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Why do 20somethings feel a need to "announce" they are about to cum? Is it because it is still so new to them?

Im gonna cum... im gonna cum... im gonna cum... then do it already

by all talkreply 9510/23/2013

I announce it because it's polite.

by all talkreply 110/13/2013

It's very 1%.

by all talkreply 210/13/2013

Because it is hot.

by all talkreply 310/13/2013

They want you to know that you're getting your money's worth, gramps.

by all talkreply 410/13/2013

I think it's another one of those things they've learned growing up watching internet porn. Now they think it's how real people do it.

by all talkreply 510/13/2013

Anybody here have "porn" like sex?

by all talkreply 610/13/2013

I have my bf announce it so we can cum together. I can pretty much time it when I'm fucking him. It's also hot. I can also better feel the contractions in his ass when he's cumming and that makes me cum.

by all talkreply 710/13/2013

I hate when guys don't warn you it's coming ...

by all talkreply 810/13/2013

Indeed, it spoils the fun entirely

by all talkreply 910/13/2013

Yeah... if you're not told... it's kind of like arriving home to find someone there unexpectedly. Oh, when did you get here?

by all talkreply 1010/13/2013

Well, it's nice to tell your partner that you're about to cum so that he can take it in his mouth, on his face, etc.--or not if he doesn't want it in his mouth.

by all talkreply 1110/13/2013

Just be thankful they don't text it.

by all talkreply 1210/13/2013

W&W, R12... on both counts. Truer words were never posted.

by all talkreply 1310/13/2013

It's just common courtesy OP. Plus you want to tell your partner that what he's doing is working! Let him know!

by all talkreply 1410/13/2013

W&W r12!

by all talkreply 1510/13/2013

My ex used to do a whole minute of gasping, "I'm your pussyboy! You got me! I'm so queer for youuu!". Then howl like he was getting a leg amputated.

Not sexy. I used to have to shush him.

by all talkreply 1610/15/2013

I do like a guy talking when he cums....but more like "yeah, take my load." or "this load's for you."

by all talkreply 1710/15/2013

I don't mind them announcing it but sometimes they're so loud we get stares from the others in the steamroom or the people in the lockerroom could hear and make them suspicious something is going on.

by all talkreply 1810/16/2013

R12 - or post it on Facebook.

by all talkreply 1910/16/2013

OP, I'm cumming!

I thought you ought to know.

by all talkreply 2010/16/2013

I just tweeted it.

by all talkreply 2110/16/2013

And are they so bloody stupid that they can't spell "come" properly?

by all talkreply 2210/16/2013

R22, it's spelled 'cum'.

by all talkreply 2310/16/2013

R12 Best post ever!

Sidebar, what does W&W mean?

by all talkreply 2410/16/2013

R21 New best post ever!

by all talkreply 2510/16/2013

It goes without saying...but...this thread is useless with pictures?

by all talkreply 2610/16/2013

I had some dude fucking HOWL like a damned werewolf when he came. It kinda scared me. "I'm gonna cum" would have been much more sedate than, "HOOOOOOOOWWWWWWWWLLLLLLLL!!!!"

by all talkreply 2710/16/2013

I dunno, the older guys that fuck me seem to like it.

by all talkreply 2810/16/2013

Didn't Frankie Goes to Hollywood start the announcing trend in the 80s?

by all talkreply 2910/16/2013

Because they're special snowflakes and they want to be sure you take note of every little detail of their lives.

by all talkreply 3010/17/2013

Isn't it common decency? Do you like surprises?

by all talkreply 3110/17/2013

No, R23, "cum" is not a word. For centuries, it has been spelled "come," regardless of the usage. Similarly, "boi" is not a word. Perhaps people who regard themselves as bois (not the French wood) believe that it's spelled "cum."

by all talkreply 3210/17/2013

Once upon a time, in a galaxy far etc., I was wailing away on this nicely (read:really) hung guy and BLAM, I'm swallowing as fast as I can...he was like Hanibal Lecter...his pulse rate remained calm, etc. Now, I've never really gotten complaints, but I felt! A little "unghh" would have been nice. So, long story short, I would have reallllly appreciated what is being referred to as an announcement. Also, for me, it's exciting to know you're doing the right stuff.

by all talkreply 3310/17/2013

Yeah, that's true, r33. I hate the silent sex. Damn.

