr. H?

by Mr. Hollywoodreply 3610/25/2013

R35 No. That's ancient rumor. She may have a weakness for handsome, unemployed actors, re marrying, but the swirl is not Leeza's deal..

by Mr. Hollywoodreply 3710/25/2013

R36 Do you mean the Los Felix the Cat case ? (I kid). Re Los Feliz, are you talking about last year's gruesome "Sons Of Anarchy"actor, Jonny Lewis' flip out murder, and death ? Or another one ?

by Mr. Hollywoodreply 3810/25/2013

Whatever happened to the Errol Flynn home, later owned by Rick Nelson? Is it still around? I've heard all the stories of the two-way mirrors and acres and acres of land up on the hillside.

by Mr. Hollywoodreply 3910/25/2013

Flynn lost the house, in 1953, to ex-wife Lily Damita, in 1953. It was sold to a developer, and the over 10 acres was split up in 1958 into 3 parcels - with Flynn's home remaining on over 7 acres. Suzy & Stuart Hamblin bought it in 1959 ( for $180,000), & lived there till 1980 - when Rick Nelson bought it for $750,000. It was terribly run down. A mess. But he did a tiny bit of fixing it - just to make it livable. Then , he died. So trivia fans, the last people to inhabit Flynn's 'Mulholland Farm' as it was called, were blonde twinks Gunnar & Matthew Nelson , "Nelson" as they were known. They moved out after their father's death, and it was sold to a RE speculator (Steve Weis - who leveled Flynn's house), than to New York Seltzer owner, Randy Miller, for $4.3 million. He essentially bought landscaped grounds, tennis court, pool - everything but a house. So Helen Hunt bought the property in '07, and designed, and built her dream house. Guess what - Miss Fickle never moved in, & she sold it in '02, to Justin Timberlake, for $8.3 million. Like the footprint of the Sharon Tate home, which had an enormous mansion built on what had been a modest California ranch style house, the Flynn home , and it's history, lay beneath a giant 13,530 sq. ft. Mediterranean style mansion.

by Mr. Hollywoodreply 4010/25/2013

Forgot to give you the address : 3100 Torreyson Pl., LA

by Mr. Hollywoodreply 4110/25/2013

Tracy Nelson has said she's experienced Errol's ghost in that home and it was not pleasant.

And sorry, Los Feliz house. The one that has been nearly untouched since the father killed his wife and tried to kill his 3 teens before poisoning himself in 1959. It sits under the Ennis House on Glendower.

by Mr. Hollywoodreply 4210/26/2013

R42 OK - that story is fascinating. Dr. Harold Perelson killed his wife with a ball- peen ( Mr. H has to laugh at any tool with that name) hammer, beat their 18 year old daughter savagely, and then killed himself by drinking a glass of acid - the 50's were so innocent ? Authorities removed the 2 younger children 11 & 13, from the house, locked it up, and left. That's the incident (for background). A year later, the home was sold to The Enriquez family, who pretty much only used it for storage (?) - they never stayed overnight. Jump ahead to 1994, when their son Rudy inheirits the home. Bizarrely, 35 years after the murder, he continues what his parents did - bringing items over to store, but never spending the night. And remember, nothing had been changed since the murder - the Perelson's furniture was still covered with sheets, a 1950's era TV, a plastic Christmas tree, with dust covered presents still wrapped, sitting under it. The only real changes to the house have been the disappearance of some of the vintage 1920's Spanish lights, on the exterior - stolen by thieves, and the city requiring Rudy to 'maintain' the home by replacing peeling stucco, and painting the house. We're talking a property, that if kept in normal condition, worth $3-4 million. it's a beautiful, grand old house - over 5,000 sq. ft., a conservatory, a ballroom, 4 bedrooms, with sweeping views of the city.

Now since it's right before Halloween, Mr. H will add an extra creepiness to the story ( and not that pic of Patrick McGilligan, that someone wants to convince you is me). This home, built in 1925, already had another incident. From the Obituary section, LA Times -Dec. 6, 1931. Donald Beaton,aged 20 years, beloved son of Mr. and Mrs. Welfare Beaton, and brother of Mary Beaton and Mrs. E. A. Bowen. That obit was listed the exact same day the Dr. Perelson murder/ suicide happened 28 years later. Don't know what killed the 20 year old, but the the home was immediately put up for auction, after he died. That's some strange 1st season "American Horror Story" stuff going on there.

Home - 2475 Glendower Pl., LA

The Frank Lloyd Wright Ennis House - 2607 Glendower Pl., LA *

*( used in films like The House On Haunted Hill, The Day Of The Locust, Blade Runner. The home now has landmark status - listed on the National Registry of Historic Places. There was a time when possible buyers were considering knocking it down - Mr. H hates that trend. Luckily, grocery magnate Ron Burkle, ex 'friend of Bill' bought it in 2011, and continues restoration.Burkle lives in the old Harold Llyod estate, 'Green Acres', which almost backs up to Mr. Geffen's Angelo Dr. Property.

Ron Burkle - 1740 Green Acres Way, Beverly Hills

by Mr. Hollywoodreply 4310/26/2013

Watched "Whatever Happened to Baby Jane" & was wondering about the house & neighborhood. Does it still exists? Love that movie. Bette was rough with Joan!

by Mr. Hollywoodreply 4410/26/2013

re:Owlwood. i was there when it was owned by a man called Gazi Aitah ( not sure of the spelling. It was filled with models who used to put on sex shows for him and his friends. Mostly European and /middle Eastern. Very sleazy scene. I was taken there by Cary Leeds. See other threads about him. He would sometimes perform sexually for Gazi and his friends with models of both sexes and would be paid handsomely.

by Mr. Hollywoodreply 4510/26/2013

R44 Yes, Bette was rough on Joan - for real. In the scene where Bette discovers Joan on the phone downstairs, talking to the Dr., Bette was supposed to 'kick' Joan - fake it, by pulling her foot back just before 'connecting'. But Davis claimed she got carried away during one take ( " I'm an actress.....I was acting"), and really let Crawford have it, causing bruises, and stitches, on her head. Joan got back at Bette however. In the scene where Bette has to untie Joan's hands, and drag her out of bed, Bette announced "Please help me a bit - I've got a bad back" - meaning, don't be a complete dead weight Joan. So what does Crawford do ? She loads herself up with a weight belt, and goes totally limp. Davis strained her back. They deserved each other.

"Baby Jane" home - 172 S. McCadden Pl.,LA

by Mr. Hollywoodreply 4610/26/2013

Mr. H, you are a treasure.

I could add a note or two about the FFA* parties on Lakewood Ave. in Silverlake.

*Fist Fuckers Of America

by Mr. Hollywoodreply 4710/26/2013

R44 Ah yes ....Ghazi Aita, sleaze extrodinaire ! While his wife Salma lay upstairs at Owlwood- suffering, and eventually dying there ( from Alzheimers), he was booking all Heidi Fleiss' girls, ( and some boys too...WEHT Paul Lekakis ?) to 'entertain' he & his pals. I don't want to get 'Kilgallened' , so I'll just say he was a Syrian middleman , re arms dealing, and well, that's all I'll say. It was always a decadent time at Owlwood, in those days I hear.

by Mr. Hollywoodreply 4810/26/2013

Mr. H, you definitely know your stuff. I guess you meant 45, not 44. But anyone who doubts you on this or other threads hasn't any where near the information you have. Did you know Cary during his LA days? Talk about endowed, boy. he was amazing. and did some private films.

by Mr. Hollywoodreply 4910/26/2013

R49 Yes- so sorry.# 45. No, I did not know Cary. But those films have been talked about (but I have never seen) for many years. He sounds like he was quite amazing - and not just for his one talent.

by Mr. Hollywoodreply 5010/26/2013

I am sure you will find more info on Cary. You know too much not to know people who've been with him.

by Mr. Hollywoodreply 5110/26/2013

Mr. Hollywood, thank you so much for your threads. You are a legend on your own!

