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Robert Redford

was he born to the upper or lower class?

by www.goop.comreply 5610/21/2013

Hos real name is Bobby Bluefiat.

by www.goop.comreply 110/16/2013

I like blue cars and hos.

by www.goop.comreply 210/16/2013

He was born a coalminer's daughter.

by www.goop.comreply 310/16/2013

He was born a poor, black boy....

by www.goop.comreply 410/16/2013

IIRC, his father was a milkman and his mother was a housewife, when Redford was born. They lived in a lower middle class neighborhood, of whites and hispanics in California. Then his father somehow became a corporate executive, I don't know how that happened. It was a big corporation, I don't remember which one, maybe an oil company. They had more money after that.

His mother died when he was in college. Supposedly, Redford's vision of Beth Jarrett was a representation of his father (and MTM's mother).

by www.goop.comreply 510/16/2013

and Judith Guest's r5

by www.goop.comreply 610/16/2013

Yes, I'm aware of the original author, R6. I was referring to Redford's view of Beth's character as it related to his own family.

by www.goop.comreply 710/16/2013

Robert Redford has a nice WASPY intact cock.

by www.goop.comreply 810/16/2013

... and how are you so sure, r8?

by www.goop.comreply 910/16/2013

I believe he is actually Irish Catholic

by www.goop.comreply 1010/16/2013

Redford's father died in 1991, not when Redford was in college.

I'm not sure what the statement "Yes, I'm aware of the original author, [R6]. I was referring to Redford's view of Beth's character as it related to his own family." actually means.

But Beth Jarrett was all Judith Guest's creation.

by www.goop.comreply 1110/16/2013


[quote]His mother died when he was in college

per r5

by www.goop.comreply 1210/16/2013

Buck was Robert Redford's vision of the public's vision of Robert Redford.

by www.goop.comreply 1410/16/2013

[quote] But hey, you know it all and have decided that I know nothing, so perhaps you have different information.

I do.

by www.goop.comreply 1510/16/2013

Okay, R15! Way to set yourself up.

So who directed "Ordinary People" and who wrote the screenplay?

I'm dying to know.

by www.goop.comreply 1610/16/2013

[quote] I'm dying to know.

Not sure I need to say anything else.

by www.goop.comreply 1710/17/2013

Of course not, R15, if I were you I wouldn't want to say anything else either. Take care.

by www.goop.comreply 1810/17/2013

Who was Nancy Dowd?

by www.goop.comreply 1910/17/2013

Nancy Dowd and Alvin Sargent wrote the screenplay for "Ordinary People" with a lot of participation from Redford.

Sargent, the primary screenwriter, won the Oscar for Best Adapted Screenplay.

by www.goop.comreply 2010/17/2013

Nancy Dowd was uncredited? How sad. Buck would have got credit.

by www.goop.comreply 2110/17/2013

any gossip about him? I like him as an actor. I know he wears a wig.

by www.goop.comreply 2210/17/2013

He does not wear a wig, despite the rantings of the DL's resident toupée troll.

Other than that, he is a supreme narcissist.

by www.goop.comreply 2310/17/2013

I sat behind him at Glenngarry Glenn Ross. It is not a toupee. (maybe in movies he wears one) but his hair that I saw was natural. Nobody would pay to look like that.

by www.goop.comreply 2410/17/2013

i've seen his wig out of place in some photos. lemme find them online.

by www.goop.comreply 2510/17/2013

Have any of you seen his new movie All is Lost ?

He's garnering Oscar buzz.

by www.goop.comreply 2610/17/2013

I'm indifferent to the film.

by www.goop.comreply 2710/17/2013

I believe Redford made up a lot in his bio like many stars do - he's middle class, not lower middle class. But when I see that raggy uncombed wig he wears these days, I wonder...

by www.goop.comreply 2810/17/2013

What is that thing on his head? Buck would have never passed off a dead squirrel as a hair piece.

by www.goop.comreply 2910/17/2013

I worked for him in the 90's. Nicest man on the planet.

by www.goop.comreply 3010/17/2013

His father was a fisherman, his mama was a fishermans friend. He was born in the boredom and the chowder, so when he reached his prime, he left his home in the maritime, and headed down the turnpike towards New England, sweet New England.

by www.goop.comreply 3110/17/2013

Btw, in the recent NYTimes article, Redford said his hair COLOR is natural (Jesus!), he didn't say the hair was his. If he'll lie about the color...face it, neither men nor women have that much hair after age 60 let alone age 70.