But really - do you have to fucking go werewolf on me? Can't we just have a nice, "oh, god, oh god!!"? Whatever happened to that?

by all talkreply 3410/17/2013

Perhaps so you know and don't do anything you might not want to do like swallow it? Or perhaps they don't have stick up their asses and express themselves while having sex without anticipating that you, OP, find it a turn off that they might do something as outlandish as announce they are about to shoot their loads.


by all talkreply 3510/17/2013

Most guys I've been with do this, OP. Not sure why you think this is apparently new or limited to guys in their twenties. Maybe you don't have sex very often.

There are a number of obvious reasons why people do this. First, depending on the position or sex act, it's often just good manners to announce that you're coming. This is true if a guy is blowing you and may not want to swallow your come, or, conversely, if he's not and he does.

Similarly, if you know in advance that your partner likes you to pull out and shower him with spooge, advance warning is good in order to maximize your relative positions.

Also, many partners like to time their orgasms to coincide. Yes, it may shock someone as inexperienced with sex as you, but some of us can actually control our orgasms to either delay or come, in time with our partner's responses.

Finally, sex is supposed to be fun and spontaneous. Sometimes, when people are excited and really "into it", they lose all composure and let loose with a word salad of exhilarated free association. They might babble nonsensically about how good your cock/tongue/ass feel and/or taste, they might blather on about how fucking hot you look fucking/sucking/sexing the shit out of them, they might praise deities that they don't even believe exist, and they might blurt out "I'm coming!" when anyone with a brain can see that, yes, they're coming.

That's when you know the sex is REALLY good. Sorry that hasn't happened yet for you.

by all talkreply 3610/17/2013

I'd rather be warned than get a spunky mouthful.

by all talkreply 3710/17/2013

[R32], "cum" is a perfectly useful addition to the language, as is "boi." Choose your battles.

by all talkreply 3810/17/2013

I hate when guys don't announce it. In fact, it's a turn off. You and I aren't sexually compatible, OP.

by all talkreply 3910/17/2013

R22, the spelling cum is derived from scum which is sperm. A scumbag originally referred to a used condom.

by all talkreply 4010/17/2013

Every guy I've ever dated has announced he was about to cum. I'm 40. Gen Y didn't invent this.

by all talkreply 4110/18/2013

You should hear a deaf person cum. It's quite disturbing.

by all talkreply 4210/18/2013

44 and announce I'm cumming.

Always have and always will.

by all talkreply 4310/18/2013

I have the staff announce it for me.

by all talkreply 4410/18/2013

I have my footman announce my arrivals by delivering a tastefully printed card to my host.

by all talkreply 4510/18/2013

Did Datalounge die?

by all talkreply 4610/18/2013

Why am I only seeing threads I contributed to OR are listed in Wit and Wisdom?

by all talkreply 4710/18/2013

Same here.

I have to search for a specific thread; otherwise the main page is blank.

by all talkreply 4810/18/2013

>>Did Datalounge die?

Yes. Again. For me, at least.

by all talkreply 4910/18/2013

I love post-apocalyptic Datalounge. Much better than primetime.

by all talkreply 5010/18/2013

I knew DataLounge...

by all talkreply 5110/18/2013

I can only see starred and WW threads, too. I'm glad it's not just me.

In which one is everyone congregating?

by all talkreply 5210/18/2013

You see, you ungrateful bitches? If webmistress had been a 20something, we would've had an announcement that DL would not be working today.

by all talkreply 5310/18/2013

because it is about me!!! and mommy and daddy said I matter!!!!

by all talkreply 5410/18/2013

me too r47. i thought i had done something wrong. cause everything is always my fault.

by all talkreply 5510/18/2013

Whassup w/ DL, yo?

by all talkreply 5610/18/2013

Dead, dead as the deadest fish he ever caught or netted.

by all talkreply 5710/18/2013

I like cock.

by all talkreply 5810/18/2013

Back to cum. Joan Rivers once said that the English were so staid that they would announce 'I've arrived.'