My questions is if you have any dish on Jessica Chastain, Christian Bale or Rooney Mara. Random, I know, but it's pretty difficult to read any rumors on them - they are very guarded. Thanks in advance!

by Mr. Hollywoodreply 5210/26/2013

R52. Jessica is engaged to Gian Luca Passi de Preposulo, an executive with the Italian clothing co., Moncler. Hear she's happy. Also hear she's happy in Jodie's crowd, or very comfortable. So, who knows what Chatty's got going on. She's a nice girl. Christian Bale's a horror show, most of the time. Whether it's bi-polar , as some tell me, or just extreme anger issues, it tells you a lot when a 'rant' like his Batman audio was released a few years ago. That only happens when a person, or people, want that out - as in , you need to calm down buddy, cause we, who work with you, are sick of it. Anyway, if he's on his meds, I hear he can be quite personable. Not gay. Rooney Mara - some have said she's an entitled bitch ( comes from an east coast wealthy family), others she's shy, and inhibited,re fame. I buy the former - I've known very few Irish- Italian girls who are 'shy' , and a couple people I know who dealt with her directly, say using bitch is too nice a word. She likes boys & occasionally girls I understand .

by Mr. Hollywoodreply 5310/26/2013

What are the private films to which R49 is referring? I was under the impression that all the rumors about Cary Grant's bisexuality were unfounded, no?

By the way, LOVING these threads! Which go really well with the book I'm reading about the Chateau Marmont.

by Mr. Hollywoodreply 5410/27/2013

Mr. Hollywood, can we confirm once & for all that the infamous "Coke Mom" is indeed Debra Messing?

by Mr. Hollywoodreply 5510/27/2013

Yes, R55 . I wanna know too!

by Mr. Hollywoodreply 5610/27/2013

Any stories about the Bel Air home that was owned by John and Michelle Phillips?

Wasn't it originally built by Jeanette MacDonald?

by Mr. Hollywoodreply 5710/27/2013

R54 - We were talking about Cary Leeds, not Cary Grant (see#45)

by Mr. Hollywoodreply 5810/27/2013

R57 The home was not built by Jeanette MacDonald - it was built in 1926, 11 years before she & husband Gene Raymond moved in. The couple would live at "Twin Gables" ( named for it's 2 roof peaks, and English Tudor style) till 1962 , when her health began to fail. They sold the home to friend Bo Roos (a business mgr. to stars like Fred MacMurray, John Wayne, & Red Skelton). He sold the house, in 1967, to 'Mamas And The Papas' singer / writer John Phillips , who with girlfriend, and then wife, Michele, moved in. They were huge stars at that time. They had tons of parties - New Years Eve in 1968, where an unknown Charles Manson showed up to do drugs, try to get John interested in his songs ( he wasn't ) and ended up asking the couple if he could park his van in the large driveway, which they allowed for a time.Mackenzie Phillips , just a kid at the time, would later describe the home as "dirty and broken. Very little going on inside except sex,drugs, and rock n roll. The housekeeper hadn't been paid, or she was screwing my father. John had no fear. He carried on an affair with Mia Farrow even after husband Frank Sinatra found out. He just bought guns, bur still continued with Mia". It is also where Mackenzie says her incestuous relationship began with her father.But by the early 70's, it was over for John Phillips - Michele divorcing him, the group disbanded, & he owing lots of $ to the IRS, he sold the house to a new music star - Sly Stone . Stone redid the house in black, white, and red. Shag carpet. Tiffany lamps. A round water bed in the master bedroom. And drugs, drugs,drugs. People said when it got to daily PCP intake, all his employees finally bailed. And Sly did too, unable to keep up with the mortage & taxes on the house, when his income dwindled to almost nothing. It was sold to a Japanese Corp., Bbc, who then sold it to shopping center owner ( Mall Of America), Mel Simon, who's widow sold it, in 2007, to producer, promoter, and major Univision investor, Jerry Perenchio. He bought the Kirkeby estate ( better known as "The Beverly Hillbillies" mansion), and every property around him, only to level the homes, and expand his grounds - which is exactly what he did with the Jeanette MacDonald home. Only her home was across the street from those famous "Hillbilly" gates. He bought it anyway, leveled it, and uses it as a parking lot , and growing vines, for grapes. Jeanette, John, & Sly ( who really does live in a van now - not down by the river, but by a friends house in south LA) wouldn't recognize the place anymore. And there are no walls anymore to talk.

by Mr. Hollywoodreply 5910/27/2013

The MacDonald / Phillips / Stone property - 783 Bel Air Rd. , LA

by Mr. Hollywoodreply 6010/27/2013

Thanks Mr. H.! That house would surely be haunted if it still stood!

by Mr. Hollywoodreply 6110/27/2013

I done tol' Jed ya couldn't trust them Hollywood folk cep'n Hoot Gibson 'n' John Wayne! Them goomers is crazier'n Bessy was after she done drank all my roomatiz medicine.

by Mr. Hollywoodreply 6210/27/2013

R44 Thank you for the reply! I love watching old movies & wondering if the homes & neighborhoods are still intact. Sad to hear about the ones in disrepair or completely leveled like the one in "Rebel Without a Cause". I don't have a problem with "McMansions" but historic integrity can NEVER be replaced. Thanks again!

by Mr. Hollywoodreply 6310/27/2013

Mr H. how come we don't see any more Robin Leach style "Lifestyles" shows of the Hollywood elite.. It's like they dried up in the mid 90's. On the one hand stars show everything in architectural mags but no one wants to let a camera in their house, unless they are trashy reality nouveau riche arrivistes.

by Mr. Hollywoodreply 6410/27/2013

What can you tell us abou the house used in 'Laurel Canyon' I read at the time of filming it was about to undergo a renovation / restoration, but haven't seen anything since.

by Mr. Hollywoodreply 6510/27/2013

Who lives in the Lana Turner Stompanato stabbing house?

by Mr. Hollywoodreply 6610/27/2013

Mr H. Are you sure Jessica Chastain is engaged?

by Mr. Hollywoodreply 6710/27/2013

Mr H, I was the OP who requested information on Chastain, Mara and Bale. Thank you so much! I am bit shocked over revelation of Jessica being a member of Jodie's knitting circle. There is almost zero (except some blind items) gossips of her not being straight in contrary to everyone being in glass closet. I also thought she had amazing chemistry with Tom Hardy. Have they ever hooked up?

by Mr. Hollywoodreply 6810/27/2013

R66 That Lana Turner home has probably changed the least of any home I can think of , considering that was 55 years ago - it looks almost identical to how it did the night Mr. JS ( or Jiant Sausage) got it in the gut. Bob Dylan's ex, Sara, lives a few doors down, as did banana lady, Carmen Miranda, and vintage sexaholic Clara Bow also lived down the street at one time. And another mobster, Bugsy Siegel, was killed just 2 blocks away, at gf Virginia Hill's home, when he was quietly reading the paper, and bullets zipped through the front window, and through Bugsy's face - it blew his left eye out of the socket, messing up his pretty mobbie face forever. AND in 2010, publicist Ronnie Chasen , after the Graumans Chinese premiere of the bomb "Burlesque" was killed driving home (if you believe the police) at the corner of Sunset & Whittier Drive. My own feeling - she was shot ON Whittier. - but that's a whole other story. It's also where Howard Hughes crashed his plane into a house, in 1946 ( shown in "The Aviator", AND where Jan Berry ( Jan & Dean) crashed his car at the infamous Dead Man's Curve. Any wonder why some have dubbed this area the Beverly Hills own Bermuda Triangle ?

