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Went to screening of Spike Jonze's Her

It closed the NY Film Festival.

Joaquin Phoenix is wonderful but the movie is a complete drag. It would be great as a 70 minute HBO TV film but that's it. Jonze (who put in an appearance at tonight's screening and is quite adorable) goes overboard with the Blade Runner homages. Scarlett Johansson's voice (we never see her) is tiresome to listen to after a while and she's not good enough of an actress to make the concept work. Amy Adams is fine as a frumpy neighbor named Amy but her goofy hairstyle wasn't necessary. Olivia Wilde is gorgeous but woefully miscast as a single mother desperate for love. Wilde is simply incapable of being quirky, sad, manic and charming-all elements which her character needs to display in the one sequence she's in. It's wonderfully well done but ultimately depressing and frustrating. Some critics will turn cartwheels over it but I doubt that audiences will.

by Lynn Stairmasterreply 311/05/2013

Looking forward to seeing it.

by Lynn Stairmasterreply 111/05/2013


by Lynn Stairmasterreply 211/05/2013

All but certain to be a Best Picture Front Runner!

by Lynn Stairmasterreply 311/05/2013
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