In the new movie you won't see his "hair" wet and slicked back -- it's only wet and falling across his forehead. That's because it's a wig, not a toupee, a wig.

Somehow he thinks he looks good with it --unwashed, uncombed and always on his forehead. He must think it's "youthful."

by www.goop.comreply 3210/17/2013

You bitches will argue about anything.

by www.goop.comreply 3310/17/2013

The wig troll is here. He must have lost his hair at a very early age to be so obsessed with other men's follicles.

by www.goop.comreply 3410/17/2013

does he have children?

by www.goop.comreply 3510/17/2013

Yes, three, R35. They're all middle aged now and none of them inherited his good looks. Two girls and a boy.

by www.goop.comreply 3610/17/2013

R36, thanks that's what I wanted to know.

by www.goop.comreply 3710/17/2013

The no-wig troll is very busy here.

by www.goop.comreply 3810/17/2013

R38 thinks no one notices his comb over.

by www.goop.comreply 3910/17/2013


He had one child die of SIDS during his first marriage.

He also had a son die of a brain tumor about 10 years ago.

by www.goop.comreply 4010/17/2013

I see nothing wrong with what's on his head.

by www.goop.comreply 4110/17/2013

r40 he did lose his firstborn to SIDS but his second son is still alive. He's been ill if I recall correctly, but hasn't passed away.

by www.goop.comreply 4210/17/2013

His surviving son had a liver transplant and is still alive. He looks as old as his father, and it's not surprising, given his health problems.

by www.goop.comreply 4310/17/2013

[quote]He had one child die of SIDS during his first marriage. He also had a son die of a brain tumor about 10 years ago.

Losing a child is the greatest heartbreak of a parent's life.

by www.goop.comreply 4410/17/2013

FWIW, I know a few people who have worked with/for Redford over the past 30 years. They all say basically the same thing - Redford is vain, sometimes clueless and infuriatingly difficult to pin down. He's also scary-smart, very funny, a hell of a nice guy and absolutely sincere.

I have no idea what's going on with his hair these days - it's bad, seriously bad.

by www.goop.comreply 4510/17/2013

"I'm not sure what the statement "Yes, I'm aware of the original author, [[R6]]. I was referring to Redford's view of Beth's character as it related to his own family." actually means.

But Beth Jarrett was all Judith Guest's creation."

It means that actors and directors often see people they know in the characters they create, and base their characterization accordingly, whether or not those characters come from source material.

But you knew that, didn't you?

by www.goop.comreply 4610/17/2013

Huge stars are usually somewhat dim and clueless because they've been surrounded for years by people who only say YES to them.

It definitely screws them up.

by www.goop.comreply 4710/18/2013

Speaking of Western films...


by www.goop.comreply 4810/18/2013

bump for Butch Cassidy

by www.goop.comreply 4910/19/2013

He looks like shit.

by www.goop.comreply 5010/19/2013

R32, he was that way when he made Brubaker over 30 years ago. Same hairstyle. Critics at that time pointed out that if he had really been put in prison to root out corruption, that hair would have been the first thing to go. And it was his real hair at the time. He has a thing about his looks in that regard.

by www.goop.comreply 5110/19/2013

"And it was his real hair at the time."

Are you sure? I'm not.

by www.goop.comreply 5210/20/2013

He's quite short, you know.

by www.goop.comreply 5310/20/2013

Wiki lists Redford as 5'9"

I saw this magazine cover in NYC over the weekend. It makes me want to grab that wig and rip it off his fucking head. If I were the director of this new movie, I would demand he wear a thinner grey one so he looked more like a real person rather than the male Joan Collins.

by www.goop.comreply 5410/21/2013

It's not a wig. Jealous much, queens?

by www.goop.comreply 5510/21/2013

And you know this because...? Because it looks like one?

He claims the color is real too. I notice he has had his eyebrows dyed too.


by www.goop.comreply 5610/21/2013
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