To answer your question, BH socialite Betty Hollingsworth lives in Lana's old home.

Lana Turner stabbing house - 730 N. Bedford Dr.

Bugsy Siegel death house - 810 N. Linden Dr.

Howard Hughes plane crash into - 805 N. Linden Dr. / A Wallace Neff designed home that just sold for $6,245,500, and soon to be leveled. Shame on the Beverly Hills Preservation / Cultural Heritage Commission if they let that happen. Incidentally , at the time of the crash , actress Rosemary DeCamp was asleep in the home, but was not injured.

Ronnie Chasen's car crashed into light pole after shooting - 815 N. Whittier / She was mortally wounded, and her car crashed into the pole, knocking it to the ground.

by Mr. Hollywoodreply 6910/27/2013

Not to mention that Rosemary DeCamp (that would be a great drag name BTW) played Marlo Thomas's mother on "That Girl".

This should be on that "weird Hollywood connections" thread - I forgot its title.

by Mr. Hollywoodreply 7010/27/2013

Mr. H, why was Ronnie Chasen murdered? So many theories abound. What are your thoughts on the matter?

by Mr. Hollywoodreply 7110/27/2013

R71 That Ronnie Chasen case is a puzzler. First, I do not believe the bicyclist / robbery theory. Among other things, her supposed killer, when confronted by police, killed himself with a gun - but NOT the one used to kill Chasen. I believe that she got scared on Sunset, made the left on Whittier, and somewhere in that 800 block is where she was shot ( Because there were no bullet casings found on Sunset, nor tempered glass pieces). And from the little I've been told about it, by people who know something of the case, I think it had to do with her brother's gambling debts. He denied any debt, or that he even gambles, but he was co- executor of her will ( with writer/ reporter Martha Smilgis) and stood to inherit the majority of her approximately $6,000,000 estate. That could easily cover the supposed $500,000 he owed to the Russian mob. Ronnie's killed, it not only scares him out of his mind, re threat, and the money problem , due to his inheritance, is now solved. Add to that the fact that from the day after the murder, he was telling the press it was road rage. To quote Larry Cohen " I'm sure it was road rage. I'm sure it was some random kind of thing". This said, BEFORE the BH Police had issued any kind of statement about who may have killed his sister. Really ? Don't get the wrong idea - I do not think he had any idea the murder would happen. It was just a giant warning, and then practical solution, from those he owed money to. And if you read the crime description, you will see it was a contract hit - not some whacked out petty thief on a bike. They target was hit very carefully, by a pro.

by Mr. Hollywoodreply 7210/27/2013

Brilliant, Mr. Hollywood, regarding r72. Reminds one of the short story, "The Monkey's Paw."

"Be careful what you wish for---you may get it."

by Mr. Hollywoodreply 7310/27/2013

It's weird to me looking at pictures of the Lana Turner murder house how seemingly un-private and exposed it was for a star of her magnitude - no wall, no gate. Was that just how big stars lived back then? Unconcerned with security, or even just with snoops walking up from the street to look in the windows?

by Mr. Hollywoodreply 7410/28/2013

R42, I saw Tracy Nelson make that claim on one of those celebrity ghost shows, and if she saw anyone's ghost I doubt it was Flynn's. I would imagine he'd have better things to do in the afterlife, if there is one, especially since he had moved to Jamaica and was getting it on with a 15 year old.

by Mr. Hollywoodreply 7510/28/2013

Anything on the old Allan Carr house "Hillhaven?" I've read of the parties he used to have up there, including one in which Rudy Nuryev ensconced himself in the guest house and had a line outside waiting to "see" him.

by Mr. Hollywoodreply 7610/28/2013

If Ronni was killed by the Russian mob, which I find credible, there's still the question of a cover-up by the BH police force which must have been in bed with the mob. Chilling.

by Mr. Hollywoodreply 7710/28/2013

R74 Yes - a different era, security wise, and every other wise ! For instance why, in looking at old interviews, or photos, did stars always have 'a soda fountain' ? Was that for a clean -appearing image ? Most were drunk off their asses, when not on the set, so what was that about ? My grandfather once told me, back then, a few things that were status symbols - the 'fountain' ( maybe there was booze in the dispensers),and/or wet bar - just a bar, with a sink, an intercom - so you could speak to people throughout the house, plush wall to wall carpeting (the more your feet sunk in, the better), a built in barbecue outside, and a poolhouse.

But if you check any pics of the stars back then, including Lucy, Jimmy Stewart (almost next door), Gene Kelly, Paul Newman - they had these absolutely accessable properties. Only rabid fan draws, like Elvis, or Sinatra, had the gated/walled homes then. As my grandfather once said " If anyone on Roxbury had done that, we would have laughed at them for being so pretentious". How things have changed

by Mr. Hollywoodreply 7810/28/2013

Why wasn't PickFair landmarked?

by Mr. Hollywoodreply 7910/28/2013

R76 So sorry - Mr. H posted a response on the "Mr. Hollywood-Part II" thread by mistake.

R234/ About Hillhaven/Allan Carr

by Mr. Hollywoodreply 8010/28/2013

Thank you for this thread Mr. H. You have better gossip than most of DL combined

by Mr. Hollywoodreply 8110/28/2013

R81 Thanks - appreciate it !

by Mr. Hollywoodreply 8210/29/2013

Thanks Mr. H. Read it. Fabulous. R234.

by Mr. Hollywoodreply 8310/29/2013

By the way, on one of the sites I noticed that the old Terry Melcher (Manson Killings) house on Cielo Drive has been completely redone into a mega mansion that takes up every inch of land, with a pool that has waterfalls and a meandering "river." From the air, the house looks really gross, esp. compared to what used to be there. Do you have any information on the new house, or pics? Who lives there now?

by Mr. Hollywoodreply 8410/29/2013

Didn't the Alan Carr house have an impressive lineage? I think Ingrid Bergman lived there (and used to fuck Roberto Rosselini in the guest house under her husband's nose - though I didn't think Roberto ever stepped foot in Hollywood).

by Mr. Hollywoodreply 8510/29/2013

Mr H what's your opinion on what really went on with Tony Scott when he committed suicide? The stories that he thought he had brain cancer turned out to be false, there were rumors of possible marital discord then nothing. Any whispers-? He had such young children. How does his widow get along with Ridley and the rest of the family.