Droll, but untrue for me. Not gasping out words come money shot time would feel weirdly repressed.

by all talkreply 5910/18/2013

Why wouldn't you announce that you're about to cum? 1) if the guy is jerking you off, it gives him the choice of stopping or continuing. 2)he can tell you where he wants you to cum. 3) He can watch. 4) He can hurry up and cum with you.

by all talkreply 6010/18/2013

I can't haz Datalounge?

by all talkreply 6110/19/2013

You know, with a bit of experience you can actually tell when a guy is going to come without his announcing it, r60.

by all talkreply 6210/19/2013

what's the matter, does it wake you up?

by all talkreply 6310/19/2013

I have the opposite problem. I even asked my husband why he never tells me when he cums.

He said I am never around when he does.

by all talkreply 6410/19/2013

Still down? Come on.

by all talkreply 6510/19/2013

I know. This thread shows up in my thread watcher but nothing else does. This place is lame. At least it's not primetime.

by all talkreply 6610/19/2013

Yeah, what's going on? Can't get anything but what's in WW to come up.

by all talkreply 6710/19/2013

google "is datalounge down?" and a thread for it comes up

by all talkreply 6810/19/2013

It's coming from INSIDE THE SITE!!!

by all talkreply 6910/19/2013

well if we keep this going at least that's something...i'm just saying

by all talkreply 7010/19/2013

this is annoying now

by all talkreply 7110/19/2013

I would trolldar R64 if I could get off this thread onto something more interesting. Yikesaloney.

I think somebody they hired as a temp didn't understand the meaning of the "all" filter.

by all talkreply 7210/19/2013

I mean you can find other threads, but nobody can see your replies....

by all talkreply 7310/19/2013

I'm offended that Google suggested Perez Hilton as a similar site.

by all talkreply 7410/19/2013

Let us change the subject.


For the last time.

by all talkreply 7510/19/2013

they did it Friday night too. Reeks of sabotage.

by all talkreply 7610/19/2013

[quote]Reeks of sabotage.

Great band name.

by all talkreply 7710/19/2013

DL is back back back refresh refresh refresh!

by all talkreply 7810/19/2013

Regardless of age, a lot of guys announce they're about to cum.

by all talkreply 7910/19/2013

I usually tell my lover to get his mouth back on my dick.

by all talkreply 8010/19/2013

Some guys want you to announce it, and tell you beforehand to tell them when you are.

by all talkreply 8110/19/2013


by all talkreply 8210/19/2013

Is DL broken again?

by all talkreply 8310/22/2013


by all talkreply 8410/22/2013


by all talkreply 8510/22/2013

the DL is down

by all talkreply 8610/22/2013


by all talkreply 8710/22/2013

Any techies know what causes this? Happens more frequently than ever.

by all talkreply 8810/22/2013

The problem when this happens is that it forces me to enter/post in threads I wouldn't normally even read.

by all talkreply 8910/22/2013

MOTHERFUCKER. I just deleted all my cookies and re-enterd my subscription ID in hopes that it would resolve the problem. Fuck no, it erased everything in my thread watcher, so I can't even post in those. The only thing you can get on the site is w&w.

$18 for this??

by all talkreply 9010/22/2013

This is unacceptable in 2013. Well off to TMZ, Twitter and all the other sites for the next 30 minutes while I eat lunch at my desk.

by all talkreply 9110/22/2013

If you're 20 and experiencing an orgasm is "so new" to you, well, all I can say is I feel sad for you.

by all talkreply 9210/22/2013

[quote]Any techies know what causes this? Happens more frequently than ever.

The company that owns Datalounge is a web design company.

Think about that. Would you hire these people to design a website?

by all talkreply 9310/22/2013


by all talkreply 9410/23/2013

Any man who wants a vagina to squirt like an ejaculating penis is a latent homosexual.

by all talkreply 9510/23/2013
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