by Mr. Hollywoodreply 8610/29/2013

R86 Tony Scott's death is still a big mystery - no cancer, no terrible disease ( as was first, wrongly reported, as cause), seemed happy in life & excited about new projects. I think on this one, you follow the 'chemically imbalanced' trail. 1 drug he was on, Remeron, an anti - depressant, is tough stuff - used to treat severe PTSD, among others, and though rare, can induce suicidal ideation & behavior. Combine it with Lunesta, another drug in his system ( for sleep), and who knows ? Those 'sleepers' , Ambien, Sonata,etc. are crazy stuff. I knew someone who would take it, and wanted to have wild sex while on it ( like Tiger Woods), and someone else can take it, and knocks off in 10 minutes, and sleeps for hours. Scott left a farewell note for his family members, expressing his love for them - but no motive for why. Beautiful wife & kids, wealthy - no money problems. The one strange link I was told is that he suffered from a disease involving blindness - that he was progressively going blind, and it was freaking him out since he was in the most visual of mediums. But who knows ? Chalk this one up to still a big mystery .

by Mr. Hollywoodreply 8710/30/2013

So you really do not know why Tony Scott committed suicide and have no special access to any privileged information. Yet you write a long boring and drunken post about it at r87. This seems to be your MO. You are like the old drunk at the gay bar who a few (very few) find fascinating and eerily historical.

by Mr. Hollywoodreply 8810/30/2013

What's the matter R88? Did the aliens forget to remove the anal probe again?

by Mr. Hollywoodreply 8910/30/2013

R88 Well, not drunk yet, but it's still early. My MO is usually to just share thoughts, or info - and on this one, other than the 'going blind' line I heard, you are right....... Oops......just fell off my barstool , at Cafe d'Etoile, where they find me eerily facinating.....or, just a few do.

by Mr. Hollywoodreply 9010/30/2013

R85 Yes it does - I go into it a bit on the "Mr. Hollywood II" thread, R234. Roberto Rossellini did set foot in Hollywood, and the affair with Bergman began way before making "Stromboli" in Italy. RR came to Hollywood in early 1949 per his US agent's request - Ilya Lopert wanted RR to meet Hollywood big shots in hopes of getting financing for future films. Bergman had already written RR a fan letter, telling him she would love to be in one of his films. So RR gets to LA, stays at the Beverly Hills Hotel ( on Lopert's dime - to be paid back, he thought) and goes to a big party Billy Wilder had for him. Though it went against his image, RR actually loved all the Hollywood hoopla, and luxuries. He camped out at the BH Hotel, till Lopert told him he would not pay anymore. It was actually Peter Lindstrom, Ingrid's clueless husband, who told RR to come stay at Hillhaven , in the guest house. Ingrid was thrilled. She'd been married 12 years, was bored, and had already had many discreet affairs during her marriage - to director Victor Fleming, photographer Robert Capa, Gary Cooper, and Greg Peck. And she was married to a brilliant , but emotionally distant Sweed - when she needed passion. So, right under Lindstrom's nose, yes , they began sexing it up in that cottage.

by Mr. Hollywoodreply 9110/30/2013

Oh, god, please stop.

by Mr. Hollywoodreply 9210/30/2013

Feel free to fuck off to another thread, R92.

Mr. H., please continue.

by Mr. Hollywoodreply 9310/30/2013

R92, STFU, FOAD, and so forth. What do you have to contribute that's more interesting?

by Mr. Hollywoodreply 9410/30/2013

R92 You have to be more specific - stop replying, stop coming on DL, stop breathing, living ? Please come forward, and tell me

by Mr. Hollywoodreply 9510/30/2013

When I did the "Tour of the Stars' Homes" (don't laugh, now), I was struck by the fact that celebrities who would never be mentioned in the same sentence could be neighbors (Examples: The Playboy Mansion, Jaclyn Smith's Tara-inspired dwelling and Janet Jackson's modern pile practically back into each other in Holmby Hills, or Charo's mansion borders on the Will Rogers Park whose bathroom was made famous by George Michael.

I admit that my recollection may be slightly distorted.

Who does Mr. H. consider the most unlikely neighbors?

by Mr. Hollywoodreply 9610/30/2013

R96 Great question - but truly unlikely neighbors are everywhere in LA. Ozzie Osbourne used to live next door to Pat Boone, on Beverly Dr. (Oz 906 / Pat 904) and Pat's home is kitty-corner to your mentioned George Michael bathroom (& park). See ? It's all like that. Bob Newhart lives across the street from the (movie) "Mommie Dearest" house in Bel Air, on Amapola Lane - Bob 420 / "Mommie" 417. They'll come to me - Gywnnie Paltrow lives across the street ( 1691 Mandeville Canyon Rd., here in Brentwood) from Peter Lorre's old house.... too easy. Both scary, both make you cringe.....never mind. I'll be back with more.

by Mr. Hollywoodreply 9710/30/2013

Love your posts Mr. H. Thanks for the memories. What do you do (did you do) for a living? Thanks

by Mr. Hollywoodreply 9810/31/2013

R98 I am not a realtor, as so many have suspected here. I have investments in commercial real estate. ( apartment bldgs., office bldgs.) in LA, and a few other places, as well as having a co. which leases luxury homes I own, in Europe, and exotic locations, like the Mauritius Islands, and islands, and deserts, much closer to home. And I am an LA native, born and bred.

by Mr. Hollywoodreply 9910/31/2013

What do you know about that house in Malibu owned by developer Richard Weintraub that is asking 54 million? any scoop on him or the house? Thanks

by Mr. Hollywoodreply 10010/31/2013

[R99]: "like the Mauritius Islands".

Rubbish! If you had been there you would know that the place you are referring to is simply called "Mauritius".

by Mr. Hollywoodreply 10110/31/2013

Thank you for writing in the thread. I, too, would like to know why Pickfair was not protected. I understand that it was far gone with termite damage and could not be saved. What Mary Pickford cheap and did not keep it up? Again, your posts are great.

by Mr. Hollywoodreply 10210/31/2013

R101 WTF ? I know that - but most people don't . They are islands. Most people say " Hawaii", but many still call them the Hawaiian islands. Either way is correct. Ooooh BUSTED !!! What are you, 11 years old ?

by Mr. Hollywoodreply 10310/31/2013

[R103]: you do know that Hawaii and Mauritius are geographically and politically separate places, don't you?

New Zealandish Islands. USA Islands. Ireland Islands - yeah, whatever.

I get that "busted" leads pretty juvenile - in the same way that an adult weaving ridiculous stories about himself for the attention of others does.

by Mr. Hollywoodreply 10410/31/2013

Mr H as the one who originally asked about Tony Scott many thanks for the response despite the interjections of r88 etc. Thanks for the honest answer about not knowing much, I appreciate the fact you offer up what you know and admit what you don't. Wish more had your posting style here.

by Mr. Hollywoodreply 10510/31/2013

From Wikipedia:

"The Republic of Mauritius also incorporates the island of Rodrigues, situated some 560 kilometers to the east and is 104 km2 in area, the Agaléga situated some 1,000 km to the north of Mauritius and Saint Brandon situated some 430 km to the north-east of Mauritius, both with total land area of 71.2 km2. Mauritius claim sovereignty over Tromelin islands, small islands that lie 430 km to the north-east of Mauritius."

Maps show several small islands immediately off the coast of Mauritius.

There's also the nearby Reunion (French). That and numerous tiny islands and reefs make up the Mascarene Islands/archipelago.

by Mr. Hollywoodreply 10610/31/2013

[R106]: Quoting Wikipedia to prove a point - fantastic!

I didn't say that Mauritius doesn't consist of a number of islands, I said that that country is not known as "The Mauritius Islands", which it isn't... anybody other than delusional queens whose knowledge of the geopolitical world has been gleaned from sources such as Wikipedia.

Mr H should stick to studying his dog-eared "Map of the Stars' Homes".

by Mr. Hollywoodreply 10710/31/2013

r107, my Ouija board says Mr. Hollywood is the real thing. And in Italy.

by Mr. Hollywoodreply 10810/31/2013

Mr. Hollywood, what do you know about 12305 5th Helena Drive and what went on there?

by Mr. Hollywoodreply 10910/31/2013

Dear Mr. H

I've asked several times on DL for any gossip on Lucy Lawless and got nada. Maybe she's led a blameless life and I realize it's a random ask, but some / any indication that she's not as entirely as straight as she says she is would make my sad little year. Or anything else juicy. I'll take the flimsiest of half-baked rumors about related real estate at this stage.

Thanks in advance and a thousand blessings be upon you.

by Mr. Hollywoodreply 11010/31/2013

I can help you R110!

Lucy and I used to work out at the same place. A small Auckland gym that only took 2 clients at a time. The core cast of both Xena and Hercules trained there, so I had the fortune of training along side most of these guys.

Unfortunately for you, Lucy is indeed a straight gal. She's also one of the most bubbly and fun people I've ever met. Lots of smiling, and never took herself too seriously (unlike Kevin Sorbo). Her daughter (Daisy, I think) was a sweetheart too, but very shy. I think she was somewhat intimidated by her own mother too. Just a vibe I thought I felt at the time.

Lucy is stunning IRL. I think she will be the next Linda Carter in terms of aging beautifully.

by Mr. Hollywoodreply 11110/31/2013

Thanks so much for taking the time to reply, [R:110]!

That was really kind of you and great to hear she is indeed blameless and a fine human being. Her reputation in that regard proceeds her but it's reassuring to hear it from someone who isn't a crazy and biased uber fan.

However if she's not even a little bit gay I'm going to have to deprogram my long crush from her. It's just too demoralizing to keep crushing on straight girls and

So I'm in the market for an unattainable celebrity with a more open mind and preferably looks exactly like Xena.

Suggestions welcome.

by Mr. Hollywoodreply 11210/31/2013

Sorry, I meant [R:111]. My grief at LL's straightness got me even more confused than her ability to radiate gay despite being straight.

I've heard only negative about Kevin Sorbo, too. An ass. Basically. He once famously ambiguously outed Lucy/Xena in an interview, and even in my reaching state, it was obviously just sour grapes that his show had been eclipsed by hers.

For further reading, please see his Twitter feed, neo-con central.

I'm going away to sob into my Spartacus box set now.

by Mr. Hollywoodreply 11310/31/2013

Mr. H. Now I'm fascinated. Tell us more about you. Most importantly: Are you single? (smile)

by Mr. Hollywoodreply 11411/01/2013

Mr. H, I appreciate all the tales of old (and new) Hollywood. Many thanks!

by Mr. Hollywoodreply 11511/01/2013

The Ouija board says Mr. Hollywood is a powerful friend and dangerous enemy. And he has an over-developed sense of justice. Best not yank his chain. Might get flushed down....

by Mr. Hollywoodreply 11611/01/2013

Mr. H., I enjoy your posts very much. I hope you can/will ignore the trolls who will try to run you off.

by Mr. Hollywoodreply 11711/01/2013

Mr H, I think that you're an interesting story re-teller and fiction writer - you just need to get your "facts" straight (tip - backing up your fantasies using Wikipedia doesn't do a whole lot for your crumbling credibility).

by Mr. Hollywoodreply 11811/02/2013

Were there any gay actors in the Xena/Hercules shows?

by Mr. Hollywoodreply 11911/02/2013

Hi Mr. H: can you tell us anything about who presently owns the Wong House? Any interesting hollywood types that owned it before Scarlett J?

by Mr. Hollywoodreply 12011/02/2013

Is that all there is?

by Mr. Hollywoodreply 12111/03/2013

R120 That is a beautiful home - but there's a bit of a lie to it. Yes, Scarlett & Ryan owned it - in fact they paid $50,000 over asking price when they bought it in 2010 for $2.9 mil. - then sold it only 2 years later for $3.5. But, though it was a Buff & Hensman house, it was not a Case Study house.

To be continued.......

by Mr. Hollywoodreply 12211/04/2013

R120 ....Continued . The B & H Case Study ended in '66 - this house was advertised as built in '68, but was actually built in '69, by B & H - but NOT as a case study house. The pool was added later, and not by B & H - they almost exclusively did rectangular pools. There was a Wong CSH designed by Worley Wong, # 27, which was never built - this is not a Wong house. A lot of false listing info on this , most likely to jack-up the price. If you are not into houses/ architecture/ case study homes, or Buff & Hensman, this all means nothing to you. But Mr. H is , and gives you the lowdown :

Not owned before, or after Scarjo & Ryan, by anyone of renown.

Neighbors include Bob Pattinson, Kirstie Alley, Michael Feinstein, Gerald Butler, Megan Fox & Brian Austin Green, Michael C. Hall, & Sophia Coppola.

Address : 2651 Nottingham Pl., LA

by Mr. Hollywoodreply 12311/04/2013

That house is beautiful. I don't care for the furniture or art, though.

That's my dream of living in LA.

by Mr. Hollywoodreply 12411/04/2013

R123 Thank you Mr. H to clearing up that misconception about authenticity. I thought the pool was an afterthought by careless owners. Cheers!

by Mr. Hollywoodreply 12511/04/2013

If I could ask: the house featured in that film 'The Anniversary Party': any background on it? architect, builders, any renovations done?

by Mr. Hollywoodreply 12611/04/2013

R126 Another great place. The filmakers of "Aniversary Party" ( it was co-produced by Alan Cummings & Jennifer Jason Leigh) say the biggest part of the budget was renting the home, for 3 weeks - whereby the owner, also a film/TV producer, Jeff Gorman, took his family on a trip to Italy. It was designed by Richard Neutra, in 1953, and is known as the Schaarman House. It has changed litle through the different owners, and years, except for an owner bricking the deck. What's interesting is that the famous Chemoshere House ( watch "Body Double") by another revered architect ( and Mr. H favorite), John Lautner, is right down the street, and owned by my favorite publisher Benedikt Taschen ( Taschen books are beautiful, IMHO) who, since 2000, has spent a fortune restoring it. BTW the Errol Flynn property, already mentioned in this thread (R40 & 41) is down the street a bit farther, on a cul de sac, where J. Timberlake lives. AND Tom Cruise has tried to buy the Scharrman House several times - the owner won't sell. Which brings up the rumors that Tom & Scientology, want to build a retreat on the street, & land. That is a whole other story .

Schaarman House - 7850 Torreyson Dr.,LA

Chemosphere - 7776 Torreyson Dr.

by Mr. Hollywoodreply 12711/04/2013

Where is the former Hollywood Hills home of Elizabeth Taylor that Clift Montgomery left before his horrible accident?

And what about George Cukor's house? I understand that the Dean Martin/Marilyn Monroe house in the ill-fated "Something's Got To Give" was an exact replica - built on a 20th Century Fox soundstage.

And speaking of MM - who owns her home on Fifth Helena? Although it may be apocryphal, I heard that the woman who played the Public Defender in "Hill Street Blues" (Veronica Hamill?) owned it for awhile in the 80s and - while doing extensive renovations - discovered lots of surveillance wiring in the walls.

by Mr. Hollywoodreply 12811/04/2013

The former Taylor home where the Clift accident occurred is at 1375 Beverly Estate Drive.

by Mr. Hollywoodreply 12911/04/2013

Mr. H

I am loving this thread and all of your knowledge and insight on the history of the houses.

Do you know anything about the Sowden/Frank Lloyd Wright house? Sometimes called the Mayan house?

I visited there several times when I was young when my mom would go there to visit a college friend going thru a bad separation/divorce. I was maybe 9 the first time I saw that house, but that house started my love of houses and all things architectural.  And it's always been the house I'd buy if ever I won the lottery.

by Mr. Hollywoodreply 13011/04/2013

R128 The reply from 129 is correct, re the Liz Taylor home address, but the actual site of the crash is down the hill a bit, at a switchback where Beverly Estate Dr. makes a very sharp right, intersecting with Beverly Grove Dr. His friend, actor Kevin McCarthy made the sharp right, Clift continued straight into a telephone pole, at the site.

George Cukor's house is one of my favorites - and yes, it is true they duplicated a part of it, and the pool / poolhouse, at Fox, for "SGTG". One change they made to the set though was making the pool much smaller (as sets almost always are, vs. the real thing), and changing the pool shape to an L, while Cukor's real cement pond was a very large rectangular. The only other owners of the Cukor home are Lynn Von Kersting & Richard Irving- she a designer & socialite, he a baker & chef, who founded The Ivy restaurant(s) - paparazzi ground zero, and Indigo Seas boutique, next door.And thank God they did, since the other buyer bidding against them, for the estate, was someone who had already hired an architect, planned the demolition, and had picked out a gold Jacuzzi. Hell No ! They have changed Cukor's decor, naturally, but essentially kept the basics intact. ( I hope they didn't change anything in the 'oval' room, that Billy Haines designed beautifully, with a mahogany grid floor, and copper fireplace). They have now dubbed the estate 'Villa Abondanza', and along with 800 rose bushes, they've added a vegetable garden ( where fresh vegetables are picked for The Ivy). Good to know that one of Hollywood's most fabled homes (owned by a great, gay director) who hosted some of the most stylish parties, and had Kate Hepburn & Spencer Tracy living in his (then) guest house, is still here.BTW, the property cannot be seen from the street, for all you looky-loos.

Mr. H lives close to MM's home, and still kicks himself when remembering looking at it, in '96, and passed, cause I thought the $925,000 asking price was too high ( I was young & dumb, re housing provenance- and Marilyn had only paid $90,000).I then watched as the buyer held it, leased it out ( to Tommy Lee Jones, & later, Anna Nichole Smith, briefly), and 14 years later, in 2010, sold it for $3,850,00, AND that owner sold it a year ago for $5,100,000. Astounding- it's only about 2,300 sq. feet. And yes Veronica Hamil (WEHT her?) did own the home from '72-'74, and sophisticated wiring was found.

George Cukor home - 9166 Cordell Dr.,LA ( Von Kersting & Irving also own the home next door, at 9150)

Kate Hepburn/Spencer Tracy Guest House - 9191 St. Ives Dr. (it was once part of the south end of Cukor's estate - the property has been divided, is now separate, and the small guest cottage remodeled, and expanded)

by Mr. Hollywoodreply 13111/05/2013

Forgot to add accident site of Clift's crash - 1303 Beverly Estate Dr. (at the end of this home's property)

by Mr. Hollywoodreply 13211/05/2013

R114 Mr. H prefers not to answer questions about his single or partnered/married status at this time. Thank you for inquiring though.

by Mr. Hollywoodreply 13311/06/2013

Mr. H, I think the Richard Weintraub house in Malibu is called La Villa Contenta. Any infer on the house or the couple that lives there? thanks

by Mr. Hollywoodreply 13411/06/2013

Which star's home in Hollywood has probably seen the most gay sex?

by Mr. Hollywoodreply 13511/06/2013

R135 Mine......I joke. I would say, if you're talking volume, as in how many are having sex per hour, per party - and who has the most parties, with boys, and sex, and more sex, it would be 2 people - Bryan Singer, the director, and Roland Emmerich, another director. At one party, a couple years ago, they had almost a thousand guys running around , in out of the pool & poolhouse, at Roland's Morrocan spread ( with neighbor Helen Mirren probably dying to pull a Gladys Kravitz and peek over the fence). As the evening wore on, it was definitely clothing optional, and there were more wieners going into hungry mouths ( and other cavities) than you'd see at that famous Nathans hot dog eating contest in NYC. So Bryan &/ or Roland win. Just make sure you're not over 24, have a cute smile, and bod, and you'll be fine.

Bryan Singer - (in town) 1380 & 1382 Londonderry Pl., LA

(Malibu) 7221 Birdview Ave.

Roland Emmerich - 2005 La Brea Terrace, LA

by Mr. Hollywoodreply 13611/07/2013

R131, Mr. Hollywood, you said:

And yes Veronica Hamil (WEHT her?) did own the home from '72-'74, and sophisticated wiring was found.

That wiring couldn't have possibly be from Hollywood Confidential magazine right? That sounds like sophisticated wiring like the FBI or the Mafia do you think? I wonder if the father, Joseph Kennedy hired some thugs to bug Marylin's house because he was driven politically for his sons to be successful. John F. Kennedy was going to run for reelection and Marilyn said she was going to tell the press that she and John were having an affair and she aborted his baby? Is this all correct? what do you think about this?

BTW, I have read Joseph Kennedy was pure evil and the devil incarnate.

by Mr. Hollywoodreply 13711/07/2013

As to Joseph P. Kennedy, Gloria Swanson once wrote that what she could not figure out about him, having had an affair with him, conceived a child and had an abortion, was how could he claim to be such a good Catholic and be the person he was, and then she realized he regularly went to confession and got it off his chest and received a clean slate which he promptly used to go out and commit more sins.

by Mr. Hollywoodreply 13811/07/2013

R134 La Villa Contenta / AKA house that will not sell. Where to start. So much tackiness, so little time. It is a great example of what I call LA's 'Six Degrees' incestuous nature. Somehow, hundreds of threads of Hollywood, from gross, to unbelievable, tie in. It all started back in '93, when Verna Harrah, the 7th (and last) wife of Harrah's Casinos owner, Bill Harrah - and a former cocktail waitress herself, that gold digging strumpet, bought the land, and set about building herself a lovely home, overlooking the ocean. She brought in Sidney Poitier's wife, Joanna, to do the interior, tastefully, and the home was lovely. I was at a charity party there once, and it was really done well. So Verna lives there for 6 years, then sells it to Herballife founder (and onetime hottie) Mark Hughes, and his ginormous - titted wife, Darcy LaPier, for about $25,000,000, including furnishings. So Darcy & Mark - well let's say that Verna wasnt the only gold digger to live in that house. Darcy was a 9th grade dropout from a small Oregon town, who married at 19, was bored, and entered a "Hawaiian Tropic" model contest. She won, and HT owner, Ron Rice asked her on a date ( she didn't tell him she was still married). So like any good GD, she soon has him wrapped around her finger, and everything else, and she births out a kid - following the GD playbook. So now she's got everything she wants- money, nice homes -a GD lifestyle. Everything but a hunky husband. Rice was rich, but not a looker (think balding, pot bellied, tannorexic, over-aged surfer type). He was 49, she was 24. So, only 2 years later, she goes to a celebrity event and meets Jean-Claude Van Damme, 32 years old, in incredible shape, horsey -hung, and a big star ( sounds funny now, I know). He's married too, but Darcy wants her man. So Miss GD finds out he's filming a movie in Hong Kong, hops on a plane, let's Van Damme know she's there, and tells him to come to her hotel room - she's there waiting, and when he walks in she delivers the classic " Make love to me". They begin their affair, and days later are ready to leave their spouses. So Rice gets pissed, naturally, and thinks he's going to lose half his HT fortune to this.......I'll be kind. He goes to his atty. to have him start divorce proceedings , and said atty. tells Rice- Guess what ? You're little slag is still married to her 1st (poor) husband, Larry Ray Robertson. Rice trumps her by claiming bigamy, and the divorce turns into an annulment instead, with Darcy only getting child support. So, Darc marries Van Damme soon after, and while he's making big paychecks, from his action flicks, and all seems well at first, he soon starts doing the cokey in a big way, knocks Darcy up, and the 2 are fighting constantly. She files for divorce 3 times in 3 years, always changing her mind. Finally, in '97, she gets her divorce, after 3 years of marriage, and scoops up a tidy $10,000,000 from VD. But Darc isn't through yet. That $10 mil doesn't go far in GD world. So she finds out a good looking entrepreneur named Mark Hughes, Mr. Herbalife, who was 42 , newly divorced, and at that time, worth about $150 mil. Darcy pounces on the opportunity, and arranges a date. She gives him a world class BJ in his Rolls, on their very first date ( you go GD !)Soon they marry, and Mark buys "La Villa Contenta", from widow Harrah. He also buys a plot of land, on a Beverly Hilltop, from Merv Griffin - who had bought it from the Shah Of Iran's sister. 157 acres, where he planned to build the ultimate gargantuan home. He & Darcy proudly announce they will build a home bigger than the White House. (Goldigger please !). Hughes already owned Greystone, just down the street from Pickfair, and another one of Bev. Hills truly grand homes. His ex was living there, with his only kid. He also gifts Darcy with a Bell helicopter, to get her out to their newly purchased 150 ft. yacht. So all is beautiful for the happy couple - except Herbalife stock value is dropping faster than Darcy to her knees, when she wants new jewelry.

by Mr. Hollywoodreply 13911/08/2013

What's the rest of the story?

by Mr. Hollywoodreply 14011/08/2013

R140 It's coming - Mr. H needs his cocktail break. Cheers

by Mr. Hollywoodreply 14111/08/2013

Mr. Hollywood, I remember reading about that marriage between the Herbal Life entrepreneur and that bimbo. He was very good looking. Wasn't his death mysterious and questionable? I once read he died under strange circumstances and yet that was all that was reported. I thought they would have investigated his death? Any information that?

by Mr. Hollywoodreply 14211/08/2013

Boy, Mr. H, that is one long cocktail hour! Cheers, 140

by Mr. Hollywoodreply 14311/09/2013

La Villa Contenta / Part Deux

So Mr. Hughes becomes very worried about his company's falling #'s, and Mr. Healthy appearing was keeping a secret from stockholders, and many business associates - he was an alcoholic, & was picked up several times for DUI, including once , just 2 years before, in Hawthorne,CA. (near LAX) while on his way to a strip club, driving down the wrong side of the street.Not a good image for the head of a health supplements company. SO, he's drinking away his sorrows, and not sleeping much,and generally depressed. He gets an Rx for sleeping meds & anti- depressants. Meanwhile he's drinking heavily 4 days straight, & then has a party at the Villa for his 84 year old grandma. Sweet. Except he drinks even more that night, & takes his meds. And he also had sleep apnea, and snored. Just an FYI. So after granny's blowout, everyone leaves, and he passes out ( Darcy says) on a sofa downstairs. She tries to wake him, but he's out. So she goes upstairs, readies herself for bed, and comes down once more to wake him, hears him snoring, and decides to just leave him there. She goes to bed, wakes at 10:30 a.m.( GD wake up time) goes downstairs, and Hughes is still on the sofa. She touches him, and he's as cold as any GD's heart. He's dead, at 44. Cause, per the coroner's report, was from a combo of alcohol ( 3 times the level considered drunk), and the anti-depressant, Doxepin he was on. He also had Antabuse in his system - ironically a drug given to alcoholics who want to stop drinking, and normally causes violent sickness when mixed with alcohol. So now Darcy has a big funeral for the ex, that included buying 1.4 million red roses , it's petals strewn all over Villa Contenta - the lawns, bushes, everywhere. Then she turns around, as any good GD would, and bills Hughes' estate for $100,000, for the roses, and $32,000 in personal expenses for the funeral day - including make-up, and hair ( tired old Jose Eber, another con man). So Darcy is told to move out of Villa Contenta - but she plays tough. Though she had signed a pre-nup stating she would receive $10 million within 45 days of Hughes' death, she decides that's not enough - and with no baby in tow, to secure her income for the next 15-20 years, she pulls an ace from her GD deck and tells the Hughes Trustees that she'll spill a lot of Hughes' dirty little secrets, unless they pad her widow's bank account with just a bit $20 million additional. They finally settled on $14 - making Darcy's GD total for her 2 year marriage $34 million. Combine that with the Van Damme settlement, and you have 2 short marriages, to 2 good-looking men (not ancient Howard Marshall territory for her) with a walk away close to $45 million. Not bad for a girl who, according to her first husband, Larry ( a male stripper) was flat chested ( he paid for her breast job), and a coke addict.

So now back to the the house. It's put up for sale, by Hughes' estate in 2001,and bought by billionaire hedge fund manager Howard Marks & his wife Nancy, for $31 million. A year later, they buy. an adjacent parcel of land for $4.6 million - where they proceed to put in a separate gated entrance with a guest house,& staff quarters, + tennis court (with. viewing pavilion).

To be continued......

by Mr. Hollywoodreply 14411/10/2013

Thanks. This is the same house now owned by Weintraub? thanks for the post.

by Mr. Hollywoodreply 14511/10/2013

Yes, yes, Mr. H... But Lucy Lawless?

Prostrating in anticipatory gratitude as I type.

by Mr. Hollywoodreply 14611/10/2013

Mr. Hollywood, you mentioned Los Feliz a few times. Are you able to, once and for all, confirm whether Gale Harold is gay, bi or straight and ever had an affair with Randy Harrison? I'm a gay man, but all the attention to poor Gale and Randy by fraus and "dancing ponies" as someone keeps mentioning on the QAF threads that keep breaking out make me want to know. Can you enlighten me? (Then shoot me and put me out of my misery?)

by Mr. Hollywoodreply 14711/10/2013

R147 Mr. H has stated several times how much he dislikes the 'bi' word. Not cause I don't think some out there really are - I think I just think it's a catch-all word. But to answer your question, I understand that Gale is mostly straight, with the occasional man when he feels it. He is very friendly with Randy, but did not have a sexual relationship with him.

by Mr. Hollywoodreply 14811/10/2013

'Goldigger, please!' is my new favourite expression.

by Mr. Hollywoodreply 14911/10/2013

R147 BTW, Gale put his Los Feliz duplex on the market, in '09 for $1.3 mil. He still owns it ( as he's yet to find a buyer), and uses it as his L.A. home when he's in town.

Gale Harold - 3758 Arbolada Rd., L.A.

by Mr. Hollywoodreply 15011/11/2013

BTW, haven't there been a lot of loony things that happen in Los Feliz? Isn't Los Feliz where the La Bianca's lived who were murdered by Charles Manson? And then there were the murders that happened in a semi large mansion of a once wealthy doctor who couldn't handle going broke and murdered his wife and two of his three children which happened a couple of days before Christmas? Apparently the third child, who was the oldest, escaped and no one knows what happened to her to this day because she just vanished? I think it happened back in 1959?

I have read that the house which the doctor murdered his famliy in has been closed up since the time of the murders. People have said they have peeked in the windows and they have said it is like a time capsule. The original furnishings, 50s TV, and unopened Christmas presents are still there since the day of the murders took place?

Also, I think there were many other murders and odd things that happen in Los Feliz over the years, correct? Can you expand on information on the doctor who murdered his famliy? There hasn't been any book written on that case ,which is very odd.

by Mr. Hollywoodreply 15111/11/2013

Mr H, Are the Marks house and the Weintraub house one and the same? Thanks

by Mr. Hollywoodreply 15211/13/2013

Mr. H, you've gotten loston your Star Tour? All the other info was so great, the Edgar Ramirez and Cary Leeds stuff. any more infer on those two guys?

by Mr. Hollywoodreply 15311/15/2013

Love you much Mr H! I was wondering if you could tell us the real deal with Jeremy Renner & Kristoffer Winters most recent project 'The Reserve' Who really owned the property and bankrolled that massive project and the new owner is a failed NYC real estate developer, no?

What's your overall feel for that property?

P.S. i have a secret wish that Winters is Renner's long term companion and not that tacky bachelor party dancer. Dare to dream

by Mr. Hollywoodreply 15411/16/2013

Hi mister! Nice to meet you!

I have a question, it's important! Who's Colton Haynes's current boyfriend?

Please answer me, thank you!

by Mr. Hollywoodreply 15511/16/2013

Dear 154. They are together and it's not a secret among their friends. Jeremy Renner has made enough money to bankroll their own projects. they have been doing this for a while. Don't now who the buyer is but if a failed NY Real Estate Developer can afford that property then we have a different definition of the word failure.

by Mr. Hollywoodreply 15611/16/2013

Will probably only interest anyone in LA , or pedigreed houses, but the 2 modern Beverly Hills residences of MCA head, Lew Wasserman, and next door neighbor Frank Sinatra (his last home -where he was stricken the night he died) have been leveled. I hate reporting this, as Wasserman's home was (now very treasured) Hal Leavitt designed. Well known landscape architect Phhilip Shipley came out of retirement to design the garden. Both homes were truly MCM masterpieces.

Don't have time now, buy will post more later.

Lew Wasserman - 911 N. Foothill Rd.

Frank Sinatra - 915 N. Foothill Rd.

by Mr. Hollywoodreply 15711/18/2013

That is terrible news, Mr. H. I guarantee, whomever destroyed these homes will never be as important culturally or historically as the previous residents.

by Mr. Hollywoodreply 15811/18/2013

Mr. Hollywood might very well be one of the web masters of this site and is brilliant device to create traffic and comment. Villa Contenta and The Marks House in Malibu are definitely not the same properties.

by Mr. Hollywoodreply 15911/19/2013

FYI My Mr. H II thread has not allowed me to post . Anyone else ?

by Mr. Hollywoodreply 16011/19/2013

Mr. H, I just posted on the other thread (and invited you over). Maybe there was a hiccup on the server or something when you previously tried.

by Mr. Hollywoodreply 16111/19/2013

R161 Could be - but tried 3 times, over the course of an hour. Not normally a conspiracy theorist, but ...........

by Mr. Hollywoodreply 16211/19/2013

Mr. Hollywood,

It might be some banned word you're using. Try deleting a word or phrase. And what's being banned isn't even the usual epithets or swear words. The Webmaster's/mistress' choices are unpredictable and often unfathomable. Sort of like movie reviews.

by Mr. Hollywoodreply 16311/21/2013

R163 You may be right - just tried posting here twice, and wouldn't work. I used a word, relating to webmaster, that was not offensive, but must be on a 'no-fly' (or 'no-post') list.

by Mr. Hollywoodreply 16411/21/2013

I apologize for disappearing from here so much - just too much going on in my life right now. Let me try and catch up a bit.

152 No, the houses are not the same - R159 has it right. I was writing about the Mark Hughes/ Howard Marks home, and got confused with "La Villa Contenta" - the Weintraub home. All my comments are on the former.

by Mr. Hollywoodreply 16511/25/2013

The Mr. Hollywood threads are full. Will there be a Mr. Hollywood III?

by Mr. Hollywoodreply 16612/23/2013

I hope so...I really enjoyed his postings.

by Mr. Hollywoodreply 16712/23/2013

Mr. H, this is probably a long shot, but do you happen to know anything about the Spiderpool residence? Mainly, is any of it still standing besides the pool, and what old movie sets were used to construct it in the 1920s?

by Mr. Hollywoodreply 16812/23/2013

Here is a part 3 but it's quiet for the moment: Mr H is taking a sabatical due to personal reasons. He promised he will come back.

God Speed, Mr H!

by Mr. Hollywoodreply 16912/23/2013

R169 Thank you so much

by Mr. Hollywoodreply 17012/24/2013

[quote]Flynn lost the house, in 1953, to ex-wife Lily Damita, in 1953.

She was the mother of Sean Flynn, b/f of George Hamilton all through high school and years after.

by Mr. Hollywoodreply 17101/07/2014

[quote]Rice was rich, but not a looker (think balding, pot bellied, tannorexic, over-aged surfer type). He was 49, she was 24. So, only 2 years later, she goes to a celebrity event and meets Jean-Claude Van Damme, 32 years old,

I think the celebrity event was in a Rice home. Ron Rice had several oceanfront homes in Daytona Beach and Ormond Beach. Van Damme was Rice's houseguest during speedweek events at the Daytona Speedway. Rice always had big parties at that time and invited show biz celebs to be his guest. The Rice-LaPier marriage fell apart within weeks as she pounced on Van Damme.

by Mr. Hollywoodreply 17201/07/2014

Just read this "House Call" article about Peter Bogdanovich talking about a Bel Air house he lived in with Cybill Shepherd in the 1970s. Orson Welles lived with them for a while and nearly burned it down. Any stories or news on this Mr H?

by Mr. Hollywoodreply 17301/10/2014

Please Mr Hollywood come back . We'll be ever so good. Scout's honor. (That's from a movie isn't it? Shirley Temple? Judy Garland?)

Question: where is the "Our House" from the Graham Nash song. He and Joni Mitchell lived there for a short while. Laurel Canyon I assume. I hear Joni had some pretty lavish places - in hippy fashion.

by Mr. Hollywoodreply 17401/25/2015

I'd like to know how many Storybook Cottages are still standing and who lives in them.

by Mr. Hollywoodreply 17501/25/2015
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